PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File03/10/15darkstar-x97783K
100% complete, all stories and trophies unlocked, all keyblades achieved, lingarie spirit and mysterious figure defeated in all save, money/medals everything is max, game in critical mode
Save Game File06/23/15GingamanPrime783K
100% Save File: All Keyblabes, All Abilities, MAX Munny, 100% Journal, LVL. 30 Mirage Arena, Secret Bosses Defeated.
Save Game File03/17/11MikariStar156K
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Terra (last stage)
Save Game File03/17/11MikariStar157K
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Aqua (last stage)
Save Game File03/17/11MikariStar157K
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Ventus (last stage)
Save Game File09/13/10Alaruber783K
Proud Mode. All characters cleared at lvl 99, including Final Episode. Mysterious Figure and Lingering Spirit defeated in Aqua's save. All cutscenes in Theatre unlocked.
Save Game File10/07/10Miyavism624K
Proud Mode/Linger spirit and mysterious figure defeated(ven only) Trinity Archive 93%/Arena level 30(ven) 20/20(Terra and Aqua)/character level 50-70/obtained ultima weapon (ven)
Save Game File07/01/18ZeoKnight784K
Terra / Ventus / Aqua stay at level 1. Final Episode cleared. All bosses defeated except Mysterious Figure. Game Progress 99%
Save Game File12/23/10BeRnYGP783K
Terra & Aqua Proud Lv.99 - Ven Critical Lv.99 - Trinity Archives Completed - All Keychains Unlocked
Save Game File10/06/10staraid471K
Terra, Ventus, and Aqua Story Finished. all Xehanort Reports collected.
Save Game File09/11/10123apollo90783K
The game passed by all characters, Aqua save, Final Episode open, all Xehanort's Reports

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File03/09/11chickenfred13968K
100% Complete Critical Mode Lv 99 All Characters All Episodes Cleared
Save Game File04/02/10mo0x1337xhax0r771K
100% Trinity Report, Level 99 Proud Mode, All Keychains including Ultima for Terra, Ven, and Aqua, Final Episode and Lingering Sentiment Beaten!
Save Game File02/16/10sesinyut772K
All character clear file lvl 99 prud, 100% trinity report
Save Game File02/02/11VanTusXB965K
Save contains TVA beaten on Critical, not overleveled. They are around Lvls 25-30. Secret Episode not finished, but save is included. Last Episode is completed. Mirage Arena not started except Terra.
Save Game File08/06/10sneakyelgato309K
Ventus- Beginning of the game in the forest of dwarfs lv.99 with 9999999 munny!

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File06/30/18ZeoKnight783K
100% complete on Critical Mode (Italian version)
Save Game File09/21/10xfyrenx624K
Clear data save for all three characters
Save Game File10/12/10crollsy1091K
Standard mode, all reports for all chars, ready to start final chapter

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