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by ZeoKnight

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeoKnight

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/09/2017

Aqua's Story

A - Olympus Coliseum

Combat Lv5
Red Hot Chilis,
Tank Topplers,
Vile Phials,
Blue Sea Salts,
Yellow Mustards,
Buckle Bruisers,
Chrono Twisters,
Axe Flappers

Watch the cutscene and then fight a forced battle.

Forced Battle: Unversed

ObjectiveTake out all the Unversed!
Red Hot Chilis,
Vile Phials,
Yellow Mustards,
Buckle Bruisers
Battle CommandsTwo sets of Magnera and three Thundara / Thunder
(optional) replace one Thunder with Cura / Cure
Action CommandsCartwheel
Shotlock Command- (equip any unmaxed shotlock)

The enemies here have quite high power and defense so it's always recommended to rely on Magnera coupled by a few Thundara / Thunder to clear them up. Approach the enemies and cast Magnera, then three Thundara / Thunder spells, and clear the leftover by using your own Finish command. Your priority is to catch most enemies when casting Magnera, otherwise they will have a chance to deal damage and possibly kill you. If you always perform one set of spells, even without Magic Haste ability, you'll never run out of command. If you think the enemies still give problem, you can load more Magnera and Cure spells in exchange of Thunder. However, It's better to stick to Thunder spells as you can also use this moment to learn Thundara's timing for the next upcoming battles.

Hercules will help you in this battle, but you don't need his help at all.

Your journey starts in Coliseum Gates, so turn back (hold the down analog) if you want to fight this world's Prize Pods, otherwise head straight to Vestibule and talk to Phil to enter the tournament.

Forced Battle: Tournament

ObjectiveDefeat your opponents within the time limit!
EnemiesTime Limit
Round 13x Scrappers30 seconds
Round 21x Bruiser15 seconds
Round 33x Spiderchests30 seconds
Round 43x Blue Sea Salts,
3x Yellow Mustards,
1x Axe Flapper
40 seconds
Round 53x Hareraisers15 seconds
Round 63x Mandrakes
2x Axe Flappers
50 seconds
Round 73x Buckle Bruisers50 seconds
Round 82x Red Hot Chilis,
2x Blue Sea Salts,
1x Chrono Twister
50 seconds
Round 96x Shoegazers40 seconds
Round 1030x Jellyshades40 seconds
Battle CommandsTwo sets of Magnera and three Thundara / Thunder
Action CommandsCartwheel
Shotlock Command- (equip any unmaxed shotlock)

The tournament consists of 10 rounds of fixed encounters, with each battle has their own time limit. If you fail to defeat all enemies during the given time, you'll lose the tournament and have to start over. Fortunately, one strategy can be applied to all rounds: approach the enemies by sliding forward and cast Magnera followed by multiple Thundara. Compared to Terra's journey, you should have nothing to worry about since Aqua has higher Magic status than Terra. In the last round the strategy changes a little bit: Instead of moving forward you have to move to the side or away from the enemies. Those Jellyshades can easily strike you since the start of the battle, starting a chain hit which may result in battle loss. Find a safe spot, cast Magnera, and slowly moving forward while defeating nearby enemies.

Reward(s)Maximum HP +5

Talk to Phil again for the semifinal match


Battle CommandsIgnite, Poison, Cure
Action CommandsCartwheel, Barrier, Counter Blast
Shotlock Command-

This is the same boss you've fought as Terra, but now you only fight his normal form. Should be easier than before.

These actions are copied from Terra's story:

Normal Combo: He simply runs towards you and does up to three-hit combo if connected
This attack is actually blockable, in which you can perform Counter Blast when necessary, but personally I prefer to dodge the attack to be able to cast Ignite / Poison as result.

Blade Beam: He creates a white bolt which chases you on the ground. This action can be repeated up to three times
He will use this move mostly if you are too far from him. Simply block this attack or cartwheel at the last moment.

True Climhazzard: He jumps and then thrusts his sword to the ground, creating a shockwave
If you have stayed far away from him, cast Ignite because he won't be able to reach you, otherwise you must cartwheel at the right moment, then heal yourself or cast Ignite / Poison depending on his next movement. Compared to Terra's battle, this action is now blockable, but I still prefer to dodge to be able to launch the counterattack.

All of his attacks are now blockable and you have Ignite / Poison. Shouldn't be a hard fight. Hopefully he can be defeated on your first attempt.

Reward(s)Command Deck Capacity +1

Before entering the final match, you must meld Ignite because it's required in the upcoming battle. Raise your Fire Magic Command (and Bind if it's still not maxed) by fighting this world's Prize Pods.

Talk to Phil again to enter the final match.

Hades and Ice Colossus

Battle Commands2x Ignite, Cura
Action CommandsCartwheel, Barrier
Shotlock Command-

This battle should be the first time where you have to fight two bosses at once. Your first priority should be the Ice Colossus. Immediately cast Ignite as soon as the battle starts, then keep casting the spell while attempting to move behind Ice Colossus. If you constantly move behind Ice Colossus, it can only slowly turn around and create a Shockwave with its feet, which can be avoided easily. At this time Hades rarely performs anything but sometimes he can also be aggressive since the start of battle. Between watching over Hades' attack, avoiding Shockwave, and casting Ignite, any of these can mess up the battle real fast. Just hope you can kill Ice Colossus before Hades causes more problem.

After defeating Ice Colossus, Hades is your next target. He is immune to Ignite, but he has something to be reflected back which becomes your main damage source.

Firaga Ball: He generates a fireball from his right hand and throws it to you. This action may be repeated up to seven times
Perform Barrier to reflect his fireball back to him, dealing additional damage.

Claw of Fire: He does a claw attack with both hands. This action may be repeated up to five times
It has very short range so you only need to run backward to avoid it (cartwheel is unneeded).

Breath Cross: He turns red, lifts his arms straight out to the side, generates an extended flame from both hands, then slowly spins around while moving towards you
Cartwheel until he stops. Notice that under this state, Hades is immune to any attacks including shotlock.

As said above, the only difficulty of this battle is when you are trying to defeat Ice Colossus while dealing with Hades at the same time. When Ice Colossus has been defeated, Hades will be easy.

Reward(s)Diamond Dust Command Style

Watch more cutscenes to clear this world.

World Cleared!

Reward(s)Zack D-Link
Mark of a Hero Keyblade

There is one optional thing to do here. Return to Vestibule and talk to Hercules to play Break the Urns! minigame.

Break the Urns!

ObjectiveScore more points than Hercules!
Battle Commands6x Thundara
Action CommandsCartwheel
Shotlock Command-

Notice that there are a barrel and a star box near where you start the challenge. If you hit the star box, it will be thrown forward into the air where it destroys any nearby urns upon touching the ground. If you hit the barrel you can jump on it and walk on top of it for about 10 seconds. This will allow you to one-hit any urns you've approached. When destroying urns always prioritize the big urns since they have more points. When both items are not present nearby, spam Thundara to nearby urns while looking for them. If you always utilize both items, Hercules won't be able to score high and you'll win the challenge.

Reward(s)Sonic Blade Attack Command

Now head towards Deep Space.

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