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Reviewed: 01/20/12

Prepare to spend your life playing this game.

Ahhhhhh, Monster Hunter, how I love thee. When freedom 1 came out, I thought it couldn't get any better. Then came freedome 2. I think I fainted then. And now we arrive at Freedom Unite. Before the intro was even finished, I knew the game was something magical. It has that MMO kinda feel to it, but that shouldn't bother people at all. Why you ask? Because if you give it a chance, it will be FREAKING AWESOME!

And now, onto the review:

Gameplay: 4/5
I really think the gameplay is great in this game. The camera never screws you over since you can adjust it at any time, and the weapons are all very different, with their own unique pros and cons. You can be a master of one weapon, and spend all your time forging stronger and stornger versions of that weapon, or you can be more generalized and choose different weapons depending on the situation at hand. I'll describe the weapons later...

Sound: 5/5
The sounds are all crisp and clear, the character voices are well done (although it's basically just grunts and groans), and the monsters are all unique sounding with well-done clips, like snorts, screeches, giant bellowing roars, and even noises fo pain when caught in a shock trap or the like. Overall, the sound rocks.

Music: 2/5
This is a mixed bag. On the one hand, there usually isn't any music, but on the other hand, when ther IS, you'll most likely be running your ass off from giant monsters hell-bent on killing you, so you won't get the chance to enjoy it. If you listen to it on a CD when there AREN'T monsters around, you might enjoy it, you might not. I, personally, don't. But really, it's tough to judge game music because it's a matter of opinion.

Lifespan: Infinty/5
Yes, you read that score right. I give the lifespan an infinity out of 5. You will lose well over DECADES of your life on this game. It's that big, addictive and awesome.

Control: 4/5
Occasionally the camera will leave you with some issues when it comes to adjusting it, but it mostly works well. The only problems I have about the interface is that your stamina will slowly drain (although you can boost it with power juice or a well-done steak/ration), there are no health bars when facing a strong monster, and there is no lock-on targeting system (which would help PHENOMALLY when using a bow or bowgun). You will get used to aiming your attacks with bows, bowguns and melee weapons manually, but this may cause other people to think the game sucks in battles. Other than that, the controls are perfect.


Many people dismiss the sword as a weak weapon for begginners, but it's good for combos, has lots of potential for attribute forging, is cheap to make, easy to gather the rquired materials for, and a fast, versatile weapon. Unfortunately, you can be knocked out of your guard due to the swords having only a small shield to go with them. They are best for afflicting monsters with status ailments like poison or paralysis

A huge sword that lacks the flexibility of the regular sword. They make up for their slowness in attacks with range and power. Thye have the ability to chain together attacks, which is useful when considering how incredibly damaging they are. They make you very slow when drawn however, so you will probably be constantly puttting it away and the drawing it again. They also have a balanced guard that is not easily broken through. However, this guard will cause their sharpness to drop quickly, since the sword itself is used to guard, rather than a seperate shield.

The hammer can't guar, so people tend to think it's bad. But, it has light weight and a variety or charged attacks. Like the great sword or the lance, a hammer's attacks are slow, heavy, and strong as hell. BUT, unlike the other two, you are not slowed with your hammer at the ready. This not only increases your opportunities to attack, but also lets you get out of tight spots by running or evading, which you will have to do a lot of because you can't guard with a hammer. They can also stun enemies with a powerful blow, which is VERY useful.

A lance slows you down, and it's attacks are simple. BUT, it can guard, has a strong finishing move, and has good cmbos, as well as a good range. Because every lance comes with a very large shield, even a giant wyvern can't break through your guard. It is pretty similar to the great sword in pros and cons, except the great sword slashes, and the lance stabs.

An upgraded version of the sword, which trades a couple of it's pros for a few of its own. Many people discount dual blades as they can't guard and their sharpness is less than amazing. If you use dual blades, bring LOTS of whetstones with you, since their sharpness drops wuickly. They can also go into a mode called "Demonization." This makes them very powerful but quickly drains your stamina. The dual blades are best for long combo attacks. Mainly used by people who like knuckle weapons in other games.

My personal favorite. Long swords appear amazing, but are not as powerful as great swords and can't guard. However, they have numerous special abilities. One of the benefits over a great sword is that a long sword will not slow you down, since it's very light. It also has a nice long range, making destroying even a flying monster a simple matter of aim and slash. It has a spirit guage which charges up every time you land an attack. When it is full you have a supremly sharp sword that does lots of damage. You can use up the spirit guage for a spirit blade attack, but this will cuase sharpness to drop quickly, altough it is a trump card that can be used multiple times.

Most people ask, "Why use a lance when you can use a gunlance?" Mainly because the gunlance is not a strong with stabs as a lance, and it's sharpness is not as high as a lance. It has exemplary guard, due to it's huge shield, so even a gian wyvern cannot knock you out of your guard. It also is very cool-looking, although this doesn't make a difference in its usefulness. It can fire shells, although doing this will drop its sharpness quickly. It's special attack is called Wyvern's Fire. By charging up for a brief time, you can unleas a devastating blast of fire that will anihilate EVERYTHING in its path with one hit. Unfortunately, this attack has an INCREDIBLY long cool-down period, making consecutive uses impossible.

A slow weapon that takes a genius to actually use, it's basically the same as a hammer, but you can play notes on it to increase your abilities, such as bolstering your attack or defense, making you faster, giving you the ability to stun something with your horn, attarcting monsters to you, and other numerous things. Hunting horns are mainly useful when you have friends along.

Pretty much what you'd expect. Lught bowguns don't slow you down, heavy ones do. Neither can guard, and are similar to the gunlance but with longer range and no sharpness problem. Bowguns can use special shot types that have numerous attributes like poison, paralyisis, sleep, power or traquilization.

Finally, we have the bow. Similar to the bowgun, but can be fired an infinite number of times. It has only six arrow coatings, so it lack the variety of the bowguns, but it makes up for that with a lot of range, power, and an excellent melee attack for when a monster gets too close.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (US, 06/22/09)

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