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Reviewed: 04/02/12

The never-ending, intensely satisfying experience

Monster Hunter doesn't always appeal to every video game fan, but for those who are willing to put in the time, they will find that their work is more than rewarded. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is arguably the biggest game in the franchise boasting the largest amount of monsters, weapons and sets of armor. Some people refer to the game as an RPG, others consider it an action game and some will say its something even different. What the game really belongs under is up to you in the end.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics have lots of detail in the intricate armor and weapons however the environments are often lacking with low resolution backdrops. In general though, for a psp game Freedom Unite looks almost as good as the system can handle. e

Story: N/A
Story? What story? Monster Hunter games have never been about story, and Freedom Unite is no different. Therefore I will not rate the game based on its story at all, because if you want a story then this is not the game your looking for.

Sound: 9/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite does nothing out of the ordinary as far as the music and sounds go, but the monster's roars come booming out of the speakers and the music goes along well with the gameplay.

Controls: 8/10
Monster Hunter is often criticized on the PSP for its lack of a second analog stick which prevents you from moving the camera while moving. Instead you have to manual take your thumb off of the analog stick in order to reach the d-pad and move the camera. This makes is difficult to adjust the camera while fighting a monster. However there are ways around this. One such is the claw method where you use your left index finger to move the camera. This is considered awkward by many but can be quite successful after one gets used to it. Everything else works fine though, from attacking to changing items.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is of course the important part of any game and this is certainly where Freedom Unite shines. In monster hunter you are a hunter who sets out to hunt various kinds of monsters. After killing such monsters you can get materials from these monsters that can be used to make better armor and weapons for your hunter. It gets much more complicated than just that though. There are several weapon types which all work differently and provide different advantages and disadvantages. There are also all kinds of items to buy, make and find that can be used to aid you on your quests or to make new equipment. There are many monsters to figure out and hundreds of pieces of equipment that all do different things for your hunter. You can't always just jump into a quest and successfully take out a monster though. You will find yourself needing to learn the habits of the monsters in order to successfully kill them. This is especially true as you progress through the game and find yourself fighting far harder monsters. This also gives for a much more rewarding experience when killing certain monsters.

Lasting Appeal: 10/10
Monster Hunter will last forever and ever. There is so much armor to acquire and so many weapons to perfect that you can spend hundreds of hours on one character. There are too many quests to count that will take quite some time to complete. Beyond that you can always hook up with friends to hunt monsters with other people.

One problem that I must address is the game's lack of any online play. The game pushed multiplayer heavily. Monsters sometimes have insanely high amounts of health that is made for multiple hunters. If you have a friend or someone else close by with a psp then your in luck. If you don't, then you'll have a harder time getting multiplayer but it is possible through the likes of adhocparty or xlink kai.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a game that everyone should try out. Some are not always willing to invest in the game, but for those who are willing you will find a very rewarding experience that should last you a long time. The controls can take some adapting but once figured out they can work fine.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (US, 09/30/09)

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