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  1. G Monster Hunter Freedom Unite(USA)
    _C0 Inf. Money
    _L 0x21203490 0x05F5E0FF
    _C0 Max Pokke Points
    _L 0x21203488 0x05F5E0FF
    _C0 MaxGuild Point
    _L 0x2120348C 0x05F5E0FF
    _C0 Neko Skil Point
    _L 0x212039BC 0x000F423F
    _L 0x21203A2C 0x000F423F
    _L 0x21203A9C 0x000F423F
    _C0 All Medals
    _L 0x81201640 0x00060001
    _L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
    _C0 Auto Clear Quest
    _L 0x01206628 0x00000032
    _L 0x01206630 0x00000032
    _C1 Max HP
    _L 0x108B3864 0x00000096
    _L 0x108B399E 0x00000096
    _C1 Stamina Max
    _L 0x108B3ADA 0x000001C2
    _L 0x108B3BAE 0x000001C2
    _C1 Time Fix
    _L 0x2025B96C 0x00015F90
    _L 0x21205F10 0x00013C68
    _C0 Auto-Paint Bosses
    _L 0x008B3BAA 0x000000FF
    _C0 Invincible
    _L 0x108B3804 0x00000000
    _C0 Max Attack Drug
    _L 0x008B390A 0x0000007F
    _C0 Max Defense Drug
    _L 0x008B390B 0x0000007F
    _C0 Max Stamina Drug
    _L 0x008B3BA2 0x000000FF
    _C0 Max Sharpness
    _L 0x108B4672 0x000001B5
    _L 0x108B3B8C 0x000001B5
    _C1 Gun Bow always loaded
    _L 0x008B3BC4 0x0000000A
    _L 0x008B3BFC 0x0000000A
    _C1 No Gunlance Overheat
    _L 0x108B3BF2 0x00000000
    _C0 Max Weapon Charge
    _L 0x108B3BF2 0x00000000
    _C0 Max Taichi Charge
    _L 0x108B46C0 0x00000064
    _C0 Max Cat Level
    _L 0x012039A2 0x0000000F
    _C0 Max Cat Attack
    _L 0x112039A6 0x00004725
    _C0 Max Cat Defense
    _L 0x112039AA 0x00004725
    _C1 99x All Item Bag
    _L 0x8119E16A 0x00180004
    _L 0x00000063 0x00000000
    _L 0x81204C48 0x00180004
    _L 0x00000063 0x00000000
    _C1 Set Inf Bombs & Traps
    _L 0x2119A12C 0x00000000
    _C0 Max force attack
    _L 0x200D9298 0x00000000
    _L 0x200D92A0 0x00108180
    _C0 Max all weapons Slot
    _L 0x8015A116 0x047D0018
    _L 0x00000003 0x00000000
    _C0 Max all weapons Defense
    _L 0x8015A110 0x047D0018
    _L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
    _C0 Max all weapons Critical
    _L 0x8015A111 0x047D0018
    _L 0x00000064 0x00000000
    _C0 Max slots all long range
    _L 0x80160CE4 0x015E001C
    _L 0x00000003 0x00000000
    _C0 Max defense all long range
    _L 0x80160CE2 0x015E001C
    _L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
    _C0 Min recoil all long range
    _L 0x80160CE3 0x015E001C
    _L 0x00000006 0x00000000
    _C0 Rapid reload all long range
    _L 0x80160CEB 0x015E001C
    _L 0x00000006 0x00000000
    _C0 x99 Inv. items
    _L 0x01204C48 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C4C 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C50 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C54 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C58 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C5C 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C60 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C64 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C68 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C6C 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C70 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C74 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C78 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C7C 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C80 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C84 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C88 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C8C 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C90 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C94 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C98 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204C9C 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204CA0 0x00000063
    _L 0x01204CA4 0x00000063
    _L 0x8119D088 0x03E80002
    _L 0x10000000 0x00000001
    _L 0x8119D08A 0x03E80004
    _L 0x00000063 0x00000000

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  2. this isint a PC do it the hard way lazy

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