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by ZeoKnight

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Armor Set List by ZeoKnight

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 02/07/17


Welcome to my another guide. I hope that this guide will help you to choose whatever armor set you want to make. You can also use this to plan your custom armor set. Previously, I included this list in my previous speedrun guide. However, I didn't find any guide about armor sets, so I decided to separate this into another file.

This guide only covers the possible standard armor sets found in this game. I don't include any parts which don't belong to any set like masks, piercings, shirts, belts, etc. I also don't include any parts that need "dummy" or "ticket" materials not obtainable in normal playthrough.

Some additional notes:

  • There is only one armor set with the most positive skills: Leather S Armor Set has 5 skills: Bullet Limit, Combine Success +15%, High Speed Gathering, Gathering +1, and Backpacking Expert. It also doesn't have any negative skill points, but unfortunately doesn't have any slots.
  • There are 3 armor set which have the most negative skills

It seems that all types of Fatalis' materials farmed in the Gathering Hall Hard Rank Quests give you 2 negative skills, unless you mix and match.

  • There is only one armor set with the maximum 15 slots: Chakra Armor Set. Unfortunately it doesn't have any skill points, and have really low defense points at the moment you unlock it. The second place is Obituary X Armor Set for male or Butterfly X Armor Set for female, which have 13 slots. Unlike the previous armor set, This one comes with good defense points and skills, so it's more useful.
  • Black Belt X Armor Set is the only armor set with 2 Torso Inc skills for both Blademaster and Gunner Armor Set. However, if you use Black Belt Cap X instead of Black Belt Helm X, you can have armor with 3 Torso Inc skills for Blademaster Armor Set. Afterward, you can mix and match with any plate armor part which has the most positive skill points with at least +3 to activate its skill. If you also wear Velociprey Tasset S, you will have 4 Torso Inc.
  • I don't find any armor parts with Auto-Guard skill point. That's really strange.
  • Auto-Guard, ClsRngCAdd, Guts, Antiseptic, and Alchemy are the only activated skill that have the exact same name as their skill point names. However, I think that the name "ClsRngCAdd" is really strange. If the developer could write "Poison Coating Add", they should write something like "ClsRng Coating Add" instead. Anyway, Auto-Reload comes close with only a dash (-) difference.