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  1. So far i have....
    SnS: Full Ceanataur S, Hi Frost Edge, Dual Carapace, Black Sword, Rex Talon, Kirin Bolt+, and Golden Falchion (probably my best)
    LS: Full Tigrex (reg cause its High Rank Tigrex difficult for me alone)
    Smolder Dragonsword (probably my best), Blango Destructor, True Devil Slicer, Scythe of Menace, Tigrex Tooth, and Saber
    All answers will be well appriciated
    And on a side not any tips on beating G rank?

    User Info: Xela40477

    Xela40477 - 9 years ago


  1. The swords that i used were Smolder Dragonsword and True Devil Slicer
    you shuld problaly try to power up the True Devil Slicer by killing khezu by using Golden Falchion or something with high raw power and as for armour - which ever one works best with you

    TiP:in G rank'd RAW POWER is what matters MOST(Blango Destructor)

    User Info: _D_Town_214_

    _D_Town_214_ - 9 years ago 0   0

  2. I suggest just learning to dodge monsters and just use the appropriate weapons that will do the most damage to a monster. Every weapon is sacred and powerful when put to the right use. Look up some guides on youtube so you can get some knowledge of dodging G-Ranked monsters easily. Learn to use a hammer, I suggest getting Khezu Thunder very soon for Plum Damyo, and other monsters. Learn to use it. Gain some dodging armor for Plesioth and use a Fire LS in order to attack swiftly and dodge with Evade+2. You should be fine with just Akantor Armor, for at least HR7. Then I suggest getting Basarios armor and Gem it with Evade+2 and you'll survive HR8 then by HR9 you should be thinking of your own ways of fighting. Have fun, don't give up it's easier than it really seems. Just practice.

    User Info: Xheph

    Xheph (Expert) - 9 years ago 0   0

  3. For Plessy, fire LS or a thunder LS will do the trick, as long as you have Evade+2, if not then come prepared with lots of max potion materials.

    User Info: Xheph

    Xheph (Expert) - 9 years ago 0   0

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