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Boss FAQ by Iluna

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 02/06/10

キングダムハーツ バース バイ スリープ 
Created By: Iluna Minori
GameFAQs member user: Xenoserphia
Date Created: Jan12, 2010
Version 1.10
Contact : GameFAQs PSP Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep board

For : Kingdom Hearts series


From Iluna Minori :

This FAQ will be currently created only for GameFAQs. Any negative attempts
on plagarizing, ripping, republish without permission, profit making, and any
other actions that breaks the copyright law will be taken action immedietely
without questions.

If you did something negative to my FAQ, I hope you burn in hell. Or else,
Feel free to read my FAQ. And it's alright to save this FAQ and take it as
your future reference, but THIS IS NOT FOR ANYWHERE DISTRIBUTION

~Iluna Minori~
12th of January, 2010



Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. Never thought I'd see the day of making
FAQ for this game.

Considering this is my 7th KH game not including KH 358/2 Days due to
unseenproblems for my Nintendo DS, I'd say that I've followed the series
long enough to know what exactly does the story revolve around and whats
not, especially many, many unexplained plot lines and unanswered questions
shall all, and eventually revealed in this game. And I can tell you this :

It's seriously, fantasically well done. And better? No rectons at all, even.

This FAQ will be seperated into 2 parts. First of all boss battle part, and
secondly the translated script part. Unfortunately I won't be doing all the
script again once the inevitable NA version comes into shores so whatever
I typed here shall remained here. However you're free to message me and
correct mistakes found in the game. I'm open for corrections, but it has to
be done civily.

I'm no longer a fast and furious player so I can no longer finish game in
short 2, 3 days like what I used to be anymore because work and all seriously
took up my time and it's a miracle that my topic that's on the board can
actually made it this far. Hence that's why this isn't a walkthrough, because
I don't have the time to actually make one. You can always depend on Kouli,

Rest assure that I'm actually planning to make this FAQ complete, so you
haveno worries about it. When the NA version of the game kicks in, then
you don'tneed to be afraid of getting stuck.

So, enjoy your game! And have fun reading.

Iluna Minori
12th of January, 2010

- Contents -

*For all intentions of making this FAQ a better read without spoling much,
the bosses here are all numbered instead of full name.*

Press CTRL + F to search for code of a specific boss battle (seen on the

1) TERRA CHAPTER (Under Construction)
- BOSS #1 (terbb1)

- BOSS #1 (venbb1)
- BOSS #2 (venbb2)
- BOSS #3 (venbb3)
- BOSS #4 (venbb4)
- BOSS #5 (venbb5)
- BOSS #6 (venbb6)
- BOSS #7 (venbb7)
- BOSS #8 (venbb8)
- BOSS #9 (venbb9)

- BOSS #1 (aqbb1)
- BOSS #2 (aqbb2)
- BOSS #3 (aqbb3)
- BOSS #4 (aqbb4)
- BOSS #5 (aqbb5)
- BOSS #6 (aqbb6)
- BOSS #7 (aqbb7)
- BOSS #8 (aqbb8)
- BOSS #9 (aqbb9)

- BOSS #1 (lepbb1)
- BOSS #2 (lepbb2)(Under Construction)


- Version History

- Credits




Code: terbb1
BOSS #1 : Aqua
Recommended level : 1

As Terra you are much slower than Ventus but you have dash to makeup for it.
Aqua is a long range attacker so don't forget to dodge it before aiming no where
at her without noticing your surroundings. As usual, keep attacking and she will
be down, but be careful though, she has homing attacks. So you would like to
avoid it as much as you could.

Gained after battle : None






Code : venbb1
BOSS #1 : Terra
Recommended level : 1

Terra is easy as your first boss, and all he ever did is to rush at you to
perform one strike attack. His attack is slow too so don't worry about going
all out at him. Do your best and he shall be down in few strikes.

Gained after battle : None.


Code : venbb2
BOSS #2 : Mad Trent
Recommended level : 6

During the battle, this Giant tree may wander around in the whole. At this
time you have to use Shoot Lock to tumble it down before it does the all
around explosion move that will deal heavy damage (almost to death in
Proud Mode), so once you lock on all 15 targets, release it and it shall fall
around leaving many green orbs to heal you (since you don't really use magic
using Ventus), use your command decks to refill your command gauge and go
into speed rave mode, unleash all you can at it, but with different directions
each attack. You may recieve some damage in between, but that's to be
expected, at that time it should go beyond half  the damage down,  close to
death. Once you finish all 3 levels, Shoot Lock it again and it will go down,
assuming if you lock on all 15 at it and it will go down pretty soon  enough.

Gained after battle : Command Deck slot +1, Defense up


Code : venbb3
BOSS #3 : Lucifer
Recommended level : 12

As a cat it claws you. That's for sure. So what you do is to try your best
to avoid it's attacks (block it) while you do your best to deal attacks at him.
Sometimes it will jump on a higher platform while trying to jump attacks you.
In that case run. once avoided, back and hit it until it's over. Speed Rave is
best for this strategy.

Sometimes when you wore it out you get to actually ride on it. But I never
got to do it for long because it involves some button connections and my
timing is no good for it. Being the first time for this boss.

Gained after battle : Diamond Dust


Code : venbb4
BOSS #4 : Maleficent
Recommended level : 17

Maleficent is pretty much patternized so you don't need to be afraid once
you know how to fight, if you're not used to Dodge Roll now, it's time to do

Maleficent has the tendency to chant before she shoots out bolt so you
have time to dodge before she hits you. When she finish her chant, dodge
roll and you'll avoid her, once she finishes her attack twice you'll have
some time to give her free attacks.

There are times where she will go up to the middle of the field and puts
out her aura that will stun you. There are 2 ways to avoid it, since the
aura comes out from ground you can just jump over it and avoid, or you
can go to the field that the fairies generated for you to avoid it. It's a
reaction command : Press Square to go in, any button to start the
combinations. It comes with a clocked (or sometimes anti clock-wise)
pattern that will roll, press the button on screen accordingly from Square,
Triangle, Circle and X. If you manage to get it all right, the fairies will
imbue their powers into your keyblade and stun Maleficent, giving you
time to hit her good.

Maleficent will also go up to a high altar sometimes to release a series of
triple bolt that descends from the sky. If you see that, dodge roll it. Keep
yourself rolling and she won't be able to hit you ever.

Find a way to hit her and she will go down, soon enough

Gained after battle : Thunder Bolt, HP UP


Code : venbb5
BOSS #5  : ??? (First Round & Second Round)
Recommended level : 23

Don't bother winning him. Once time is up another scene will take place. But
try damage him as much as possible.

This guy is ridiculously hard. I have to leave this place halfway to level up
more. Then come back again for my revenge.

Fortunately, whatever damage you dealt to him during the first round will be
brought over.

The masked boy isn't that ridiculously flashy in attacks, but one hit hurts
a lot. But what's really frustrating is that after 2 hits of dealing it, he will
leave an after image and then attack from above. This will deal a lot of
damage to you, so to avoid it, you don't not do 3 hit attacks. but 2 hit,
then Roll dodge it. It's not a 100% way of evasion, but it works.

Mickey will join you in this battle, dealing quite decent damage as a whole so
you can rely on him. Though that boy will aim at you most of the time. When
he say "chikara wo awasero!" it means you can actually combine with him to
do a massive holy combination attack. Also, sometimes you can protect
Mickey by pressing Square. It will also protect you from harm as well.

Your opponent usually will do a 2 hit then followed with a third sommersault
attack. Even so it's not as if he's easy to break. You may block his attacks
to stun him though he will quickly recover. Another attack of his would be
putting out a fireball then it will spread into a 3 smaller balls to aim at you.
Avoid it at all cost since he will also take the chance to deal a full blow
combo at you. The strategy is to do avoid and attack. Most of the time.
When he's chasing Mickey for the attack, you can take the time to do Shoot
Break at him. Repeat the strategy of avoid and hit, then shoot break when
chance kicks in and he shall go down in no time.

Gained after battle :  Command Deck slot +1

P/S : Yes, yes I know it's Vanitas but can you let me cover the sequence
of the story a little bit prettier insteadof throwing out the obvious right off
the start?


Code : venbb6
BOSS #6 : Trinity Armor
Recommended level : 26

This enemy is easier than I thought to be. But the key is that as long as you
do not fight the parts first you cannot defeat the head first, which is the real
target. So? Get the legs, then hands down first. Lastly the head.

Whatever attacks it does are straightfoward, get down it's parts first, then
the head, but do not fight him straight  on. Get to it's side or back and
wham! The battle might be over in seconds. Overall an easy battle. If you
wanna know what it does, each part of the armor will do their own attack at
either one of the three character participating in battle. Sometimes the
armor will combine themselves to deal a delta attack laser thingy. but as
long as you aren't directly in front of it, it's nothing to fear, at all.

Gained after battle : HP UP ,  Cyclone


Code : venbb7
BOSS #7  : Hook
Recommended level : 36 and beyond

Hook is not terribly hard, but you have to be smart.

Think of fencing. Opponent will strike on you during the most unpredictable
time, but fortunately here the strategy is mostly timed, so you don't need to
worry too much. When he tries to attack you (hopefully you have enough
defense to take his attacks once in a while), block it, then counter. Which
means, hopefully you have the counterattack equipped after the blocking.
Repeat the strategy ad infinitum and you'll be able to bring him down to no

However, there is a lovely benefit for you, both of you can fall into the sea,
but you won't get bitten by the crocodile, only Hook will get this, so use it
to your advantage, when you manage to corner him, give him some 2 , 3 hits
of normal attack and see him get his ass handed by the crocodile with a
comical style.

Gained after battle : Command Deck slot + 1


Code : venbb8
BOSS #8  : Vanitas (3rd Round)
Recommended level : 45 and beyond (50 from the start is recommended)

This guy is still hard. There wasn't anything new, but right at the start of
the battle he will ride on the dark clouds with keyblades. If you manage to
deal a full combo at Vanitas, he will end up stunning and drop off the clouds.
So do it if you can.

The strategy is about the same as before. Do not let the fireballs get to you,
especially when it's spreaded, heal when necessary. And do Shoot Locks w/
D-Link Aqua if possible. Keep him on and you'll get him down real soon enough.

Vanitas is definitely stronger than before so be careful. He will lurk on the
ground and chase on you so don't let that get you. Otherwise his afterimage
split attack and other attacks should be the same as before.

Good luck.

Gained after battle : HP UP


Code : venbb9
BOSS #9  : Vanitas (FINAL)
Recommended level : 45 and beyond (50 from the start is recommended)

Behold!  You're fighting Sor..I mean, Vanitas, Final battle.
This is by far my most favourite battle. Ever.

Vanitas attacks seriously fast and fearless. By every single hit he deals, he
will teleport here and there and you have nothing to catch up. So the
strategy is actually very simple. By the way, Vanitas attacks just like Riku
of KH1, except faster and wider, and it homes. This is a battle of who gets
hurt the most, win thing and as a boss Vanitas stuns from heavy attacks
as much as you do, an unusual for one, but take the advantage.

Anyway, the strategy is simple. And yes,  just button mesh on this guy.

The strategy I used is mainly using D-Link with Aqua. Magic, then use
finisher to add serious damage on him. Heal is needed. If you can manage
to spare another heal before hand, it will seriously help as the main point
is the final stage of this battle. He mostly will do a impact slash from above
which creates a wide area attack. It's rather devastating for one. And of
course his after image split strategy still exists, so take note. But at this
point, it's better if you go gungho and blast him right away instead of do
the hit and avoid thing.

When his HP goes down to Zero. He will go to final stage of attack. And your
command deck will change to Vanitas's. Meaning both you and Vanitas will
have the same style of attack from there on. Hopefully you can heal yourself
fully before Vanitas go into this stage.

Keep pressing Triangle, when you ended up clashing with Vanitas twist your
analog stick around, as fast as you could to overcome Vanitas, this will give
you time to actually build your finisher. Keep pressing triangle and
occasionally circle (or square I forgot) when the screen prompts for it.
This will avoid Vanitas's attack coming at you (so fast! what is this I don't

Once you got your finisher, don't hesistate, press circle, and...

Gained after battle : NONE

P/S : If you realize, If you play Ventus then Aqua chapter. You'll realize that
this battle reminds you a lot, and terribly it's almost similar to a certain
Bleach battle. Refer to  Bleach chapter 217 onwards then.


Dun dun dun...get the hint?






Code: aqbb1
BOSS #1 : Ventus
Recommended level : 1

Ventus is fast, so as Aqua you can't be slow and you have to keep moving else
he will own you with his speed. Charge him head on should work at the strategy,
but make sure you reflect his attacks so that he will end up flinch back, giving
you the chance to attack.  Shoot Lock is good and all, but dealing little damage
as of now won't bring you  anywhere. Do your best and he will be down, not too
hard of a battle anyway.

Gained after battle : None


Code: aqbb2
BOSS #2 : Cursed Carriage
Recommended level : 7

This first boss of Aqua is utmostly dangerous if you're low level. So if you
are, don't be afraid to level up more before you tackle this boss. Because
Aqua is very weak at first but eventually will get a lot more better as you
level up on.

The information says "Use your reflect wisely on this battle". It's true. When
the Unversed starts to stomp around here (or it will do the spinning tentacle
attack) and there you press Square in order to tumble this thing down and deal
some decent damage on it. Though when it starts to go low on health it will go
comical angry mode so don't go near it while it does so.

Other that that it mostly will perform it's tentacle attack and throw out some
minions to assist. You can choose to ignore the minions and go straight on
the big guy instead but it's recommended that you deal with the small fries
first. Patience is the key in this battle. When it starts to fly up the sky
and throws pumpkin bombs, you'd better dash away. And when it starts to suck
you in, don't let it chew you so run!

Keep the pattern of reflect + hit and preferbably use Ice magic on it to deal
significantly more damage than normal (don't forget Aqua is magic based) and
you'll bring it down to oblivion eventually.

Gained after battle : HP UP, Deck Command Slot + 1


Code: aqbb3
BOSS #3 : Maleficient Dragon
Recommended level : 12

A joke boss battle. By level 12 you will have more than enough defense to guard
and put this battle into breeze while you can sip some tea and puff some smoke.

Who am I joking here? This boss is seriously a joke.

Maleficient Dragon mostly will do it's stomping attack in a rhythmic one-two
step based so as long as you jump and attack her she is of no problems at all.
When Philip says "kocchi da!" or when he calls out to you, go to him and press
square then circle to perform a trigger attack at her. She can't touch you much,

When she starts to fly, stick to Phillip, then he will throw you up and either
deal damage on the dragon, or you stand above her and volia, it's stomping time.

Keep it up, and she'll be down, shortly.

Gained after battle : HP UP, Fire Blazer learned


Code: aqbb4
BOSS #4 : Magic Mirror
Recommended level : 14

Another joke boss.

If you played Terra's chapter before Aqua, the strategy is the very same as it
is. The only thing that is new (or not) in this battle is that the mirror man
will actually follow you and shoot out projectiles from above, just dash to
avoid it.

Follow Terra's strategy for this and it will go down soon enough.

Gained after battle : Deck Command Slot + 1


Code: aqbb5
BOSS #5 : Trinity Armor
Recommended level : 17

If you have been taking out this boss using Ven or Terra already this battle
is the exact same thing. But in case if you're playing Aqua first, then here's
the strategy.

The key to this fight lies in that as long as you do not fight the parts first
you cannot defeat the head, which is the real target. So? Get the legs, then
hands down first. Then lastly the head.

Whatever attacks it does are straightfoward, get down it's parts first, then
the head, but do not fight him straight on. Get to it's side or back and
wham! The battle might be over in seconds. Aqua is not much different than
both Terra and Ven when fighting this boss so go ahead. If you want a quick
battle, use Shoot lock to bring this armor down to pieces. Or you can abuse
your command deck and enter Magic Wish to whip the armor in shapes. Just
don't forget to heal when the time asks for it.

Still an easy battle overall.

Gained after battle : HP Up, Blade Charge learned


Code: aqbb6
BOSS #6 : Vanitas
Recommended level : 18

Surprising...Vanitas is here!

Another surprise : Vanitas is another easy guy here. But you have to be patient,
and some timing is required. If you have mastered Reflect by now this battle is
a breeze, and if you manage to obtain Barrier Cracker from the chest in Hollow
Bastion, the battle is even easier.

Go near him. He will try to surprise attack you so when that happens, press
Square then circle to deal damage on him. Blindly attack him works but if you
want a better survival chance then this guy is better off taking his own

His afterimage slash and all around dark lighting attack has not changed at all
so avoid when that happens. Since you have Reflect, reflecting off his dark fire
attack is a great idea here, and it also gives you a chance to counterattack,
dealing damage. Otherwise it's a "who moves, lose" battle here. Hopefully you
have some sense of timing here.

Take him down to win the battle.

Gained after battle : Deck Command Slot + 1


Code: aqbb7
BOSS #7 : Zack
Recommended level : 21

Again this is another easy battle.

Reflect + counter, Rinse leather repeat. And he will go down soon. However,
even with that his attack does hurt a lot so beware not to get too excited
just because he is easy. He only has 3 attacks. Jump impact smash, normal 3
hit attacks, and slashing wave attack. And all can be reflected. Time it well
so that you don't get dominated instead.

I swear, Reflect is one of the most broken ability in the game. Aqua has it
and that makes her (somewhat, and arguably) broken.

Gained after battle : Deck Command Slot + 1


Code: aqbb8
BOSS #8 : Ice Titan (Ice Collossus) and Hades
Recommended level : 21

Uhh. 1 VS 2. Not much of a problem anyway.

Hades prefers melee, and Ice Titan throws icicles at you, but that does not
mean anything. Ice Titan attacks seriously slow, and most of the time it stomps.
As long as you don't do anything, it won't be able to touch you at all.

Firstly, focus on Hades.

Hades attack is rather easy to dodge. He likes to smack you, don't give in to it
then, run away while he does that, and when he stops you smack him back. Rinse
and repeat. When he's down to one life bar left he will start to do his somewhat
signature firewall move, avoid him first and then smack him back when he's done.
When that happens, get yourself into Magic Wish mode, then keep stacking your
command decks and activate Blade Charge mode.

Then unleash a string of combo attacks and both Hades and Ice Titan will go down
before you know it. One good thing about this : Instead of KH1 where Sora has to
reflect all the icicles back at it, Aqua just have to smack it's legs to end

Now I wonder why Sora didn't bother thinking of such way at the first place.

Gained after battle : Diamond Dust learned


Code: aqbb9
BOSS #9 : Captain Gantu
Recommended level : 24

This guy is huge, but size doesn't matter. Pif.

You are banding up with Stich for this battle, but you can handle the battle
just fine yourself if you know what to do. The same usual strategy applies :
Go near him, keep using Command deck. the best usual strategy is to use Magic
Wish then Blade Charge then just go berserk. If you manage to synthesize Leaf
Veil for now. Healing is no longer a problem because his rapid attacks won't
be able to interupt your healing anymore.

If he shoots you, you reflect. Ramming works the same. Anyway just keep pushing
him on the edge and he will fall down real soon. An easy battle overall.

If you want some fun, you can alays use Stich to throw at him, and he will be
stunned for a while. Free hit! but it's not necessary.

Gained after battle : Deck Command Slot + 1


Code: aqbb10
BOSS #10 : Vanitas
Recommended level : 27

Uh-oh. Vanitas again. Unlike last time, he no longer shows mercy, so be sure
to prepare yourself for it.

The same timing strategy work for the first battle with him, but however after
a while he will start charging up and dive into the ground. YOU CAN'T DO A THING
so run away when he does that. It is advisable that you use shoot locks when you
are free of any disturbance to deal fast damage on him. But keep the reflect
strategy in mind, because he will keep trying to combo you. Note that however
you are very much still weak so try not to recieve damage. And again if he
starts lurking in the ground you better run away.

Don't bother going into Magic Wish-Blade Charge mode because Vanitas hardly ever
gives you the chance for it. Clashing combos wise you will definitely lose so
play wise when fighting him.

Good luck.

Gained after Battle : HP UP, Ghost Drive learned


Code: aqbb11
BOSS #11 : Braig
Recommended level : 32 and above

Time to play rough. Braig is NOT easy to defeat, compared to how you fought him
using Terra, this is a total different dimension thing. To prepare for this
battle you might need these things : Magic Hour, Detonate Square, Curaga and
Rainbow Shower shoot lock. The rest is rather self explainatory, but make sure
you have these 4 on hand.

Most of Braig's attacks are reflectable, but unfortunately his shooting is fast
enough that your reflect might not catch up with it, thus you may end up hurt
more than you can deal. So the usual reflect and counter strategy won't work
efficiently here. However, lock on him with shoot locks, blast at him. Magic
Hour command attack to give him some slapping. It's okay if you miss, the
best thing about this attack is that, if your other magics are charging up,
Magic Hour will serve as a magic to buy time for it to charge, especially
useful if you're charging up Curaga. Detonate Square however is to make sure
that, when he rams at you, he will taste the ground trap that you lay on
easily. Thus stacking up little damage, Braig will be brought down to huff
and puff in no time.

When he surrounds you and rapid shoots you, be sure to keep reflect it if you
want to survive. A full recieve on this attack will bring your HP close to zero
from full, so you don't want to test it. When he starts to keep teleporting here
and there, oh boy you better keep dashing because his black arrow shots are
totally devastating, so don't test that as well.

It's not an easy battle, but definitely not impossible to win. It takes a little
time and luck to win this. But if you're high enough level, then this battle
will definitely be easier, obviously.

Good luck

Gained after Battle : HP UP


Code : aqbb12
BOSS #9  : Vanitas-Ventus
Recommended level : 32 and beyond (50 from the start is recommended)

Aqua's final battle - her own beloved friend that is posessed. A sad end, but
close the curtain for this sad show and end Vanitas's misery once and for all.

This guy is rather fast for one. His attacks are devastating, and definitely you
not want to blindly charge at this guy at all. Mickey is joining you for this
so do cooperate with him since he is useful. Especially when a trigger command
available for you to use - Holy attack that deals quite an amount of damage.

Vanitas's attack can be avoided, but when you charge at him it will be hard to
take damage because his attacks are as usual unpredictable. His dash attack goes
around the screen so it's hard to fully avoid it. And when he lurks into the
the natural solution is to dodge and wait till he comes out. His normal combo
leaves a half moon uppercut slash attack that wavers around the screen homing at
as well so do not underestimate it. It does linger around for a moment. Of
course his
afterimage thing is still availble, and his dark thunder attack as well.
this calls for an alert so don't be careless.

Try to depend on Magic Hour attack. It's useful and unlike Braig, Vanitas is
lazy to
dodge this attack so you can deal full damage on this guy. Detonate Square is
extremely useful here. So try to depend on these two attacks plus your own combo
attacks that will bring a boss down quickly and smootly. It's hard, but hang in
there. Cure when necessary - it is kind of an obvious thing by now that if
bring in 2 Curagas in case you need more cure to hold yourself together.

But once it's done...What awaits you from there?

Gained after Battle : NONE







Code : lepbb1
BOSS #1 : Terra-Xehanort (T-X for short term names)
Recommended level : Level 34 and beyond.

What awaits Aqua after her fight with Ventus-Vanitas is even more tragic
than before.

Yes, The possessed Terra. I'm very amazed that Aqua didn't actually break
down and cry already at this point - having both your beloved friends being
taken over isn't something to be happy about.


If you are smart enough, you should realized that you have used Terra
before. Which means this battle is something you CAN win decently with
if you know what to do. Your shoot locks are used by T-X in this battle,
your Dark Impulse command style is used by T-X in this battle, as well as
his combos and his Keyblade Cannon finishing attack. All of these, you
have seen before, and you can think of what and how to counter the moves.

But that doesn't mean it's easy, because if you screw up, prepare to face
the pain. In fact, this battle is very hard if you're not doing it right.

When he does his rapid projectile shoots, Reflect them away, that will
take him down at least 1/3 of the bar. Most of the time he will do his
double dash move, which you had as well, but unlike any, he ultilizes
this move better than you can (as evident from Terra's last boss fight
as well), even so Aqua can just reflect and counter when timing is
right. So if you know what to do, this battle will be siginificantly

His combo moves can also be blocked by Reflect then counter it with
barrier cracker. That's where your main attack usually lies. You don't
simply go in front of him and attack him, he should be attacking YOU
with his combo attacks instead. So please keep this in mind. Sometimes
when you counter T-X, he will teleport then continue with the same
attempt, and your response will also be the same : Reflect then counter.
He will do this 4 times and if all fails, he will dash somewhere.
Failing to block it will really hurt you.

However, when he is down to 2 lifebars and below. He will start casting
Curaga on himself. This will be bad as he will prolong the battle and
put you into disadvatage, so try to use finishing combo at him to
balance it down. Sometimes he will pull out his Dark Impulse combo on
you. This unlike his normal combo attacks, is UNBLOCKABLE, so dash
away when he does that. IF you manage to get it from it, immedietely
cure if off as soon as possible.

The rest is kind of a repeat, but do not give him the chance to cure
ever. His Cannon finishing move is seriously damaging so I suggest
you cure it IF he pulls it out. It's no pushover so don't test it.

Good luck, he's not easy. But again he's not impossible.

Once you got over the first round...


FFFF- That Heartless thingy on T-X's back.

Quick dig up your old KH1 memories if possible, because you definitely
need it. Even if you don't, you can still fight him with no problems.

His second form is much easier than the first. Don't let your guard
down however, because some of his attacks are still available from
the first fight.

With the Heartless aiding him in this battle, the heartless will be
attacking you mainly this time. When the heartless disappear and
starts to attack you via from underground, dash it away because if
you get caught, you will be brought up to the sky and you'll get
slammed down after, thankfully it's not that painful, but it's best
to just avoid it.

T-X's attacks are getting much unpredictable in this form because
his timing in attack is no longer systematic, he still retain his
normal combo attack so you can reflect and barrier cracker it if
you want. The worse he could ever do to you is when his heartless
manage to grab you - you can't move, and he is free to attack you
with his combos. Ouch. So avoid it as much as possible.

Most of the time he will be attacking you with either his combos
or the Heartless ground attack thingy - until he is left with
2 1/2 lifebars and below he will start to change his strategy a
little. His heartless will start to throw 2 dark balls at you
in high speed, and as well throw some wave attacks too. That
wave attack is a series. He will throw 8 times in total so time
it well. During the attack he will just stand there so you can
land a few good hits at him if you want.

Sometimes T-X will also do something really puzzling - His
Heartless will sometimes catch you and send you into a dimension
where you can actually see the unpossessed Terra in the middle
of the battlefield, I don't know what means, but if I'm right,
It means that Terra is actually trying to hint you to help him
defeat Xehanort who is taking over his body. So take that
advantage and go to him if you can. If you accidentally hit him,
the whole dimension scene will break back to normal. However if
you manage to go near him (His heartless will keep throwing
projectiles at you to keep you busy), there will be a special
command where you can press Triangle. Then there will be some sort
of a timing attack thingy, once the timing is right, press circle
and it will deal almost one bar of damage at T-X's heartless.
Handy, right?

Play smartly in this battle and learn to take the advantage he is
giving you in battle, and you'll bring him down eventually.

Unfortunately, your ending won't be a sweet one...

Gained after Battle  : NONE


Code : lepbb2
BOSS #1 : Vanitas's Sentiment
Recommended level : -UNKNOWN-



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