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by ZeoKnight

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Armor Skill/Decoration Jewel List by ZeoKnight

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/07/17


Welcome to my another Monster Hunter Freedom Unite guide. Armor Skill is one of the elements found in the game. Every standard armor sets will have their own activated skill. However, most of the armor sets don't have enough skill points to activate some of their hidden skills, thus can't reach their maximum performance. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by attaching the corresponding jewels into the armor sets so they will have enough skill points to activate their hidden abilities. Previously, this list was included in my previous speedrun guide, but then I decided to separate them into a file. as I didn't find any similar guide about it.

While creating a jewel, you will see many skill names without knowing their usage and benefits. This list was supposed to give information about the skill names, but later I also added the corresponding jewels of each armor skills. I have searched in countless forum and boards, and I still couldn't find a complete list of the jewels. This list is based on what I could get at this moment, so I hope you can find what you want here.