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Reviewed: 07/30/09

Cats with explosives, Sweet weapons galore, and plenty of monsters to slaughter, what more can you ask for?

Cats with explosives, Sweet weapons galore, and plenty of monsters to slaughter, what more can you ask for?

First off, no doubt, this is a great game, but a few unfortunate problems seems to have flown right under Capcom's noses, In one example "In the world of monster hunter, You are never alone..." unfortunately, this is not true, (minus the NPC cat comrade) they failed to add true online play to this game... this is the only thing Capcom should have figured out by now, plenty of online games for the Psp have Infrastructure mode, with the ability to create rooms to play in, I find it strange that Capcom has yet to figure that one out yet. In the eventuality of a sequel, Capcom would need to get true online play. And the only other negative thing? The Felyne comrade, too many battles have I gone where bomb and trap placement has been performed to no avail when my felyne partner frags me with his small barrel bomb, but hey, he isn't all bad! By giving your Comrade skills such as rob 'em blind or status attack paralysis, you can gain extra items and some battles a little easier! The little fuzzballs bombs have also helped by actually flipping over a charging Kirin!

But what is the main attraction to the game? the sweet-looking monsters (not to mention the now overly extended range of new monsters)? the beautiful levels? How about the fact that this games length can stretch so far that even Elder Scrolls would weep in despair? Maybe how you can use easy character design and sweet armor to recreate your favorite characters?
(such as Sephiroth, Byakuya from Bleach, heck even Ryu from Shaman King!)

This game is filled with endless possibilities, I know that once you pick this up, you'll be hooked! Just remember while getting lost in the jungle, or fighting a mountain-sized wyvern, that you do have to eat sometime... (rest is no required).

So if you want a game that keep you entertained for over 500+ hours, as well as the capability to play with your friends via Ad-Hoc; if you feel that slaying hordes of monsters (over 200+ wyverns killed within weeks if your good), hunting for rare ores, making the greatest, coolest (and most importantly stat-customizable) armor possible, is your thing, this is the game for you!

Sound: 7/10, the revamped music for the arena is great, not to mention the ending fight with Lao, the music in boss battles will keep you pumped to the very end.

Graphics: 10/10, the Graphics in this game are so beautiful and in-depth, Capcom had to come up with install data to help boost the loading speed! Alongside that, they have also brought back the old levels, promoting more and more varied landscaped to explore.

Game play: 10/10, a long and grueling game to beat, I have exceeded 300 hours plus on MHF2 and could not beat it, with this expansion of the previous game, I have no doubt that I will never leave my PSP... well... hopefully...

Overall: 9/10 buy it now or suffer the wrath of Koshionos! It's only $30 dollars at Fred Meyers, so don't be afraid of spoiling yourself a little with this awesome gem...

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (US, 06/22/09)

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