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  1. What is the chalice of power for and where is the treehouse u get it at . also what are alien codes for?

    User Info: catsybro

    catsybro - 10 years ago


  1. Chalice of power is unlocked the treehouse is unlocked in chalenge mode by finding all alien codes the chalice power revives health.

    User Info: AJEM7777

    AJEM7777 - 10 years ago 1   0

  2. The cufflink bombs are the way to go against the final boss. Since your ammo supply is limited, be sure to have the PDA and plenty of bolts so you can purchase more during the fight.

    User Info: FyreHeart

    FyreHeart - 9 years ago 1   0

  3. I used them in this order

    Kingpin: Wrist Mortar
    Nefarios: Eletric Umbrella
    Ratchet: I dont really no what works best againts him

    User Info: Firefox107

    Firefox107 - 7 years ago 1   0

  4. Use your cufflink bombs and mod them to wrist mortator. then buy the proto wrist mortater and mod that

    User Info: sammx911

    sammx911 - 9 years ago 0   0

  5. Well i just used all the weapon... All proto... For kingpin use kudzu, and Tie-a-rangs for if he gets low, when u run out use Cufflink then Umbrella... For Nepharous use Cufflink and Tie a rangs when he is shooting thoose bullets things and Flame thrower, Cufflink, Tie-a-rangs and if u run out use Umbrella... NEVER USE KUDZU FOR HIM... When Rachet uses the Acid Thrower Thing run around and keep restocking

    User Info: kira_cero

    kira_cero - 8 years ago 1   1

  6. It took me like 50 tries to beat him the first time I got to it. But then my data corrupted and when I started over I focused on upgrading weapons. When I got to him the second time, since all my weapons were upgraded it was easy. I beat him using only the umbrella (except on robo ratchet, since I was following a strategy to use on him I used the tanglevine carnation). So just go back to a level and work on upgrading you weapons and it should be easier. Hope this helps!

    User Info: iBrake4Urgals

    iBrake4Urgals - 7 years ago 0   0

  7. How I beat Klunk is as follows. For the Kingpin Id usually start him off with a couple of Wrist Mortars but then switch to the Tie-A-Rang, saving the Wrist Mortars for later. When Nefarious enters the picture I would switch to Wrist Mortars and try to finish him off completely with them. If I didnt have enough I would use Tie-A-Rang to finish the job. I found him to be the toughest enemy of this last fight, the electric whip things and the panels that he lays down are hard to avoid and very lethal. If you have enough Wrist Mortars though he can be finished off pretty quickly, this is key. As for Robo Ratchet, taking him down is all about the Tanglevine Carnations, quite simple. Later in the level when Robo Ratchet throws that orange sphere that shoots out a blue force shield type of thing, run the hell away! As soon as you see him throw it run as fast as you can in the opposite direction because if it hits you it will kill you. It wont go all the way across the room, it will fizzle out eventually even though it seems like it wont. This is hard at first, easy once you know what to do. At this phase keep laying down the Tanglevine Carnations and theyll work away at him while youre busy running. Lastly, whenever Klunk approaches you and you have to press those two sequences of buttons, make sure not to screw it up as beating him here takes a good chunk of his health away. Just a helpful tip, when fighting these various characters, when possible, try to work yourself around the circular platform you are fighting on as the health orbs replenish themselves after every phase of the fight. Collecting health often is another key to surviving this battle. Same for the ammo crates.

    User Info: darthcobain17

    darthcobain17 - 7 years ago 0   0

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