How do I solve level 19 of Downstream Panic.?

  1. I've 1 bomb and 4 fans to handel this level.. but don't know how to use the right tools in right time.. pls help out asap..

    User Info: YanNai

    YanNai - 11 years ago


  1. It took me all day to figure out but I finally got it. First you use one fan on the very top flower, got it? Then you (I know this sounds crazy but) waste all your fans repeatedly on the left flower, not allowing it to close up again. Though some will still be stuck, don't worry nature will take its course. Then all the fish will go to the rock. With your explosive missle, you simply blow out the bottom of the rock, to let it fall straight down, not the top. Then the water and fish will automatically hit the last flower without you wasting any fans on it, even though there are no more fans. Your Welcome

    User Info: LINK69420

    LINK69420 - 11 years ago 0   1

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