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Translation Guide by lanyn

Version: 2.13 | Updated: 07/02/2010

Tales of Rebirth テイルズ オブ リバ一ス
Storyline & Skits Translation Guide
Version 2.13

by Lanyn
My Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Destiny 2, and Tales of Destiny PS2 projects on
Youtube for the curious and the bored:

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Copyright 2010 (Esther J. Choi)
Okay, I'm just going to start with the standard one: all trademarks and
copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
and copyright holders. At present, this written FAQ should only be found at
www.gamefaqs.com and www.supercheats.com, so I would appreciate it if you
happen to notice it floating around on the internet where it shouldn't be.
This FAQ and any video links contained within represent my own work unless
otherwise stated. So don't plagiarize this, attempt to make a profit off of
it, or turn it in as one of your term papers; if you do, bad things will
happen to you (especially with that last one).

Version 2.12 (7-2-2010) More script polishing, updated the FAQ section,
changed the spelling of Karegia to Callegea (see FAQs for details),

Version 2.11 (1-8-2010) Updated copyright, changed the spelling of Sannytown to
Sunnytown because I finally concluded that it was retarded to keep Bamco's
Engrish spelling, smoothed over a couple of poorly translated lines, changed
the name of the "Mao's Song" skits to the more accurate "Singing Mao," changed
the name of Tytree's Force to the Force of Timber (again, more accurate based
on the Kanji), made some small updates to the FAQs section...I still have a ton
of editing that I have to do to this thing though.  ;_;

Version 2.10 (7-23-2009) Added FAQs section, renumbered the sections
accordingly, and removed my contact email for now(check the FAQs if you're
wondering why), corrected a couple of lines in the script, stole some stuff
from my other FAQ and incorporated it into this one

Table of Contents
1) About the game [ABO000]
2) How to use this guide [HOW000]
3) Frequently asked questions [FAQ000]
4) Basic controls [BAS000]
   a) PSP version [BASa00]
      i) Map Screen [BASa01]
      ii) Main Menu Screen [BASa02]
      iii) Battle Screen [BASa03]
   b) PS2 version [BASb00]
      i) Map Screen [BASb01]
      ii) Main Menu Screen [BASb02]
      iii) Battle Screen [BASb03]
5) Menu options translation [MEN000]
6) Storyline and Skits Translation [STO000]
7) Credits [CRE000]

1) About the game                                                     [ABO000]
Tales of Rebirth (PS2) was released in Japan on December 16, 2004 as the
sixth installment of the main "Tales of" series by Namco Bandai (or Bamco,
as I like to call them). While the game contains many features which are
staple for the series (e.g. cooking, skits, Grade), Rebirth also has its
own share of quirks (e.g. Enhancement, the Force Cube, super-obsessive
male protagonists). The game carries a heavy theme of racism too, so if you're
one of those sensitive people, think happy thoughts and don't chuck
anything at me or the screen.

The PSP port of Rebirth was released in Japan on March 19, 2008, and thus far
Bamco has not announced an English localization for the game. For the most
part, the PSP version is a direct port of the PS2 game with some small but
nice additions such as the arena and the illustration book. In any case, while
there is no official English translation at the moment, there is this guide and
Spekio's guide (more on the differences between the two in the next section) to
help you better understand the storyline for Rebirth. Um, that pretty much
sums things up, right?

2) How to use this guide                                             [HOW000]
First off, let me explain exactly what this guide is. This is a translation
that is admittedly based on the script for the PS2 version of the game, BUT as
far as I know, only two major changes to the script have been noted by players
thus far (the absence of one of the word puzzles in Razilda and some dialogue
after the appearance of the last dungeon). So for the most part, this guide
should be accurate for BOTH versions of the game, but I will be noting any
differences that I see between the 2 versions.

So what makes this any different from Spekio's translation guide for the PS2
version then? Well, one thing I can say for certainty is that I stole his
formatting. It's simple yet efficient; if it ain't broke, then don't fix it,
right? The translation is a result of my own work though and hopefully it
shows. While Spekio took the literal interpretation with his translation, I
tend to prefer a more figurative approach the text. The style of translation
doesn't have much of an impact when you're looking at simple sentences such as
"Let's go" or "CLAAAAAAAAAIRE!!" (sorry, couldn't resist), but it can be much
more noticeable when looking at complex or vague dialogue. In a nutshell, you
could say that I am doing more of a localization while Spekio went more with a
direct-style translation. Different strokes for different folks, that's all.
Oh, I am including the translations for the Skits as well, which is no small
feat, mind you.

That being said though, one thing that some of you will notice is that I don't
include terms such as -san or -sama in my guide. The reason being is that I
want this guide to be as accessible as possible for people who don't know a
single word of Japanese, and grasping the full meaning of such terms of respect
requires some basic familiarity with the Japanese language and culture. And
besides, those of you who do know what the difference is can surely hear the
terms in the dialogue as you play the game, no? However, I didn't completely
ignore the terms of respect; I simply translated them when I felt that it was
either appropriate (whenever someone refers to the Queen or if two people are
meeting for the first time) or unusual for the character in question (whenever
Veigue refers to anyone in a respectful manner because he normally doesn't).

For the most part, the script which appears here will be identical to the ones
that appear in my video translations (if you don't know what I'm talking about,
then check out the Youtube link that I listed at the top of this FAQ). I will
be making corrections and smoothing things over as needed though (yeah, that
first video was a mess...). I want to keep this guide fairly basic, but if I
ever feel up to it, I may add a very simple "go here, do this" type deal so
that you know how to progress the storyline. Absolutely no gameplay-related
stuff though; I already have a FAQ for those types of questions (most of which
applies to both versions of Rebirth). You can find it along with a bunch of
other Rebirth FAQs in the PS2 section for this game on GameFAQs.

3) Frequently asked questions                                         [FAQ000]
Q: Do I need to know any Japanese in order to play this game?
A: If you follow this guide in conjunction with Kouli's FAQ, then no, you
shouldn't have any problem completing the game with no knowledge of the
Japanese language (and technically, you don't even really need this guide if
you don't care about the storyline). That being said though, navigating through
the game is much easier if you know how to read Kana (i.e. Katakana and
Hiragana) and can recognize basic Kanji.

Q: Okaaay, so does that mean that I should learn Japanese or what?
A: Unless you're a) planning to import more JRPGs, b) have an interest in
Japan's culture, or c) have a knack for picking up languages, then I'd say no.
That's a lot of effort for little return, not to mention that it's very
difficult to learn a foreign language if you're not self-motivated. I mean, be
honest, how many of you actually remember anything useful from when you were
forced to take Spanish or whatever in school? However, if you have the time and
the ambition, don't let the opinion of a jaded old fogey like me discourage
you. ^_~

Q: Tell me then, why should I even bother with Rebirth?
A: Because it'll change your life forever. Well, not really (unless you're an
impressionable little sap like myself), but it'll definitely bring your
appreciation for 2D games to a whole new level. While the game suffers from a
cheesy, predictable plot like all Tales games, it has a battle system that is
as engaging as it is refreshing and a memorable cast like no other. But they
say that a video is worth a thousand words (or something like that), so just
check out this battle footage if you don't believe me (the video's spoiler-free
for your convenience):


Plus, you can't say that you've really lived until you've heard the famous
KUREAAAA scream at least once.

Q: What are the differences between the PS2 version and the PSP port?
A: *deep breath* First off, let me mention stuff that DIDN'T change. As far as
I can tell, no changes were made to the actual battle system (except for the
reconfiguration of some of the buttons, obviously). The storyline, for better
or worse, made it through intact as well. There is a very small portion of
dialogue that was added towards the end of the game of the PSP port, but
otherwise the original script seems to have been left untouched. In other
words, the script for the PSP version is practically the same as the one used
for the PS2 version. Most of the bugs seem to have carried over as well (the
cooking bug, the Ougis bug, etc) aside from cap on the Battle Encounter
(although I doubt that qualifies as a bug, even though everyone likes to treat
it like one). The Duel the Sun Extensions for the PSP port are the same except
for the fact that you press the L button instead of the L2 button for the Blue
Earth Extension (and yes, you still have to press all 5 buttons 11 times). For
the curious, apparently Hilda performs all of the extensions by herself in ToR
PSP (although you still have to have Mao in your party...whacky, I know).

Let's see, good changes found in the PSP version...an arena was added (can be
found in the Minal gym, but it's only accessible after the completion of all of
the trials; there is no cameo battle, BTW), there are some new weapons (e.g.
the Jewel of Gardios) and titles, and the game is now widescreen (which makes
sense). There are also some new Hi-Ougi cut-ins for friend and foe alike, an
Illustration Book (found in the basement of Claire's house at the beginning of
the game), and there is now a LOAD option on the Main Menu (don't mistake this
for the SAVE option!). They also changed how the saved data appears on your
memory card, so the picture looks different depending on where you are in the
storyline. There are now some new options in the Grade shop (thanks to
RPGmonkey for posting the list for the Tales board! ^^): All Damage Halved (10
Grade), Experience Halved (100 Grade), Item Capacity 20 (1000 Grade), Item
Capacity 30 (2000 Grade), and Reset Battle Encounter Number (10 Grade). Oh,
they also increased the limit on the Battle Encounter since it can now go over
10,000...I have no idea what the new limit is, although I guess it really
doesn't matter since they put in the new Grade Shop option there. x32 DAMAGE
weapons FTW!!! In addition, the third word puzzle (the one by the flower cart
that had to do with the seasons) was removed for the PSP version. You can now
purchase Apple Gels, and there's a new God difficulty rank that is available on
your third playthrough.

Hmm, the not-so-good additions to the PSP version...the load times and the
music. Not that I wasn't expecting this, but there are now some slight but
noticeable load times at the start and finish of each battle. The slowdown
doesn't happen every time you get in a fight though, so I don't know if there's
something specific that causes it but I have yet to figure out what's
triggering it. The most jarring of the delays probably revolves around the
victory quotes; sometimes it takes the game several seconds to load the voices.
As for the music, only two songs in particular seem to have suffered from the
transfer: Battle Organization (the random encounter battle music for the first
portion of the game) and Fanfare A (the one that plays when you don't earn any
Grade). They're not bad persay, but it sounds like there are some instruments
missing or something. I noticed that the in-game sound effects are a bit weak
too, but that's just a nitpick.

So which version is better, you may ask? To be honest, they're essentially the
same game, but the PSP version probably has the slight advantage for most
people due to the extras and the lack of region locking for the system. Most of
the complaints I noted are minor and people playing the game for the first time
on the PSP may not even be aware that those are issues that didn't exist in the
PS2 version. My personal preference is for the PS2 version at this point, but
that's more because small, expensive electronic devices and I don't get along
too well. Anyway, your call.

Q: Alright, I'm sold! So, uh, how do I play imports? And where can I get them?
A: If you're interested in the PSP version, then you're in luck. PSP games are
not region-locked (the UMD movies are, but that's a whole different story), so
you can literally just pop the disc in and start playing (assuming that your
firmware is up-to-date, of course). If you're looking into the PS2 version,
then you basically have 3 options: Swap Magic, modding, or a Japanese PS2. The
first option is probably the most common method for playing imports and is
generally the least expensive; however, some people say that it wears down the
laser on your system and that it can scratch your discs to hell. I've never
modded my system before, so I couldn't really tell you much about that. A
Japanese PS2 is likely the most expensive option, but is also the safest since
you don't have to do anything special to play imports. I personally didn't
encounter any problems with Swap Magic, so I'd recommend it for first time
importers (just google Swap Magic and it should bring up a website that has a
list of places that carry SM; the place I ordered mine from doesn't carry it
anymore, so I can't recommend any of the sites personally). If you can find a
JPN PS2 for a decent price though, I'd say go for it. ^^ And a note for you
PS3 owners: you CANNOT play JPN PS2 games on a US PS3. While Japan and NA are
in the same region for this generation of consoles, it doesn't change the fact
that PS2 games still use the old region coding.

As for where to get the games, it depends on what you're interested in. If it's
something that's relatively new (generally not more than a year old), then
Playasia is usually the first place I look:


I've been ordering from them for years and I haven't had any major issues with
them yet (knock on wood). Just be aware that if something is listed as having
an availability that's longer than 2 weeks, then there's a fairly high chance
that you won't ever get it. Another alternative would be good old Flea...er,
eBay, especially for the out of print stuff like ToR PS2. As always though,
buyer beware with some of those sellers. Other options include himeyashop,
yesasia, and deputy services such as Shopping Mall Japan, although all of
these tend to be much more costly than PA and eBay.

Q: I heard that the Namco's trademark for Rebirth in North America has expired.
Does that mean that Rebirth has no chance of getting localized?
A: I'll start off with the good news: once a trademark is registered (in the
US anyway), it NEVER expires. So yes, technically this means that Rebirth will
always have a chance at getting localized. So what's the bad news then? Well,
right now, the trademark for Rebirth is listed as "abandoned," which is what
happens when a company fails to file the appropriate paperwork and/or pay the
fees associated with keeping a trademark active. Bamco has the option of
activating the trademark at any time, but it's basically going to take some
extra effort for them to do so. In other words, the fact that the trademark is
abandoned highly suggests that Bamco has no interest in localizing Rebirth in
North America any time soon. No love for Team Destiny over here, let me tell

Q: How long did it take for you to translate all of this anyway?
A: In terms of months, about 21. In terms of hours, I have no earthly idea
and I don't even want to think about it because it'll make me depressed. And I
swear that one day, I'm going to go through this script again to smooth out all
of the rough spots.

Q: Did you change any of the official name spellings?
A: This seems to be a major point of debate in the translating world as of
late, so I figured that I should just address it and get it over with. I only
changed 2 instances of Bamco's Engrish: Sannytown (changed it to Sunnytown) and
Walto (changed it to Waltu); everything else I left alone or I had to come up
with my own spellings (e.g. minor characters such as the Dark Wings). Actually,
scratch that, I did change one more spelling: the name of the country. Fan
translation precedent has it spelled Karegia, but in a move that will most
likely prove to be wildly unpopular, I decided to change it to Callegea.

So why the change, you ask? Well, the spelling is taken from this ToR novel
thingie which may or may not be canon; it kinda looks like it is, but I
haven't read it myself and judging from its page count, I probably never will.
Anyway, at this point in time, it's the closest thing to an official spelling
that I'm aware of. To be honest, I was originally going to leave it as
Karegia just because that's how I'm used to seeing it spelled. However, it's
always looked Engrishy to me and had I known about the novel spelling earlier,
I probably would have went with Callegea to begin with. Now watch me get
flambeed by the naming nazis.

Q: So how much do you "spice up" the script anyway?
A: I've been asked this on more than one occasion and to be honest, I'm not
sure if I can give a proper response to this since I'm never going to be
completely objective when evaluating my own translation...oh well, I'll try to
answer the question anyway. I do my best to make sure that my interpretation
of the text is justifiable; if I can't think of a single good reason to make a
meaningful change to something, then I generally won't touch it (or add it, or
whatever); I'm a translator, not a script writer (and thank god for that), so I
personally don't like to inject humor or whatnot into a sentence if it wasn't
there to begin with (note that I don't have a problem when other people decide
to do this, it's just not my thing). That being said though, I will exaggerate,
stress, or otherwise add emphasis when I feel that it is a) appropriate for the
situation at hand (e.g. people are generally pretty pissed when their love
interest is kidnapped), b) in character for the person who is saying the line
(e.g. Veigue and Tytree are the cussing types, Claire and Agarte are not), or
c) it is somehow implied in the original Japanese (e.g. usage of one particle
versus another, inflection, etc).

Back to the original question though, in terms of whose dialogue got spruced up
the most, I'd probably have to say Tytree's and Saleh's. Tytree is part nut,
part klutz, and part awesome, so it's kinda hard not to get carried away with
him sometimes. And Saleh? Well, he's borderline psychotic, so anything goes as
far as I'm concerned. ^^;

Q: Help! The battle system is killing me!
A: Wrong FAQ. Check out the following link or link to my Youtube channel at the
top of this FAQ:


Q: How many times does Veigue yell KUREAAAA in this game?
A: The world may never know.

Q: What programs did you use to translate Rebirth and edit those spiffy little
videos of yours?
A: I use three main things when I translate: a NDS program called Kanji
Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten to decipher Kanji, Jim Breen's Online Japanese-English
dictionary for definitions, and dictionary.com for sentence variety. Every once
in a while, I consult some of my old textbooks from school too.

For my videos, I started out using Ulead Videostudio version 8.0, but I
eventually gave in and upgraded to version 11.0, which allowed me to add
Japanese text and made the writing of this FAQ feasible. I obtained the video
footage by using a USB capture card.

Q: You're a little...off, you know that?
A: *applauds* How very observant of you.

Q: Hey, how can get in contact with you? I have something to ask you and/or
you made a mistake and I want you to know about it.
A: I used to have an email account just for these types of situations, but I
ended up deleting it because it eventually got to the point where I was too
busy/lazy to check it, which kind of defeats the purpose of having one in the
first place. Plus I noticed that 95% of the questions that I was getting could
have been answered on a board and while I hate to sit here and rationalize my
lazy ass, it's not like I'm the ONLY person in the entire gaming community who
can tell you how to perform Hi-Ougis or get past the word puzzles. That being
said, the best places to post questions would be the ToR PSP board on GameFAQs
or the Tales forums (register if you haven't already and use this thread:
http://tales.namco.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=2833263#2833263). If you
absolutely have to reach me personally, you can go through Youtube, but I don't
guarantee that you'll get an answer. I *am* trying to juggle med school, a
family business, an eccentric family, a dog, 2 cats, a bird, the remnants of my
personal "life," a couple of FAQs, my volunteer work, what's left of my
sanity, defend the free world, nurture world peace, and STILL make it home
before my bedtime. Er, that's a really horrible run-on sentence, but you get
the picture, right?

Q: Are you planning on translating any other Tales games? Because I'd love you
for life if you decided to do *insert any Japan-only game here* next! <3<3<3
A: Right now, I'm currently working on Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Destiny
PS2 (the Director's Cut version) on the side, which are going to keep me busy
for a while. As for what's next, I haven't decided and I won't decide until I
am done with ToD2 and ToDr (hell, I don't even know if I'm going to keep
translating or not). Part of the decision is going to depend on what other
projects are going on at the time (no point in translating game X if someone
else is already working on it) and also what game I think has the LEAST chance
of being localized. And then there's the whole I-like-this-game-and-I-think-
more-people-should-be-playing-it factor. And I'm conveniently leaving out
the technical aspects (e.g. I have to actually own the system that the game is
on) for brevity's sake. See, I really do think these things through!

Q: Are you a girl?
A: I guess there's a bit of confusion over this due to my boorish personality,
but yes, I'm female.

Q: Your guide sucks/I'm getting a headache from going back and forth between
my computer and the TV or PSP screen/Japanese letters scare me. Is there an
English patch for this game?
A: As far as I know, there isn't one. I know that Penance over at Nocturnal
Creations is working on a (menu?) patch for the PSP version (google is your
friend). Phantasian Productions has also voiced an interest in making a full
patch for ToR PS2, but Cless currently has his hands full with ToP, ToD2, and
ToD:DC. Absolute Zero did an April Fool's joke involving ToR PSP, but
thoroughhim is busy with ToI and ToD:DC at the moment and I'm not sure if he's
ever said anything about an actual patch or not.

Q: (And on the flip side) I love the script! I want to make a donation as a
token of thanks, so where do I send the money?
A: Although I am strapped for cash most of the time, I actually don't accept
donations. The way I see it, other people need the money a lot more than I do
and no one else has to pay to use this guide, so you shouldn't feel obliged to
do so either. Plus, unlike most other fan translators, I don't run a personal
website so my costs in regards to translating are relatively low. I really do
appreciate the thought though. ^^

But if you absolutely insist on sending money somewhere and you don't already
have a charity in mind, please Paypal something over to these folks:


It's a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue group based in North Georgia. There are
Paypal links about 2/3 of the way down the front page under the "Please help
the kitty cats!!!" and "Please help the doggies!!!" headings; you can use
either link since they both go to the same organization.

Note that while I have met some of their volunteers in person, I am in no way
affiliated with this group. It's just that I was able to find my super awesome
pound puppy, Yuri, thanks to them, so I try to return the favor by getting them
donations. Plus as an extra bonus, the donation is tax-deductible, for those of
you who have to worry about Uncle Sam. And of course, the most important thing
is that you're helping to save lives. I win, you win, and the furries win! ^_^

Q: I see a whole bunch of weird squiggly-looking symbols instead of
squiggly-looking Japanese characters. How can I fix this?
A: This guide is written in a code known as Shift-JIS, so it sounds like your
PC is set on Western fonts. Right click on the screen and go to "Encoding".
Then scroll down to the "More" option and select Japanese Shift-JIS. If you're
having trouble and you happen to be using a Mac, then you're on your own since
I've only touched a Mac maybe twice in my entire life.

Q: So what's this Dramatic Peach Pie DVD thing I keep hearing about?
A: It's the pre-order bonus that was supposed to come with the PSP port of
Rebirth that Play-asia decided not to give to me. No, I'm not bitter or
ANYTHING. *ahem* Anyway, it contains a cute little scene with Veigue, Eugene,
Mao, Tytree, Milhaust, and even a cameo-ish appearance by Saleh. There's also
a new trailer for Tales of Vesperia, a recipe for how to make a peach pie, and
some other stuff I'm forgetting about at the moment. Thorough is my middle
name. As for where you can find a subbed version of the Peach Pie DVD...

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMmqiH-GPI0
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3j13ivgx2M

I don't know who's screwing up Veigue's reputation more, Bamco or me. ^^;;

Q: Do you know where ______ is on the World Map? I can't find it!
A: Fear not, zer83, our resident ToR Map Man, has an answer for you all!
Thanks again for letting me steal your find, zer83! ^^ Note that zer83 nor
I am responsible for the creation of the map, but zer83 did type up all the
locations and such for us.


Red Numbers:
1: Sulz
2. Great Larulen Bridge
3. Keketto Hostel
4. Etoray Bridge
5. Minal
6. Petnadjanka
7. Toyohose Hostel
8. Sunnytown
9. Tel Alla Hostel
10. Anikamal
11. Babilograd
12. Babilograd Harbor
13. Balka Harbor
14. Balka
15. Razilda Harbor
16. Razilda
17. Pipista
18. Great Pokunan Bridge
19. Kyogen
20. Kyogen Hostel
21. Nolzen
22. Nereg Hostel
23. Belsas Harbor
24. Belsas
25. Mocrado Village
26. Katz Village
27. Len Pao Sky Garden

Blue Numbers:
1. Alvan Mountains
2. Forest Labyrinth
3. Karez
4. Oasis
5. Climbers' Cavern
6. Mesechina Cavern
7. Balka Prison
8. Shrine of Eephon
9. Flamer-Holders
10. Shrine of Fenia
11. Tower of Nereg
12. Shrine of Wontiga
13. Shrine of Gillione
14. Mount Sovereign
15. Yuris' Realm
16. Cyglorgs' Chambers

4) Basic controls                                                     [BAS000]
If you've played a Tales game before (or any RPGs in general), then this
shouldn't be much of a surprise, but there are different sets of controls
depending on what screen you're currently on. In Rebirth, the three main
area types are the Map screen (this includes the World Map, towns, and
dungeons), the Main Menu screen (pressing the TRIANGLE button on the Map screen
will bring you to this screen), and the Battle screen (this screen is brought
up when you have a random enemy encounter or you enter a boss/event battle).

PART A: PSP CONTROLS                                                  [BASa00]

The PSP is lacking a tad in the buttons department, so these may look a bit
strange (especially if you've played the PS2 version).

MAP SCREEN                                                            [BASa01]

Directional Pad: Used for walking (although you'll run instead if you use it
                 on the World Map) and for highlighting a selection
Analog Stick: Used for running and highlighting a selection
Circle Button: Used for talking, investigating, and making a decision
X Button: When pressed with the Square button-->allows you to speed through
                                                in-game dialogue
          When pressed with the L button-->changes your on-screen character
          When pressed with the R button-->brings up the World Map
Triangle Button: Brings up the Main Menu screen
Square Button: Allows you to use your Force (when applicable)
L/R button: Lets you change the direction that you are facing
Select Button: Activates Skits

MAIN MENU SCREEN                                                      [BASa02]

Directional Pad/Analog Stick: Used to highlight a selection
Analog Stick (Skills screen ONLY!): Used to flip the Force Cube
Circle Button: Used to make a decision (i.e. select an item/choice)
X Button: Used to cancel out of something or to return to the World Map screen
Triangle Button: Used to view the plot summary up until this point; can also
                 be used to discard items and to change who is in your active
                 battle party (as well as who you are controlling)
Square Button: Used to switch between the different descriptions for certain
               items (e.g. equipment) and for displaying more information about
               particular terms (e.g. Force Cube Effects)
L Button: Used to change between lists (e.g. items) or characters (i.e. Skills)
R Button: Same as the L Button, but can also change a character's battle mode
          (i.e. auto, semi-auto, manual) when you have that person highlighted

BATTLE SCREEN                                                         [BASa03]

Directional Pad/Analog Stick: Used for movement and highlighting a selection
Circle Button: Used for executing a Normal attack and for making a decision
X Button: Used for executing a Skill and for canceling an item
Triangle Button: Displays the battle menu screen (also used to return to the
                 battle screen)
Square Button: Used to defend and to change your RG level when used with the
               Directional Pad/Analog Stick
L Button: Used to change your battle strategy when used with the Directional
          Pad/Analog Stick
R Button: Used to change targets when used with the Directional Pad/Analog
Start Button: Used to jump (like you'll ever need to, but...)
Select Button: Used to change your battle mode (e.g. auto, semi-auto, and

PART B: PS2 CONTROLS                                                  [BASb00]

If you're old-skool or if you just prefer the PS2 version, here are the
controls for you.

MAP SCREEN                                                            [BASb01]

Directional Pad: Used for walking (although you'll run instead if you use it
                 on the World Map) and for highlighting a selection
Left Analog Stick: Used for running and highlighting a selection
Circle Button: Used for talking, investigating, and making a decision
Triangle Button: Brings up the Main Menu screen
Square Button: Allows you to use your Force (when applicable)
L1/R1 buttons: Lets you change the direction that you are facing
L2/R2 Buttons: Changes your on-screen character
R3 Button: Displays the World Map
Select Button: Activates Skits

MAIN MENU SCREEN                                                      [BASb02]

Directional Pad/Analog Stick: Used to highlight a selection
Right Analog Stick (Skills screen ONLY!): Used to flip the Force Cube
Circle Button: Used to make a decision (i.e. select an item/choice)
X Button: Used to cancel out of something or to return to the World Map screen
Triangle Button: Used to view the plot summary up until this point; can also
                 be used to discard items and to change who is in your active
                 battle party (as well as who you are controlling)
Square Button: Used to switch between the different descriptions for certain
               items (e.g. equipment) and for displaying more information about
               particular terms (e.g. Force Cube Effects)
L1/R1 Buttons: Used to change between lists (e.g. items) or characters
               (i.e. Skills)
L2 Button: Used to scroll through lists
R2 Button: Used to scroll through lists and can also change a character's
           battle mode (i.e. auto, semi-auto, manual) when you have that
           person highlighted

BATTLE SCREEN                                                         [BASb03]

Directional Pad/Left Analog Stick: Used for movement and highlighting a
Circle Button: Used for executing a Normal attack and for making a decision
X Button: Used for executing a Skill and for canceling an item
Triangle Button: Displays the battle menu screen (also used to return to the
                 battle screen)
Square Button: Used to defend and to change your RG level when used with the
               Directional Pad/Left Analog Stick
L1 Button: Used to change your battle strategy when used with the Directional
           Pad/Left Analog Stick
R1 Button: Used to change targets when used with the Directional Pad/Left
           Analog Stick
R2 Button: Allows you to jump
Start Button: Pauses the game
Select Button: Used to change your battle mode (e.g. auto, semi-auto, and

5) Menu options translation                                           [MEN000]
Note that the intended purpose of this section is not to tell you how to use
the menu options; I'm just giving you a translation so that you can navigate
through it a little easier. If you have questions about how to assign Skills
and stuff like that, then please consult the other Rebirth FAQs.

First Line, from left to right:
術技 (Skills), エンハンス (Enhance), 作戦 (Tactics/Strategy), 料理 (Cooking),
カスタム (Customize), ライブラリ (Library, PSP only)

Second Line, from left to right:
アイテム (Item), 装備 (Equipment), バトルブック (Battlebook),
ステータス (Status), セーブ or 中断 (Save or Suspend), ロード (Load, PSP only)

6) Storyline and skits translation                                    [STO000]
This goes without saying, but there are obviously major spoilers in this
section, so don't scroll too far ahead if you don't want anything ruined for
you. One note about the Skits...I have them numbered here for my convenience,
but this is not necessarily the same order that you're going to get in if you
play the game (especially for the ones that show up in large clumps). Don't
worry about the shortcuts that I left in either; I may or may not decide to do
something with those in the future. I will put some squigglies (~) in between
groups of skits though to make it a bit easier to navigate through this.
Also, if I didn't trigger a Skit for my videos, then I won't have an entry for
it. Sorry, but there are supposedly over 1,000 Skits in the game and I'm
already a third of the way through my life expectancy here. Now, on to the
main event!


<Opening Movie>

Milhaust: Your Majesty!
Eugene: Your Majesty! You mustn't do this!
Milhaust: If you use your Force any further, you'll...!
Eugene & Milhaust: Your Majesty!
Claire: Veigue!
Veigue: Stay back!
Veigue: Claire, run away!
Claire: But!
Veigue: Run, Clai...!
Veigue: CLAIRE!!!

<One Year Later...>

Veigue: Who's there!
Mao: Hi there, Veigue.
Mao: I'm Mao.
Eugene: Eugene Gallardo.
Eugene: Veigue Lungberg...
Eugene:...we've come for you.

<Inside The Church>

Veigue: Who are you...how do you know my name...
Mao: No need to worry, we're your friends. Since we're here, won't you listen
     to what we have to say?
Veigue: There's nothing to talk about.  Leave...
Mao: Really? I wouldn't be so sure about that. We think we can help you get
     used to your power...
Veigue: What can you possibly do? You don't know the first thing about me...
Mao: I know more about you than you do.  I know the "answer" to your problem.
Veigue: Screw you. Like hell you have the "answer."
Mao: Let's talk this over, Veigue. If you won't come to us, then we'll just go
     over to you.
Eugene: Looks like he can control the Force.
Mao: Yeah, better than I imagined.
Veigue: Leave me be. Next time I won't hold back.
Mao: And if he's being like this?
Eugene: I didn't want to do this the hard way, but it appears that we have no
Mao:...Sure looks that way.  So, what're the conditions?
Eugene: No Force and without injuring the target for 60 seconds.
Mao: Ehh?!  Talk about strict!
Eugene: You can't do it?
Mao: Do you think that I can't do it?
Eugene: I'm not impressed that you answered my question with a question.
Veigue: What are you two talking about! Hurry up and leav...
Mao: If you're going to back down, now's the time, Veigue.
Veigue: Go to hell!!

<During The Battle>

Mao (Opening Quote): Here I come!!!
Mao (Ending Quote): Hmph, I was careless! I've had enough of this!

<Back In The Church>

Veigue: My ice and your flame...are they the same...?
What on earth is this power...?
Eugene: That power of yours is known as Force. If used correctly, it will
        become a great asset for you in the days ahead.
Veigue: Force...?
Mao: That's right, Force.
Mao: This is the physical representation of Force, the Force Cube.
Mao: We're on a journey to find companions who have the Force, people with
     special powers like you and me, in order to save the world.
Mao: All of this is a result of the Force, you know.
Eugene: Force is a special ability that arises from the power of life and the
Eugene: Originally, Force only manifested itself in Gajuma like myself.
Veigue: If that's true, then why do Humas like him and me have that kind of
Mao: Since that time, it seems that Force users have appeared among Humas too.
Mao: Right now, there's no distinction between the two races and there are
     many different types of Force Users.
Mao: Your force is "ice."
Veigue: The Force of Ice...
Mao: You can manipulate ice at will, right?
Veigue: I can now...but I can't do anything about the ice around Claire...
Mao: That's because this ice is from when your Force went berserk.
Eugene: Force is a power that comes from the heart. If a Force User grows
        emotionally unstable, there is too strong of a reaction and it becomes
Mao: In your case, the power awakened without warning. Your mind and spirit
     weren't prepared and so you were unable to control it.  And she was....
Mao: That's what happens when the Force goes berserk.
Eugene: It is impossible to get rid of this ice at your current skill level.
Veigue:...What should I do? Claire is...
Mao: Leave this to me, Veigue. If you're ice, then I'm flame. In order to melt
     ice...you should just bring it near a flame.
Mao: O Force of Flame!! Free the young lady from her icy slumber!!
Mao: Now's your chance, Veigue!!  Smash the ice!!
Veigue: Uaaaaah!!
Veigue: Claire!!
Zapie: Ki~!!
Veigue:...Claire!! Are you...alive?
Veigue: Claire...!! Does it hurt anywhere? How do you feel...?
Claire: Yeah...I...
Veigue: Claire...
Veigue:...Claire...Are you trembling?
Claire:...N, no, it's not that, Veigue...
Claire:...It's a bit chilly in here. I'd like to warm up in the sunlight...
Veigue: Claire!!

<Outside Of The Church>

Veigue: Claire...I'm sorry for what I did to you...
Claire:...What happened?  What...exactly...?
Veigue:...You don't remember...?
Claire: I was engulfed by a blue light that came out of your body...After
Mao:...You've been trapped in ice this whole time.
Claire:...And you two are...?
Veigue:...I was able to save you thanks to their help.
Mao: Nice to meet you.  I'm Mao.  And this is...
Eugene: Eugene Gallardo.
Eugene: Veigue's Force went out of control and you got caught up in it.
Eugene: And now, one year later...Veigue was finally able to rescue you.
Veigue: Claire...I am so sorry...
Mao:...It wasn't Veigue's intent to imprison you in ice.
Mao: He must have tried to free you countless times before....Isn't that
     right, Veigue?
Claire: Veigue...Your hands are covered with scratches...
Claire: Is it because you were trying to free me...?
Veigue:...But there wasn't a thing I could do about it....All I could do was
       watch over you.
Veigue: Claire...I don't know how I can make this up to you...
Claire:...Oh! Veigue, I...need to return home.
Claire: Father and mother are probably worried and I want to put their minds
        at ease.
Claire: Veigue, thanks for saving me.
Claire: As you can see, I'm perfectly fine.
...Um...If you'd like, the two of you are free to rest at my home.
Claire: It's not much, but I'll ready a meal for your arrival.
Eugene: She's a good girl.
Mao: Well now...shall we go eat?
Mao: I'm starving since I used my Force.
Eugene: Mao...
Mao:...I know, I know!
Mao: Veigue, there's something we need to talk about. That's why we came here
     to see you.
Veigue: We'll talk here.
Eugene: If possible, I'd prefer to talk in a quiet area.
Veigue: That's...!!
Mao: It's a Frost Crow, an ice Virus.
Eugene: It's coming this way!!

<After The Battle>

Veigue: Why did the Virus come inside the village...?
Viruses are elements of nature that have taken on the form of a monster. There
        is a possibility that they will show up no matter where you are.
Mao: Thanks to a certain something, the number of Force Users and Viruses have
     increased throughout the world.
Veigue:...The appearance of the Force...The increase in Viruses...What in the
       world is going on...?
Veigue:...Mao, you said something about "saving the world." Does that...
Mao: S, sorry...looks like I'm at my limit.
Eugene: It's a long story.  Before that, could we get Mao something to eat?
Veigue:...Understood...it's this way.
Veigue:...About Claire...you have my gratitude.

Mao and Eugene have become your companions.


<On The Way To Claire's House>

Skit #1 [SKI001]
「マオのバトルブック・1」 Mao's Battlebook Part 1

Mao: La la la~! La la la la~!
Veigue: You look pretty happy. What are you doing?
Mao: I'm writing about the enemies and Viruses that we've fought against in
     the Battlebook.
Veigue: Why are you doing that?
Mao: To create memories! La la la~!

You received the Battlebook.

Read the Battlebook?

Skit #2 [SKI002]
「クレアさん家って?」 Claire's House?

Mao: Veigue, which way is Claire's house?

Skit #3 [SKI003]
「そんなところだ」 Something Like That

Mao: Hey Veigue, what is your relationship to Claire?
Veigue:...We were raised together...I guess you could say that she's like a
       younger sister...or family...something like that.

Skit #4 [SKI004]
「ス一ルズ雑感」 Impressions of Sulz

Mao: This is a really quiet village, isn't it.
Veigue: Yeah.
Mao: This place would be perfect if it was just a little bit warmer.
Eugene: There are many glaciers nearby, so there's nothing that can be done
        about the cold.

Skit #5 [SKI005]
「マオが...」 Mao is...

Eugene: Mao is extremely hungry. Could you let him have something to eat soon?


<Inside of Claire's House>

Eugene:...Everything started one year ago on that day...on The Dusk of
Veigue: The Dusk of Ladras...
Eugene: It's the day that the ruler of Callegea, King Ladras, met his demise.
        You know about it, don't you?
Rakiya (Claire's mom): Veigue didn't pay any attention to the events
                       surrounding him because of what happened to my daughter.
Eugene:...I see...so you don't know about His Majesty's death.
Eugene: About 6 months before he passed away, His Majesty was bedridden due to
Eugene: Treatment was ineffective and His Majesty's condition deteriorated.
        Shortly thereafter, he began to repeat utter nonsense from his sickbed.
Eugene: Then, on that day...His Majesty released all of the Force within
        himself and lost his life.
Veigue: Claire, are you all right? You just got back home and yet...
Claire: Yes, this is a lot of fun.
Claire: Eugene, please continue.
Eugene:...The Force which escaped from His Majesty became a light that showered
       down upon the entire country. This awakened the Force that lay dormant
       in many people.
Eugene: People were terrified of their newly awakened abilities, and one after
        another, the Force went out of control. This caused enormous damage to
        the area and Callegea fell into a state of chaos.
Mao: This means that you weren't the only one.
Eugene:...It gets worse. During the time that the Force was raging away, there
       was a massive outbreak of Viruses which began to attack people.
Eugene: People began to refer to this worldwide catastrophe along with the
        King's death as The Dusk of Ladras.
Eugene:  On The Dusk of Ladras, many people lost their lives and even now the
         scars remain...
Claire: Throughout the world...something like that had...how tragic...
Claire: Ah, I shouldn't do that. I'm interrupting your story, aren't I?
Mao: Claire says that even though she had a difficult time herself...
Veigue: Claire has always been like that...She's the type of person who
        worries about others more than herself...
Mao: By the way, this story concerns Lady Agarte, the successor to the late
Veigue: Agarte...the only daughter of King Ladras, Princess Agarte?
Mao: Right. She's Queen Agarte now. Lady Agarte and those around her have
     begun to act suspiciously all of a sudden.
Eugene: His Majesty was even willing to sacrifice his life so that the Force
        could be released. He must have had some important reason for doing so.
Eugene: We're on a journey to investigate the truth behind the various
        tragedies within the kingdom that began on The Dusk of Ladras.
Mao: That's the reason why we need to join forces with strong Force Users like
Popura's Voice: I'm coming in~!!
Claire: Aunt Popura!!
Popura: Little Claire, thank goodness! I was very concerned, you know.
Claire: I'm sorry to have worried you.
Popura: I'm happy for you too, Rakiya.
Rakiya: Yes, I'm just glad to see Claire healthy and smiling like this...
Zapie: Kiki!
Popura: To celebrate Claire's return, I baked little Veigie's favorite, peach
Mao: Wow, that smells great!
Popura: Oh...guests...? Please have some if you'd like.
Mao:...So little Veigie loves peach pie...
Popura: This dish is my pride and joy, so savor it well. Well then, see you
Veigue: Ah, Auntie...
Mao: So tasty!!  This is absolutely delicious!!
Veigue:...Going back to our conversation, why do you need to find strong Force
Mao: Ah...whoops, my bad. I almost forgot.
Mao:...Due to the circumstances, we might have to fight against the country
    itself. Our enemy has Force Users just like us among them. Skilled,
    powerful Force Users.
Veigue:...I am in your debt. However, I cannot join you.
Mao: Huh?
Veigue: Right now, I can't leave this house or the village...
Mao: What do you mean?
Veigue: I did something horrible...therefore, I cannot simply leave the
        village without having atoned.
Claire: Veigue, thanks...
Claire: But you didn't do anything wrong. So I don't want you to use a word
        like "atone."
Claire: Besides, these people need you so why don't you give them a hand?...OK?
Veigue: It's not just you, Claire.
Claire: Huh...?
Veigue: While you were trapped in the ice, your parents took care of me the
        entire time.
Veigue: They took someone like me under their wing without saying a word...
Rakiya: Don't be silly, that's because you're like family to us. We believed
        in you and knew that Claire would return to normal someday...
Rakiya: That's why my husband and I decided that we would wait for this day
        with you by our side...so that we wouldn't feel lonely while Claire
        was away.
Veigue: Aunt Rakiya, thank you...
Marco (Claire's father): This is bad!!
Rakiya: Dear, what's wrong!?
Marco: A bunch of people carrying weapons are coming into the village!!
Veigue: Where are they now!?
Marco: At the assembly hall plaza.
Mao: Eugene, could it possibly be...
Eugene: Let's hurry.


<Outside Claire's House>

Skit #6 [SKI006]
「気になる集会所」 Assembly Hall on the Mind

Veigue: Let's go check out the assembly hall.


<At The Assembly Hall Plaza>

???: Hmm, I have no idea...how am I supposed to tell whether a Huma girl is
     beautiful or not?
???: Hey, you...can you tell?
Callegean Soldier: Forgive me, Lord Tohma. They all look the same to me.
Tohma: Hey, Huma girl. What's your name?
Monica: M, Monica...
Tohma: Monica...are you beautiful?
Monica: I, I don't know...that sort of thing.
Tohma: What are you so afraid of? All I'm only asking you whether or not you're
Veigue: What in the world are they doing...
Steve: I'm not sure, but they only captured the Huma girls of the village and
       gathered them other there. It looks like they're investigating
Mao: Eugene, it was them after all.
Eugene: Yes, it's The Royal Shield...Tohma, huh...if he's here, then that
        means that other guy is too...
Veigue:...The Royal Shield...?
Eugene: A unit made up of entirely of Force Users that is under the direct
        control of the royal family...That is The Royal Shield.
Eugene: They use their special abilities to aid the royal family by acting as
        bodyguards as well as carrying out special missions in secret.
Mao: As the name implies, they literally shield the royal family.
Eugene: At the same time, they also intend to subjugate Force Users.
Mao: That's because there's a few mischievous Force Users out there. It's all
     about making them allies before they become enemies.
Tohma: Man, what a pain! Go and bring the most beautiful girl in the village
       back here!
Monica: Huh? M, me...?
Tohma: Tohma here is not the patient type. If you don't want to get hurt, then
       bring her here now.
Tohma: Hurry up! If she's not in this group, then I don't care if you choose
       someone from over there.
Claire: Monica...
Tohma: Oh, that girl, huh?
Monica: N, no!! She's...!!
Tohma: Shut up!!
Claire: Monica...!!
Tohma: Hey you...!
Royal Shield Soldier: Sir...!
Royal Shield Soldier: These are Lord Tohma's orders. Come!!
Veigue: Wait...don't you dare touch Claire.
Royal Shield Soldier: Who the heck are you...? Scram!!
Royal Shield Soldier: Y, yikes...!!
Tohma: Force...
Veigue:...Release everybody at once and get out of the village!
Tohma: Heh...
Mao: It's a strong Force reaction...!!
Eugene: The user of magnetic fields, Tohma...that's the Force of Magnetism.
Tohma: Ice, huh?  I'd heard rumors, but this is the first time I've ever seen
Veigue: Bastard has the Force too...
Tohma: So this is what happens if I oppose you? How dreadful.
Tohma: However, my Force is even more dreadful. Wanna try me!?
Mao: Veigue!! We'll fight too.
Tohma: Your friends are here too, huh. Interesting...ack, you're...!
Eugene: Tohma, stand down!

<After The Fight>

??:...Well? I wonder how long this third rate play will last?
Eugene: Saleh...!!
Saleh: What are you dawdling around for, Tohma? Miss Claire, was it? She's the
       finest jewel in the village.
Tohma: Grr...Saleh! What do you mean by dawdling!
Saleh: Honestly...if you make such a riot, our little dolls will get injured
       and you'll be reprimanded.
Tohma: Can it already! You don't have to tell me every little thing!
Saleh: If that's the case, then fine...let's hurry up and pick a girl to go
       with us.
Veigue: Wait!!
Tohma: You again...you're becoming obnoxious!
Saleh: Tohma, forget about him. We've already discussed this.
Saleh: Isn't that right? Commander Eugene...
Veigue: Commander!?
Saleh: Oh, isn't the one next to you that boy Mao, the deserter?
Veigue: Deserter...!?
Saleh: In the old days, The Royal Shield would not have ignored such a serious
       offense as desertion, but our hands are already full due to the growing
       number of Force Users.
Saleh: Well, we can dispose of a little runt like you at any time anyway.
Saleh: Commander Eugene, surely you know how I like to do things, don't you?
Veigue: What are you trying to say?
Saleh: For those of you who aren't familiar with my ways, direct your attention
Saleh: That's right, everything in the world is about give & take.
Veigue: You bastard...
Saleh: My dear Claire, you understand, don't you? Right now, that Gajuma
       woman's life is in your hands.
Saleh: What's it like? I wonder how important a life feels?
Claire:...I understand...
Veigue: No, don't go, Claire!!
Saleh: You be silent.
Veigue: Why, you!!
Veigue: Gwaa!!
Saleh: Your life is insignificant.
Veigue: Ugh...!
Veigue: Aah...!!
Saleh: That's my Commander for you.
Veigue: W, why...
Veigue: C, Claire...run away...!
Saleh: Now then, shall we go, my dear Claire?
Claire:...Before that, please bring down Aunt Popura and release everyone. If
       you don't, then I won't go.
Veigue: Claire...!
Saleh: My dear Claire, if you promise that you will really come with us, then
       I'll free those girls for you.
Claire: I promise. So please let everyone go...
Saleh: Very well.
Saleh: Dismiss the young ladies.
Monica: Claire...sorry, I'm so sorry.  Because of me...
Claire: Monica, it's not your fault...
Monica:...But they may do something horrible to you if you go, Claire...
Saleh: Don't worry. We'll take excellent care of dear Claire.
Saleh: It's about time for us to part ways.
Claire: Veigue...I'm going away...for a little bit.
Veigue:...C, Claire...d, don't go...
Saleh: Everyone, withdraw!!
Marco: Claire!!
Claire: Father, mother...
Claire: Zapie...go to them.
Saleh: Farewell, Commander Eugene. Farewell, boy. Until we meet again.
Saleh & Tomah: Ha ha ha ha~!

<Outside Of The Church>

Veigue: Ugh...Claire...
Veigue: Claire, where's Claire?
Mao: Claire isn't here.
Veigue:...! That's right, Eugene, you!!
Eugene: It had to be done.
Eugene:...With your power...no, even if all three of us fought against Saleh,
       the odds would have been unfavorable.
Mao: Saleh likes to joke around, but he's also cruel, ruthless...and powerful.
Mao: If Eugene hadn't stopped you back then, you would have been killed.
     Undoubtedly, the girls, Aunt Popura, and everyone else in the village
     would have been as well...
Veigue: No way...
Mao: Even though Saleh would have slaughtered the villagers, he would have
     likely taken Claire with him. Unharmed, of course...Saleh's just that
     type of guy.
Veigue: Why do you know so much about him...who are you people!!
Mao: The former commander and a deserter.
Mao: Until 6 months ago, Eugene was the commander of The Royal Shield. I was
     one of his subordinates.
Veigue: Was...?
Eugene: Just as I explained at Claire's house, I was investigating the truth
        behind the string of disasters that began with His Majesty's death.
Mao: But because of that incident, we are being pursued by the military.
Veigue:...Mao, why did you desert?
Mao:...The Dusk of Ladras...on that day, my Force awakened and apparently went
Veigue: Apparently...?
Mao: Yeah. It seems that I lost my memory due to the shock.
Mao: I had no place to go, so Eugene looked after me and let me join The Royal
Mao: If Eugene leaves the military, then so do I. That's the way things are.
Veigue: So you have amnesia...
Mao: I don't have any memories up until now, but it doesn't bother me. The
     important thing isn't the past; it's the future!!...or something like
     that, right?
Veigue:...I understand the situation.
Veigue: However, I wasn't able to protect Claire...
Mao: But Claire had already made up her mind. She decided to make a deal in
     order to save those girls.
Veigue: That's right...she's that type of person.
Veigue: That's why...that's why I...wanted to protect Claire...
Mao: Veigue...
Veigue: Can't I do anything for her!?
Eugene: Unfortunately, right now you couldn't defeat Saleh even in your
        wildest dreams.
Veigue: What'd you say!?
Eugene: However, you have potential. I can tell since I've seen plenty of
        Force Users.
Eugene: Grow strong, Veigue. And then, go save Claire. With your own hands.
Eugene:...Anyway, we should chase after The Royal Shield. Their behavior
       concerns me.
Mao: I agree. There's a possibility that The Royal Shield was involved in The
     Dusk of Ladras incident.
Mao: If we follow them, we might learn something.
Mao:...So, what are you going to do?
Veigue:...The answer's obvious.

Mao acquired the title "The Boy with Amnesia."
Slash Defense Power +2

Mao acquired the title "Deserter."
Thrust Defense Power +2

Eugene acquired the title "Former Commander."
Slash Defense Power +2

Each character can acquire or will be given titles that will boost battle
parameters. The bonuses given by the titles are cumulative, so you are free to
choose any title that you would like for the character. The more difficult the
conditions are for obtaining a title, the bigger the bonus, so try your best
when searching for them.


<In The Area Outside Of The Assembly Hall>

Skit #7 [SKI007]
「誰もいないの?」 Isn't there anyone?

Mao: Veigue, isn't there anyone you want to say your goodbyes to before we
     begin our journey?

Skit #8 [SKI008]
「それでいいのか?」 Is this what you want?

Eugene: Are you really all right with leaving on a journey without saying a
        word to your family?


<In The Main Section Of Town>

Veigue: Aunt Rakiya...Uncle Marco...
Marco: Veigue...
Veigue: I'm sorry...I...
Marco: Take Zapie with you.
Zapie: Kii!
Veigue: I will bring Claire back, no matter what.
Marco: Veigue, take care of yourself...you're one of our precious children too.
Rakiya: You two...please look after Veigue and Claire for us.
Mao: What nice people...so they're the mother and father who raised Claire.
Eugene:...They are excellent parents.
Eugene: From here, we should head towards Minal.
Veigue: Minal?
Eugene: From here, the port town Minal is in the south-southeast direction.
Eugene: The Royal Shield headed south after leaving the village. If they
        intend to return to the capital city, Balka, then they must be
        planning to ride a boat from there.
Veigue: They're taking Claire to the capital?
Eugene: Yes...there's no doubt that this is a task given to them by Queen
Mao: Saleh made it sound like The Royal Shield is gathering up Huma girls.
Eugene: Right. However, what does Her Majesty plan to do with those Huma
Veigue:...I couldn't care less about that. All that matters to me is getting
       Claire back. In any case, let's head toward Minal.

Cooking is now possible. There are various establishments to visit such as
the inn, grocery store, item shop, weapons shop, and so forth. Drop by the
grocery store to procure ingredients needed for cooking and prepare for your

Read the Battlebook?

Skit #9 [SKI009]
「ダメなのかな?」 Is it futile?

Eugene: Mao...you still can't recall anything from your past, can you?
Mao:...No...nothing at all...I wonder if it's useless to try and remember?
Eugene: There's no need to push yourself, but your memory may never come back
Mao: It really doesn't matter to me if I can't remember anything. Right now,
     I'm having fun being with you and all.
Eugene: However, your family and friends may be worried about you.
Mao: Oh yeah, that's right...well, I'm sure that things will work out somehow!
Mao: Besides, if I go on a journey, I might meet someone who recognizes me.
Eugene: Yes, you're right.

Skit #10 [SKI010]
「おしゃべりだな」 Chatterbox

Veigue: Mao...you sure are talkative. Your conversations are often without end.
Mao: That's because you and Eugene don't say anything! I'm doing my best to
     liven things up here!
Mao: If you two would actually talk, then I could ease up a little.
Eugene: It's not fitting for soldiers to idly talk.
Veigue:...I don't have any time to chat...
Mao: What kind of reasoning is that! Oh, forget it already! I can't stand
     gloomy people!
Mao: I want to make friends with someone I can talk to!

Skit #11 [SKI011]
「ボクたちの旅」 Our Journey

Veigue: How is it that you guys knew about me?
Mao: We heard rumors about you and Claire from other towns and travellers.
Eugene: One shouldn't assume that all of the Force Users whose power awakened
        on the Dusk of Ladras are being controlled by The Royal Shield in
        spite of their numbers.
Eugene: There are people who conceal their power as well as those who don't
        even realize that their Force is active.
Mao: We're continuing to journey in order to find those kind of Force Users
     and have them join our group.

Skit #12 [SKI012]
「物知りだネ」 Well-Informed

Mao: What kind of animal is Zapie?
Veigue: He's a Mufmuf. You haven't heard of them?
Eugene: I believe the official name is Norstalia kenagaris. They mainly
        inhabit wooded areas in cold regions.
Mao: Eugene, you really do know about everything, don't you.

Skit #13 [SKI013]
「同じだネ」 We're the same, aren't we.

Mao: Veigue, why do you live at Claire's house?
Veigue:...My parents died right after I was born...
Veigue: After that, my grandfather who adopted me also passed away. I've been
        staying at Claire's house ever since then.
Mao: I see, so you don't remember your parents' faces either...you're the same
     as me then, aren't you.
Veigue:...Yeah, I suppose so.

Skit #14 [SKI014]
「王の盾の目的」 The Royal Shield's Objective

Mao: Hey, I wonder if Saleh and company are kidnapping Huma girls from
     villages other than Sulz?
Eugene: It's possible as they came to a remote region like Sulz.
Eugene: However, why would The Royal Shield do something like that...
Veigue: What is The Royal Shield trying to accomplish by doing this...
Mao: Maybe the Queen is desperate for some friends?
Eugene: I doubt that. She wouldn't use The Four Stars for something like that.
Veigue: If that's the case, then what about Claire and why...

Skit #15 [SKI015]
「ミナ一ルヘの道筋」 The Road to Minal

Mao: Minal is to the south along Keketto Road. The path is not difficult, so
     I don't think you'll get lost!


<On The World Map Outside Of Sulz>

Skit #16 [SKI016]
「ミナ一ルヘ急ごう」 Let's hurry to Minal

Eugene: Minal is down south along Keketto Road. Let's hurry.


<On The Great Larulen Bridge>

Mao: Hmm?
Eugene: Is it Force...?
????: Haa ha ha ha...
????: Hear me, fools who would defy The Royal Shield!!
????: Hear me, yah!!
???: If you wish to cross over this bridge, then you will have to defeat the
     three of us first!
Mao: What the...? I thought I heard voices coming from underneath the bridge.
Veigue: Show yourselves!!
????: We've been waiting for you to say that!! Alright, here we go!!
???: Here I go!!
????: I'm going, yah!!
Veigue: Who are you!?
????: The blade of beauty who severs the night!! The noble youth of darkness,
????: Superhuman, herculian, vice-like, and Buddha-esque strength!! The unseen
      drummer, Drumb, yah!!
???: The world exists only for me!! The charming Madonna, Yucia!!
Ginnal: We are!!
Everyone: The mightiest band of warriors, The Dark Wings!!
Veigue: The Dark Wings...?
Ginnal: Eugene the exile and his underlings!! We shall bring you knaves to
Drumb: To justice, yah!!
Mao: Was there a group like this in The Royal Shield?
Ginnal: I'll have you know that we, The Dark Wings, have been acknowledged as
        an adept troop by The Four Stars!!
Veigue: The Four Stars...?
Eugene: They are said to be the four strongest Force Users in The Royal Shield,
        which includes Saleh and Tohma.
Mao: You say you were recognized by The Four Stars, but what you really mean
     is that you got ditched in a place like this, right?
Ginnal: We did not get ditched! Lord Saleh gave us the noble task of detaining
Mao: So you're a grunt after all...
Ginnal: We shall defeat the likes of you, unfold our wings as warriors on par
        with The Four Stars, and soar towards Callegea's future...
All: Waaah~!!
Ginnal: I, it looks like we've disturbed the sleeping lion...
Ginnal: Curse you...let's go, Drumb, Yucia!!
Veigue: It's time to put an end to this!

<After The Fight>

Ginnal: N, not...bad...
Drumb: N, not bad, yah...
Yucia: You passed...
Mao: Huh?
Yucia: I said, you passed...
Ginnal: It's just as Yucia says. You passed the test. Therefore, we shall
        grant you permission to cross this bridge!!
Drumb: We will, yah!
Mao:...Aren't you embarrassed about having to say that?
Ginnal: S, silence!! You passed the test, but this is just the beginning.
        Don't let it go to your heads.
Yucia: Ah!! Look at that!! There's a pink piggy flying in the sky!!
Ginnal: Farewell~!!
Mao: Ah...wait...!
Eugene: Mao, leave them be.
Mao: But...
Veigue: It's okay. Leave them alone.
Mao: I have this nagging feeling that we'll be seeing them again...
Eugene: More importantly, I'm concerned about The Four Stars.
Eugene: When we met Saleh and Tohma, I had thought that we wouldn't be able to
        avoid them, but...
Eugene:...One of The Four Stars, Waltu...if possible, I don't want us to
       become enemies.
Veigue: "Waltu?"...is he tough?
Mao: Saleh is dangerous, but having Waltu as an opponent would be a real pain
     in the butt.
Eugene: We'll tell you the details while we walk. For now, let's hurry to
Veigue: Right.

An explanation of battle operations has been added to the Battlebook.

FG (Force Gauge)
RG (Rush Gauge)
HP (Hit Point)

These three values are all intimately connected to each other. If you can look
past the terminology and understand each parameter, you will be able to go
into battle with confidence.

Read the Battlebook?

Skit #17 [SKI017]
「漆黒の翼って何者?」 Who are The Dark Wings?

Mao: Hey Eugene, about those Dark Wings earlier, did you know about them?
Eugene: No...I hadn't even heard of them. They probably just recently joined
        The Royal Shield.
Mao: They must not have had much training or something if they thought that
     they could take us on.
Eugene: However, overconfidence breeds carelessness. Be on your guard
        regardless of the opponent.
Mao: Yessir~!

Skit #18 [SKI018]
「ワルトゥとは?」 Waltu?

Veigue:...What type of person is this Waltu fellow?
Mao: Waltu is a Gajuma Force User. Eugene has quite a bit of respect for him.
Eugene: Yes. You could say that Waltu is a war buddy and a veteran amongst
        The Royal Shield.
Eugene: In addition, he has a natural talent for the Force, a strong will, an
        excellent eye for battle tactics, and was crucial for planning
        military operations.
Mao: Do you think that Waltu will join us if you speak to him, Eugene?
Eugene: That I don't know...

Skit #19 [SKI019]
「ケケット街道の先に」 Ahead on Keketto Road

Eugene: If you go along the road, you'll arrive at Minal. Let's hurry.

Skit #20 [SKI020]
「ヴェイグの焦り」 Veigue's Impatience

Eugene: Don't be impatient, Veigue. As you are now, the chances of you
        defeating Saleh are slim.
Eugene: The important thing is to be prepared by refining your skill and
        strength until you have perfected them.
Mao: That's right. You need to proceed with caution if you want to take
     Claire back from them.
Veigue:...I have to become stronger...much, much stronger...

Skit #21 [SKI021]
「ミナ一ルヘ向かって」 Headed Towards Minal

Mao: The ship that goes to Balka leaves from Minal! For now, let's head
     towards Minal.


<As You Approach The Hostel On The World Map>

Mao: Ah...it's a hostel. Let's go rest for a bit.
Veigue: We don't have time for that. As we speak, Claire is...
Eugene: Veigue, I understand how you feel, but it is best to rest when such
        places are available.
Mao: That's right. There won't necessarily be places up ahead for travellers
     to stay.

<In The Front Of The Hostel>

Mao: It looks like we can take a break in this back area.


Skit #22 [SKI022]
Name: 「休める時に休め」 A Time to Rest

Eugene: Veigue, we don't know what's to happen from here on so rest when you
        can. That is a part of fighting too.


<In The Rear Of The Hostel>

Innkeeper: W, welcome!!
Eugene: We'd like to rest.
Innkeeper: A room for three, correct? I hope you enjoy your stay.
Eugene: Having trouble sleeping?
Veigue: Yeah...
Eugene: Is it because you're worried about Claire?
Eugene: Go to sleep!...is what I'd like to say, but I doubt that would be
        enough to make you sleepy.
Eugene: However, no matter the circumstances, you should always get your sleep.
        It's going to be tough from here on out.
Veigue: I know...
Mao: Zzz...zzz...
Eugene: So it's that time already. We should get going.
Veigue: Right.
Veigue: Hey Mao, wake up.
Veigue: Hey, Mao's acting strangely.
Mao:...The power of seven...I'm the eye...I'm...
Veigue: The power of seven...What's he talking about?
Eugene:...He's always like this...I think perhaps he is seeing some of his
       lost memories while he is dreaming...
Veigue:...Get up, Mao.
Eugene: Veigue, look out!!
Veigue: Hey, what's the meaning of this!!
Eugene: Mao, it's the enemy.
Mao: Huh!?
Mao: But I don't sense any Force...
Veigue: However, that wasn't an ordinary attack. Is he a Royal Shield Force
Eugene: No...perhaps he's...
Mao: In any case, let's run after him.

Skit #23 [SKI023]
「オヤジはなぜ!?」 Why old man!?

Veigue: Why did that old man attack us!?
Eugene: At any rate, let's follow him.

Skit #24 [SKI024]
「でも、そうなの?」 But is it true?

Veigue: Who exactly is that old man anyway!? That wasn't normal!
Mao: But I didn't feel any Force. If you think about it...
Mao: Oh no, could this possibly be...!?
Veigue: Any ideas about what's going on!?
Mao: Just one!! But is it true, Eugene!?
Eugene: I hope not, but...
Eugene: Anyway, we have no choice but to catch the old man and see for

Skit #25 [SKI025]
「オヤジを追え!」 Go after the old man!

Mao: Veigue, let's go after the innkeeper!
Veigue: Got it!


<In The Front Of The Hostel>

Mao: Eugene, as we suspected, the Force doesn't react to them...!
Eugene:...So it's true then.
Eugene:...Wait, Veigue. You can't attack these people.
Veigue: Why not!?
Mao: They're being manipulated.
Veigue: Manipulated!?
He's finally appeared...the user of the Force of Sound, Waltu.
Veigue: Waltu...of The Four Stars!?
Veigue: Ugh...their strength...isn't normal...!?
Mao: Waltu's Force is able to draw out the latent potential that people cannot
     normally utilize!
Eugene: Waltu's Force allows him to control people by using sound.
Mao: A particular sound acts as a trigger and elicits a certain action or
Mao: Like attacking us, for example.
Mao: The sound itself is not a Force. That's why you can't sense the Force
     from the people being manipulated.
Eugene: That also explains why the Force doesn't react to them. This is what
        makes the Force of Sound so bothersome.
Veigue: So what are we supposed to do!?
Eugene: We have to undo the suggestion given by Waltu!
Veigue: Can that be done?
Eugene: It's possible! The suggestion is activated by the triggering sound.
Eugene: Veigue, go find that sound! If these people hear it one more time, the
        suggestion will become void!!
Mao: Leave this place to me!
Veigue: Got it!!


<In The Rear Of The Hostel>

Skit #26 [SKI026]
「暗示の音...?」 The Suggestive Sound...?

Veigue: The sound that triggered the given suggestion...? What kind of sounds
        were made in this room after we came?
Veigue: The bell...a bird's voice...the sound is a cue...it's meaningless to
        think of sounds which can be heard at any time...

Skit #27 [SKI027]
「暗示の音を探せ」 Search for the Suggestive Sound

Veigue: Search for the triggering sound. If we don't cancel the suggestion,


<After Inspecting The Clock On The Wall>

Veigue: Hm...a clock? Now that I think about it, a bit earlier...
Veigue: Did that work, Mao? Eugene?
Mao: Bingo, Veigue!!
Eugene: You did it.
Veigue: Good grief...
Mao: Looks like we can't relax yet...he's close. Outside!!

Skit #28 [SKI028]
「緊急事態!?」 Emergency Situation!?

Eugene: Hurry outside!!


Eugene: Waltu, it was you after all.
Veigue: So this is Waltu...
Waltu: It's been a long time. Commander, Mao.
Mao: That was quite the greeting for a heartfelt reunion.
Waltu: Was it not to your liking?
Veigue: Cut the crap!
Eugene: Wait, Veigue!!
Waltu: So you are Veigue then. If you let your blood boil like that, you'll
       end up melting your Force of Ice, you know.
Eugene: Did you come to make small talk? Or...
Waltu: I have no intention to quarrel with you any further.
Mao: Even though you manipulated those people at the hostel and had them
     assault us?
Waltu: I had to see for myself whether or not you were the type of individual
       who would do something like that, Commander.
Waltu: Commander...please return to The Royal Shield.
Waltu: Since that incident, chaos continues to run rampant within The Royal
       Shield. You are the only one who can rectify the present situation.
Veigue: That incident...?
Eugene: As a criminal who was banished from the army, exactly what can I do?
Waltu: That incident was a trap meant to dishonor you.
Eugene: Why do you think that?
Waltu: Why else would you assume responsibility for the crime without some
       type of vindication?
Eugene: I'm not impressed that you answered my question with a question.
Waltu: Commander!! There must be some crucial reason as to why you have
       remained silent on this issue. If you disclosed the truth, could you
       not return to The Royal Shield?
Eugene: The sin I have committed will not change. Besides, your speculations
        are baseless.
Waltu: Do you truly mean that...?
Eugene: I've never been one to crack jokes.
Waltu: Then are you saying that you caused that incident for no reason
Eugene: I committed a grave sin...that is all there is to it.
Waltu: I understand what you are thinking, Commander. Right now, this country
       is being misled down the wrong path in accordance to someone's will.
       This person is likely...
Eugene: That's far enough, Waltu. I have no plans to return to the army nor do
        I intend to stop fighting.
Waltu: What can you possibly expect to accomplish with just three people?
Mao: If you're concerned, Waltu, you can join us.
Waltu: This is not the time for jokes.
Mao: I was actually pretty serious...
Waltu: This situation cannot be remedied from the outside!!
Eugene: That's why you're there.
Waltu:...Very well. I shall withdraw for today. However...
Waltu: I am one who has sworn an oath of loyalty to Callegea. Even if it is the
       Commander, I cannot overlook someone who has turned their back on their
       country. The next time we meet, it shall be as enemies.
Eugene: That is fine.
Waltu: Then I shall take my leave...
Veigue: Wait!!
Waltu:...Did you need something of me?
Veigue: Why are you kidnapping Huma girls!?
Waltu: If it is an order from our Queen, then it cannot be helped...
Veigue: What do you mean!? Where's Claire!?
Veigue: Gah!!
Eugene: Let me ask just one thing. Is Claire safe?
Waltu: There is no need to worry about the young ladies. They are all safe and
Eugene: Really?
Waltu: One could say that even Saleh did not lay a finger upon the precious
       young girls, correct? Now if you'll excuse me...Commander.
Veigue: Guh...!!
Mao: You okay?
Mao: Hey Veigue...aren't you wondering about Eugene?
Veigue: Wondering about what...?
Mao: The reason why Eugene is being pursued by the military.
Eugene: Stop it, Mao...!
Mao:...But it's going to cause problems if Veigue has any weird
Veigue: Whatever you did in the past doesn't matter to me.
Veigue: Right now, I just want to save Claire as soon as possible...let's go.


<On The World Map Outside Of The Hostel>

Skit #29 [SKI029]
「ワルトゥの計算」 Waltu's Calculations

Mao: In any case, isn't it a bit cruel to manipulate normal people and have
     them attack us like that?
Eugene:...No, that was merely a demonstration for him.
Eugene: The fact that we wouldn't attack them, unravel the truth, and dispel
        the suggestion...these were all a part of his calculations.
Mao: I see...so Waltu isn't such a bad person after all. I hope we don't have
     to fight him.

Skit #30 [SKI030]
「情けない」 Pathetic

Veigue: Mao, what sort of dream did you have earlier?
Mao: Dream? I forgot. What was it about again...?
Eugene: You forget as soon as you wake up. It's pathetic how that always
Mao: Hey now! Everyone quickly forgets stuff like dreams, don't they!?

Skit #31 [SKI031]
「古い絆」 Old Ties

Eugene: Waltu...I never thought that we'd ever have to fight each other like
Mao: He's an old acquaintance, isn't he.
Eugene: Yes...it's been almost 20 years now. We once trusted and supported
        each other, but...
Eugene:...you never know when or by what chance the relationship between two
       people will crumble.
Eugene: However, I do believe this...that we both share the same desire to
        protect this country...

Skit #32 [SKI032]
「その時でいい」 The Proper Time

Mao: I wonder if it would have been better to have talked to Veigue after
Mao: About why the army is chasing after you...
Eugene: No...sooner or later, there will be an opportunity to discuss it.
        We'll talk about it then.
Mao: Sorry...even though this is a painful subject for you, I keep...

Skit #33 [SKI033]
「これからなの!」 From here on out!

Eugene: Veigue, you didn't sleep well, did you?
Mao: I somehow got more than enough sleep.
Mao: Eat well and sleep well! I'm a growing boy, after all!
Veigue: All things considered, you're rather small.
Mao: Leave me alone! My growth spurt starts from here on out!

Skit #34 [SKI034]
「助かっちゃうよネ」 What a lifesaver!

Mao: I wonder who built the hostel? It's such a lifesaver for travellers like
Eugene: Yes, the number of places where one can safely rest are certainly
Eugene: You should rest when such places are available no matter how much of
        a rush you're in.

Skit #35 [SKI035]
「四星、そしておうのたて...」 The Four Stars and then the Royal Shield...

Veigue: The Four Stars...and then The Royal Shield...can I take Claire back
        from them...
Eugene: The Four Stars are indeed powerful.
Eugene: Not to mention that there are probably plenty of Force Users within
        The Royal Shield with unknown powers.
Eugene:...However, there is a strong possibility that you have a great hidden
       power within you that is capable of defeating them.
Eugene: It is for this reason that we came to get you.

<On The World Map Before Entering Etoray Bridge>

Skit #36 [SKI036]
「ミナ一ルまで、あとひと息」 A Stone's Throw Until Minal

Eugene: It won't be long until we reach Minal once we cross Etoray Bridge.
Mao: It's just a stone's throw away!

Skit #37 [SKI037]
「ミナ一ルは目の前」 Minal is within sight

Mao: Minal's just a stone's throw away! If things go well, we might catch up
     with The Royal Shield!


<At Etoray Bridge>

Eugene: We've finally reached Etoray Bridge. Once we cross this, Minal is
        located directly to the east.
Veigue: Alright, let's go.
????: We've been waiting for you!!
Mao: I heard something like a voice just now...
????: Haa ha ha ha...
Mao: Ah, this voice is...
????: Haa...ha...ha...ha...
Mao: I have this feeling that this is going to be nothing but trouble...
Eugene: Let's go.
????: H, hey, wait!!
Mao: There you are, Dark Wings!! Do you want to become airborne again?
Ginnal: Ha ha ha ha...it appears that this little kid doesn't know anything.
Drumb: Doesn't know, yah!
Yucia: Boy! I'll let you in on a se-cr-et. Ready, set, and go!
Ginnal: Right!!
Drumb: Right!!
Ginnal: The sabre tooth tiger that rips through the darkness!! Ginnal!!
Drumb: The Naumann elephant that rumbles in the night!! Drumb, yah!!
Yucia: The vampire bat that flutters during the moonless evening!! Yucia!!
Ginnal: Formerly The Dark Wings...we are!!
All: The mightiest band of warriors, The Dark Fangs!!
Ginnal: That was perfect...
Ginnal: What's the matter, are you so amazed that you're at a loss for words?
Mao:...The Dark Fangs?
Ginnal: That's right, The Dark Fangs!!
Mao: What a funny name!!
Ginnal: W, what's so funny about it!?
Mao: I mean, doesn't that sound like you have rotting teeth or something?
Ginnal: Aah...when you put it like that...
Yucia:...Ginnal, you are so...that hurt, you know...
Ginnal: B, but you two were delighted and agreed that it was a great name,
        didn't you...
Mao: Now now, before you start fighting, why don't you try to think of another
     name? That'll be your homework until the next time we see you.
Ginnal: R, right...
Ginnal:...Er, wait, you villains!! It doesn't matter what our name is!!
Mao: Aren't you the ones who are making a fuss about it?
Ginnal: Shut up!! Whatever the case, we won't allow you louts to proceed any
Drumb: No further, yah!!
Ginnal: Oh my, in the mood for a fight?
Eugene: I'd back off. If you don't want to get hurt, that is.
Ginnal: We ARE Force Users of The Royal Shield, so don't underestimate us! We
        can prevent you from crossing this bridge no matter what!!
Mao: Do you guys think that you can beat us?
Yucia: Heh heh! Take a good look at the bridge!!
Yucia: Un, deux, trois!!
Mao: Aah!! The bridge!!
Ginnal: Mwa ha ha...I told you that you maggots wouldn't be able to cross this
Mao: What are you talking about, you toothless trio!!
Ginnal: Who's are you calling the toothless trio!! We shall show you the power
        of our fa...
All: Gya~h!!
Ginnal: Grr...you wretch...another surprise attack...you will not get away
        with this!!!

<After The Fight>

Ginnal:...Y, you've become a bit stronger...
Drumb: Stronger, yah...
Yucia: We shouldn't have gone easy on you...
Ginnal: A, all right...it's over.
Mao: Huh?
Ginnal: The special training is over...you withstood it well, you newbie trio.
Yucia: Ah!! Look at that!! A pure white zebra is sprinting with everything
       it's got!!
Ginnal: Farewell!!
Mao: Ah, in front of you...!
Ginnal: Eh...?
Traveller: Where are you guys headed to?
Ginnal: Y, yes? Where, you ask, that's...
Traveller: It couldn't be that you broke the bridge and were planning to run
           away, now were you?
Ginnal: O, of course not...I was just about to go get some tools for the
        repairs...ha ha...ha ha ha...
Drumb: That's right, yah...ha ha ha...
Traveller: That's what I thought. Here, use these.
Traveller: Until the repairs for the bridge are complete, we won't take our
           eyes off of you for even a second. Got it?
All: Y, yes!!
Traveller: If you understand, then start cracking!!
All: Y, yes sir!!
Mao: This is a bit too much...
Veigue: We won't make any progress at this rate...now what are we supposed to
Eugene: Veigue, calm down. If we head west, we can pass through the Alvan
Veigue: The western mountains? Isn't Minal east from here? We'd be going in
        the opposite direction then.
Eugene: Unfortunately, there's no other way to Minal from here.
Veigue: Claire...
Mao: Veigue...
Eugene: Don't be impatient, Veigue. There's nothing that can be done about the
Veigue: If that's the case, then every second counts. Let's head towards the
        Alvan Mountains.

An explanation of the Force Cube has been added to the Battlebook. Choose 4 of
the 8 corner enhancement properties (aka Force Cube Effects, or FCE) on the
Force Cube to strengthen your battle skills. After you read the Battlebook, go
to the Skills menu and try turning the Force Cube around in different ways.

Read the Battlebook?


<On The World Map Outside Of Etoray Bridge>

Skit #38 [SKI038]
「急がば山へ」 Haste Makes Waste

Eugene: Veigue, there's a saying that haste makes waste. Let's cross over the
        Alvan Mountains and go to Minal.

Skit #39 [SKI039]
「エトレ一橋の歴史」 Etoray Bridge's History

Mao: That sure was a really rundown bridge.
Eugene: The bridge is certainly old, but to the Callegean hero Etoray and the
        people of Minal in ancient times...
Eugene:...it became a place of significance once the people living at the
       base of the Alvan Mountains settled down.
Mao: Wow, is that so. If that's true, then those Dark Whachamacallits made
     quite a mess back then, didn't they?

Skit #40 [SKI040]
「憎めないよネ」 Can't Hate Them

Mao: They really are a hopeless bunch, aren't they.
Mao: But since they are fixing the bridge, somehow or other it's hard to hate
Veigue: Dammit...those guys...
Mao: Veigue, take out that anger on Saleh and the others!
Mao: That's another reason why we should forget about those guys for now and
     hurry ahead, right!

Skit #41 [SKI041]
「回り道・アルヴァン山脈」 Detour to the Alvan Mountains

Mao: You can see the Alvan Mountains to the west from Etoray Bridge.


<After Entering The Alvan Mountains>

Veigue: We can cross the mountains from here?
Eugene: That's right. The rugged mountain path to the summit is falling into
Mao: I've been to this mountain before for training and it's pretty tough.
Eugene: With no way to cross Etoray Bridge, we have to take this path.
Veigue: If it wasn't for those three, right now we'd be...
Mao: Let's do our best to cross this mountain order to catch up with Saleh and

Skit #42 [SKI042]
「峠を目指して」 Aim For The Pass

Eugene: For now, let's advance along the pass. The footing is poor, so climb

Skit #43 [SKI043]
「山越えの道」 Mountain Pass Road

Veigue: To think that there was a road in a place like this...
Eugene: Quite some time ago, they say that the army used this mountain pass
        road to carry out secret operations.
Eugene: Now that the country is at peace, it isn't used often outside of
        military training.
Mao: Really! This is the first time I've heard that.

Skit #44 [SKI044]
「ダメ...?」 No good...?

Mao: Speaking of mountain climbing, we really should have brought a box lunch
     with us.
Eugene: Why's that? Are you hungry?
Mao: It's not that...it just feels like that type of atmosphere, doesn't it?
Mao: No good, huh...?

Skit #45 [SKI045]
「早く山を越えよう」 Cross the Mountains Quickly

Veigue: Let's hurry up and cross over the mountains...!


<After Getting In Your First Random Encounter In This Area>

The Viruses in this area fortify their defenses after particular attacks. Look
at how the enemy attacks and think about how to time the counterattack.
Attacking an enemy in a defensive position reduces the damage dealt to 1/4.
Take care not to attack recklessly and to avoid counterattacks.

<After Approaching The First Jump Point>

Veigue: It's a dead end. Isn't this the path that crosses the mountain?
Eugene: This should be it...a storm or flood probably caused the road to give
        way and this is what remains.
Veigue:...Can we advance with the ground being in such an unstable condition?
Mao: We should be okay...look!
Mao: See? It's safe.
Eugene: That answers that. Let's go, Veigue.

In the lower righthand corner of the screen, there is an icon which indicates
when to press the Circle button in order to jump. (Warning: A running approach
is required.)

Skit #46 [SKI046]
「奈落を飛び越えて」 Jump Over the Abyss

Mao: If the road breaks off, you can just hop, skip, and jump over the
     mountain, boing! Or something like that.


<After Approaching The Second Jump Point>

Mao: We're not going to be able to jump over this cliff.
Veigue: Do we have to turn around after coming this far...?
Mao: Nope, now it's your turn, Veigue!
Mao: So here's the question! What do you suppose we can use to cross this
Veigue: What...do we use?
Mao: The answer is within you! Take your time and try to think about it.
Veigue:...My Force?
Mao: Correct!!
Eugene: Use the Force of Ice, Veigue. You can do it, right?
Mao: You're up now!!

When a Force Cube balloon appears above your head, it indicates that you can
use the Force. Press the Force button (Square) to use the Force of Ice to
create ice platforms.

Veigue: Indeed, if we make platforms, we should be able to make it over.

Make ice platforms by pressing the Square button (You can change the direction
by pressing the R1/L1 buttons for the PS2 version, or the L/R buttons for the
PSP version).

Eugene: I would advise that you don't needlessly expend your Force along this
harsh mountain path. Don't push yourself.
Veigue: I know.
Mao: We're counting on you, Veigue!
Eugene: Alright, let's hurry on ahead.

Skit #47 [SKI047]
「フォルスは身を助ける」 Force Helps Oneself

Veigue: So how Force is used is dependent on the user as well...
Eugene: Right, there's no Force that is strictly for the purpose of attacking
        your opponent.
Mao: It's exactly as Eugene says! That being said, aim for the pass and let's

Skit #48 [SKI048]
「フォルスを使って進め」 Use the Force to Advance

Mao: Use the Force properly so we can crunch through the snowy path until we
     reach the pass!


<At The Mountain Pass>

Mao: Whew, finally reached the pass. I'm pooped...let's take a little break.
Veigue: We can't. While we're doing this, Claire is...
Eugene: I thought I told you not to push yourself. You should be fairly
        exhausted given our fast pace and the fact that you are using your
Veigue:...I'm fine. Something like this is nothing compared to what Claire's
       been through...
Veigue:...She was trapped in ice for an entire year, and even though she was
       finally freed...
Mao: What's that?
Veigue: This is...

<Flashback Scene>

Claire: Veigue, look...
Veigue:...What's this...?
Claire: I found this pretty stone with a motif etched in it by the river. It's
        a little early, but here's your birthday present.
Veigue:...Thanks, Claire.
Claire: Tee hee!

<At The Mountain Pass>

Mao: I see...so that pretty stone was a present from Claire...
Eugene: I understand how you feel, but how will you save her if you end up
        using up all your strength here?
Eugene: If we catch up to Saleh and the others, do you think that they're just
        going to give her back?
Eugene: Our objective is not simply to catch up with them. Don't forget that.
Mao: Veigue, if we rest and recover our strength, we can speed up enough to
      make up for it!! I'll even run the entire way!!...Or something like that.
Veigue: Mao...I understand.

Skit #49 [SKI049]
「峠の少屋でひと休み」 Rest a Bit at the Cabin Pass

Mao: Let's rest in this mountain cabin. It's just too dangerous to walk around
     the mountain path when we're tired.
Eugene: Mao is exactly right. If we injure ourselves along the way, then
        everything will be lost.
Veigue: I know...


<Inside Of The Cabin>

Mao: Whoa, I wasn't expecting much, but this is even more rundown than I had
Eugene: If it shields us from the wind and rain, then it's sufficient.
Eugene: What's wrong, Veigue?
Veigue:...Supposing that we even caught up with Claire...
Veigue:...Right now, I...it'd be impossible for me to take Claire back from
       them after all...wouldn't it?
Eugene: I don't know...you are certainly more accustomed to your Force than
        you were before.
Eugene: You still have a ways to go before you reach Saleh's level, but you
        will become much stronger. I am confident about that. If you do, then
        even rescuing Claire will be...
Mao: Lucky! There's still some firewood left. Chichinpuipui!!...I say.
Mao: Right. Force should be used so that people can be happy.
Veigue: So that people can be happy...huh.
Eugene: Veigue, come over here and warm yourself up.
Veigue: Okay.
Veigue: Using Force so that people can be happy...
Veigue: The Force suddenly awakened in a Huma like me who didn't know how to
        use it because the king released his Force, right?
Eugene: Yes, that's correct.
Veigue: Why would the king do such a thing...?
Mao: Why...?
Veigue: The king was thinking that he should keep Force Users on hand and
        observe them, wasn't he?
Veigue: However, with the number of Force Users constantly on the rise, he
        won't be able to do that, will he?
Veigue: So that people can be happy...if that's the case, then how should we
        use this power...Why did the king do something like this to us?
Eugene: Veigue...we don't know the answer to that either. However, I can say
Eugene: His Majesty was a peace-loving and compassionate soul.
Eugene: I don't believe that His Majesty intended to involve the world in his
        battle against madness. If His Majesty was attempting to awaken the
        Force, then I think that it was for the sake of those people.
Veigue: Even if the manifestation of the Force led to the appearance of those
        who would abuse it?
Eugene:...I believe in His Majesty. It is for this reason that I wish to find
       the truth and dispel any doubts about him...
Mao: Is it just me, or has it gotten kinda gloomy in here? The important thing
     is how we decide to use our Force, isn't it?
Eugene: It's as Mao says.
Mao: Anyway, let's rest for now. Thinking about this and that is forbidden! If
     you don't give your mind a break too, then you won't feel rested.
Veigue:...You're right.
Mao: And now, a spell to drive away fatigue. Chichinpuipui!!

The Enhance command is now available. Your armors and weapons can demonstrate
their true power through enhancement. Load up on battles and strengthen your

Read the Battlebook?

Skit #50 [SKI050]
「合言葉は...」 The catchphrase is...

Mao: Chichinpuipui...aye!
Eugene: It looks like you are thoroughly enjoying yourself.
Mao: Well? Why don't you try it too, Eugene?
Eugene: No...I'll pass...
Mao: Man, how boring! It's really fun, you know!

<On The Next Screen After You Leave The Cabin>

Skit #51 [SKI051]
Name: 「下り坂」 Downhill

Mao: Now all we have to down is climb down!
Eugene: Mao, on a snowy path, it takes more energy to descend than ascend.
        It's not an easy path, you know.
Mao: I know that already!

Skit #52 [SKI052]
「滑ってみるか?」 Want to try slipping?

Eugene: It's easy to slip on the way down. Mind your footing.
Mao: Since we're going down anyway, it might just be quicker to slip.
Eugene: Want to try slipping?
Mao: I was only joking...!!


<After Approaching The First Lump Of Snow>

Eugene: A lump of snow, huh...Mao...!
Mao: OK! It's my turn now.
Veigue: Mao, can you handle it?
Mao: No problem! This kind of snow is simple.

Press the Force button (SQUARE) to melt the lumps of snow.

Skit #53 [SKI053]
「マオにおまかせ!」 Leave it to Mao!

Mao: Leave the big lumps of snow to me! Chichinpuipui!...and they'll melt just
     like that!


<On The Following Screen>

Eugene: The thawed ice up ahead is refreezing so it has become slippery. Pay
        attention to your footing.
Veigue: Got it.

<On The Following Screen>

Mao: Aye!
Eugene: We can climb up through here in case we need to return to the mountain
Veigue: I see.
Mao: Eh, we're going back?
Eugene: I was just saying that we could go back if need be.
Mao: So that's how it is. Alright, let's go then!

Skit #54 [SKI054]
「港町ミナ一ルについて」 About the Port Town, Minal

Veigue: What kind of city is Minal?
Eugene: It's a large port town with an ocean liner that comes and goes from
        the capital, Balka.
Mao: You've never been there before, Veigue?
Veigue: I hardly ever stepped outside of Sulz...
Mao: I see...if you ever thought about going on a journey, I doubt you
     imagined that you would be doing so to rescue Claire...how ironic...

<In-Battle Dialogue During The Battle With Leg Tight>

Mao: It looks pretty strong...
Veigue: I'll take care of it with one blow!
Eugene: Be careful! Don't get close to that strange Virus! Defend and attack
        as needed! Provide me with some cover!


<On The World Map After Exiting The Alvan Mountains>

Skit #55 [SKI055]
「今度こそミナ一ルへ」 To Minal For Sure This Time

Eugene: As it is, if we proceed east, we should be able to see Minal.
Mao: You'll know it when you see it since it's by the sea.

Skit #56 [SKI056]
「ミナ一ルは東」 Minal is to the east

Eugene: Minal is along the ocean after you come out of the plains. Head to
        the east.


<After Making Some Progress Along The Minal Plains>

Mao: Hm, it's raining...
That's unusual. It's not supposed to rain often in this
It's just a little further to Minal. Let's cut across this
prairie before it begins to downpour.

Skit #57 [SKI057]
「平原を突っ切れ」 Cut Across The Wilderness

Mao: If we run across these plains, we should be able to see Minal soon.

Skit #58 [SKI058]
「ミナ一ル平原の気候」 Climate Of The Minal Plains

Eugene: In general, rain clouds end up disappearing over the Alvan mountain
        range, so this side of the mountain doesn't get much precipitation.
Eugene: Because of that, the Minal plains are warm and arid.
Veigue: But it's raining right now.
Eugene: Yes...this really is unusual...

Skit #59 [SKI059]
「とにかく...」 In Any Case...

Mao: Minal is up ahead...supposedly...
Eugene: In any case, let's keep moving forward.


<After Walking For Several Screens>

Mao: The rain has gotten stronger.
Eugene: It has...however, Minal is just before us. Let's continue on.
Veigue: Just a minute.
Eugene: What is it?
Veigue: It may just be my imagination, but didn't we pass through here earlier?
Mao: I don't think so...
Veigue: I have this feeling that I've seen this terrain before...
Eugene: Indeed...it's about time that we saw Minal up ahead so it's to be
        expected, but...did we take the wrong path?
Mao: The rain's just making it difficult to see, isn't it? It's gotten rather
     cold, so let's speed up.
Mao: Eh?
Mao: The minute I say that, it starts snowing!!
Eugene:...This does not bode well...
Mao: Geez, Eugene!! Don't say weird things like that!
Eugene: Anyway, let's hurry to Minal.
Veigue: Uhn!!
Eugene: What's wrong?
Veigue: For a split second, there was bloodthirst in the air...
Mao: Oh, stop it! Not you too, Veigue. Aren't you just imagining things?
Eugene:...At any rate, let's go...

Skit #60 [SKI060]
「もしかして...?」 Could it be...?

Veigue: It's hard to see because of the snow...which way should we go?
Mao: Minal is east!
Mao:...Or at least it's supposed to be...

Skit #61 [SKI061]
「妙だ...」 How odd...

Eugene: No matter how you look at it, the fact that it's snowing...is odd.
Veigue: Is The Royal Shield behind this...?
Mao: No way! What would they be trying to accomplish by making it snow?

Skit #62 [SKI062]
「ウソのようだ...」 Can Hardly Believe...

Eugene:...What is going on with this sudden chill...one could hardly believe
       that it was warm up until just now...
Mao: The snow did come out of nowhere...I wonder...is it abnormal weather?
Eugene:...No, somehow it doesn't seem like it's just that...

Skit #63 [SKI063]
「迷子のヴェイグたち」 Little Lost Veigue & Company

Veigue: Is Minal really in this direction?
Eugene: It should be, but due to the poor visibility, there's no way to make
Mao: Could it be that we've gotten lost?
Eugene:...Is it better to wait until the weather clears up, or...
Veigue: This is not the time to sit around...! We need to hurry to Minal...
Eugene: Hmm...let's try walking for a while longer.

Skit #64 [SKI064]
「ミナ一ルは東...?」 Minal is to the east...?

Eugene: We should be able to see Minal right about now...It is difficult with
        this snow though...
Veigue: Minal's to the east, so we'll move that way.
Eugene: Right...
00:02:49,200 --> 00:02:53,300
[Could it be...?]
It's hard to see because of the snow...which way
should we go?


<After Walking Some More>

Mao: That's weird...we should have arrived in Minal by now...
Mao: I'm exhausted!
Veigue: This is...
Veigue: Take a look at this.
Mao: Is this your...?
Veigue: Yeah.
Eugene:...That's from when you used your Force earlier.
Mao: What's it doing here...?
Eugene: This means that we've been walking around in circles.
Veigue: If it's because of this weather, then we'll have to wait it out.
Eugene: Yes, these conditions are too unnatural.
Mao: Could it be someone's Force...?
Eugene: I'm not sure what kind of Force this is, but there's no mistake that
        this is somebody's handiwork.
Eugene: Unless we somehow root out whoever is responsible for this, we'll
        probably never escape from this maze. Isn't there something that we
        can do about this...

<After Examining The Pillar Of Ice>

Veigue:...It's no use...unless this rain and snow stops, the enemy could be
       hiding anywhere...
Mao: That's it, I've got it!!
Mao: If the rain and snow are getting in our way, then we should just get rid
     of them!!
Mao: Over there!!
Mao: Veigue, Eugene!!
Mao:Isn't it about time you came out? Your Force can't help you now.
???:...It seems that it is useless to hide.

<After The Animated Sequence>

Mao: A...girl?
???: As I expected...however, my Force has served its purpose. You must be
     physically and mentally drained from walking around in the pouring rain,
     correct?...I shall ease your suffering for you now.
Veigue: An assassin!?
???: Stay out of this.
Veigue: What?
???: My grievance is with that filthy Gajuma fugitive, and him alone!
Mao: Eugene!!
???: You're definitely a Gajuma...you didn't feel any pain even with a wound
     like that, did you.
???: However, my Huma father was different...In agony and despair, he
     continued to call out the name of the best friend who stabbed him...
???: Eugene Gallardo!! He called your name!!
Veigue: Who are you?
???: I am Annie...Annie Barrs!!
Annie: That's right, I'm the daughter of Doctor Barrs, whose life was snatched
       away by that Gajuma.
Eugene: Annie...
Annie: Don't say my name so casually!
Annie: I will never forgive you...I will have you atone for that sin with your
Eugene: Wait! Annie...!
Mao: Eugene!
Veigue: Ugh!
Mercenary: We have no business with you Humas. Back off!
Mercenary: Look Mr. Gajuma, it's nothing personal. We're just doing our job.
Mercenary: Prepare yourself!!
Mao: What are you going to do, Eugene? It looks like she intends to fight as
Eugene:...I do not wish to fight, but...
Veigue: Here they come!

<In-Battle Dialogue During The Battle With Annie>

Annie: I will avenge my father, no matter what it takes!

<After The Fight>

Annie: I can...I can still fight...
Eugene: Stop it...the battle is over.
Annie: I...
Veigue: Mao?
Mao: The Force...isn't reacting to her anymore.
Eugene:...So this is how it felt, huh...
Annie: Eh...?
Eugene: Didn't you want me to have a taste of the pain that Barrs felt?
Annie: I will not forgive you...because you're the one who stole my father's
Eugene: That's right...I took Barrs' life. That fact will not change.
Eugene: I will not run away. Not from this pain...not from the sin I committed.
        And not from you either.
Eugene: That is the one and only thing that I can do to make amends.
Eugene: Until you're satisfied...until I understand Barrs' pain, I'll let you
        stab me as many times as you wish.
Eugene: So don't ever act this recklessly again. Do not treat your life so
        frivolously. For Barrs' sake as well...
Annie: What should I do from now on...father...even though he was all the
       family I had left...
Eugene:...Hate me. Live so that you can kill me.
Annie: Eh...
Eugene: There is something that I must do, so for now I cannot allow myself to
Eugene: However, if I accomplish my objective, I promise to hand my life over
        to you. So...live.
Veigue: Eugene...
Annie:...Even if...you didn't...say...that...
Eugene: Hey, pull yourself together!! Annie!!
Annie: Won't forgive...you...ever...won't...
Eugene: This isn't good...!! It seems that she consumed a considerable amount
        of energy in the battle just now!!
Mao: She used quite a bit of her Force and it was probably emotionally
     straining as well...
Eugene: There should be a doctor in Minal. Let's hurry.
Veigue: Do you intend to save her?
Eugene: She's the daughter of a dear friend.
Mao: But isn't she after your life, Eugene?
Eugene: Yes, when she recovers, she may try to take my life once more. However,
        if that gives her reason enough to live...then so be it.
Eugene: That is my...atonement.
Mao:...Then promise me that you'll take care of yourself so that she will
    continue to live.
Eugene:...I promise.
Veigue:...Eugene...I'm going on ahead.
Mao: You know, Veigue, you're kind-hearted after all even though you won't
     admit it.


<Back On The World Map>

Skit #65 [SKI065]
「ミナ一ルヘ急げ!」 Hurry to Minal!

Eugene:...For now, let's hurry to Minal...!

Skit #66 [SKI066]
「アニ一の事」 About Annie

Mao: Is it really okay to help her? Once she comes to, she'll come after you
Eugene: I've known her since she was a baby. In truth, she's a very kind and
        gentle-hearted person.
Eugene: She loved her father more than anyone else, so her feelinsg of
        resentment towards me are understandable...
Eugene: That alone pains me...in the event that I am killed by Annie, I...
Mao: Cut it out, Eugene!! If you say any more weird stuff, then I'll get mad
     at you for real!!

Skit #67 [SKI067]
「急がねば...」 We must hurry...

Eugene: If we go to Minal, there should be a doctor. We must hurry...


<After Entering Minal>

Veigue: If those The Royal Shield guys are going to the capital, then they
        would ride a boat from here, right?
Eugene: Yes, that's right.
Veigue: Let's hurry and leave her with a doctor so that we can get on a boat
Mao: Right. First, we have to search for a doctor.
????: Is something the matter?
Eugene: One of our companions is not feeling well. Isn't there a doctor
????: That's terrible!! It would be best to have her examined by Dr. Curia
      right away.
Mao: Dr. Curia?
????: She's the best doctor in this town. I'm her assistant, Misha.
Eugene: Could you show us where the doctor is right now?
Misha: The doctor is currently in the middle of her rounds. I'll go get her,
       so everyone please wait at that inn.
Eugene: That would help.
Mao:...I wonder if he's going to be okay...
Eugene: In any case, let's wait at the inn.
Veigue: Right.

<After Entering The Inn>

????:...There, all finished.
Misha: Thank you for your hard work, Dr. Curia.
Curia: I don't know what happened, but she is extremely weak. She's cold to
       the touch and her lips are blue.
Curia: However, her life is not in danger. She should recover soon if she
       stays warm and remains in bed.
Eugene: I see.
Mao: Thank goodness.
Eugene: Yes...well then, shall we go?
Eugene: We can't spend a lot of time here.
Veigue:...Yes...that's true, but...
Eugene: It's fine, let's go.
Curia: Where are you all going?
Eugene: We're in a hurry, so please excuse us.
Curia: Wait, what about her!?
Eugene: When she gets better, please do whatever you like with her.
Curia: Isn't she one of your companions?
Eugene: She had collapsed in the snow and we saved her...that is our only
        connection to her.
Eugene: I apologize for the request, but please look after her from now on.
Curia: Wait, you guys can't just...
Mao: Doctor, take good care of Annie, okay?
Curia: Did he just call her...Annie?


<Outside Of The Inn>

Skit #68 [SKI068]
「バルカ行きの舟」 Boat Headed For Balka

Eugene: The Royal Shield most likely rode a boat to the capital city Balka
        from the harbor. Let's try going to the port.

Skit #69 [SKI069]
「よかったネ」 What A Relief

Mao: It looks like we don't have to worry if she's with that doctor. What a
     relief, right, Eugene?
Eugene: Yes, it is...
Mao: I hope Annie gets well soon.
Eugene: Yes, me too...

Skit #70 [SKI070]
「ドクタ一・バ一スについて」 About Doctor Barrs

Mao: Hey, wasn't Annie's father, Doctor Barrs, the physician for the King?
Eugene: Yes, he was recognized by King Ladras as a brilliant medical advisor.
        He even served as the family doctor for His Majesty.
Eugene:...Unfortunately for Barrs, that was...that incident's...no...
Mao:...Sorry...I brought up some painful memories, didn't I...?
Eugene:...It's all right. It doesn't bother me that much. I'm fine.

Skit #71 [SKI071]
「まだ早いな」 Still Too Early

Mao: Doctor Curia was a beauty, wasn't she.
Eugene: I see...Mao, so you have a preference for that type of woman...
Mao: Eh? Preference...no way, Eugene, that's not what I meant...!
Eugene: I suppose not...it's still too early for you, Mao.
Mao: Hey now!! Don't treat me like a little kid!

Skit #72 [SKI072]
「港へ行こう!」 Let's go to the port!

Mao: Let's hurry up and go to the port! So that we can catch up with The Royal


<At The Port>

Callegean Soldier: Hey, this area is off limits.
Callegean Soldier: At present, incoming and outgoing traffic from Balka has
                  been suspended for all non-military vessels. It's
                  unfortunate, but there's no boat that you people can board.
Mao: That can't be! We came all the way from Sulz so that we could ride the
     ocean liner to Balka!
Veigue: Why have the boats been stopped?
Callegean Soldier: We have no idea what the higher-ups are thinking. We're just
                  following orders.
Veigue: When will the boats start running again?
Callegean Soldier: Who knows. Could be today, could be tomorrow...could even be
                  next year for all we know.
Veigue: Tch...Saleh's orders, huh...!
Eugene: No...the regular army is separate from The Royal Shield. Saleh
        shouldn't have the authority to mobilize the regular army, but...
Mao: But isn't this strange? It isn't normal for the regular army to operate
     on such a large scale.
Eugene: Indeed...for the army to seal off the harbor and forbid maritime
        traffic to and from the capital...Did something happen in Balka? No,
        is something about to happen...?
Mao: If that's the case, I wonder if The Royal Shield is actually headed for
Veigue:...Is this also related to what happened with Claire?
Eugene: I don't know...in any event, right now we can't reach Balka by crossing
        the ocean...
Mao:...Hey mister, will you let us ride on the army's boat?
Callegean Soldier: Of course not. Now go away!
Eugene: Let me ask just one thing. When did the last boat set sail?
Callegean Soldier: Hmm, I believe it was...about one week ago.
Eugene: Was it a military boat? Weren't there some Huma girls riding on it?
Callegean Soldier: I'm not sure, were there...?
Eugene: How can a Callegean soldier be so irresponsible!
Callegean Soldier: F, forgive me, sir!!...Eh?
Callegean Soldier: What'd you do that for! Grilling me like a superior...I
                   apologized without even thinking!
Callegean Soldier: Now that I think about it, you people look awfully
                   suspicious. What are you guys going to Balka for?
Mao: W...we're not suspicious or anything like that. Me and my big brother are
     going to search for our long-lost mom...
Callegean Soldier:...And this Gajuma man here?
Mao: He's my servant. It's dangerous for children to travel by themselves, so
     he acts as a bodyguard...right?
Eugene: R, right...I mean, yes.
Callegean Soldier: Hmm, oh well...for now, I cannot allow you to ride on the
                   army's boat.
Mao: Aww, you've got to be kidding me...
Eugene: It can't be helped...er, there's nothing that can be done about it, is
        there. Let's go, young master.
Mao: Really...that's too bad...mister, sorry for being so pushy. Let's go, big

Skit #73 [SKI073]
「こっちを見ている」 Looking This Way

Veigue: Isn't there any other way to reach Balka besides using the regular
        boat service?
Eugene: Mao...that soldier from earlier is looking this way...it looks like
        we should move away from the harbor before he begins to suspect us.

Skit #74 [SKI074]
「首都バルカの状況」 The Situation In The Capital City, Balka

Eugene: Did something happen in Balka...?
Mao: I can think of several reasons why they would seal off the ports. A
     rebellion occurred or a horrible crime took place...
Eugene: Perhaps they closed the harbors to prevent dangerous elements from
        entering Balka...
Mao: You can't mean that they're on to us...?
Eugene: No, if that were the case, I would expect that there would be a search
        party out looking for us.
Eugene: Those soldiers didn't seem to be paying attention to us or anything
        else for that matter.
Mao: So that means that something unrelated to us is stirring, huh...

Skit #75 [SKI075]
「一度、街へ戻ろう」 Let's return to the city once more

Eugene: It seems we should return to the city once more and search for a
        different means to get to Balka.


<In The Middle Of The City>

Mao: Whew, we managed to fool them somehow.
Eugene: It seems that way.
Veigue: More importantly, what are we going to do now? Should we procure one
        of the ships at the port?
Eugene: If we carelessly create a disturbance, we'll end up fighting with the
        regular army. We should avoid unnecessary battles.
Veigue: Then how do we...!?
????: If you're talking about a boat, I have one.
Eugene: Who are you?
????: I am Tomichi. I happened to see that you gentlemen are in need of a boat,
      isn't that right?
Mao: Were you listening in on our conversation?
Tomichi: Absolutely not. I saw you arguing with the soldiers by the port and I
         thought that you might just need a boat?
Eugene: That's some impressive intuition you have there. Do you have any
        connections in terms of riding a boat?
Tomichi: I am but a humble fisherman in this town who can barely make a
         living. However, since they closed the port, I've been staring
         endlessly at the ocean every day...
Eugene:...So you're after money, huh? What's your price?
Tomichi: As I expected of you, good sir, this will speed things up! Well,
         somewhere around 1,000 Gald should do it.
Veigue: Could we set sail right away?
Tomichi: I would need a little time for the preparations, but once I'm
         finished with that, I can lead you to the boat.
Mao: This smells really fishy to me though.
Tomichi:...It really doesn't matter to me either way. There are plenty of
        people who need a boat, you know.
Tomichi: If you decide to take me up on my offer, please come to the entrance
         of the city.
Tomichi: Well then, see you later...
Mao:...As I was saying, that was just way too suspicious.
Veigue: However, we're out of other options.
Mao: Wait, we may just have one!
Mao: Look at that box.
Mao: See, that box has the mark of the Callegean military painted on it, right?
     So the destination would be...?
Veigue:...The military boat?
Mao: Wouldn't it be? If we follow him, couldn't we board the boat together?
Veigue: No way, it couldn't be that easy...
Mao: For the time being, let's try talking to that man.

Skit #76 [SKI076]
「まだいい...」 That was still okay...

Veigue: Mao...how did I become your older brother?
Mao: No harm done, we're like brothers anyway, right? Besides, don't you think
     that the two of us bear a surprising resemblance to each other?
Veigue: No, we don't...
Eugene: That was still okay. I was treated like a servant.
Mao: W, well, you see...if I said that you were my father, he wouldn't have
     believed me.
Eugene: Even so, there had to have been a better way to word it. Honestly...

Skit #77 [SKI077]
「もうひとつの可能性」 One More Possibility

Mao: Let's try listening to the man who's taking a break over there by the


Bar Manager: What is it? I'm a little busy at the moment...
Mao: Where are you going with that box?
Bar Manager: I'm carrying it to the military ship that's sitting at the harbor.
Mao: Wow, that sounds tough.
Bar Manager: Yeah, I usually let the young guy handle this, but unfortunately
             he's off today.
Bar Manager: This manual labor is rough on a man my age, so I've been
             struggling like this all day. If I keep taking breaks though, the
             job will never get done. It really is a problem...
Mao: So that's how it is.
Mao: Say, why don't we help him out?
Veigue: We don't have time to be doing something like that.
Mao: But you see, if we help him, couldn't we use that as an excuse to board
     the ship?
Eugene: However, even if we board the boat, there's no guarantee that we can
        stay on it. In addition, the risk  is high...
Mao: Well, that's true, but...
Mao: Do we decide on Tomichi's boat, or do we help that man and board the army
     boat? That's the question.

Skit #78 [SKI078]
「海を渡るためには...」 In Order To Cross The Sea...

Mao: What's taking you so long! Do we ride Tomichi's boat, or do we board the
     army boat...
Eugene: Yes, you must promptly come to a decision...

Skit #79 [SKI079]
「旅は楽しいばかりじゃない」 Travelling isn't all about fun

Eugene: Seeing as the army has sealed off the port, there will be danger no
        matter which way we choose to cross the ocean.
Mao: I'm used to it, but...are you okay about this, Veigue?
Veigue:...I'm prepared.
Mao: Alright! Then let's go, Veigue!

Skit #80 [SKI080]
「どっちの舟にするの?」 Which Boat To Choose?

Mao: Do we ride on Tomichi's boat or the army boat...which do we choose?
Eugene: There's no time to hesitate, you know.

NOTE: You can choose to ride Tomichi's boat as well if you have 1,000 Gald
handy. You will have an extra fight (more opportunity for Grade!) and you do
get your 1,000 Gald back in the end. I just chose to help the bar manager since
I'm such a nice person (aww~!) and because there are more Skits that pop up
specifically for the box scenario, but the end result is the same: no ride.

<Talking To The Bar Manager Again>

Mao: Hey mister. Would you like us to give you a hand?
Bar Manager: Really? Hmm...setting the little one aside, those two look strong
    enough...is it okay if I ask for your help?

ああ、運ぶよ。   Yeah, we'll carry it.
ちょっと待ってくれ。   Wait a minute.

Veigue: Yeah, we'll carry it.
Bar Manager: Wow, that would be a big help! As a token of my appreciation,
             I'll treat you to my famous cooking tonight.
You picked up the wooden box that needs to be delivered.

Skit #81 [SKI081]
「荷物運びをする」 Carry The Parcel

Veigue: Hurry to the boat...!
Eugene: Don't rush things, Veigue. Let's proceed with caution.

Skit #82 [SKI082]
「仕事はきちんと」 Properly Finish The Job

Mao: If we leave the city while carrying the box, he'll get mad at us. We have
     to carry it to the ship...!


<At The Port>

Callegean Soldier: Back already, kid? The port is still closed, so no boats are
                  setting sail.
Mao: Actually, this time we came because of work.
Callegean Soldier: Work?
Mao: We've decided to work in this town until the regular boat service resumes.
Callegean Soldier: Yeah, that's good.
Eugene: This is from the bar manager. We want to load this on the boat, so
        could you let us through?
Callegean Soldier: Yeah, of course. Now finish up what you need to do.

<On The Boat>

Veigue: That went well.
Mao: I feel bad for the bar manager, but let's head straight to Balka with
     this boat!!
Eugene: No...it doesn't look like things will go that smoothly...
Mao: Huh?
Eugene: You can see the ships anchored off the coast, can't you.
Mao: Yeah...are those...
Eugene: It's not just the harbor...the entire ocean is sealed off.
Eugene: Supposing we were to set sail, in this state they'd have no qualms
        about bombarding us if we made any suspicious moves.
Mao: Isn't there a way to go through undetected?
Eugene: Even if we made it out onto the open sea, they'd immediately send out
        an alert and would probably pursue us.
Mao: I see...then I guess this won't work...
Veigue:...I hate to say it, but let's go back...

<Back At The Port>

Mao: Thanks!
Callegean Soldier: Good job. Work hard, you hear.
Mao: We will!
Veigue:...What should we do now...
Mao: Should we try going to Tomichi?
Eugene: No. With the marine blockade in effect, whichever boat we choose will
        probably not be able to leave.
Mao: Hmm...isn't there anyone in this town who we can rely on?

Skit #83 [SKI083]
「カレギア軍の船団」 The Callegean Naval Fleet

Mao: To think that they would seal off the ocean with so many ships...but it
     makes sense that the military would have that many vessels in the first
Eugene: That's because they are normally cruising around the ocean. There were
        also incidents when even more boats were gathered together.
Mao: Really...but since they've brought together this many boats, something
     pretty important must be going on, right?
Mao: I wonder what it could possibly be...

Skit #84 [SKI084]
「カレギア軍の船団と大事件」 The Callegean Naval Fleet And The Big Incident

Mao: Hey Eugene, what was the incident where even more Callegean ships were
     gathered together?
Eugene: Hmm...a band of pirates who worshipped the legendary pirate Aifreed
        went around and looted the northern seas.
Eugene: Due to the large number of Force Users in the pirate gang, even The
        Royal Shield was given orders to mobilize.
Eugene: That was when I found a kindred spirit in Barrs, Annie's father...it's
        been almost 20 years now...

Skit #85 [SKI085]
「街の人に話を聞こう」 Let's ask the people of the city

Mao: If we ask the people of the city, we might learn something.


<In The Middle Of The City>

Misha: Eh, you are all still here? You left in such a hurry, so I thought you
       weren't in the city anymore...
Mao: The port's been closed off. We don't know what to do since we can't ride
     a boat.
Misha: I'm afraid that a boat is out of the question. It's been like that for
       close to a week now.
Misha: If you want to cross the ocean, why don't you try going around to other
Eugene: So that's the only option left after all, huh...
Eugene: By the way, how is Annie doing?
Misha: She's...still sleeping.
Eugene: I see...I'm sorry, but I'm leaving Annie to you.
Misha: Yes, I'll take good care of her!! Um...by the way...
Eugene: What's the matter?
Misha: Yes, about that. Um...the one making the scary face over there...
Veigue: Are you...referring to me?
Misha: Yes...
Mao: He said your face is scary!
Misha: I, I'm sorry...!...Are you Mr. Veigue, by any chance?
Veigue:...How do you know my name!?
Misha: So it's you after all, isn't it? I had thought that you might be
       someone else.
Misha: A patient who came to see the doctor earlier told us about you.
Misha: She said that a tall, scary-looking Huma named Veigue who carries a big
       sword and has long hair might come.
Veigue: Who was it, what was that patient's name...?
Misha: I don't really know her name, but she was a Huma girl who was just
       about the same age as you.
Mao: Could she possibly be...
Veigue: Claire...? Was it Claire?
Misha: Um...I'm not sure...you would need to ask the doctor for the details...
Veigue: The doctor is still at the inn, isn't she?
Misha: Yes. She is with Annie.
Veigue: Let's go...!
Eugene: Right...

Skit #86 [SKI086]
「やはり...」 After All...

Veigue: So Claire had been in this town after all...
Mao: Let's go ask Doctor Curia about her.

Skit #87 [SKI087]
「ヴェイグの心配」 Veigue's Concern

Mao: I wonder if Claire was sick since she went to see Doctor Curia...?
Veigue: Sick!? Claire was...!?
Mao: Uh, for example, that was just an example...
Veigue:...Is Claire really all right...
Eugene: If you think pessimistically, then the awful things that you imagine
        shall come to pass. Claire is alive and well...believe in that.

Skit #88 [SKI088]
「キュリア先生に話を聞こうヨ」 Let's ask Doctor Curia

Mao: Let's go see Doctor Curia and ask her about Claire.
Mao: She might know something about The Royal Shield as well.


<At The Inn>

Curia: I see...so you're the Veigue that the young lady mentioned...
Veigue: So that means Claire was...
Curia: Before I answer, could you tell me this? Who are all of you? And what
       is it that's going on right now?
Curia: You people are a bit strange.
Curia: You bring in a child this weak, drop her off, and then leave
       immediately afterwards. And the situation with that child named Claire
       wasn't normal either...
Curia: If you can't give me a proper explanation for all of this, then I have
       nothing to say to you.
Eugene:...It seems that we have to tell her.
Curia:...I see, so that child Claire was taken by The Royal Shield...
Curia: Moreover, this child...as I suspected, she was the daughter of Doctor
Eugene: Did you know Barrs?
Curia: I went to his lectures when I was training to become a doctor. Doctor
       Barrs spoke often about Annie.
Curia: About the doctor, did you really...is it true...?
Curia:...There was some type of circumstance, wasn't there? I won't pry any
      further then...
Veigue:...More importantly, what about Claire!? Why did she come to you? Was
       she ill?
Curia: A soldier said that she was injured and brought her here, but it was
       really just a scratch. I disinfected it.
Veigue:...Didn't Claire say anything to you?
Curia: Yes, she asked me to give you a message.
Veigue: Message?
Curia: "Don't get on a boat."
Veigue: Don't get on a boat...? Anything else?
Curia: The soldier kept her under strict surveillance, so she was barely able
       to say even that.
Veigue: Claire...
Eugene: It looks like Saleh and the others might be gathering more Huma girls
        from other towns.
Eugene: If you think about it that way, it would explain why they are
        travelling by land and not by sea: so they can stop by the surrounding
Mao: That's what Claire was trying to tell us...Claire really is a strong
     person through and through, isn't she...
Curia: What does The Royal Shield intend to do with the girls that they abduct?
Veigue: I don't know. But that doesn't matter. I just want to save Claire as
        soon as possible!
Veigue: Let's go.
Mao: Yeah! We don't need a boat anymore either.
Eugene: Right...
Curia: Do you...want to leave things like this?
Annie: Unn...
Annie: This is...
Annie: You guys...!
Annie: Ouch...
Misha: Are you all right!?
Annie: Don't touch me!!
Mao: Annie!? Misha has been taking care of you this entire time! Why?
Annie: NO!! I don't want to be touched by a Gajuma!! Don't come near me...stay
       away...stay away!!
Misha: Stay away...she said...n, no way...I...I...!
Misha: Wah~!!
Curia: Misha!!
Mao: Hey Annie. Why did you say that? Gajumas and Humas are both people,
     aren't they?
Annie:...I don't like what I don't like.
Mao: Why?
Veigue:...Is it because...your father was killed by Eugene? So now you despise
       all Gajumas?
Mao: Is that it?
Annie: Anyone would feel the same way if they were in my position...
Veigue:...What would you have done if the perpetrator has been a Huma?
Mao:...More importantly though, I'm worried about Misha! His reaction wasn't
    normal! Come on, let's go!
Veigue: Eugene...

Skit #89 [SKI089]
「どうしちゃったんだろ?」 I wonder what's wrong?

Mao: I wonder what in the world is wrong with Misha...
Eugene: In any case, let's search for him.


<In The Middle Of Town>

Mao: Doctor, did you find Misha?
Curia: No...he's nowhere to be found.
Eugene: Why are you in so much of a panic?
Curia: Please...help Misha...
Curia: If we don't find him soon and make calm him down, then Misha will...
       his Force will end up going berserk!!
Veigue: He's a Force User too?
Curia: That's right. That child is one of the many whose power awakened on The
       Dusk of Ladras...
Mao: But why would his Force end up going berserk right about now?
Curia: The words that Annie said...Misha has heard those same words before.
       From his beloved mother, no less...
Veigue: From his mother?
Curia: When Misha's Force went out of control, it startled his mother. Without
       thinking, she yelled "Stay away!"
Curia: Misha's Force started to go berserk due to that shock...I happened to
       be present at the time and I somehow managed to stop Misha's Force from
       getting out of hand, but...
Curia: In the end, it seems that he was essentially abandoned by his mother
       because of that.
Curia: That's why I decided to adopt that child and have him help me with my
Mao: So that's what happened...
Curia: Ever since his Force went berserk, Misha hasn't been treated kindly by
       those around him. But even so, that child has held on and done his best.
Curia: Even though his Force has been stable since then, and other people are
       finally beginning to accept him...
Curia: If he loses control of his Force now, what's going to happen to him...!?
Mao:...We'll save him.
Mao: I'm sorry, Veigue. I know that you want to hurry ahead, but I can't leave
     Misha alone like this.
Veigue: Why's that?
Mao: I lost my memory when my Force went berserk.
Mao: My father, my mother...I've forgotten about everyone, but...I may have
     also been deserted just like Misha...
Mao:...That's why I can't help but think that this is my problem too.
Eugene: Veigue...don't you remember what this is like as well?
Eugene: When your Force ran wild and Claire got caught up in it, how did the
        people of the village react?
Veigue: If Uncle Marco and Aunt Rakiya hadn't stood up for me...right now, I'd
Mao: Veigue...
Veigue:...Let's go help Misha.
Curia: Thank you.
Veigue: Mao, can you sense his Force?
Mao: I can't tell which direction it's coming from yet, but I can feel the
     Force rising.
Veigue: Let's hurry.

Skit #90 [SKI090]
「ミ一シャに何が?」 Can we do anything for Misha?

Mao: I wonder where Misha ran off to...
Eugene: Search the middle of the town thoroughly.


<In the Southwestern Part Of The City>

Mao: There he is! It's Misha!!
Misha:...Stay away...!!
Mao: Misha?
Misha: I'm telling you to stay away!!
Eugene: Settle down, Misha. If your heart is perturbed any further, you will...
Misha: Stay back! Stay back!!
Mao: This is pretty bad. He's already on the verge of losing control!!
Veigue: Misha, please. Calm down.
Misha: Leave me...I said leave me alone!!
Mao: He's headed towards the shoreline!!

Skit #91 [SKI091]
「ミ一シャはいずこ?」 Where is Misha?

Mao: The Force is increasing...! Outside the city...in the direction of the

Skit #92 [SKI092]
「マオの幸せ」 Mao's Blessing

Mao: Misha...
Mao: You know, to be abandoned by your own mother...I wonder how painful that
Mao: I guess there might be times when it's a blessing to not have any
Eugene: Mao, this is not the time to discuss this. Go after Misha!
Mao: Yeah, let's go!!

Skit #93 [SKI093]
「ミ一シャは海岸に!」 Misha is headed towards the shoreline!

Eugene: Misha is headed towards the shoreline!
Mao: If we don't hurry...! He's already on the brink of going berserk!!
[Where is Misha?]
The Force is increasing...! Outside the city...in the
direction of the shoreline!!


<Near The Entrance Of The City>

Curia: Misha ran outside of the city...
Curia: Please! Please save him...!

海岸へ急ぐ   Hurry to the shoreline.
様子を見る   Wait and see what happens.

<At The Beach>

Callegean Soldier: H, help us~!!
Veigue: What's wrong?
Kallegean Soldier: When we came to do our rounds on the beach, some Gajuma kid
                   showed up...
Mao: It's Misha!!
Callegean Soldier: If you guys don't run away soon, then V, Viruses will come
                   get you!!
Eugene: That's Misha!?
Mao: We're too late!! His Force has gone completely berserk!!
Veigue: Why are there Viruses around Misha? On top of that, there are so many
        different types of them too...
Mao: I got it. That's the Force of Fang!!
Veigue: The Force of Fang?
Mao: It's a special ability that lets him control Viruses.
Eugene: I'm certain of it! That is the only way to explain why they aren't
        attacking Misha even though he's right in the midst of them.
Eugene: If his Force continues to run wild like this, he is quite capable of
        gathering an endless number of Viruses. Hurry!
Mao: Here they come!!
Mao: Annie!! Did you come to help us!?
Annie:...I simply don't want anyone to be unhappy because of me...
Annie: And besides, that person...the one who will defeat Eugene...is me,
Mao: Be careful! They're back again!!

<In-Battle Dialogue During The Battle With The Viruses>

Annie: So this is...the Force of Fang...

<After The Battle>

Eugene: Are you all right, Annie?
Eugene: Ugh...!!
Annie: Y, you...
Eugene: Are you all right?
Annie: Y, yes...I am...but...
Eugene:...It seems that his Force has settled down somehow.
Curia: Misha!!
Curia: It's better for you to stay back.
Curia: Your words touched a part of Misha that was never meant to be
       touched...if you get near him again, he will...
Annie: I...I only...
Misha: I'm sorry, doctor...I...ended up losing control again...
Curia: It's okay, Misha...more importantly, are you all right...?
Misha: Yes, I'm fine...it's my fault for going berserk after being told such a
       little thing. Even though I heard about Annie's circumstances...
Misha: Annie...I'm sorry. And...thank you for saving me.
Misha: Let's go, doctor...I'm tired...and really sleepy...
Curia:...Yes, you need to rest.
Misha: Well then, everyone...excuse us.
Curia: No matter what reason you may have, if Doctor Barrs had heard the words
       you confronted Misha with, he'd surely be stricken with grief.
Annie: Father would have...?
Curia: I have been to one of your father's lectures.
Curia: At that time, Doctor Barrs said this many times as if it were his
       favorite phrase: "There is no color in life."
Annie:...There is no color in life...?
Curia: Try to think carefully about what those words mean.
Annie:...Leave me alone...
Mao:...Eugene, let's also return to the inn for a minute.
Veigue:...After we've rested for a bit, we'll depart.
Veigue: What will you do?
Annie: That's none of your business.
Veigue:...I see.


<At The Entrance Of The City>

Skit #94 [SKI094]
「気になるんですけど...」 You Know, I'm Worried About Him...

Mao: I wonder how Misha is doing...?
Eugene: Want to go and visit him?

Skit #95 [SKI095]
「かわいそうだネ...」 Poor Thing...

Mao: I wonder what Annie is going to do from now on...?
Veigue: Even if she decides to return to Balka, the ships aren't running...
Mao: If she does that, then the poor girl will end up hating all Gajumas...
Mao: Ah...s, sorry, Eugene. I didn't mean to put the blame on you or anything
     like that...!
Eugene: No...it's fine.

Skit #96 [SKI096]
「命に色はない」 No Color In Life

Mao: There is no color in life, huh...that means that Gajumas and Humas are
     the same, doesn't it...
Eugene: That's not all...it also means that there's no difference between
        people whether you're the leader of the country or a mere citizen.
Eugene: Barrs was the medical advisor for King Ladras, but he also built a
        clinic in Balka where he was involved in treating the illnesses of
        many people.
Mao: I see...I hope that Annie will come to understand her father's
Eugene:...She will...because she's Barrs' daughter...

Skit #97 [SKI097]
「ミ一シャの具合は?」 How is Misha doing?

Mao: Somehow I'm...worried about Misha...
Veigue:...Let's go visit him before we leave...we can make up for the lost
       time if we run...
Mao: Veigue...!


<At The Inn>

Eugene: How is Misha doing?
Curia: He's fast asleep...he'll be fine if he gets plenty of rest.
Eugene: That's good to hear.
Veigue:...Yes it is.
Mao: While it's important to be concerned about Misha, are you okay, Eugene!?
     It looked like you took the full brunt of that Virus' attack earlier...
Eugene: Yes, there's nothing to worry about. A wound like this will heal soon.
Curia:...Even so, the world has become a frightening place.
Eugene: Frightening?
Curia: You never know when something will trigger someone and cause them to go
       berserk...The Dusk of Ladras...there's a possibility that it may happen
       all over again...
Curia:...I have no idea what the leaders of this country are thinking. But if
      we leave things as they are, I have a feeling that an irreparable
      mistake will be made.
Veigue:...Shall we go?
Curia: Take care...I can't do much, but come here if you ever require my help.
Mao: Okay, thanks!!
Curia: And about Annie...
Eugene: She is my responsibility. Please do not blame her for this.
Curia: I have no intention accusing her of anything. But at this rate, things
Eugene: Yes...if there is anything that I can do, then I would like to find
        some way to do it, but...
Curia: I see...
Eugene:...Well then, if you'll excuse us.

Skit #98 [SKI098]
「再出発」 A Fresh Start

Eugene: If you are sufficiently rested, then let's depart.


<Outside Of The Inn>

Mao: Annie? What's the matter?
Annie:...I was concerned about that child, so...
Mao: If you mean Misha, the doctor said that there's nothing to worry about.
Annie:...Thank goodness...
Eugene: Where are you headed off to?
Annie:...That is none of your concern.
Eugene: Why don't you come with us?
Annie: What do you mean by that...
Eugene: If you accompany us, then there will be plenty of opportunities to
        take my life.
Eugene: What's wrong? Or did you already decide to give up on exacting Barrs'
Annie: You really are...an unpleasant person to deal with.
Annie: Why did you protect me earlier?
Eugene: I didn't mean to protect you. I lost my footing as the Virus lunged at
        you. That's all it was.
Annie: Did you truly...murder my father...?
Eugene: No matter how many times you ask, the answer will remain the same,
        won't it?
Annie:...I'll go with you.
Mao: Yay!  We've gained another companion!!
Annie:...I'm not a companion...
Annie: I cannot trust what you say...even when you claim to have taken my
       father's life...
Annie: Until I learn the truth, I won't kill you. But if you really did murder
       my father...
Eugene: It's the truth.
Annie:...Enough already...I will ascertain the truth for myself. That's why
      I...it's for that reason that I will go with you.
Mao: Hey Annie. If you keep making a scary face like that, you'll end up
     looking like Veigue, you know?
Veigue: I have no intention of ever making a face that scary.
Mao: You're not just scary, you're the definition of gloom itself, Veigue. I
     mean, you never ever smile or anything!
Veigue:...Am I...gloomy...?
Annie: *giggles*
Veigue:...Did you just laugh?
Annie: I, I'm sorry...
Veigue: Things are much better that way.
Mao: Well, let's depart!
Eugene: Let's head towards Petnadjanka. It's a prosperous industrial city to
        the southwest of here.
Veigue: That's where The Royal Shield is...?
Eugene: If they are travelling by land, then the nearest city to here would be
Annie:...Are you pursuing The Royal Shield?
Mao: Yeah, they've taken Veigue's childhood friend, Claire.
Eugene: The ones who abducted Claire were Saleh and Tohma of The Four Stars.
        Waltu is also on the move.
Annie: The Four Stars? What about Militsa?
Veigue: Militsa?
Eugene: One of The Four Stars. Although all I know about her is her name...
Mao: How much do you know about Militsa?
Annie:...I don't know any details about her either...she's the only female
      amongst The Four Stars, and she's extremely powerful according to most
      of the rumors I've heard...
Mao: I'm sure we'll have to fight her sooner or later...man...how depressing...
Eugene:...There's no point in thinking about that right now. First, we should
       head towards Petnadjanka.

Annie has become your companion.

Explanations for "Elemental Attributes" and "Battle Terms: Battle Formation"
have been added to the Battlebook.

Read the Battlebook?

Skit #99 [SKI099]
「ペトナジャンカへ」 To Petnadjanka

Mao: Petnadjanka is to the southwest of Minal.

Skit #100 [SKI100]
「アニ一の゛仲間゛たち」 Annie's "Companions"

Mao: Hey Annie. Those people who fought with you earlier...it's horrible how
     they left you and ran like that, seeing as you were their companion and
Annie: They weren't my companions or anything...I hired them. Because I knew
       that I couldn't win against that person by myself...
Annie: But it was no use in the end anyway...

Skit #101 [SKI101]
「ペトナジャンカについて」 About Petnadjanka

Veigue: What kind of city is Petnadjanka?
Eugene: It's a city with a thriving manufacturing industry. The people are
        also well off and the atmosphere is lively.
Mao: Wow...I'm kind of looking forward to going there...
Eugene: Mao...don't let your guard down.
Mao: I know~!

Skit #102 [SKI102]
「アニ一の趣味」 Annie's Hobbies

Mao: Hey Annie, what are your hobbies?
Annie: Huh, w, what's this all of a sudden...my hobbies...? What...I wonder...
Mao: *buzzer sound* Ran out of time! Now it's my turn. My hobbies are...!
Annie: Wait...I'm still in the middle of thinking about it, so...!

Skit #103 [SKI103]
「飛ばして行こう」 Let's Dash

Eugene: Petnadjanka is to the southwest of Minal. Let's dash over there to
        make up for lost time.


<After Getting Into Your First Random Encounter In The Forest Labyrinth>

The viruses in this area automatically defend when their ally's Rush Gauge
(RG) falls below a certain level. Choose a strategy which is difficult to
defend against such as performing Rush Charges or cooperating with your allies
when attacking. Also, there are cooking recipes that will raise your RG at the
beginning of battle, so use them wisely.

<After Circling Around In The First Area Several Times>

Mao: Hey, don't you somehow get the feeling that we've been wandering around
     in circles...?
Eugene:...This is most likely the "Forest Labyrinth."
Veigue: Forest Labyrinth?
Eugene: I've heard that if you carelessly enter this forest, you'll become
        disoriented and won't be able to leave.
Mao: What's going to end up happening to us if we can't find our way out...?
Eugene: We would probably have to walk aimlessly through the forest for the
        rest of our days.
Mao: You can't be serious!? There's no way I'm doing that!!
Veigue: Is there a way to escape from here?
Eugene: Unfortunately, I have no idea.
Mao: What are we going to do? We can't go to Petnadjanka if we're stuck here,
Veigue: In any case, we have to make our way through here. Let's go.
Annie: It's useless to go that way.
Mao: But isn't this the only path?
Annie: You'll just get lost if you follow that path.
Eugene: Do you know how to pass through this forest?
Mao: Where are you going, Annie?
Annie: This is the correct path.
Mao: You mean over here? Those are just a bunch of everyday bushes, aren't
Eugene: Mao, use your Force to burn those bushes.
Mao: Oh, I see...right, got it.
Veigue: A pathway in a place like this...
Annie: Long ago, back when people still lived here, it appears that they
       created a natural maze in order to protect themselves against outside
Mao: Wow, you're pretty familiar with this forest, aren't you?
Annie: That's because when I was studying under my father to become a doctor,
       we would often come to these woods to pick medicinal herbs.
Mao: So Annie, you're aiming to become a doctor, right?
Annie: I hear that there are other traps in this labyrinth.
Veigue: Is that so...let's proceed carefully.

Annie acquired the title "Aspiring Lady Doctor."
FG Recovery +2

Skit #104 [SKI104]
「微妙な二人・1」 The Delicate Two Part 1

Eugene:...No, it's nothing.

Skit #105 [SKI105]
「クレアさん...か」 Claire...huh

Annie: Veigue...
Veigue:...What is it?
Annie: You had mentioned earlier that your childhood friend had been taken by
       The Royal Shield...but why?
Veigue:...I don't know...but it doesn't matter what the reason is. Claire was
       taken...that's all I need to know.
Annie: Claire...huh...I hope that...she's doing well...
Veigue: Me too...thank you, Annie...

Skit #106 [SKI106]
「暗い気分...?」  Gloomy Atmosphere...?

Mao: This sure is a dark, dense forest, isn't it...
Veigue: Yeah...
Mao: It feels like the gloominess is even starting to affect me somewhat.
Veigue: So something like that is possible even for you.
Mao: Gloomy is the norm for you though, right?

Skit #107 [SKI107]
「まだまだです」  A Ways To Go

Annie: There appear to be different types of traps ahead. Let's proceed with


<Further In The Forest>

Mao: Hey Annie. What happened to the people who were living here?
Annie: That I don't know...
Mao: Maybe they were eaten by Viruses that settled down in the forest? Ooh,
     how scary~!!
Veigue: Who'd be afraid when you've got that huge grin on your face?
Veigue: What's wrong, Annie?
Annie: It, it's nothing.
Mao: Ah hah, Annie's scared!!
Annie: I am not the least bit scared!
Mao: It's even more obvious when you deny it like that. I would have never
     expected Annie to be a scaredy cat.
Annie: Honestly...that's enough already!
Mao: Aah~!!
Veigue: Mao...! Where are you?
Eugene:...A pitfall, huh.
Annie: Are you all right?
Mao: Ugh...owwie...I think I'll be okay...probably...
Veigue: Think you can climb back up?
Mao: Well, not from here.
Mao: Oh, it looks like I can climb up from over there. Hang on a sec.
Mao: Eh heh heh...
Eugene: Watch your step as we proceed.

Skit #108 [SKI108]
「歌うマオ・1」 Singing Mao Part 1
NOTE: You earn the title 歌好き "Likes to Sing" for Mao after viewing this
      Skit. Also, these series of skits are more commonly known as "Mao's Song"
      Skits on the interwebs, but "Singing Mao" is actually more accurate.

Mao: The chances are~
Mao: I won't jump far~
Mao: While I'm in the woods~!
Mao:...I say.
Veigue: What are you singing, Mao?
Mao: Veigue, you heard that? That song is called, um, "The Forest Song!"

Skit #109 [SKI109]
「ユ一ジ一ンの役目」 Eugene's Role

Veigue: Damn the Royal Shield...I will...I will save Claire without fail...
Eugene: Veigue, calm down. If you lose sight of yourself, then you'll just
        play right into their hands.
Mao: Exactly, you need to be more relaxed!
Eugene: Mao, you need to show more restraint.
Mao: Hee hee, Eugene sounds like he's our dad or something!

Skit #110 [SKI110]
「マオのコワイお話・1」 Mao's Scary Tale Part 1

Mao: At any rate, this is one spooky forest...
Veigue: Mao, don't you have anything else to say?
Mao: But we don't know where or when a Virus might attack us, you know.
Mao: If we're not careful, something may just go "Chomp!" and devour us.
Annie: Enough already...no ones likes persistent people, you know!

Skit #111 [SKI111]
「意外だなぁ」 Unexpected

Mao: Nevertheless, I can't imagine that you'd be afraid of anything, Annie. I
     was under the impression that you were more brave.
Annie: But the way in which you tell those stories is scary, so...
Mao: Even though I'm smiling while I talk?
Annie: That's what makes it so creepy...
Mao: What's that supposed to mean!?

Skit #112 [SKI112]
「何があるかわからんぞ」 We Don't Know What Is Up Ahead

Eugene: Pay attention to your surroundings as we advance. We don't know what
        is up ahead.


<After The Boss Fight>

Veigue: Looks like we made it through safely.
Mao: You don't have to be afraid anymore, Annie.
Veigue: Petnadjanka is just ahead, isn't it?
Eugene: Right. Although we were able to escape from the forest, it ended up
        delaying us quite a bit.
Veigue: The Royal Shield may have gotten there long before us...
Eugene: Even if that's the case, there is a strong possibility that we will
        run into them at Petnadjanka.
Veigue: At any rate...let's hurry...

Annie acquired the title "Scaredy Cat."
Skill Defense Power +2

Ougis (Attack Artes) are now available. You can learn and set ougis from the
Skills menu.

Read the Battlebook?


<On The World Map After You Leave The Forest>

Skit #113 [SKI113]
「先に行っちゃうヨ」 Let's go on ahead

Mao: We should already be near Petnadjanka. If you're fooling around, let's
     hurry up and move!


<After Entering Petnadjanka>

So this is Petnadjanka...it's an awfully quiet place.
Annie: This city felt more lively when I came before...
Eugene: This does not bode well...
Mao: So is it...The Royal Shield after all?
Eugene: Most likely...let's proceed with caution.

Skit #114 [SKI114]
「ヴェイグの第六感」 Veigue's Sixth Sense

Veigue: It smells like soot, doesn't it...
Annie: There is a factory in this city. Wouldn't the smell be coming from
Veigue: It's a rather irritating scent...it makes me feel uneasy.
Mao: That might not just be because of the smell...

Skit #115 [SKI115]
「静かすぎる街」 The All Too Quiet City

Eugene: All things considered, it's too quiet. What's going on...
Mao: Maybe they're having a festival somewhere? Let's look around the middle
     of the city.


<In The Middle Of The City>

Veigue: There's nobody around, is there.
Annie: It really is...just too quiet...
Mao: Look at this!
Eugene: So it's The Royal Shield then!?
Mao: Over there!!

Skit #116 [SKI116]
「感じるヨ」 I can feel it

Mao: I sense an immense Force coming from the inner portion of the city!
     Hurry, let's go!

Skit #117 [SKI117]
「不穏なの空気」 Uneasy Atmosphere

Eugene: There's a reaction to the Force and yet there's hardly a soul in the
        city...this is...
Veigue: Definitely not normal...
Mao: Right...and it's also not very good either...
Annie: Whatever the case may be, let's hurry!

Skit #118 [SKI118]
「確か街の奥には...」 As I Recall, In The Back Of The City...

Eugene: The Force is coming from the rear of the city, correct? As I recall,
        there's an iron manufacturing plant back there...

Skit #119 [SKI119]
NOTE: You need to sleep at the inn in order to trigger this Skit.

「夢を見た」 The Dream I Saw

Mao: What's wrong, Veigue? I'd say you were brooding over something.
Veigue: I had a dream where I saw the time when Claire was abducted...in the
        end, I failed to save her again...
Veigue: Once is painful enough, but twice is...I...
Mao: Veigue, you'll save her for sure this time. That's why we're on this
     journey, isn't it?
Mao: Cheer up and do your best, okay!
Veigue:...Yeah, you're right...this time for sure...


<As You Approach The Rear Of The City>

Annie: This is...it can't be!?
Mao: The Force is running amok!!
Eugene: It's the Force of Timber!
Veigue: Something like that exists?
Eugene: I've seen it before. It's a Force that allows the user to manipulate
        plant life at will.
Veigue: A Royal Shield Force user!?
Eugene: At any rate, search around!

Skit #120 [SKI120]
「百聞は一見に勝る?」 A thousand words are better than a picture?

Mao: Anyway, let's try asking about what happened!

Skit #121 [SKI121]
「一体何が...?」 What in the world...?

Veigue: The Force of Timber? Who in the world...
Annie: In any case, let's ask the people of the city about it.


<In Front Of The Factory>

Veigue: What happened?
Man: Before we knew it, a bunch of guys who looked like soldiers had taken
     over the city...Then, they brought the Huma girls into the factory and
     locked themselves inside.
Mao: That has to be Saleh and the others!!
Eugene: Is everybody still trapped inside?
Man: The factory manager and Tytree went in to negotiate and some of the girls
     were released, but those two and Tytree's older sister, Selena, haven't
     returned yet.
Veigue: Who is this Tytree person that you mentioned?
Man: He's a young man who was working in the factory.
Factory Manager: H, Help me!!
Man: Boss!!
Eugene: Are you all right!?
Factory Manager: Tytree's! Selena's been, by those guys, the factory a
Eugene: Calm down! Please speak slowly!
Factory Manager: That's why, my own daughter...no, Tytree is...aah...!
Annie:...Have you settled down?
Factory Manager:...uh, ah, yes, somewhat...
Annie: Please tell us what happened.
Factory manager: Right...no, that...you see, there's this odd pair of guys who
                 brought the soldiers here.
Factory Manager: Then those guys decided to take Selena with them. Said that
                 she was the prettiest Huma girl in the group...
Mao: Looks like it was Saleh and his crew after all.
Factory Manager: After that, a tree vine suddenly grew out from the floor of
                 the factory, and it looked like it was trying to take Selena
                 back from those people...
Factory Manager:...I know that Tytree can do something like that, but...
Factory Manager: After those people mowed down all of the vines, more plants
                 and trees sprung up one after another as if it were an act of
                 desperation. I barely escaped with my life...
Eugene:...As I suspected, his Force went berserk.
Mao: So, where are Saleh and Tohma?
Saleh: Right here, boy.
Veigue: Saleh, Tohma!!
Saleh: Now you shouldn't lie like that, manager. Didn't you promise to hand
       over Ms. Selena in exchange for your precious daughter's safety?
Saleh: But then again, I had absolutely no intention of taking your daughter
       from the start.
Saleh: The reason being is that your daughter simply isn't beautiful.
Veigue: You bastards, where is Claire!!
Tohma: As you can see, she's not here.
Veigue: Where did you send her!? Claire...give Claire back!
Saleh: It's too bad, but we just don't have the time to chat.
Eugene: Wait!! What are you people trying to accomplish!? Is this the notion
        of Her Majesty, the Queen?
Mao: Oh no, we can't move forward!!
Selena: Please!! I'll be okay, so please...stop my younger brother, Tytree!!
Selena: If this continues, the townspeople will eventually be swallowed up by
        Tytree's strange power!!
Saleh: That is a request from me as well. I wouldn't want this lovely older
       sister of his to be sad because of him.
Veigue:...You won't get away...!!
Eugene: Wait, Veigue. Bringing this Force under control comes first.
Eugene: I know that it's frustrating to let them escape. However, are you
        going to ignore the situation at hand so that you can give chase?
Veigue: But...!
Eugene: Even though Selena had no idea as to why she was being taken, she
        entrusted the safety of this town and her brother to us since she was
        concerned about them.
Mao:...That is similar to what Claire did back in Sulz...
Veigue: The Force...
Veigue: Let's go stop the Force...
Mao:...And then, we have to help Tytree, right!

Skit #122 [SKI122]
「製鉄工場の中へ!」 Enter the Iron Factory!

Annie: Let's go save Tytree!
Eugene: He's inside the factory! Let's hurry, Veigue!

Skit #123 [SKI123]
「工場の中は...!」 The inside of the factory is...!

Mao: I can feel an enormous Force coming from the inside of the factory! It's
     gone completely out of control!!


<After You Enter The Factory>

Veigue: This is the power of the Force of Timber...
Mao: But this is just the beginning of what the Force of Timber is capable of.
Veigue: Mao, can you figure out Tytree's whereabouts?
Mao: The Force reaction is coming from every direction, so I can't determine
     where the source is.
Eugene: That's the fault of the trees that grew due to the Force. In any case,
        we'll have to search.

Skit #124 [SKI124]
「ティトレイはどこだ!?」 Where is Tytree!?

Eugene: We must walk around and search every corner of the factory.
Mao: We have to do that since we cannot pinpoint the specific location of the
     Force reaction.

Skit #125 [SKI125]
「未知の力」 Unknown Power

Mao: The Force of Timber...for it to turn the entirety of the factory into a
     jungle like this is just too amazing...
Eugene: That is what the power of the Force is all about.
Eugene: To lose control of the Force is like releasing an untapped potential.
        The mysteries of the human heart are vast indeed.

Skit #126 [SKI126]
「暴走を止めろ!」 Stop the rampage!

Mao: I wonder where Tytree is...!? We have to find him quickly and stop this
     rampage, or...


<After Talking To The Man In The Factory>

Veigue: Are you okay...?
Worker: Yes, somehow...are you people planning to go deeper into the factory?
Veigue: Yeah, in order to save a guy named Tytree...
Worker: But the inside is crawling with poisonous Viruses, you know?
Mao: Viruses are like nothing to us, right guys?
Worker: Will you be able to get through with all of the weird plants blocking
        the way?
Mao: If I burn them with my flame, they'll be gone before you know it!
Worker: But...wait, that's right...! You should use this.

You received a Poison Check.

Worker: If you equip that, it'll protect you against poison.
Worker: The item shop in town also sells these. Try using it if you'd like.
Veigue: Thanks...
Worker: Please take care of Tytree!


<After Investigating The Huge Flower In The Boiler Room>

Skit #127 [SKI127]
「珍しいな」 That's Certainly Unusual

Mao: What the heck is that humongous flower!? It makes me feel sick!!
Eugene: It is likely that plants experience abnormal growth due to the
        influence of the Force of Timber.
Mao: Say, this flower isn't going to do anything, is it?
Eugene: What's the matter? It's certainly unusual for you to be on edge.
Mao: For some reason when I look at that flower, I feel like I'm getting
     smaller and I hate that!

<After Using Your Force On The Flower>

Skit #128 [SKI128]
「仕方がない...」 We had no choice...

Annie: It feels like we've done something terrible somehow...
Mao: Are you talking about burning the flower?
Annie: Yes...when I see the flower set ablaze, I feel sorry for it...
Mao: But if we didn't roast it, we wouldn't be able to make any progress.
     Besides...that flower is pretty creepy, you know?
Eugene: We had no choice in that situation.
Annie: No matter what the sacrifice, you kill them, claim that "We had no
       choice" and that's the end of that, isn't it...


<After Entering The Room In The Back Of The Factory>

Mao: This is...coal, isn't it.
Annie: I wonder if it's fuel for something?

Take the coal?

You received some coal.

<When You Examine The Furnace After Obtaining The Coal>

Throw the coal inside the furnace?

Mao: Now all that's left is igniting the coal!!
Mao: We did it!!

Skit #129 [SKI129]
「臨界直前」 Right Before The Critical Point

Mao: This is not the time to be wandering around aimlessly! We have to stop
     this Force pronto!

<When You Enter The Room Right Next To Where Tytree Is>

Skit #130 [SKI130]
「ティトレイはこの近くに!?」 Tytree is around here!?

Mao: The Force Cube is going bonkers!! Tytree is nearby!!
Veigue: If we don't stop his Force soon...


<After You Get Rid Of The Last Batch Of Flowers That Are Blocking Your Way>

Mao: He's near! He has to be back here!
Veigue: We're going in...!

<After Entering The Last Room>

Mao: Look at this reaction!! He has to be in here!!

<After The Anime Sequence>

Veigue: That's Tytree!?
Annie: We have to calm him down somehow!
Everyone: *screams*
Tytree: Sis...give Sis back!!
Veigue: Stop!!
Tytree:...Sis, where's my big Sis!!
Veigue: Come to your senses!! Your older sister asked us to...!
Tytree: Silence!!
Everyone: *screams*
Eugene: No matter what you say, it's useless to talk to a Force User who is in
        a berserk state!!
Mao: We have no choice but to fight!
Veigue: But this guy's...just like me...
Annie: If we don't engage him, his raging Force will eventually consume us
       along with Tytree himself!!
Veigue: Do we have to fight...do we have to!!
Tytree: Aaaahhhhh...!!
Eugene: Veigue, do it!!
Veigue: Uaaaaaah!!

<In-Battle "Dialogue" During The Battle With Tytree>

Tytree: Sis~!!

<In-Battle Dialogue After Inflicting A Certain Amount Of Damage>

Mao: We won't get anywhere at this rate!
Mao: If we hurt him any further, we might kill him!
Veigue: Isn't there any way we can save him?!
Eugene: We have no choice. Mao, let's put an end to this!!
Mao: I guess "that" is our only option now...here we go!!

Mao: O crimson explosion, come dwell within us!!
Eugene: The roaring blast of this demon spear shall burn everything to ashes!!
Eugene & Mao: Hi-Ougi! Inferno Drive!!

<After The Fight>

Eugene: This man is still calling for his older sister...
Mao: He sounds exactly like a certain somebody we all know.
Tytree: I...
Tytree: That's right, Sis!!
Eugene: Calm yourself, Tytree.
Tytree:...And you people are...?
Tytree:...So that's what happened. What I did was really outrageous...
Veigue: Well, given the circumstances...there was nothing you could do about
Tytree:...No! I will definitely repay this debt on our journey!!
Mao: What do you mean by "our" journey?
Tytree: You guys are chasing after that Royal Shield too, right? Then it only
        makes sense that we travel together as companions, doesn't it?
Annie: Companions...
Tytree: Companions with a common enemy!! Besides, you all have the same power
        as me, right? So that makes it official then!!
Mao:..."Official"...you know, even if you say that, you're...
Tytree: Oh, you don't have to worry about me. I may not look like it, but I'm
        not exactly the shy type! Ha ha ha...
Tytree: Alright!! If that's decided, then off we go!!
Mao: It's gotten somewhat lively all of a sudden, but...that might not be such
     a bad thing.
Eugene: Right...we may just need an ally like that as well.

Skit #131 [SKI131]
「工場の外へ」 To The Outside Of The Factory

Mao: In any case, let's exit the factory for now.


<Outside Of The Factory>

Factory Manager: Tytree...!! I'm really sorry!! My daughter is so dear to me,
        but because of that Selena was...forgive me...
Tytree: Well, I must admit...in a way, I ended up letting my emotions get the
        better of me too...Besides, it goes against my grain to ramble on
        about stuff that is over and done with...
Factory Manager: But...but Selena was abducted and...
Tytree: I'm going to go save Sis. Together with my buddies here.
Factory Manager: I see...I am truly sorry...I am nothing but a coward...
Factory Manager: Be careful, you hear...well, I suppose that goes without
                 saying...since you have that power of yours and all.
Tytree:...Sorry for keeping you in the dark like that. I'll beat the snot out
       of those guys with my Force and bring back Sis before you know it.
Tytree: I'm going to take a little time off, but you'll let me work again once
        I get back, right?
Factory Manager: Of course, absolutely. I'll be waiting for you two to return.
        I'll be on my way then...
Veigue:...Let's head out.
Tytree: By the way, do you know which way those guys who took my Sis are
Eugene: They're most likely going to Sunnytown. From there, they can transport
        the captured girls to the capital city Balka by boat.
Veigue: Sunnytown?
Mao: It's a pretty city that is built on the ocean!
Veigue: A city that is sits on the water...?
Mao: Well, you'll see what I mean when we get there.
Tytree: The Toyohose River is to the southeast of Petnadjanka. If we're going
        to Sunnytown, it would be quicker to take a boat from there instead of
Eugene: Southeast, huh...very well, let's head towards the Toyohose River.

Tytree has become your companion.

Skit #132 [SKI132]
「よろしくね」 Welcome

Mao: Welcome to the group, Tytree!
Tytree: Yeah, nice meeting you, um...Mao, was it? And you too, Veigue.
Veigue: You're...quite the familiar guy, aren't you.
Tytree: Ha ha ha...
Tytree: You know, it's funny because the people around here say the exact same
        thing to me all the time.
Veigue & Mao:......

Skit #133 [SKI133]
「姉貴を追って」 Chase After Sis

Tytree: We have to hurry and catch up to Sis and the others...in any case,
        let's go outside the city!

Skit #134 [SKI134]
「トヨホウス河を下ろう」 Go Down The Toyohose River

Mao: We're taking a boat from Sunnytown so that we can go to Balka, right?
Tytree: Yeah, but before that we have to go down the Toyohose River. It
        apparently flows out from near the city.

Skit #135 [SKI135]
「おれたちの共通点」 Things We Have In Common

Tytree: Hey Veigue. How old are you?
Veigue: I'm 18...and you?
Tytree: I'm 17 right now, but I'll be 18 this year. In other words, we have the
        same birth year.
Tytree: Our circumstances are similar and we're close in age, so we should be
        a great combo!

Skit #136 [SKI136]
「平気なんですか?」 Are You All Right?

Annie: Tytree...are you all right? Because of the factory manager, your older
       sister was...
Tytree:...I'm really pissed. But you know what? There was nothing that I could
       do about it...
Tytree: If I had more power then, I could have protected Sis...I completely
        ruined the factory too...
Tytree: That's why I want to become stronger!! So that I can save Sis and beat
        the living daylights out of The Royal Shield!!

Skit #137 [SKI137]
「悪いか?」 Is that bad?

Mao: Tytree, you were working at the factory with your older sister, weren't
Tytree: Yeah, that's right...
Mao: You were always with your older sister then.
Tytree: I, is that bad?
Mao: I never said that there was anything particularly wrong with that...

Skit #138 [SKI138]
「さらわれた娘たちの共通点?」 Things That the Captured Girls Have In

Veigue: Tytree...how old is Selena?
Tytree: What's with this, all of a sudden...
Tytree: Wait, don't tell me that you're interested in Sis...!?
Veigue: That's not it. I was just thinking that the captured girls might share
        something in common...
Tytree: I, is that so, sorry...
Tytree: Sis is 21. What about Claire?
Veigue: Claire just turned 17...it looks like they aren't being chosen based
        on age then...

Skit #139 [SKI139]
「マオのバトルブック・2」 Mao's Battlebook Part 2

Mao: La la la~!
Tytree: What are you writing? Hey wait, this is about me, isn't it?
Mao: I'm jotting down stuff about opponents we've faced. That includes you too!
Mao: If you ever run into a tough foe, I'll let you look at this, so ask me
Tytree: So basically, if I read the Battlebook, I can learn about the enemy's
        weak point and stuff like that, right?
Mao: Right, exactly...Tytree's weakness is...
Mao: Selena, and...
Tytree:...H, hold it right there!

Skit #140 [SKI140]
「トヨホウス河へ」 To The Toyohose River

Annie: To get to Sunnytown, we have to go down the Toyohose River.


<After Entering The Toyohose Hostel>

Tytree: Ah, this is it.
Mao: It says "Gugura's Down River Service."
Tytree: Yeah, Gugura's is famous as a transport service down the Toyohose
Tytree: It's a manual boat that is powered and maneuvered by a Gajuma. The
        level of craftmanship is said to be about 3 stars!
Tytree: Hi!! 3 adults and 2 children to Sunnytown please.
Gugura: Sorry. I can't send any boats out right now.
Tytree: Why's that?
Gugura: Last night, a terrible storm unexpectedly came. I woke up only to find
        that the boats were destroyed and the pieces had been washed away.
        It's rather distressing.
Tytree: A big storm? Wasn't the night sky so clear yesterday that you could
        easily see the stars?
Mao: Speaking of storms...
Veigue: Was it Saleh's Force?
Eugene: Yes, it seems that they are attempting to detain us here somehow.
Tytree: You mean to say that you don't have a single boat left?
Gugura: That's right...I'd like to repair them, but the forest is so dangerous
        these days. With monsters on the move and my limited supply of lumber,
        I can't help but feel uneasy.
Gugura: Well, if you can wait 2 or 3 days, I'll have a replacement boat ready
Tytree: That's just too slow...
Eugene: Could you somehow manage something if you had the timber?
Gugura: Yes, since we normally do this type of repair work ourselves.
Mao: Really! Then, let's start making preparations!!
Eugene: That sounds good.

Skit #141 [SKI141]
「木材を集めよう」 Let's Gather Timber

Eugene: Let's gather timber in the forest up ahead that can be used to repair
the boat.

Skit #142 [SKI142]
「ググラの河下りについて」 About Gugura's Down River Service

Annie: Tytree, what does it feel like to go down river?
Tytree: We're just riding a log raft that is being pulled by Gugura, but
        that's what makes it so thrilling.
Annie: Thrilling?
Tytree: The Toyohose River has a dreadful current, so an average raft would
        capsize in a heartbeat.
Tytree: Anyway, if we ride one of these, we'll catch up to Sis and the others
        in no time!

Skit #143 [SKI143]
「ググラじいさんのために」 For Gugura's Sake

Tytree: Gugura's waiting for the wood!


<After Entering The Forest>

Eugene: Let's spread out and search for wood that would be suitable material
        for a boat.
Annie:...Come to think of it, I'm pretty hungry too...
Mao: Alright then, let's look for stuff we can eat while we're gathering
Tytree: Oh, that's a great idea! This area is well-known for its delicious
Mao: Wow, I can't wait! But where are we going to cook?
Eugene: There was a hostel near the pier, wasn't there. Let's make use of that
Tytree: Leave the cooking to me!
Veigue:...You can cook?
Tytree: You've got nothing to worry about, Veigue. I may not look the part,
        but I can make quite a racket over my cooking skills!!
Veigue: You're always making a racket, period.
Tytree: Ha ha ha...that was a good one.
Veigue:...Figures that using sarcasm against this guy would backfire.*
Mao: Maybe he'd get it if I lit his back on fire? Just kidding!*
*Editor's Note: Japanese pun alert. I did a cruddy job of making an English
equivalent for this one (although it's a lot better than the pun I originally
had), so I may just completely change this later instead of trying to preserve
the original joke. If you're dying to know what the deal is, then read the
description for this video:

Tytree: Wa ha ha...Mao, you're the best!
Eugene: Don't forget that we came here to collect timber.
Tytree: I know, I know! Anyway, when you're done picking mushrooms, bring them
        over to me.

Skit #144 [SKI144]
「早く木材を...」 Gather The Timber Quickly...

Veigue:...Quickly gather the materials for the boat...If we don't catch up to

Skit #145 [SKI145]
「どういう意味?」 What Do You Mean?

Mao: Hey Tytree, what did you mean when you said it was "3 stars"?
Tytree: It means so-so, I guess? The highest ranking is 5 stars.
Mao:: So then that means the lowest ranking is 1 star?
Tytree: No no no no no...the worst stuff doesn't even deserve a portion of a
Tytree: I'll let you use my ranking system if you want to, Mao!
Mao:...No, I'm fine.

Skit #146 [SKI146]
「ふたりきりの旅路・1」 Just The Two Of Us Part 1

Tytree: Mao, Eugene, after you guys left the army, what kind of journey did
        the two of you have before you met Veigue?
Eugene: We fought against a variety of Force Users...
Mao: That's right. We stopped people who were going berserk, we were attacked
     by people who held a grudge against Eugene, and so forth.
Tytree: Wow, that must have been tough.
Mao: But it was fun too! Thanks to that, we were able to learn about many
     different types of Force.
Mao: And we never lost, of course!

Skit #147 [SKI147]
「腹が減ると...」 When You're Hungry...

Tytree: Say Veigue, aren't you hungry?
Veigue: No, I'm not.
Tytree: How can you just ignore it like that. You haven't said a word for some
        time now, right? They say the mouth is empty when the stomach is
        empty, you know?
Veigue: You're shaking.
Tytree: Really? I don't have the energy left to say anything besides I'm
Veigue:...Eugene, let's continue on ahead.

Skit #148 [SKI148]
「採れましたか?」 Have You Picked Any?

Annie: Veigue...have you...picked up any mushrooms?


<After Picking Up Enough Mushrooms>

You received a mushroom.

Veigue: This should be enough, I guess...
Tytree: Whoa there!? Who are you, gramps!
Mysterious Man: Shh!! Pipe down.
Mysterious Man: You're Tytree, aren't you?
Tytree: H, how do you know my name?
Mysterious Man: That doesn't matter, so listen up. Make your friends drink
           this poison. If you do that, we'll return your precious sister.
Tytree: You'll let Sis go!?
Mysterious Man: I thought I told you to keep your voice down!!
Mysterious Man: You only get one chance. If you want to save your sister, then
                do exactly as I say.
Mysterious Man: I'm counting on you, partner.
Tytree: Sis...

So, how'd it go? Did you gather any ingredients for the feast?
Veigue:...This is what I found.

Valuable Item: Kinoko (Mushroom)
A large type of fungus. Some varieties are edible, but...

NOTE: The dialogue varies slightly at this point depending on which mushrooms
you picked in the forest; there appear to be 6 different variations, from
getting no stars to 5 stars with Tytree. This is the dialogue that proceeds if
all of the mushrooms you picked had NO spots on them.

Tytree: Wow, amazing!! These are 5 stars!! Could it be that you knew?
Veigue: Knew about what?
Tytree: All of the mushrooms you picked are safe to eat!
Tytree: There's this terrible, polka-dotted fungus around here called the
        Laughing Mushroom which is poisonous. If you eat it, it causes you to
        have uncontrollable fits of laughter for a little while.
Veigue: Oh, really?
Tytree: You didn't know? No, wait...maybe this means that you're a mushroom
        hunting genius?
Tytree: All right, I'm going to treat you to the best Special Mushroom Menu
        that I can make! You just wait!
Eugene: How's it going? Did you gather any timber?
Veigue: This is all I have...

Valuable Item: Timber
Wood necessary to put together a raft.

Eugene: That will probably be fine. If we consolidate everyone's share, then
        there will be enough to fix the boat.
Mao: Huh? Where are Tytree and Annie?
Veigue: It looks like Tytree took the mushrooms that I found and went to
        prepare our meal. As for Annie...
Mao: Annie, how'd you do?
Annie: I gathered some wood. More importantly though...Tytree was acting
       somewhat strangely...
Mao: Isn't Tytree always a little off?
Annie: That's not what I meant...
Eugene: In any case, let's bring the timber that we collected to Gugura.

Skit #149 [SKI149]
「木材を届けに」 Deliver The Timber

Eugene: Let's go deliver the timber to Gugura.

Skit #150 [SKI150]
「男の料理」 Male Cooking

Mao: Hey, I wonder what kind of mushroom dish Tytree is going to make for us?
Eugene: He sounded rather confident, but...
Mao: I hope that whatever comes out of the pot is actually edible...
Veigue: That is certainly...a valid concern...
Mao: A dicey situation, indeed...

Skit #151 [SKI151]
「小屋へ戻ろう」 Let's Return To The Hostel

Mao: What are you doing? Let's bring the wood back to Gugura!

<Inside Of The Hostel>

Mao: Time to dig in!!
Veigue: W, wait...
Mao: Hm...?
Eugene: What's the matter, Veigue?
Veigue: Ah...!
Mao: You're being weird, Veigue!
Mao:...Mmm~! Tasty!! This is really tasty!!
Eugene: Yes...it has a good flavor to it...
Tytree: Yeah, it does, doesn't it? Hm? What's wrong, Veigue? Aren't you going
        to have some?
Tytree: Why not, it doesn't taste bad or anything. Mao, Eugene, and even Annie
        looks like she's enjoying it, right?
Annie: Veigue, do try some. It really is delicious!
Veigue: But...
Gugura's voice: W, what are you doing!!
Man's voice: Hmph, I won't forgive anyone who supports guys like them!!
Eugene: That was Gugura's voice!!

Skit #152 [SKI152]
「緊急事態!?」 Emergency Situation!?
NOTE: This Skit appears to have been removed from the PSP version.

Eugene: Hurry outside!!

Skit #153 [SKI153]
「外で何が!?」 Something Outside!?

Mao: Didn't something happen to Gugura? Let's go check on him!


<Outside Of The Hostel>

Veigue: Stop right there!!
Mysterious Man: Damn...
Tytree: Those guys...!
Eugene: Are you all right?
Gugura: Yes, I'm fine. Those guys were trying to destroy the boat. Go teach
        them a thing or two for me!!

Skit #154 [SKI154]
「謎の敵を追え!」 Chase After The Mysterious Enemy!

Veigue: Is it The Royal Shield again?
Eugene: I don't know. In any case, we're chasing after them.

Skit #155 [SKI155]
「とっちめてやる!」 Teach Them a Lesson!

Tytree: We're going to teach those punks a lesson so that they don't mess with
        Gugura again!!


<In The Forest>

Mysterious Man: So you came...we've been waiting, you foolish Force Users.
Veigue: You bastards...! Are you Royal Shield Force Users?
Mao: The Force isn't reacting to them!
Tytree: What did you just say...? Then how did they know about Sis?
Mysterious Man: We heard about her from those Royal Shield guys who passed
                through here.
Mysterious Man: They said that sooner or later, the stupid younger brother of
                one of the kidnapped girls may come after his sister along
                with his Force-using buddies.
Tytree: Stupid younger brother...wait, you talking about me!?
Mysterious Man: Who would have thought that you would be lured here exactly as
                I had planned.
Eugene: What are you talking about?
Mysterious Man: We don't have any Force. But we can compensate for that lack
                of power with tools.
Mysterious Man: People use tools. And at times, even a person can become a
                tool...isn't that right, Tytree?
Veigue: Tytree, you...don't tell me that you actually put that bottle of poison
        in the food...
Eugene: Did you say "poison"?
Annie: Is it possible that the bottle Tytree had back then was...
Mao: Annie, you saw something too?
Annie: Yes...but...
Tytree:...Hhm hhm hhm...
Annie: Tytree?
Tytree: Ha ha ha hah!! Mwa ha ha ha...
Annie: Surely you didn't...!?
Mao: Huh...!?
Annie: Uh huhn...uh huhn huhn huhn...
Mao: Ah hah...ah hah hah hah...
Tytree: Wah ha ha ha ha...
Eugene: Mm hmm...mm hmm hmm hmm...
Mysterious Man: Meh heh heh...looks like the poison finally kicked in. Well
                done, Tytree!! You are a true cooking genius.
Tytree: No, wait...I didn't...!! Hee hee hee...ha ha ha...
Mysterious Man: Well now...The Royal Shield has been quite generous to us, so
                we'd better wrap up our end of the deal.
Veigue: What'd you say? You're doing this for the money?
High Mountain Thief: It's not just that. We can't stand you bloody Force Users!
Veigue: The Royal Shield is a group made up of Force Users too!
High Mountain Thief: Exactly, and we've ripped off quite a lot of money from
                     those stupid idiots too!
High Mountain Thief: It seems like there's one person who is able to hold his
                     own since the poison didn't affect him, but take all of
                     them down with one fell swoop!
Veigue: They're coming!! Everyone, pull yourselves together!

NOTE: This isn't exactly related to the storyline, but this battle is amusing
since you get to hear your party members laugh the entire time. ^^

<After The Fight>

Veigue:...So we won.
Eugene:...It seems that the poison has worn off as well. Now then, would you
       care to explain, Tytree?
Tytree:...Are you having doubts about me?
Veigue: I saw you take the bottle with the poison in it from that guy.
Veigue: But I don't want to think...that you really put that in the food.
Tytree: It's true that I accepted the bottle. But you know what, I would never
        do it! I'd drink the poison myself before I'd ever serve it to my
        friends. That's the way I live!
Mao: But didn't Annie say that she also saw Tytree holding the bottle too?
Annie: Tytree immediately discarded it.
Annie: When I tried to say that earlier, Tytree suddenly burst out laughing,
Tytree: Yeah, that's the gist of it.
Mao: Okay then, what in blazes happened to us earlier...
Annie:...I had thought as much, but I believe that feeling is similar to the
      symptoms you experience when you consume a poisonous mushroom.
Eugene: What'd you say...? However, the only poisonous mushroom to speak of
        that grows around here...
Eugene:...Would be this Laughing Mushroom, but...
Tytree: No, the Laughing Mushroom is this one over here...
Tytree: Isn't it this one?
Eugene: That is an Akadamadake, a mushroom with a sweet aroma, a pleasant
        taste, and a good texture.
Annie: Then that means that the food we ate before had a large quantity of
       these Laughing Mushrooms in it...?
Mao: Tytree!!
Eugene: It appears that the truth has come out.
Tytree: No, that's not it, I didn't do it on purpose!! It was just a slight
        misunderstanding, that's all! Please forgive me!! I'm begging you
        here, see!!
Mao: We'll forgive you, Tytree. We do have big hearts, after all.
Annie: Everyone is safe, so you don't have to apologize that much...
Veigue: Yeah...I'm glad that things didn't become serious.
Eugene: It's fine as long as you don't repeat the same mistake twice. So with
        this, the matter has been resolved.
Tytree: Thank you!! Thank you!! As a man, I shall not forget your kindness.
        Next time, I definitely won't get them confused!!
Mao: Right!! Well, should we head back...wait, "next time"!? Do you intend to
     cook again?
Tytree: It'll be all right, I tell you! They say failure is the key to success,
        right? Next time, I'll make the finest feast ever!

Tytree acquired the title "xx Chef."
Skill Attack Power +2

<Back In The Hostel>

Gugura's Apprentice: The preparations for the down river craft are complete. It
                     looks like my master can head out anytime. Please come to
                     the pier once you are ready.
Veigue: Got it.

Skit #156 [SKI156]
「準備はいいか?」 Are You Ready?

Eugene: If you're ready to head down the river, then go to Gugura.

Skit #157 [SKI157]
「ゴメンね、ティトレイ」 Sorry, Tytree

Veigue: Tytree, I'm sorry for doubting you...
Tytree: It's okay, really! I said that it's against my nature to harp on the
        past, didn't I?
Mao: But it IS true that you put poisonous mushrooms in our food, isn't it?
Tytree: Are you still saying that!? You're gonna make me cry here!

Skit #158 [SKI158]
「舟の事ならじいさんだ」 Ask Gugura For The Boat

Tytree: If you want to ride the boat, then just ask Gugura.


<At The Dock>

Gugura: Ride the boat?

Need an explanation?

Directions for operating the boat:
CIRCLE: Throw fruit (when you have them)
X: Jump
LEFT/RIGHT ON D-PAD: Move to the left or right line
START BUTTON: Pauses the game

Avoid logs and rocks as you aim for the goal. Your life will decrease by 1 if
you come in contact with obstacles or the bats. If you lose all of your life,
then you must try again (This first time is an exception though).

Items explanation:
FRUIT: 1 fruit=5 throws (looks like a kiwi)
SWIM RING: Recovers 1 life point (Max life=5)
OAR: Speeds up left/right movement
FISH: Only increases your score
BAT: Decreases your life
BUBBLE: Cannot jump for fixed interval; Can be destroyed by throwing fruit at

Check the sign to see your high score.

<At The End Of The Rafting Mini-Game>

Mao: Ah, you can see the city over there!!
Tytree: Oh, that has to be Sunnytown for sure!!
Veigue: That's Sunnytown...

<After Reaching Sunnytown>

Tytree: Thanks, old man!! How much do we owe you?
Gugura: I cannot take money from benefactors.
Gugura: You folks gathered the wood for my boat, after all.
Gugura: Come visit me if you're ever by the Toyohose River. You can ride the
        boat anytime. Free of charge, of course.
Tytree: Thanks, that'll help!! Right, guys!!
Veigue: Thank you, Gugura.
Gugura: See you later.
Tytree: Alright! Let's begin our pursuit after The Royal Shield right away!
Eugene: There should be a boat leaving for Balka from the sea side port. Let's
        try going there first.

Skit #159 [SKI159]
「港に行くんだろ?」 We're Going To The Port, Right?

Tytree: We're going to the port, aren't we?
Annie: But since there's water all around us, it feels like we could ride a
       boat from anywhere, doesn't it.

Skit #160 [SKI160]
「水の都・サニイタウン」 The Water Metropolis, Sunnytown

Annie:...This really is a lovely city, isn't it.
Tytree: Yeah, to visit anyway.
Tytree: It's a bit of a pain if you live here though.
Tytree: When a storm comes, this town ends up getting flooded. Thank goodness
        that the weather is nice today, yes, yes indeed...

Skit #161 [SKI161]
「バルカ行きの舟に乗ろう」 Let's Ride A Boat Going To Balka

Eugene: There should be a boat leaving from the harbor that is going to Balka.
        Let's go check it out.


<At The Port On The Other Side Of Town>

Callegean Soldier: Halt. This area is off limits. The port is under the control
                   of the Callegean military. All public maritime traffic has
                   been suspended.
Veigue: The Callegean army...here too, huh.
Mao: I wonder if Saleh and the others left already?
Eugene: When was the harbor sealed off?
Callegean Soldier: Two weeks ago.
Tytree: So then, the last military boat left around that time too, right?
Callegean Soldier: I cannot disclose any classified information concerning the
Tytree: Did you see someone come here with a whole bunch of young Huma girls?
Callegean Soldier: I cannot answer that.
Tytree: You know what!! You've got a lot of nerve for such a small fry!! We're
        racing against time here!!
Callegean Soldier: Why you!!
Veigue: Cut it out.
Tytree: Let go of me, Veigue!
Annie: We're sorry...we didn't mean to bother you...
Mao: This guy's in a bad mood since he just got dumped by a girl. So, will you
     forgive us? Pretty please?
Callegean Soldier: Leave this place at once. If you do so, then I won't press
                   any charges against you people.
Annie: Thank you so much.
Mao: Come on, let's go!

Skit #162 [SKI162]
「ティトレイと失恋」 Tytree And Unrequited Love

Tytree: Hey Mao, who'd you say got dumped by a girl?
Mao: Sorry dorry!
Tytree: I may not look it, but I haven't been dumped even a single time.
Annie: Is that true?
Tytree: Hey, what's with that surprised response!

Skit #163 [SKI163]
「王の盾は陸路を行く?」 The Royal Shield Is Going By Land?

Mao: It looks like The Royal Shield didn't ride on a boat.
Tytree: That soldier wasn't necessarily telling us the truth, you know.
Eugene: At any rate, let's find someplace quiet where we can think about our
        next step.


<In The Middle Of Town>

Woman: Excuse me...
Woman: Are you all searching for a Huma girl?
Eugene: What makes you say that?
Woman: I could hear you talking to the soldier at the port. Was that child you
       spoke of kidnapped, by any chance...?
Tytree: Lady, do you know something?
Woman: Actually...my daughter was also taken away by Saleh and Tohma. It
       happened just yesterday...
Veigue: Where did they go? On a boat?
Woman: No, they headed west with my daughter along with some other young girls.
Eugene: West? So that means that they're taking the Tel Alla Highway then.
Tytree: Yesterday, huh...if we hurry, we might be able to catch up to them.
Woman: If you are going to go save that girl, could you please...also free my
       daughter, Hilda, as well?
Eugene: Your daughter's name is Hilda?
Woman: Yes, I beg of you!! Please save my daughter...
Tytree: Yeah, we'll bring her back no matter what! You just wait here for us,
Woman: Thank you very much...
Tytree: Let's book it!!

Skit #164 [SKI164]
「さらわれて娘を救え」 Rescue The Kidnapped Girls

Eugene: Let's head towards the west to the Tel Alla Highway. Don't let your
        guard down. We may be attacked by a Royal Shield assassin.

Skit #165 [SKI165]
「王の盾はなぜ?」 Why Would The Royal Shield?

Veigue: Tytree, didn't you hear the reason as to why The Royal Shield is
        kidnapping Huma girls?
Tytree: No, I don't know anything...but Saleh looked at their faces and then
        decided, right?
Tytree: This probably doesn't mean much coming from me, but my older sister is
        quite the beauty, after all.
Tytree: Still, it's surprising that she'd be chosen to be with the Empress...
Veigue: Wouldn't Princess Agarte's partner be a Gajuma man...?
Tytree: Oh yeah, I guess you have a point there...hmm...

Skit #166 [SKI166]
「テルアラ街道へ」 To The Tel Alla Highway

Tytree: The Royal Shield is advancing west, huh...so Sis and Claire may be
        together then.
Veigue: Right, let's hurry!


<Inside Of The Tel Alla Hostel>

Mao: Hmm...there are hardly any signs that this place was used.
Annie: They might have continued on without stopping here.
Eugene: Be on your guard.
???: H, help me...I'm being chased by some horrible people...
Annie: Are you all right!?
Veigue: Horrible people? Tell us more about them.
???: I am...Hilda. These guys captured me in Sunnytown, but I managed to
     escape while I was being taken somewhere...
Mao: Hilda!? We saw your mother in Sunnytown! She was extremely worried.
Hilda:...You've met mother!?
Tytree: Yeah, we promised her that we would definitely save you.
Hilda: But...there are a lot of girls who were taken besides me...they kept us
       under very strict surveillance...but I was finally able to run away
Hilda:...Because of her...it was all thanks to Claire...
Veigue: Claire? Is Claire safe?
Hilda: Yes. I was able to escape because of her help...
Tytree: Wasn't there someone named Selena with you?
Hilda:...Selena was there. She also helped me.
Tytree: Sis...!!
Annie: Where are Saleh and the others right now?
Hilda: They were travelling south along the highway, so they might be heading
       towards the Kurodadaku Desert. But...
Eugene: But...?
Mao: There's a reaction to the Force!! And it's strong too!
Hilda: It's Tohma!! Tohma took some of his men and chased after me, and now
       he's come back here!
Hilda: Something terrible may happen to me if I'm caught...Please! Save me...!
Tytree: Sure, just leave them to us!
Veigue:...Let's go.

Skit #167 [SKI167]
「ヤツか!?」 Is It Him!?

Mao: I can feel the Force! It's strong! Outside!
Eugene: It might be Tohma. Everyone, be careful.

Skit #168 [SKI168]
「ヤツが来る!!」 He's Coming!!

Mao: The Force reaction is coming from outside of the hostel!


<Outside Of The Hostel>

Veigue: Tohma!!
Tohma: There's a Huma girl inside that hostel, isn't there. Hand her over if
       you value your lives.
Tytree: We're not handing over anyone!! YOU'RE the ones who need to give back
        Sis, Claire, and the rest of the girls!
Tohma: Oh, is that so...if that's the case, then die.
Everyone: *screams*
Tohma: That's why I told you, didn't I? To hand her over if you valued your
Annie: You're a Force User as well...!?
Hilda: Yes...of The Royal Shield.
Mao: What do you mean...? Then your mother who we met in Sunnytown was...?
Hilda: She was a paid performer, nothing more. She was no mother of mine...
Veigue: Then your story...about Claire and Selena was also...
Hilda: I've never met them. I just used their names.
Tytree: Using such dirty tricks...how dare you!!
Hilda: It's your fault for being deceived.
Tytree: You'll pay for this...I'll make you pay for this, no matter what!!
Tohma: Hilda! Rip them to shreds!

<In-Battle Dialogue During The Fight With Hilda & Company>

Hilda: This is also...fate.
Hilda: How humiliating...

<After The Fight>

Tohma: Tch! That's why I warned you. Things wouldn't have turned out this way
       if you hadn't broken off your precious horns for the sake of your
       worthless desires.
Hilda:...Those horns...I don't need them!
Tohma: I've had enough! You worthless impurity. I have absolutely no use for a
       weakling who cannot perform her duty!
Hilda: This isn't...over yet!!
Tytree: Horns, impurity...what are you talking about?
Eugene:...It couldn't be, is Hilda...?
Tohma: That's exactly right, she's a...
Hilda: Silence!!
Tohma: Hmph, I'm going to expose your wretched shape to these guys.
Hilda: NO! Don't...!

<After The Animated Scene>

Annie: A Huma with horns...!?
Hilda:...Don't look...don't look at me!!
Tohma: This thing here is a Half. She's not a Huma or a Gajuma, just a
       good-for-nothing impurity!
Annie: It can't be true...? A child from a Huma and a Gajuma is just...
Tohma: Even if you don't believe me, you can tell by looking at her head, can't
       you? Those horns are proof that she's an accursed child born between a
       Huma and a Gajuma.
Eugene: She certainly has horns...I hear that Halfs are also born with tails
        as well, but...
Eugene: Don't tell me that you broke off your own horns in order to conceal
        the fact that you are a Half!?
Tohma: Foolish woman...you must have known that horns boost the power of the
       Force in Halfs.
Tohma: Well, even so, I showed some pity and put you to work since you were
       begging me with tears in your eyes. But that has come to an end.
Hilda: No way...I can still fight...I'll...defeat these guys...and get the
       body of a pure person...
Tohma: Get a pure body? What nonsense! Do you really think that you can change
       the body that you born with!
Hilda: It can't be...you promised, Tohma!! That I could rid myself of this
       detestable body if I killed them...
Eugene: You're being deceived, Hilda. This man...is just using you!
Tohma: Hmph! If you only had your horns, I would have continued to show you
       nothing but pleasant dreams!
Hilda: What do you mean by..."dreams"?
Tohma: I only cared for you because I wanted the extraordinary abilities of a
       Half for myself. Even without your horns, I thought that you could do
       at least something, but in end, you're just an impurity.
Hilda: How cruel...
Tohma: It's your fault for being deceived, isn't that right?
Hilda:...How cruel...how cruel...how cruel...
Mao: This isn't good!! She's starting to go berserk!!
Tohma: It looks like you'll be a little useful after all. Show me what a Half
       is capable of, Hilda!
Hilda: Uaaaaahhhh!!
Tohma: Fu wah hah hah...
Veigue: Wait, Tohma!!
Veigue: Ugh!!
Eugene: Veigue, we can't leave Hilda like this!
Veigue:...Tch! That's right!

<In-Battle Dialogue During The Fight With Hilda>
NOTE: As far as I know, you will only finish this battle with a Hi-Ougi if
Veigue and Annie are in your party.

Veigue: You leave us no choice.
Annie: Veigue!
Annie: The Gate of Purification is not to be disturbed!!
Veigue: I see right through you!!
Annie: Finishing strike!!
Veigue & Annie: Ryuuko Metsugazan!!

<After The Fight>

Eugene: Stop it, are you trying to kill yourself!!
Veigue: Give it up, you're already at your...
Tytree: Uah!!
Group: Tytree!!
Tytree: Ouchie...that was a 4 star attack...
Hilda:...What are you doing...why won't you let me die?
Tytree: Why is it that you have to die...!
Tytree: Ow, that smarts...
Tytree: No matter what kind of reason you have, I can't allow you to simply
        throw away the precious life that your parents gave you!!
Hilda: If I must continue to live in this Half body for the rest of my days...
       then I would rather die...
Veigue:...Why? What's wrong with being a Half?
Hilda: You wouldn't understand...
Veigue: You don't come across too many people like you...there are Gajumas and
        Humas...and to think that there are Halfs as well...
Hilda: Neither the Humas nor the Gajumas will accept me...that feeling...
Hilda: How could you people possibly understand...what it feels like to have
       stones thrown at you from both sides!!
Hilda: I didn't want to be born...as some Half...
Tytree: Hilda!!
Annie:...She's still breathing. But if we don't treat her quickly...!
Eugene: Veigue, Tytree. I know this is not in your favor, but is it all right
        with you two if we return to Sunnytown?
Tytree: That's no excuse to just leave her like this, is it? Right, Veigue?
Mao: Veigue...
Veigue: Let's hurry.

Skit #169 [SKI169]
「ヒルダを連れて」 Bring Hilda

Annie: In any case, we need to treat Hilda right now. Let us return to

Skit #170 [SKI170]
「そんなに...」 Is It That...

Veigue: Is being a Half...that difficult...
Eugene: There are probably a multitude of pains and hardships that we couldn't
        even imagine...
Eugene: Purely speaking, as Humas and Gajumas, we can never truly fathom the
        amount of suffering that they go through...

Skit #171 [SKI171]
「使い過ぎにご用心」 Use With Caution

Tytree: Annie, how is Hilda doing?
Annie: It appears that she has accumulated a substantial amount of physical
       and mental fatigue.
Annie: It will be necessary for her to rest for a while...
Tytree: I guess you have to be mindful of when you are overusing your Force...

Skit #172 [SKI172]
「知ってた?」 Did You Know?

Mao: Eugene, did you know about Hilda?
Eugene: No...it's likely that Tohma secretly raised her on his own in order to
        keep her under his control.
Mao: But why? Was it necessary to do that?
Eugene: Hmm...there were people in The Royal Shield who kept subordinates of
        their own so that they could carry out their duties more efficiently.
Eugene: Tohma probably used Hilda in a similar fashion and had her join The
        Royal Shield sometime after we left.
Mao: Hmm, but I just can't picture Tohma being able to manipulate a person so
     well like that...

Skit #173 [SKI173]
「ヒルダが最優先だ」 Hilda Is Our Top Priority

Tytree: Let's return to Sunnytown quickly and let Hilda rest!

<After Entering Sunnytown>

Skit #174 [SKI174]
「急ごう...」 Let's Go...

Veigue:...Let's hurry...


<In A Room Inside The Inn>

Veigue:...How is she, Annie?
Annie: Her regenerative ability is astouding. Her Force has stabilized as well,
       so she should return to normal if she rests for a while.
Tytree: Really...thank goodness, what a relief!
Annie: Luck was on our side, wasn't it.
Veigue: Hm?
Annie: She wields this much power even though her horns are broken. Imagine
       what it would be like if she had them...
Eugene: A Half, huh...I had heard about them, but I didn't think that they
        actually existed.
Mao: Gajumas and Humas don't really get married in the first place though,
Eugene: Well...interracial marriages are certainly regarded as being taboo,
        but you do hear of such couples on rare occasions.
Mao: Oh, really...I didn't know that...
Annie: Moreover, Half children go through a difficult birth and are prone to
       illness due to their weak bodies.
Mao: Then that means Hilda is a miracle child, isn't she.
Annie: Miracle child?
Mao: Hilda's had a rough time ever since she was born, and yet she beat all of
     the odds and managed to make it to adulthood. Isn't that just amazing?
Tytree: That's right...you're absolutely right, Mao! I feel the same way.
Annie: But Hilda removed her horns in order to conceal the fact that she is a
       Half, didn't she...
Tytree:...T, that may be true, but...
Annie: Tytree, would you have wanted to be born as a Half?
Tytree: Well, that is...
Annie: Even though you have horns and a tail, you're not a Gajuma. But because
       you have horns and a tail, you're not a Huma either. You wouldn't even
       be the same race as your only blood relatives, your father and mother...
Annie: If I were her...I would resent the parents that gave me that body. If it
       were possible to change bodies, then I think I would do so.
Tytree: But you know, I don't think that it really matters whether you're a
        Huma, a Gajuma, a Half, or whatever.
Annie: But...
Tytree: Besides, there's no way to change your body in the first place anyway.
        I think that it's a matter of facing the facts and deciding for
        yourself that you're going to continue living.
Annie: That's true, but...
Woman's voice: Aah!
Man's voice: Wah!
Mao: Force!? It's close!!...Outside!
Veigue: Let's go!

Skit #175 [SKI175]
「また来たヨ!」 Here's Another One!

Mao: It's another Force User!
Eugene:...Let's go...!

Skit #176 [SKI176]
「能力者は外に!?」 A Force User Outside!?

Eugene: Veigue, we're going outside! It might be The Royal Shield.


<Outside Of The Inn>

Veigue: Are you okay?
????: Eh...Erh...
Annie: You'll be alright! It's just a surface wound!
Tytree: What's wrong, what happened!?
Mao: Something big's headed this way!!
Tytree: The Royal Shield again...!?
Mao: Right over there!!
Tytree: But there's no one there!?
Tytree: H, hey, a person just appeared out of thin air!!
Annie: That person's...those horns...!!
?????: What a sickening stare. Are Halfs really that unusual.
All: *screams*
Tytree: W, what the hell was that for!!
?????: Hand over that girl.
Tytree: That again!
Veigue: Who the hell are you!
Eugene: What do you intend to do with this girl!?
?????: I am Militsa. It is my duty to take that girl into custody and bring her
       back to Callegea Castle.
Annie: If I'm not mistaken, the only female among The Four Stars is
       Militsa...but to think that she was a Half...
Mao: Eugene! This isn't another trap using a fleeing woman, is it?
Eugene: I cannot confirm it, but...
Militsa: Eugene...? I see...the former commander of The Royal Shield...
Militsa: So you must be the Force Users who are impeding our progress...then
         you shall feel the fury of my Force of Rainbow.
Tytree: What the!? She made shadow clones of herself!?
All: *screams*
????: No...NO!!
Mao: Ah, wait a minute...!
Militsa: You won't get away...
Tytree: H, hold it...
Militsa: You're in the way!
Party: *screams*
Militsa: Hmph...
Veigue: Chase after Militsa! That girl's in danger...!

Skit #177 [SKI177]
「逃亡者を救え」 Aid The Runaway

Eugene: In any case, look for the Huma girl from earlier. We have to find her
        before Militsa does and protect her!

Skit #178 [SKI178]
「手がかりはあの娘」 That Girl Is The Key

Eugene:...That girl...judging from her ragged appearance, she must have been
       fleeing for her life.
Mao: Eugene, if you say stuff like that, you're going to end up alarming
     Veigue again.
Veigue: No...she might know something about Claire...
Eugene: Right, let's find her and ask.

Skit #179 [SKI179]
「ミリッツア追走」 Chase Down Militsa

Tytree: Where is Militsa!? There's going to be trouble if she finds that girl
        before we do!


<On The Western Side Of The Town>

Tytree: Dammit...where'd that girl run off to!
Mao: We have to find her before Militsa does!!
Militsa: Too late.
Annie: Aah!!
Eugene: Are you okay, Annie!
Annie: I'm fine, that was nothing!
Eugene: But...
Militsa: It would have been better if you had stayed down like a good girl.
Veigue: She's coming at us again!!

<After The Fight>

Eugene:...Did we miss her real body!?
Militsa: Don't interfere. I cannot be beaten by the likes of you.
Tytree:...What should we do. What the heck is the Force of Rainbow anyway?
Mao: Is it the ability to create illusions?
Tytree: Those were definitely not illusions.
Veigue: Is it the ability to produce shadow clones?
Tytree: We're going to be in trouble at this rate...
Annie: Rainbow...light, perhaps? It may have to do with light.
Veigue: Light?
Annie: Wouldn't Militsa's Force of Rainbow be the ability to manipulate light
       and create mirage-like images?
Tytree: What do you mean!?
Annie: I think that Militsa is most likely compiling her Force into balls of
       light and fashioning them after herself, which she can then maneuver at
Eugene: If Annie's hypothesis is correct, then those shadow clones are nothing
        more than illusions. It's meaningless to destroy them.
Eugene: We cannot defeat her unless we find her real body and hit it directly.
Mao: But they are perfect copies in every way, so we'll never be able to tell
     them apart. And on top of that, the Force reacts to all of them...
Annie: It can be done.
Mao: Really!?
Annie: As I expected, the key to overcoming the Force of Rainbow which creates
       illusions from light...is light.
Annie: If the images are made out of light, then disturbing the light in the
       surrounding areas should cause them to vanish!
Mao: So in other words, the shadow clones will disappear and only her real body
     will be left behind!
Eugene: I see...so that means we need to think of a way to disrupt the light
        in order to eliminate Militsa's shadow clones.
Veigue: How about steam? With my ice and Mao's flame...
Eugene:...It seems like it's worth trying.
Man's voice: Wah!!
Woman's voice: Stop it!!
Tytree: That woman...she plans to find that girl from earlier even if it means
        digging up the entire city!!
Eugene: We have to stop her!!
Mao: Right! Let's go!

Skit #180 [SKI180]
「チカチカするぜ!!」 They Sting!!

Eugene: Search for the real Militsa!
Tytree: Damn it!! My eyes are stinging!!

Skit #181 [SKI181]
「ミリッツアを探せ!」 Look For Militsa!

Tytree: Which one is the real Militsa anyway...! Man, it's making my head
Eugene: Get a hold of yourself, Tytree. If you get confused, then that is
        exactly what the opponent wants.
Tytree:...Grr...damn it all!

Skit #182 [SKI182]
「本物はどれだ?」 Which Is The Real One?

Annie: We have no choice but to find the real Militsa! The shadow clones
       created by her Force should disappear if we strike at her actual body!


<In Front Of The Inn>

Veigue: Mao, you're up!
Mao: Right...!
Militsa: Where do you think you're aiming at?
Mao: I'm aiming right where I intended!
Veigue: So that's the real Militsa!
Militsa:...H, how did you figure it out...!
Eugene: I'm afraid that your Force of Rainbow is no longer effective against
Veigue: The light has been dispersed!
Eugene: There she is!
Militsa: Aaaahhhh!!
Militsa: Uhn...how could I let this happen...
Tytree: We're not afraid of your lousy shadow clones anymore!!
Militsa:...I can dispose of you wretches at my leisure. Right now, locating
        that girl takes precedence...
Veigue: What'd you say!?
Mao: She's over there!!
Tytree: Like we're going to let you escape!!

Skit #183 [SKI183]
「ミリッツア逃走」 Run After Militsa

Eugene: Militsa was headed towards the exit to the north.
Tytree: Militsa's nothing to be afraid of without her cloning trick!

Skit #184 [SKI184]
「ミリッツアを捕らえろ」 Capture Militsa

Eugene: If we capture Militsa, we may learn something about The Royal Shield's
Tytree: It looked like Militsa was making her way to the northern exit of the


<In The Northern Part Of Town>

Militsa: What an utterly loathsome sort you are...loathsome...absolutely
Hilda's voice: Militsa!!
Tytree: Hilda...!?
Militsa: So you were alive, Hilda...
Hilda: Militsa...there is no need for us to fight for The Royal Shield any
Militsa: What are you trying to say?
Hilda: We've been tricked by Tohma!! We won't obtain some "Pure Body". That was
       simply a story that he made up in order to take advantage of us!!
Hilda: So that's why we shouldn't fight any more meaningless battles...
Militsa: Why should I care?
Hilda: Eh...!?
Militsa: Where else are Halfs like us welcome outside of The Royal Shield?
Hilda: Well, that I...
Militsa: Don't interfere, Hilda. Otherwise, I will eradicate you as well.
Hilda: Open your eyes, Militsa!!
Militsa: Get out of the way, Hilda.
Militsa: I'm serious...
Hilda:...Why? Why do we have to take up arms like this?
Hilda: Hadn't we grown up together up until now. And yet, now we...I don't
       want to have to face a fellow Half like this...!!
Militsa:...You renounced your horns. You cast aside the fact that you are a
        Half! Do not speak as if we are the same!
Hilda: Stop it, Militsa...stop!
Veigue: Hilda! Watch out!

<After The Fight>

Eugene: Stand down, Militsa! You've lost.
Mao: Hey, why were you chasing after that girl? What is The Royal Shield going
     to do with the captured women?
Militsa: I know nothing. There was no need to know and I am better off not
Hilda: Militsa...
Militsa: Hilda...without a doubt, the time will come when you will regret
         this...there is no place where we belong...
Veigue: She vanished...
Mao: The signs of her Force have completely disappeared. It looks like she's
     left the city.
Eugene: Well then, let's search for that girl from earlier.
Mao: Oh, that's right!! I forgot!!
Eugene: She must possess some important information for The Royal Shield to go
        out of their way to retrieve her.
Veigue: She might have heard something about Claire and Selena too.
Eugene: Right. Let's search for her.
Veigue: Hilda...what are you going to do?
Hilda: Huh...?
Veigue: Why don't you come with us?
Hilda:...Are you serious?
Veigue: A place where you belong...
Hilda: Eh...?
Veigue: Militsa had mentioned that there was no place for Halfs to go, so...
Hilda:...So you pity me, is that it? Because I'm a Half...
Veigue: Pity...?
Hilda: You feel sorry for me, don't you? "The poor little thing!", that's what
       you're thinking since I'm a Half, isn't it?
Tytree:...Humas, Gajumas, Halfs...what the heck are those anyway!?
Tytree: Kind-hearted people and not-so-kind-hearted people. In other words...
        right versus wrong. If a thing such as race exists, then it has to be
        one of those two things.
Tytree: Tohma, the one whom you have a grudge against, is evil. If you defeat
        him, then you will become just.
Hilda: But I tried to kill all of you...
Eugene: If you feel sorry for attacking us, then how about repaying your debt
        by lending us your strength. We have witnessed your fighting
        capabilities firsthand, and we would like to have you as a companion.
Hilda: I can't stand partnerships.
Hilda: But, I will pay back what is due...to you, and to that Tohma without
Annie: Then that means...!
Hilda: Yes...I'll go with you.
Mao: Welcome to the group, Hilda.
Hilda: Quit it. I said that I didn't like people getting cozy with me, didn't
Tytree: That reminds me, there's something that I need to return to you.
Tytree: Here you go.
Hilda: These are...
Tytree: I can't very well have this sticking out of my back forever, you know.
Mao: Hey, what kind of card is that?
Hilda: The Reverse Death...
Tytree: Hey now, that sounds ominous...
Hilda: No...the Reverse Death symbolizes..."A Great Turning Point," and
Tytree: Man, I give up. That's just way over my head...you know.
Veigue: Alright, let's go.

Hilda has become your companion.

Veigue + Annie
Mao + Eugene
Tytree + Hilda
Hi-ougis between these party members are now available.

Read the Battlebook?

Hilda's possession, the Collector's Book, has been added as a Valuable Item.
Valuable Item: Collector's Book
An indispensable book for item collectors. Try to complete it!
You received the Collector's Book.

Skit #185 [SKI185]
「あの娘はどこに?」 Where Is That Girl?

Veigue: We might learn something about Claire if we ask that girl...
Eugene: Yes, I'd like to inquire about The Royal Shield's objective as well.
        Let's search anywhere that looks like a potential hiding place.

Skit #186 [SKI186]
「ミリッツアについて」 About Militsa

Tytree: I feel sorry for Militsa too.
Tytree: At best, she's convinced that there's no other place besides The Royal
        Shield where she belongs, right?
Hilda:...I'm not so sure about that...
Tytree: It's true...besides, even if you claim that that is where you belong,
        Tohma tricked the two of you, didn't he?
Hilda:...I cannot forgive Tohma for what he's done...I don't think that he is
      right, either. But...
Hilda: The Royal Shield was the only place...that acknowledged and accepted a
       Half such as myself...

Skit #187 [SKI187]
「そんなの!」 No, That's...!

Mao: Say, are Halfs really that rare?
Annie:...Up until now, I had never met a single Half person before...
Annie: My father once told me that they were extremely uncommon...
Mao: You mean he said that Humas and Gajumas hardly ever fall in love?
Annie: No, that's!...that's...
Annie: That's only natural, isn't it...
Annie: For love to exist between a Huma and a Gajuma is just...

Skit #188 [SKI188]
「ヒルダのカ一ド」 Hilda's Cards

Mao: Hey Hilda, what are those cards that you carry around with you?
Hilda: They're cards used for fortune-telling...
Mao: They look pretty old...did someone give them to you?
Hilda: Who knows...

Skit #189 [SKI189]
「大人ですね」 You're An Adult, Aren't You

Annie: Hilda, may I ask how old you are?
Hilda: Me...? I'm 21...
Annie: Wow, you're an adult, aren't you.
Hilda:...How about you...?
Annie: I'm 15 years old.
Hilda:...I see, you're still a child then...

Skit #190 [SKI190]
「居場所...」 A Place To Belong To...

Tytree: Say, Hilda...a place to belong to...is that something that someone
        usually gives to you?
Tytree: Someone like me wouldn't understand the pain and suffering that you
        Halfs go through. But you know...
Tytree: If it were me, I think that I would just make my own little place
        where I belong...even if I had to force myself.
Mao: Yeah exactly, just like when you decided to join us of your own accord,
Hilda:...Make a place where I belong for myself...

Skit #191 [SKI191]
「なんでだろ...」 I Wonder Why...

Tytree: Hey Veigue...have you ever met a Half before?
Veigue: No, Hilda is the first one...what about you?
Tytree: Me too...I had never heard or even thought of Humas and Gajumas
        getting married or anything like that...
Tytree: I wonder why...even though I think that we are both the same people,
        why hadn't I thought about that sort of thing...
Tytree: For some reason...it irritates me...I feel like I'm talking about
        something really unpleasant...
Veigue:...Yeah, you're right...

Skit #192 [SKI192]
「幸せの子」 Miracle Children

Veigue: Eugene, did you know anything about Halfs?
Eugene: Yes, somewhat...but like the rest of you, I had never actually seen
        one until I met Hilda...
Eugene: I've heard that Halfs have weak bodies and that many die at a young
Eugene: Because of that, I believe that Hilda and Militsa really are miracle

Skit #193 [SKI193]
「ぼうや」 Boy

Mao: Let's see...Hilda, how old did you say you were again?
Mao: Eh? Should I not have asked that?
Hilda: It's a breach of etiquette to ask a lady about her age or weight. You'd
       best remember that, boy.
Mao: What was that! You'd better not treat me like a kid, you hear!!
Hilda: Getting angry like that is what makes you a child, you know...

Skit #194 [SKI194]
「それでいい」 That's Good

Eugene: What do you guys think about Halfs?
Veigue:...I was surprised at first, but...they're not that different from us,
       are they...?
Eugene:...Yes, you're right...but...there are many people who cannot view them
       that way...
Tytree: Why is that! What is it about being a Half that's so wrong!?
Tytree:...Huh, what's with the happy look on your face?
Eugene:...No, I was just thinking that with young people like you two around,
       I'm sure that someday, everyone will understand...
Eugene:...Remember this doubt and anger that you have, and forever treasure
       these feelings...

Skit #195 [SKI195]
「身を隠すなら...」 If I Were To Hide...

Mao: It looks like Militsa is gone, so we need to find that lady from earlier.
Tytree: Where would I hide, where would I hide, if I were you...


<Inside Of A House>

????: !!!
Veigue: So you were safe.
????: W, what about the person who was chasing me...?
Veigue: It's okay, she's no longer in the city.
????:...I, I've been saved...haven't I...
Eugene: Why was Militsa after you?
Tytree: My older sister and Veigue's girlfriend were...they were abducted by
        The Royal Shield. That's why we'd like you to tell us anything that
        you know about them.
Veigue: She's only a childhood friend.
Tytree: What are you correcting me for? Wasn't she your girlfriend?
Annie: Tytree, this isn't the time to be discussing this.
Tytree: Yeah, you're right, but...
????: Is it true...? Did they really take your friends and family too...?
Veigue: Yes...so, please tell us what happened...
????:...I understand...I'll tell you what I know if that's what you want...
????: I'm Susie. I was captured in the city of Belsas by a Gajuma and a Huma.
Mao: That had to have been Saleh and Tohma...
Susie: I was transported by boat along with some other girls.
Veigue: Where to?
Susie:...To Callegea Castle.
Tytree: By Callegea Castle, you mean the castle where the Queen lives, right?
        The one in the capital city, Balka, that castle?
Susie: That's right...there were a large number of Huma girls like me that had
       been gathered from all over the country.
Veigue: Were any of the girls there named Claire or Selena?
Susie: Eh...? I don't think so...are those the people you are looking for?
Tytree: Yeah...
Annie: Are all of the captured women safe and sound?
Susie: Yes...aside from the fact that we were not allowed to leave the room,
       we were not bothered or exposed to any danger.
Mao: It sounds like what Saleh said is true: they really are taking good care
     of the Huma girls.
Veigue:...Yes, it seems that way.
Tytree: Hilda, don't you know something about this?
Hilda: No, I haven't heard anything like that.
Tytree: I see...
Eugene: And then?
Susie: Then, I met with the Queen...Lady Agarte...
Veigue: Queen Agarte...
Imperial Guard: All hands at attention!!
Imperial Guard: It is time for an audience with the ruler of Callegea, Her
                Majesty, Queen Agarte!
Imperial Guard: This day, the one honored to be chosen by Her Majesty is Susie
                Quess. Step forward!
Susie: Y, yes...
Imperial Guard: This person who appears before you is Her Majesty's aide, Lady
                Zilva! Show your respect!
Zilva: There is nothing to worry about. Due to her social standing, there have
       not been many occasions for Her Majesty The Queen to associate with
       young ladies of a similar age.
Zilva: Therefore, even if it is but a brief respite from her official duties,
       she would love the opportunity to converse with you over tea.
Zilva: Please, I ask that you grant Lady Agarte's modest request.
Susie: Very well...
Zilva: Thank you. I am grateful for your kindness.
Agarte: So you are Susie?
Susie: Yes, my Queen.
Agarte: Be at ease. Now, come here...
Susie: Y, yes...
Agarte: What a pretty face...
Susie: Eh...n, no, not at all...it is nothing...compared to Your Majesty...
Susie: A, after all...I have never seen a Gajuma woman as beautiful as Your
       Majesty before...
Agarte: I wonder if you have laid eyes upon a Huma woman who is more attractive
        than myself...
Susie: Not at all...Your Ladyship is the most...beautiful of all...
Agarte:...Is that what you truly think?
Susie: Yes...it's the truth. You are very...extremely attractive...But you
       possess more than just beauty...you are also elegant...and so
Agarte: Thank you, Susie...for calling someone such as myself beautiful...
Susie: Y, Your Highness...?
Agarte: If you are so pleased with this body, then I shall...bestow it upon
Susie: At that moment, it appears that I lost consciousness...When I came to,
       I could hear a voice off in the distance...
Zilva:...Princess!! Princess, are you all right?
Agarte: Why...why does it reject me? If, if we don't make haste...
Zilva: Princess, we will find it without a doubt. So please, have patience. It
       will surely come to pass before long...
Agarte:...Zilva...I cause nothing but trouble for you...I am sorry...
Zilva: What are you saying, Princess. It is my duty to serve you...do not
       concern yourself with such matters.
Zilva: Well then, shall we be on our way, Princess? Please allow me to handle
Susie: The next time I awoke, I was back in the room I was in before.
Veigue:...And then...?
Susie: I'm not too sure, but I thought that something even more terrible would
       happen to me if I remained there.
Susie: I then faked illness and when I left the room, I quickly hid myself in
       a garbage bag that was laying there until I was taken outside of the
Susie: After that, I climbed onto a ship out of desperation and somehow made it
       to this city, but I was discovered by one of the Queen's pursuers...
Mao: You're talking about Militsa.
Susie: And when I had thought that it was the end of the road for me, you all
       appeared...thank you, you truly saved me...
Susie: That is all I can tell you...
Eugene:...Susie, thank you. So, what do you plan to do from here on?
Susie: I want to return to Belsas since my father is probably worried about me,
Eugene: Militsa was wounded and has fled, but another pursuer will come after
        you. They may follow you to Belsas.
Mao: That's right. Wouldn't it be better to stay in this city for a while until
     things calm down?
Susie: Yes...thank you. I would like to show my appreciation, so please come
       visit me if you are ever in Belsas.
Mao: I wonder if the Queen met with any of the girls besides Susie? Or was
     Susie special somehow?
Tytree: Whatever the case, it doesn't seem like she's just searching for
        someone to keep her company during tea time.
Annie: I wonder what happened while Susie was unconscious?
Eugene: Moreso than what happened, I'm concerned about what caused her to lose
        consciousness in the first place...
Veigue: There's no doubt that the Queen tried to do something to that girl.
        But it didn't go well...
Hilda: And then, she seems to be in a rush to accomplish something as soon as
Mao: In a rush, huh. It certainly felt that way from Susie's story, but...I
     wonder what they are in a hurry to do?
Tytree: Hmm...I haven't the slightest! What in the world is the Queen trying
        to do!?
Eugene: But in any case, it appears we have confirmation that the captured
        girls are safe.
Mao: As long as they don't try to escape like Susie did, anyway.
Mao: Hm? I wonder if something is going on?
Tytree: Let's go check it out.

Skit #196 [SKI196]
「ティトレイ、大激怒」 Tytree's Fury

Mao: That poor Susie must have been frightened to death. She got her clothes
     dirty and everything...
Tytree: Yeah, even if it's the Queen's orders, there are some things that you
        just shouldn't do!
Tytree: I hope that Sis and Claire don't go through something like that...
Tytree: In any case, damn the Queen! I'm going to clobber her for sure when we

Skit #197 [SKI197]
「何があったんだ?」 What's Happened?

Tytree: It looks like something's going on over there.
Mao: Let's take a look.


<In Front Of The Inn>

Callegean Soldier: Now for the announcement. On the upcoming Day of Goldba, a
                   crowning ceremony will be held in honor of Her Majesty's
                   ascension to the throne.
Mao: A crowning ceremony? Why on the Day of Goldba, I wonder?
Eugene: The Day of Goldba commemorates the day when the ancient hero Goldba,
        along with many others, established the kingdom of Callegea and rose to
        the throne as the first ruler of this country.
Eugene: Her Majesty probably thought to liken her rise to power with historical
        events by having her crowning ceremony on that day.
Callegean Soldier: There were pressing matters to address after the death of
                   King Ladras, so the Queen complied with having only an
                   informal coronation ceremony. However, the country has
                   settled down at last, so that has become the occasion for
                   this celebration.
Callegean Soldier: In addition, as an added measure of security, all ports
                   except for the one in Babilograd will be sealed off and
                   traffic to and from the capital Balka is prohibited until
                   the conclusion of the crowning ceremony.
Tytree: So that is why the harbors were closed off?
Eugene: No...the atmosphere felt too imposing for it to be simply a security
Veigue: Is this related to The Royal Shield's movements...?
Eugene: Yes...it might be.
Mao:...Does the fact that they are gathering girls have some connection to the
    crowning ceremony being held on the Day of Goldba?
Annie: Do you mean that they are collecting girls for the ceremony?
Tytree: I'm not quite sure why, but I have a bad feeling about this...
Veigue: We don't have that much time left until the Day of Goldba...
Eugene: If Susie's story is true, then the final destination for the kidnapped
        Huma girls should be Callegea Castle.
Tytree: Then Sis and Claire are both...
Veigue: Let's hurry to Balka. He said that the boats are running in Babilograd,
        didn't he.
Eugene: Right...however, the journey won't be easy.
Eugene: In order to reach Babilograd from here, we must traverse through the
        Kurodadaku Desert.
Mao: Right, the desert heat is brutal and there's no water either, so brace
     yourselves! Let's head out once we've finished with our preparations!
Hilda:...The Upright Moon...uneasiness...doubt...
Tytree: Hm?
Hilda: It's nothing...
Tytree: Alright, let's go!!

Skit #198 [SKI198]
「とりあえずの目的地」 Our Destination For Now

Eugene: First, let's head towards the Kurodadaku Desert. Exit the city and
        head west on the Tel Alla Highway.

Skit #199 [SKI199]
「ひとまず砂漠へ」 To The Desert For Now

Tytree: Let's leave the city after we're done preparing. We proceed to the
        southwest, right?


<As You Attempt To Leave Sunnytown>

Veigue: Claire...wait for me...

<Veigue Side-->Claire Side>

Saleh: Well then, let's rest here for today. I think that you already know
       this, but I will be outside along with the guards.
Saleh: It's not in your best interests to come up with any strange ideas
       either. There are those among us who don't know how to exercise
       restraint, if you know what I mean.
Saleh: Heh heh...it's all right. I will guarantee your safety as long as
       everyone behaves themselves.
Saleh: You all are very valuable, after all. No harm will ever befall you. So
       do not cry or grieve, for your sorrow will end up casting a shadow over
       your beauty.
Saleh: Well then, see you later.

NOTE: At this point, you are supposed to talk to all of the other girls with
Claire. If you don't care about what's being said, then just skip down a bit.


Woman: What's going to happen to us from here on?
Claire: Calm down, Helen. My childhood friend, Veigue, will
come to save us, no matter what.
Helen: Really? Are you sure?
...Up until now, Veigue has come for me every time
something's happened to me...so let's both do our

Selena: Thank goodness that you are here, Claire. I am able to keep my spirits
        since you cheer everyone up.
Claire: Oh no...I can only do it because you are here, Selena...
Selena: Let's get through this together. Surely someone will come to rescue us.
        Believe in that...
Claire: Yes...

I want...to go home...I want to see my mother...
Claire: Wipe your tears, Mira. I'm sure that you'll be able to return home.
Mira: You're just saying that...I'll never make it back safely...None of us
      ever will...
Claire: That's not true, Mira. Please, smile.
Claire: Things will turn our way if we think positively.

Woman: I want to run away...if only I had a special power like Tohma...
Claire:...Rebecca. There has to be a way out of this. Let's think about it
Rebecca: For all of us, together...?
Claire: That's right. So don't think like that, okay.

Woman: Why did it have to be us!? What have we done wrong?
Claire: Fahm, you and I...we didn't do anything wrong. The ones who are at
        fault are the people who captured us.
Fahm: Then why are we the ones who are shut up in a place like this?
Fahm: What on earth are they going to do to us from now on?
Claire: That...I don't know...I'm sorry...I'm really sorry...

Woman: I feel better when I look at you and Selena. We'll be saved for sure,
Claire: Yes, we certainly will, Maya.
Maya: I'm glad that I could meet you, Claire...
Maya: Will you be my friend after we get out of here?
Claire: What are you saying? We're already friends, aren't we?
Maya: Claire...


<After Talking To All Of The Girls In The Room>

Claire: Veigue...where are you right now? Are you close...?
Claire: I know...I know that you'll come for me...Veigue...

<Flashback Scene>

Claire:...I'm okay, Veigue. It's just a little bruise, that's all.
Veigue:...Your wound...is it really all right?
Claire: Yes...thank you for coming to my rescue. I wouldn't have been able to
        climb back up that cliff by myself...
Veigue: I'll come to save you anytime. Whenever you're in trouble...whenever
Claire: Heh heh...oh, Veigue...hearing that makes me so happy...

<Claire Side-->Veigue Side>

Tytree: Veigue, whatcha doing? You'll get left behind, you know.
Veigue: Sorry, I'm on my way.

Skit #200 [SKI200]
「砂漠を進め」 Move Through The Desert

Veigue: Eugene, about how far is it until we reach Babilograd?
Eugene: It's still a ways off. In any case, for now we have to cross the desert

Skit #201 [SKI201]
「クレアさんの想い」 Claire's Thoughts

Mao: Veigue, that charm is really important to you, isn't it?
Veigue: Yes...just having this makes me feel as if I am being protected by
Mao: I'm sure that it's filled with Claire's thoughts and feelings.
Tytree: What is it? Got some interesting story?
Mao: Man! Tytree, you completely ruined the mood! Pay more attention to your
Tytree: What's with this, all of a sudden! You're completely negating my
        existence here!

Skit #202 [SKI202]
「今だって」 Even Now

Eugene: Hilda, did you truly believe what Tohma told you?
Hilda: That I could obtain the body of a pure person...?...I believe it even
Hilda: The world is a big place, you know. You cannot say with certainty that
       such a method doesn't exist simply because Tohma didn't know about it,
       can you.
Hilda: I don't think it will be so bad to spend the rest of my days searching
       for a way.
Eugene: The world's a big place...there might also be people out there who
        will accept the fact that you are a Half.

Skit #203 [SKI203]
「忘れたわ」 I've Forgotten

Mao: Hey Hilda, you looked at a card earlier, right? What card was it?
Hilda: I've forgotten...
Mao: Was it a...bad card, by any chance?
Hilda: It doesn't matter, does it...?
Mao:...So it was a bad card after all.

Skit #204 [SKI204]
「私が与えたもの」 What I Was Given

Veigue: Hilda...didn't you hear about what the Queen and The Royal Shield are
Hilda:...All that I received from Tohma were orders to eliminate Eugene and
      his companions.
Hilda: It wasn't necessary for them to tell me anything besides when, where,
       and what I was supposed to do...
Hilda: Not to an assassination tool like me anyway...

Skit #205 [SKI205]
「バビログラ一ドの遠い道」 The Distant Road To Babilograd

Eugene: If you go past the desert and cross the bridge to the southern
        continent, the entrance to Babilograd lies there.

<As You Approach The Desert>

Skit #206 [SKI206]
「歌うマオ・2」 Singing Mao Part 2

Mao: Shoo-, shoo-...
Mao: Shooting star~
Mao: Can you make my wish come true~
Annie: Tee hee...what song is that?
Mao: You like it? I made it up myself. It's the Star Song!
Annie: He he he...
Mao: Flow, flowing~
Mao: O flowing star~
Mao: I wonder if I too~
Mao: Will flow away with you~
Tytree: What a weird song...


<After You Enter The Desert>

Tytree: Man, is it hot!
Eugene: Saying that only makes heat all the more unbearable.
Tytree: Hey Veigue, won't you make some ice for me?
Veigue: I refuse.
Tytree: Then Annie, make it rain for me...
Annie: What are you saying...
Tytree: We have to cross over this desert in order to get to Babilograd, don't
Eugene: That's right. If we're taking the land route, then there's no way to
        bypass the Kurodadaku Desert.
Tytree: This desert...it's awful...four and a half stars worth...
Tytree: Uaaaahhh!!
Party: Tytree!
Mao: Hey, you okay?
Mao: Farewell, Tytree. You were an airhead, but we'll still miss you.
Tytree: Don't go killing people off like that!!
Annie: Tytree! Are you all right!?
Tytree: I'm better than all right, I feel fantastic!
Annie: Do you suppose that he bumped his head on the way down...?
Mao:...He was like that to begin with, wasn't he?
Tytree: I can hear you, you know!! I didn't hit my head or anything!!
Mao: Well, what else are we supposed to think when you say that you feel
Tytree: It's cool in here, that's what's so great!
Annie: It's cool!? Even if you take the shade into account, there shouldn't be
       that much of a temperature difference...
Eugene: What do you mean, Tytree?
Tytree: I'm talking about water! There's water down here! The water is flowing
        from the inner part of the cavern, so it's cool!
Mao: Is he talking about an underground river?
Tytree: Just come down here already, will ya. There's a ladder somewhere,
Mao: What should we do?
Annie: I want to try going down there. There's something that I would like to
       confirm real quick.
Veigue: We can't very well leave him by himself like that either.
Eugene: It's decided then.

Skit #207 [SKI207]
「おかしい...」 How Strange...

Veigue: How strange...the landscape is shifting...
Mao: Veigue, people call that heat haze!
Veigue: Heat haze?
Mao: In short, it's a natural phenomenon where things appear to warp due to
     the heat.
Mao: I bet you've never seen one before since you were born in a cold region.
Veigue: Yeah, this is the first time...


<After Going Down The Well>

Annie: I thought so...
Tytree: See, it's quite refreshing in here, isn't it?
Mao: It sure is! These passages look like they link up somewhere too.
Veigue: What is this place exactly...?
Annie: This is Karez.
Tytree: Karez? What's that supposed to be?
Eugene: Karez, huh...if that's the case, then Tytree deserves the credit for
        finding this place.
Annie:...Yes. It might be safer to follow these waterways instead of crossing
      the desert.
Tytree: Hey now. It's nice that you two are getting along so well, but let the
        rest of us in on this too, okay.
Annie: We are most certainly NOT getting along!
Tytree: What gives? You don't have to deny it so adamantly, do you.
Eugene:...Karez refers to these underground channels.
Mao: Is it something that somebody built?
Annie: Long ago, the people connected wells to this underground water vein and
       it became the source of life for the desert town.
Veigue: What did you mean when you said that Tytree deserves the credit?
Annie: There is a strong possibility that this waterway leads to a place where
       there are people.
Mao: I get it! They wouldn't go through the trouble of directing the water to
     a place where it wasn't needed.
Tytree:...So you're saying...that we should walk around down here, right?
Hilda: It looks like it's headed in the right direction. We don't know how far
       we can go, but this is better than walking around in the desert.
Eugene: Nevertheless, we don't know what lies ahead. Proceed with extreme
Tytree: Alright!! Let's go as far as we can then!!

Skit #208 [SKI208]
「アニ一の日記・1」 Annie's Dairy Part 1
NOTE: You may be able to trigger this one earlier in Sunnytown after Hilda
joins your party, but I know it is available after you enter Karez. You must
stay at the inn in order to view this Skit.

Annie: Let's see...today, I...there...
Tytree: Oh? Annie, you're keeping a diary? Impressive, impressive indeed.
Annie: Gyah...Tytree! Please don't look!
Tytree: What's the big deal, a little peek won't hurt, will it? It's not like
        it's going to lose its value or anything.
Annie:...If it's seen by you, then I have a feeling that it will won't ever be
      the same again...
Tytree: What is THAT supposed to mean!?

Skit #209 [SKI209]
「カレ一ズについて」 About Karez

Tytree: Say, why underground? Channels are supposed to be above ground, aren't
Annie: It's not a simple matter to construct a waterway on top of sand, you
Annie: Besides, if they build it underground, that can also prevent evaporation
       from occurring.
Tytree: Oh, I see, I see. It kills two birds with one stone.

Skit #210 [SKI210]
「ふたりきりの旅路・2」 Just The Two Of Us Part 2

Tytree: Mao, Eugene, after you two left the army to go on a journey, what did
        you do about your meals?
Eugene: I was in charge of that. I could only make basic army grub though.
Mao: That's not true. Your food was pretty elaborate and well-made!
Eugene: Is that so...now that you mention it, the rice porridge that you made
        for me when I caught that cold was delicious...

Skit #211 [SKI211]
「ヒルダの占い指南・1」 Hilda's Fortune-Telling Guidance Part 1

Annie: E, excuse me...Hilda...could you possibly read my fortune for me?
Hilda: Huh...why do you ask all of a sudden...?
Annie:...I'm a little curious...um, but if I'm troubling you...then I...
Hilda:...You're not bothering me, but...are you sure? I'm not an expert at
      this or anything...
Annie: Oh, but Hilda, you wouldn't want to waste your time on someone like
       me...that's it, isn't it?
Hilda:...That's not what I...it's not a problem, so I'll tell you your fortune
      if that's what you want...
Hilda: A simple fortune that can be done with tarot cards, that is.
Annie: Y, yes...if you would please!

Skit #212 [SKI212]
「ティトレイ、素朴な疑問」 Tytree's Naive Inquiry

Tytree: Why does Annie get so irritated when we talk about  Eugene?
Mao:...Annie doesn't have many good sentiments towards Eugene for a variety of
Tytree: Huh, really!? I completely missed that...so, what are those reasons?
Mao: Hmm...it's really complicated. I'll tell you the whole story some other
     time when we get a chance.

Skit #213 [SKI213]
「ユ一ジ一ンのみだしなみ・1」 Eugene's Appearance Part 1
NOTE: Eugene acquires the title Dandy after viewing this Skit.

Tytree: Eugene, that tail pouch of yours is pretty stylish.
Eugene: Oh, you mean this. This is basically the Gajuma equivalent of a hat
        except that it's for our tails...
Eugene: Mine is of the same quality that is used in official locations and by
        the royal family.
Mao: Eugene, you're surprisingly quite the fashion statement.
Veigue: A so-called high class accessory, huh...
Eugene: Hmm, well...something like that...I suppose you could call it the
        gentleman's wardrobe...

Skit #214 [SKI214]
「ゴルドバ」 Goldba

Veigue: Eugene...doesn't the Day of Goldba have any other meaning aside from
        it being the anniversary of the crowning of our first king?
Eugene: No, not particularly, but...
Eugene: Hmm, Goldba, huh...if I'm not mistaken, there's something called the
        Moon of Goldba...
Veigue: The Moon of Goldba...?
Eugene: It's a sacred stone that is said to be passed down in the royal family
        from generation to generation, but they are the only ones who know the
Tytree: The Day of Goldba and the Moon of Goldba...ah, it's no use...I can't
        figure it out...!

Skit #215 [SKI215]
「涼しいネ」 It Sure Is Cool

Mao: Wow...it sure is cool! I want to stay in here forever.
Eugene: I don't mind if you want to stay here, but we'll leave without you.
Mao: No! Don't leave me behind like that, please!
Mao: Just kidding!


<As You Approach A Rock In The Path>

Veigue: There's a rock blocking the way.
Eugene: Let me handle this.

<After The Fight>

Tytree: Yeesh! Scared the crap out of me!
Veigue: To think that a Virus would fall out with the sand...
Eugene: It seems that there used to be wells above us. It had probably become
        a Virus nest and it ended up collapsing. I misjudged my power...sorry.
Tytree: Don't sweat it! But I wonder why they stopped using the wells?
Hilda: Who knows...in any case, this means that we need to be careful about
       determining how much power to use if we come across another place like
Eugene: Right. Let's be careful.

Eugene's Force of Steel can smash rocks that are blocking the waterways. The
length of time that you spend holding the Force button (Square button) changes
its destructive power, so exercise caution and moderate it accordingly when
breaking rocks.

Skit #216 [SKI216]
「バイラスも...」 Viruses Too...

Tytree: So Viruses cool themselves off in wells too, don't they.
Mao:...Tytree, are you serious?

Skit #217 [SKI217]
「さっさと」 Without Delay

Hilda: The humidity makes me feel sick for some reason...let's leave this
       place without delay.


<After Making Some Progress Through Karez>

Veigue: What's wrong, Annie?
Annie:...I'm a bit tired.
Tytree: We have been walking in water like this the entire time. There should
        be a place around here where we can take a breather.
Mao: It looks like we can go above ground from here...let's climb up and rest
     for a little!
Annie:...I'm sorry.
Mao: No worries, no worries! Take a break, take a break!

<Above Ground>

Eugene: We should be able to rest here for a while.

<After Resting>

Tytree: Alright! Now, should we head out!!
Hilda: You seem to be enjoying yourself for some strange reason.
Tytree: Hm? Did you say something?
Hilda: Who knows...
Eugene: Do you feel sick or anything?
Annie:...No, it's nothing.
Mao: But you don't look so good, you know?
Annie:...It's nothing, nothing at all. Really.
Eugene: Are you certain?
Annie:...Let's hurry on ahead.
Veigue: Don't push yourself, okay.
Annie: I won't.

Skit #218 [SKI218]
「微妙な二人・2」 The Delicate Two Part 2

Eugene:......Are you all right?
Annie:...It's nothing that I want you to be concerned about...

Skit #219 [SKI219]
「心配」 Concern

Eugene: You really do not look well. Don't you feel ill?
Annie: ...There's nothing wrong with me...and even if there were, I wouldn't
       want someone like you worrying about me...
Tytree: Annie, come on now, you...
Eugene: Tytree...it's fine.
Tytree: But this is...!

Skit #220 [SKI220]
「けっこう繊細」 Fairly Delicate

Tytree: I just don't get it...how can someone go on a journey with a person
        who they hate?
Mao: You mean Annie?
Veigue:...She is finding answers in her own way.
Tytree: Huh?...Good gravy, she's sure doing things the hard way...
Mao: Not everyone goes through life on such general terms like you do, Tytree.
Tytree: I may not look it, but I'm actually quite naive, you know?
Mao: Yeah, yeah...

<After Descending The Ladder>

Skit #221 [SKI221]
「マオのコワイお話・2」 Mao's Scary Tale Part 2

Mao: It sure is creepy in here since it's so dim. At any time, from the middle
     of the darkness...
Mao: A Virus will go "Boo!!," and...!
Mao: Huh? Annie, you're not scared?
Annie:...No, I'm not!
Mao: Shucks!

Skit #222 [SKI222]
「カレ一ズを突破せよ」 Break Through Karez

Tytree: It's getting colder and colder...let's get out of here pronto.


<After Reaching The End Of Karez>

Tytree: Ahh!! O radiant Sun, you feel awesome!
Hilda: Weren't you the one who said, "I'm hot, so make me some ice" before we
       entered Karez?
Tytree: You mustn't dwell on the past. Live in the future...Hilda.
Tytree: Right, so that settles it...
Eugene: We still have a fair distance to travel before we leave the desert.
Hilda: It's unreasonable to try to make it across in a single trip, I suppose.
Veigue: Isn't there a place around here where people live?
Hilda: Let's see, around here...there's a village called Anikamal. I think that
       it was just a little bit further.
Eugene: Right. It shouldn't be that far. It lies to the south from here.
Tytree: Then we'll rest for a minute at that Anikamal place, and after that,
        it's a straight shot to Babilograd!
Mao: Then let's make tracks!!
Eugene, Mao, & Tytree: Annie!!
Veigue: What an awful fever...
Tytree: Hey, Annie! Pull yourself together!!
Hilda: I wonder if it's because of this heat...?
Eugene: I don't know...whatever the reason, it's dangerous to leave her like
Mao: What should we do...
Eugene: Let's search for a doctor in Anikamal.
Veigue: Let's hurry!!

Annie has been removed from the battle party.

Skit #223 [SKI223]
「アニカマルへ」 To Anikamal

Eugene: Let's go to a place where we can tend to Annie. If you head south
        through the desert, Anikamal is there.

Skit #224 [SKI224]
「アニカマルへ急げ」 Hurry To Anikamal

Tytree: Annie's fever is getting worse...! If we don't get to Anikamal soon...!


<After Entering Anikamal>

Tytree: So this is Anikamal, huh. Do they even have a doctor in such an
        out-of-the-way place?
Eugene: For the moment, let's go to the inn and let Annie rest. We'll look for
        a doctor after that.

<After Going Inside The Inn>

Tytree: There you go. Now, let's bring a doctor here on the double!!
Annie: *breathing heavily*
Hilda: She seems to be having more difficulty breathing now than she did
Veigue: Let's hurry.

Skit #225 [SKI225]
「医者はどこだ?」 Where Is The Doctor?

Veigue: If we don't find a doctor soon and have Annie treated, then...
Eugene: Please...endure for just a little bit longer...Annie...

Skit #226 [SKI226]
「医者の不養生」 A Doctor's Self-Neglect

Hilda: The doctor's self-neglect, huh...
Mao: What's that?
Hilda: It means that doctors are often so busy healing other people that they
       never get around to taking care of their own health.
Mao: That's what going on with Annie right now, isn't it...
Eugene:...It's my fault...

Skit #227 [SKI227]
「ヴェイグ、おまえもか?」 Veigue, You Too?

Tytree: This town is too hot for words...it's amazing how people can live in a
        place like this...
Veigue: Yeah...I can't...stop sweating...
Tytree: What, so you're not good at dealing with the heat either, are you,
Veigue:...We don't have days that get this hot in Sulz, so...
Veigue:...No, this goes way beyond hot...ugh...

Skit #228 [SKI228]
「医者はいないのか!?」 Isn't There A Doctor!?

Veigue: Isn't there a doctor...? Where are they...?
Eugene: Let's try asking the people of the town.


<Talking To The Innkeeper>

Veigue: Isn't there a doctor somewhere?
Inn Landlady: I'm a little busy...ask someone else...

Skit #229 [SKI229]
「なんだよ!」 What's The Deal!

Tytree: What is the deal with this village...! Are the residents here a bunch
        of animals or what...!
Eugene: Don't say things like that. We need to search for a doctor.

Skit #230 [SKI230]
「変な感じだよネ」 A Weird Feeling

Mao:...This place feels weird for some reason, doesn't it...
Veigue:...Let's try talking to some other people too.


<Talking To The Woman Outside Near The Entrance>

Veigue: We have a sick person. Isn't there a doctor somewhere?
Woman: I have no idea.
Tytree: No idea...you live here, don't you?
Woman: How annoying. You're bothering me, so buzz off.

<Talking To The Man Who Is Fishing>

Veigue: Isn't there a doctor in this village?
Man: Hmm, I wonder.
Mao: Even a medicine shop clerk will do...
Man: Hmm, I wonder.
Eugene: What's with that tone of voice!! Someone is sick, you know!
Man: Oh really, that's too bad.
Eugene: You bastard...!
Mao: Stop it! That's not like you, Eugene!
Eugene: Grr...
Man: Hmph...
Eugene: What should we do!? If we don't do something soon, then Annie will...

<Talking To The Man On The Outskirts Of Town>

????:...Did you need something from me?
Veigue: We're looking for a doctor.
????: Did you find one?
Eugene: We asked the townspeople, but they completely ignored us.
????: I'm not surprised...the people of this village dislike strangers. No, it
      wouldn't be an overstatement to say that they just plain hate them.
Tytree: What's with that, anyway?
????:...Where is the patient?
Eugene: Do you know a doctor?
????: I'll take a look at her for you.
Tytree: Are you a doctor or something?
????: I'm an adventurer.
Mao: An adventurer?
????: Pardon the late introduction...my name is Frantz. I'm an adventurer in
      pursuit of The World's Seven Great Illusions.
Mao: The World's Seven Great Illusions...
Tytree: I don't know much about adventurers, but can you treat a sick person?
Frantz: When you go on an adventure, you pick up a variety of skills. It's not
        much, but I have a working knowledge of medicine as well. At any rate,
        there are no doctors or the like in this village.
Eugene: If that's the case, then could you possibly come to the inn that we are
        staying at?
Frantz: Got it. I'll head right over once I've finished my preparations. Go
        back and wait for me.
Eugene: Please.

Skit #231 [SKI231]
「大丈夫なのか?」 Is It Going To Be All Right?

Veigue: He said that he was an adventurer, but...is it really going to be all
Eugene: Right now, we have no choice but to believe in him. Let's return to
        the inn and wait for his arrival.

Skit #232 [SKI232]
「ひとまず宿屋へ」 Return To The Inn For The Time Being

Veigue: He said to wait at the inn, didn't he...in any case, let's return to
        our room.


<Back At The Inn>

Tytree: How is she, Frantz?
Mao: Frantz?
Frantz:...Unless I'm mistaken...based on my examination, the chances of saving
       this girl are next to zero.
Veigue: You mean that we can't save her? What illness does Annie have
Frantz: Death Garo Fever.
Frantz: Death Garo Fever is said to be...the epidemic that singlehandedly
        wiped out the town that used to be above Karez.
Tytree: Have you ever heard of a disease like that?
Veigue: No, this is the first time I've ever heard of it.
Hilda:...Same with me.
Frantz: It was an extremely brutal disease that swept through the region and
        annihilated everyone. Because of that, talk of it hardly gets around.
Eugene: But why has this disease that Annie has reappeared now after all this
Frantz: I don't know...but she has a high fever and her limbs are abnormally
        cold to the touch. And this swelling in her throat is...
Frantz: Her symptoms are unmistakably similar to those caused by Death Garo
Frantz: This is just my opinion, but I can't help but think that some of the
        original pathogen survived somehow. Could you describe the situation
        prior to her collapse?
Tytree: Annie fainted when we left Karez, right?
Frantz: If that's the case, then this young lady may have been exposed to
        Death Garo Fever while she was in Karez.
Frantz: What happened...after you entered Karez?
Frantz: That's it...the sand from the well.
Mao: The well?
Frantz: The sand inside of the well contains a moderate amount of moisture that
        it absorbs from Karez. That probably provided a suitable environment
        for the microbes to live in this entire time.
Eugene:...Indeed. Annie's condition began to deteriorate after that incident.
Mao: Eh! Then aren't the rest of us in danger too!?
Frantz: They say that you won't last more than one day once you contract this
        disease. You will need treatment as soon as possible, but...
Veigue: And the course of treatment is...!?
Inn Landlady: Get out!!
Tytree: What are you yelling about all of a sudden!
Inn Landlady: That doesn't matter, just leave!! This instant!!

<Outside Of The Inn>

Man: Get out of here!! That girl has Death Garo Fever, doesn't she?
Man: It'll be the end of this village!! Leave immediately!!
Tytree: Wait a minute! Our friend's life is at stake here!
Old Man: The same goes for us as well.
Tytree: I know that, but...
Old Man: We've had enough of the Death Garo Fever...!
Tytree: But...!
Annie:...Don't worry about it...Tytree...
Veigue: Annie...! You...
Annie: I don't want to be saved...by these...by some Gajumas...
Man: Now you've gone and done it, you Huma girl!! Get the hell out of here
     right now!!

Tytree: Dammit, what a bunch of assholes!!
Hilda: This is not the time to be angry. The poor girl is at her limit, you
Frantz:...Let's go to my tent.

Skit #233 [SKI233]
「行き場はひとつ」 One Place To Go

Eugene: Let's carry her to Frantz's tent. It's dangerous for her to remain
        outdoors like this.

Skit #234 [SKI234]
「フランツのテントへ」 To Frantz's Tent

Hilda: For now, we need to transport Annie to Frantz's tent!


<Inside Of Frantz's Tent>

Frantz: It seems that she has settled down a bit. Let's go back to where
        everyone else is.

<Outside Of Frantz's Tent>

Tytree: How's Annie?
Frantz: She's calmed down a little. Right now, she's sleeping.
Hilda: What's the deal with this village...
Frantz:...Once, when the people who used to live in the desert above Karez were
       exposed to Death Garo Fever, a number of them fled here to Anikamal.
Frantz: The people of Anikamal, who had no knowledge of Death Garo Fever,
        diligently cared for those who fell ill after making it to this
Frantz: The following day, however, the patients suddenly left and disappeared
Frantz: Then, as soon as they left, the Death Garo Fever raged through this
        town. The few who survived suffered from a horrible fever.
Mao: So you mean that they infected the people of this village and left them
     to die?
Frantz: The people of Anikamal seem to think so. But, no one knows what really
Frantz: Since then, rumor has it that around the time that they vanished, there
        were multiple sightings of a certain something in the desert.
Veigue: A certain something?
Frantz:...The illusionary Virus, Live Garo.
Veigue: Illusionary Virus!?
Frantz: One of the World's Seven Great Illusions that I am seeking.
Frantz: It is said that if you grind the Live Garo's horn into a powder and
        boil it, it will become a panacea that can cure any illness.
Hilda: Is it all right to consume something that was made from the horn of a
Frantz: Haven't you ever heard this saying? "In small doses, poison becomes
        medicine; in large doses, medicine becomes poison."
Frantz: Viruses possess a variety of different properties and on rare
        occasions, these characteristics can be useful. The Live Garo happens
        to be one of the latter cases.
Tytree: So are you saying that perhaps the people who left Anikamal were the
        ones who spotted that Live Garo?
Frantz: I don't believe that that is the case. Those people probably felt
        responsible for bringing the disease to Anikamal, so they made plans
        to find the Live Garo.
Frantz: But in the end, they didn't return to the village.
Frantz: The people of Anikamal believe that they were betrayed by the very
        people who they saved, and that hatred remains even to this day.
Tytree: So is the Live Garo just an illusion after all?
Frantz: The Live Garo is real.
Hilda: What makes you say that?
Frantz: I've heard stories of people seeing a mysterious Virus near the oasis
        located to the northeast of here. I've been keeping an eye on it to
        see whether or not that is the Live Garo.
Tytree: What kind of guarantee do we have that this thing is the Live Garo?
Frantz: My intuition as an adventurer!
Mao:...That doesn't sound very reassuring, does it...
Eugene: No...let's head to the oasis. It doesn't matter how poor the odds are.
        For now, we have no choice but to bet on this.
Tytree: You'll be sorry if we don't find it, you know?
Eugene: I know that...but what else can we do!!
Eugene: Annie...because I used the improper amount of Force, she was covered
        with the sand that made her fall ill...
Eugene: Yet despite that, there is not a single thing that I can do to help
Frantz: I don't know what the circumstances are, but there is not much time
Eugene: I'm going, even if I have to go alone.
Mao: I'm going too.
Hilda:...I'll accompany you.
Tytree: I know that I'm going.
Veigue: That settles it then.
Frantz: Let me go with you. The illusionary Virus is one of the things that I
Mao: Tytree, what are you doing!? Annie's sick and you know that...
Tytree: We don't know what those bloody villagers will do to her if we leave
        her behind in a place like this!
Eugene: You have a point...I feel uneasy about going and having her here by
Veigue: I agree. Let's bring her with us.

Skit #235 [SKI235]
「リブガロはオアシスに?」 The Live Garo Is In The Oasis?

Veigue: Which way is the oasis?
Eugene: Exit the town and head to the northeast.

Skit #236 [SKI236]
「死の病」 Deadly Disease

Veigue: Death Garo Fever...what a dreadful disease...
Eugene: Hmm...all illnesses are problematic, but if you don't know how to
        treat it, then there's nothing that can be done about it.
Eugene: This time, we were saved thanks to Frantz, but...
Eugene: I have a feeling that there are still many other unknown
diseases like that left in the world...
Tytree: Later down the road after Annie gets better, she'll have to become a
        doctor who can get rid of those incurable illnesses.
Eugene: Yes...I hope so.

Skit #237 [SKI237]
「オアシスは村の北東」The Oasis Is To The Northeast Of The Village

Hilda: The oasis is to the northeast of the village. Don't get lost.


<Upon Entering The Oasis>

Frantz: Yes, this is it. The Virus that appears to be the Live Garo was
        spotted up ahead.
Mao: Hey Frantz. What does the Live Garo look like?
Frantz: There are various rumors, but what that they all share in common is
        that it has a single horn and a golden body.
Mao: A golden body?
Frantz: It seems that all of the eyewitnesses say that you'll recognize it
        when you see it.
Veigue: So that's our only lead, huh...
Eugene: We must find the Live Garo at all costs.
Tytree: Annie, we'll be back soon!! Just hang in there for a little bit
        longer, okay!!
Eugene: Frantz, please look after Annie for us.
Frantz: Got it.

Skit #238 [SKI238]
「オアシスについて」 About The Oasis

Veigue: The oasis, huh...to think that there would be a water hole like this
        in the middle of the desert...
Eugene: This is true for Anikamal as well, but there is a place under the
        desert sand where a layer of the earth has turned into something
        similar to clay.
Eugene: When water gushes out of the ground and collects in such areas, it
        becomes an oasis similar to this one.
Veigue: Then I guess it makes sense that this place would become a gathering
        spot for Viruses..
Eugene: Well, water is an important substance for both Viruses and people...

Skit #239 [SKI239]
「けっこう精報通」 Fairly Knowledgeable

Tytree: I may not look it, but I know my fair share of rumors about illusionary
        beasts. Even so though, this is the first time that I've heard of the
        Live Garo.
Mao: What kind of illusionary beasts are there?
Tytree: It seems that there's a monster living in the mountains on the northern
        side of the eastern continent that can conceal its entire body with one
Tytree: In the sea to the north of Callegea, they say that there's a gigantic
        creature from ancient times, you know!
Tytree: Well, it's doubtful that either of them are real, and they're both
        probably nothing but tall tales anyway.
Mao: If you were the one who told us about it then I'd be skeptical, but at
     the very least we have to find the Live Garo, no matter what!
Tytree: Yeah, you're right. For Annie's sake too...!

Skit #240 [SKI240]
「リブガロよ!」 Hey Live Garo!

Tytree: Live Garo!! Where are you! Answer if you're here!
Hilda: Hey you, quit acting like a fool and search already!


<In The Rear Of The Oasis>

Veigue: What kind of Virus is that!?
Mao: Look at its golden shine!
Tytree:...Then you mean that's!!
Eugene: We must dispatch it without fail!

Skit #241 [SKI241]
「幻のバイラス・リブガロ」 The Illusionary Virus, Live Garo

Eugene: If we don't obtain the horn of the Live Garo soon...
Veigue: Eugene...


<In-Battle Dialogue During Battle With Live Garo>

Eugene: Annie...

<After The Fight>

Valuable Item: Live Garo's Horn
The horn of the illusionary Virus, the Live Garo. An ingredient for the
miracle drug that can cure Death Garo Fever.

You received the Live Garo's Horn.

Eugene: We did it...it's the Live Garo's horn!!
Tytree: We can save Annie with this!
Mao: Frantz, make the medicine quickly!!
Frantz: I can't do it here...
Tytree: Why not!?
Frantz: I can use the contents of the horn to make the medicine, but it will
        degrade if it is exposed to light. I need a place that is pitch dark.
Veigue: A pitch dark place, huh...we'll have to borrow a room in Anikamal.
Mao: But are things going to work out?
Eugene: Let's return to Anikamal. We will save Annie by any means necessary.
Veigue: Alright, let's hurry!

Skit #242 [SKI242]
「薬を作るためには・・・」 In Order To Make The Medicine...

Eugene: Return to Anikamal and borrow a room, a dark one where we can make the

Skit #243 [SKI243]
「アニカマルでへやを!」 Borrow A Room In Anikamal!

Mao: A dark room so that we can make the medicine, huh...I wonder if the people
     of Anikamal will lend one to us...?
Eugene: If it will convince them to let us use a room...then I'll do


<Upon Entering Anikamal>

Eugene: Wait! Hear me out!! We defeated the illusionary Virus, Live Garo, and
        brought back its horn.
Eugene: With this horn, we can make medicine that will cure Death Garo Fever.
        In order to do that, we need a pitch dark room. Please, I'm asking for
        your cooperation!!
Man: Like you could really cure it with something like that! Leave!
Man: That's none of our concern!!
Tytree: Why is it that this village is still here even though the Death Garo
        Fever once swept through this place!! Isn't it because somebody saved
Tytree: And yet when other people are in trouble, you won't do a damn thing for
        them, is that it?
Eugene: I don't want to have to use force, but if anything happens to Annie,
        then I...
Inn Landlady: You can use my place.
Eugene:...Are you sure?
Man:......! What are you thinking, old lady! Stop it!
Inn Landlady: No...you've got it all wrong...it's exactly as this person says.
              Several decades ago, this town was saved...
Inn Landlady: When the disease was flourishing, I picked up a horn by the
              entrance to the village just like the one they are holding...
              because of that, this place was spared.
Inn Landlady: Perhaps that was...wasn't it something that people coming from
              the desert found and left for us to use...
Eugene:...Could we possibly borrow a room? A room with minimal sunlight, if
       that's all right with you.
Inn Landlady: That's fine...feel free to use any room that you like...
Eugene: Thank you...

Skit #244 [SKI244]
「アニ一に休息を!」 Let Annie Rest!

Mao: Let's hurry and let Annie rest in a room.

Skit #245 [SKI245]
「連れ回すべきじゃない」Don't Drag Her Around

Veigue: We shouldn't drag Annie around any more than necessary. Let's have her
        rest in a room...

<Inside Of The Inn>

Skit #246 [SKI246]
「待つしかない」 Nothing To Do But Wait

Veigue: I hope that the medicine works...but for the time being, let's wait
        outside of the inn.

Skit #247 [SKI247]
「回復を信じて」 Believe In Her Recovery

Eugene: Frantz is looking after her for us. We'll wait for them outside.


<Outside Of The Inn>

Mao: Annie!! Are you feeling better already?
Annie: Yes...I can walk on my own now.
Tytree: That's wonderful, Annie!
Annie: Everyone...thank you...
Tytree: This is great, just great!! Isn't that right, Eugene!!
Tytree: What's with the cool act. You were the one who was the most concerned,
        you know.
Tytree: Thank goodness...
Eugene: What's wrong, Tytree!?
Tytree: Heh...heh heh...oh look, the world is spinning...
Mao: Don't tell me that Tytree caught the Death Garo Fever too...!?
Frantz:...No...this is...!
Frantz:...A mild case of heatstroke...
Annie: Umm...
Annie:...Thank you.
Tytree: Woohoo! I'm cured, all cured!!
Mao: Good for you!!
Tytree: Oh yeah!! Annie, are you doing okay?
Annie: Yes.
Eugene: Frantz, I can't thank you enough.
Frantz: No, it was my pleasure. I couldn't be more satisfied now that I've
        seen the Live Garo with my own eyes!!
Mao: Frantz, what are you going to do from now on?
Frantz: I'm going on a new adventure after I have my preparations in order.
        There are still many things left that I have to do.
Mao: Such as chase after the World's Seven Great Illusions, right?
Frantz: Right, that's the romantic spirit of adventure. It's about time that I
        get going.
Mao: It feels kind of sad to part ways with you, Frantz.
Frantz: What are you talking about, if we both keep travelling, then we'll
        definitely meet again somewhere. Well then, see you sometime!!
Annie: I'm sorry...we ended up getting delayed here because of me...
Tytree: It couldn't be helped given the circumstances! Don't let it bother you
        too much, Annie.
Tytree:...Having said that though, I'm worried about Sis and Claire. Let's
       move it!
Veigue: Let's go. To pursue The Royal Shield.
Eugene: From here, head southeast and go past the Kurodadaku desert. Then use
        the Shirag Bridge to cross into the area around Babilograd.
Eugene: We can make up for lost time by cutting straight across. Is everyone

Annie has rejoined the group.

Skit #248 [SKI248]
「バビログラ一ドを目指して」 Aim For Babilograd

Eugene: If you pass the desert and advance to the southeast, we can continue
        onto the southern continent by using the Shirag Bridge.
Eugene: Babilograd is across from there.

Skit #249 [SKI249]
「ヒルダの占い指南・2」 Hilda's Fortune-Telling Guidance Part 2

Hilda: What's the matter, Annie? You look depressed...
Annie:...I wanted to have my fortune told now, but...it doesn't look like
      anything favorable is going to happen for a while...
Hilda: Annie, the outcome of a reading shouldn't be used as a guide that
       influences how you live your life.
Annie:...Really, is that so?
Hilda: It merely a way to anticipate the future based on your current situation
       and the flow of fate...
Hilda: If you change yourself, then your future in turn can also change...no,
       it will change...
Hilda: So...hang in there...
Annie:...Yes, I'll do my best...

Skit #250 [SKI250]
「男のロマン・七大まぼろし」 A Man's Spirit of Adventure: Seven Great Illusions

Tytree: The Seven Great Illusions, huh...now I want to try and search for them
Mao: Okay then, when this journey is over, why don't we all go looking for
Tytree: Ooh, Mao, you're the best!! What a great idea!
Hilda:...I'll pass. You guys do whatever you please.
Tytree: Kah, this is the one thing that I don't like about women. They just
        don't understand a man's spirit of adventure.

Skit #251 [SKI251]
「微妙な二人・3」 The Delicate Two Part 3

Eugene:...What is it?
Annie:...It's nothing...
Eugene:...I see, sorry...
Annie: Why are you apologizing?
Eugene:...Well, I...sorry...

Skit #252 [SKI252]
「大切なカ一ド」 Precious Cards

Mao: Hilda, it seems like you always treat your cards with the best of care.
Hilda: If you fold them or get them dirty, then they won't be able to give you
       an accurate prediction.
Mao: Oh, really?
Hilda: If you mixed the bent and soiled cards into the deck, then that would
       end up drawing the attention of the other party, right?
Mao: I get it...so you have to properly maintain them.

Skit #253 [SKI253]
「アニカマルの樹」 The Anikamal Tree

Veigue: The tree that is growing in this village...I haven't seen it anywhere
Eugene: That is the Anikamal tree.
Veigue: Anikamal? The name of this village is...
Eugene: It's Anikamal. This town derives its name from that tree.

Skit #254 [SKI254]
「めざすのは南東!」 Aim southeast!

Tytree: Babilograd is across this sizzling desert. Aim for the southeast!

Skit #255 [SKI255]
「アニ一の日記・2」 Annie's Dairy Part 2
NOTE: You must stay at the inn in order to view this Skit.

Hilda: Annie...you keep a diary?
Annie: Ah, yes...it's become a habit of mine...
Hilda: You're like me then...it would be better if I could keep it up for more
       than three days though...
Tytree: Annie, you shouldn't pick up habits from an old hag, you know!
Hilda: You...I'm going to give you a beating if you don't shut your trap!

Skit #256 [SKI256]
「ティトレイの夢」 Tytree's Dream
NOTE: You must stay at the inn in order to view this Skit.

Tytree: Sis...
Mao: Did you have a dream about Selena? I know that you're concerned and all,
Tytree:...Dammit...now I'm really worried...
Mao: What kind of dream was it? Did something horrible happen to her?
Tytree: No, it was a dream where Sis left me behind and ended up going away to
        somebody else's place.
Mao: Isn't that known as marriage...?
Mao: I hate to break this to you, but...Selena isn't always going to be yours,
     you know.


<Upon Entering The Climbers' Cavern>

Eugene: If we head through this Climbers' Cavern, then we'll be in Babilograd.
Tytree: We have to climb through a cave in order to get to the city? I swear,
        this journey is just full of surprises.
Mao: I can feel a Force.
Mao: It's coming from inside the Climbers' Cavern.
Tytree: So they're going to ambush us, huh. Everyone, let's stay on our toes
        and move on ahead!!

Skit #257 [SKI257]
「登山洞を進め」 Advance Through The Climbers' Cavern

Eugene: If we climb this Climbers' Cavern, then we'll reach Babilograd.
Mao: Let's advance carefully too since I sense Force ahead.

Skit #258 [SKI258]
「マオのコワイお話・3」 Mao's Scary Tale Part 3

Tytree: The darkness makes it a bit creepy in here.
Mao: So that means that it's time for one of my scary tales then. Right, Annie!
Annie: Oh, Mao, stop it already!
Tytree: Since we're going up the stairs, we might as well have some scares,
        huh? Wah ha ha hah!!*
*Editor's Note: Japanese pun alert. In this Skit, Tytree uses the word KAIDAN,
which can mean both "stairs" and "ghost story" (same pronunciation, different
Kanji characters).
Mao: Huh, I wonder why? I haven't started my scary story yet, but I've already
     got the chills...

Skit #259 [SKI259]
「登山洞について」 About The Climbers' Cavern

Veigue: This passage is very well-maintained, isn't it...
Eugene: It appears that this is a natural cavern formed by the erosion of the
        mountain's surface due to rain. They then decided to make it into a
        passageway that led through the mountain.
Veigue: I see...
Hilda: There is a holy temple in Babilograd.
Hilda: It seems that this also became a path for those who are making a
       pilgrimage there.
Hilda: Although it looks like the number of would-be pilgrims has all but

Skit #260 [SKI260]
「待ってろよ!」 Wait For Us!

Eugene: This place should not be particularly complex. We probably won't have
        any trouble getting through here.
Tytree: Alright, then after that, we ride a boat to Balka! Wait for us, Sis,


<Partway Through The Cavern>

Mao: Be careful. I felt a Force just now.
Mao: Huh!!
Ginnal: Perfect timing, you vermin...
Ginnal:...Correction! We've successfully lured you here with our waylaying
       stratagem, you fools!!
Mao: You're the idiots around here!! You Dark Fangs!!
Tytree: Who the heck are these guys?
Mao: They're an amusing trio from The Royal Shield.
Hilda: Never even laid eyes on them...must be flunkies...
Yucia: So what if we're underlings! And did you just say The Dark Fangs? You
       are grossly behind the times!
Drumb: That's right, yah!!
Mao: Eh!?
Ginnal: Allow me to enlighten you...we have been reborn. Formerly known as The
        Dark Fangs...
All: The Dark Claws...
Eugene:...We're going on ahead.
Ginnal: Y, you mustn't!! We cannot let you pass so easily!!
Tytree: Oh ho! So you want piece of us!?
Ginnal:...Urm...! We have no intention of engaging you in battle at the moment!
Ginnal: We declare an armistice! However, we cannot simply let you through!
Hilda: What's with these people? They're not making any sense...
Veigue: What are you three up to?
Yucia: We're not planning anything!!
Tytree:...Suspicious. Too suspicious...
Annie:...Um, is your leg...injured, by any chance?
Ginnal: Gwah!!
Drumb & Yucia: !!
Eugene: Is that it?
Ginnal: It's an honorable wound resulting from a stumble!
Yucia: Listen here...Ginnal. Under these circumstances, how about you quit
       being stubborn and let them help you?
Drumb: That's right, yah...
Annie:...This is only an emergency measure, but you should be able to walk for
      the time being.
Ginnal:...Very well, let's be on our way! Yucia, Drumb!
Ginnal: I will reciprocate this kind favor without fail!!
Tytree: If you say so, but we won't hold our breaths.
Yucia: Ginnal, are you all right?
Drumb:...All right, yah?
Tytree: Oh brother...I hope those guys can reach the exit without killing
Veigue: Does it bother you?
Tytree: Yeah, for some reason...they don't seem like bad people or anything
        like that.
Mao: I know, right. I kind of like them too.
Annie: I have a feeling that we will meet again.
Veigue:...Let's go.

Skit #261 [SKI261]
「予想してみない?」 Wanna Try And Predict?

Mao: I wonder why the Dark Trio changes their name every time that we see them?
Mao: Wanna try and predict what they're going to call themselves next time?
Tytree: Okay...
Tytree:...How about something like The Dark Wings? Pretty cool, don't you
Mao: They were The Dark Wings before they were The Dark Fangs! Your taste in
     names is as shady as theirs!
Tytree: Gah! H...how could I let that happen...


<After Progressing Further Through The Cave>

Tytree: Whew, we've walked quite a ways, haven't we. Just how far do we have
        to go before we reach the city...
Annie: Judging by the distance that we've covered, I think that the exit is
Tytree: I see. It seems that we'll be able to pass through the Climbers' Cavern
        without incident.
Veigue: Mao, that Force that you felt earlier...was it just because of those
Mao: Hmm, maybe. We might have been overthinking things with the enemy ambush
Veigue: Saleh!! Tohma!!
Tytree: Saleh!! Tohma!!
Veigue: Damn bastards, why are you two here of all places...!?
Tytree: You slimeballs!! Give back Sis and Claire!!
Saleh & Tohma:.........
Mao: Huh? What's going on?
Saleh & Tohma:..........
Eugene:...Something isn't right!
All: Aaaahhh!!
???:...You doopid fools...how do you expect to make conversation with mud
Eugene: A Force that manipulates the earth!?
Mao: That's a new face.
Tytree: Who the heck are you!!
???: I am Donnell of The Royal Shield. By Lord Saleh's command, I shall utterly
     doostroy you!*
*Editor's Note: If you haven't noticed, Donnell has a rather unique accent. He
randomly attaches the sound DO (pronounced dough) to the beginning of words.
This is a pun of sorts since DO means earth or dirt in Japanese. I've done my
best to replicate the joke in English, but if you're having problems figuring
out what Donnell is saying, you may want to try reading his lines out loud.
Donnell: How did you like the taste of my Force of Earth? I bet that it was
Donnell: You doolish idiots who stand against The Royal Shield!! Your petty
         attacks are dooseless against me!!
Donnell: Ack, the ground suddoonly froze over!!
Veigue:...How doo you like that? (Veigue, sarcastic? Naaaah!)
Tytree: Ice needles, huh!?
Donnell: Scoundrool, how infuriating! Doofend yourselves!! To battle!!
Mao: I know that they're mud dolls, but having Saleh and Tohma there is a tad

<In-Battle Dialogue With Donnell>

Donnell: Each and every one of dyoo shall meet your doomise!
Donnell: I do-do-do-doo not believe this!

<After The Fight>

Donnell: You cursed doogs...I have failed to complete my dooty. I will be
         redooced to dust by Lord Saleh...if that is the case, then I shall
         bring you down with me!
Donnell: Dooaugh!!
Donnell: I doo look forward to our reunion on the other side!!
Donnell: Dooiyahh...
Eugene: Everyone, stand back!!
Eugene: Is everybody safe?
Veigue: Yeah, somehow.
Mao: We're okay over here. Right!
Tytree: How could that dirtbag be so reckless...
Tytree: By the way...what are we going to do about these rocks?
Eugene: Leave them to me.
Veigue: Be careful.
Hilda: We'll let you off the hook if you make a mistake like you did in Karez
Eugene:...I will proceed with the utmost of care. Everyone, wait here for me.
Eugene: I'm finished...
Tytree: Yeesh...I was afraid that I'd be buried alive, you know...
Eugene:...It's all right now.
Veigue: Let's continue on ahead.

Skit #262 [SKI262]
「言葉は正しく」 Speak Properly

Mao: Hey, Tytree, I'm doongry. Make me something doo eat!
Tytree: What's with you and the funky speech?
Mao: Huh? This? I'm imitating Donnell~!
Eugene: Cut it out, Mao...don't act eccentric like that. Speak properly.
Mao:...Man, and it was starting to grow on me too...

Skit #263 [SKI263]
「ハンパじゃないぜ」 No Joke

Tytree:...Good god, there's a hell of a lot of stairs in this place.
Eugene: These stairs were built to make the climb up to the city above easier.
Eugene: They had no choice but to increase the number of steps, which naturally
        made the stairs longer.
Tytree: Man, just forget it!! I'm sick and tired of staring at these stairs!

Skit #264 [SKI264]
「立ちはだかる能力者たち」 The Opposing Force Users

Mao: There's the Dark Trio, and now Donnell...it looks like the number of
     soldiers in The Royal Shield has grown over the past year.
Eugene: The increase in Force Users is likely due to the influence of The Dusk
        of Ladras.
Eugene: It's possible that a wide variety of Force Users with unknown abilities
        will come after us from here on out.
Mao: Right, there have been plenty of weird ones lately, but overconfidence
     breeds carelessness, right!
Eugene: Yes, that's exactly right.

<After Going Through The Climbers' Cavern>

Skit #265 [SKI265]
「出口は近い」 The Exit Is Near

Eugene: After you leave the Climbers' Cavern, you'll be in Babilograd. The exit
        is just over there.

Skit #266 [SKI266]
「バビログラ一ドはすぐそこ」 Babilograd Is Just Over There

Mao: Babilograd is only a little bit further. It'd be nice if we could catch up
     with The Royal Shield this time!


<After Entering Babilograd>

Tytree: Whew...we finally made it. But is Babilograd supposed to be in the
        middle of a mountain like this? I had heard that it was a port town...
Eugene: There is a drop in altitude between the town and the port. You can
        quickly travel from here to there using a device called a lift, but the
        lack of an alternative means of transportation is a bother.
Eugene: So once you miss the lift, you cannot go down to the harbor until it
Veigue: I want to get on a ship bound for Balka as soon as possible. For now,
        let's go over to the place where we can board that so-called lift.
Hilda: Eavesdropping is not a very admirable pastime. Reveal yourself!
Mao: Can we help you?
Veigue: What's wrong? Why won't you respond!?
Eugene: No, wait...the young girl cannot reply. She is observing one of the
        commandments of the Blue Beast Faith that is passed down in this town.
Eugene: You mustn't exchange words with men and women who are outside of your
        family. It is forbidden for young girls to show their faces. Those are
        the absolute precepts of Babilograd's Blue Beast Faith.
Annie: We're sorry...we had no idea that such tenets existed. It looks like we
       ended up frightening you by accident.
Veigue:...I apologize.
Hilda: Don't move.
Hilda: There's one more person.
Hilda: If you don't come out, then I'll cut this person with my cards.
Mao: Hold on a second, Hilda...you can't do something like that!
Eugene: Show yourself...
Tytree: I'd rank the level of suspiciousness at 3 stars...who are you?
????: My name is Ox. I am a resident of this town. I am not a suspicious
      person. Please believe me!
Veigue: Why were you hiding yourself?
Ox: It would be unpleasant if anyone saw me talking to her...to Dana, so...
Annie: Is it because you would be violating the teachings by conversing with
       someone outside of your family?
Dana: There is that as well. But...you can tell, right? I'm a Gajuma...and he's
      a Huma.
Tytree: Hilda...
Hilda: I do not approve of such talk...nor do I even want to understand it!
Ox: Someone is coming...
Veigue: Wait a moment. We'd like to ask you something.
Ox: I don't want to be seen by the townspeople. I'm sorry, but please direct
    your question to somebody else.
Tytree: H, hey...they're gone...honestly, what is going on here?
Eugene: There are some things that you are better off not knowing.
Veigue: Right now, we should look for the lift. Let's go.

In order to talk to the people of Babilograd, it is necessary to switch between
your male and female characters.
You can easily change your displayed character with the R2 and L2 buttons (PSP
version: press the L button while holding down X). Talk to females with Annie
or Hilda set as your displayed character. Depending on your displayed
character, your conversations with Humas and Gajumas may differ (i.e. talking
to male Gajuma w/ Veigue may produce different results than if you use Eugene).

Skit #267 [SKI267]
「うたうマオ・3」 Singing Mao Part 3

Mao: The sky, the sky, the sky~!
Mao: How far does the vast sky go~
Mao: Those clouds look tasty, don't you know~
Mao: Later on, Tytree cooks them all~!
Annie: Tee hee!
Hilda: What song is that?
Annie: Mao really likes to sing. What about you, Hilda?
Hilda: Let's see...I do enjoy music. When I performed with my cello, it was
       pretty impressive if I do say so myself.
Mao: Really! You should play for us sometime.
Hilda: Sure, if the opportunity arises...

Skit #268 [SKI268]
「リフトに乗れ」 Ride The Lift

Mao: We have to ride the lift in order to go down to the port side, don't we.
Veigue: Let's go to the place where we can ride the lift.

Skit #269 [SKI269]
「蒼獣信仰の戒律」 Precepts Of The Blue Beast Faith

Tytree: A city where men and women aren't allowed to talk with each other...
        this place is totally weird.
Eugene: That is something which is quite natural in this city. Every region has
        its own unique customs.
Eugene: Don't you have something along those lines in Petnadjanka as well?
Tytree: Let's see, regional customs...if I were to pick one...I guess it would
        be the "83 Ingredient Marbled Tofu"...?
Tytree: Even though it's quite scrumptious, it doesn't get prepared very often
        for some reason.
Mao: That's just YOUR custom!! You better not serve something like that to us,
     you hear!

Skit #270 [SKI270]
「不便だよな?」 Isn't It Inconvenient?

Tytree: Hey Veigue, don't you think it's inconvenient that men and women cannot
        speak to each other.
Veigue: You think so?
Tytree: Yeah, I mean, what would you do if someone told you that you couldn't
        talk to Claire?
Veigue: Claire is family. I should be able to speak with members of the
Tytree: Oh, I get it! Claire is like a little sister to you.
Veigue:...A sister...huh...

Skit #271 [SKI271]
「ユ一ジ一ンのみだしなみ・2」 Eugene's Appearance Part 2

Tytree: It's pretty obvious that Veigue and I have long hair, but your hair's
        pretty lengthy too, Eugene.
Eugene: Hmm...I started to grow my hair out 15 years ago when I became the
        commander of The Royal Shield.
Tytree: Dang, that's a long time! That was before Mao was even born...yeesh!
Eugene: Yeah...that's how things ended up anyway. It requires attention once
        every two months though.
Mao: That's right, I have to go snip-snip and trim it from time to time!

Skit #272 [SKI272]
「リフトで港へ」 To The Port Using The Lift

Eugene: You can go down to the port side if you ride the lift. There should be
        a boat leaving from there that is headed for Balka.


<Talking To The Lift Manager>

Lift Manager: Hmm? The lift? Sorry, but we just sent some parcels down.
Veigue: When will it be back?
Lift Manager: Hmm, not sure. It'll come back once they're done unloading the
     packages below, but...it's going to take a while.
Veigue: What should we do...?
Eugene: I know that we're in a hurry, but this can't be helped. Let's go look
        around the city. We may learn something about The Royal Shield.

Skit #273 [SKI273]
「リフトを待つ間に...」 While We Wait For The Lift...

Mao: Why don't we try talking to the people of the city? We might be able to
     ask them about The Royal Shield, you know?

Skit #274 [SKI274]
「時間は有効に」 Available Time

Tytree: In any case, we can't go to the port until the lift returns, so let's
        take a look around the town for a bit.


<In The Western Part Of The City>

Annie: It seems like we won't be able to ride the lift anytime soon.
Veigue: Will we really be able to infiltrate the capital city of Balka from
        Babilograd's harbor?
Eugene: I am fairly certain. If what we heard in Sunnytown is true, then all of
        the other ports are sealed off.
Eugene: This also includes the distribution of supplies. Seeing as Babilograd
        is the closest port to the capital, it makes sense that this would be
        the only place where boats are still running.
Mao: Then does this mean that the girls who were captured by The Royal Shield
     are also being sent to Balka from this harbor?
Hilda: But it doesn't look like they have any sizable buildings near the port
       that could accommodate a large group of people, and wouldn't it be too
       time-consuming to use the lift since that would require multiple trips?
Mao: Hrmm...
Woman:...Excuse me.
Veigue: No harm done.
Priest:...Hurry...we must go...
Man:...Make haste.
Woman:...I'm sorry.
Mao: What was that just now...?
Eugene: Judging from the clothing, I'd say that he was a priest of the holy
Tytree: It looks like they were headed towards the lift, so I wonder if it's
        available now?
Veigue: Let's go check it out.

Skit #275 [SKI275]
「戻って来たんじゃない?」 Didn't It Come Back?

Mao: Those people who passed by earlier went towards the lift. Wouldn't that
     mean that the lift has returned?

Skit #276 [SKI276]
「気のせいなのか...」 Was It Just My Imagination...

Veigue: Wasn't there something strange about those three people who walked by
        us earlier?
Tytree:...Now that you mention it, they were awfully tight-lipped, weren't
Hilda: They are probably just reserved, unlike you.
Veigue:...Was it just my imagination then...

Skit #277 [SKI277]
「もう一度、リフトへ」 To The Lift Once More

Eugene: It's about time for the lift to return. Let's go and look.


<Back At The Lift Manager's Hut>

Veigue: Can we ride the lift now?
Lift Manager:...No, you can't.
Mao: Man, we're in a hurry. Let us get on the lift, please?
Lift Manager: No, you can't...leave.
Tytree: Come on, we're asking you for a favor here...right!
Veigue: Tytree!
Tytree: Khh...who is this guy...he's pretty freakin' strong...a Force User!?
        Mao, what about the Force?
Mao: But the Force Cube isn't reacting to him...
Veigue: Hm...? This reminds me of something...
Eugene: Yes, this is...
Tytree: What's the big deal, huh!
Eugene: Wait! Tytree! That man is being manipulated.
Mao: Wait, you don't mean...Waltu?
Eugene: Right, there's no mistake that he's under the influence of a suggestion
        given by the Force of Sound.
Hilda: The Royal Shield might be nearby.
Veigue:...Now that I think about it...!
Mao: Hmm...? What's wrong, Veigue?
Veigue: Earlier, that girl from this town apologized to me directly...but
        didn't that go against the teachings of the Blue Beast Faith?
Hilda: Then that girl from before was not a resident of this city.
Mao: But she was dressed like a townsperson!
Hilda: What if they did that in order to deceive us? And the only ones who
       would deem it necessary to go through such lengths would be...
Annie: The Royal Shield!! Those people were the women who were taken by The
       Royal Shield, weren't they!!
Veigue: Tch...we just missed them then...!
Mao: Veigue! What do you think you're doing!?
Veigue: I'm going to move the lift!
Eugene: Wait, Veigue! The lift is not something that an amateur should tamper
        with. More importantly, we should search for sound that will null his
        suggestion first.
Tytree: Hang on, you just completely lost me. I know that this guy's being
        controlled by that Waltu fellow, but what's this about a sound that
        will undo the suggestion?
Mao: Waltu's Force of Sound allows him to use a particular sound as a trigger
     to bring out certain behaviors in people.
Mao: In order to dispel this suggestion, you have to make him listen to the
     same sound that acted as the trigger in the first place.
Hilda: You mean we have to search for a sound? There are a myriad of things
       that produce noise, aren't there. You're asking for the impossible.
Eugene: Waltu has a distaste for needlessly manipulating people with his Force.
        It is always his custom to void the suggestion once it has served its
Eugene: At the same time, that also removes all traces of his actions.
Eugene: He normally arranges to have a collaborator for that purpose. That
        person is most likely somewhere in the city.
Tytree: I get it, if we find that guy, then we'll learn what triggered the
        suggestion in the lift manager, right?
Eugene: Exactly.
Tytree: Alright, we'll get that conspirator of his to tell us how to undo this
        guy's suggestion, and then we'll go rescue Sis and Claire! Right,

Skit #278 [SKI278]
「ワルトゥの協力者」 Waltu's Collaborator

Eugene: Waltu's collaborator should be somewhere. Let's try talking to the

Skit #279 [SKI279]
「暗示の力」 The Power Of Suggestion

Annie: To think that it allows him to manipulate other people at will...the
       Force of Sound is a frightening thing.
Mao: Yeah, since the suggestion can affect any number of people as long as they
     are within range of the sound.
Eugene: The kidnapped girls are likely under the influence of the suggestion as
        well. Doing so would prevent them from making a scene.

Skit #280 [SKI280]
「前向きな男」 A Man Who Doesn't Look Back

Tytree: Things will work out, Veigue! Let's do whatever we can!
Tytree: If we do that, then we'll definitely save Claire and Sis!
Veigue:...Yeah, you're right...

Skit #281 [SKI281]
「協力者を探せ!」 Find The Collaborator!

Mao: If we ask the people in the city, then we might learn something about
     Waltu's accomplice.


<In The Residence Near The The Item/Weapon/Armor Shops>

Wife: For some time now, the people who have been assisting the priest have
      been acting strangely.
Wife: You see, my husband went to help him as well. Normally, my husband's
      quite the conversationalist, but now he is absent-minded and hardly
      makes a peep.
Wife: Lately, he's been dazed when he comes back here with the priest, but
      with a single phrase from him, my husband returns to his normal self.
Wife: I guess that the priest really does have a way with words, doesn't he.
Veigue: Eugene, this reminds me of...
Eugene: Right, this resembles the reaction that people have when they are
        being controlled by Waltu.
Mao: I wonder if the other townspeople are also being influenced by his
Eugene: I can imagine that he used the suggestion in order to make them help
        with transporting the girls to the port.
Eugene: People who are affected by Waltu's suggestion don't remember anything
        during that time period. The ones who helped out have no memory of
        doing so, which means there's no evidence of the girls being moved.
Mao: For now, why don't we try talking to her husband?
Annie: Where might your husband be at the moment?
Wife: My husband? He's on the second floor. Do you need something from him?
Annie: No ma'am, we simply wish to ask him about the work that he did for the
Wife: I asked him about it too, but he insisted that he "couldn't talk about it
      since he was doing sacred work."
Wife: I doubt that he will tell you anything no matter how many times you ask,
      but if you happen to hear something, please let me know in secret, okay.
Annie: Yes, we will.

<On The Second Floor>

Veigue: What did the priest ask you to help him with?
Husband: Is this about the work I did for him? I afraid that I can't tell you
Veigue: What you really mean is that you don't remember anything, isn't that
Husband: How did you know about that...
Eugene: Could you tell us about what happened just before you lost your memory?
        We promise that we won't reveal this to anyone else.
Husband: Well, the truth is...I only remember going to the Holy Blue Temple...
         I can't recall a single thing after that.
Husband: I don't remember helping him, nor do I know how I got back home.
Husband: People will think that I've gone crazy if word of this got out, so I
         ask that you please keep this to yourselves.
Veigue: Right, we'll tell your wife that we didn't learn anything if she asks.

Skit #282 [SKI282]
「心のままに」 True To One's Heart

Tytree: Grr, I can't believe how stiff and formal this city is!!
Hilda: Indeed, the rules when speaking to members of the opposite sex are that
       way, but that is certainly not the only example around here where you
       "can't do this" or you "can't do that."
Tytree: In the end, it really is best when people live true to their hearts!
Annie: But there would be trouble if everyone lived as they pleased.
       Self-restraint is necessary as well.
Hilda: Well, it's all about living in moderation...even though that is one of
       the most difficult things to do in life.


<Outside The Residence>

Tytree: Good call on the fact that he didn't remember anything.
Veigue: That's because previously when the people under the influence of
        Waltu's suggestion returned to normal, they had no memory from when
        they were being controlled.
Hilda: It appears that a single phrase from the priest is what released this
       man from the suggestion.
Eugene: Then this means that the collaborator who Waltu used to null the
        suggestion given by his Force was the priest.
Annie: It looks like the key to dispelling the suggestion wasn't a sound but a
Mao: So let's go to where this priest is and ask him about the answer to the
     riddle that will get the lift moving!

Skit #283 [SKI283]
「カギは聖殿に」 The Key Is At The Holy Temple

Hilda: The priest should be aware of the word that is key to offsetting the
Mao: The priest is at the temple for sure! Let's hurry!

Skit #284 [SKI284]
「カギを握る人物」 The One Who Holds The Key

Eugene: Go see the priest and get him to tell us the words that will void the
        suggestion. He's probably in the temple unless he's stepped out


<Inside Of The Holy Temple>

Veigue: We'd like to have a word with you.
Priest:...Leave this place.
Mao: We can't do that. Because the way we see things, you're the one who's
     cooperating with Waltu.
Priest: Leave this place...
Tytree: We don't have all the time in the world here, pal! Cough up the word
        that will undo the lift manager's suggestion and be quick about it!!
Priest:...Leave this place.
Veigue: Don't tell me that even the priest is being manipulated?
Eugene: This priest is most likely under a suggestion which has a different
        triggering cue from the one used on the other men in the city.
Tytree: So if we look for that, then we can just undo the priest's suggestion,
Eugene: Well, no...he won't have any memory whatsoever from the time when he
        was given the suggestion. The man from earlier was like that as well,
Eugene: When the priest regains his senses, he will no longer know which word
        was used to trigger the suggestion in the townsmen.
Hilda: Then are you saying that we won't be able to move the lift?
Tytree: Dammit all...so this means that we've been running all over the town
        searching for nothing!
Veigue: There has to be a solution to this. We should find it if we just
        search. It must be somewhere close by...
Annie:...Yes, that makes sense, doesn't it. After all, the suggestion couldn't
      be something that would be used in everyday conversation...
Annie: If the role of the priest who was being manipulated is to dispel the
       suggestion given to the townspeople, then I think the answer would be a
       word that would not sound odd coming from a man of the cloth.
Tytree:...Yeah, that has to be it! Let's search this place inside and out!

Skit #285 [SKI285]
「キ一ワ一ド」 Keyword

Veigue: The "key" to undoing the suggestion...isn't there some kind of a

Skit #286 [SKI286]
「祭司とキ一ワ一ドの関係」 The Connection Between The Priest And The Keyword

Veigue: Words that would not sound strange coming from the mouth of a
        priest...they should be somewhere in this temple...


<After Examining The Book On The Altar>

Veigue: This is...!?
Veigue: I haven't seen letters like this before...
Hilda: It has Blue Beast Scriptures written on it in ancient Callegean.
Mao: You can read that?
Hilda: For the most part. The complex passages are impossible for me to
       decipher, but the simple ones are used in fortune-telling.
Hilda:...There's a bookmark inserted in this page though...
Hilda: "We the masses...the blue sea...the blue sky...in the city of blue...it
        will be born...beloved sea...beloved sky...over yonder...sea and sky...
        impart onto us your protection..."
Priest:...You mustn't read that.
Priest:...Be on your way.
Tytree: Hey now, is it okay for you to do that?
Eugene: All I did was knock him out. Since we're on the verge of finding the
        answer that we seek.
Veigue: Does it have something to do with the fact that the priest reacted to
        Hilda's words?
Eugene: The priest was trying to interrupt Hilda. The key to voiding the
        suggestion should be among the words that Hilda read.
Hilda: The lady from earlier said that it was "one phrase," didn't she. So in
       other words, that means that the answer lies somewhere in this one
Tytree: Let's hurry to where the lift manager is!
Annie: Before that, let's speak with the family who helped the priest and ask
       them if he said anything in particular. They might just know the answer.
Veigue:...Got it. Let's go check and see if they heard what the priest said
       when the suggestion wore off.
Mao: Shouldn't we do something about the priest's suggestion?
Eugene: I mentioned this earlier, but Waltu erases all traces of his presence.
        The priest's suggestion will most likely take care of itself.

You received the Blue Beast Scriptures.

Skit #287 [SKI287]
「カギとなる言葉」 The Words That Became The Key

Eugene: The words to void the suggestion should be in this verse of the
        scriptures. The question is which words are the ones that we need
Mao: Let's try talking to the townspeople.

Skit #288 [SKI288]
「その言葉が聞きたい」 I Want To Hear Those Words

Hilda: It's pointless to read the Blue Beast Scriptures as-is. We need to find
       the specific words that were used for the suggestion!
Tytree: The people in the city might have heard him say those words. We have to
        get them to tell us!

Skit #289 [SKI289]
「教えて、街の人」 Please Tell Us, Townspeople

Mao: Let's go talk to the people in the town one more time.


<Entering The Solution To The Word Puzzle>

NOTE: You have to talk to the townspeople before you can input the answer for
the word puzzle. The answer is いとしきそら (ITOSHIKISORA). If you have no idea
how to write in Japanese, then follow the instructions that I have listed
below. If you make a mistake, you can erase by pressing the SQUARE button.
From the starting position (the top left-hand corner):
Move to the right 1 time and press Circle.
Move down 3 times, then right 3 times and press Circle.
Move left 3 times, then up 1 time and press Circle.
Move up 1 time and press Circle.
Move down 1 time, then right 3 times and press Circle.
Move down 6 times, then left 4 times and press Circle.
Finally, press the Triangle button.
Lift Manager: You're the people who...
Veigue: We want to go to the port using the lift. Could you operate it for us?
Lift Manager: Oh, now that you mention it, it just came back a minute ago. I'll
              let you ride on it since we're finished with the parcels.
Mao: We did it!
Lift Manager: Well then, I'll go on ahead since I have to get the lift started.

Skit #290 [SKI290]
「間に合え!」 Make It In Time!

Tytree: Let's hurry up and take the lift to the port so that we can chase after
        The Royal Shield!
Veigue: Right...!

Skit #291 [SKI291]
「リフトは動く」 The Lift Is Moving

Eugene: The lift manager's suggestion has been dispelled. The lift is already
        in motion. Let's go down to the harbor.

Skit #292 [SKI292]
「リフトについて」 About The Lift

Mao: This lift is amazing. I wonder what kind of mechanism it uses for
Eugene: Steam power is transmitted to a gear which causes the wire to move.
        That in turn raises the lift.
Tytree: They really thought this through...to think that they'd end up hauling
        stuff from the seashore to a high place like this. Truly a 5 star


<Talking To The Lift Manager By The Lift>

Lift Manager: Want to ride the lift?

Ride the Lift?

Priest:...You mustn't operate that.
Priest: W, what on earth was I...
Mao: Huh? It looks like the suggestion cleared up.
Annie: The sound of the lift must be what released the priest from the
Mao: I get it, if the priest frees the lift manager from his suggestion, then
     the lift will be running.
Eugene: The priest probably passes by at a specific time and he cancels the
        lift manager's suggestion after his own has been triggered.
Hilda: I see, that way, all of the evidence disappears...just what I'd expect
       from one of the Four Stars...
Tytree: Alright, let's book it then!! Before the captured girls are sent off to

<Down In The Port>

Eugene: We may not be able to avoid a direct confrontation with Waltu this time
        around. Steady yourselves and let's move on.
Tytree: Right, we'll save Sis and the others no matter what it takes!!
Veigue: I can only hope that I make it in time...Claire...

Skit #293 [SKI293]
「娘たちは港に」 The Girls Are At The Port

Mao: Let's hurry to the port! I'm sure that the girls are still there!
Tytree: Sis...let me be on time...

Skit #294 [SKI294]
「舟が出る前に!」 Before The Boat Leaves!

Annie: Let's go to the harbor! If we don't hurry, the boat will leave without


<On The Following Screen>

Tytree: Sis!!
Selena: Tytree!!
Royal Shield Soldier: Where the hell did you come from! The lift is supposed to
      be closed off, isn't it!?
Mao: We'll be taking those people back, thank you very much!!
Waltu: We can't very well have a disturbance in the presence of ladies, now can
Hilda: Militsa!!
Waltu: I made every endeavor to have things planned out, but...for me to see
       you in this city so soon...that was a miscalculation on my part.
Eugene: If we had arrived a little bit later, then we probably wouldn't have
        known that you were even around here.
Waltu: However, I shall complete the task that was given to me, Commander.
Eugene: I do not wish to feud with you. Stand down, Waltu!!
Waltu: Our mission is to safely escort the young ladies to where Her Majesty
       The Queen is. To renounce such a duty constitutes treason. Do you
       believe me to be a man who would betray his country?
Eugene: What is the purpose of doing something like this, Waltu! Are you saying
        that this is for the well-being of the country!?
Waltu: I myself would prefer not to utilize such boorish methods.
Waltu: Nevertheless, I can ill afford to be mindful of trivial matters given
       the urgency of my orders.
Tytree: If that's the case, then we'll just take them back by force!!
Tytree: Ooriyaahhh!!
Tytree: Sis, are you all right! Come over here, quickly!!
Selena: M, my body...won't move!!
Tytree: Bastards, what the hell did you do to Sis!?
Waltu: I only made a simple request of her. That I'd like her to remain still
       for the time being.
Tytree: What'd you say!?
Waltu: Seeing as I have pressing business to attend to, I'd like to keep the
       brawling to a minimum. Could you possibly leave us be?
Waltu: Or perhaps...you would rather defeat us and rescue the young ladies?
       Although if we do fight here, I cannot account for their safety...they
       are immobilized, after all.
Tytree: You damn coward!!
Eugene:...I didn't expect that you'd resort to such methods.
Waltu: If it must be done in order to carry out my mission, then I cannot be
       selective about the means. I assure you that this is not a game.
Selena: Fight them, Tytree!!
Tytree: Sis!?
Selena: You mustn't give in to their demands. If you people are willing to risk
        your lives and fight, then I will wager my life as well!
Woman: I'm prepared too!!
Woman: Please fight! I beg you!
Tytree: But then...
Veigue: At this rate, we won't be able to save the girls either way...let's do
        it! Tytree!!
Waltu: I wanted to settle this peacefully, but it seems like that will not come
       to pass...very well then.
Waltu: However, I will be in quite a predicament should the young ladies
       actually come to harm. Militsa.
Militsa: I know.

<During The Battle Cut-In>
NOTE: You get to hear Hilda scream Militsa's name one more time if you have her
in your active party.

Hilda: Stop this! Militsa!!
Waltu: It's about time for us to end our little chat. I presume that there will
       be no need for us to hold back.
Waltu: Within this space created by Militsa's Force, no matter how grand the
       struggle, the damage will not extend beyond this wall of light.
Waltu: In other words, we are free to battle to our heart's content, Commander.
       Have at you!!
Tytree: Just what I wanted!
Veigue: Here we go!!

<After The Fight>

Hilda: Militsa...why...even if you do something like this, you won't obtain the
       body of a "pure person"!!
Militsa: I told you before...that there is no place outside of The Royal Shield
         where I belong...
Militsa: Or are you implying that you...have you found a place that welcomes a
         Half with open arms?
Hilda: W, well, that's...
Eugene: Withdraw, Waltu!!
Waltu: Splendidly done, Commander...however, I will complete my mission without
Veigue: Waltu...!!
Waltu: I'm going to...have you take leave of your senses for a while, if you
       don't mind.
Selena: Aah...my head is...
Tytree: Sis!!
??????: What is the meaning of this!
??????: You're causing quite an uproar, are you not. Waltu.
Waltu: General Milhaust...
Veigue: That guy is...
Mao: That's Milhaust Selkirk, the Commander-in-Chief of the Callegean National
Mao: He distinguished himself soon after enlisting in the army and became the
     general at a young age due to his skill and popularity. He's an elite
     among the elite.
Milhaust: If you are tending to such urgent matters here in Babilograd as you
          claim to be, then what do you think that you are doing by involving
          civilians in this disturbance? Explain yourself at once.
Waltu: With all due respect, we, The Royal Shield, are following orders issued
       directly by Her Ladyship. I cannot speak on the subject without Her
       Majesty's consent.
Milhaust:...You're absolutely right. Then, this is something that I shall
         address with Her Highness.
Milhaust: However, you will withdraw from this place. I will not allow citizens
          of this country to be harmed right before my eyes. Namely, the oath
          of loyalty that I swore to Callegea also applies to its people.
Waltu: But...
Milhaust: If you refuse to listen to reason, then I shall be your next
Waltu: If I were to go as far as to force your hand...very well, you have my
       compliance. Commander, until we next meet.
Hilda: Militsa!
Eugene: It's been a long time, hasn't it, Milhaust...
Milhaust:...You who once stood by my side as a defender of this country...one
         who now bears no allegiance...your words fall on deaf ears...
Eugene: I see...however, let me pass along one piece of advice as a former
Eugene: Return to Her Majesty's side as soon as possible. Then I'd like you to
        see with your own eyes what is taking place.
Eugene: I trust that you will be able to determine the truth.
Eugene: My deepest wish is that the day where we must cross swords with you
        never comes.
Tytree: Wait...! Mister Milhaust!!
Tytree: Thanks a bunch for saving everybody!!
Annie: Is everyone all right?
Selena: Yes, we're all safe.
Tytree: Sis, these people were all kidnapped by those guys, right?
Selena: That's right. They then kept us locked up in the holy temple on top of
        the mountain. There was a large number of girls in there besides us as
Tytree: Say, wasn't there a girl named Claire in that group?
Selena: Claire!?
Tytree: You know her, don't you Sis?
Selena: But how do you know that name?
Tytree: This guy here...Veigue, he's her boyfr...sorry, my mistake, a friend of
Selena: I see...but Claire was carried off along with some other girls...
Veigue: When did they take Claire away from here!?
Selena: Just two or three days ago.
Veigue: Tch!!
Eugene: Didn't they say anything as to why they had abducted you?
Selena: No, not a word...but there is one thing that has been bothering me...
Eugene: Bothering you?
Selena: When we were in the temple, I could hear them say this from the
        outside: "There's not much time left. The moon is waxing."
Hilda: The moon is getting fuller...does this mean that something is going to
       happen on the next full moon?
Selena: I'm sorry. That's all I heard...
Annie: If I'm not mistaken, the upcoming full moon is on the eve of the Day of
Mao: The crowning ceremony is being held on the Day of Goldba!
Eugene: So it seems that there is a connection between the movements of The
        Royal Shield and the ceremony after all.
Veigue: Claire...
Veigue: Let's hurry!!
Tytree: Sis, I hate to do this, but...I can't go back home with you. I can't
        really celebrate until we rescue the other girls.
Selena: Yes, I know. I would have scolded you if you had said that you were
        coming home with me.
Tytree: Sis...I'm heading off.
Selena: Take care of yourself. Everyone, please be careful as well. Please look
        after Tytree for me.

Skit #295 [SKI295]
「首都への船」 Boat Headed For The Capital

Mao: The boat headed for Balka's port is leaving, you know.
Tytree: Let's go to Balka! In order to save Claire!

Skit #296 [SKI296]
「人聞き悪いぜ」 Bad Reputation

Annie: Mao, isn't Tytree always picking on you?
Tytree: Hey now, don't give me a bad reputation. Who do you think is bullying
        who? I'm the one who's getting pushed around by Mao!
Annie: But every time I look, you're always imposing on him...
Mao: That's because I'm cute, yessiree!

Skit #297 [SKI297]
「おれがアニキだ」 I'm Your Big Bro

Mao: Tytree, you really do have a soft spot for Selena!
Tytree: Mao, you sure are using Sis to push my buttons, aren't you. I get it,
        you want to have a sibling too, right?
Tytree: I guess that I'll just have to become your big Bro.
Tytree: You're going to have to deal with Annie being your big Sis.
Mao: Huh, what about Selena?
Tytree: Sis is my big Sis...

Skit #298 [SKI298]
「モテモテだ」 Popular

Mao: Militsa is the only woman among The Four Stars, isn't she?
Tytree: Ooh, then that means she's popular!
Mao: But the other three members are Saleh, Tohma, and Waltu, remember?
Tytree:...That has to suck...

Skit #299 [SKI299]
「ミルハウストの目的」 Milhaust's Objective

Veigue: Why was Milhaust in this city?
Hilda: A little while ago, I heard that he was dispatched to resolve a dispute
       that had taken place on the eastern continent...perhaps he was on his
       way back from that?
Veigue: The man who stands at the very top of the military personally went to
        the site of the conflict?
Hilda: Distinguished military personnel cannot leave crucial matters in the
       hands of others.
Hilda: And besides, simply having his presence there boosts the morale of the
       troops. Much to the chagrin of writers everywhere anyway.
Veigue: What does that mean?
Eugene: It means that there are few people who will shy away from a chance to
        prove their loyalty towards the country or even display their sense of
Veigue: Milhaust, huh...

Skit #300 [SKI300]
「首都バルカへ」 To The Capital City Of Balka

Annie: The boat which is going to Balka is anchored at the harbor.
Eugene: If you have something that you want to purchase before getting on the
        boat, you should head to the store.

Skit #301 [SKI301]
「おいしいお酒・1」 Heavenly Sake Part 1
NOTE: You have to enter the Lift Manager's hut after the battle with Waltu and
Militsa to trigger this Skit. Hilda will acquire the title "One Who Enjoys
Sake" after viewing this.

Annie:...Hilda, didn't you have something to drink earlier?
Hilda:...It had a rich, mellow taste to it...aah, it was heavenly...
Annie: Was it sake, by any chance...?
Hilda: The manager treated me to bottle of Babilograd's famous specialty sake,
       "Myth Gallow."
Annie: Ah...that's the sake that my father loved so much. He drank it quite
       often. It sure brings back memories...


<Back At The Port>

Would you like to ride on the ocean liner? The fare is
an even 300 Gald.

Take the ocean liner?

Balka Harbor
Don't ride the ocean liner


<Once You Land In Balka's Harbor>

Tytree:...Whew, somehow we were able land in Balka...
Veigue: Is the crowning ceremony something that demands this much security?
Eugene: In this day and age, there are no guarantees that some of the more
        unsavory lots out there won't take advantage of the occasion. As
        always, we should proceed with the utmost of care.
Hilda: I wonder if that is the only pretext for the strict surveillance...?
Annie:...I feel the same way. There's the affair involving Claire and the
      others as well, but it feels as if some other important matter is also
      taking place.
Mao: We have to be careful since someone might recognize Eugene.
Eugene: Right...but there aren't many days left until the ceremony. We need to
        gather information swiftly and discreetly.
Veigue: Let's go.

Skit #302 [SKI302]
「バルカ港から市街地へ」 From Balka Harbor To The Urban Areas

Annie: The city of Balka is slightly to the north of this port.
Veigue: Then that must be where Callegea Castle is too.

Skit #303 [SKI303]
「覚えてる?」 You Remember?

Mao: We've finally made it back to Balka, haven't we?
Eugene: Yes...it certainly is nostalgic to return after such a long time.
Mao: You remember? About what happened when you left  Balka?
Mao: I had decided to go with you but you told me that I couldn't, right
Eugene: Yes, but even so you didn't listen and said that you were going to
        follow me anyway.
Eugene: I ended up getting used your company during my travels before I even
        realized it.

Skit #304 [SKI304]
「バルカ市街地」 The Urban Area Of Balka

Eugene: Callegea Castle is in the urban area of Balka. The palace is a
        magnificent building that is suitable for the royal family.
Mao: In any case, let's go to the capital! It's just a little ways to the north
     of this harbor.


<As You Attempt To Exit The Harbor>

Old Lady:...You people over there...yes, you young 'uns...you...
Tytree: Hm, what's up, Grams?
Old Lady: Not you, young 'un. That young man over there with the hair of
Veigue: You mean me...?
Old Lady: I see a foreboding shadow on the horizon. From this day forth, your
          heart may fall prey to a happenstance which will rend it asunder...
Tytree: What do you mean by that, Grams?
Old Lady: Such is foretold by the stars...
Old Lady:...Moreover, it appears that this shadow is coupled with an even
         greater shadow...
Hilda: Old lady, are you a fortune-teller?
Old Lady: Yes, that's right...young man, choose a card.
Mao: What'd you pick, Veigue?
Hilda:...The Moon Card. In the upright position, it suggests "fear" and
      "doubt". In the reverse position, it's an "indication of improvement",
      or perhaps a "realization of the truth"...
Annie: What exactly will take place?
Hilda:...Who knows?
Old Lady: Do not allow yourself to be consumed by the darkness. You must take
          care to become strong of heart...
Tytree: I seriously have no idea what Grams here is talking about.
Veigue: The moon...
Eugene: There's no use thinking about it. For now, we should go to the city and
        gather information.

Skit #305 [SKI305]
「アニ一の占い講座」 Annie's Course On Fortune-Telling

Annie: Veigue...are you thinking about the reading that the old lady did for
       you earlier?
Veigue:...Something that will tear my heart into pieces...a large shadow...
Annie: Veigue, the outcome of a reading isn't meant to be used as guide that
       influences how you live your life.
Annie: If you change yourself, then that means that you can change your future
       as well.
Veigue:...Really...yes, you're right...
Annie:...Well, that's what someone once told me anyway...

Skit #306 [SKI306]
「占いは誰に?」 Who Taught You?

Annie: Hilda, who taught you how to read fortunes?
Hilda:...I learned it on my own...as a child though, all I did was gaze at the
Hilda: Just the simple act of holding these tarot cards made me forget about
       all of the horrible things that I went through.
Hilda: Eventually, I gained an interest in fortune-telling...and it grew little
       by little...
Annie: So that's what happened...

Skit #307 [SKI307]
「迷惑だった?」 Was I A Nuisance?

Mao: Hey Eugene...has it been a nuisance having to travel with me?
Eugene:...No, I'm glad that you were there for me.
Mao: For real?  Is that what you really think?
Eugene: Yes, it's the truth. You are one of my irreplaceable companions...
Mao: Yay!!
Mao: We'll always be together then, right, Eugene!
Eugene: Right...


<After Entering Balka>

Tytree: What a huge city...Petnadjanka doesn't even come close to this.
Mao: Tytree, is this your first time here?
Tytree: Yup, I am a country bumpkin and all. Veigue, what about you?
Veigue: This is my first time too....The city is impressive, but so is the fog.
Eugene: Indeed, this place is blanketed in mist throughout the year. One might
        think it would make policing difficult, but it can also be used to our
        advantage when we conduct operations.
Mao: Eugene and I are pretty familiar with this city, so leave the directions
     to us.
Veigue: Right...we're counting on you.
Veteran: What're you so afraid of?
Young Soldier: Is this city always so dark and gloomy? The enemy could be
               lurking about and we'd have no way of knowing it, would we...
Veteran: This is your first time in Balka, isn't it. Nothing's going to happen,
         so don't get all uptight like that. We have some excellent sake here
         in Balka, you know. Let's go get some drinks after our shift is over.
Young Soldier: Y, yessir!!
Tytree: I really don't want to have to fight those guys.
Eugene: One can only hope that it doesn't happen.
Veigue: So that's Callegea Castle...
Hilda: Yes...I don't exactly have many fond memories of the place though...
Veigue: Is it okay if we get a little bit closer to it...?
Eugene: I have no objections, but...I trust that you have no intention of
        barging in through the front gate, correct?
Veigue:...I would if I could. But...
Mao: Why don't we take a peek at the castle and see how the atmosphere is? The
     mood has probably changed a bit since the last time we were here.
Eugene: You have a point. I know that you've heard me say this many times, but
        the security is very tight. Do not forget that.
Veigue: I know...

Skit #308 [SKI308]
「クレア囚われし城」 The Castle Where Claire Is Imprisoned

Veigue: I want to see Callegea Castle up close.
Eugene: I know. But the security is tight. Be sure to act accordingly.

Skit #309 [SKI309]
「蒸気機関車」 Steam-powered Locomotive

Tytree:...Man, this fog is depressing...
Annie: While it's true that the terrain encourages the formation of mist, I
       don't believe that is the only reason for this thick fog.
Annie: The steam-powered locomotive does produce an impressive amount of vapor
       as it moves, you know.
Tytree: A steam train! I've heard rumors about it! It's amazing, isn't it? I
        wonder if we'll get to ride on it?
Hilda: I imagine that we'll have to ride on it if we plan to explore the
Tytree: Woohoo!

Skit #310 [SKI310]
「霧の都」 City Of Fog

Tytree: This city is so gloomy for some reason...
Annie: Balka is completely covered in fog for about 3 months out of the year.
Mao: Not to mention that there are lots of rainy days.
Tytree: Unh...i, it's no use...! This city just doesn't suit my personality!!

Skit #311 [SKI311]
「カレギア城へ」 To Callegea Castle

Tytree: Let's go check out Callegea Castle...Veigue!
Veigue: Yeah...

Skit #312 [SKI312]
「ユ一ジ一ンの夢」 Eugene's Dream
NOTE: You need to stay at the inn in order to view this Skit.

Eugene: Last night, I had a dream about my childhood...
Mao: It's kind of difficult to picture you as a child, Eugene!
Eugene: You may say that, but I'll have you know that I had a reputation for
        being the cutest kid in the neighborhood.
Mao: That's even harder for me to imagine!
Tytree: Then how did things end up like this...
Tytree: Mao, sooner or later, you'll be saying stuff like this too.

NOTE: It's kind of a pain to get around in Balka, so I'm going to be giving
some basic directions while you're in the city. There's a guy wearing blue at
the top of the screen that you're on now; that's the train operator. To
progress the story, talk to him and select the option that says カレギア城前.
This will bring you in front of Callegea Castle.

<In Front Of Callegea Castle>

Annie: This is Callegea Castle, the place which has served as the foundation of
       our kingdom from ancient times up until the present.
Veigue:...So this is where Claire is being held...
Zapie: Kiki...
Annie: I wonder if Zapie understands that Claire is inside of this castle...

Veigue Side-->Claire Side

<Inside Of Callegea Castle>

Imperial Guard: This day, the one honored to be chosen by Her Majesty is Claire
                Bennett. Step forward!
Claire: Y, yes...
Zilva: There is no need for you to be so nervous. I only ask that you spare us
       a moment in order to have a pleasant chat with Her Majesty The Queen.
Claire: That's fine.
Zilva: Then please follow me.
Agarte: I thank you for coming. And your name is...?
Claire: It's Claire. I am from the village of Sulz.
Agarte: I see...your face and also your hands and feet...they're simply
Claire:...Eh? Ah...it is an honor to receive such praise from you, my Queen.
Agarte: With such beauty, you could have the hand of any suitor whom you
        desired, am I right...
Claire: Huh...?
Agarte: If only one could obtain allure such as yours...your angelic face...
        your silky skin...
Claire:...Um, if I may...is a person's appearance is really that important?
Agarte: What did you say just now?
Claire: Oh...I'm sorry...but I...I believe that once people have come to like
        each other, looks are not that big of a factor in the relationship.
Claire:...A long time ago, my parents apparently met for the first time when
       they got lost in a pitch dark cave.
Claire: In the darkness, the two of them encouraged one another as they
        continued to search for the exit.
Claire: When they finally came out of the cave the next morning and looked at
        each other for the first time, they both burst out into laughter.
Agarte:...For what reason?
Claire: What my father had thought was a cute, dainty young lady turned out to
        be a muddy village girl with frizzy hair. The strong, dependable
        gentleman that my mother had pictured ended up being a toothpick of a
        man with a shaggy beard.
Claire: The two of them couldn't help but laugh at how far off their
        imaginations had been, and they admitted that while they were in the
        cave, they mistook the other for a prince or a princess.
Claire: But even so, my parents said that they grew fond of each other before
        they left the cave.
Claire: That's why I think that it's not what's on the outside, but what's on
        the inside that matters the most to people.
Agarte:...Suppose that when they emerged from the cavern, one of them happened
        to be a Gajuma. Are you of the opinion that your parents would make the
        same claim in spite of that?
Claire:...I think that they would. Once you've fallen in love with someone, I
       feel that it is meaningless to consider things such as race.
Agarte: Meaningless? Surely you jest...?
Claire: No, I'm being serious.
Agarte: Such lies...speak what is truly on your mind...Gajumas are unsightly
        beings...that is how all Humas feel, is it not?
Claire:...Your Majesty...?
Agarte: I have never known darkness...!
Agarte: It is a matter of fact for me to have my every move monitored. I cannot
        freely depart from this place, nor am I permitted to simply meet with
        people as I please...
Claire:...Could it be that Your Majesty is...
Agarte:...Be silent!!
Agarte: You possess that which I desire above all else!!
Claire: Lady...Agarte...
Zilva: Princess...how do you feel?
Agarte: The feeling was exceedingly pleasant...it was unlike anything I have
        ever experienced...this child will...Claire will be the one who shall
        redeem me...
Zilva: I ask that you be patient for just a moment's time. My Princess, you'd
       best conserve your strength until the day of the ceremony...
Agarte: You are right...at long last, everything shall come to an end with the
        close of the ritual...
Zilva: No, it will not be an ending. The ceremony will come to pass and Milady,
       as well as this country, shall be reborn. It shall be a glorious
       genesis, so to speak.
Agarte: If I am born anew...do you suppose that he will acknowledge my
Agarte: Can you conceive of me living in the same world as him...
Zilva: There is nothing to fear. Once Milady is born again, the barrier which
       now separates the two of you shall surely vanish without a trace.
Agarte: I thank you...
Zilva: Who goes there!?
????: Oh crap...!
Zilva:...Guards! Where are the guards...!

Claire Side-->Veigue Side

<Back In Front Of The Castle>

Veigue: Claire, wait for me. I will rescue you no matter what...
Tytree: I have no idea what these guys are up to, but I'm positive that it's
        gonna be a flop. They definitely have an ass-whopping headed their way.
Annie: Hilda, do you know of a way to gain entry into the castle?
Hilda: I'm afraid not, I normally entered through the front gate like everyone
       else...but, Eugene might...
Eugene: Can't say that I do...the fortification around Callegea Castle is
        I doubt that penetrating its defenses will be an easy task.
Eugene: But perhaps if we investigate further...
Guardsman's Voice: Halt!! Halt, I say!!
Veigue: Hm?
Guardman's Voice: We won't allow you to escape!
Guardsman: How on earth did that worm get in here...
Guardsman: We cannot let someone who's sullied the name of Her Grace slip
           away!! Split up and search for him!!
Eugene: That man...
Mao: You know him?
Eugene: Yes...so he's still up to his old tricks...
Veigue: Old tricks?
Eugene: Hmm, I wonder...he might know of a way to infiltrate the castle...
Tytree: What do you mean?
Eugene: I'll explain later. Let's run after him.

Skit #313 [SKI313]
「怪しいガジュマ」 The Suspicious Gajuma

Veigue: Eugene, is that Gajuma an acquaintance of yours?
Eugene: Yes, but let's save the details for later. We should go after him

Skit #314 [SKI314]
「どこかで...?」 Somewhere...?

Hilda: I have a feeling that I've seen that Gajuma before...somewhere...
Annie: For now, let's chase after him!

NOTE: To progress the story, talk to the train operator and select
商店前. Enter the store and go all the way to the rear to trigger the following
dialogue. While I'm babbling away, I might as well mention that the next new
guy has a slight accent (my English not be that bad, really!).

????: Uh oh, so you found me, eh.
Eugene: Wait, Yottsua. Have you forgotten about me?
Yottsua:...Hm? Master Eugene! I haven't heard from you since that last time
        you helped me out.
Mao: Yottsua, you mean the guy who's known as the Callegean Dictionary?
Yottsua: Yup! I can tell you everything there is to know about this country, be
         it anything from national secrets to the neighborhood gossip.
Yottsua: The country's best source of information, the Callegean Dictionary
         Yottsua, that be me.
Hilda: Eugene, you actually know this guy?
Eugene: Previously, I had placed him under arrest for sneaking into the castle.
Yottsua: No no, you be the one who saved my life. Back then, I thought that I
         was going to be executed, but Master Eugene granted me a special
Eugene: Well, The Royal Shield is also indebted to you for all of those times
        that you provided us with information. But still, haven't you learned
        your lesson about slipping into the castle?
Yottsua: Eh heh heh...at any rate, I heard that you were driven out of the
         castle and had left Balka?
Eugene: A lot of things have happened, so I've come back for the moment.
Veigue:...Since you're an informant, I'd like you to tell us something.
Yottsua: Sure, go ahead. You're with the Master, so I'll let you have a
         freebie, on the house. What be it?
Veigue: Are you aware that The Royal Shield is kidnapping Huma girls?
Yottsua: Ah, of course I am. They've scraped a whole bunch of them together
         inside of the castle. As I recall, one of them escaped the other day
         and caused quite a commotion.
Veigue:...You haven't heard the name Claire before, have you?
Yottsua: Claire...ah, I did hear it once. That be the name of the girl that was
         with the Queen's aide, Zilva.
Veigue: Claire, you say...!?
Yottsua: That probably be her judging from the way that the Queen be speaking.
         Said that this kid Claire will redeem her.
Veigue: Claire is going to save the Queen? What is that supposed to mean?
Yottsua:...Beats me. They be talking about weird stuff like being reborn and
        walls disappearing, so I didn't really understand what be going on...
Yottsua: After that, Zilva realized that I be there, so I ran out on the
         double. That be about all that I can tell you.
Veigue: Let me ask you one more thing. How is the security around the castle?
Yottsua: You can't tell from the outside, but the inside be a nightmare. You
         see, the place be crammed with Force Users day in and day out. It
         certainly seems like they be on the lookout for something...
Eugene: But how did you manage to sneak into the castle with that kind of
        security on the inside?
Yottsua: That be something that I cannot tell even Master Eugene.
Tytree: What do you mean by that? You owe Eugene your life, don't you?
Yottsua: Ah...you make me feel guilty when you put it that way...
Yottsua: Okay, I hear you. You should go to Jibel's place then; he lives across
         from the item shop.
Yottsua: This be something that I just cannot tell you. You'll have to ask
         Jibel about that.
Yottsua: If you go to Jibel's house, say this: "I want to see the continuation
         of the dream that lies deep within the mist."
Eugene: A password, correct? Understood.
Yottsua: Well, I be on my way then...
Veigue: Across from the item store, huh...let's go.

Skit #315 [SKI315]
「謎の人物・ジベ一ル」 The Mysterious Figure, Jibel

Eugene: We have no choice but to meet with this man named Jibel.
Mao: He lives across the way from the item store, right? I wonder what kind of
     person he is...

Skit #316 [SKI316]
「霧の奥にある夢の続きが見たい」 I Want To See The Continuation Of The Dream
                                That Lies Deep Within The Mist

Annie: "I want to see the continuation of the dream that lies deep within the
       mist"...what do you suppose it means?
Tytree: It's just a run-of-the-mill password. It's not supposed to have a
        deeper meaning to it or anything.
Hilda: A dream deep within the mist...it has a fairytale-like ring to it.
Tytree: I dunno, doesn't it sound dismal and long-winded to you?
Hilda: The man knows nothing about atmosphere...

Skit #317 [SKI317]
「ジベ一ルの家は...」 Jibel's House Is...

Veigue: Let's go meet with Jibel. His residence is near the item store, isn't

NOTE: To get to Jibel's house, talk to the train guy and pick 南門広場. This
should bring you to the entrance of the city. From here, head to the northeast
between the two buildings. On the next screen, enter the house on the right
side and go down the stairs.

Veigue: Is Jibel here?
????: I am Jibel, but...what business do you have with me?
Veigue: "I want to see the continuation of the dream that lies deep within the
Jibel: Hmm...so you've met with him, have you...
Veigue: Yes, we heard about you from Yottsua...
Jibel: For what reason do you intend to infiltrate the castle?
Jibel: Especially you, the former Commander...Eugene...
Eugene: There is something stirring within the kingdom at this time. We must
        enter the castle in order to uncover the truth.
Veigue:...Please, tell us how we can get in!
Jibel: Hmm...however, even with Yottsua's referral, I cannot simply let you
Tytree: Are you saying that you can't trust us!!
Jibel: Well, something like that. That's why I want you to prove yourselves.
       Show me that you people are not my enemies through an act of good faith,
       if you will.
Veigue: What do you want us to do?
Jibel: My subordinate, Hack, is currently conducting some archaeological
       research. However, he went to investigate the Mesechina Cavern located
       to the northeast of the city and has yet to return.
Jibel: Perhaps he was involved in some type of accident, or maybe he was
       captured by the enemy...
Mao: So you want us to go and search for that Hack person, right?
Jibel: Yes...that's right.
Veigue: The cavern to the northeast, right. Let's go.
Jibel: Just a minute.
Jibel: As things stand, there's no guarantee that you people won't run away and
       report me to the authorities. Anyone will do, but I want two of you to
       remain here.
Tytree: Old man, you just sat there and listened away, and now you have the
        nerve to exploit us!!
Jibel: Like it or not, that is simply the way I am when people ask me for a
Tytree: What'd you say!!
Hilda: Let it go, Tytree! He has the upper hand.
Jibel: You seem to be familiar with the ways of the world, Miss...
Tytree:...Tch. Alright already. So who's staying behind?
Eugene: Veigue, you decide.
Veigue: I'm going. We'll need Mao too so that we can detect any hostile Force
        Users. That leaves...

Characters listed in yellow are in your battle party.
Characters listed in blue will be left behind.
Press the Circle button to switch people in or out of your party.
Finalize your battle party.

Veigue: Let's head out.

Skit #318 [SKI318]
「ハックを助けに」 To Save Hack

Mao: The cave to the northeast...is that the Mesechina Cavern?
Veigue: The Mesechina Cavern...in any case, let's go look for Hack.

Skit #319 [SKI319]
「ここだけの話」 Just Between Us
NOTE: This Skit only pops up if you have Tytree in your party but NOT Hilda.

Tytree: This is just between us, but doesn't Hilda come across as being a tad
Mao: Ah, Tytree! I'm going to tell on you!
Tytree: W, what's the big idea, Mao! Don't pin all of the blame on me when you
        were thinking the exact same thing!
Tytree: Veigue...you think so too, don't you?
Veigue: No, not particularly...

Skit #320 [SKI320]
「メセチナ洞窟へ」 To The Mesechina Cavern

Mao: Hack went to the cavern to the northeast, didn't he.

Skit #321 [SKI321]
「マオの心配」 Mao's Concern
NOTE: This Skit only pops up if Annie and Eugene are NOT in your party.

Mao: I wonder if it was okay to leave Annie and Eugene behind...
Tytree: I'm telling you, there's nothing to worry about. If it comes down to
        it, maybe things will turn out for the better after a good catfight.
Hilda: Sometimes, I'm envious of that optimistic outlook of yours.
Mao:...I would like it if those two would only get along, but...
Veigue: Mao...

Skit #322 [SKI322]
「静かだネ」 It Sure Is Quiet
NOTE: This Skit only pops up if Tytree is NOT on your party.

Mao: I wonder if Tytree will behave himself while we're gone...?
Veigue: Hard to say...it would be nice if he didn't cause any trouble, but...
Mao: Instead of worrying, maybe it would have been better to have him come
Veigue: You might be right...

Skit #323 [SKI323]
「あれが獣王山」 That's Mount Sovereign
NOTE: You have to get within close proximity of Mount Sovereign (located to the
north of Balka) to trigger this Skit.

Tytree: What the heck is that mountain...? It looks like it has two horns
        growing out of it...
Eugene: That is Mount Sovereign. They say that it was named after the first
        King of Callegea, Goldba.
Tytree: Really?...That thing's in pretty good shape then.
Eugene: There's also a legend which says that the mountain is protected by some
        type of mysterious power.
Eugene: You see, this is a sacred place for both the country and the royal

<After Entering The Mesechina Cavern>

Skit #324 [SKI324]
「ハックはここに?」 Hack's In Here?

Mao: I wonder if Hack is actually in a place like this?
Veigue: We'll just have to find out for ourselves. Let's go.

Skit #325 [SKI325]
「ここはメセチナ洞窟」 This Is The Mesechina Cavern

Veigue: What could Hack be investigating in this cavern?
Mao: ...If I remember correctly, the word Mesechina means "light of the moon."
Mao: Waltu told me that when we were in The Royal Shield. I forgot about the
     details though.
Veigue: Moonlight...now that you mention it, the inside of this cavern glows as
        if it were being lit by the moon...
Mao: Maybe he was looking into some secret involving that?

Skit #326 [SKI326]
「洞窟のどこかに」 Somewhere In The Cavern

Veigue: Let's search for Hack. If Jibel was right, then he should be somewhere
        in this cave.


<In The Rear Of The Cavern>

???: H, help me!!
Mao:...Could that be Hack?
Veigue: Let's go...!!

<After The Fight>

Veigue: Are you alright?
???: T, thank you! You're a lifesaver...but...what are you guys doing here...
Veigue: We came here on Jibel's request. You're Hack, aren't you?
Hack: Jibel asked you to?
Veigue: Jibel was worried since you left a while ago but hadn't come back yet.
        What were you doing?
Hack: I'm sorry...I was so absorbed in my research that I lost track of the
      time. Thanks for saving me. I'm going to start heading back right about
Mao: We should be able to earn Jibel's trust with this!
Veigue: Right, let's hurry back.

Skit #327 [SKI327]
「任務完了」 Mission Complete

Mao: We rescued Hack and all, so now he should tell us how we can enter the
Veigue: Right. Let's go back to Jibel's place.

Skit #328 [SKI328]
「街へ戻ろう」 Let's Return To The City

Veigue: Let's head back to Jibel's house.
Mao: The other two are waiting for us, after all. We should hurry.


<Back At Jibel's House>

Jibel: Good work. Let me tell you how you may enter Callegea Castle.
Jibel: If you leave through the rear entrance of this place, you'll find an
       underground tunnel. You can enter the castle by going through there.
Hilda: You can't be serious! Does such a straightforward path actually exist?
Hack: It looks like it was originally built as an escape route for the royal
      family in the event that there was an emergency at the castle.
Hack: But it seems like they completely forgot about it since it wasn't being
Eugene:...The darkest spot is at the base of the lighthouse, huh...
Tytree: Alright, in any case, let's make our way over there!!
Hack: That charm you're holding...isn't that a Blue Moonstone?
Veigue: Blue Moonstone?
Hack: It's a very mysterious stone. It waxes and wanes just like the moon.
Veigue: Waxes and wanes?
Hack: Here, take a look. That stone that you have is already lit more than half
      the way.
Veigue: What did you say...?
Hack: The stone will be completely full before long.
Hack: Long ago, people who watched the moon wane and then wax believed that the
      celestial body was sacred and that it could revive itself after death.
Hack: That's why the people from ancient times worshipped the moon in hopes
      that even if they died, they would be reborn.
Hack: That explains why this stone which mimics the various phases of the moon
      became a good luck charm.
Tytree: What's going to happen when this stone lights up all the way?
Hack: According to an old legend, it's said that the Divine King will rise
      again...but I, uh, still haven't figured out what that means.
Mao: Really...
Veigue: More importantly though...
Eugene: Right, let's go.
Veigue:...We appreciate your help, Jibel.
Jibel: Mm hmm...

Skit #329 [SKI329]
「地下道の秘密」 Secret Of The Underground Tunnel

Annie: To think that there would be an underground tunnel to the castle behind
       Jibel's house...
Mao: Yeah, what a surprise.
Veigue: Let's sneak into Callegea Castle!

Skit #330 [SKI330]
「地下道への扉」 The Door That Goes To The Underground Tunnel

Eugene: If you've finished preparing, then let's enter the castle from the
        underground tunnel.
Eugene: To get to the entrance of the underground tunnel, leave through the
        rear exit of Jibel's house.


<In Front Of The Underground Tunnel>

Veigue:...I have a request.
Veigue: I've come this far in order to save Claire...the enemy is most likely
        waiting for us inside. I won't be able to handle them by myself.
Veigue: Please, lend me your strength...
Mao: What are you saying? Of course we will! We're your friends, you know!
Eugene: We would have done so even if you hadn't asked.
Annie: I will also do the best that I can.
Veigue:...Thanks. But that's not the only favor that I need to ask.
Tytree: Just name it and it's yours.
Veigue: In the event that I fall in battle...I'd like you to take care of
        Claire for me.
Veigue: It doesn't matter to me even if I die. It's okay as long as Claire is
        safe. So that's why...
Annie: Veigue...
Tytree: No way, nothin' doin'.
Tytree: I can't let you go in there with a death wish, you know.
Tytree: It's not like YOU would have anything to worry about after you kicked
        the bucket. Talk about taking the easy way out.
Tytree: You're going to fight to the bitter end, so don't even think about
Veigue: Tytree...
Tytree: Save Claire with your own two hands!! Life can be rough, but...there
        has to be something out there that makes it all worthwhile!!
Tytree: So don't talk about throwing your life away like it's no big deal. And
        if you happen to croak on me, I'm going to beat the life back into you.
        You got that?
Veigue:...Yeah, I hear you.
Veigue:...Let's go!!

<Inside The Tunnel>

Eugene: Who would have thought that there would be a passageway in a place like
Tytree: Whether you want to call this carelessness or a breach in security...
        apparently there's always a way to get to wherever you need to go.
Hilda: Do you honestly think that they're just going to let us waltz into the
Eugene: Hmm, I would presume that they took measures to ward off intruders.
        Proceed with caution.

Skit #331 [SKI331]
「初めての地下道」 The First Underground Passageway

Veigue: If we go through this underground passageway, we'll be able to reach
        the inside of the castle, right...?
Tytree: Right. We're almost there, so hang on to your seats and let's go!

Skit #332 [SKI332]
「地下通路の用途」 Usefulness Of The Subterranean Tunnel

Mao: I wonder if this underground passage has even been used before...?
Hilda: I don't think there has ever been a disturbance during 'ssssssCal
       history which was great enough to warrant the evacuation of the royal
Eugene: You're probably right. Well, no, King Yaso's son might have used it
        when he went down to the city incognito.

Skit #333 [SKI333]
「地下通路について」 About The Underground Pathway

Veigue: Hack said that this underground path was an escape route for the royal
        family, but...you were in the service of the king and you didn't know
        about it?
Eugene: Right, it's a truly pathetic tale to tell, but...
Eugene: As you know, the country has been at peace for several hundred years
        and the royal family has never had to retreat from the castle.
Eugene: But it might be about time for the country to rethink its security
        measures and prepare a contingency plan in the event of an emergency.
Veigue: What makes you say that...?
Eugene:...Isn't the fact that we are standing here right now reason enough?

Skit #334 [SKI334]
「地下道の先に...」 Further Down The Underground Path...

Mao: We can reach the castle if we go down this underground path.
Eugene: This is my first time here as well, but I am certain that this
        passageway is headed in the direction of the palace.


<After Making Some Progress Through The Tunnel>

Tytree: Yikes! The door just closed by itself!
Mao: Is it something to protect against intruders?
Eugene: Probably. However, if this place was intended to be an escapeway for
        the royal family, there must be a way to revert things back to how they
        were before.
Veigue: I guess that we'll just have to search around then.

NOTE: To solve the puzzle, examine the clock on the left 3 times.

<After Exiting The Tunnel>

Mao: We're finally inside of the castle...
Veigue: Where are we?
Eugene: A guest room. There are a great number of rooms just like this one
        within Callegea Castle.
Tytree: I wonder where Claire and the others are?
Annie: We were told that Her Highness is treating the girls who are brought
       here with the best of care, correct?
Annie: Then wouldn't that mean that they would be keeping them in guest rooms
       similar to this one?
Tytree: If we can't find them anywhere, then we should just head over to the
        Queen and ask her.
Hilda: If you can reach her, that is.
Hilda: The Queen is surrounded by bodyguards. Powerful ones from The Royal
Eugene: Our objective is to rescue Claire and then discover what Her Majesty's
        true intentions are. If possible, I would like to avoid any
Eugene:...I understand how you feel...Should that time come, I am prepared for
       the worst. Only then will we fight. Even if we must face...the Queen
Veigue: Let's go.

Skit #335 [SKI335]
「クレアを探して」 Look For Claire

Mao: The girls are being held in a room somewhere. Claire has to be in there

Skit #336 [SKI336]
「カレギア城について」 About Callegea Castle

Veigue: Is Claire really in this castle...?
Eugene:...There's no way to prove it.
Eugene: However, there is no mistake that Her Majesty gave an order to go
        gather Huma girls.
Eugene: If we inquire with Her Majesty, I believe that we could obtain some
        reliable information as to Claire's whereabouts, but...
Veigue:...Agarte...you will give Claire back, make no mistake about that...

Skit #337 [SKI337]
「緊張するぜ」 Man, Am I Nervous

Tytree: Ooh...I'm kind of nervous...
Mao: What's wrong, Tytree?
Tytree: I mean, right now we're actually inside of the castle where the Queen
        lives, you know?
Mao: Whoa!! And here I thought that you didn't give a flip about the Queen!
Tytree: Well, that's true, but...doesn't coming to a place like this make you
        feel kind of awestruck?
Mao: Not really...I used to come in here all the time when I was in The Royal

Skit #338 [SKI338]
「クレアはどこに?」 Where Is Claire?

Veigue: Claire...where is Claire...!?


<In The Hallway>

Eugene: It's dangerous to run through the main hall. Let's go around from the
        left side.
Saleh: Where do you think you're going, my little sewer rats?
Veigue: Saleh!! Where have you taken Claire!?
Saleh: That's a good question, where did I leave her...
Veigue: Cut the crap!!
Saleh: You're the ones who are playing around, are you not? I'll give you
       credit for sneaking into the castle...but only a fool would expect a
       loyal subject such as myself to reveal confidential information due to
       a mere threat, after all.
Eugene: There is something that I would like to speak of with Her Majesty.
Saleh: Who exactly do you think I am? I am Saleh of The Four Stars. That being
       said, do you seriously believe that I am going to step aside like a
       good little boy?
Veigue: If that's how it is, then we'll just take you down.
Saleh: Those burning eyes...do I ever hate them. When I look at people like
       you, it makes me want to torment you even more.
Zilva: What have we here?
Agarte: You are...Eugene? For what reason would you be here...
Eugene: Your Majesty! I wish to ask about the true intent behind Your Highness'
        actions! Please, spare me but a moment of your time!
Zilva: They are intruders. Seize them!
Agarte: Wait, Zilva. Do allow me to have a word with Eugene.
Zilva: But, those people came here so that they may...
Agarte: I realize such matters. However, Eugene is not an individual who cannot
        be reasoned with. He shall surely come to understand.
Zilva: Your Majesty...

<In The Throne Room>

Eugene:...Nothing brings me more joy than to be able to appear before you this
       day, Your Highness.
Zilva: Eugene...you are one who hath slain another and been banished from the
       castle once before. Her Majesty's Grace knows no boundaries to grant an
       audience with one such as yourself...
Eugene: I am fully aware of that...
Veigue: We're...!
Eugene: I know. That's why I ask that you leave this in my hands...please.
Agarte: Eugene...you stated that you wished to hear of my true intentions,
Eugene: Indeed, allow me to be frank. What does Your Majesty intend to do with
        the Huma girls that you have gathered?
Eugene:...Your Majesty...?
Agarte:...There exists a legend that goes as such.
Agarte: "In an ancient war, the Divine King fell into decline and an ebon moon
         was set loose upon this land. Be that as it may, when the refined moon
         is brimming with a light of red, the Lord shall appear before us once
Veigue: The Divine King...the light of the moon? Is there some type of
        connection with this charm...?
Agarte: Long ago...the Divine King and the Six Saints reigned over this world
        with the arcane power that they each possessed.
Agarte: Once, the King and the Six Saints came into conflict over opposing
        ideals. Soon thereafter, an epic battle ensued which would involve the
        entire world in its wake.
Agarte: Countries everywhere feared what was to come, so they quarrelled over
        how to fashion the model society. At that time, there was no such thing
        as vice or virtue.
Agarte: At the close of the battle that raged without end, the Six Saints
        prevailed over the Divine King and sealed him within the earth.
Agarte: I am conducting this ceremony to negate the seal so that I may call
        forth the Divine King.
Agarte: Now is the time, for this country and myself are in need of such power.
Agarte: Concurrently with the awakening of Force Users brought about by my
        father Ladras was the havoc wrought by the rampant proliferation of
        Viruses...My country is steadily proceeding down the path to
Tytree: Path to destruction!? You mean to say that things have really gotten
        that hairy!?
Agarte:...Therefore, it is imperative that I arrange for preemptive measures
       before such comes to pass.
Hilda: How do you plan to control the power of the Divine King once it has been
Agarte: With my Force of Moon.
Agarte: The Force of Moon manifests itself solely within members of the royal
        family. Should it be fused with the power of the Divine King, then
        Callegea can surely know deliverance.
Agarte: Such is my belief.
Annie: Then the "ebony moon" refers to Her Majesty's Force?
Agarte:...People outside of the royal household are not privy to such
Veigue: That's not what I wanted to ask you! Where are the Huma girls who were
        kidnapped by your orders!? Where is Claire right now!?
Agarte: Ah...so that's what this is about...Claire...I see...so you must be a
        friend of hers.
Veigue: That's right, her name's Claire. What does she have to do with the
Agarte:...Light...if only the world were devoid of light.
Agarte: This world is...far too lustrous. Darkness and its brethren are nowhere
        to be found.
Agarte: She is essential if we are to survive in such a dazzling brilliance.
Agarte: Claire shall be...my hope.
Veigue: What are you talking about?
Agarte: Worry not. After the ceremony is completed, she shall be returned to
        you at once.
Agarte: Regardless of what may come, she shall never change for she is able to
        close her eyes.
Veigue:...What do you mean!? What do you plan to do with Claire!!
Eugene: Your Majesty? Lady Agarte!?
Tytree: Isn't she acting kinda weird?
Agarte: Claire...she shall...be mine...
Mao: What is this!?
All: *screams*
Tytree: M, my strength is fading...!!
Veigue: A...Agarte!!
Zilva: Saleh!!
Zilva: Princess, are you all right!?
Zilva: Arrest them!! Do not defile the throne room with their blood!!
Royal Shield Soldier: Yes m'lady!!
Veigue: Here they come!!

<In-Battle Dialogue With Soldiers>

Veigue: Where is Claire!?

<After The Fight>

Veigue: Queen!! Where is Claire!!
Zilva: Such futile resistance...! Seize them!!
Veigue: What the!!
All: *screams*
Zilva: You impudent whelps!!
Veigue: Let go of me...let go...


Marco: From now on, this boy is a part of our family. Be nice to him.
Claire: I'm Claire. Nice to meet you.
Claire:.....? What's your name?
Veigue: I, I'm Veigue...
Claire: Nice meeting you!

<Inside Of The Cell>

Veigue: Claire...!
Zapie: Kiki!!
Veigue: Zapie...this place is...?
Tytree: Let us out!! Let us out of here, you damn jerks!!
Veigue: Tytree!
Tytree: Is that you, Veigue? So you've come to, huh?
Veigue: Where are we? And what about everyone else?
Eugene: This is a prison that was designed to contain Force Users. Anyhow, it
        appears that we are all unharmed...
Veigue:...How much time has passed since then? Claire is...that's right, the
       ceremony...if we don't stop the ceremony...!
Eugene: Hack said that when the charm you have lights up, the Divine King will
        be resurrected.
Eugene: If this is the same Divine King that Her Majesty spoke of, then I would
        assume that the ceremony will be held when that stone is fully lit,
Veigue: It's almost completely full!! We need more time...!!
Tytree: Damn it! They confiscated our weapons and our Force doesn't do crap to
        these jail cells either!! What the hell are we supposed to do, huh!
Eugene: The doors are fitted with a device which renders our Force useless. We
        cannot escape from here unless we use a key!
Annie: Veigue, please calm yourself!! Veigue!
Hilda: Wait a second, hush. I hear something...
Ginnal: Hah ha ha ha ha ha...
Mao: This voice is...
Yucia:...Hey Ginnal! Think about where you are! Quit laughing so loudly.
Tytree: You guys!
Ginnal: The Dark Key makes its debut!
Mao: The Dark Key!?
Drumb: That's right, yah.
Ginnal: Hn hn hn...feast your eyes upon this.
Annie: Those wouldn't be...for these jail cells...!?
Ginnal: Your fate is within my hands.
Tytree: Did you guys come here to mock us or something!
Ginnal: My little captive blue birds. Spread your wings and fly. Like us, The
        Dark Wings!!
Yucia: Ginnal, that's the name that we started out with.
Ginnal:......It matters not! Henceforth, we shall forever go by the name The
       Dark Wings!
Yucia: I thought I told you to pipe down!
Veigue: This is...our...how come you're doing this?
Ginnal: I said this once before in the Climbers' Cavern. That I'd return the
Veigue: You guys...
Ginnal: M, make no mistake. We are only freeing you. Strange as it may seem, we
        are members of The Royal Shield. We do have our loyalty to consider.
Ginnal: Whether or not everyone is able to escape rests on your shoulders.
Veigue: Yeah...got it.
Ginnal: The ceremony will begin before long...make haste.
Veigue: ! ! !

You received the Prison Keys.

Ginnal: We have repaid our debt. We shall meet again somewhere if you make it
        through this.
Tytree: M...man, that was pretty damn cool.
Mao: I think that I'm really starting to like them!
Eugene: You can celebrate later. Hurry up and release the locks.
Veigue: What's this piece of paper...? It has "Oft-referenced Operation Memo"
        written on it.

You received Ginnal's Memo.

Eugene:...I see, so that's it. For now, let me and Tytree out of here.
Veigue: Got it.

Skit #339 [SKI339]
「解放」 Liberation

Veigue: In any case, let's release Eugene and Tytree using this key.

Skit #340 [SKI340]
「まずは二人を...」 Start With Those Two...

Veigue: First of all, I need to let Eugene and Tytree out of their cells...


<After Releasing Eugene And Tytree>

Eugene: That memo describes how to disarm the mechanism which nullifies our
Veigue: It looks like the colors written on this memo match the colors of the
Tytree:...So you're saying that if we arrange the spheres according to this
       memo, then we can make that light disappear?
Veigue: Right...let's give it a try.

Skit #341 [SKI341]
「ギンナル・メモ」 Ginnal's Memo

Veigue: If we follow the memo, we should be able to deactivate the device...

Skit #342 [SKI342]
「仕掛を解け」 Disarm The Device

Veigue: We have to hurry and free Mao and the others by turning off the

Solution to the puzzle (from left to right):
blue, yellow, red, orange, grey

<After Solving The Puzzle>

Veigue: Now everyone's been released.
???: Commander!!
Eugene: If you're calling me Commander, then that means...are you a part of The
        Royal Shield?
???: Yes, I am Nattsu. I disobeyed my orders since I didn't agree with Lord
     Saleh and Lord Tohma's methods, so they threw me in here. I only did what
     I felt was right.
Nattsu: There are others who were also imprisoned on the pretext that they were
        resisting orders when The Royal Shield began to gather up Huma girls.
        Please, let us out...
???: Whew, I'm saved. Thanks a lot.
???: Thank goodness...I thought that I'd never be able to go home again. Thank
Nattsu: Thank you so very much.
Veigue: Let's get back to Callegea Castle. Hurry!

NOTE: If you talk to these guys afterwards, you find out that the other two
guys are Igol and Mauro. You bump into them again down the road, so I figured
that you should at least know their names.

Skit #343 [SKI343]
「残された時間」 The Time Left Remaining

Eugene: There's not much time left until the ceremony. Let's hurry back to

Skit #344 [SKI344]
「不審の儀式」 Ambiguous Ceremony

Veigue: The ceremony...what exactly is the Queen trying to accomplish...
Mao: If I remember correctly, the story is that this is a crowning ceremony...
Tytree: From the way the Queen was talking, it doesn't sound like that is the
        only reason though.
Tytree: Whatever the case, she's probably up to no good, right? We have to take
        Claire back before the ceremony begins!
Mao: Yeah, you're right!
Veigue: Claire...please be safe...

Skit #345 [SKI345]
「捕えられた人々」 The Captured People

Tytree: Boy, rescuing someone sure does give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
Mao: Even so, it's sad that they were thrown in prison simply because they were
     opposed to the way that Saleh and Tohma did things.
Eugene: So that means that they couldn't speak freely...I wonder if that
        reflects Her Majesty's point of view...
Tytree: Well, at any rate, she's letting Saleh and Tohma get away with it. Talk
        about reckless...

Skit #346 [SKI346]
「急行!カレギア城」 Expedited Travel To Callegea Castle!

Eugene: We must save Claire before the ceremony begins...let's head towards
        Callegea Castle!
Tytree: Right. I don't know what the Queen is up to, but I just know that it's
        going to amount to nothing!

<Once You Re-Enter Callegea Castle>

Skit #347 [SKI347]
「クレアの居場所」 Claire's Whereabouts

Annie: We don't have much time until the ceremony. We must hurry and find out
       which room Claire is in...

Skit #348 [SKI348]
「探すんだ!」 Search!

Tytree: Let's search for Claire and the other girls.


<In One Of The Hallways>

Guardsman: Don't dawdle around.
Woman: Y, yes...
Guardsman: W, what the, who are you people? How the hell did you get in here!!
Veigue: We came to retrieve the girls who were taken away by The Royal Shield!
Guardsman: You cursed ruffians...!! I won't allow you to roam about the palace
           as you please!

<After The Fight>

Woman: You people are...
Annie: We have come for the people who were kidnapped by The Royal Shield.
       Where would everybody else be?
Woman: You came to save us, didn't you!? Oh...thank you so much...everyone is
       being kept in this room!

<Inside Of The Room>

Veigue: Is Claire here!?
Annie: Please relax. We're here to rescue all of you.
Mao: Hey everybody, do you happen to know anything about a person named Claire?
Veigue:...Where is she!
Woman: Um...I don't know Claire, but...I heard the guardsmen say that there
       were also some girls in the other rooms. She's sure to be on this floor
Veigue: Let's go.
Eugene: You ladies get out of here while you have the chance.

<Back In The Hallway>

Nattsu: Please wait, it's me, Nattsu! I'm the person you saved back at the
        prison. I wanted to assist the Commander, so I came here.
Eugene:...Good, in that case, I would like you to guide the young girls in this
       room outside of the castle. There is a hidden stairwell in a guest room
       on the first floor. You can escape through an underground tunnel from
Eugene: There are soldiers on the lookout throughout the interior of the
        castle. Proceed with caution.
Nattsu: Affirmative!!
Tytree:...Hey Eugene. Did you actually commit a crime that would warrant being
       chased by the military?
Eugene:...Now is not the time to be discussing that.
Hilda: This isn't the time to be idling, you know.
Veigue: Let's go.

Skit #349 [SKI349]
「城内の見張り」 The Castle Watch

Viegue: The guards inside of the castle are keeping a closer watch than they
        were before...
Mao: We might know some of them too, so I'd prefer to skip a fight if we can...
Eugene: Let's try to search for hallways with as few soldiers as possible.
Tytree: What are you going to do when it's unavoidable?
Eugene: If that happens...then we have no choice but to take up arms...


<In The Next Room>

Veigue: Where is Claire?
Hilda: It doesn't look like she's in here.
Mao: It's alright, Veigue. Claire has to be in another room. Hurry and let's
Nattsu: Everyone, please come with us.

Skit #350 [SKI350]
「クレアはどこかの部屋に」 Claire's In A Room Somewhere

Veigue: Somewhere...Claire's in a different guest room somewhere...!
Eugene: It is precisely in times like this that you should remain calm.
        Impatience will cause you to make a fatal error...!

Skit #351 [SKI351]
「他の部屋だヨ!」Another Room!

Mao: Claire's in one of these other rooms, I just know it!


<In The Third Room>

Veigue: Claire...
Veigue: No...you're not Claire...
Woman: Are you Claire's friend!? She was taken away just now!! Please rescue
Veigue: Where, where did they go!?
Woman: I don't know...Lady Zilva came with her attendants and said "Her Majesty
       is waiting. The ceremony is about to begin."
Veigue: The ceremony!? Where are we supposed to go!?
Eugene: There's a ritual dais located on the roof!! That is the only place
        where they could conduct a ceremony.
Nattsu: Please leave the rest to me!
Veigue: Let's hurry!!

Skit #352 [SKI352]
「城の最上階へ!」 To The Highest Level Of The Castle!

Eugene: To the dais on the roof! Every important function related to the royal
        family is held there!

Skit #353 [SKI353]
「屋上の祭儀場へ急げ」 Hurry To The Dais On The Roof

Annie: The ceremony will start if we don't do something quickly! Let's make
       haste to the ritual dais on the roof!


<In The Final Hallway>

Eugene: The stairway up ahead leads to the roof. Let's sprint up to the top.
Saleh: Well now, I've heard that voice somewhere before, haven't I?
Saleh: Hello there, my dear miscreants. I wonder how you managed to break out
       of the prison?
Veigue: Saleh!! Tohma!!
Tohma: Oh ho! Hilda, so now you're with them, are you. You would join forces
       with traitors out of spite for The Royal Shield just because you were
       tossed aside?
Tohma: How fortunate for you that there are nutcases out there who would pick
       up a broken impurity such as yourself.
Hilda: Silence, Tohma!!
Veigue: We don't have time to deal with you two!!
Saleh: The modest dream of our Princess is on the verge of becoming a reality.
       I simply cannot let you interfere.
Veigue: To hell with her dreams!! Move away from there!!
Tohma: Do you expect us to move out of the way?
Veigue: Then get your asses over here!!

<In-Battle Dialogue With Saleh And Tohma>
Forever to be immortalized by the Dramatic Peach Pie DVD. ^^

Veigue: Saleh! Give Claire back!
Claire, Claire, Claire, Claire! You sound like an idiot!
Veigue: Damn you to hell!!
Saleh: Hee hee hee...what fun!

<After The Fight>

Tohma: Guh...how could someone like me...impossible...!
Eugene: This is the end of the line!! Saleh, Tohma!
Saleh:...So even ants like you can grow stronger with time...but I'm not
      finished with you yet...
Veigue: Move!! Don't get in our way!!
Saleh: That glare of yours is priceless, Veigue. Heh heh...makes me want to
Veigue: Saleh!
Saleh: Ah yes, that's it...more...entertain me some more, Veigue. I want to see
       your face full of anguish next...
Veigue: You bastard...uoooooh!!
Saleh: The hell!?
Saleh & Tohma: Uwaaahh...
Saleh: Ugh, what kind of joke is this...? I was actually...by a pissant like
Tytree: Someone like you who takes pleasure in trampling on the hearts of
        others will never ever understand! The human heart...the feelings that
        people have are stronger than anything else!! Remember that!!
Veigue: Let's go.
Saleh: Ha...ah ha ha...the human heart, you say? You mean that I lost...to
       something so ridiculous...I won't have it...I won't have it, you hear!!

<At The Ritual Dais>

Agarte: O moon that illuminates the vast land of Callegea. O soul of the king
        who slumbers within the earth. That time is upon us.
Agarte: I present my body for thine rebirth. May light befriend blood in the
        scarlet moon in which you dwell so that your power shall be known once

Skit #354 [SKI354]
「ト一マについて」 About Tohma

Veigue: Why is that Tohma guy always with Saleh?
Hilda: To be honest, I'm not really sure.
Hilda: I've heard that Tohma arbitrarily decided to keep Saleh under
       observation, but...
Mao: People also say that their Force is incredibly powerful when the two of
     them combine their strength.
Hilda: At the very least, one could say that he certainly enjoys Saleh's

Skit #355 [SKI355]
「サレについて」 About Saleh

Mao: I don't really understand what goes on in Saleh's mind...
Eugene:...For some reason, he's always been amused by the misfortune of others.
Mao:...I feel sorry for him in a way. He doesn't even realize that there are so
    many other ways to have fun.
Tytree: You'd better not be sympathizing with a creep like him! I absolutely
        hate people who've strayed off the beaten path like that!


<At The Ritual Dais>

Agarte:...If I should become one other than myself...then he shall pay me
Agarte:...I shall be reborn...alongside the power of the Divine King...

<Back In The Staircase>

Tytree: What's that light!!
Veigue: Claire!!
Waltu: I won't allow you to proceed any further.
Mao: Waltu!!
Hilda: Militsa!!
Tytree: Now's your chance, Veigue!!
Annie: Please, hurry and save Claire!!
Veigue: Uoooooh!!

<And Back At The Ritual Dais Again>

Agarte:...Have no fear, Zilva.
Agarte: How magnificent...the light is bathing my body and becoming one with my
        blood...this sensation feels as if I am being converted into light
Agarte: The energy is...enveloping my entire being...my moon is at its
Agarte: The ceremony has come to fruition...the power of the Divine King has
        been awakened here this day...
Agarte:...Claire, come this way.
Veigue: Claire...Claire!!
Zilva: Restrain that man!
Veigue: Move!!
Zilva: I won't allow you to intervene!! I cannot surrender that girl to you at
       this time!
Veigue: Claire is...why does Claire have to suffer like this!!
Veigue: Get away from Claire!!
Agarte: Cease such actions. No advance can ever hope to faze me in my current
Agarte: For you see, the power that I wield is...the power that I have acquired
        from the Divine King...
Veigue: Stop it!!
Veigue: Gwaaaah!!
Zilva: You fool...you need only watch and remain silent!
Eugene: Your Majesty...! What are you, what are you doing...
Agarte: At long last, the time has come for my wish to be granted...at length,
        these feelings shall be...
Veigue: Claire!!
Agarte: Kyah...!! W, what art thou...what is happening...Zilva!!
Zilva:...T, that is...!!
Mao:...Her Force is going out of control!!
Eugene: Your Majesty!! Lady Agarte!
??????:...I am known as...the Sacred Beast King, Geyorkias.
Veigue: The Sacred Beast King...Geyorkias!?

<After The CG Scene>

Zilva: This is...The Divine King...!
Tytree: You mean he's not human!! No one said anything about that!!
Geyorkias: My Second Advent shall be upon this place, so that the foul traces
           of the wicked may be effaced from this land.
Veigue: What!?
Hilda: Watch out!!
Mao: That was too close for comfort!!
Veigue: Claire!!
Geyorkias: At present, I shall consummate my charge.
Mao: Your mission!? What do you mean by that!?
Geyorkias: My calling is to deliver peace unto the earth, namely through the
           eradication of Humas.
Eugene: The extermination of Humas!? For what purpose!?
Geyorkias: All is for the sake of this world. I shall not endure any
           interference. Now perish.
Mao & Tytree: Uwah!!
Veigue: I'm going to protect Claire!! I WILL protect her this time, no matter
        what happens!!
Tytree: I don't know what the heck a Sacred Beast King is, but like hell I'm
        gonna just stand around and let it waste me!!
Veigue: Here we go!!

<After The Fight>

Geyorkias: Gwaaaah...
Geyorkias: Gwaaaaahhh...!!
Mao:...Geyorkias' power and the Force of Moon are repelling each other...
Hilda: I knew it...is it even possible for a human to govern that type of
Milhaust: Your Highness...!
Milhaust: What in heavens name...how did this...come to be...
Zilva: Why, why has it come to this...!?
Milhaust: Your Highness!!
Veigue: Claaaaaaire!!
Party: Veigue!!
Mao: Veigue!!
Mao: Thank goodness...thank goodness she's safe, Veigue...
Eugene:...What about Her Majesty?
Eugene: Gnh.........
Zilva:...What should we do...from now on...I...

<In Sulz>

Claire: Uh unh...
Veigue:...Claire...? Are you awake?
Claire:...W, who's there...?
Veigue:...It's me, Veigue.
Claire:...Where...am I...?
Veigue: At home...we've come back to Sulz.
Claire: Home...? Sulz...?
Veigue: Do you remember? About the ceremony at Callegea Castle...
Veigue: The ceremony was a failure...it's all over. Eugene carried you here
        while you were sleeping.
Veigue: Everyone...my companions...they were all worried about you...
Veigue: What's wrong, Claire?
Zapie: Ki...
Veigue: Zapie...?
Veigue: Claire...! Are you all right? Don't push yourself, okay.
Marco: What's the matter, Veigue? Did you need something for Claire...
Rakiya: Claire...you've finally come to, haven't you...
Marco: That's great...thank you, Veigue...
Veigue: It looks like she's still a little disoriented...
Rakiya: But thank goodness...I'm so relieved...
Marco: How do you feel? Claire...
Marco:......? What's the matter, Claire? Would you like something cold to
Veigue:...Uncle, I'll go fetch some water.
Marco: Oh...that'd be great.


Steve: Ah, Veigue...thank god you're home...could you come with me for a
Veigue: Did you need me for something...?
Steve: Aunt Popura really adores you, doesn't she? If you talk to her...
Steve: In any case, please come to the assembly hall! It's really urgent!
Veigue:...Aunt Popura...? What's going on...?

Skit #356 [SKI356]
「ポプラおばさん...?」 Aunt Popura...?

Veigue: The assembly hall...? What's going on with Aunt Popura?

Skit #357 [SKI357]
「気になる...」 Something's Bothering Me...

Veigue: Claire's finally come back and yet...Aunt Popura, huh...Zapie's
        strange behavior is bothering me too...

Skit #358 [SKI358]
「気になる集会所」 Assembly Hall On The Mind
NOTE: This is almost a carbon copy of Skit #6...the only difference is the

Veigue: Let's go check out the assembly hall...


<In Front Of The Assembly Hall>

Veigue: What happened!?
Steve: Aunt Popura is hanging out around the entrance and won't let anyone go
Popura: The assembly hall was originally constructed by us Gajumas!
Popura: Good-for-nothing Humas like you have no right to use it!!
Veigue: Aunt Popura!! Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?
Popura: This isn't "all of a sudden"!! I've always felt this way. You Humas are
        making fools out of us Gajumas, aren't you!!
Popura: You people only take on the nice and easy jobs, and then make us do all
        of the hard, dirty work!!
Man:...She has a point...now that I think about it, she's exactly right. Don't
    you think that's somewhat unfair?
Popura: That's right! We Gajumas would be better off creating a village just
        for ourselves!
Woman: What'd you say? Do you seriously think that you can build a village
       without Humas when you can't even count money correctly?
Man: What was that? If we Gajumas weren't around, you people wouldn't even be
     able to repair one lousy house by yourselves!
Man: We can do manual labor or whatever even without having to rely on some
Man: Oh really! If that's the case, then why don't you go ahead and show me
     some of that so-called strength of yours!!
Veigue: Calm down!! Quit bickering!!
Veigue: Auntie...what exactly are you...
Veigue: Cut it out...please stop, Auntie...!
Popura: What a nuisance!! You Humas...we'd be better off without you!!
Steve: Veigue!
Man: Popura...don't you think you're overdoing things a bit...
Veigue: A, auntie...w, why...!?
Annie: Veigue...!!
Zapie: Kiki!!
Veigue: Annie...!? What are you doing here...?

<Back In Veigue's House>

Veigue:...You saved me back there. Thanks, Annie.
Marco: But still...why would Aunt Popura do something like that...
Veigue: I do not know...
Annie:...This isn't the only town that is like this. I...witnessed a number of
      similar happenings on my way over here.
Annie:...Something is amiss with that Gajuma as well...
Veigue: That Gajuma? You mean that...even Eugene is acting like Aunt Popura?
Annie:...I am not sure. But I was told that he calls out for you and the others
      in an incoherent manner...
Veigue:...So he asks for Tytree and Hilda?
Annie: Yes...in any case, he does nothing but repeatedly request that everyone
       be gathered...
Veigue: Did you...come all the way out here for Eugene's sake...?
Annie: N, no, that's not it!! I'm doing this as a favor for Mao! Mao said that
       he wanted to stay near that person, so that's why I...
Annie: Veigue, would you please accompany me?
Veigue: But...I...
Annie:...It's Claire...isn't it...
Marco: How is Claire?
Rakiya: She fell asleep again.
Marco: I see...
Marco: There's no need to worry about Claire. Go with Annie. For the sake of
       the companion who fought by your side so that you could save Claire.
Rakiya: Go to him, Veigue. I don't fully understand the circumstances, but this
        is something that is very important to you, isn't it?
Rakiya: I'm certain that Claire would feel horrible if she found out that you
        turned down something like this because of her.
Veigue:...Auntie, Uncle...thank you...
Veigue: Let's go, Annie.
Annie: Yes!!

Annie has joined your party.

Skit #359 [SKI359]
「再出立」 In And Right Back Out

Annie: Veigue, have you finished making preparations before we head out?

Skit #360 [SKI360]
「どうなっているんだ」 What's Going On?

Veigue: Annie, you said that you saw some similar incidents while you were
        coming over here, right?
Annie: Yes...when I was trying to catch a boat, the Gajuma captain said that
       Huma customers were not allowed on the ship...
Annie: I somehow managed to get on a different boat, but...
Annie: On the boat, the Humas and Gajumas argued with each other every time
       the opportunity presented itself.
Veigue: What's going on between the Humas and the Gajumas...?

Skit #361 [SKI361]
「ユ一ジ一ンは今...」 Right Now, Eugene Is...

Veigue: How is Eugene doing?
Annie: He seemed like he was in a lot of pain...
Annie: He would sometimes scream out loud as if he were having some sort of
Veigue:...Why did Eugene call for myself and the others...
Annie:...It's not like I would know...what that person is thinking...

Skit #362 [SKI362]
「泥沼」 A Mess

Annie: Veigue, Sulz is quite a bit colder than I had expected.
Veigue: Is it...? Is this your first time coming to this area?
Annie: Yes. Living here must be rather uneventful seeing as there is not too
       much to do...
Annie: Ah, I mean...I didn't mean to imply that this is a backwater village or
       anything like that...
Veigue: No, you're right...this place is definitely rural...

Skit #363 [SKI363]
「今度は二人で」 This Time, The Two Of Us

Annie: If you're ready, then let's depart. That person is...no, Mao is waiting
       for us.


<As You Attempt To Leave The Village>

Veigue: Where is Eugene right now?
Annie: He's confined himself to the Mesechina Cavern, which is located on the
       outskirts of the capital city, Balka. He said that he didn't want to
       cause any trouble for anyone should something happen.
Annie: Let's hurry, Veigue. It ended up taking longer than I had anticipated
       for me to get here, so it may be better if just the two of us go...
Veigue: No, we should...let's go get Tytree. We'll never hear the end of it if
        we don't. And besides...we can depend on him.
Annie: Yes.

Skit #364 [SKI364]
「ペトナジャンカへ」 To Petnadjanka

Annie: We're going to Petnadjanka, correct? I wonder what Tytree is doing...

<On The World Map>

Skit #365 [SKI365]
「いつか通った道」 The Road Travelled Once Before

Annie: We can follow this road south all the way to Petnadjanka, right?
Veigue: Right. Before, we had to make a big detour since the bridge was
        destroyed, but now it's been fixed. We should be able to head straight
        over there.


<At The Keketto Hostel>

Veigue: At any rate, what in the world is going on with Eugene's body?
Annie: I don't know. Only...I feel as if somehow the mood of the entire world
       is changing.
Veigue: So the incident with Aunt Popura would be an example of that, huh.
Veigue:...So Mao's with Eugene then.
Annie:...He was extremely worried.
Veigue: I bet that Eugene is like a father figure for someone like Mao who has
        lost his memory.
Annie: But, I...it's not that I dislike Mao, but...the fact that he is able to
       be friends with that person is just...
Veigue: Is that because Eugene killed your father?
Veigue: So that's how it is...however, I don't believe that Eugene would take
        the life of an innocent person.
Veigue: I think that Mao feels the same way. And deep down, you do too...
Annie: That's not true! I...
Veigue: Then why did you come all the way to get me on Eugene's account?
Annie: That's because Mao has a predicament on his hands...I...I simply cannot
       place my trust in some Gajuma.
Veigue: Not "Eugene," but a "Gajuma," huh...
Annie:...I...am I mistaken?
Veigue:...Hard to say.
Annie: But Veigue, I thought you shared the viewpoint that Humas and Gajumas
       were both people, don't you?
Veigue: Up until recently, I never really paid much attention to race.
Veigue: We encountered the issue of race a number of times while we were
        travelling together. But I didn't think that it was such a big deal.
Annie: Do you still feel that way even after witnessing the disturbance caused
       by that Gajuma woman just now?
Veigue: Tell me something, Annie. After you become a doctor, what are you going
        to do if a Gajuma patient comes to see you?
Annie: Well, that's...please don't answer my question with a question...
Veigue: That's Eugene's favorite phrase.
Annie:...Veigue, you jerk...

Skit #366 [SKI366]
「きっと、あの人も」 Surely, That Person As Well

Veigue: I never thought that I'd see Aunt Popura act like that...
Annie: I'm sure that the Gajumas, they...they all feel that way...
Annie: That must have been how that person felt when he murdered my father...!
Veigue: Stop it, Annie...everyone has different sides to them, both good and
        bad...am I wrong?

Skit #367 [SKI367]
「あいつを呼びに」 Picking Him Up

Annie: Our next destination is Petnadjanka, correct?


<As You're Leaving The Hostel>

Zapie: Kiki!!
Veigue: Looks like somebody's coming.
Veigue: Claire!? Why are you here?
Claire: I, I was simply...
Veigue: Where are you going?
Carriage Driver: She asked me to take her to Balka, so I was taking her to
Veigue: Balka? Why?
Claire: T, that would be...
Annie: Could it be that you wanted to go with Veigue, and so you...?
Claire: You two are also on your way to Balka?
Annie: Yes. Weren't you headed towards Balka because you were aware of that?
Claire: Y, yes...of course...
Veigue: Claire...go back right now.
Claire: I, I cannot do that...
Veigue: Claire...
Annie: Claire has come this far so that she could be with you, Veigue. Please
       take her feelings into consideration.
Veigue: But...
Claire:...I will be fine. I assure you that I won't become a burden, so please
       take me with you.
Veigue:...Okay. But make sure that you don't leave my side.
Claire: Y, yes...
Zapie: Ki...kii...
Veigue: What's wrong, Zapie?
Zapie: Kiki!!
Annie: I wonder if something happened?
Veigue: Let's go straight to Petnadjanka.

Claire will accompany your party as a guest.

Skit #368 [SKI368]
「あんまり...」 Not Much To Talk About...

Annie: I wonder if Tytree is doing well?
Tytree: Who knows...
Annie:...Oh, this is our first time travelling with you, isn't it Claire?
Claire: Ah, y, yes, that's correct...
Annie:...It's difficult to keep a conversation going...with just the three of
      us, isn't it...

Skit #369 [SKI369]
「ザピィはどうして...?」 Why Is Zapie...?

Veigue: Claire...about Zapie...what do you think is bothering him?
Claire: Eh? Z, Zapie...you say?
Veigue: Even though he's attached to you the most, you see how he refuses to
        leave my side?
Claire:...T, that would be because we haven't seen each other for quite some
       time...wouldn't it...?
Veigue:...Maybe you're right. I guess I'll leave it at that for now...

Skit #370 [SKI370]
「三人で」 The Three Of Us

Veigue: Let's go pick up Tytree.
Annie: Yes, let's hurry to Petnadjanka.


<In Front Of The Factory>

Tytree: Veigue, Annie, and even Claire! What are the three of you doing here?
Tytree: Oh wait, I know...you had a craving for my wonderful cooking, didn't
Tytree: Zapie!! So you're here too!! Ha ha ha ha ha...how have you been?
Zapie: Kiki!
Selena: Claire...it's been a while, hasn't it. Are you feeling better already?
Selena: Oh my, is something the matter?
Claire:...N, not at all...it certainly has been a long time...
Selena: Yes, it has. The air about you seems to have changed a little.
Tytree: Well, a lot of things happened after the two of you were separated.
Tytree: But anyway, what's up? You didn't seriously come here to chow down on
        my cooking, did you?
Veigue: Eugene is calling for all of us. It seems that something has happened
        to his body. I'd like you to come with us.
Tytree: Alrighty then, let's head out!
Annie: Just a moment, Tytree, are you sure about coming to a decision so
Tytree: This isn't something to sneeze at, you know? When a friend is in need,
        there's no such thing as having second thoughts.
Tytree: Sis, I hate to do this, but...
Selena: I know, it's about the factory, right?
Selena: I'll inform the factory manager that you'll be taking another short
        leave of absence in your stead. Take care and have a safe trip.
Selena: Veigue, Annie...please look after my younger brother.
Selena: And Claire, do be careful...
Claire: T, thank you very much...
Tytree: So, are we off to get Hilda next?
Annie: No. We don't know where she is at the moment...
Tytree: I see...what should we do?
Veigue: For now, why don't the four of us head over to Balka where Eugene and
        Mao are.

Tytree has joined your party.

Skit #371 [SKI371]
「ユ一ジ一ンのところへ」 Go To Where Eugene Is

Veigue: Eugene is in the Mesechina Cavern where we saved Hack before, right?
Annie: That's correct. In that cavern.

Skit #372 [SKI372]
「故郷は遠きにありて...」 Being Far Away From Home...

Tytree: Claire, how was it being back in Sulz after so long?
Claire: Eh? Huh? I, I...
Tytree: I went here and there on a previous journey but I'm telling you,
        nothing beats the place where you were born and raised!
Claire: Y, yes...h, how true...after all, one's hometown is...

Skit #373 [SKI373]
「行方不明の女王」 The Missing Queen

Tytree: Say, do you think that Queen Agarte is dead?
Veigue: During that explosion...the best that I could do was rescue Claire,
Veigue: There was a tremendous power welled up inside of that light...I somehow
        doubt that she made it through in one piece...
Annie: But the kingdom hasn't issued any sort of announcement regarding that
       ceremony or the Queen's disappearance...
Tytree: You have a point. No matter which town you look at, everybody is going
        about their daily lives without too much of a fuss.
Veigue:...Where do you suppose the Queen would be right now if she were still

Skit #374 [SKI374]
「許されざる者」 The Unforgiven

Tytree: Man, the nerve of that Queen...I just can't forgive her for kidnapping
        you and the others!
Claire: T, there was simply no choice in that matter...Her Ladyship was
        concerned about the well-being of this country...
Tytree: What's with you, Claire? Why are you sticking up for the Queen and all?
Tytree: You're the one who has to live with all of those painful memories from
        when you were abducted, right?
Claire:...Yes, t, that is true, but...

Skit #375 [SKI375]
「漂泊のヒルダ」 Hilda The Wanderer

Tytree: What happened to Hilda?
Annie: She said that she was going to search for a way to obtain the body of a
       pure person and set off on a journey.
Veigue: I wonder where she is right about now...
Tytree:...Or better yet, is it even possible for someone to just switch bodies
       like that?
Veigue:...I'm not too sure about that.

Skit #376 [SKI376]
「メセチナ洞窟へ急げ」 Hurry To Mesechina Cavern

Annie: Veigue, Tytree, let's hurry. Mao is waiting for us at Mesechina Cavern.
Tytree: You mean Eugene moreso than Mao, don't you?


<Inside Mesechina Cavern>

Zapie: Kiki!!
Mao: Zapie!!...Then that means...Veigue!! Tytree! And even Claire!
Mao: Ah...I'm so glad! You guys came to my rescue...Annie, thank you so much!
     But I'm already at my wit's end...
Tytree: What's going on with Eugene's body?
Mao: Anyway, come this way...I've tried everything but nothing seems to

Mao has joined your party.

Skit #377 [SKI377]
「早く早く!」 Hurry Hurry!

Mao: Hurry Veigue! Eugene is in the back of the cavern!!
Veigue: Got it. Let's get moving.

Skit #378 [SKI378]
「洞窟の奥だヨ!」 The Back Of The Cavern!

Mao: Veigue, hurry up! Eugene is towards the rear of the cave!


<In The Rear Of The Cavern>

Mao: Eugene!! Veigue and Tytree have come to see you!! Now please, come out!
Eugene: I can't!! Don't open it!!
Mao: Eugene...
Tytree: What's wrong? Why are you in a place like this...?
Eugene:...Veigue, Tytree...kill me this instant!
Mao: Hang on a second, Eugene! Is that the reason why you told me to go get
     Veigue and the others!?
Eugene: That's right...hurry, there's no time to waste...kill me...please...
        exact revenge for Annie...
Tytree: You gotta be kidding me!! As if I'd have any reason to take the life of
        a companion who once fought by my side!!
Eugene: My heart is being consumed by hatred...at this rate, I...I'll end up
        massacring you Humas...!!
Eugene: I'm at my limit...please put me out of my misery...if you don't act
        soon, then...I will...kill you...I will slaughter the lot of you!!
Veigue: Calm down, Eugene!!
Eugene: Hold your tongue, you feeble Huma!! Begone! Begone, every last one of
        you!! Uoooohh!!
Mao: Eugene!!
Annie: Everyone, let's temporarily withdraw!
Veigue: Mao, it's dangerous!
Mao: But...!
Veigue: We need to go outside for now and think about what we should do!
Mao:...I know that, but...

<At The Entrance Of The Cavern>

Mao: I can't bear to watch anymore...I...what am I supposed to do!
Annie: I tried to treat him as well, but nothing proved to be effective...
Tytree: Perhaps he's right...maybe it's like Eugene says...and we have no
        choice but to actually kill him, you know...?
Mao: No, you can't do that! Killing Eugene is completely out of the question!!
Annie:...I'm not certain about this, but...I've heard that there is a local
      medicine made in Razilda on the eastern continent which pacifies the
Annie: It's only hearsay, so I don't know whether it's true or not...
Tytree: Then why don't we go search for that thing!? It's not like we have
        anything else to go on. Let's stick to our best bet!
Annie: If we're going to the eastern continent, then we'll be taking a boat
       from Balka Harbor.
Mao: I'm worried about Eugene, so...would it be okay for me to wait here with
Veigue: Yes, please stay by his side while we're gone...
Tytree: But is he okay with having you nearby?
Mao: For some reason, he doesn't seem to mind if it's me. I guess it's because
     we've spent a lot of time together...
Veigue:...Claire, I hate to bother you, but would you please stay here for me?
       I'd like you to watch over Mao so that he doesn't push himself too hard.
Claire: Eh...ah...y, yes...understood...!
Veigue: Mao, take care of Claire. That way, she won't have to worry about
        keeping up with us since we're in a rush. Don't let her get too close
        to where Eugene is...
Mao: Right.

Skit #379 [SKI379]
「お薬はラジルダに」 The Medicine Is In Razilda

Annie: I was told that a medicine which calms the heart exists in Razilda,
       but...as to whether that's true or not...
Tytree: We don't have any other leads, so we'll just have to go and see. We can
        take a boat to Razilda from Balka Harbor. Let's book it!

Skit #380 [SKI380]
「ユ一ジ一ンのために」 For Eugene's Sake

Tytree: At any rate, I still can't believe it...Eugene acting like that...
Annie:...Still...I...that person, he...Gajumas scare me...
Veigue: That's not the real Eugene. In any case, let's bring back the

Skit #381 [SKI381]
「マオの不思議」 The Mystery Involving Mao

Veigue: Mao said that Eugene didn't mind when he was around because they were
        always together.
Veigue: But Aunt Popura attacked me even though I've lived next to her ever
        since I was a small child...
Tytree: Hmm...it was probably because you were away from the village for a
        while since you left on a journey, right? That would explain things,
        wouldn't it?
Annie: However, she assaulted the other villagers as well...
Tytree: Oh, I see...then that's not it...
Annie: This conversation feels somewhat awkward, doesn't it...

Skit #382 [SKI382]
「ラジルダに行くなら...」 If We're Going To Razilda...

Tytree: We're going to Razilda to pick up that medicine, right? Our first stop
        is the port of Balka!

<At Razilda's Harbor>

Skit #383 [SKI383]
「ラジルダと港の関係」 Razilda's Location In Relation To The Harbor

Tytree: We heard this on the boat, but Razilda is apparently to the northeast
        of the wharf.

Skit #384 [SKI384]
「港から北東だ」 Northeast From The Port

Annie: Razilda is located slightly inland from the harbor.


<Back At The Cavern>

Mao: Are you all right, Eugene!? Just a little bit longer, okay!! Veigue and
     the others are going to bring back some medicine for you, so hang in

<Upon Entering Razilda>

Tytree: So this is Razilda, huh. The town's kinda low-key, isn't it.
Veigue: You haven't been here before?
Tytree: Nope, not me. What about you, Annie?
Annie: Neither have I...
Veigue: I see...then I guess we'll just have to search for somebody who knows
        about the medicine.

Skit #385 [SKI385]
「秘薬はどこにある?」 Where Is The Medicine?

Veigue: Let's search for someone who knows about the medicine.

Skit #386 [SKI386]
「秘薬を知る者」 Someone Who Knows About The Medicine

Tytree: At least one person around here has to know about the medicine, right?
        Let's take a look.


<Inside Iga's House (in the southwestern part of the village)>

???: I am Iga, the leader of the Humas of Razilda. What business might you have
     with me?
Annie: We are searching for a local remedy that is said to be in this area...
Iga: Are you referring to the Pill of Serenity which is made from Belde grass?
Annie: The Pill of Serenity?
Iga: It is a medicine which can soothe even a heart which surges as violently
     as the Razildan sea in mere moments.
Iga: The formula is something that is passed down only within this region, thus
     it is highly prized by other lands. From time to time, there are those
     such as yourselves who come seeking this medicine.
Iga: While I would gladly part with it were it for the sake of a fellow
     countryman...could you kindly inform me of the reason why you would
     journey this far to obtain it?
Veigue: We came so that we could quiet the spirit of our companion in Balka...
Iga:...I see, so you travelled all the way from Balka in order to save a dear
    friend, did you. What an admirable group of young folks you are.
Iga: And so? What kind of condition is your comrade in?
Annie: We are unsure of the cause, but the situation is dire; his hatred
       towards others is growing and he acts in an extremely aggressive manner.
Tytree: Things are getting pretty bad. If we don't have Eugene take this
        medicine soon, he'll start taking out Humas for real!
Iga: Kill Humas?...Surely you don't mean that the one whom you are attempting
     to save is a Gajuma!?
Tytree:...Uh...but, I mean...
Iga: Leave at once!! I have no intention to aid any Gajuma!!
Tytree: But wait, Eugene's...
Iga: Need I repeat myself? I shall not hand over the medicine to the likes of
Veigue:...Let's leave.

<Outside Iga's House>

Tytree: I'm sorry...if I hadn't blurted out all of that, then we'd...
Veigue: At least we've confirmed that there is a medicine which can calm the
        heart. Now let's think of a way to acquire it.
Annie: But how should we go about...

Skit #387 [SKI387]
「鎮魂錠を求めて」 Look For The Pill Of Serenity

Tytree: The Pill of Serenity, huh...I wonder how we're going to obtain it.
Veigue: There has to be a way somehow. Let's think it over...

Skit #388 [SKI388]
「ロ一ラ一作戦」 Operation Door-To-Door

Tytree: Now that it's come to this, let's try hitting up the entire town until
        we find a lead!


<Inside The Inn>

Zapie: Kiikii!
Veigue: Zapie, what is it?
Veigue: Hilda!?
Tytree:...So Hilda, you mean to say that you came here to dig up some stuff on
       Geyorkias then?
Hilda: Geyorkias, who was called the Divine King...suppose if I were to use
       that power...then even this body of mine...
Veigue:...Find any clues?
Hilda: I came to Razilda after hearing a rumor about a legend concerning a
       mysterious power, but...it's not like I can find anyone who knows about
       it. I'm ready to call it a day.
Hilda: So what are you all going to do? You weren't able to obtain the medicine
       that you need to save Eugene, right?
Tytree:...Wanna try asking him one more time?
Hilda: You'd just be wasting your time. There is a deep sense of rivalry
       between the Humas and Gajumas in this town.
Hilda: No Huma will lend a hand for the sake of a Gajuma and of course, vice
Tytree: Annie, you wouldn't happen to know how to make this, would you?
Annie: Iga said that it was composed of Belde grass, but I'm not familiar with
       the formula and...
Hilda: If you're looking for Belde grass, it grows along the Azura Coast up
       ahead. How about if we just gather the ingredients for now?
Tytree: That sounds great, so let's go!! We'll figure out how to make the
        medicine right after we find the Belde grass.
Hilda: I'll accompany you since my investigation has come to a standstill. The
       change in scenery may help me see something in a new light.
Hilda: The Azura Coast is to the south of this village.

Hilda has joined your party.

Skit #389 [SKI389]
「アズ一ラ海岸へ」 To The Azura Coast

Hilda: You want some Belde grass, don't you? Exit the town and head south to
       get to the Azura Coast.

Skit #390 [SKI390]
「対立の街」 The Town Of Conflict

Hilda: In Razilda, the Humas and the Gajumas have their own individual leaders
       and they are constantly at each other's throats.
Tytree: Really...even though this is a agricultural town?
Hilda: On the surface, at least...
Veigue: Did the conflict start recently?
Hilda: The village has been this way for a long time. It looks like there was
       some kind of bloody dispute in the past.
Tytree: Gajumas and Humas, huh...how idiotic. It sure would be nice if everyone
        could just get along.

Skit #391 [SKI391]
「私が案内するわ」 I'll Guide You

Tytree: Um, which way are we supposed to go again?
Hilda: Azura Coast is to the south of the town. In any case, let's leave
       Razilda. I'll guide you from there.


<At Azura Coast>

Hilda: Belde grass is supposed to grow around here.
Tytree: Not to say that I don't believe you, but I don't see a single blade of
        grass in this area, do you?
Veigue: Let's try going down a little further that way.
Veigue: Is that...
Annie: What's the matter, Veigue?
Igol: Oh!? You people are...don't you remember me from the prison? It's me,
      Igol, one of the people that you let out of the jail. You really saved my
      neck back then!
Igol: So what are you doing in a place like this?
Veigue: We came to collect some Belde grass since it is the main ingredient for
        a medicine, but...
Igol: So you're planning to make a Pill of Serenity, right? If that's the case,
      then you should go see an old man named Iga in Razilda. He'll gladly hand
      it over.
Annie:...We've already been to see him once.
Veigue: It seemed like he was going to give it to us before, but...once he
        learned that we were using it to save a Gajuma, he simply turned us
Igol:...I see, so that's what happened. What a real shame.
Igol: Would the Gajuma that you're trying to help happen to be that huge fella
      that was with you back at the prison, by any chance?
Veigue: Yeah, that's him...
Igol: I see...alright, this is my chance to give a helping hand. I'll see to it
      that you get the Pill of Serenity.
Tytree: Really?
Igol: Yes, I owe you guys one after all. Wait for me at Razilda's inn. I'll go
      bring you the Pill of Serenity.
Veigue: That would help us out, but...how do you intend to get it?
Igol: Don't worry about it. Iga's my old man.
Igol: See you later then.
Tytree: We did it!! Helping people sure pays off, doesn't it!!
Veigue: Let's go back to Razilda.


<Back In Razilda>

Skit #392 [SKI392]
「イゴルを待ちながら」 While We Wait For Igol

Tytree: Helping people in need certainly pays off. Let's return to the inn and
        wait for Igol.

Skit #393 [SKI393]
「宿屋で待とう」 Let's Wait At The Inn

Annie: With this, that person will...
Veigue:...Right. Let's wait for Igol at the inn.


<Inside The Inn>

Igol: Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. My old man is really on edge, so it took
      a bit longer than I thought.

You received the Pill of Serenity.

Veigue: We appreciate it.
Igol: Let me ask you one thing. That fella didn't hate Humas before, did he?
Veigue: Right, Eugene is not that kind of man...
Igol: I see...I guess that makes sense seeing as he's a friend of yours...
Igol: It's just that I've heard similar stories from other villages.
Igol: There are stories of Humas and Gajumas who had gotten along fine up until
      now who have started to drift apart and openly show hostility towards
      each other.
Igol: With Force Users like you and the unusual incidence of Viruses...what's
      going on with this country...
Igol: Oh, sorry...I didn't mean to make it sound like Force Users are strange
      or anything like that. In any case, you guys better get going.
Igol: Well, see you sometime. Say hello to the big fella for me.
Veigue: We should leave as well.

Skit #394 [SKI394]
「叱られちまうぜ!」 We'll Get Chewed Out, You Know!

Tytree: Let's return to where Eugene is. We'll get chewed out by Mao if we fart
        around, you know!

Skit #395 [SKI395]
「似たものどうし・1」 Two Of A Kind Part 1

Hilda: Veigue, you're looking rather unsociable as usual...
Veigue: And you as well...

Skit #396 [SKI396]
「憎悪が満ちている」 The Animosity Is Growing

Veigue: Are people in other towns being driven by hatred like they are in
Hilda: Yes...I was attacked by some Force Users who were like that. I took care
       of them though.
Annie: Same with me. A fight broke out on the ship and I had to put an end to
Tytree: Now that you mention it, lately things have gotten sort of unfriendly
        in Petnadjanka too.
Veigue:...And then, there's that disturbance in Sulz as well...huh...

Skit #397 [SKI397]
「義理と人情」 Social Obligation And Sympathy

Tytre: Igol's a nice guy...fulfilling his social obligation and everything...
Annie: If we hadn't met Igol, then we'd probably still be at a loss in regards
       to the medicine.
Tytree: There aren't too many people like him in a rough world like this where
        duty and kindness are almost a memory...
Annie: Tytree, it seems that you take a liking to that sort of thing.
Tytree: You got that right! People who lack social responsibility and sympathy
        don't deserve to be called people!

Skit #398 [SKI398]
「鎮魂錠について」 About The Pill Of Serenity

Veigue: A medicine which can soothe the heart, the Pill of Serenity, huh...
Veigue: I wonder if this will calm Eugene down since it sounds like none of the
        other medicines had any effect...?
Tytree: Well, this is quack medicine we're talking about here. Shouldn't it be
        able to cure the angriest of hearts?
Tytree: If that's true, then that really is some amazing stuff. Right, Hilda?
Hilda: Yes. How about if you have a little bit as well? That way, we'd have
       some peace and quiet.

Skit #399 [SKI399]
「薬を早く!」 The Medicine, Quickly!

Hilda: Eugene's in trouble, isn't he? Hurry up and let's go to Mesechina Cavern


<In Front Of Callegea Castle>

Callegean Soldier: You there woman, halt.
Callegean Soldier: Hey! You! Stop right there!!
Claire: Are you referring to me? For what reason!?
Callegean Soldier: Why? Isn't it obvious? This area is off limits to
                   unauthorized personnel. Now, be on your way.
Callegean Soldier: That's enough!! If you insist on making your way in, then
                   I'll place you under custody!!
Claire: What insolence! Unhand me at once!!
Milhaust: What is happening here!
Claire: Milhaust...!
Claire: Please gaze upon me, I...
Milhaust: For what purpose have you come here!?...Leave! Withdraw this
          instant!! And do not appear before this place ever again!
Claire: Y, you are mistaken!! I am A...
Milhaust: Silence!
Milhaust: The fault lies with Her Majesty concerning that matter...yet even so,
          I cannot bring myself...to grant the lot of you amnesty...
Milhaust: God be willing, I would personally lay each and every one of you to
          waste. However, I will not draw my blade for vengence. This I swear
          upon my pride as a member of the Callegean army...
Claire:...B, but I am...
Milhaust: Leave this place at once.
Claire: Wait! Milhaust!!
Milhaust: At this time, chaos is spreading throughout the kingdom. Even the
          most trifling of matters have the potential to become grave. As ones
          who have been entrusted with the entrance of the castle, I ask that
          you remain ever vigilant in upholding our defenses.
Callegean Soldiers: Yes sir!


<At Balka's Harbor>

Skit #400 [SKI400]
「待ってろよ、ユ一ジ一ン」 We're Coming, Eugene

Tytree: Alright, all that's left is to head straight for Mesechina Cavern.
        We're coming, Eugene!

Skit #401 [SKI401]
「メセチナ洞窟って...」 Mesechina Cavern Is...

Hilda: Mesechina Cavern is the place that Hack couldn't escape from before,
Annie: Yes. It's the cavern that's on the outskirts of Balka.


<Inside Mesechina Cavern>

Mao: Veigue!! What took you so long!!
Veigue: Sorry for the wait, Mao.
Mao: Did you get the medicine?
Mao: Hurry, hurry!! Claire's waiting too, you know!

Mao has joined your party.

Skit #402 [SKI402]
「早く薬を!!」 Hurry, The Medicine!!

Mao: Hurry, hurry! Please give Eugene the medicine! He's waiting in the back!

Skit #403 [SKI403]
「ボク、もう...」 I Can't Take It Anymore...

Mao: Hurry and have him take the medicine!
Mao: I can't stand to see Eugene like that any longer!


<In The Rear Of The Cavern>

Mao: Eugene!! Veigue and everybody brought back some medicine for you!! It's
     safe to come out now...
Mao: Eugene...please...come on out...
Mao: Eugene!!
Tytree: Eugene!!
Veigue: Pull yourself together!!
Mao: Eugene, here...if you take this, you can go back to your normal self,
Mao: Eugene?
Eugene:...Hate...hate...you Humas...must die!!
Veigue, Mao, & Tytree: Uwaahh!!
Annie: Mao!!
Eugene: Graaahhh!!
Mao: Eugene!!
Hilda: It's no use!! His mind is in disarray!! We have to stop him somehow!!
Veigue: We have no choice but to fight!!
Mao: No, anything but that!!
Hilda: As things stand, you know that we'll end up getting killed by Eugene,
       don't you!?
Mao: But!!
Veigue: We just need to knock him out!! Fight, Mao!!
Eugene: Graaahhh!!

<In-Battle Dialogue During The Fight With Eugene>

Mao: Eugene!! Don't do this anymore! Please, I'm begging you!
Mao: I'll save you...I'll save you, no matter what, so...! Eugene!!

<After The Fight>

Tytree:...That was worse than facing Geyorkias.
Annie: Mao, administer the medicine now while you have a chance.
Eugene: *coughs*
Mao: Eugene, take this...please...it's medicine...that Annie and the others
     brought back for you...
Mao:...How is it?
Eugene:...It's bitter.
Mao: That's not what I meant, did it work?
Eugene:...Yes, probably...
Mao: I'm glad...I'm so glad...Waaahh!!
Mao: I don't know what I would have done without you, so...!! That's why I...
Eugene: Mao...
Eugene:...I see. So I wasn't the only one who underwent this change after
Veigue: Did you have some idea about what was happening?
Eugene:...Up until now, I had never labeled or felt hatred towards another
       based on race. However, my mind was constantly on edge after the
Eugene: I had suspected that it was due to the adrenaline rush from our life
        and death struggle with Geyorkias...
Eugene: But...I was wrong...whenever I saw or spoke to a Huma, one sentiment
        dominated my thoughts. Humas are detestable...slay them all!!
Eugene: No matter how much thought I gave it, I could not determine the cause
        of this sudden change. However...
Mao: Do you remember when Geyorkias came back to life? He said that his mission
     then was the eradication of Humas, didn't he?
Eugene: I do not know how that is related to the current hatred towards Humas.
Eugene: But I can say that I began to feel uneasy after the ceremony. There
        might be some type of connection to Geyorkias.
Hilda:...Geyorkias indeed. I tried to investigate, but...I give up. There's
      hardly any information about him.
Eugene: We also tried to gather intelligence on Geyorkias after that ceremony
        since we couldn't get him off our minds.
Mao: We rescued a man named Hack who was studying archaeology in this cavern
     earlier, right?
Mao: I remembered him telling us about The Divine King, so we tried giving him
     a visit.
Mao: Then, he told us that there's some sort of link between this cavern and
     The Divine King, or in other words, Geyorkias.
Eugene:...Just as we were about to begin our inquiry, I became as you saw
Eugene: I then isolated myself in this cavern. Before I ended up killing
        someone...so that I could wait for someone to come and end my life for
Eugene: Because of that, we've made little progress in terms of our
Hilda: Then let's resume the search without delay.

Eugene has joined your party.

Claire will accompany your party as a guest.

Skit #404 [SKI404]
「聖なる王の洞窟」 The Cavern Of The Divine King

Eugene: There should be some clues somewhere regarding the Divine King. Comb
        through the interior of the cavern.

Skit #405 [SKI405]
「ありがとう」 Thank You

Mao: Eugene, are you really okay?
Eugene: Yes...I'm fine. I had you worried, didn't I, Mao.
Mao: You sure did! Honestly...!
Mao: But since Annie went to get Veigue and the others for me...
Mao: Not to mention that she's the one who told us about the Pill of Serenity
Eugene: Annie...thank you...
Annie: I, it was nothing...I didn't do it for your sake, so...

Skit #406 [SKI406]
「メセチナ洞窟にういて」 About The Mesechina Cavern

Hilda: What was the original purpose of this cavern anyway?
Mao: It's said that Goldba, the king from ancient times, held a ceremony here
     to declare the founding of this country.
Hilda: Mao, you're surprisingly knowledgeable on the subject, aren't you.
Mao: Ahem!
Eugene: I would imagine so since we heard about that from Hack.
Mao: Now why'd you have to go and say that? You're mean, Eugene!

Skit #407 [SKI407]
「アガ一テはどこへ」 Where Did Agarte Go

Tytree: At that ceremony...what happened to the Queen?
Eugene: No remains were found...I would like to think that...she is safely in
        hiding somewhere, but...
Tytree: But with that kind of explosion...
Eugene: Well...even Claire was able to survive unscathed. Surely somewhere...

Skit #408 [SKI408]
「クレアの外出」 Claire's Outing

Mao: By the way, did you go someplace earlier, Claire?
Claire: Eh...? Oh, m, me...? Um...
Veigue: Were you going somewhere?
Claire: Ah, I, I went outside of the cavern so that I could wait for you and
        the others to return.
Veigue:...Claire...it's dangerous, so it'd be better if you didn't wander
       around by yourself too much.
Claire:...Y, yes...

Skit #409 [SKI409]
「ちゃんとやろうよ!」 Let's Do It Right This Time!

Mao: Let's check this place out more thoroughly, okay? There has to be some
     hints about Geyorkias somewhere!


<On The Next Screen>

Mao: Does anyone else hear a rustling sound?
Veigue: Yeah, you're right...
Eugene: There's a draft coming from somewhere. This cavern may lead to another
        area. Let's look around.

<After You Investigate The Nearby Wall>

Mao: It looks like this is the source of our noise.
Mao: The sound echoes. Maybe there's something in the back? I wonder if it's
     okay to break down this wall?

Skit #410 [SKI410]
「空気を読め」 Read The Air

Eugene: We felt a breeze passing through here earlier, didn't we. Perhaps there
        is something in that direction...
Hilda: Let's investigate further.

Skit #411 [SKI411]
「ス一ス一」 Whoosh

Mao: The wall is making a whooshing sound, right? Wouldn't there be something
     on the other side then?

<After Knocking Down The Wall>

Skit #412 [SKI412]
「洞窟の中に潜む謎」 The Mystery Lurking Inside Of The Cavern

Eugene: Let's examine the interior of the cavern more closely. We don't have
        any other leads.


<In The Hidden Room>

Veigue: This is...!?
Annie: It looks like some sort of battle is depicted on the stone monuments...
Tytree: Mao, is this what you two were searching for?
Mao: Hrm...what do you think, Eugene?
Eugene: Hmm...I had heard that it was a tablet from ancient times, but as to
        whether this is it or not...Hilda, can you read what is written here?
Hilda:..."The Divine King"...
Hilda: The letters are somewhat illegible, but I'm certain that it has The
       Divine King written on it...
Eugene: The Divine King...it doesn't go into more detail?
Hilda: Give me a minute.
Hilda: "The Divine King and...of the Saints...conflict...The Divine King...was
        overcome...the wrath of the King heightened...enmity...strife..."
Hilda: This is the best that I can manage. It's so fragmented that it's rather
       difficult to understand...
Veigue:...Doesn't it sound like the story that Agarte was telling us about?
Annie:...You have a point, but doesn't it also bring our current situation to
Eugene:...In other words, something to this effect?
Eugene: Once, a holy war took place and The Divine King was bested by the Six
        Saints. However, only the King's fury remained and it manifested itself
        within the populace. People came to despise one another and fought
        amongst themselves.
Eugene: And now, we have defeated Geyorkias who was revived at the ceremony;
        because of that, his anger is causing people to hate each other.
Tytree: So what are you getting at? Are you saying that we weren't supposed to
        beat Geyorkias?
Eugene: Settle down, Tytree. At that time, we had no other option but to fight.
Mao: That's right. Even if we knew that conflict would break out, it's much
     better than being destroyed, right?
Tytree: Yeah, but...
Veigue:...Doesn't the fact that this country still exists mean that at one
       point, Geyorkias' rage and the people's hostility disappeared for
       whatever reason?
Hilda: "The power of the Saints...fading impression...the crisis...was no
Veigue: The power of the Saints...does the impression refer to Geyorkias' wrath
        and the hatred of the people?
Hilda: There has to be a great power out there which rivals that of Geyorkias'.
       If we made use of that power, then shouldn't we be able to get rid of
       the impression?
Annie: But those Saints that you mentioned...?
Eugene: There may be a clue on the stone tablets. Let's look them over one more

Skit #413 [SKI413]
「石碑に隠された手がかり」 Clue Hidden In The Stone Tablet

Eugene: Let's investigate the stone monuments more thoroughly. It doesn't
        matter how unimportant it seems. Right now, we need to collect as much
        information as we can.

Skit #414 [SKI414]
「ラドラスの落日って...」 The Dusk Of Ladras...

Tytree: Geyorkias' impression, huh...to think that it could possess people...he
        sure is one vindictive little devil...!
Hilda: Perhaps on The Dusk, King Ladras was attempting to resurrect Geyorkias,
Tytree:...Wait, what are you getting at! Are you saying that the King was
       trying to wipe out the Humas!
Hilda:...Is that why Queen Agarte also...?
Eugene: That can't be....They are not the type of people who have those sort of
        thoughts. That I can say without a doubt...

Skit #415 [SKI415]
「気になる石碑」 Monuments On The Mind

Hilda:...Those monuments...I can't stop thinking about them for some reason...


<After Examining The Stone Tablet On The Right>

Veigue: The crest of Callegea...are those ancient Callegean letters carved
        around it...?
Hilda: "Two bodies...one heart...banner of fraternity and union...battle side
        by side...betterment...tranquility..." It looks like that is what is
        inscribed here.
Veigue: It's talking about Humas and Gajumas, huh.

<After Examining The Stone Tablet On The Left>

Circle: Check that area
X: End the investigation
L1: Zoom out
R1: Zoom in
Square: Explanation of controls

NOTE: You can investigate anywhere on the tablet, but if you want to progress
the storyline, click on the circular design that is slightly to the left of
the center.

Veigue: What kind of design...is this...?
Hilda: This mark...where have I...
Veigue: Mark...?
Hilda: A mark very similar to this one...I have a feeling that I've seen it on
       an emblem or something like that...yes...in Razilda.
Annie: As I recall, you heard a story about a mysterious power and that's why
       you went to Razilda, right Hilda?
Eugene: There might be some type of clue in Razilda then.
Veigue: Let's go and try to check things out.
Mao: Huh, aren't you coming with us, Claire?
Claire: Eh? M, me...? Is it...okay for me...to go with you?
Mao: What are you saying, of course it is! I mean, you've been a part of the
     group all this time. Right, everyone?
Claire:...Part of the group...
Veigue: Claire...let's go together. I can't very well ask you to go home now,
Claire:...Y, yes...
Veigue:...Let's head towards Razilda.

Skit #416 [SKI416]
「ラジルダへ行こうぜ」 Let's Go To Razilda

Tytree: Let's go to Razilda on the double!

Skit #417 [SKI417]
「行けばわかると思う」 I Think I'll Know When We Get There

Mao: Hey Hilda. Where in Razilda did you see the emblem that was on the stone
Hilda: I'm sorry. I can't seem to remember where I saw it...I think that I'll
       know if we go to that location though...

<On The World Map>

Skit #418 [SKI418]
「失意のクレア」 Despondent Claire

Claire: Even though at long last, I share the same body as him...yet despite
        this...that person...
Claire: He failed to realize who I am...for what then...has my suffering
        amounted to...
Veigue: Claire...is there something that is troubling you...?
Claire: Eh? What makes you say that...?
Veigue: Well, it's just that you don't look well...
Claire:...N, no...I'm fine...it's nothing, really...
Veigue: I see...

Skit #419 [SKI419]
「ヒルダさんっていいにおい...1」 Hilda's Pleasant Smell Part 1

Annie: U, um...Hilda...
Hilda: What is it?
Annie: Hilda, you...you always smell so nice...
Hilda:...I enjoy collecting perfume...lately, I've taken a liking to the rose
Annie: I, I certainly would like to try wearing some one day...
Hilda:...Well next time, I'll look for a perfume that I think will suit you
Annie: Really? Thank you very much...

<Upon Entering Razilda>

Skit #420 [SKI420]
「思い出した?」 Do You Remember Now?

Hilda: Where did I see it again...hmm...
Eugene: Let's try walking around the village. You may remember something.

Skit #421 [SKI421]
「紋章はラジルダのどこに?」 Where In Razilda Is The Emblem?

Annie: Hilda, where did you look around after you came to Razilda?
Hilda: Where, you say...it's a small town, so...the inn, the item shop, the
       weapons shop...maybe it was one of those places.
Annie: Oh...


<After Going Into The Inn>

Hilda: This is the place...I feel like I saw that mark in this inn.
Veigue: Okay then, let's take a look around.

Skit #422 [SKI422]
「宿屋のどこかに紋章が?」 Where In The Inn Is The Emblem?

Hilda: I saw the emblem on the stone tablet somewhere in the inn.
Tytree: Alright, then let's check out every nook and cranny of the inn!


<After Examining The Flag On The Second Floor>

Hilda: This is it...this is the flag that I saw...
Hilda: Wait, something's not right...this isn't it...
Hilda: I know that this is where I saw that emblem. But this flag...it's
       different from the one that I looked at before...I think that it bears
       a resemblance though...
Veigue: It certainly does look similar to the mark on the stone tablet. Let's
        try asking about it downstairs.

<Talking To The Innkeeper Lady>

Inn Landlady: The flag that was hanging in the hallway? Ah, it's different from
              the one before.
Inn Landlady: The flag on the display now is the Huma Flag and the previous one
              was the Razildan Flag.
Veigue: The Huma Flag and the Razildan Flag?
Innkeeper: That's right. The Razildan Flag which represented the entire town
           was disposed of.
Hilda: Disposed...what do you mean?
Inn Landlady: You know, a short while back, things started to go sour between
              the Humas and the Gajumas...
Inn Landlady: I was having a bad feeling about something, and then I received
              an official notice from Chief Iga. It stated that we are to use
              the Huma Flag from now on.
Inn Landlady: But this is a business, right? If I have that kind of flag out,
              then my Gajuma customers won't come here anymore.
Inn Landlady: That's the reason why I secretly placed it in the corridor like
Hilda: So you don't have the Razildan Flag that was hanging in the hallway
Inn Landlady: I heard that all of the flags in town were burnt.
Veigue: What was the Razildan Flag like?
Inn Landlady: That flag was something that has been passed down in Razilda for
Hilda: If I remember correctly, there was some sort of emblem depicted in the
       center of the flag...does it hold some type of special meaning?
Inn Landlady: That emblem...I don't really know if this is what you mean, but
              it seems that people long ago used to sing like this when they
              flew the Razildan Flag.
Inn Landlady: "With the passage of time, we raise our voice as one. Therein,
              the path unfolds"...like that.
Inn Landlady: Those people from back then would probably turn in their graves
              if they knew that the flags were burned.
Annie: To think that our only clue was set ablaze...
Eugene: Hmm...she says that they were all burned, but there may be one that is
        still around somewhere. Let's try searching around.

Skit #423 [SKI423]
「ラジルダの旗のいわれ」 The Oral Tradition Of The Razildan Flag

Tytree: "With the passage of time, we raise our voice as one. Therein, the path
        unfolds." The people from long ago used to sing like that when they
        raised the flag, right?
Tytree: I'm sure that everyone wanted to build a town that was free from

Skit #424 [SKI424]
「ラジルダの旗を探そう」 Let's Search For The Razildan Flag

Mao: I wonder if there is actually a flag left that hasn't been burned yet?
Eugene: We have little choice but to search. Let's try asking the townspeople.


<Talking To The Gajuma Woman In The Nearby House>

Old Lady:...The Razildan Flag, you say...there used to be one in this house,
    but Chief Fogma's messenger came and took it with him.
Veigue: So there aren't any left after all...
Old Lady: Might I ask what you intended to do with the Razildan Flag?
Hilda: We are investigating the emblem that is depicted on it, but we cannot
       find the actual flag itself...
Old Lady: So that's it...if you would like, I could talk about the folklore
          surrounding that emblem...
Eugene: By all means, please tell us.
Old Lady: Very well then, I will begin my story. According to an ancient
          legend, it is said that the emblem represents the Power of
Veigue: The Power of Darkness?
Old Lady: Long ago in this region...it seems that there was something known as
          the Power of Darkness which was capable of granting any wish.
Old Lady: The Gajumas feared it as something abominable while the Humas revered
          it as something holy. The difference in opinion persisted and the
          disputes were without end...
Old Lady: Before long, the people realized that the Power of Darkness was the
          source of all the conflicts. The two tribes joined forces and
          submerged the Power of Darkness in a spring somewhere.
Veigue: A spring...
Old Lady: As a reminder of our folly, the two races prayed that they would one
          day live hand in hand...so they placed that mark which symbolizes the
          Power of Darkness in the center of the town's flag.
Mao: "With the passage of time, we raise our voice as one. Therein, the path
     unfolds"...so that tells us that the two races teamed up to build Razilda,
Old Lady: That is what I believe...
Hilda: Where is the spring that the Power of Darkness was submerged in?
Old Lady: I don't know...even if it truly exists, I am not sure whether the
          Power of Darkness is something that should be touched...
Eugene: The Power of Darkness, huh...it appears that it has some sort of
        connection to the Power of the Saints.
Tytree: On one hand, it's something holy; on the other hand, it's something
        abominable. I wonder what the deal is?
Hilda: It sounds like we're going to have to ask the leaders of each group
       about that.

Skit #425 [SKI425]
「ティトレイの昔話・1」 Tytree's Folklore Part 1

Tytree: Folklore concerning the Power of Darkness, huh...
Tytree: A long time ago, I heard a ton of old stories from my grandma and
        grandpa too.
Mao: Wow, what kind of stories were they? I would love to hear some of them!
Tytree: Alrighty then! Listen closely!
Tytree: But there's a whole bunch of them, you know?
Tytree: I'll tell you later when the timing's better. Look forward to it, okay?
Mao: Can't wait...can't wait...!

Skit #426 [SKI426]
「ふたつの顔を持つ力」 The Power With Two Faces

Mao: I wonder if the Power of Darkness is the Power of the Saints?
Annie: The Humas worship it as something holy while the Gajumas fear it as
       something abominable, right?
Annie: If the Power of Darkness turns out to be the Power of the Saints...then
       what manner of being are the Saints?

Skit #427 [SKI427]
「族長たちの話を聞こう」 Let's Listen To The Two Leaders

Eugene: I would like to gather more information about the Power of Darkness.
        Let's try asking the respective leaders for the Humas and the Gajumas
        about it.


<Talking To The Gajuma On The North Side Of Town>

Doorman: Do you have some type of business with Chief Fogma?
Eugene: I would like to ask Chief Fogma about the history of Razilda. I wish to
        meet with him, if at all possible.
Doorman:...You may pass. Only you though. Is that clear?
Eugene: Understood.
Eugene: Everyone, please wait for me out here.

<Inside Fogma's House>

Fogma:...So you're looking into the Power of Darkness, are you? Are you asking
      me to tell you about the Power of Darkness even though you know what it
      means to us Gajumas?
Eugene: Yes. I've heard from the people of this town that it is an abominable
        thing. And that the people from ancient times submerged it in a spring
Fogma: And so, you would like to know where that spring is, am I right?
Fogma:...I cannot tell you that. Even if I knew about it...
Eugene: Even if you knew?
Fogma:...It is said that with the cooperation of the Humas, our forefathers
      created a "map" detailing the location of the spring that contains the
      Power of Darkness...and that it was left behind somewhere in this land.
Fogma: However, nothing of that nature has been passed down in my family. My
       ancestors may have feared that the map would bring misfortune and burned
Eugene: A map of the spring...
Fogma: It would be best if it never fell into the hands of a Huma...
Fogma: That is something which was never meant to be touched. Disturbing it
       will only bring disaster. Listen well, do not come in contact with it.

Skit #428 [SKI428]
「詳しい話を聞け!」 Tell Me The Details!

Eugene: I wanted to ask him to go into more detail, but given the subject at
        hand...perhaps there is something in this room...


<Upon Examining The Flag>

Eugene:...What is this?
Fogma: Ah, that emblem shown there is my family crest and at the same time, it
       also represents the Gajumas of Razilda.
Eugene: Is there some type of oral tradition behind it?
Fogma:"Amidst the darkness, we acquire courage. Amidst the darkness, we come to
      know love."
Fogma: Once, our ancestors feared the abominable Power of Darkness and fought
       bitterly with the Humas. That was an old poem that they sang to lift
       their spirits.
Eugene: I see...it appears that there are two flowers arranged on the emblem...
        do these have some sort of meaning?
Fogma: The sunflower represents "courage" and the daffodil represents "love" in
       the language of flowers.
Fogma: If you want, you may take one of those flags with you.
Eugene: Thank you very much.

You received the Gajuma Flag.

<Back Outside>

Eugene:...And that's what he told me. It sounds like there's a map somewhere
       that reveals where the spring is.
Veigue: It seems like we need to try asking the leader of the Humas about this

Skit #429 [SKI429]
「ガジュマの紋章」 The Gajuma Emblem

Viegue: "Amidst the darkness, we acquire courage. Amidst the darkness, we come
        to know love."
Veigue: The "poem" that goes along with the Gajuma emblem, huh...
Hilda: The sunflower that is depicted on the emblem appears to represent
       courage and the daffodil love, but...
Hilda: A "poem" without an interpretation isn't terribly helpful, is it.

Skit #430 [SKI430]
「闇の力を示す地図」 The Map That Shows Where The Power Of Darkness Is

Mao: The map that shows the location of the Power of Darkness was created as a
     joint effort between the two races, right?
Mao: If that's the case, then shouldn't one of them have the map?
Eugene: Hmm...they could both have it, they could have agreed to place it in
        safekeeping, or perhaps they entrusted it entirely to a third party...
Mao: Surprisingly, everyone knew about it and all. Makes you wonder if they're
     playing dumb about how to get to the spring.
Eugene: Hmm...

Skit #431 [SKI431]
「夢だろ...!?」 It Was Only A Dream...!?
NOTE: You have to stay at the inn in order to view this Skit.

Tytree: For crying out loud, fix that mood of yours already, Mao! It was only a
Mao: But the thing is! Just a little bit more and I would have been able to
     enjoy this amazing feast!
Mao: It's all because you had to go and wake me up, Tytree! Food grudges are
     scary, you know!!
Eugene: He's in a bad mood since his stomach is empty. Tytree, make him
        something to eat.
Tytree: Good grief...this little kid sure is high maintenance...

Skit #432 [SKI432]
「アニ一の日記・3」 Annie's Diary Part 3
NOTE: You have to stay at the inn in order to view this Skit.

Tytree: It looks like you're writing in your diary as usual, Annie.
Annie: Huh...how would you know about that?
Tytree: Ah...well, uh, that would be...
Annie: The bookmark I was using had fallen out...I didn't want to believe it,
Tytree: Y, you've got it all wrong! It wasn't me, it was Veigue...!
Annie: Veigue wouldn't do such a thing!
Tytree: Um, I meant to say Mao...!
Annie: Tytree!!


<Talking To The Huma Guy On The South Side Of Town>

Doorman: Do you have some business with Chief Iga?
Hilda: We'd like to speak with Chief Iga about the history of Razilda.
Doorman: I see, very well then. However, that Gajuma is not allowed to go
         inside, understand?
Eugene: Understood. I'll wait here then.
Veigue:...Annie, Tytree, we should stay out here too.
Mao: Why?
Veigue: A lot happened when we came to pick up the medicine.
Eugene: I see. In light of that, Mao, can you go by yourself?
Mao: Why do I get the feeling that I'm being treated like a kid?
Hilda: Because you're a child, aren't you? I'll go with you.
Annie: You're going, Hilda?
Hilda: Don't I look like a Huma?
Annie: N, no, that's not...I'm sorry.
Hilda:...Let's go, Mao.
Mao: Hey Claire, why don't you come too? I don't want to go with just Hilda,
     you know?
Hilda: Getting upset about being treated like a child simply makes you sound
       even more like one.
Mao: Hmph! Well, I'm just a kid anyway, so nyah! Let's go, Claire.
Claire: Y, yes...then I'll go as well...
Hilda: Well then, we'll be back soon.
Veigue: We'll remain here. Mao, you go with those two for us.
Mao: OK!

<Inside Iga's House>

Iga: A new show of faces, I see. And the young lady in particular...I have
     never seen such an elegant miss like yourself in this town before.
Mao: We're...
Iga: Can you not see that I am speaking with the young lady! Now, how may I be
     of service?
Claire:...Please pardon the sudden intrusion. We are conducting a research
       study on Callegea's ancient history.
Claire: We have come before you, Lord Iga, for there is something that we
        simply must ask of you.
Iga: Hmm, you exhibit great poise despite your youth. I would expect as much
     from a Huma...There are none such as yourself among those barbaric
     Gajumas. You have won my favor; request anything of me.
Claire:...Thank you very much. 'Tis forthright of us, but we would like to
       inquire about the Power of Darkness.
Iga: The Power of Darkness...you are familiar with what it means to us Humas, I
Claire: It is highly respected as a sacred power...and it is said to have been
        submerged in an unknown spring by the people of ancient times...
Claire: Lord Iga, we came here with the belief that surely you would have
        knowledge about that spring.
Iga:...I see...I would not waste a moment imparting information to a young
    woman such as yourself, but I too lack the knowledge which you seek.
Iga: My understanding lies with a sole clue, the key.
Claire:...The key...?
Iga: It appears that my forefathers sealed the Power of Darkness within a
     spring using a key and then split it into two parts. Each tribe was then
     alloted a piece to protect.
Iga: However, no key or any such item has been handed down in my family...
     perhaps it was appropriated by the Gajumas over the many years...
Iga: They view the Power of Darkness as an abomination. They may have concealed
     the key...
Claire: There are...two keys...
Iga: If I had the key in my possession, I would like to believe that I too
     could obtain the Power of Darkness and grant my heart's desire. However, I
     know nothing.

Skit #433 [SKI433]
「詳しい話を聞きだそうヨ」 Let's Ask Him About The Details

Mao: Hey, don't you want to ask him to go into a little more detail?
Hilda: There's nothing for him to go into more detail about, so I guess we'll
       have to take a look around.


<Upon Examining The Flag>

Claire: This is...?
Iga: The emblem depicted here serves as my family's coat of arms and attests to
     the excellence of the Humas of Razilda.
Claire: The excellence of the Humas? It would appear that the flowers which
        adorn the emblem are the rose and the lily.
Iga: Truer words have ne'er been spoken...
Iga: Ah, you must excuse me. For some mysterious reason, I feel compelled to
     speak courteously when we exchange words. Ha ha ha...
Iga: It is exactly as you say. The rose which embodies "truth" and the lily
     which embodies "hope" are detailed on this banner.
Claire: Is there any folklore concerning this flag?
Iga: "Amidst the darkness, we arrive at the truth. Amidst the darkness, we
     shall seek out hope."
Iga: It is an ancient poem that was sung when the Humas were able to acquire
     the Power of Darkness.
Iga: There is simply no telling as to the weight that this poem bears, don't
     you agree?
Claire: Yes, there is certainly no question that the Power of Darkness is
        something of great importance.
Iga: Yes, indeed...if you so wish, feel free to take this banner with you. It
     will surely prove useful in your studies.
Claire:...Thank you very much.

You received the Huma Flag.

<Back Outside>

Mao:...So that's that since Claire got him to spill the beans for us.
Veigue: Claire did?
Hilda: It seems that Iga was pleased with her extremely graceful manner.
Mao: Yeah, it was amazing! With the Queen-like way that she spoke, she almost
     sounded like the real thing.
Veigue: She did?
Mao: Yep, she's a far cry from Hilda, that's for sure!
Claire: N, not at all...I was only minding my manners...
Eugene: So in the end, we didn't find the "map" or the "key"...
Mao: It feels like we should just throw in the towel already.
Hilda: It appears that we should to go back to the inn and think things through
       one more time.

Skit #434 [SKI434]
「カギはふたつ」 There Are Two Keys

Eugene: So there are two keys that are needed to uncover the spring...
Hilda: I wonder if it is a countermeasure to prevent one side from gaining the
       upper hand?
Eugene: Hmm...at any rate, let's try giving this some thought in a quiet place.

Skit #435 [SKI435]
「ヒュ一マの紋章」 The Huma Emblem

Hilda: "Amidst the darkness, we arrive at the truth. Amidst the darkness, we
       shall seek out hope."
Hilda: Doesn't the folklore surrounding the Huma emblem seem somewhat out of
Tytree: The rose stands for truth and the lily stands for hope, right?
Tytree: There's nothing wrong with it in terms of the so-called language of the
        flowers though...
Hilda:...Arrive...seek out...I have a feeling that the sequence of the verbs is
      reversed, but...
Tytree: Sequence? Was there even an order to things to begin with?

Skit #436 [SKI436]
「いつの間に?」 Since When?

Veigue: Since when have you known how to speak like that, Claire?
Claire: Um...while I was in the company...ah, while I was with the Queen...
Veigue:...You learned it from Agarte...?
Claire: Y, yes, that is...correct...

Skit #437 [SKI437]
「宿屋へ戻って考えよう」 Let's Return To The Inn And Think About It

Veigue: Right now, it looks like we should try putting together everything that
        we know so far...
Tytree: You're right. Let's return to the inn and think things over.

Skit #438 [SKI438]
「へんなコト?」 Something Weird?
NOTE: You have to stay at the inn in order to view this Skit.

Annie: Mao, I can't help but laugh since you all of a sudden started talking in
       your sleep like that...*giggles*...
Mao: Eh, did I say something weird?
Tytree: Something weird? Man, was it ever...
Tytree: Bwa...wah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
Mao: What? What is it, Tytree!! What'd I say that was so funny!!
Tytree: It's just that...uwah hya hya hya hya hya!!


<Inside One Of The Rooms At The Inn>

Veigue:...Is the Power of Darkness nothing more than a myth after all?
Tytree: Not to mention that there's a discrepancy between the story given by
        the Humas and the Gajumas.
Hilda: Something holy and something abominable. A spring...a map created by
       both races which was left behind...a key that was split into two
Mao: It's hard to say whether the stories are inconsistent or if they're just
     in bits and pieces right now...But at this rate, the story about the Power
     of Darkness is going to end up in the same condition as this town.
Eugene: What's wrong, Tytree?
Tytree: This is getting on my nerves.
Tytree: Around here, it's nothing but "Huma this" and "Gajuma that." Doesn't
        anyone else think that kind of talk is just plain stupid?
Veigue:...I think I understand how you feel...
Veigue: But doesn't this have something to do with Geyorkias? If we take care
        of that...
Tytree: Yeah, I know something like that was written on the stone tablets,
        but...is it really just that?
Tytree: This isn't something that we can ignore anymore...it's...starting to
        bother me too...I start thinking and one thing ends up leading to
        another...about the difference in race...
Tytree: How are we different...what is the difference anyway...
Claire: U, um...
Claire:...This relates to the Power of Darkness, but there's something that
       caught my attention...It feels as if there are a good number of things
       that exist in pairs in this village...
Claire:...The key that was used to seal the spring was separated into two
       parts, correct?
Claire: Therefore, if we attempt to make two into one, then wouldn't we be able
        to find the key...um...that is all.
Eugene: Now that you mention it, there are indeed many things that are grouped
        in twos in Razilda.
Annie: The two races...the different perceptions of the Power of Darkness...the
       two tribal leaders...
Hilda: I wonder exactly which group of two we should combine...
Veigue: Something which acts as a key...that would be...

NOTE: There are actually two possible answers for this word puzzle. The one I
used is はた (HATA), but you can also input もんしょう (MONSHOU). If you have
no idea how to write in Japanese, then follow the instructions that I have
listed below. If you make a mistake, you can erase by pressing the SQUARE
From the starting position (the top left-hand corner):
Move down 5 times and press CIRCLE.
Move up 2 times and press CIRCLE. Finally, press TRIANGLE to finish.
Claire: Things in this village that come in groups of two...something which
        both races possess would be...
Veigue: Each race has a flag...it's the emblem that is depicted on those flags.
Eugene: The emblems of each race? How do we put those together?
Veigue: Well, that's...
Veigue: How about if we have them alternate? If we flip one of them upside
Hilda: This is it! This is the emblem that I saw on the flag at the inn!
Annie: Huh!? Then the Razildan Flag was simply...something that was created by
       combining the flags of both races!?
Eugene: If we do that, then the "map" which was made with the cooperation of
        the two races might be this emblem.
Tytree: Wait a minute, um...then are you saying that the poem which is
        associated with the emblem of each race is the key, and that the
        Razildan emblem is the map?
Annie: If you think of it that way, it also explains what the innkeeper told
Mao: As I recall...it was, "With the passage of time, we raise our voice as
     one. Therein, the path unfolds," wasn't it?
Annie:...In other words, if you combine the poems which serve as the key and
      sing them aloud at the spring indicated on this map...then you can obtain
      the Power of Darkness. Doesn't that make sense to you...?
Veigue: Yeah, if that's the case, then all of the stories become one.
Tytree: Okay, but where is this spring?
Eugene: Let's all think about it. If the Huma and Gajuma emblems are the map,
        then it must hold some sort of clue.
Tytree: I got it!! The flowers!! The flowers which are depicted on the emblems
        indicate the location of the spring!!
Hilda: And where would that be?
Tytree: How am I supposed to know that? But you know, for some reason it just
        occurred to me that I've seen a spot where all four flowers are in
Hilda: It was no doubt a lovely little flower bed, am I right?...I was a fool
       for getting my hopes up. For starters...do these four flowers even grow
       in the same area?
Tytree: Hrm...but you know, I have a feeling that I just saw that type of
        landscape around here somewhere. It was the real thing, not a picture.
Annie: Where did you see it? If a place like that actually exists, then that
       may be where the spring is located.
Tytree:...It's no use, I have no idea!
Veigue: Why don't we try going outside? You might remember something.

Skit #439 [SKI439]
「お花畑をどこで見た?」 Where Did You See The Flower Bed?

Tytree: Hmm...now where did I see that flower bed again...
Hilda: How about if you try to remember where you've been as of late?


<After Examining The Nearby Flower Cart>

Tytree: This is it, this shop!
Veigue: Really?
Tytree: Yeah, take a look. The four flowers that are shown on the emblems are
        all laid out at this shop, right?
Veigue: Yeah, it seems that way.
Tytree: I just remembered this, but I felt like something was a bit off when we
        passed by here earlier.
Veigue: A bit off? It doesn't seem like there's anything in particular that's
        out of the ordinary...
Tytree: Yeah, I know. But even so, I've got a funny feeling about something...
Veigue:...Something strange, huh...

NOTE: This word puzzle is absent in the PSP version, so the dialogue just
continues on as normal. In the event that you're using this guide and you're
playing the PS2 version though, one of the three possible answers is きせつ
(KISETSU); the other two solutions are さくきせつ (SAKUKISETSU) and さくじき
(SAKUJIKI). If you have no idea how to write in Japanese, then follow the
instructions that I have listed below. If you make a mistake, you can erase by
pressing the SQUARE button.
From the starting position (the top left-hand corner):
Move to the right 1 time and down 1 time, and press CIRCLE.
Move to the right 2 times and then down 1 time, and press CIRCLE.
Move to the left 1 time and then down 1 time, and press CIRCLE.
Finally, press TRIANGLE to finish.
Veigue: I'm not too sure about this, but...these flowers don't all bloom during
        the same season, do they?
Tytree: That's it!!
Tytree: The sunflower, the daffodil, the lily...and the rose.
Tytree: Each of these flowers blooms at a different time of the year!! And yet,
        this shop has all four of them.
Veigue: Are...all of these flowers real?
Tytree: Yeah, I'm positive. All of these were picked fresh from the Mother
        Earth herself!
Veigue: Which means that...
Tytree: Right, that means that there's a place close to Razilda where all four
        of these flowers bloom at the same time!!
Veigue: And that's where we'll find the spring that we're looking for!!
Tytree: Yeah, that has to be it!! Where did the shopkeeper run off to? Let's
        look for her and ask her about it!!

Skit #440 [SKI440]
「花屋はどこだ?」 Where Is The Florist?

Mao: I wonder where the florist could have gone?
Annie: Perhaps she went to get some flowers, or maybe she is making a
       delivery...she couldn't have gone far since her shop is still open,


<Inside Of The Old Gajuma Woman's House>

Florist: Whatcha big people want?
Tytree: Those flowers that you're selling...where'd you get them from?
Florist: It's a secret!!
Florist: Because if I tell you, you're going to go pick them, aren't you? I
         won't be able to sell my flowers then.
Tytree: Oh, come on, don't be like that. I really like flowers, you know. See,
        looky here!!
Florist: Wow!! I've never seen a flower like this before!!
Tytree: This here is the Teetoray Flower which only blooms on the western
        continent. I don't mind giving it to you, but first...
Florist: I'll tell you, I'll tell you!! So please let me have that flower!
Tytree: Then we have a deal.
Florist: Thanks!!
Florist: Um, let's see...you know my flowers? I get them from a spring that's
         about halfway between here and the city of Pipista.
Florist: I always go to pick a buncha different flowers for the old lady.
Florist: You know the old lady's son? He can't go outside, so he can't see the
         flowers either, right?
Florist: The old lady and her son told me that they feel better when they look
         at the flowers...
Tytree: That's sweet of you. You keep being nice to the old lady from now on,
Florist: Right!!
Tytree:...There you have it.
Veigue: Let's go.

Skit #441 [SKI441]
「嬉しそうだな?」 Do I Look Happy?

Veigue: Tytree, you look like you're happy about something.
Tytree: Yeah...even though that flower girl is a Huma, she's concerned about
        the old Gajuma lady, right?
Tytree: I think something like that is only natural, but when I look at that
        kid, I feel like I can rest easier for some reason...how about you?
Veigue: Yeah...I feel the same way.

Skit #442 [SKI442]
「ティトレイの昔話・2」 Tytree's Folklore Part 2

Tytree: Gather round! Big Brother Tytree's tale of times long past is about to
Tytree: Long, long ago in a place far, far away, there lived an old couple.
Tytree: On the surface, the two of them appeared to be content, but would you
        believe that the old man was actually a horrible monster!
Tytree: And that monster's true form was...
Tytree:...Hm? Annie, what's wrong?
Mao: Aah!! Annie's fainted and her eyes are still open!
Tytree: What for? I haven't even gotten to the juicy part yet...
Mao: I had completely forgotten that Annie's a real scaredy cat.

Skit #443 [SKI443]
「四季の花咲く泉を目指せ」 Aim For The Spring Where The Four Flowers Bloom

Eugene: Let's head towards the spring where these four flowers are said to
        bloom. The spring should be somewhere to the south of this town in the
        stretch of marsh.


<Upon Entering The Spring>

Tytree: Whoa, check it out. The flowers from all four seasons are in bloom!
        This is the first time that I've seen anything like it!
Veigue: The shape of the spring...the flowers from each season...this has to be
        the place.
Hilda: The Power of Darkness is said to sleep here...
Annie: If that poem serves as the key to open the spring, then when we read it
       out loud, surely...
Tytree: Right, but, uh, what order do we read them in?
Either the order of the sentences is random, or they changed it for the PSP
version. Anyway, looks like I'll have to type out the Japanese after all. I
have them listed in the order that you need to CHOOSE them, NOT how they appear
on the screen:

闇において、我は希望を求める (Hope)
闇において、我は勇気を得る (Courage)
闇において、我は真実に至る (Truth)
闇において、我は愛を知る (Love)
ラジルダの旗を見る (Look at the Razildan Flag)
詩を詠みなおす (Reread the poem)
Amidst the darkness, we shall seek out hope.
Amidst the darkness, we acquire courage.
Amidst the darkness, we arrive at the truth.
Amidst the darkness, we come to know love.

<After The CG Sequence>

Veigue: To think that something like this was hidden at the bottom of the
Eugene: The Power of Darkness is said to be up ahead, is it...!?
Mao: There wouldn't be something like this if there wasn't anything here,
?????:...Those who would seek the Power of Darkness...
Veigue: That voice just now...!?
?????: What dost thou wish to gain should ye obtain the Power of Darkness?
Eugene: To the one who speaks, in order to purge the world of the negative
        impression which now consumes it and to end the disputes of the
        people, we deem it necessary to acquire the Power of the Saints.
Eugene: Would you be that Saint?
?????: Is the dissension among the people beget by the impression? Were humans
       without quarrel prior to the impression?
?????: At present, the people are reprising the errors of antiquity. Or perhaps
       this is but a continuation of the animosity between the two races.
?????: Should the interrelation prove to be incongruent, the hostility has
       cause to continue until either knows extinction. Thus the source of the
       conflict would vanish.
Annie: That is simply...too cruel...
?????: Huma girl, dost thou truly feel as such? Dost thou not despise Gajumas?
Tytree:...Are you one of Geyorkias' minions.
Tytree: I'm asking if you're one of Geyorkias' flunkies, you stupid dumbass!!
Tytree: It has nothing to do with Humas, Gajumas, or even race!! We're all
        people just the same, and we've been doing fine up until now!
Tytree: Geyorkias is...trying to screw everything up with that damn impression
        of his!
?????: Dost thou sincerely believe Humas and Gajumas to be one and the same?
Tytree: WE'RE THE SAME!!
Tytree: If you're one of the Saints and the Power of Darkness is the Power of
        the Saints, then you'll know soon enough after we get rid of Geyorkias'
        impression with your power!
?????: Then ye may come before me. And unveil to me. What thine convinctions
Tytree: Why don't I do just that then!! Guys, let's go!!

Skit #444 [SKI444]
「闇の力をこの手に!」 Get The Power Of Darkness With My Own Two Hands!

Tytree: I don't know about the Power of Darkness or some Saint, but let's get
        it ASAP and put an end to this impression!

Skit #445 [SKI445]
「闇の力があれば...」 If We Had The Power Of Darkness...

Annie: Let's continue on ahead. If we obtain the Power of Darkness, we might be
       able to erase the impression.


<On The Following Screen>

Tytree: Huh, this is...? Petnadjanka...isn't it?
Tytree: Veigue? Hilda?
Tytree: How the heck did I...what is going on here...?
Tytree: Hey, where is everyone!
Selena: Tytree, what do you think you're doing?
Tytree: Sis...? What are you doing in a place like this...?
Selena: Why am I here...what a strange thing to say. It's time for the patrol,
        so I came to get you.
Tytree: Patrol?
Tytree: H, hang on a sec, Sis.

Skit #446 [SKI446]
「姉貴...?」 Sis...?

Tytree: What'd she mean by patrol...? Sis...! Where did she go?

Skit #447 [SKI447]
「そっか!?」 Wait, I Get It!?

Tytree: No matter how you slice it, this is definitely Petnadjanka...wait, I
        get it, this is a dream!
Tytree: No, wait, up until a minute ago, I was in those ruins and I wasn't
        sleepy either...
Tytree: Wait, wait, back up, maybe this is reality and the dream was about the
        ruins...it's no good, I don't have the foggiest!

Skit #448 [SKI448]
「巡回の時間?」 Time For The Patrol?

Tytree: Patrol? What's going on...? For now, I guess I don't have much choice
        but to go after Sis, do I...


<In Front Of The Factory>

Tytree: Sis...what's wrong with everyone? They're all just standing around like
        there's no work to be done at the factory and everything.
Selena: What are you talking about? We have our own task at hand, don't we? Let
        us go.
Foreman: Good work on the patrol.
Selena: We appreciate your hard work. I trust that there hasn't been any
Foreman: No, the operation is proceeding smoothly.
Selena: Please continue your surveillance, Foreman.
Factory Manager: Hey now! Who gave you permission to take a break! Get back to
Man: Hyi...!!
Tytree: What do you think you're doing, Boss!?
Factory Manager: Ah, Tytree. As you can see, I was just punishing this lazy
Tytree: That's not what I meant! You think it's okay to make a person work by
        whipping him!
Factory Manager: What's gotten into you all of a sudden? We're giving the
        Gajumas a place to put their muscles to use, aren't we?
Tytree: ???
Factory Manager: Their bodies are the only thing that's well-developed anyway.
Factory Manager: These mentally deficient Gajumas must make a contribution to
                 society by working hard for the sake of us Humas.
Selena: He speaks the truth. Humas use their heads and Gajumas use their
        bodies. That is only natural, isn't it.
Tytree: Are you being serious, Sis!! Isn't this discrimination!!
Selena: This isn't discrimination, it's differentiation. Just as we separate
        animals from people, it is necessary to distinguish between Humas and
Tytree: Please stop it, Sis!! Since when have things ended up this way!!
Tytree: Humas and Gajumas...we're both people, aren't we!!
Selena: Can you really say that? Are we truly the same...?

<Back In The Ruins>

Veigue: What's wrong?
Tytree: Eh...? Ah, w, where am I...?
Mao: What are you talking about? We're inside of the ruins at the bottom of the
Tytree: Y, yeah...that's right...that has to be the case, but you know...just
        now, I was definitely...in Petnadjanka...
Hilda: Petnadjanka? You mean to tell us that you had a dream while you were
Tytree: No, that's just not...it didn't feel like it was some sort of a
Eugene: In any case, it's alright with you if we move on ahead, yes?
Eugene: Let's go.

Skit #449 [SKI449]
「ティトレイの試練」 Tytree's Trial

Tytree: What was THAT all about...honestly...
Veigue:...What's the matter? You okay?
Tytree: Yeah...I've come this far...there's no way I'm turning back now...

Skit #450 [SKI450]
「気分わりぃぜ!」 Crappy Mood!

Tytree: Man, am I ever in a crappy mood! Damn Saint...I'm going to get you for


<Back In The Factory>

Tytree: Once again, I'm...
Tytree:...Boss! Please stop it!
Man: Why are you doing this!! We only proposed a way to increase efficiency
     because we had the best interests of this factory in mind, didn't we!!
Factory Manager: Gajumas shouldn't bother doing the unnecessary. A Gajuma
        couldn't possibly come up with a better idea than one of us Humas.
Man: We Gajumas are just as capable as you Humas in terms of thinking and
     creating things!!
Factory Manager: You waste your breath. Those words mean nothing. Now shut up
                 and get back to work!
Selena: Or perhaps you no longer understand the words that are coming out of
        our mouths? If that's the case, then we have no choice but to beat the
        meaning into you, now do we? Do it!
Tytree: Stop it!!
Selena: What are you doing, Tytree!!
Tytree: Sis, you and the boss are both out of line!! Aren't we all friends who
        live in the same town. Then how can you do such a horrible thing!!
Selena: Even you should know why: Humas and Gajumas are not the same. You are
        merely refusing to acknowledge that. Don't try to sweeten the bitter
Tytree: I'm not sugarcoating anything!! That's how I really feel!! This way of
        doing things...I'm going to pound this discrimination into the ground!!
Tytree: Uuoooohh!!
Factory Manager: Tytree...do you realize what you're doing...?
Tytree: SHUT UP!!
Man: We're saved...
Tytree: You guys are free now. Hurry up and get away from here.
Man:...Yeah, we'll do just that. Thanks, man...
Man: Manager...you're exactly right! Gajumas and Humas are different! I'll show
     you what the real difference is!! You better look forward to it!!
Tytree: Hey...wait a minute! What are you...what does that mean!?
Tytree: Wait!

<And Back Again In The Ruins>

Veigue: What is it? Did you see something again?
Tytree:...What the heck is this!! Why am I seeing these things!!
Hilda:...Perhaps that voice is giving Tytree some sort of test?
Eugene: You may be right. At any rate, calm down and keep moving, Tytree.
Tytree:...I know that already...I'll keep going until we reach the end...

<Further Into The Ruins>

Use Tytree's Force to send out ivy and make your way across the platforms while
you head for the exit. By pressing the Force Button (SQUARE button) where
indicated by the Force Cube Balloon, you can extend ivy above, below, or out to
the side. The lever act as a switch that will shift the platforms. If you move
the lever, the platforms will change positions. Even if you can't directly
touch the levers, you can move them from a distance by using Tytree's Force.

<And Back In Petnadjanka, Once Again>

Tytree:...Not again...
Tytree: Hey you! What the hell are you trying to make me do! Give it a rest
        already, will ya!!
Tytree: Answer me! Answer me, dammit!!
Man: This is bad!! Those Gajumas are raising a riot! They are attacking every
     Huma in sight!
Man: Those guys are swinging around weapons that were made at the iron factory!
Tytree: What'd you say!? Sis...where's Sis?
Man: Selena went back home just now! I'm going to go tell the others in the
     factory about this!
Tytree:...This is so stupid...isn't this just some kind of illusion...some sort
       of something...
Woman's Voice: Aaaahh!
Tytree: Dammit! What the hell is going on here!!

Skit #451 [SKI451]
「セレ一ナに危険が?」 Is Selena In Danger?

Tytree:...Sis...! Is Sis at the house...!?

Skit #452 [SKI452]
「セレ一ナを守れ」 Protect Selena

Tytree: I WILL protect Sis...Sis...!


<Inside Tytree's House>

Factory Manager: I was too late...
Tytree: SIS!!
Tytree:...Who was it!! Who would do such a thing!!
Factory Manager: She was killed by Gajumas...they did this to Selena just
                 because she was a Huma...
Factory Manager: It's your fault!! It's because you went and saved some
Annie: You hate them, don't you? You cannot forgive them, can you? Do you
       finally understand how I feel?
Tytree: Annie?
Annie: Eugene...that man stole my father's life. That's why I cannot forgive
       his fellow Gajumas either...
Tytree:...But the other Gajumas didn't do anything, right?
Annie: But Tytree, didn't you feel an enormous hatred towards Gajumas just now?
       Why is that?
Tytree: W, well that's...
Selena: The one who killed me was a Gajuma. Aren't you going to exact my
        revenge? Do you not...detest Gajumas?
Tytree: I know, but Sis...if the culprit had been a Huma, what would I have
        done then?
Selena: You would hate that transgressor alone. Criminals are wayward beings.
        They are different from you and me.
Tytree: They're different despite the fact that we're all Humas. Gajumas are
        all the same even though they do different things...
Tytree: Humas and Gajumas...what exactly is the difference between the two...
        why do they have to be different...
Tytree:...If something like race didn't exist...if everyone was of the same
       race, then...
Selena: You're right, Tytree. And that's why...
Selena: Take hold of this light. If you do, then you can change Gajumas into
        Humas. This world will then be devoid of Gajumas and become a place
        where there are only Humas.
Selena: If race were to vanish, then conflict and discrimination would soon
        follow. For the sake of a peaceful and impartial world...grab the
Tytree: You can keep it!!
Selena: What are you doing!? Disputes occur because differences exist!! If
        everyone were the same, then the world would become a just place
        without war or prejudice, right?
Tytree: That's not true...that's not true at all!
Tytree: Sure, there are differences between Humas and Gajumas. But the
        differences between people aren't only limited to race, are they?
Tytree: There is no one else like me in this entire world, and every person is
        a unique individual. We all have different faces, bodies, and ways of
Tytree: Even if one race were to die out, the fighting would not disappear. The
        very idea of race itself is the one thing we cannot lose.
Tytree: That's why...it would be meaningless even if we all had the same
        appearance or lineage!
Selena: If that's the case, then what did you mean when you said that you're
        "the same"?
Tytree: I meant our feelings.
Selena: Your feelings...?
Tytree:...Happiness and sadness, hardship and kindness...these feelings are the
       same for everyone, right?
Tytree: That's what I mean when I say that we're all the same!!

<And Switch Back To The Ruins For The Last Time>

Veigue: Tytree, are you alright?
Tytree:...Yeah...let's go, Veigue!
Tytree: So this is the end of the line, huh...
Annie: Sele...na?
Tytree: That's not Sis! Give it up already and show yourself!
?????: I am the Sacred Beast, Eephon. I am the one who governs the "darkness"
       of this world.
Veigue: Sacred Beast!? There were other Sacred Beasts besides Geyorkias!?
Eephon: At times, I am called the Power of Darkness, and at other times, I am
        called a Saint.
Tytree: The ones known as Saints are...you're Geyorkias' underlings, aren't
        you? Then the Power of Darkness is the Power of the Saints, right?
Eephon: Tytree, I hath given heed to thine thoughts. Are those words without
        deceit? Are those words without hesitation?
Tytree: Yeah, that was the honest truth and I have no doubts about what I said
        either. People are all the same. In terms of their feelings, anyway!
Tytree: That's why I ask that you lend me your power!
Eephon: Very well...prior to that, however, allow me to test whether ye are
        worthy to wield mine power. Engage me in combat and demonstrate thine
Tytree: So basically, I just have to win against you, right? That's fine by me!
        Bring it on!!

<After The Fight>

Eephon:...A splendid showing, Tytree...
Tytree: You promised...the Power of Darkness...
Eephon: Mine power as a Sacred Beast and the Force are of the same origin.
        Should thine heart waver, so shall thine power and soon thereafter, thy
        very self shall be consumed.
Eephon: Are ye prepared?
Tytree: Yeah, I never had any doubts from the very beginning!
Eephon: Then so be it. Reveal to me your Force...
Eephon: Mine power...you may partake of it.
Tytree: Whoa...so this is the Power of a Sacred Beast, huh...
Hilda:...How does it feel?
Tytree: This thing's pretty dangerous. It feels like I'll completely lose
        control if I relax even in the slightest.
Mao: Ooh, that sounds kinda scary, doesn't it?
Eephon: Such power is necessary given the opponents that ye shall face.
Tytree: Tell us, Sacred Beast Eephon. The hate that Gajumas have towards Humas
        and the fighting that is taking place...is it really all due to that
        impression thing?
Eephon: That is correct...the influence that ye people refer to as the
        impression is attempting to encompass this entire sphere.
Eephon: If the impression is not purified, then grave misfortune shall surely
        come to pass.
Tytree: Purify the impression? How can we purify it? Should we use the Power of
Eephon: If ye succeed in obtaining the Power of every Sacred Beast, then ye
        shall understand.
Veigue: Every Sacred Beast...where can we find them?
Eephon: "Awaken the sleeping wings in the torrid wasteland."
Mao: Torrid wasteland? Sleeping wings? What's that supposed to mean?
Eephon: I shall leave the rest for ye to consider. I trust that ye shall
        discover the answer for thyselves.
Hilda: Just a minute...isn't Geyorkias your enemy as well? If we have a common
       adversary, then why do this in such a roundabout way...
Eephon: We hath merely commenced the undertaking ordained to us by the heavens.
Hilda: Eh...?
Eephon: Tytree...'tis mine wish. That regardless of what may project itself
        onto thine eyes, thy gaze shall maintain its forward course.
Eephon: Do not merely speak of the ideal. Instead, become the very embodiment
        of those ideals.
Tytree: Yeah, I'll give it a shot.
Eephon: Fare thee well.

You received the Emerald of Darkness.

Tytree can now learn the Ougi "Souha Tsuirensen."

Skit #453 [SKI453]
「なんでもないんだ...」 Nothing At All...

Eugene:...*breathing heavily*...
Mao: Eugene...? What's the matter...? You don't look too good for some
Eugene: N, no...it's nothing...nothing at all...
Mao:...Really...? But if you're feeling sick, be sure to let us know right
    away, okay?
Eugene: Yes...I know...

Skit #454 [SKI454]
「次の聖獣に向かって」 Head Towards The Next Sacred Beast

Annie: Let's go outside for now.


<Outside The Ruins>

Tytree: Well then, where should we go for the next Sacred Beast?
Eugene:...A heated wasteland, huh...places that come to mind are the Kurodadaku
       Desert...or perhaps the Tsurubena Wastelands...
Tytree: What's wrong, Hilda?
Hilda:...Why...was it you...? Why...wasn't it me? Even though I'm the one in
      need of the Sacred Beasts' Power...
Tytree: What are you getting so grumpy about? That's not like you at all,
Hilda:...You people wouldn't understand...
Hilda: About our next destination...if the Tsurubena Wastelands are a
       possibility, then how about going to Pipista?
Veigue: Pipista?
Hilda: Yes, it's a village that is close to the Tsurubena Wastelands. Pipista
       means "the bird's nest" in ancient Callegean. Sounds like it's related
       to our sleeping wings, doesn't it?
Eugene: Hmm, it seems like it is worth investigating. Let's head towards
        Pipista for the time being.

Skit #455 [SKI455]
「眠れる翼を知らないか?」 Wouldn't They Know About The Sleeping Wings?

Veigue: Let's talk to the residents of Pipista.

Skit #456 [SKI456]
「ユ一ジ一ンのみだしなみ・3」 Eugene's Appearance Part 3

Hilda: Say, Eugene, you do an excellent job of braiding your hair.
Eugene: Ah, you mean this...a certain person taught me how to do it when I
        decided to grow my hair out.
Eugene: I couldn't very well have unkempt hair at formal functions. Not to
        mention that it would have been rather inconvenient during battle.
Eugene: Braiding is certainly time-consuming, but...well, that's simply a part
        of keeping up your appearance.

Skit #457 [SKI457]
「似たものどうし・2」 Two Of A Kind Part 2

Tytree: Mao, you really are a shy, naive, and quiet young lad, you know that?
Mao: And you Tytree, you're delicate, taciturn, and handsome...a true man among
Tytree:...Uwah ha ha ha ha ha...!
Mao:...Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha...!
Tytree: There's just no way!!

Skit #458 [SKI458]
「聖獣の力があれば」 If I Had The Power Of The Saints

Eugene: Hilda...you won't necessarily be able to obtain a pure body even after
        you acquire the Power of the Saints, you know.
Hilda: But that power was something that could contain Geyorkias...surely it
       would be enough to...
Eugene: Are you certain that you really want to change your body in such a
Eugene: I don't think that it would be a bad idea to try considering why you
        were born the way you were...

Skit #459 [SKI459]
「聖獣が見せた幻」 The Illusion That The Sacred Beast Showed Me

Tytree: Dang...I know it was a trial and all, but I sure saw some horrible
Hilda: What were you shown?
Tytree: A Petnadjanka that's the complete opposite of the one I know, one full
        of racial discrimination and prejudice.
Tytree:...I even saw Sis get killed by a Gajuma...
Hilda:...And you were able to say those things even after seeing all of
Tytree: Yeah...the thought had crossed my mind that maybe the fighting would
        stop if everyone was the same race, but...
Tytree:...When I thought about what was important, the answer just sort of came
       to me...you know?

Skit #460 [SKI460]
「眠れる翼の情報を集めよう」 Let's Gather Info On The Sleeping Wings

Mao: Let's gather information from the people of Pipista...it can be anything
     as long as it's connected to the "sleeping wings."

Skit #461 [SKI461]
「不思議な寝言」 Mysterious Sleeptalk
NOTE: You must rest at the inn in order to trigger this Skit.

Eugene: Mao, you said some odd things again in your sleep last night.
Mao: What did I say that was so odd?
Eugene: Ambiguous phrases such as  "I was born" and "I want to learn about this
        vast world."
Mao: I wonder if I was having a dream about the time I was born?
Eugene: A dream about your childhood, huh? Has your memory returned, by any
Mao: Nuh uh, not at all. Heck, I don't even remember the dream itself.
Eugene: I see...


<After Entering Pipista>

Mao: What...is that? I see something in the middle of the rocks...I wonder if
     those are houses...?
Annie: That would be my guess...they've hollowed out the rocks and are
       constructing homes. I've heard about the process before, but to think
       that it was being done on such a large scale...
Hilda: Take a look. This is a bird, isn't it?
Eugene: Hmm, there may be some sort of connection to the Sleeping Wings. Let's
        try talking to the townspeople.

Skit #462 [SKI462]
「ピピスタはどんな街?」 What Kind Of Town Is Pipista?

Tytree: Why aren't there any Humas in Pipista?
Eugene: Hmm, it appears that this place has always been inhabited only by
Eugene: The environment around this area can be a bit harsh on Humas...
Eugene: There is no opposition or conflict since everyone shares the same
        appearance, so that explains how the village ended up like this.
Tytree: I get it...so that means that the differences between the races are not
        always such a bad thing.

Skit #463 [SKI463]
「ヒルダさんっていいにおい...2」 Hilda's Pleasant Smell Part 2

Hilda: Annie, do you have a minute?
Annie: Y, yes...what is it?
Hilda: Here...
Annie: Oh, perfume...
Hilda: I promised you earlier, remember?
Hilda: I found one that seemed to be a good match for you, so...it smells like
Annie:...Oh my, what a nice scent...
Hilda:...Well, do you like it?
Annie: Yes, thank you very much. Hee hee...it feels like I have an older sister
Hilda:...A younger sister, huh...
Hilda: That may not be such a bad thing, I suppose...

Skit #464 [SKI464]
「ガジュマにはガジュマ?」 Gajuma To Gajuma?

Hilda: These people might as well be saying "Stay away from me, Humas" with the
       looks they're giving us.
Hilda: It might be better to have Eugene speak with them.

Skit #465 [SKI465]
「ガジュマには俺だな」 I Should Talk To The Gajumas

Eugene: It would seem that the people of this village have no intention of
        speaking to anyone besides a Gajuma...I had better talk to them.


<On The Eastern Portion Of Town>

Veigue: Did something happen?
Man: What do you want?
Hack: Ah, y, you guys are...! H, help me!
Veigue: Is that you, Hack...? What exactly is going on?
Man: Are you people friends with this guy!?
Eugene: He is an acquaintance. Has this man done something?
Man: He was prowling around a place that is considered to be holy by our tribe.
Hack: And haven't I been telling you that this is all a misunderstanding? I
      wasn't doing anything wrong...
Man: In any case, you're coming with us! Chieftain Dobal is furious. He will
     decide what to do with you.
Eugene: Wait just a moment...!
Man: If you have any objections, then take it up with the Chieftain.
Tytree: Hey, what's going on here?
Veigue: I don't know. There's the matter regarding the Sleeping Wings, but we
        can't just leave Hack like that either. Let's go and see the Chieftain.
Mao: And if we're lucky, the Chieftain might know something about the Sleeping

Skit #466 [SKI466]
「ハックのために」 For Hack's Sake

Veigue: Let's hurry and go to the Chieftain's house.

Skit #467 [SKI467]
「大丈夫かな?」 I Wonder If He's Alright?

Annie: I do hope that nothing terrible happens to Hack...

Skit #468 [SKI468]
「酋長に会おう」 Let's Meet With The Chieftain

Tytree: I'm worried about Hack too, so let's meet with the Chieftain as soon as


<Inside The Chieftain's House>

???: I am the Chieftain, Dobal. What business do you have with me that would
     require you to bring these ill-mannered Humas in tow?
Tytree: Are you saying that we don't have any manners!?
Eugene: Wait, Tytree...
Eugene: My name is Eugene Gallardo. We came here so that we could discuss
        something with you.
Dobal: Eugene...? Are you, by some chance, the commander of The Royal Shield?
Eugene: Yes, though there's a "former" attached to it now.
Dobal:...Is that so. Your reputation precedes you. We Gajumas consider you to
      be the mightiest of warriors.
Dobal: I'm not inclined to speaking with the insolent, much less ones who are
       Huma, but I will listen to what you have to say since they are with you.
Eugene: They meant no offense; they are simply unfamiliar with the customs of
        this land. I ask for your understanding in that regard.
Dobal:...Humas will be Humas, after all. So what is it that you want to talk to
      me about?
Eugene: Yes, would you mind telling us about the young man who was captured a
        short while ago? Hack is an acquaintance of ours.
Dobal: That sacrilegious Huma who was trespassing on our sanctuary is another
       associate of yours!?
Eugene: Yes. Could you tell us more about that sanctuary?
Dobal:...There is something that is referred to as the Sacred Altar in the back
      of this room which my tribe has carefully maintained for many centuries.
Dobal: That Huma somehow snuck into that room, unleashed a flame, and attempted
       to bring harm to the Sacred Altar.
Eugene: Damage the Sacred Altar? Hack is an archaeologist. This must be some
        sort of misunderstanding. Could you possibly listen to what he has to
Dobal: Absolutely not! The mere thought of speaking to a Huma makes my hair
       stand on end. Normally, just the sight of them is unpleasant enough.
Eugene: In that case, could you grant permission for me to speak with him?
Eugene: Allow me to determine whether or not Hack was truly intent on
        desecrating the Sacred Altar.
Dobal:...Why would a Gajuma like yourself go through such lengths for the sake
      of a Huma?
Eugene: I just want to help a friend out.
Dobal:...Very well then. However, should the Sacred Altar be harmed a second
      time, even a decorated soldier like yourself will not be able to avoid
      the consequences.
Eugene: I am aware of that...thank you very much.
Eugene: Let's go to where Hack is being held.

Skit #469 [SKI469]
「ハックの話を聞こう」 Let's Hear Hack's Story

Mao: Let's go see Hack and hear what he has to say.

Skit #470 [SKI470]
「ピピスタは特殊な町」 Pipista Is A Special Town

Mao: Chieftain isn't a term that you hear often these days, is it.
Eugene: It means "the head of a tribe." In this village, the words of the
        Chieftain are absolute.
Eugene: The custom of Chieftain worship has a long history in this village.
Mao: Wow...so the Chieftain is basically like a king then.
Eugene: Hmm, you could probably say that to the people who live here, he stands
        next to the country's King in terms of authority.

Skit #471 [SKI471]
「ハックに会わないと」 If We Don't Meet With Hack

Hilda: In any case, nothing will get accomplished if we don't meet with Hack
       and learn about the circumstances.


<Talking To The Gajuma Inside The Residence On The Western Side Of Town>

Watchman: What was that? You received permission from the Chieftain? Hrm...if
          that's the case...then I have no choice...
Watchman: However, we will never forgive you people if you betray our
          Chieftain's trust.
Eugene: Yes, I understand.
Hack:...You guys! You came to get me, didn't you! What a relief...
Veigue: Unfortunately, you can't leave from here just yet.
Hack: Huh...?
Mao: We have to prove that you weren't trying to hurt the Sacred Altar or
     defile it in any way first.
Hack: How could they think that...! I would never damage the altar! If I'm
      lying, then I'll swim all the way back to Balka!
Tytree: Okay, then why did you sneak into the room with the Sacred Altar and
        all that?
Hack:...There was no way around it. I had received permission to examine the
     Sacred Altar after writing countless letters to Chieftain Dobal and yet...
Hack: When I finally came down here to see him, it's like the Chieftain became
      a completely different person. He wouldn't even listen to what I had to
      say just because I'm a Huma...so that's why...
Mao: I wonder if it's due to the influence of the impression?
Veigue: Most likely...
Annie:...What is it that you were investigating that was worth going through
      all this trouble for, Hack?
Hack:...I was trying to revive the Holy Bird...
Eugene: Holy Bird...!
Hack: If you read the old reference books relating to the Mesechina Caverns,
      there is stuff written in there about Pipista.
Hack: According to those texts, if you light a fire on the Sacred Altar, then
      the Holy Bird will be reborn...
Hilda:...It sounds like coming to Pipista was the right thing to do.
Mao: Yep! It seems that there is some type of connection to what Eephon told
Hack: Huh, are you guys investigating the Holy Bird too?
Veigue: Yeah...something like that.
Annie: So did the Holy Bird come back to life after you lit a flame on the
       Sacred Altar?
Hack: Well, the thing is...nothing happened...but those texts have great
      historic value due to their age, so surely there is something to what is
      written in them...
Veigue: If the Holy Bird is resurrected, then something will take place...if
        that's related to the Sacred Beasts, then we'll just have to dig up a
        little more information about the Holy Bird.
Hilda: For our sake as well as Hack's.
Mao: Let's try asking the people of the village.

Skit #472 [SKI472]
「おまじない」 A Spell

Mao: What's the matter, Annie? You don't look like you're feeling too well.
Annie: It's just that there's no one besides Gajumas...in this town, and so...
       I suppose you could say that it's as if I'm suffocating or that I feel
Mao: Hmm, at times like this...you need a spell! Chichinpuipui! If you say
     that, then you'll feel better!
Annie: Chichin...puipui...Chichinpuipui...
Mao: Well? Do you feel a little bit better now?
Annie:...Y, yeah...
Veigue: Mao, isn't that the spell that you use when you light something on
Mao: Shh! That's a secret, so don't tell...!

Skit #473 [SKI473]
「聖壇から聖獣?」 Sacred Beast From The Sacred Altar?

Mao: The "Holy Bird", huh...if it's a Sacred Beast, then we'll sure have a lot
     to celebrate, won't we...
Tytree: But do you really think a Sacred Beast could come out from such a tiny
        "Sacred Altar"?
Hilda: Sacred Beasts do not necessarily have to be large, you know.
Tytree: Oh yeah, that's right. You have a point there...


<After Inspecting The Ostrich On The Eastern Part Of Town>

Tytree: Ooh, check it out, this ostrich is laying an egg!

Take the egg with you?

You received an Ostrich Egg.

<Talking To The Man In The Nearby Residence>

Old Man: Stories pertaining to the Holy Bird, you say...if you're speaking of
         the legend, then yes, I know about it.
Eugene: Is that true? By all means, if you would be so kind as to tell us about
Old Man:...Many centuries ago, the Saint fought against the Lord of Evil in
        order to protect this world. It is said that the Saint continues to
        slumber in this land so that it may recover from wounds sustained
        during that battle.
Old Man: Our tribe has vigilantly guarded the Sacred Altar in anticipation of
         the day when that Saint is reborn.
Eugene: And that refers to the Holy Bird?
Old Man: "When the Orb of Life radiates a blaze of red upon the Sacred Altar,
         the Holy Bird shall spread its wings."...Thus goes the legend.
Eugene: And the Orb of Life would be?
Old Man: That's as much as I know, so I'm not sure...
Eugene: I see...

Skit #474 [SKI474]
「命の珠探索」 Quest For The Orb Of Life

Veigue: The "Orb of Life"...huh...he mentioned a "blaze of red," didn't he...
Veigue: In any case, let's try checking around the village.

Skit #475 [SKI475]
「赤く燃ゆる命の珠...」 The Orb Of Life With A Blaze Of Red...

Veigue: "The Orb of Life with a blaze of red," huh...what could it be...?


<Speaking With The Grocer:

Grocery "Egg Egg": Yo, welcome back!!

食材を買う (Buy Food)
世間話をする (Chat with the grocer) <--Choose this option.
やめる (Leave)

Pipista's Grocer: The Orb of Life? What is that supposed to be?
Eugene: It appears to be an offering for the Sacred Altar, but we haven't the
        slightest idea of what it could be. However, we believe that it is
        something precious...
Pipista's Grocer:...An offering indeed. Generally speaking, offerings in the
                 past have included things such as food or beautiful women...
Pipista's Grocer: Well, since we're on the subject of precious items, everyone
                  values the food from this store!
Pipista's Grocer: That's because there's nothing but rocks around here, not to
                  mention the heat. There are hardly any plants or animals to
                  speak of either. Thanks to that, the village has a hard time
                  of things since we must bring in food from far away.
Eugene: A precious food item, huh...there may be some sort of a clue in this
        store. Should we try looking around?

<After Examining The Nearby Goods>

Tytree:...Wow, this place has a pretty solid selection of vegetables
       considering that we're out in the boonies.
Pipista's Grocer: Hey Huma!! Don't take me for a fool! I take great pride in my
                  work as a grocer and I personally choose the merchandise that
                  I keep in stock!
Tytree: Ah, my bad...I didn't mean it like that!
Pipista's Grocer: Hmph...I don't sell just vegetables either. I even carry
                  stuff like this.
Tytree: Owwie owwie owwie!! Hey, isn't this a cactus!?
Pipista's Grocer: Cactus is a delicacy in this village! It serves as both a
                  meal and as a source of water. The Spiny Red Cactus is the
                  finest of foods!
Veigue: Spiny Red Cactus? It looks green to me...
Pipista's Grocer: Try roasting it!
Veigue: Mao...
Mao: O Force of Flame, set that cactus ablaze!
Tytree: What the hell's this!?
Pipista's Grocer: Gah ha ha ha ha...I wasn't expecting you to fall for it so
                  easily. Are you stupid or something!
Mao: Hey look, the cactus turned red!
Eugene: Powder...so when you burn it, a red powder comes out...
Tytree: Hey, you old fart! What's the big idea! Handing me something like
Pipista's Grocer: Guess what, I have one more. Ya want it? Gah ha ha...!
Tytree: What the heck is your problem...geez...!
Mao: Well, we went through all that trouble so we might as well take it with

You received the Spiny Red Cactus.

Skit #476 [SKI476]
「オトナの味」 Adult Taste

Mao: Ah Tytree, what're you eating?
Tytree: Oh, the Spiny Red Cactus that you burned earlier.
Tytree: It's juicy and has a good texture to it...pretty tasty if you ask me!
Mao: Ah, I want to try it! Let me have some! Gulp...
Mao: Ick, it's bitter!! What is this! It's way too bitter and doesn't taste
     good at all!
Tytree: Shaking off a rite of passage like that means you have a long ways to
        go till adulthood, kiddo. That bitterness appeals to the adult taste,
        you know!
Tytree: From now on, I guess I'll have to make a separate meal just for you,
        Mao...a "kiddie lunch," that is.
Mao: Grr! Tytree, you jerk!


<Talking To Dobal>

Dobal: What is it? Did that man Hack conceive of a means to save himself?

聖壇を見せてもらう (Allow us to see the Sacred Altar)
聖なる鳥を復活させる (Resurrect the Holy Bird) <--Choose this option.
聖壇への捧げ物の話を聞く (Ask about the offering for the Sacred Altar)
なんでもない (It's nothing)

Dobal: Resurrect the Holy Bird?
Eugene: Yes, allow me to prove Hack's innocence.

アカトゲサボテン (Spiny Red Cactus) <--Choose this option.
ダチョウの卵 (Ostrich Egg)

Eugene: This is the offering. Mao...if you would.
Mao: OK! Just leave it to me! Chichinpuipui!
Dobal: You people!! What do you think you are doing!!
Dobal: T, the Holy Bird...!! Ooh...so this is our...Holy Bird, is it...how
Eugene: Chieftain Dobal, would you kindly free Hack as promised?
Dobal:...Hrm...a promise is a promise...very well then...I shall release him.
Eugene: If at all possible, would you allow Hack to conduct a closer inspection
        of the Sacred Altar?
Dobal:...Well, that's...
Eugene: Hack is a Huma, but he is a knowledgeable and civil young man. His
        reason for sneaking in here was none other than to discover the true
        form of the Sacred Altar.
Eugene: Were it not for Hack's respect and understanding of the Sacred Altar,
        then it is likely that we wouldn't have been able to revive the Holy
Dobal:...Understood...I shall let him examine the altar out of consideration
      for the Holy Bird and your efforts. Pass along that information for me.
Eugene: Thank you very much.

Skit #477 [SKI477]
「ハックを助けよう」 Let's Go Rescue Hack

Eugene: Now then, let's go to where Hack is.

Skit #478 [SKI478]
「ハックもひと安心」 Relief For Hack

Mao: Let's hurry up and free Hack! We have to tell him about the "Holy Bird"


<Back In The House Where Hack Is>

Mao: Hack, we came to get you!
Hack: Y, you mean I can leave? Then did the Holy Bird come back to life!?
Hack: No~, I wanted to see it too!
Eugene: Chieftain Dobal has given you permission to examine the Sacred Altar.
        You may investigate it as you see fit.
Hack: R, really!? I can't believe it! Everyone, thanks so much!
Hack: Then I'm going to head straight over to the Sacred Altar!
Veigue: We should get going as well.

Skit #479 [SKI479]
「聖壇に隠されたもの」 Hidden In The Sacred Altar

Veigue: Hack went over to investigate the Sacred Altar, didn't he...he might
        have learned something. Let's go ask.

Skit #480 [SKI480]
「ハックなら...」 If It's Hack...

Tytree: Hack may be able to unravel the mystery of the Sacred Beast that is
        hidden in that altar.
Eugene: Right. Hack went ahead to the Sacred Altar. Let's go and see.


<In The Altar Room>

Veigue: Have you learned anything about the Sacred Altar?
Hack: This picture is the same as the massive geoglyph that is drawn on the
      vast Tsurubena Wasteland near Pipista.
Hack: Also, this is written in ancient Callegean letters..."A strong heart
      possesses strong wings."
Tytree: What does that mean?
Hack: I'm not sure, but if I had a little more time to look into things...
Veigue: In that case, we'll just have to go and check out that drawing on the
Eugene: Right, let's go.
Hack: I'm going to continue my investigation of this place. I did finally
      receive permission from Chieftain Dobal and everything.

Skit #481 [SKI481]
「ツルベナ荒野へ」 To The Tsurebena Wasteland

Veigue: Let's check out the ground drawing on the Tsurubena Wasteland.
Eugene: The Tsurubena Wasteland is to the west of Pipista.

Skit #482 [SKI482]
「地上絵の荒野」 The Geoglyph Of The Wasteland

Eugene: Let's go take a look at the geoglyph on the Tsurubena Wasteland. It is
        right outside of Pipista.

<On The World Map>

Skit #483 [SKI483]
「美しきお守り石」 Beautiful Good Luck Charm

Claire:...That stone...it's quite pretty...
Veigue: What are you referring to...?
Claire: The one...that you keep...around your waist...
Veigue:...Are you talking about the Blue Moonstone? Weren't you the one who
       gave it to me?
Claire: Eh...? A, ah, yes, you're right...yes.
Veigue: Claire...?

<As You Approach The Geoglyph>

Skit #484 [SKI484]
「本当に聖獣が...?」 Is The Sacred Beast Actually...?

Hilda: This geoglyph...I wonder if there's actually a connection between it and
       the Sacred Beast...
Eugene: Hmm..."the torrid wasteland" and the "Sleeping Wings"...and then
        there's the Sacred Altar in Pipista...
Eugene: I doubt that this is some sort of a coincidence, but...at any rate,
        we'll just have to see for ourselves.

Skit #485 [SKI485]
「私に力を...」 I Need Power...

Hilda: Say...do you remember doing anything in particular when you were chosen
       by Eephon?
Tytree: No, not really...I gave him some lip since I was pissed off, but...what
        about it?
Hilda:...Oh, I was just thinking about what I should do in order to get chosen
      by a Sacred Beast...
Tytree: Hilda...

Skit #486 [SKI486]
「地上絵の謎」 The Mystery Of The Geoglyph

Tytree: I wonder who in the world drew this huge picture anyway.
Mao: You didn't know? Giants did, or should I say the ancient Callegeans.
Tytree: Giants? Ancient Callegeans? Huh???
Mao: The ancient Callegeans were much bigger than present day people like us.
Mao: They say that they could go over a mountain in one step, so they could
     scribble something like this in a jiffy!
Tytree: Huh? Really? Wow, I had no idea...
Mao: It's true, it's true! I'm supposed to be knowledgeable, right? Hee hee hee
     hee hee...!

Skit #487 [SKI487]
「巨人の伝説」 Legend Of The Giants

Tytree: Hey Annie, did you know that this ground drawing was done by giants?
Annie:...What are you talking about? There's no such thing as giants, you know.
Tytree: Oh ho, so you didn't know, did ya? The ancient Callegeans were super
Annie: Tytree, you don't mean that you actually believed that story...? Don't
       you know that you were deceived?
Tytree: Eh...!? Really...was I duped...?

Skit #488 [SKI488]
「地上絵の描き方」 How The Geoglyph Was Drawn

Tytree: So how was this ground drawing made again?
Mao: The giants...
Tytree: Mao, keep your mouth shut.
Annie: I don't think it would be too difficult to do if you composed a proper
       blueprint, took measurements, and drew the picture according to those
Tytree: Wow, really...
Annie: However, it would require a lot of time in addition to a corresponding
       amount of knowledge and manpower.
Mao: In other words, it would be impossible for Tytree to do even though he's
     not a giant!
Tytree: Mao!!


<Upon Entering One Of The Flame-holders>

Veigue: This looks like the place.
Mao: I wonder what this platform is for?

Skit #489 [SKI489]
「聖火台だけに」 Seeing As These Are Flame-holders

Annie: There might be some type of connection between the Flame-holder and the
       "Sleeping Wings." Should we try lighting it?

Skit #490 [SKI490]
「目覚めよ!翼」 O Wings, Awaken!

Hilda: Something is supposed to happen when the Flame-holders are lit...I
       wonder which Flame-holders though...?


<After Lighting A Flame-holder>

Eugene: It appears to be a Flame-holder. The people of ancient times may have
        held some sort of ceremony here.
Mao: If that's the case, then we might learn something if we perform the same
Veigue: Right...but how do we do that...
Annie: "A strong heart possesses strong wings" was written on the Sacred Altar.
       Don't you think that there's something to those words?
Veigue: A strong heart and strong wings, huh...

<After Lighting The Third And Final Flame-holder>

Mao: Whoa! Look, the flame is...!


<After The CG Sequence>

Skit #491 [SKI491]
「聖獣の搭へ」 To The Tower Of The Sacred Beast

Mao: That tower has to be the "Sleeping Wings" that Eephon was talking about!
     Let's head towards the tower!

Skit #492 [SKI492]
「行けばわかる」 We'll Find Out When We Get There

Tytree: It sure would be nice if that tower was the right place.
Veigue: We'll find out when we get there. Let's hurry.


<Upon Entering The Tower>

Hilda: So that was the true Holy Bird...to think that such a large tower was
       being concealed in that geoglyph...
Tytree: It's kinda hard to believe...I'm guessing that this isn't an illusion.
        Is this tower really here right now?
????: Those who hath unbound the seal of yore and called forth the bird from
      its slumber. This Burning Tower is a Labyrinth of Wisdom...
Hilda: Labyrinth of Wisdom?
????: Those lacking wisdom tremble before mine power. Furthermore, the world of
      such people falls into disarray and they shall be led to ruin before
????: Reveal to me thine wisdom.
Mao:...Wisdom, huh. That sounds kinda hard...
????:...Indeed...how good of you to come this far...
Mao: Huh...? For some reason, this place...not to mention...this voice...it all
     feels so familiar...
Eugene: What do you mean? Mao...
Tytree: Hey now! What do you mean by "familiar"? These are ancient ruins we're
        talking about here.
Mao: That's true...but...
Veigue: In any case, we have to enter this tower. Let's go.

Skit #493 [SKI493]
「大変そうなんですけど?」 Sounds Kinda Hard, Doesn't It?

Mao: Show our wisdom, huh...Oh boy...sounds kinda hard...
Tytree: Well, nothing's going to get accomplished if we don't go inside.

Skit #494 [SKI494]
「いざ搭の内部へ」 Now, To The Interior Of The Tower

Tytree: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Brace yourselves and let's go!


<On The Following Screen>

Mao's Voice:...Came into this world...I...came into this world...
Mao's Voice: Light...darkness...water...earth...wind...I am fire...
Mao's Voice: who...am I?
Mao: Hey, who am I anyway?
Eugene: From now on, you'll be known as Mao.
Eugene: It means "nothingness" in ancient Callegean.
Mao: Mao...nothingness...
Eugene: In a sense, you are the same as a newborn child, someone with a pure
        heart and limitless potential. A "nothingness" which represents a new
Mao: The beginning of...Mao...
Eugene: You don't like it?
Mao:...It's not that. It kinda has a nice ring to it.
Eugene: A nice ring to it...huh?
Mao: Yeah! A really nice ring to it!! From now on, I am Mao!! I'm Mao...
????: Is that the truth?
Mao: Eh?
????: Are you truly Mao?
Mao: I'm Mao, my name is Mao.
????: Who are you?
Mao: What do you mean?
????: Are you yourself...
Veigue: What's wrong, Mao?
Mao: Hm? Oh, it's nothing. Let's keep moving ahead!!

Skit #495 [SKI495]
「もっと高く、もっと上に」 Higher And Higher

Mao: Let's climb, climb, and climb away!

Skit #496 [SKI496]
「高いところが好き?」 A Fondness For High Places?

Veigue: Where in this tower is the Sacred Beast...?
Annie: Hmm, wouldn't she be on the highest floor?
Annie: I was under the impression that important people like to look down from
       high places, so...

Skit #497 [SKI497]
「聖獣の待つ場所へ」 To The Place Where The Sacred Beast Waits

Eugene: At any rate, let's try going to the highest level of the tower.


<In The Next Area>

Eugene: This is...!?
Callegean Soldier:...A, an intruder...he shook off...the guards at the gate and
                  came in from the main entrance...
Callegean Soldier: He refused...to obey our commands...so we attempted to
                   restrain him, but then he...s, suddenly attacked...
Waltu: All hands, attend to the wounded.
Saleh: I wonder where our little culprit went?
Saleh: There's no use trying to escape, so come on out~!
Mao: Who...am I...
Saleh: So our culprit has amnesia, does he. I almost feel sorry for the poor
       little runt. Perhaps it would be kinder of me to go ahead and send him
       to the other side.
Eugene: Wait, Saleh!
Saleh: Huh? I'm afraid that it's too late for that, Commander...
Eugene: ! ! !
Eugene: Gwaaahh!!
Waltu: Commander!!
Saleh: Oh my, our berserker has settled down. Then I guess everything's A-OK,
       as they say.
Waltu: Saleh, why you!!
Eugene:...Stop it, Waltu. The rampage has come to an end...
Waltu: Commander...
Mao:...Who...am I...
Saleh: This wouldn't have happened had His Majesty not passed away...what a
       pity for both us and this runt...
Eugene: Saleh, do not speak so heedlessly. There is no conclusive evidence that
        these rampages are due to the influence of His Majesty's Force.
Saleh: Then what exactly was that immense light which was emitted from this
       castle when His Majesty collapsed?
Mao:...Who...am I...
Veigue: Mao, could it be...

<Further Into The Tower>

????: Awaken.
????: Open your eyes. The vast world lies before you.
????: You are of us, yet we are not you.
????: You came from us, yet you are not one of us...therefore, you are you, and
      none other than yourself.
????: There is nothing for you to think about. You need only feel. Your eyes
      are our eyes. Your ears are our ears.
????: We shall view and experience this world as you do. However, your heart
      shall remain yours. Walk to your heart's content...
Mao:...Walk...with my own two legs...
????: That's right, experience this world as you walk. If you are able to take
      in everything that is around you, then the path which lies before you
      shall naturally open. Go along now.
Mao: So this is...the world...it's very...very large...
Mao: Hey Veigue, who I am?
Veigue: Why do you ask all of a sudden?
Mao: Come on, just tell me, who do you think I am?
Veigue:...Mao, has your memory...?
Mao: Nah, that's not why I asked. Eh, oh well. Let's keep moving forward!!

<In The Room With The Flames>

Mao:...This room is awfully hot. I've barely moved an inch yet I'm sweating
    like crazy.
Annie: We shouldn't spend more time than necessary in this room since the heat
       will end up draining our strength.
Mao: Yeah, you're right.

<On The Next Screen>

??????: A long time has passed...and people are once again trying to repeat the
        same mistakes.
?????: Perhaps we should not have spared the Humas back then. Ultimately, our
       Lord's judgment may have been correct...
?????: Should the existence of the two races prove to be the source of the
       conflict, then perhaps the fighting shall never cease until one side
????: Dost thou intend to destroy the Humas? Dost thou believe that we wield
      such authority?
??????: We have a duty to protect this world. If Humas become a hindrance to
        that end, then have we any choice but to eliminate them?
??????: But as far as we can tell from the current situation, aren't both sides
        to blame?
??????: What does it mean to protect the world anyway? To prevent the earth
        from falling into ruin because of humanity?
??????: I don't really see how destroying Humas, who are a part of this world,
        is protecting the world, you know?
???????: Your argument certainly bears a ring of truth to it. However, the
         ancient war must not recur at any cost...the ancient war...that
         devastation was far too great...
????: Should we not acknowledge that through their efforts, people have
      continued to walk the path of coexistence from the time of the ancient
      war up to the present day?
????: Should we consider matters from a person's point of view, we may unearth
      a solution. My belief is such that extinction should be our final
???????: In that case, how do you intend to share the same outlook as a human?
????: We shall conceive of one with the mind and sight of a person and deliver
      him unto the human world.
???????:...I see, an ingenious plan indeed. Anyone opposed to the idea?
????: I trust that there are no objections? Then may the heart and eyes be...
      formed from my body...
???????: Hmm...let us gather our strength so that we may bring forth a new
Mao: I'm...I'm...so that...was my purpose?
Veigue: Mao...so you were the one who was chosen after all, weren't you?
Mao:...Let's hurry on ahead, Veigue.

<At The Top Of The Tower>

????: You've done well to have reached this place. Now, open the final door.
      With your flame...
Mao:...Everyone, stand back for a sec. Here I go!!
????: Welcome...no, welcome back...I am the Sacred Beast of Fire, Fenia.
Veigue: Welcome back? What do you mean...?
Fenia: It has been a long time, hasn't it, Orselg...
Fenia: Your true name. It means "Untainted Eye" in ancient Callegean.
Mao: Untainted eye...Orselg...those don't really ring a bell...would you mind
     ...calling me Mao?
Fenia:...Mao...right now, I am speaking only with you.
Mao:...Only with me?
Fenia: Do you remember?
Mao: Y, yeah...I remember, or should I say that I didn't have a memory to begin
Fenia: That's right...you are an existence which was born from the collective
       power of us Sacred Beasts so that we could observe the people of this
Mao: So I'm not really a person, but I'm not a Sacred Beast either...then what
     exactly am I?
Fenia: That's why I posed this question...who are you.
Mao: Are you asking me to define my own existence?...I can't do that.
Fenia: Why is it that you cannot do it?
Mao: It's understandable, right? I thought that I was a human up until now!?
Mao: I just can't all of a sudden think of myself as being anything
Fenia: Why can you not think that way?
Mao: Hrmm...even if you ask, I don't know why...I've never thought about that
     sort of thing since it was so obvious and all...
Mao: And I don't really know how to explain it, but...even if the nature of my
     existence changes, I'll always think of myself as being me...
Mao: Hm...I wonder if perhaps the answer lies somewhere along those lines?
Fenia: Mao...you certainly are a smart little boy.
Mao: Um, about that question you asked earlier...do I have to come up with an
     answer right away?
Fenia:...Not at all. The answer is not something that you decide upon; it is
      something which will make itself known naturally. I will wait for as long
      as it takes.
Mao: But if I do that, then you won't lend me your power as a Sacred Beast or
     something like that, isn't that right?
Fenia: If you need it, then I will gladly lend you my power.
Fenia: However, if you use this power while you harbor doubts in your heart,
       then the Power of Fire will likely reduce you to ashes.
Fenia: Knowing this, do you still want my power?
Mao: Yeah. There's something that I have to do, plus I promised everyone that
     I'd help them get rid of the impression...so that's why...
Mao: I...ask for your power, Sacred Beast Fenia!!
Fenia:...Then show me your Force.
Fenia: Now, go ahead and take it. The Power of Fire.
Mao: What's this...wow, this power is amazing...it feels like I'll get burned
     to a crisp if I relax even a little bit.
Mao: I need to be strong of heart if I don't want to lose to this power, don't
     I...that just goes to show how difficult it is to purify the impression,
     doesn't it.
Mao: Mao's powered up!!...by a whole lot!!
Mao: I got it from the Sacred Beast Fenia! And boy is it a fiery power!!!
Tytree: Say...what in the world were you guys talking about just now?
Mao: Well, uh, you know...this and that...
Eugene: Did you regain your memory, by any chance?
Mao: Y, yeah...
Tytree: Huh!? Then you know your real name and about your family now, right?
Mao: Yeah...but I can't talk about it right now. I've decided to stick with
     being Mao for a little while.
Tytree: Whatcha mean?
Mao:...Just what I said, doncha get it!!
Hilda: Sacred Beast Fenia, give me power as well!
Fenia: I cannot grant you my power.
Hilda: Why? Why am I not good enough!? Even though I'm the one who needs
Fenia: I shall show you the path to the next Sacred Beast.
Fenia: "Seek the tower of antiquity which ascends into a sea of clouds."
Veigue: An ancient tower which rises up into the clouds...
Fenia: Gaze upon reality and truth without turning a blind eye. Therein, you
       shall likely find the course down which you are to progress.
Fenia: All of you...I ask that you please guide this child.
Tytree: That almost sounds like something a parent would say, doesn't it?
Mao: Well, yeah. I mean, Fenia is my mother and all!!
Tytree: Whaaa~!?
Mao:...Or something like that!! Anyway, let's head out!!
Fenia: Orselg...no, Mao. I will always be watching over you.
Mao:...Right, well, I'm off then...

You received the Ruby of Fire.
Mao can now learn the Ougi "Blazing Hearts."
Mao acquired the title "One Who Was Created."
HP Recovery +2
Mao acquired the title "Child of Fire."
Slash Defense Power +4
Mao lost the title "The Boy With Amnesia."
Since a title has been lost, Mao's title has been set to "Magic User." Please
go to the Status Menu if you wish to make any changes.

Skit #498 [SKI498]
「次なる聖獣」 The Next Sacred Beast

Hilda: "A tower of antiquity which ascends into the a sea of clouds"...that is
       where the next Sacred Beast is...next time for sure, I'll...
Eugene:...Hack might know something. For now, let's return to Pipista.

Skit #499 [SKI499]
「聖獣の手がかり」 Clue About The Sacred Beast

Annie: Hack is in Pipista, correct? Knowing him, he might know something.


<As You're Leaving The Tower>

Veigue: Where should we look for the next "tower"?
Eugene: For now, why don't we try going back to Pipista and consulting with
Veigue: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Skit #500 [SKI500]
「お母さん...」 Mother...

Tytree: Mao, did you know that you were saying "mother" in your sleep last
Mao: Mother...? Mother...huh....
Tytree: So you're yearning for your mom now that you've gotten your memory
        back, eh?
Mao: Unlike you, Tytree, I don't have that kind of issue!
Tytree: What're you trying to say about me!? Grr...!!
Mao:...That tranquil feeling that I had when I woke up was...Fenia...I wonder
    if it was because I saw a dream about...my mother...

Skit #501 [SKI501]
「ボクの悩み」 My Troubles

Mao:...I'm not a person seeing as I was created by the Sacred Beasts...but I
    have the same appearance as everyone else...
Mao: Fenia told me that I didn't have to be anyone but myself, but...what does
     that make me then...
Tytree: What's wrong, Mao? You look down in the dumps.
Mao: T, that's not true at all. I'm exploding with energy, boom, bang!!
Tytree: Okey dokey, if you say so!
Tytree: If you're troubled, then be sure to discuss it with me, your
        trustworthy Big Bro!
Mao: I hear ya loud and clear, Bro!

Skit #502 [SKI502]
「三人目は誰だ?」 Who Will Be The Third Person?

Veigue: So this makes two of us who've obtained the Power of the Sacred Beasts,
        huh...I wonder who's next...
Tytree: Oh my, what's this I hear? Could it be that you're scared?
Eugene: If one were to possess the Power of the Sacred Beasts in addition to
        the Force, one couldn't be certain as to what would happen to them...
Eugene: I can understand why Veigue is uneasy.
Tytree: Hey, am I hearing things now? Not you too, Eugene!
Tytree: I'm able to use it with ease, aren't I? I'm telling you, there's
        nothing to worry about.
Veigue:...You're right...I was a fool for getting concerned like that...
Tytree: Yep, exactly...
Tytree: Hm?...I somehow get the feeling that it should have taken more to
        convince y...oh well, whatever...

Skit #503 [SKI503]
「保証しないわよ」 I Make No Guarantees, You Know

Mao: Hilda, predict my future, will ya?
Hilda:...I make no guarantees, you know.
Mao: Eh?
Hilda:...Guarantees on your life...
Mao: Eeh!!?
Hilda: Are you prepared for the worst then?
Mao: Eeeeh!?
Hilda: Here I go!
Mao: Urm, I think I'll pass after all...
Hilda: Oh, is that so?

Skit #504 [SKI504]
「汚れなき瞳」 Untainted Eye

Mao: Hilda, do you know what "Orselg" means in ancient Callegean?
Hilda: Orselg? Selg is the adjective form of the word Selga which means
       "innocent" or "not guilty."
Hilda: And Ors carries the meaning of "eye," so it would be somewhere along the
       lines of "Innocent Eye", I suppose.
Hilda: Where did you learn a phrase like that?
Mao: Huh, nowhere special...I just know it somehow...
Mao: "Innocent Eye," huh...

<Upon Entering Pipista>

Skit #505 [SKI505]
「ハックは聖壇を調べている」 Hack Is Investigating The Sacred Altar

Eugene: Hack is investigating the "Sacred Altar", correct? We might be able to
        meet with him if we go to Chieftain Dobal's house.

Skit #506 [SKI506]
「ハックは酋長の家に」 Hack Is At The Chieftain's House

Veigue: Hack may still be at the Chieftain's house. Let's go and see.


<Inside The Chieftain's House>

Dobal: What business do you have with me this time?
Eugene: We are looking for Hack and we were wondering if you knew where he was?
Dobal: If you're referring that Huma man, he said that he was going to Razilda.
Eugene: Razilda, was it? Thank you very much.
Dobal: Wait...Eugene, listen here.
Dobal: I have no interest in what you are trying to accomplish. However, it is
       not to your benefit to do such things in the company of Humas.
Dobal: That Huma girl in particular...it appears that she has a strong distaste
       for Gajumas. I can tell from the expression in her eyes when she looks
       at me.
Eugene: The young lady means no harm...
Dobal: What I speak of does not pertain only to that girl. The seed of conflict
       between the two races can be found lying about anywhere.
Dobal:...The two roads shall converge into one. Will others shelter themselves
      from the outside world as we have done, or will a master-servant
      relationship be established?
Tytree: Hey Mr. Chieftain, there's one more possibility out there!! The one
        where we "come to appreciate one another."
Dobal: An idealist, aren't we.
Tytree: What's wrong with being idealistic?
Dobal: What I am saying is that those who pursue nothing but ideals will be
       left behind by reality.

<Outside Dobal's House>

Eugene: Annie, Tytree, think while you walk. We don't have time to stand
Tytree: Yeah, you're right.
Veigue: At any rate, talking to Hack comes first. Let's head towards Razilda.

Skit #507 [SKI507]
「みたび、ラジルダへ」 To Razilda For The Third Time

Mao: Hack was heading towards Razilda, right? Let's go over there then.

Skit #508 [SKI508]
「またまたラジルダへ」 To Razilda Yet Again

Mao: Man, Razilda again? I don't really like that town very much.
Tytree: Me neither. I think that it's a nice town with lots of beautiful
        scenery, but the people living there have some twisted personalities.
Mao: The impression sure hit that place hard, didn't it. There can't be more
     than a handful of decent people left now.
Tytree: Yeah, no kidding.
Mao:...You know, oddly enough, it seems like we're in agreement for once,
    doesn't it.

Skit #509 [SKI509]
「古の搭を探して」 Search For The Ancient Tower

Mao: "An ancient tower which rises up into the clouds", huh...if the tower is
     really that tall, then shouldn't we have noticed it by now?
Veigue: Which means that it's not actually that tall, or it's some sort of
Eugene: Well, not necessarily...there are still many things in the world that
        we do not know about.
Eugene: It's possible that there might be a tower like that in some place that
        is unknown to us.
Mao: There are things that even you don't know about, Eugene?
Eugene: Of course there are. I still have a lot to learn.
Mao: Really? Then how long are you supposed to study?
Eugene: Learning never ends as long as one lives...Whether or not one devotes
        themselves to it with each day...

Skit #510 [SKI510]
「ハックはラジルダに」 Hack Is In Razilda

Hilda: It seems that we should go to Razilda and inquire with Hack.


<At The Shoreline>

Agarte:...Is this...
Igol: Are you alright?
Igol: Ah, hey...!

<In Razilda>

Veigue: Don't you get the feeling that the mood of the village has changed
        since the last time we were here?
Hilda: Yes...the townspeople are rather uptight. And it may just be my
       imagination, but it's also quieter than before.
Eugene: The rising amount of tension due to the influence of the impression is
        probably starting to build up.
Mao: Ah, it's Hack!
Tytree: Looks like something happened, doesn't it. Let's go check it out!

Skit #511 [SKI511]
「ハック逃走」 Hack's Getaway

Mao: That was Hack just a minute ago, right!? I wonder what happened!? It
     looked like he was running away or something...
Veigue: It looks like the best thing to do would be to ask him directly...let's
        follow Hack.

Skit #512 [SKI512]
「ハックを追え」Go After Hack

Eugene: Find Hack and ask him what's going on...!


<Talking To The Gajuma Man On The Next Screen>

Mao: Say, mister. We're looking for a guy named Hack...
Man: Hack? What about him?
Mao: Eh? You know Hack? Where is he?
Mao: Hm? What's wrong, mister?
Man:...Quit bothering me. I have nothing to say to a Huma.
Mao: Man, what's the deal with you!
Tytree:...That's odd. What is it that the Gajumas are trying to sweep under the
Eugene: It seems that this is definitely related to Hack somehow. And it
        doesn't appear to be a personal matter either.
Veigue:...It looks like we should go talk to Fogma.

Skit #513 [SKI513]
「ガジュマの族長が...」 The Leader Of The Gajumas Is...

Eugene: It seems that Fogma knows about Hack. Let's go to Fogma's house...!

Skit #514 [SKI514]
「何が知っているかも!」 He Might Know Something!

Mao: He might know something since he's the leader of the Gajumas! Let's go and


<Talking To Fogma's Doorman>

Eugene: I have something that I wish to ask Chief Fogma. I would like to meet
        with him if at all possible.
Doorman:...You may pass. However, only you, is that clear?
Eugene: Understood.
Eugene: You all wait out here for me.

<Inside Fogma's House>

Fogma: So what did you want to talk to me about?
Eugene: Ah yes, we're searching for a man named Hack and we were wondering if
        you knew where he was?
Fogma:...I warned you about this before. That it is something which was never
      meant to be touched.
Eugene:...You speak of the Power of Darkness, correct? What relation does that
       have to Hack?
Fogma:...Forget about Hack.
Eugene: Forget about him? What do you mean?
Fogma: The Power of Darkness must not be disturbed. The abominable must not be
       awakened. If one were to violate this prohibition, then he would be
       stopped even if that meant taking his life.
Eugene: Are you saying that Hack has discovered the key which can undo the seal
        on the Power of Darkness?
Fogma: I wouldn't know and I have nothing to say on the subject. Get out and
       leave this town at once.

<Back Outside>

Tytree:...Then Fogma's little flunkies were hanging about in order to take out
Mao: What about if we let everyone know that Tytree has the Power of Darkness?
Veigue: If we did that, then they'll just come after Tytree next. The Gajumas
        and the Humas, no doubt.
Eugene: Right. It would be safer not to mention that in this town.
Tytree: First there's the Holy Bird and now it's the Power of Darkness...It's
        so freakin' ironic how the power that was meant to stop all of the
        conflicts turns around and ends up causing them instead.
Annie: Do you suppose that Hack has already been captured?
Eugene: No, probably not judging from the way that Fogma spoke.
Veigue: Let's look for Hack too. Before those guys kill him.

<Inside Iga's House>

Agarte:...Where am I...
Igol: Oh, are you awake? This is my house in Razilda.
Agarte: Why...am I...I should be at...Callegea Castle...
Igol: Callegea Castle? So you came from Balka, huh...how did you end up over
      here? And in that outfit, no less.
Igol: I'm guessing that there were some circumstances, but...eh whatever, I
      won't pry into your business. More importantly though, aren't you hungry?
Agarte: No, I'm...
Igol: Ha ha ha...I'll go find something decent for you to eat. Wait right here,
Agarte: What's the matter?
Igol: Keep your voice down...my old man is back. He really hates Gajumas, you
      see. So it'll be nothing but trouble if he finds out about you...
Doorman: Hey Hack, let's go.
Igol: What the heck was my old man whispering about? And what in the world are
      they trying to do...


<Back Outside Fogma's House>

Skit #515 [SKI515]
「ハックが危ない」 Hack's In Danger

Mao: Hurry! We have to hurry and find Hack, or something really bad will end up
     happening to him!

Skit #516 [SKI516]
「クレアの声が」 Claire's Voice

Annie: What's the matter, Veigue?
Veigue: Well, I...thought I heard Claire's voice just now...
Annie: What are you saying? Isn't Claire right here?
Veigue:...Oh yeah...Of course, you're right...

Skit #517 [SKI517]
「いっその事...」 Better Yet...

Tytree: Better yet, we can save Hack if we tell them that I possess the Power
        of Darkness, couldn't we?
Mao: If we do that, then they'll end up coming after you next!
Tytree: Then I'll just beat 'em at their own game!
Eugene: Settle down, Tytree.
Eugene: It would be better for the people in this town if they didn't believe
        in the Power of Darkness and the like.
Eugene: Don't forget that you obtained the Power of Darkness so that you could
        end the fighting between the masses.
Tytree:...Yeah, I hear you...

Skit #518 [SKI518]
「ハックを救え!」 Rescue Hack!

Tytree: Like hell we're gonna let 'em execute him!
Veigue: Right, we need to hurry up and find Hack!


<In Front Of The Inn>

Eugene: We met you at the prison...
Igol: Oh, it's the Gajuma fella! It sounded like you were having a hard time.
      Are you all right now?
Eugene: I'm feeling much better thanks to the Pill of Serenity.
Igol: We all need a helping hand at times. So, what brings you here this time?
Eugene: We are searching for a Huma man named Hack.
Igol: Hack!? If that was him, then he went off somewhere with my old man
      earlier. Did he do something?
Veigue: Fogma is out to take his life since he was looking into the Power of
Igol: I get it. For us Humas, the Power of Darkness is "something holy," but...
      the Gajumas consider it to be taboo and all.
Igol: But does something like the Power of Darkness actually exist? It sounds
      rather farfetched to me...
Tytree: There's no mistake that things are going to get ugly if your dad is
        using Hack to try and gain that power.
Veigue: What exactly is your dad after...?
Igol: Who knows...at best, I'm guessing that it's something pointless like
      trying to chase out the Gajumas.
Claire:...Why is it that the people of this town do nothing but hate and fight
       with one another?
Igol: That's what I'd like to know. What do you think?
Claire: W, well, that's...
Igol:...Sorry about this, but I have to go. I have someone waiting for me, you
     know? If you happen to see my old man, tell him not to do anything stupid
     for me.
Eugene: If Iga and Hack are searching for the Power of Darkness, then there's
        only one place they could be...at that spring.
Veigue: Alright, let's hurry.

Skit #519 [SKI519]
「花咲く泉、再び」 The Spring With The Blooming Flowers Once Again

Eugene: Let's hurry to the spring where Eephon was...the one that falls outside
        of the marsh.

Skit #520 [SKI520]
「イ一フォンの泉へ」 To The Spring Of Eephon

Annie: We're going after Hack, correct? Let's go to the Spring of Eephon.


<Inside The Shrine Of Eephon>

Mao: I wonder if Hack and the others are in here?
Tytree: Where's Hack? Wasn't he with you?
Iga: We left him behind since he said that he couldn't move due to an injury.
Annie: That's just too cruel...
Iga: A strange darkness rose up and completely surrounded him! It was all we
     could do to protect ourselves. It couldn't be helped.
Iga: It's that man's fault that I had such a terrible time...The Power of
     Darkness, my foot! All he did was get my hopes up...
Hilda: Honestly...what an ungrateful old fossil...
Veigue: Let's go rescue Hack.

Skit #521 [SKI521]
「置き去りのハック」 Abandoned Hack

Veigue: Hack has to have been abandoned around here somewhere.

Skit #522 [SKI522]
「ハックを探そうぜ」 Let's Search For Hack

Tytree: Let's search for Hack. He's in these ruins somewhere, right?


<In The Eastern Portion Of The Shrine>

Mao: Whoa! You can't see anything past this point!
Hack: Is somebody there!? Help, help me please!!
Tytree: That's Hack's voice! Let's go, guys!!

<After The Fight>

Veigue: You all right?
Hack: I accidentally twisted my ankle when I tried to run away...but you came
      and rescued me. Thanks.
Hack: I appreciate the help, as always. This is the third time that you guys
      have saved me, isn't it.
Annie: Let me see your leg for just a moment...
Annie: It would be better if we could cool this down a little bit. Let's return
       to the village for the time being.

<Back At Iga's House>

Agarte:...It's noisy outside...I wonder what is it...?
Agarte: This is...
Agarte: Are you okay? What happened?
Florist: I dunno...the adults started fighting all of a sudden...
Agarte: Can I have this flower? It can be used as a medicine if you crumple it
        up and place it on a wound.
Florist: I'll help too!
Agarte: Isn't there someplace where we can let these people rest?
Florist: There're a few beds in the inn.
Agarte: Then let's carry them to the inn. Will you help me?
Florist: Yeah!


<Back Inside The Shrine Of Eephon>

Skit #523 [SKI523]
「ラジルダに戻って」 Return To Razilda

Veigue: If we don't bring Hack back to Razilda...

Skit #524 [SKI524]
「ハックの手当てを」 Hack's Treatment

Annie: Let's return to Razilda for the moment. We have to treat Hack.


<Upon Entering Razilda>

Eugene: What's this!?
Igol: Un, ugh...ah...it's you guys, huh...
Veigue: Hang in there. What happened!?
Igol:...Fogma knew that my old man and the others went to go get the Power of
     Darkness, so he tried to kill him...
Igol: And then...my old man incited the Humas of the town...to try and stop
      Fogma, but...this is how things turned out...
Tytree: This is messed up...
Igol: I have a favor to ask...if the fighting continues on like this...this
      town will...please, I beg of you...
Tytree:...Sure thing. Guys, let's go!
Hilda: Go where?
Tytree: Anywhere will do. I'm gonna grab the leaders of both races and beat
        them until they come to their senses.
Eugene: Setting the beating part aside, we cannot ignore the situation at hand.
        Let's try to reason with them.
Veigue: Right. But before that, let's bring Hack and Igol to the inn.
Veigue: Attend to these two for me. It's for your sake as well since it's
        dangerous out here.
Claire: Eh...ah, yes...

Skit #525 [SKI525]
「族長を説得せねば」 We Must Convince The Leaders

Eugene: We must hurry and put an end to this chaos...in any case, let's reason
        with the two leaders.

Skit #526 [SKI526]
「なんだって言うんだよ!」 What Do They Have To Say For Themselves!

Tytree: Really, what do they have to say about themselves and all this...I'm
        gonna just get it over with and clobber them.
Mao: Whoa, Tytree's such a brute!
Mao: But Mao agrees with you all the way!


<In Front Of The Equipment Shop>

Veigue: Wait!
Fogma: What are you people doing? Don't interfere!
Eugene: Even if you do something like this, nothing will come of it! How about
        discussing this in a calm fashion!?
Fogma: You would side with the Humas despite the fact that you're a Gajuma?
Eugene: I have no intention of taking either side. Even if both parties see it
        fit to hurt the other, the gap between you will only widen and nothing
        will get resolved!
Fogma: I'm not the least bit interested in narrowing the gap. If we exterminate
       every last Huma, then the gap will disappear anyway.
Iga: W, what's this about an extermination! That's our line! If you think you
     can do it, then go ahead and try! Our fellow brethren will not remain
Fogma: We're not even remotely scared of some Humas who are nothing but talk...
       take them down!
Veigue: Wait! Stop!!
Annie: Aah!!
Eugene: Annie!!
Hilda: It's about time that you people ended this foolishness!
Tytree: Stop it!! Just stop it already!!
Eugene: Milhaust!
Mao: Saleh and Tohma are with him too!?
Milhaust: Restrain the two tribal leaders and suppress the uprising!
Saleh: You heard him, make way, make way...you'll have a taste of hell if you
       don't behave yourselves.
Eugene: Why are they acting alongside the regular army!?
Tohma: He said to move out of the way, so move!
Man: Wah!!
Saleh: Hey old lady, where would you like me to drop you?
Tytree: Those guys!!
Milhaust: Halt! Saleh, Tohma!
Saleh: What, may I ask, is the problem? We were simply acting in accordance
       with Your Excellency's decree, were we not, General?
Milhaust: I do not approve of such methods where harm needlessly befalls the
          general public.
Tohma: Hmph...so are you telling us to settle this conflict without getting our
       hands dirty?
Milhaust: My command is the will of this nation. I presume you are aware of
          what it means to slight my orders.
Saleh:...I got you already. Let's go, Tohma.
Tohma: Tch...
Milhaust:...Are you all right?
Old Lady:...I don't want any assistance from the likes of you people!!
Lieutenant: General!
Lieutenant: The leaders of both the Gajumas and the Humas have been restrained.
Milhaust: As of now, this village shall be placed under the jurisdiction of the
          Callegean military and all of the Humas and Gajumas shall be
          separated in such a way that they dwell on opposite sides of the
Lieutenant: All troops, commence operations at once!! Any who resist are to be
            removed from this place by means of force!
Veigue: That disturbance earlier seemed unreal, didn't it...
Eugene: Let's leave the rest to the military and go speak to Hack.

Skit #527 [SKI527]
「ボクたちにできるコト」 Do What We Can Do

Mao: We have to search for the Power of the Sacred Beasts. Let's go talk to

Skit #528 [SKI528]
「イ一ガとフォグマ、その後」 Iga And Fogma: The Aftermath

Tytree: The two leaders of Razilda ended up getting arrested, but what's gonna
        happen to them?
Eugene: With the way things are now, they'll likely get away with just
        imprisonment. They probably won't be released for a while.
Mao: It would be nice if this motivated everyone in the town to start getting

Skit #529 [SKI529]
「まずはハックから」 For Now, From Hack

Veigue: Knowing Hack, he might be able to tell us something about the "ancient
        tower which rises up into a sea of clouds"...


<Outside The Inn>

Claire:...That person, he's...Milhaust is just over there...yet...I hath
Lieutenant: General, the suppression of the town is nearly complete!
Milhaust: Make preparations against an assault by those who have fled, and do
          not neglect to inform me of every precaution taken.
Lieutenant: Yes sir...!
Eugene: Milhaust...what exactly is the meaning of this?
Milhaust: The relation between the Humas and Gajumas of Razilda has always been
          poor. As of late, I have caught wind that the atmosphere has become
          increasingly turbulent, thus I lead the army here and the end result
          is as you see.
Eugene:...Why are you acting alongside Saleh and Tohma? Because of Zilva's
Eugene: Do you sincerely believe that repressing the masses will solve the
Milhaust: If it is for the sake of regaining a world where Gajumas and Humas
          can live in a state of coexistence, then I am prepared to use any
          means available.
Milhaust: Not only is that my desire, but also the consensus of this country.
          Lady Zilva, as well as Saleh and Tohma, are simply abiding by that
Milhaust: If we walk hand in hand, then shouldn't it stand to reason that we
          shall achieve our ideals?
Milhaust: Otherwise, even I...if only Her Majesty was still among the living...
          because of you people, Her Majesty was...Her Majesty's precious life
Milhaust: I shall be the one who protects Callegea. Intervention shall not be
          permitted, not from anyone.
Mao: Hey Eugene...let's do whatever it is that we can do, okay?
Veigue: You're right...let's go talk with Hack.

<In The Inn Room>

Hack: Thanks so much, everyone. Because of you guys, the injury didn't end up
      being that bad, so it's already healed.
Tytree: Did Igol go home?
Claire: He said that he felt much better and his father was being taken away by
        the army, so he had some things to take care of...
Annie: Hack, are you going to be all right? You were being pursued by the
       Gajumas of this town because of the Power of Darkness...
Hack: Yeah...thanks to you...the leader of the Gajumas has been arrested and
      the town is under the control of the military due to the riot, so it
      looks like I'll be able to keep a low profile.
Hack: I heard this from the young lady here, but you've obtained the Power of
      Darkness and the power of the Holy Bird, right? I'm really surprised.
Hack: And you wanted to ask me something too, didn't you? I'll fill you in on
      everything that I know. I mean, I haven't returned the favor of you
      saving me and all.
Veigue: Do you happen to know of a "tower which rises up into a sea of clouds"?
Hack: "A tower which rises up into a sea of clouds"...? That's related to what
      you guys are searching for, right?
Hack: Hmm, let me see...a sea of clouds implies that you're in a place where
      you can look down on the clouds...So that means that the tower is either
      quite tall or in a high place...
Hack:...If that's the case, then maybe it's over there? As I recall, there's a
     legend which says that long ago, people used to live high up on the
     mountains in the area around Kyogen...
Hilda: Kyogen...people living high up on the mountain...you can't rule it out
       as a possibility.
Hack: Sorry that I don't have anything more concrete for you.
Mao: Oh no, that's a big help. We'll be paying you a visit if anything comes up
Eugene: For the time being, let's try going to Kyogen. Let's head north.

Skit #530 [SKI530]
「聖獣を探して、北へ」 Search For The Sacred Beast To The North

Eugene: Head to the north. For the time being, let's gather information in

Skit #531 [SKI531]
「キョグエンへ」 To Kyogen

Hilda: "An ancient tower which ascends into a sea of clouds"...If we go to
       Kyogen, we may find some type of clue...


<Outside The Inn Again>

Veigue: Saleh...!!
Saleh: Hey there, guys...it's a bit late, but I came to say hello.
Saleh: Up until now, my purpose in life had always been to ridicule the "human
       heart"...I thought that it was okay to laugh it off and make sport of
       it. However, that was a huge mistake.
Saleh: During my fight with you guys, I came to realize the importance of one's
       "heart". The "Power of the Heart" is strong and vast...you could say
       that there's really nothing disagreeable about it.
Saleh: And that's why...I've decided to grind it into a bloody pulp. Your...
       "Power of the Heart," that is!
Saleh: I just dropped by to give my greetings for today. His Excellency is
       watching, after all. But you'd best keep this in mind.
Saleh: I will not stop under any circumstances, even if you people cry or beg
       for forgiveness.
Saleh: I mean, trampling on hearts as resolute as yours sounds most delightful,
       doesn't it? Heh heh heh...
Saleh: Until we meet again...
Tytree: Saleh!!
Veigue:...We should concentrate on what we ought to be doing...
Tytree: Veigue...
Veigue: Let's head towards Kyogen.

Skit #532 [SKI532]
「誉め言葉」 Compliment

Mao: Saleh...I get so mad every time I see him!
Eugene: Cool it, Mao. Getting angry like that is exactly what Saleh wants.
Mao: I know, but...
Eugene: He gets a sense of pleasure when he treads on a person's heart and sees
        things like anger and sadness.
Mao: Honestly...that guy's completely twisted!
Eugene: For him, even that might be considered to be a compliment...


<Inside The Inn As You're Leaving Razilda>

Igol: Oh, it's you...so this is where you were.
Agarte: Ah, yes. Sorry about disappearing all of a sudden.
Igol: Nah, don't worry about it...I'm the one who should apologize for bringing
      you to a messed up place like this.
Agarte: No, not at all...
Igol: I wanted to tell Veigue and the others that I was sorry for dragging them
      into this as well, but...
Hack: And they were here just a minute ago too...
Agarte:...Veigue...? Did you say that Veigue was here?
Hack: Huh? Y, yeah...are you a friend of Veigue's?
Agarte: Yes! Where is he headed...?
Hack: I'm guessing that he's probably going to Kyogen. I did suggest that he go
      that way and all.

Skit #533 [SKI533]
「葛藤」 Discord

Claire:...'Twas myself standing there...so that child must be...Claire...?
Veigue:...What's wrong, Claire?
Claire: Eh? Ah...no, it's nothing...
Veigue: Say something if you're tired, okay?
Claire: Y, yes, I will...
Claire: At this rate...things will truly...if I remain silent as I have been...

Skit #534 [SKI534]
「ナゾナゾか?」 A Riddle?

Mao: Say, what do you call something that's neither a Gajuma nor a Huma?
Tytree: What's that, a riddle?
Hilda: Hey...are you referring to me?
Mao: Eh? Ah, that's not what I meant! Something that's not a Half...or a
Tytree: I got it! It's a Virus!
Mao: Is that so...yeah, I guess you're right...a Virus, huh...I...might be
     something similar to a Virus...
Tytree: Hm? Did you say something?
Mao: Nah, it's nothing!


<At The Bridge To The North>

Callegean Soldier: Show me your pass. I cannot allow you to proceed through
                   here if you don't have a pass issued by the Callegean Army.
Tytree: A pass? Where can you get one of those?
Callegean Soldier: They are being issued at army garrisons. The closest place
                   to here would be Razilda.
Tytree: Are you telling us that we have to go all the way back to Razilda?
        We're in a hurry here. Could you just let us through somehow?
Eugene: It wasn't necessary to have a pass before, am I right?
Callegean Soldier: At present, disputes between the two races are occuring
                   throughout the nation with no end in sight. In order to
                   prevent the spreading of that mayhem, the military has taken
                   control of key areas of traffic such as this one. It is
                   unfortunate, but I cannot make any exceptions.
Callegean Soldier: It's time for me to relieve you.
Callegean Soldier: You're...Commander Eugene Gallardo!?
Eugene:...You left off the "former" part.
Callegean Soldier: M, my apologies. I am a soldier in the regular army, but I
                   highly respect your achievements as the commander of The
                   Royal Shield!
Callegean Soldier: Commander, what are you doing in a place like this?
Eugene: We were onroute to Kyogen but unfortunately, we don't have a pass.
Callegean Soldier: If that's the case, then please take this one. It's a
                   temporary pass, but it can be used anywhere.
Eugene: Are you sure? If worse comes to worst, you know that you'll be
        court-martialed, don't you?
Callegean Soldier: No, really...it's fine.
Callegean Soldier: Even if we block the bridges and keep the people under
                   watch, I don't believe that it will solve the problem at
Callegean Soldier: I ask that you please make use of this pass.
Eugene:...You have my thanks.
Callegean Soldier: My pleasure. May you have a safe journey.
Tytree: That's our man, Eugene, for ya. Now, let's book it!!

You received the Pass.

Skit #535 [SKI535]
「アニ一の夢」 Annie's Dream

Hilda: Annie, you were having a nightmare last night.
Annie:...I had a strange dream...a dream where I...killed that person...
Annie:...It might be a prophetic dream...
Hilda: Annie...
Annie: I mean...I must clear the indignity that my father suffered...I...
Hilda:...All things considered, you have a rather agonizing expression on your
Annie:...That can't be...

Skit #536 [SKI536]
「キョグエンという街」 The City Of Kyogen

Tytree: Kyogen, huh...I've heard a lot of rumors saying that it's an amazingly
        beautiful city.
Eugene: Yes...it's a very wealthy and tranquil city. However, there are times
        when outward appearances...can be deceiving.
Veigue: Is that the case with Kyogen?
Eugene: Well...they say that there are two sides to everything...

Skit #537 [SKI537]
「軍人としての名声」 Reputation As A Soldier

Tytree: You know, when I see how the troops look up to you, it makes me think
        that you must have been one hell of a soldier, Eugene.
Eugene: There are many soldiers who deserve much more respect than I do. It
        just so happens that my name is well-known, that's all.
Eugene: Although right now, I'm famous in a different sense...
Mao: Man!! Quit saying stuff like that already!
Mao: Because you really are a fine soldier, Eugene! In the past, and even

Skit #538 [SKI538]
「ヒルダの料理」 Hilda's Cooking

Mao: Say, Hilda, you don't cook?
Hilda: That's right. It's troublesome, so I rarely bother.
Mao: Then your specialty is eating?
Hilda: You could say that.
Mao: You wanna get fat?
Hilda: You want to get smacked?


<After Entering Kyogen>

Veigue: So this is Kyogen, huh...
Mao: It's an awfully pretty town! I've never seen any buildings like this
Eugene: This is a small city, but many people come here to take in the
        beautiful scenery. Thus far, there haven't been any major conflicts
        here and so the city is very laidback.
Tytree: Sounds hunky-dory to me. I'm guessing that we'll be able to ask about
        the ancient tower which rises up into the clouds right off the bat
        then. Let's go.

Skit #539 [SKI539]
「雲海にそびえし古の搭」 The Ancient Tower Which Rises Up Into The Clouds

Eugene: Let's try asking the townspeople about the ancient tower which rises up
        into the clouds.

Skit #540 [SKI540]
「基本は聞き込む」 The Fundamentals Of Gathering Information

Mao: For now, let's try talking to the people of the city. We might find a clue
     about the Sacred Beast.


<Talking To The Man In The Residence On The Far West Side Of Town>

Old Man: Well, well now. So you're searching for an ancient tower which rises
         up into the clouds, you say?
Veigue: We came here because we heard there was a legend which stated that
        "people used to live high up on the mountains" in the area around
        Kyogen and Nolzen.
Old Man: Ho ho ho. That sounds very similar to a legend that I know of.
Mao: Really?
Old Man: "In the Garden of Illusion which peers down upon the clouds of heaven
         sleeps a great treasure"...
Old Man: What do you think? Sounds similar, does it not?
Veigue: Where would that be?
Old Man: In my younger days, I went on a journey in search of that treasure. I
         climbed mountain after mountain and forged through roadless roads. And
         then...I finally found the treasure.
Mao: Really!?
Old Man: I was able to obtain it. My body has become decrepit with age and yet
         I am of sound health. And my irreplaceable wife and family. Those very
         things were my great treasure.
Old Man: There are those who laugh at me. But you know what? A true treasure
         cannot be bought...it is not something that can be replaced with
Veigue: So where is that Garden of Illusion you mentioned?
Old Man: Well now, that's a good question...ho ho ho ho...
Old Man: Now now, no need to drop your shoulders like that. Come to think of
         it, a man came by to ask me about the Garden of Illusion a short while
Veigue: There's somebody besides us who is asking about the same thing?
Old Man: If he is searching for something, then he would still be in the area,
         wouldn't he?
Mao: Veigue, let's look for that guy.

Skit #541 [SKI541]
「気になる存在だな」 His Presence Bothers Me

Mao: I wonder if there are people besides us who are searching for the Sacred
Eugene: He may just be interested in the Garden of Illusion, but his presence
        bothers me. Let's try searching for him.

Skit #542 [SKI542]
「悪趣味」 Poor Taste

Annie: I wonder what kind of place the "Garden of Illusion" is?
Tytree: I betcha they have a tree there that can't be found anywhere else which
        bears some uberly tasty fruit.
Hilda: I'm sure that there's a palace adorned with jewels, a building fashioned
       from gold, and even a pond with silver fish swimming in it.
Mao: Man, does Hilda have poor taste.
Hilda: Did you just say something?
Eugene: I, for one, think it's best not to have such strange expectations...

Skit #543 [SKI543]
「普通の庭」 An Ordinary Garden

Annie: What type of place do you think the "Garden of Illusion" is, Veigue?
Veigue: Isn't it just a normal garden?
Annie: But it's the "Garden of Illusion," you know? I don't think that they
       would call it that if it was a normal garden...
Veigue:...What do you think, Claire?
Claire:...Eh? Ah, me? Um, let's see...wouldn't it simply be an ordinary
Annie: An ordinary garden...what kind of garden would that be...?

Skit #544 [SKI544]
「幻の庭を追う者」 The One Who Is After The Garden Of Illusion

Tytree: Let's try to meet with the person who is looking for the "Garden of
        Illusion." He's probably still in the city, right?


<Inside The Inn>

Frantz: Hey there, guys! Long time no see. You all been doing okay?
Mao: Yep!! You look like you're doing great too, Frantz!!
Frantz: Oh my, and who would this beautiful young lady be?
Mao: That's Claire! Veigue's childhood friend.
Frantz: Oh, so you're Claire, are you? How nice to meet you. I am Frantz, an
        adventurer in pursuit of The World's Seven Great Illusions.
Claire: N, nice to meet you...I'm Claire.
Eugene: Frantz, are you by any chance the person who is searching for the
        Garden of Illusion?
Frantz: None other!! Then you must have heard about me from that elderly man.
        Are you all also looking for the Garden of Illusion?
Annie: We're searching for an ancient tower which rises up into the clouds, but
       then we thought that might possibly be the Garden of Illusion, so...
Frantz: An ancient tower which rises up into the clouds...I see. The Garden of
        Illusion is also said to be above the clouds, so they might be the same
Hilda: A so-called Garden of Illusion...I get the feeling that the old man was
       telling a tall tale, don't you?
Frantz: No, that shouldn't be the case. The proof of that lies in the
        description of the Garden of Illusion and the great treasure on page
        128 of The Reference Guide to Illusions of Ancient Callegea.
Frantz: This book contained the information about that "Live Garo" as well.
Tytree: Hrmm, it sounds kind of reliable-like when you put it that way and all
        ...but are there any clues to go off of?
Frantz: I don't have any strong leads at the moment, but hey, what's the rush
        anyway, right? We'll just take our time and analyze clues as they come.
Veigue: The same can't be said for us. We'd like to go there as soon as
Frantz: Is that so...in that case, you can always ask Wan Gin about it, but...
Veigue: Wan Gin?
Frantz: One could say that he's the leader of this town. It appears that he
        collects rare treasures from around the world so that he can palm them
        off on the rich. Perhaps he knows about the great treasure too...
Eugene: Shall we try and meet with this Wan Gin?
Frantz: Only problem is....there are many bad rumors about Wan Gin. I'm the one
        who proposed the idea, but it's best not to get involved with him if
Tytree: We don't have time for second thoughts. Even as we speak, the entire
        world is steadily losing it. We'd like to put an end to that.
Frantz:...I see, if you're that determined then I won't try to stop you, but
       use the utmost of caution when dealing with Wan Gin.
Mao: Yeah. Thanks, Frantz!

Skit #545 [SKI545]
「ワン・ギンに会おう」 Let's Meet With Wan Gin

Eugene: Let's try meeting with this Wan Gin person. His unfavorable reputation
        concerns me, but right now we're out of options.
Tytree: Well, let's be careful and go see him.

Skit #546 [SKI546]
「ワン・ギンの家はどこ?」 Where Is Wan Gin's House?

Hilda: We're meeting with Wan Gin, aren't we? Let's search for his house.


<Talking To Wan Gin's Doorman>

?????: So you want to have a word with Lord Wan Gin?
Hilda: Don't look at people like you have dollar signs in your eyes.
?????: Hm? Those cards...
Hilda: Huh?
?????: You have something rather unusual there...
?????:...Wait just a minute. I'll go ask Lord Wan Gin.
?????: It appears that you may meet with Lord Wan Gin. However, that woman...
Hilda: Me...?
?????: Lord Wan Gin states that he wishes to see the cards in your possession.
Veigue: Hilda...
Hilda:...I know. It's fine if I only have to show them to him.
?????: In that case, come inside...
Wan Gin: Ah, how magnificent. Those cards are quite rare indeed.
Wan Gin: Say that one were to make an offer, how would 1 million Gald sound to
Wan Gin: And how about 1.5 million Gald?
Hilda: *sighs*...
Wan Gin: I see...a true pity indeed.
Wan Gin: Should you ever change your mind, please do inform Ku Hou. I would be
         happy to purchase them at the given price.
Mao: Are they really that rare?
Wan Gin: I will not produce even 1 Gald for something which lacks any value.
Wan Gin: Oh my, are you displeased with something?
Veigue:...All you've talked about thus far is money. You're rather carefree
       about things here considering how much trouble the other towns are going
       through, aren't you.
Wan Gin:...You could say that I've heard my fair share of stories. However, it
        is none of my concern.
Wan Gin: Humas, Gajumas, race...such terms are meaningless when it comes to
         money. Everyone is the same.
Wan Gin: There are people who have money and there are those who do not. That
         is simply all there is to it. Ho ho ho ho...
Veigue: Is money really that important?
Wan Gin: Beautiful jewels, ancient texts, unusual cuisines, peace...and even
         life itself...there is nothing in this world which cannot be bought.
         Everything is reliant upon money...
Wan Gin: More importantly though, you all had something which you wanted to
         discuss with me?
Eugene: We are looking into a legend which states that "a great treasure sleeps
        in the Garden of Illusion which peers down upon the clouds of heaven."
        You wouldn't happen to know anything about it, would you?
Wan Gin: The Garden of Illusion, you say...yes, I most certainly do have
         knowledge of it.
Eugene: Where can we find it?
Wan Gin: Did you expect me to tell you without being compensated for it?
Wan Gin: At least, that is what I would like to say, but you were kind enough
         to let me see those rare cards earlier.
Wan Gin: Allow me to study them here for a brief while.
Wan Gin: Soon hereafter, an auction will be conducted in this place. Rare and
         fine goods from throughout the world which are currently on the
         premises will be displayed there.
Wan Gin: Every last one of those items sells for a trifling 500,000 Gald a
         piece. Nevertheless, one cannot be so sure where rogues may lie in
Hilda: So you're telling us to act as guards for the treasures.
Wan Gin: You are most correct. Should you be so kind as to safeguard the
         treasures until the completion of the auction, I shall inform you of
         what I know about the Garden of Illusion. How does that sound?
Wan Gin: We have reached an agreement then. I ask that you begin this instant.
         I have preparations to attend to, so I shall be on my way now...
Ku Hou: I would like for all of you to stand watch outside of this mansion. Let
        me know when you're ready.

Skit #547 [SKI547]
「警備の準備をしよう」 Let's Make Preparations For The Security

Eugene: Let's go to the auction hall if you're finished with the preparations.

Skit #548 [SKI548]
「オ一クションって何?」 What's An Auction?

Mao: Hey, what's an auction?
Eugene: The guests assign a value to the item offered by the host and place a
        bid for that amount.
Eugene: Ultimately, the person with the highest bid wins the auction...in other
        words, that person is able to purchase the item, if you will.
Mao: Whoa, then I guess that the price can get pretty high.
Eugene: One's sense of value depends on how much a person wants something, but
        oftentimes the price tends to get high.
Tytree: So basically, it doesn't matter what it is as long as you buy it at a
        high price!
Eugene: That's a really blunt way of putting it...

Skit #549 [SKI549]
「レアもの?」 Something Rare?

Mao: Earlier, that Wan Gin person said that the tarot cards you have are
     extremely rare, didn't he, Hilda?
Hilda: Old tarot cards are items where even a single card can fetch a rather
       high price...
Hilda: This is a complete set of 22 cards, so I suppose that would make these
       all the more rare...
Mao: Why do you have something like that, Hilda?
Hilda: It's hard to say since I've had them for as long as I can remember...I
       have no idea why.

Skit #550 [SKI550]
「ナニそれ!」 What Do You Mean By That!

Hilda: If we're in charge of security, then we'd best be prepared. Mao, did you
       go to the restroom?
Mao: What do you mean by that! Why do you always treat me like a little kid!


<Back At The Inn>

Frantz: How did it go? Did he know anything?
Veigue: We have to act as Wan Gin's bodyguards until the end of the auction in
        exchange for that information.
Frantz: Hmm, so it's come to that, has it. Be very careful and don't let your
        guard down.
Frantz: If I make any progress on my end, I'll let you all know.

<Talking To Ku Hou>

Ku Hou: Are you done with your preparations?

Have you completed your preparations?

Ku Hou: You are never to leave your post.
Ku Hou: And then we'd like for you to entertain the guests.
Veigue:...Don't you have anyone else who can do it?
Ku Hou: No, we don't. Lord Wan Gin states that this is part of the exchange
        that you agreed to.
Claire:...I, it'd...be best if I went...wouldn't it...?
Tytree:...He's using that information as a damn shield...what a slimy little
Ku Hou:...Come...
Wan Gin: That young lady isn't too bad either, wouldn't you say? Have her
         change into some pretty clothes and make her look presentable.
Ku Hou:............
Claire: What is the meaning of this?
Ku Hou:...I am sorry. These are Lord Wan Gin's orders. Stay here and behave
       yourself for a little while.
Claire: P, p, please wait...! An agreement...would you like to enter an
        agreement with me?
Claire: If you would allow me to escape, then I shall offer to you any sum of
        money you desire...!
Ku Hou: Hmph, money huh...you're the same as Wan Gin. If that's the case, then
        I presume you know what is going to happen to you after this?
Claire: Eh...?
Claire: What is going on here...what could he have possibly meant...?...What
        shall happen to me...

<In The Next Room>

Woman:...And then, you were captured by Wan Gin's men?
Agarte: Yes. I was attacked by Viruses on my way here from Razilda and they
        ended up rescuing me.
Agarte: They asked me if I wanted to go with them since they were headed to
        Kyogen, so I took them up on their offer, but...I never thought it
        would end up like this...
Woman: That's similar to what happened to me...I came here from Minal by
       crossing over the sea, but...
Agarte:...It sounds like someone else was brought here.
Woman: I wonder if she was brought here the same way that the rest of us were?
Agarte: You might be right...
Woman:...I wonder what's going to happen to us...I'm scared...
Agarte: Don't give up! If you hang on to hope and keep believing, then things
        will surely work out somehow...just like it did that time...

<Outside Wan Gin's Mansion>

Ku Hou: Hey, somebody needs to go meet our guests and bring them here.
Mao: Go meet the guests?
Ku Hou: Three customers who participate regularly in the auctions should be
        arriving shortly. Find them and bring them here.
Ku Hou: Bandits often appear on the outskirts of Kyogen. Our customers carry
        large amounts of money, so we fear that they may be targeted even if
        they stay within the town. Keep a close guard on them.
Veigue: Understood.
Ku Hou: Don't forget about the security here either. Three of you should be
        enough to go meet our guests. You and two others.
Tytree: Then it's up to Veigue's discretion, huh. So who are you going to pick
        to go with you?

NOTE: Aside from the Skits, it doesn't really matter who you take along with
you. Note that you will have to remove Eugene from your party eventually for
reasons that you see soon enough (it's temporary, so don't freak out or
anything), so you may not want to bring him along just for the sake of
convenience though.

Characters listed in yellow will go with Veigue to go meet the guests.
Characters in blue will be left behind at the mansion. Choose a character
using the CIRCLE button.

Finalize your party.

Eugene: Let's carry out our respective tasks.

Skit #551 [SKI551]
「あんたが」 You
NOTE: You need to have Tytree and Hilda in your party to trigger this Skit.

Tytree: So the ones who were left behind were Mao, Annie, and Eugene, huh.
        That's kind of a sensitive group to put together. Are they gonna be
Veigue: Annie and Eugene, huh...
Hilda: I feel more uneasy about the 3 people we have assembled in this group...
Tytree: Huh, what's to worry about?
Hilda: You.

Skit #552 [SKI552]
「お迎えヴェイグ」 Veigue, The Welcomer

Veigue: We have to find the guests who are coming to the auction...

Skit #553 [SKI553]
「キョグエンの実態」 The Truth About Kyogen
NOTE: You need to have Mao in your party to trigger this Skit.

Mao: It looks like Kyogen is shorthanded.
Veigue: Shorthanded? What do you mean by that?
Mao: Everyone's wealthy, so there aren't that many workers anymore.
Mao: And that's why they have to find travellers like us and hire them.
Veigue: I see...So that's how it is...
Mao: In a word, that's probably what it is...a city for lazy people, that is...

Skit #554 [SKI554]
「盗賊、おそるるに足らず」 The Bandits Are Not Even A Threat
NOTE: You need to have Eugene in your party to trigger this Skit.

Veigue: Are bandits really going to appear?
Eugene: I don't know. There are certainly a large number of bandits around this
        area. I came here a long time ago to subdue a group of bandits once.
Veigue: You did?
Eugene: Yeah, as reinforcements for the regular army.
Eugene: Nonetheless, they were a bunch of riffraff. They had no sense of unity
        or leadership and they weren't even a match for the army.
Eugene: In other words, they're nothing for us to be afraid of in the least.

Skit #555 [SKI555]
「お年頃」 At That Age
NOTE: You need to have Annie in your party to trigger this Skit.

Annie: I wonder what type of things will show up in the auction?
Veigue: You're always...brimming with curiosity, aren't you, Annie.
Annie: And you don't seem to be the curious type, are you, Veigue.


<Talking To The Man On The Far Western Side Of Town>

Guest Who Came From Balka: You're late, aren't you! Hurry up and lead me to the
                           mansion. I can hardly wait!!
Ku Hou: The other guests should have arrived. Go and bring them here.

<Talking To The Guy In Front Of The Inn With Eugene In Your Party>

????: Are you Wan Gin's welcoming party? Come back later.
????:...I have no intention of being protected by some Gajuma!
Eugene: Understood.

<Talking To The Guy In Front Of The Inn Without Eugene In Your Party>

????: Oh, Wan Gin's welcoming party. Thank you for coming. I wonder what will
      catch my eye this time...I'm looking forward to seeing it...Muh huh huh
Ku Hou: We're still expecting one more guest to come. Go meet them for me.

<Inside Wan Gin's Mansion>

Claire: Somebody, is somebody there?
Agarte: Yes.
Claire: Please tell me, what is going on? What will happen to us from this
        point forward!?
Subordinate: What's with the racket!! Shut up already!!
Agarte:...Please calm down.
Agarte: It's alright, they won't do anything to you if you do as they say.
Claire: What do you mean...?
Agarte: I don't know any of the details either.
Agarte: But please don't give up hope. There has to be some means for us to
        escape. Let's think of a way together.
Agarte: That's right. We're not alone.
Agarte: And besides, a dear friend of mine and his companions should be coming
        to this city. That will surely be our chance.
Claire:...You are truly...a person of great strength...
Agarte:...I'm actually very scared, lonely, and discouraged.
Agarte: I'm not surrounded by my loved ones and nothing but unbelievable things
        keep happening one after the other, so...
Agarte: Every day as I lay in bed, I think about how nice it would be if I were
        to wake up and this all turned out to be just a dream, but...This is
        definitely not a dream, and there's no one by my side. I'm all alone.
Agarte: But at times like these, I think this to myself...my heart is not
Claire: Your heart...
Agarte: That's right. There's a wall between us now, but that cannot keep us
        from feeling the same way.
Agarte: If you open up your own heart, then no wall or anything else can ever
        separate you from the heart of another.
Agarte: And that's why you and I are not alone. Let's get through this

<Back Outside The Mansion>

Annie: That leaves one more person, doesn't it.
Veigue: Zapie, where are you going?
Mao: Isn't he going to where Claire is?
Veigue:...Oh, right...
Tytree: Let's go meet up with the last client right away!!

<Talking To The Gajuma Man Near The Entrance Of The Town>

Guest From Minal: Thank you for coming all this way. I'm expecting to see some
                  wonderful items this time around as well.

<In Front Of The Mansion>

Ku Hou: Good work. All that's left is securing the surrounding area until the
        conclusion of the auction.

<And Back Inside The Mansion>

Zapie: Kiki!!
Woman: What was that...??
Agarte: Zapie, is that you, Zapie?
Zapie: Kii!!
Agarte: Zapie!!
Woman:...Do you know him?
Agarte: Yes...this is Zapie. He's a member of my family.
Agarte: If you're here, then that means...Veigue and the others are nearby,
        right? I guess that you don't have a way of letting him know that I'm
        here, do you...
Agarte:...Oh, I know...I'm going to write a letter now, so wait just a second.
Agarte: Please wait. We're fixing our clothes right now.
Ku Hou: Hurry it up.
Agarte: Give this to Veigue for me.
Agarte: Zapie, please.
Zapie: Kiki!!
Agarte: I just called for help. I'm sure that my friend will come for us.
Agarte: It looks like I'm being sent somewhere. If you escape, tell him about
Claire: I, I will...I'll tell him. What's your name...?
Agarte:...Claire. Claire Bennett.
Agarte: What's your name?
Claire: M, my name would be...
Claire: I would be...
Ku Hou:...You're not done yet?
Agarte: I, I'm on my way.
Woman:...You're gonna go?
Agarte: It'll be alright since I'm sure that help will arrive...
Claire:...Claire...I pray for your safety...
Agarte:...Thank you.
Ku Hou: Let's go.

<Outside The Mansion Once Again>

Zapie: Kiki!!
Veigue: Zapie...what do you have in your mouth?
Veigue:...It's Claire's handwriting!!
Tytree: Huh? What's written on it?
Veigue: "I am trapped. Help"...This is!!
Hilda: What does she mean by trapped!?
Man's Voice: Aah!

<In The Auction Room>

Veigue: What happened!?
Ku Hou: Bandits disguised as customers, they...
Veigue: Where's Claire!?
Ku Hou:...Claire? The girl's...not here....anymore...
Veigue: Not here? What do you mean!!
Ku Hou: Ugh...
Annie: It looks like he's lost consciousness.
Veigue: Dammit...where's Claire!?

Skit #556 [SKI556]
「クレアは無事か」 Is Claire Safe?

Veigue: They sent Claire to entertain the customers...where did she go after
Eugene: Let's search the inside of the building.

Skit #557 [SKI557]
「クレアは屋敷の中に...」 Claire Is Inside Of The Mansion...

Veigue: Claire was sent to entertain the guests...she should be inside of this


<Upon Entering The Back Room On The Right>

Veigue: Claire!!
Veigue: Who are you?
Woman: W, we were trapped in here along with Claire. Where is she?
Veigue: We're looking for her too. What happened to Claire!?
Woman: A person named Ku Hou came and took Claire away. Then a short time
       later, bandits came in and...
Woman: It looks like those bandits abducted the girl who was in the next room.
Veigue: Those guys took Claire...!?
Eugene:...Veigue, let's pursue the bandits!

Skit #558 [SKI558]
「盗賊を追え!」 Chase After The Bandits!

Veigue: Let's chase after the bandits who took Claire away!
Tytree: Those guys...I'm gonna beat the living daylights out of them when we
        catch them!

Skit #559 [SKI559]
「クレアを取り戻せ!」 Take Claire Back!
Tytree: Guys! Let's take Claire back from those bandits!
Veigue: Claire...please be safe...!


<By The Entrance Of Town>

Veigue: Frantz!!
Frantz: Oh, you guys, where have you been!? Some bandits just ran off with
        Claire!! They went that way!!

<As You Head East On The World Map>

Bandit: Tch, they tailed us!!
Veigue: Where did you take Claire!?
Bandit: Wha? Hell if I know!!
Bandit: Get 'em!!

<After The Fight>

Hilda: You'd better tell us where we can find the girls that you people
Bandit: I, I'll tell ya, so...please spare us.
Veigue: Where are they!?
Bandit: In the cabin up ahead...
Eugene: Let's hurry!

<Inside The Cabin>

Veigue: Claire!!
Veigue: You're not hurt, are you!?
Claire: No...I'm alright...
Veigue: Are you the only one here?
Claire: Eh...?
Veigue: Wasn't there somebody else who was also taken away by the bandits?
Claire: Someone besides me...?
Veigue: The girls who were in the same room as you told us that there was
        someone in the room next to yours and that she was taken away along
        with you...
Claire: A girl who was taken away along with me...?
Veigue:...In any case, you were the only one who was taken away, right?
Claire:...Y, yes...
Veigue: Thank goodness...you're safe...
Tytree: That's great and all, but that asswipe Wan Gin...I can't believe that
        he'd try to make off with Claire! Let's go teach him a lesson that
        he'll never forget!
Hilda: Let's have him tell us about the Garden of Illusion as well. Free of
       charge, of course.

<Back In The Auction Room>

Wan Gin: Your anger is quite understandable...How much do I owe you?
Veigue: What was that?
Wan Gin: You have my sincerest apologies, but I shall offer a monetary
         compensation as well. State whatever amount you desire...
Tytree: Will you just can it already!! Money, money, money this, money that...
        who gives a damn!!
Tytree: That's not the point anyway. Why the hell were you trying to have
        Claire kidnapped!?
Wan Gin: Ho ho ho...'twas for the entertainment of our esteemed guests.
Tytree: What did you just say!?
Wan Gin: Of course, the very idea in and of itself would also generate some
         extra profit...ho ho ho...
Tytree: You slimy bastard!!
Hilda: Wait just a minute, Tytree! If you hit him now, then...
Tytree: Let me have one shot at him!!
Mao: Veigue!
Wan Gin: Ow, that hurts...you people...do you think that you're going to get
         away with that?
Wan Gin:...Ku Hou, what are you doing! Hurry up and kick these brutes out of

<Outside The Mansion>

Mao: Ah geez, Veigue had to go and punch him at the last minute...
Tytree: No, Veigue, you did good! I'm on your side, buddy.
Hilda: Tytree, you know...you say that he did well, but...now what are we
       supposed to do? It seemed like he was finally going to tell us something
       and yet...
?????: If you go to Nolzen, then you'll probably meet someone who knows about
       the Garden of Illusion.
Veigue:......! You...
Ku Hou: A long time ago, I came across rumors regarding the Garden of Illusion
        in the area around Nolzen.
Veigue: Nolzen, right?...Got it.
Annie: But why are you telling us this?
Ku Hou: That's a good question. When you punched that man, it took a load of my
        chest...maybe that's why.
Ku Hou: See you sometime...
Annie: He wasn't a bad person after all, was he...
Claire:...It appears that his feelings toward Wan Gin are not very favorable.
       There might be some circumstances which we're not aware of...
Mao: We should get going too. Let's tell Frantz about the Garden of Illusion
     while we're at it!!
Veigue: Yeah, let's go.

Skit #560 [SKI560]
「おまえのせいだぞ」 It's Your Fault

Tytree: That old fart Wan Gin sure was an infuriating little bastard, wasn't
Hilda: Are you still saying that? Forget it already.
Tytree: Hilda, I can't get over it because you stopped me, remember!
Hilda: I'm just saying that Veigue punched him...isn't that enough for you?
Tytree: Yeah, but you know, at the time I really wanted to deliver justice with
        my own two hands.
Veigue: Sorry...
Tytree: Well, uh, there's no reason for you to apologize or anything...

<On The Next Screen>

Skit #561 [SKI561]
「歌うマオ・4」 Singing Mao Part 4

Annie: How pretty...
Mao: What? Is something wrong?
Annie: Take a look. This leaf is in good condition and the color that it gives
       off is so pretty.
Mao: We are leaves, the two of us~
Mao: Yellow leaves, the two of us~
Mao: Red leaves, the two of us~
Mao: After that, 'tis our fate to fall and crumble away~
Annie: Oh honestly, don't turn it into a sad song!


<In Front Of The Inn>

Woman: Ah, everyone...it's good to see that you're safe.
Veigue: Yeah, we were able to save Claire as well.
Woman: What about the girl who was being kept in the room next to ours?
Veigue: It looks like Claire was the only one who was taken away.
Woman: Huh? Then...I wonder if she escaped on her own...
Eugene: That is most likely the case.
Woman: I'm glad to hear that Claire is also safe. Well then, I should be
Eugene: Right, take care as you travel. If somebody is headed in the same
        direction, it would be best to go with them.
Woman: Yes, I'll do that. Thank you for everything...
Veigue: All that's left is to go see Frantz.
Veigue: What's wrong?
Claire:...Veigue, I...
Claire: Never mind...
Tytree: Well, in any case, let's go.

Skit #562 [SKI562]
「たらし回し」 Hot Potato

Hilda: After Kyogen is Nolzen...it feels like we're getting tossed around for
       some reason, doesn't it.
Eugene: That's how it is when you're searching for something. For now, let's go
        to where Frantz is.

Skit #563 [SKI563]
「フランツさんに相談しよう」 Let's Consult With Frantz

Mao: Let's tell Frantz about the Garden of Illusion.


<In The Far Western Part Of Town>

Frantz: So you're safe. I thought that you would be alright, but still.
Mao: We found a clue about the Garden of Illusion!!
Frantz: Really?
Mao: We were told that it's towards Nolzen, not Kyogen!!
Frantz: In Nolzen...I certainly get the feeling that they had a legend similar
        to Kyogen's around that area.
Mao: You wanna come with us, Frantz?
Frantz: Thanks for the offer. But I think that I should look into things around
        here for a little longer.
Mao: Oh okay. Then we're gonna go on ahead!!
Frantz: Right, we'll meet again sometime.
Mao: Yeah, until next time!!

Skit #564 [SKI564]
「更なる北の街を目指して」 Aim For The City That Is Even Further North

Tytree: Let's aim for Nolzen!!
Mao: It would be nice if we could find the Garden of Illusion this time,
     wouldn't it!

Skit #565 [SKI565]
「味見してくれ」 Taste It For Me

Tytree: So this is Kyogen's famous ultra-spicy cooking that I've heard so much
        about...it looks good, but how does it taste...
Mao: Wow, that smells great! I wanna have some!
Tytree: Sure! Taste it for me!
Mao: Thanks!
Mao: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh~!!!
Tytree: Just as I thought...whew...Thank god I didn't taste it...
Mao: You're mean, Tytree!!

Skit #566 [SKI566]
「ティトレイの味好み」 Tytree's Taste Preference

Tytree: Kyogen's cooking is famous for being so spicy that it makes your taste
        buds tingle.
Hilda: Now that you mention it, you hardly ever prepare spicy food, isn't that
Tytree: Right. If given the choice, I'd rather not have spicy food since I
        can't really handle it.
Hilda: But didn't you say that curry was one of your favorites?
Tytree: Well, heck yeah. That's because making the 83 plenty sweet is my
Hilda: I just don't understand you...curry is supposed to be spicy or it's not

Skit #567 [SKI567]
「ノルゼンへ」 To Nolzen

Eugene: If you're coming from Kyogen, then Nolzen is to the north. Let's head
        north from the eastern continent.


<Upon Entering Nolzen>

Tytree: Wow, there're so many different types of cities out there. This is the
        first time I've seen snow piled up this high inside of a city.
Mao: Brr...it's cold! I wanna go warm up somewhere!
Eugene: This is not the time to be commenting about the weather. Let's go
        around and ask about the Garden of Illusion.

Skit #568 [SKI568]
「幻の庭を探して」 Search For The Garden Of Illusion

Eugene: Let's gather information by asking the townspeople about the "Garden of

Skit #569 [SKI569]
「初めてなんだよ!」 This Is A First For Me!

Tytree: Whoa!! It's snow!!
Mao: What makes you say that all of a sudden...?
Tytree: I mean, come on, I...this is the first time that I've ever seen it
Annie: But snow is not terribly exciting. It's simply small flakes of ice,
       that's all.
Tytree: Who cares about that! It doesn't go away no matter how much of it you
        eat and...
Mao: Are you eating it...?

Skit #570 [SKI570]
「おいしいお酒・2」 Heavenly Sake Part 2

Annie: Hilda, are you drinking sake again?
Hilda: The brand is "One Hundred Lonely."
Hilda: It improves your circulation and warms the body. It's a famous sake
       amongst those in the snow country.
Annie: As for me, simply the smell of it ends up making me sick to my
Hilda: You're underage, so it's still too early for you to drink.
Annie: But if I were to get dizzy after smelling the disinfectant at the
Hilda: What a high-maintenance doctor...

Skit #571 [SKI571]
「誰か知りませんか?」 Doesn't Anyone Know?

Mao: Isn't there someone who knows about the "Garden of Illusion"?

<After Entering Any Of The Houses>

Skit #572 [SKI572]
「ノルゼンの防寒対策」 Nolzen's Protective Measures Against The Cold

Mao: It's hot, it's freakin' hot in here...!
Eugene: What's wrong, Mao.
Mao: Even though it's absurdly cold outside, why do the rooms in this city have
     to be this hot!?
Eugene: The houses in this area are designed to be airtight to prevent the wind
        from coming in. That's the way to construct homes if you live in a cold
Mao: Hey, let's hurry up and go outside!
Tytree: Man, you're just gonna complain about it being cold the second we step
        outside, you know...
Hilda: Reminds you of someone else we all know, doesn't it...


<Talking To The Man In the House In The Northern Part Of Town>

Man: You're searching for the Garden of Illusion? The Garden of Illusion,
Mao: You don't know anything about it either, do you...
Man: Hmm, are you talking about the Tower of Nereg, by any chance?
Veigue: The Tower of Nereg?
Man: Yeah, there's a tower on the Nejana Peninsula which is said to have been
     built by people from ancient times.
Eugene: When you speak of the Nejana Peninsula...you mean the area to the
        northeast of Nolzen, right?
Man: I've heard that there's a sky garden at the summit of the tower, but...
Eugene:...That sounds like the very thing we're looking for. "An ancient tower
       which rises up into the clouds"...
Tytree: We finally found it! The "Tower of Nereg," huh!
Mao: Thanks for telling us such an informative story!
Man: Oh no, it was my pleasure. Take care.

<As You're Leaving The House>

Veigue: Eugene, are you alright? You look like you're not feeling well...
Eugene: No, it's not a big deal. I'm just a little fatigued, that's all.
Tytree: It sure is unusual for you to be tired and all, Eugene.
Eugene:...That's because I'm not young like the rest of you. However, there's
       no need for concern.
Mao: Are you really feeling okay? Let's rest for a little bit. I'm pretty
     pooped from walking around too.
Hilda: That sounds like a good idea. Let's go to the inn.

Skit #573 [SKI573]
「ユ一ジ一ンを休ませてあげて」 Let Eugene Rest

Mao: Say, it looks like Eugene's tired...let him rest at the inn for a little

Skit #574 [SKI574]
「ボクも...休みたい」 I...Want To Rest Too

Mao: Let's rest at the inn. I'm tired...so...it's okay, right?


<After Choosing To Stay At The Inn>

Mao:...Eugene? Where are you going?
Eugene:...I'm stepping outside for a minute to get some fresh air.
Veigue:...Mao, have you noticed?
Mao: Yeah...
Hilda: Noticed what?
Veigue: Eugene's acting strangely.
Hilda: Strangely, you say?
Veigue: I don't know how to explain it, but...something's different from
        before somehow...
Mao: I think so too...it looks like something's troubling him, but it's hard to
     ask him about it for some reason...
Hilda: Even if asked, I can't picture him telling you about it, you know?
Mao: I wonder if he doesn't trust me...
Hilda: That's not what I meant. Call it a stubbornness and sense of dignity
       that comes with age, if you will.
Tytree: Now that I think about it, Eugene never talks about himself, does he.
Hilda: Whereas you chatter about yourself entirely too much.
Mao: Eugene...
Mao:...Take a look at this!!
Annie: A Force User!?
Mao: Not only that, the guy's pretty strong too!!
Hilda:...Don't tell me it's the Four Stars?

Skit #575 [SKI575]
「近くに能力者が!?」 A Force User Nearby!?

Mao: They're outside of the city!
Veigue:...Let's go take a look.

Skit #576 [SKI576]
「まさか...!?」 It Can't Be...!?

Mao: This has to happen while Eugene isn't here, doesn't it...don't tell me
     it's the The Four Stars?
Hilda: At any rate, let's go!


<Near The Entrance Of Town>

Mao: Over there. They're outside of the city!!

<After The Scene>

Veigue: Eugene...?
Eugene: Oh, it's you, Veigue...
Veigue: Are you alright?
Mao: Hey Eugene, were those Viruses just now really that strong? Or was there
     also a Force User with them?
Eugene:...What do you mean?
Mao: You see, the Force Cube was spinning like crazy even though we were inside
     of the city.
Eugene: Oh, it was probably reacting to my Force. I was startled since they
        caught me off guard. And so I ended up raising my Force more than I had
Mao: Oh okay...I don't usually see you get flustered like that, Eugene.
Eugene:...More importantly, has everyone gotten enough rest?
Mao: Yep, we're all good to go...right, guys?
Veigue: Right, but Eugene, in that fight just now...
Eugene: I didn't use up much of my strength. I'm fine...
Eugene: Let's take a short break and then head out for the Tower of Nereg.

Skit #577 [SKI577]
「ネレグの塔へ」 To The Tower Of Nereg

Eugene: Let's head towards the Tower of Nereg. The "Garden of Illusion" is at
        the summit.
Mao: The Nejana Peninsula where the Tower of Nereg sits is to the northeast of

Skit #578 [SKI578]
「違うよ、アニ一」 That's Not It, Annie

Mao: I was kind of...scared of Eugene earlier...
Annie:...That was a Gajuma's...that person's...true nature...
Mao: No, you're wrong, that's not it...! Annie, that's not it at all, so...

Skit #579 [SKI579]
「ヒルダの夢」 Hilda's Dream
NOTE: You have to stay at the inn to view this Skit. It's possible to view this
Skit as soon as you enter Nolzen as well.

Hilda: I had a strange dream...a large bonfire was burning and many people were
       dancing around it...
Hilda: Snow kept coming down from a black sky, but it ends up melting away in
       front of the flames with a "poof" sound.
Annie: Wow...that scene sounds somewhat fairytale-like.
Hilda: And...the ones who are singing and dancing around the flames are...
Annie:...Halves...you say?
Hilda: There were a multitude of Halves, and so many of them seemed to be
Hilda:...But it was just a dream...it couldn't be anything else but a dream...

Skit #580 [SKI580]
「ネジャナ半島は...」 Nejana Peninsula Is...

Eugene: The Nejana Peninsula is on the eastern continent and sticks out into
        the ocean. The Tower of Nereg is said to be there.


<At The Tower Of Nereg>

Mao: Whoa, is this the Tower of Nereg!?
Veigue:...I can't see the very top of the tower...
Hilda: "An ancient tower which rises up into the clouds"...this has to be it.
Eugene: I've never seen a tower as enormous as this one before. A roof as
        large as this would likely have enough space to house something like a
Tytree:...I wonder whose turn it'll be this time.

Skit #581 [SKI581]
「塔を登れ!」 Clear The Tower!

Mao: Let's hurry on ahead!
Tytree: Yeah! I don't care what you come at us with, so I say bring it on!

Skit #582 [SKI582]
「聖獣の住む塔」 Tower Where The Sacred Beast Lives

Hilda: The notion of people building a tower for a Sacred Beast to live in
       doesn't sit quite right with me for some reason.
Eugene: Indeed...it's conceivable that the tower was constructed for the
        purpose of deifying the Sacred Beast, but...
Tytree: Yeah, you've got a point. I'm sure that the Sacred Beast had no place
        to crash, so it built that thing for itself.
Hilda: It is truly amazing how you churn out such crazy ideas one after the
Hilda: I'm positive that your mouth was the first part to come out when you
       left the womb...
Veigue: My thoughts exactly...

Skit #583 [SKI583]
「ネレグの塔の謎」 The Mystery Of The Tower Of Nereg

Mao: I wonder how you would go about constructing a tower as huge as this one?
Tytree: It appears that it was built by people from ancient times, but...can
        people really build somethin' like that?
Eugene: If we assume that to be the case, then it would mean that the Sacred
        Beast is inside of a tower built by humans...hmm...
Tytree: Who's to say that there aren't capricious Sacred Beasts in the world,
        right? Or are you saying that the Sacred Beasts were actually the ones
        who made them?
Eugene:...That may be the case...

Skit #584 [SKI584]
「項上を目指して」 Aim For The Summit

Annie: At any rate, let's aim for the summit of the tower for now.


<After Entering The Tower>

Hilda: This place doesn't look like anything special.
Tytree: Yeah, it's kind of a let-down.
???: I've been waiting for you all.
???: Now, make your way up to the highest floor.

<Upon Meeting The First Set Of Mini-Bosses The First Time>

Tytree: I knew somebody was gonna show up!!
Eugene: So this would be the guardian, huh.
Veigue: Here they come!!

<After The Fight>

???: That's the spirit. Continue on without losing your way.
Veigue: Let's go!

<If You Fight The First Set Of Mini-Bosses Again>

Tytree: What, are these guardians immortal or something?
Mao: They're coming at us!!

<Upon Meeting The Second Set Of Mini-Bosses The First Time>

Hilda: Here they come again!

<After The Fight>

???: You mustn't turn back. Look only at what lies ahead and advance forward.

<If You Fight The Second Set Of Mini-Bosses Again>

Tytree: Persistent buggers, aren't they.

<Upon Meeting The Third Set Of Mini-Bosses The First Time>

Mao: A woman?
Tytree: Did you get lost in the tower?
Veigue: Wait! Something's not right!
Tytree: Eww!! She went all perverse on us!!
Mao: If you're gonna call it something, say that she transformed!!
Veigue: It doesn't matter whether she transformed or transfigured herself!!
        She's coming this way!!

<After The Fight>

???: Just a little bit further...now hurry and come this way.

<If You Fight The Third Set Of Mini-Bosses Again>

Tytree: You're not foolin' anyone this time around, lady!! Here I come, ya
        freak of nature!!

<At The Top Of The Tower>

Annie: Is this place the Garden of Illusion?
Tytree: Man, this thing's freakin' tall...I can see the clouds down there!!
Man: I've been waiting for you all.
Mao: Huh? You're the one who told us about this tower in Nolzen...
Man: You did well to make it this far.
Annie: Are you...a Sacred Beast...?
Man: Heh heh heh...ha ha ha ha ha ha...
Veigue: Saleh!!
Saleh: Hey there, everyone, it's been a while. Did you enjoy yourselves? When
       you took care of the 3 guardians in this tower?
Veigue: What do you mean by that!!
Saleh: Don't you get it? I took great pleasure in laying out a path from Nolzen
       to this place.
Saleh: In other words, this tower is nothing but a diversion. A di-ver-sion.
Annie:...That can't be...
Saleh: It was quite difficult dragging you out to a place where Milhaust's
       annoying little eyes couldn't reach, you know....Ha ha...ha ha ha ha ha
       ha ha!!
Veigue: Saleh!! You bastard!!
Saleh: I said it once before, didn't I? That I wouldn't forgive you people. And
       that's why I'm going to have you writhe in even more pain. This time, it
       will be a reunion among friends.
Tytree: Aren't they The Dark Wings!!
Ginnal: You dogs are the enemy...
Yucia:...Kill the enemy.
Saleh: I gave these three a small suggestion and did them a favor by filling
       their hearts full of hatred.
Saleh: Doing that made these losers surprisingly strong. It's just as you
       people say...the "power of the heart" is vast indeed!!
Tytree: Saleh! How the hell could you do such a thing!!
Saleh: If you're worried, then you should save them. Using your "power of the
       heart," that is. Heh heh heh...
Saleh: Well then, I should be going. I bid you adieu!
Ginnal: We shall be your opponents, you louts!!
Tytree: Dammit...you've got no excuse for being half-asleep in the middle of
        the day!!

<In-Battle Dialogue With The Dark Wings>
NOTE: The dialogue continues if you bring Tytree along, but I wasn't recording
so I didn't catch what he said.

Veigue: These guys...their usual antics don't even compare to this!

<After The Fight>

Veigue: You still want to go at it!?
Tytree: Come on, wake up already!! You Dark Wings!!
Ginnal: W, what in heavens name were we...
Mao: You guys were being used as fighting tools and Saleh was the one who was
     pulling your strings.
Tytree: Let's go ahead and leave things the way they are. Y'all can't kill
        people. You just ain't cut out to be soldiers.
Yucia: T, that is not true...!!
Tytree: Do you all really think that you can toy with people's lives and laugh
        as you watch them suffer? You can't, am I right?
Ginnal:...Damn it all...damn it all to hell!!
Ginnal: Despite our best efforts...despite fighting with every inch of our
        lives...why is it that everything we attempt ends in failure!!
Yucia: Perhaps we are not suited for the soldier's life after all...how
       frustrating, it's so very frustrating...
Drumb: It's frustrating, yah...most disappointing, yah...
Ginnal:...Now that it has come to this, there is but one path left open to us!
Veigue: You don't mean!? Stop!!
Ginnal: Gaze upon the final moments of The Dark Wings!!
Yucia: Ha!!
Ginnal: Alley-oop!!
Drumb: Yah!!
Ginnal: The three of us met our deaths just moments ago...and now, we have been
        reborn! Furthermore, we declare on this very ground that we shall
        forsake our ties with The Royal Shield!
Ginnal: No matter how lame we might appear, no matter how pathetic we may be,
        as long as we draw breath, we shall continue along the path of our
Drumb: Continue on, yah!
Yucia: We shall do things our own way from now on!
Veigue: You guys...
Ginnal: Farewell, ladies and gentlemen! The Dark Wings are forever immortal!
Yucia, Ginnal, & Drumb: Haa ha ha ha!
Hilda: They're not the discourageable type, I see...
Tytree: Those guys...there's something about them that you just can't hate...
Hilda:...I suppose you're right...
Mao: Hey, what are we supposed to do now? If this tower is a red herring, then
     we're fresh out of clues, aren't we?
Annie: This might not be a diversion after all.
Mao: Eh?
Annie: Look!!

<After The CG Sequence>

Annie: An ancient tower which rises up into the clouds...That has to be it for
Tytree: That sure looks like the real deal...but how are we supposed to get
        over there?
Eugene: That tower is most likely situated on the Beo Plains. The plains are
        surrounded by mountains, so we can't access them via a land route.
        We'll have to go to Nolzen and bypass the mountains using a boat.
Veigue: The ocean, huh...let's try going to Nolzen.

Skit #585 [SKI585]
「ノルゼンから船で」 From Nolzen By Boat

Eugene: The tower where the next Sacred Beast awaits is on the Beo Plains.
        We'll have to go by boat from Nolzen.
Veigue: Let's go back to Nolzen for now.

Skit #586 [SKI586]
「今度こそ」 This Time For Sure

Mao: It's really going to be the "tower which rises up into the clouds" this
     time for sure, right?
Annie: We went through so much trouble to locate it. I hope that this time, it
       turns out to be what we are searching for.
Mao: Well if it's not, then we can just have fun trying to find it again,
Annie: Mao, you have such an optimistic outlook on things. Unlike myself...
Mao: Don't worry about it so much. I think you've gotten a lot more positive
     than you used to be, Annie.
Annie: You...think so...?

Skit #587 [SKI587]
「漆黒カルテット誕生!?」 Birth Of The Dark Quartet!?

Tytree: The Dark Wings, huh...they sure were amusing. I hope we get to meet
        them again sometime...
Mao: They seem to have struck a chord with you, Tytree, but...sorry, I'm gonna
Tytree: Whaddaya mean by that! Weren't you the one who said that they were
        growing on ya!
Mao: That's a completely different story! Hanging out with the Dark Trio wears
     me out, you know!
Tytree: Oh, really? Hrmm...
Mao: They really have struck a chord with you, haven't they...how 'bout if you
     become their fourth member?

Skit #588 [SKI588]
「ベオ平原へは船で」 To The Beo Plains By Boat

Mao: If we ride a boat from Nolzen, then we can get to the Beo Plains, right?
Tytree: Let's aim for the "ancient tower which rises up into a sea of clouds"
        and race over there!


<Upon Returning To Nolzen>

Callegean Soldier: At present, this city is under a special watch. Please
                   refrain from making any unnecessary outings.
Annie: Did something happen?
Callegean Soldier: A few days ago, there was a large conflict between the
                   Gajumas and the Humas. It is uncertain as to when this may
                   happen again. Please be very careful.
Tytree: Sounds like some terrible things happened while we were on our way to
        the Tower of Nereg.
Eugene: It appears that the interracial disputes are becoming more fierce with
        each passing day.
Veigue: In any case, let's go to the port. Finding a boat headed for the Beo
        Plains comes first.

Skit #589 [SKI589]
「船は港から」 A Boat From The Port

Eugene: We need a boat that is going to the Beo Plains. Let's search for one at
        the port.

Skit #590 [SKI590]
「船を探しましょう」 Let's Search For A Ship

Annie: Let's find a ship at the harbor and hurry to the Beo Plains.


<Talking To The Soldier At The Harbor>

Callegean Soldier: At this time, the harbor is under the jurisdiction of the
                   military. We cannot allow any civilian boats to depart.
Veigue: Isn't there any way that you could make an exception?
Callegean Soldier: I hate to tell you this, but you'll just have to wait for a
                   little while until we receive permission from the
Misha: Ah, everyone!! It's been a long time!
Mao: Misha!! What are you doing here?
Misha: We came to this city by request of the Callegean Army.
Eugene: Then Dr. Curia is here as well?
Misha: Yes, she is. Dr. Curia has opened up a temporary clinic at the inn. By
       all means, please come and visit sometime. I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I
       will see you later.
Veigue: He said that they came to this city at the request of the military,
        didn't he. Couldn't we have a word with her about the boat?
Eugene: I'd prefer not to cause her any trouble, but we don't have any other
        options. Let's try asking her.
Annie: I...will be waiting elsewhere.
Tytree: Are you saying that the doctor in the making doesn't like hospitals?
        It'll be fine, so let's go!!

Skit #591 [SKI591]
「頼みの綱は...」 Our Only Resort Is...

Mao: If we ask Dr. Curia, we might get permission from the army to set sail.
Eugene: For the time being, let's go to the inn and consult with her.

Skit #592 [SKI592]
「ミ一シャとキュリア」 Misha And Curia

Hilda: Who was that cute Gajuma kid just now?
Tytree: Yeah, him and that Doctor Curia you mentioned...?
Mao: We met the doctor back when we were in Minal. Misha is her assistant.
Mao: They helped Annie out after she fought with us. You were pretty spent,
     right, Annie?
Annie:...Yes, I was...
Tytree: What's the matter, Annie?
Annie:...No, it's nothing...

Skit #593 [SKI593]
「その人なら...」 Knowing That Person...

Tytree: At any rate, if we ask that Doctor Curia person for a favor, then we
        might be able to get on a boat, right?


<Inside The Inn>

Curia:...So that's what's going on...I can't exactly say that I follow your
      entire story. The Sacred Beasts and their impression and whatnot...it's
      almost too much to absorb all at once.
Mao: But everything we told you is true. At the very least, there's no mistake
     that the conflicts between the two races have suddenly gotten more
     violent, right?
Curia: You certainly have a point there. But...is that impression the sole
       cause of the racial disputes?
Curia:...Well, I guess that it really doesn't matter. In any case, you need a
      boat, correct? I'll try to negotiate with the army. Wait just a second.
Eugene: If you would, please.
Callegean Soldier: Pardon the intrusion. I heard that Commander Eugene Gallardo
                   was on the premises, so I came to see him. He is here,
Eugene: If I'm not mistaken, you were the one standing guard at the entrance of
        the city...do you know me?
Callegean Soldier: Previously, when you were involved in the training for the
                   regular army, I had the opportunity to receive your
                   instruction. Commander, you were an inspiration for me.
Eugene:...So is there something I can help you with?
Callegean Soldier: No, I simply wanted to offer a word of greeting. Had that
                   incident not occurred, Commander, you would have been...
Annie: You, you know about that incident...about the events surrounding my
       father's death, don't you!?
Callegean Soldier: Commander, is this child...!?
Eugene:...She's the daughter of Doctor Barrs.
Callegean Soldier:...I am sorry, I said too much...Well then, I should be on my
Annie: Wait, tell me about the incident! Why was it that my father had to be
Annie: Why won't you tell me!? Or are you saying that it would be troublesome
       if I were to find out!? Do you Gajumas intend to stick up for one
Callegean Soldier:...Stick up for one another? Do you know what you're saying?
                  The Commander is the one who is covering up for Doctor Barrs!
Annie: This person is protecting father!? What is that supposed to mean!?
Callegean Soldier: Because of the Doctor, Lord Ladras was...
Eugene: Stop!
Eugene:...I'm sorry, but could you leave?
Callegean Soldier:...M, my apologies...however, Commander...please do not
                  forget...that there are those of us who believe in you...now,
                  if you would excuse me...
Misha: Dr. Curia sure is late, isn't she. I wonder if something happened...
Veigue: We'll go check on her.

Skit #594 [SKI594]
「遅いね...」 She Sure Is Late, Isn't She...

Mao: I wonder where Dr. Curia went off to...?
Veigue: I'm concerned...let's go look for her.

Skit #595 [SKI595]
「帰って来ないキュリア」 Curia Hasn't Come Back

Eugene: Doctor Curia said that she was going to negotiate with the army, but...
        did something happen?


<In The Northern Part Of Town>

Callegean Soldier: Urgh...Commander...
Eugene: Hang in there!! What happened!?
Curia: They were attacked by a group of Viruses!
Curia: Don't just stand there, give me a hand!! Please bring the critically
       wounded patients to the inn for me!!
Veigue: Got it.
Veigue: Claire, go on ahead to the inn for me and start making preparations
        along with Misha!!
Claire: O, okay!!
Misha: We ended up filling all of the rooms at the inn, so we asked the
       townspeople and borrowed any rooms that were vacant.
Misha: Everyone else is tending to the injured person in his or her room.
Curia: Annie, there aren't any doctors in this town besides us. Let's split up
       and examine the patients.
Annie: Eh, you want me to...?
Curia: You were studying to become a physician under the Doctor's...your
       father's guidance, weren't you? The Doctor was always boasting about
Curia: The medical treatment for Humas and Gajumas is the same. You know that,
Annie: Y, yes...but...
Curia: Listen, you're going to be treating patients...patients, is that clear!
       They're not Humas or Gajumas. You understand, right?
Annie: Patients...
Curia: Now go along!! Hurry!!
Veigue: What do you want us to do?
Misha: If you would, please assist Annie!
Veigue: Annie, let's go!
Annie: O, okay...

Skit #596 [SKI596]
「まずは宿屋で!」 Start With The Inn!

Veigue: Annie, let's go treat those injured people. We should start with the
Annie: O...okay...!

Skit #597 [SKI597]
「不安です...」 I Feel Uneasy...

Veigue: Annie, you know how to properly care for the injured, right...?
Annie:...I...feel uneasy...
Veigue: What is there to feel uneasy about?
Annie: I have treated minor wounds and illnesses before, but these people are
       severely injured...
Veigue: You studied under your father, didn't you? If you concentrate and don't
        panic, then I'm sure that you'll do fine. Let's go.
Annie:...O, okay...

Skit #598 [SKI598]
「すぐに手当てを!」 We Have To Treat Them Soon!

Veigue: We have to treat the injured people who we brought to the inn soon,


<Inside The Inn>

Misha: Annie! Go to where Eugene is right away!!
Veigue: What's wrong, Misha?
Misha: The soldier from before is in critical condition!
Veigue: That soldier's life is in danger?
Misha: Dr. Curia has her hands full with the other patients, so Annie is the
       only person we can rely on right now.
Veigue: Annie, let's hurry!
Misha: Annie, hurry!! Please!!

Skit #599 [SKI599]
「何をしている?」 What Are You Doing?

Veigue: Annie, what are you doing...? People's lives are on the line...!

Skit #600 [SKI600]
「重傷者のところへ!」 To Where The Seriously Injured Person Is!

Veigue: If we don't go over to where that soldier is soon...Hurry...!


<Outside The House Near The Entrance Of Town>

Callegean Soldier: Gaaaaahhh...!!
Eugene: Hang in there!! A doctor will be here soon!! Barrs' daughter is coming
        to help you!!
Veigue: What's wrong, Annie?
Annie: N, no, it's nothing...

<Inside The House>

Callegean Soldier: Grh...waaaaaahhhh...!!
Eugene: Annie, hurry, please! His condition seems to be getting worse by the
Veigue: Annie, what's wrong!?
Annie:...I'm...going to go fetch some medicine.
Eugene: We have medicine right here! If you don't treat him quickly, then this
        man's life will be...!!
Annie: I can't do it!! I can't save...some Gajuma...
Veigue: Isn't he a patient?
Veigue: How is his life any different from ours? Isn't that what it means for
        there to be "no color in life"?
Annie:...I don't know! I'm just not sure of anything anymore...
Callegean Soldier: Aaaaaaaahhh...!!
Eugene: Stay with us, you have to stay with us!!
Callegean Soldier: Commander...this is my final request...please protect this
                   country...protect Callegea...

<During A Flashback>

Doctor Barrs:...I have one last request...take care of Lady Agarte...and Annie
             for me...
Eugene:...No!! Don't die!! Stay with me!! Open your eyes!! Barrs!!...Barrs!!
Doctor Barrs:...Eugene...forgive me...
Eugene: Barrs, hang in there!! Barrs!!

<Back In The House>

Eugene: Barrs, don't die, Barrs...!!
Veigue: Eugene!?
Annie:...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...I...
Claire:...Are you...crying...?
Annie:...My father...and that person...they both had the same lives...lives
      without color...
Veigue: Annie...
Annie:...To think that I would have to watch a person die right in front of my
      eyes before I'd realize this...
Claire:...Is there nothing more...that can be done for him...?
Annie:...Veigue...would you...would you please get Hilda and bring her here for
Veigue: Bring Hilda? What do you mean?
Annie: We might be able to save him. In order to do that, I will need Hilda's
Veigue: G, got it!!

Skit #601 [SKI601]
「ヒルダはどこだ?」 Where Is Hilda?

Veigue: I have to hurry...Where is Hilda...!?


<In A Nearby House>

Veigue: Hilda, Annie is calling for you. It appears that she needs your power.
Hilda: Eh...?
Veigue: In any case, come with me!

Skit #602 [SKI602]
「アニ一が呼んでいる!」 Annie Is Calling For You!

Hilda: What do you mean when you say that my power is needed in order to save
Veigue: I'm not so sure myself...at any rate, let's hurry over to where Annie


<Back Where The Soldier Is>

Hilda: Eh!? Are you telling me to shoot my Force of Thunder into a person's
Annie: According to a research paper that I've read, a person can be
       resuscitated after cardiac arrest if you apply a weak electrical
       current to the heart.
Tytree: Are you really sure about this? I mean, what the hell kind of rationale
        is that anyway?
Annie: I do not know any of the details. This is an all-or-nothing gamble...at
       this point, there is no other way to save him.
Eugene: Everyone, let's believe in Annie.
Annie: Eugene...everyone...
Annie: Hilda...if you would, please.
Hilda:...Here I go...
Annie: Hilda, could you do it one more time?
Callegean Soldier: Uhn...
Callegean Soldier:...C, Commander...
Eugene: Can you tell...can you tell that it's me?
Callegean Soldier: Yes...
Annie:...Thank goodness...
Tytree: You did it, Annie!!
Annie: I have to go...there are still a large number of people who haven't been
       treated yet.
Mao: We're gonna help out too! Let's go!

Skit #603 [SKI603]
「命の重みを」 The Weight Of A Life

Annie: There are still many people who need to be treated. Let's hurry!

Skit #604 [SKI604]
「は、はい...!」 Y, Yes Ma'am...!

Mao: Annie...she was awesome, wasn't she...
Tytree: Yeah...it was kind of like, how should I put it...she was shining there
        for a second.
Veigue: Yeah...
Hilda: Her expression was certainly one of relief.
Annie: Everyone, what are you zoning out for! Please give me a hand!
Veigue, Mao, Tytree, and Hilda: Y, yes ma'am...!

Skit #605 [SKI605]
「みんなを助けよう」 Let's Save Everyone

Mao: It's difficult having this many people with injuries, but hang in there,
Annie: Yeah...I'll do my best!

NOTE: At this point, you need to go around to all of the houses and treat all
of the injured soldiers. I can't remember who was in which house, but the
dialogue that takes places appears below. I've sectioned this part off for
those of you who wish to skip it.

Callegean Soldier: It hurts, it really hurts...
Annie: This is nothing serious. You're a grown man, so please don't cry over
       something like this.
Annie: I'm going to disinfect it now!!
Callegean Soldier:...I, it stings...
Annie: It will go away soon. Please put up with it.
Callegean Soldier: You sure are a strict doctor...

Annie: I am about to begin treatment, so please be patient for just a bit
Annie: How do you feel?
Callegean Soldier:...It feels like the pain is going away. Thank you...
Annie: Doctor...

Annie: This medicine is slightly bitter, but please drink it.
Callegean Soldier: Ugh...it's bitter...too bitter...
Annie: Please bear with it! The bitterness is the reason why this medicine is
       very effective in the first place.
Callegean Soldier:  R, right...I'll just have to deal with it then...ugh, it's
                    so bitter...

Annie: Please hang in there. I am going to treat you momentarily.
Annie: You should be fine now.
Callegean Soldier: Phew...I feel much better...thanks, mini Doctor...

Annie: I am going to give you an injection. You're going to feel a small prick,
       but please tolerate it.
Annie: There, I'm all done.
Man: T, thank you...the shot didn't hurt at all...

<After Treating All Of The Soldiers>

Veigue: We somehow managed to treat everyone, didn't we.
Curia: You all did an excellent job.
Curia:...I like that expression on your face. It's like you're a completely
      different person from before. I'm guessing that you came to some sort of
Annie:...I still have a ways to go...but I feel like I'm starting to
      understand...what it means for there to be "no color in life"...
Curia: I see...I am sure that your father is most pleased.
Annie:...From now on, I would like to try and think about the meaning of my
      father's words for myself. And then...
Annie: I am uncertain how things will turn out, but someday I hope to become a
       doctor...a doctor just like my father and you, Dr. Curia...
Curia: I'm a bit embarrassed, but...do your best. Knowing you, I'm sure that
       you will become a fine physician.
Misha: I think so as well!! But that being said, I won't lose to you, Annie.
       I'm going to become a splendid doctor too, so just watch!!
Annie: Misha...
Curia: Well then, I have a reward for you all since you really came through for
       me. It seems that the Callegean army has prepared a boat for you.
Annie: Really!?
Curia: Don't give up. People may come into conflict with one another, but it is
       also possible for them to get along.
Annie: Thank you, Dr. Curia.
Curia: You should go on ahead now. You're in a hurry, right?
Veigue: Let's go.
Tytree: Let's go confront Mr. Sacred Beast at the real "tower which rises up
        into the clouds" for sure this time!

Skit #606 [SKI606]
「歌うマオ・5」 Singing Mao Part 5

Mao: A rustling rustle~
Mao: A fluffy fluff~
Mao: A howling wind~
Mao: Go go~!
Annie: Hee hee, is that a song too?
Mao: Yep, it's the "Snow Song"!
Tytree: Hold it right there. What was with that "Go go!" at the end there?
Tytree: You mean "Fall, fall!", right?
Annie:...What are you talking about, Tytree? That is the sound an avalanche
      makes. Right, Mao?
Mao: Yep!
Tytree:...An avalanche...?...Wait, I don't get it!...No, that's just plain
       messed up...

Skit #607 [SKI607]
「船に乗ってベオ平原へ!」 Get On The Boat And Go To The Beo Plains!

Mao: We've obtained a boat thanks to Dr. Curia, so now all that's left is to go
     to the Beo Plains!
Tytree: Yeah, the next Sacred Beast is waiting for us at the ancient tower!

Skit #608 [SKI608]
「偉いお医者さん」 A Distinguished Doctor
Tytree: Dr. Curia sure must be a great doctor for her to be summoned by the
        army, huh.
Mao: Ah, I heard about this from Misha, let me see...she received the Royal
     Medical License something or other...
Annie: Eh?...Are you by any chance...referring to that...the Royal Medical
       License for Exceptional Practitioners?
Mao: Yeah, yeah, that thing.
Tytree: What the heck is that?
Annie: It is a seal that is certified by the kingdom which is only given to
       doctors who are recognized by the King. My father received one as well.
Annie:...To think that she was such an amazing individual...

Skit #609 [SKI609]
「アニ一の勇姿」 Annie's Gallant Appearance

Mao: Annie looked so cool when she was treating those wounded soldiers!
Mao: I wish you could have seen her too, Eugene...
Eugene: Is that so...
Mao: What's the matter, Eugene? You seem so distant.
Eugene: Well...I was thinking that...I would have liked for Barrs to have seen
        her rather than myself...
Mao: Yeah...you're right...

Skit #610 [SKI610]
「ベオ平原へ」 To The Beo Plains

Tytree: Let's get on a boat from the harbor and aim for the Beo Plains. It's a
        straight shot to the Sacred Beast's tower.

NOTE: You can get on the ship by talking to the soldier by the port.

Directions for operating the Free Ship
CIRCLE=Move Forward
SQUARE=Move Backward
D-PAD=Change Directions
X=Get off boat
If you want to get off the boat, please direct the front of the vessel to the
shoreline and press the X button.
L3 STICK=Change Directions (Analog)
L1/R1 BUTTONS=Change Directions

Skit #611 [SKI611]
「港から南へ」 To The South From The Port

Eugene: Advance to the south from Nolzen's harbor. The Beo Plains are a region
        along the sea that are surrounded by mountains.

Skit #612 [SKI612]
「聖獣の待つ塔は...」 The Tower Where The Sacred Beast Waits Is...

Mao: The Beo Plains are a huge snow-filled region that are surrounded by a
     soaring mountain range to the south of Nolzen!
Annie: That's where the Sacred Beast is waiting, isn't it...

<Upon Landing On The Beo Plains>

Skit #613 [SKI613]
「ベオ平原上陸」 Landing On The Beo Plains

Tytree: The tower of the Sacred Beast is right in front of our eyes. Everyone,
        brace yourselves and let's go!

Skit #614 [SKI614]
「ここがベオ平原だ」 There Are The Beo Plains

Eugene: These are the Beo Plains. Let's go straight to the tower.

<As You Approach The Tower>

Skit #615 [SKI615]
「見えてるでしょ?」 You Can See It, Can't You?

Hilda: Look, you can already see it, so...let's go to the tower!

Skit #616 [SKI616]
「聖獣は誰を待つ?」 Who Is The Sacred Beast Waiting For?

Annie: A Sacred Beast is in that tower...who will it be this time...


<In Front Of The Tower>

Veigue: "A tower which rises up into the clouds," huh...It certainly...seems as
        though it pierces through the clouds, doesn't it.
Tytree: Yeesh!!! How the heck do ya build something like this?
Mao: Maybe we'll find out if we ask the Sacred Beast?
Hilda: Assuming that we came to the right place this time, that is.
Eugene: We'll know once we step inside. Let's go.

<Inside The Tower>

??????: O those who would seek mine power.
Annie:...Is this voice...!?
??????: I am known as the Sacred Beast Wontiga. For what purpose do you people
        seek my power?
Eugene: In order to purify Geyorkias' impression and end the racial conflicts,
        and so that we may return to the life of co-existence that we once had.
Wontiga: Do you desire that from the depths of your hearts? Do you truly
         believe that those of dissimilar race can co-exist with one another?
Tytree: Of course we do!
Wontiga:...If such is the case, then why don't I have you show me that
        determination. Should that determination prove to be genuine, then the
        winds shall surely lead you to where I await.
Veigue: Let's go.

Skit #617 [SKI617]
「聖獣ウォンティガの塔」 The Tower Of The Sacred Beast Wontiga

Eugene: The Sacred Beast should be somewhere in the tower.

Skit #618 [SKI618]
「煙と何とかは...」 The Smoke Or Whatever Is...

Tytree: In any case, let's climb, climb, and climb climb away!
Hilda: Now don't climb so much that you end up falling, Tytree.

Skit #619 [SKI619]
「行きましょう」 Let Us Go

Annie: Let us go...to the place where the Sacred Beast waits!

NOTE: To solve the first puzzle, start at I (Roman numeral 1) and go clockwise
until you reach XII (Roman numberal 12). After the message pops up, start at
XII and go counter-clockwise back to I.

<Further Into The Tower>

Annie:...This is...Callegea Castle!?
???????: Annie...
Annie: Father!!
Annie: Wait, father!!

Skit #620 [SKI620]
「とまどいのアニ一」 Bewildered Annie

Annie: Father...I...what am I doing in a place like this...?

Skit #621 [SKI621]
「どこにいるの?」 Where Are You?

Annie: Father? Where are you, father?


<At The End Of The Hallway>

Doctor Barrs: Uaaaaaahhh!!
Annie: Father!!
Annie: Father...!?
Annie: Father...Father~!!

<Back In The Dungeon>

Eugene: What's wrong, Annie?
Eugene: You look pale. Are you alright?
Annie: It's...it's nothing...I'm fine, really...
Tytree: Looks like it's already started...so this time it's Annie, huh.
Hilda:...And once again...I'm not the one...
Veigue: Hilda...
Mao: Hang in there, Annie!!
Annie:...Let us go.

You can spin the waterwheel using Annie's Force of Rain. If you continue to
hold down the Force Button (SQUARE Button), the range of the precipitation will
increase. The rain will fall when you release the button. Stop the waterwheel
using the CIRCLE button. You can spin the waterwheel as many times as you want
using the Force of Rain.

NOTE: Stopping the wheel on the yellow mark will bring you to a treasure chest.
Red will allow you to progress further into the dungeon. The rest of the colors
bring you to dead ends.

<Further Into The Tower>

Callegean Soldier:...It's no use...up until just now, he was calling out the
                  Commander's name as if in a delirium, but his breathing has
Annie: Father!! Father!!
Zilva: Eugene Gallardo. You were the one who stabbed the Doctor, am I right?
Eugene: It was me...I was the one who took Barrs'...the one who killed Barrs...
        was me!!
Zilva: Take the Commander into custody.
Eugene: Why...why did it come to this!! Ghh...uoooooohh!!
Eugene: My heart is being consumed by hatred...at this rate, I...I'm going to
        end up killing you Humas...!!
Annie:...No, something's wrong...You're not like this, are you!? Isn't that
Eugene: Hold your tongue, you feeble Huma!! Begone, begone every last one of
        you!! Uooooohh!!
Eugene:...I...I am the one who took Barrs'...I am the one who killed your
       father! You hate me, don't you...hate me...resent me...!!
Annie: I, I can't just...that may be the truth. But, but, you're...!!
Annie:...You're not like that!!

<Back In The Dungeon>

Hilda: Annie?
Annie: I'm alright, everything's fine. Let's hurry on ahead.

<Even Further Into The Tower>

Annie: I am Annie...Annie Barrs!!
Annie: That's right, I'm the daughter of Doctor Barrs, whose life was snatched
       away by that Gajuma.
Eugene: Annie...
Annie: Don't say my name so casually!!
Annie: I will never forgive you...I will have you atone for that sin with your
Eugene: Wait! Annie...
That's right...I took Barrs' life. That fact will not change.
Eugene: I will not run away. Not from this pain...not from the sin I committed.
        And not from you either.
Eugene: That is the one and only thing that I can do to make amends.
Eugene: Until you're satisfied...until I understand Barrs' pain, I'll let you
        stab me as many times as you wish.
Eugene: So don't ever act this recklessly again. Do not treat your life so
        frivolously. For Barrs' sake as well...
Annie: What should I do from now on...father...even though he was all the
       family I had left...
Eugene:...Hate me. Live so that you can kill me. There is something that I must
       do, so for now I cannot allow myself to die.
Eugene: However, if I accomplish my objective, I promise to hand my life over
        to you. So...live.
Annie:...Even if...you didn't...say...that...

<Back In The Tower>

Mao: Annie!?
Eugene: We don't know what you are being shown. However, you are not alone.
Eugene: Stand up, Annie. Don't lose to the Sacred Beast's trial.
Eugene: Annie...

<At The Top Of The Tower>

Wontiga: How good of you to come this far, Annie. I am Wontiga, the Sacred
         Beast of Wind.
Annie: The Sacred Beast of Wind...Wontiga...
Wontiga: All that I have shown you as you made your way here is the truth.
         However, I did not sense a wavering in your determination...why is
Annie:...Because I finally feel that I understand my father's feelings when he
      said that "there is no color in life."
Wontiga: The feelings of your father...would you be able to say the same thing
         even if you knew what your trusted father did?
Annie: What do you mean by that...?
Wontiga: I shall show you the entirety of the incident concerning your father.
         This is the final trial.
Doctor Barrs:...So what is this serious matter that you wanted to talk to me
Eugene:...The previous King had been bedridden with illness for quite some
Doctor Barrs: Right. And then for His Majesty to behave in such a rash manner
              despite everything...he would likely still be among the living
              had he not done that.
Eugene: No...His Majesty had perceived that his time drew near...
Doctor Barrs: What do you mean?
Eugene: You said that His Majesty suffered from a yet unidentified illness, but
        that alone cannot account for a number of questionable elements.
Doctor Barrs: Are you....implying that I gave a false diagnosis?
Eugene: I...would like to believe you. And that's precisely why I am posing
        this to you directly.
Doctor Barrs: I...I...wanted nothing more than to save His Majesty King
Doctor Barrs: However...I couldn't...His Majesty was...
Doctor Barrs:...His Majesty was in the way, you see...
Eugene: Barrs...!!
Doctor Barrs: Die!!
Eugene: Urgh!!
Doctor Barrs: Things are just as you imagined. I did serve poison to His
Eugene: Barrs, as I suspected, you were...
Doctor Barrs: You meant to say "You can't be serious" instead of "As I
              suspected," didn't you? The two of us are the best of friends,
              aren't we!!
Doctor: Tch, I missed.
Doctor Barrs: Keen insight and a composure that is borderline ruthless. Not to
              mention your combat capabilities...It's irksome, really...it's
              irksome, but that is the reason why His Majesty treasured you so
Eugene: Barrs...!!
Doctor Barrs: You are too good of a man to kill...however, it is much too
              dangerous...to let you live!!
Doctor Barrs: Die!!
Eugene: Stop, Barrs!! Don't do this!!
Doctor Barrs: Ungh...Uaaaaaahhhh!!
Eugene: Barrs!!
Doctor Barrs:...I...what in the world was I...
Eugene: Barrs, why...how did it come to this...
Doctor Barrs:...I, I see...Because of me, His Majesty King Ladras was...that's
             what happened, isn't it?
Eugene: Something's not right...this is some sort of misunderstanding...
        something's just not right...
Doctor Barrs: I'm not going to make it...so...I have one last request...take
              care of Lady Agarte...and Annie for me...
Eugene:...No!! Don't die!! Stay with me!! Open your eyes!! Barrs!!...Barrs!!
Doctor Barrs:...Eugene...forgive me...
Eugene: Barrs, don't die...!! Barrs!!
Callegean Soldier: S, somebody, somebody come quickly!!
Annie:...So this is...the truth...
Wontiga: Even after seeing this, can you still believe in your father? Can you
         say that there is no color in life?
Annie:...My answer remains the same...
Annie: My father was the one who said that "there is no color in life"...
Annie: But the one who made me realize the meaning of those words was Eugene...
Annie:...Following the incident involving my father, my heart was filled with
Annie: My hatred for him and other Gajumas was all too extreme and it came to
       the point where I brought harm and grief to those who were free of
Annie: But time and time again, Eugene extended a helping hand. To someone like
Annie: He may be the one who took my father's life. And that pains me greatly
Annie: I have seen a heart and a life inside of his Gajuma body that are the
       same as my own.
Annie: I feel like I can finally say that there is more to the truth than meets
       the eye.
Annie: Because I have discovered the truth for myself in the phrase "there is
       no color in life"...
Annie: And that's why I believe that Humas and Gajumas can surely come to an
Annie:...Please lend me your power. So that we may return to a world where
      Humas and Gajumas walk hand in hand...
Wontiga:...Very well then. Annie, I shall grant you my power. Show me your
Annie:...Is this the power of a Sacred Beast?
Wontiga: Annie, my wish is that you would use that power to tempest your truth
         through the hearts of man.
Wontiga: However, should even the slightest of hesitations arise in your heart,
         then that power shall shred your body until nothing remains. I would
         like for you to keep that in mind.
Annie: I will!!
Mao: You did it, didn't you, Annie!!
Annie: Yeah!!
Mao:...This is bad, really bad!!
Veigue: What is it, Mao!?
Mao: I'm...the Sacred Beast Shaorune.
Veigue: Shaorune!?
Mao: I'll leave the details for later! Head towards Belsas right away!! Veigue,
     you're going to lose something precious if you don't hurry!!
Veigue: Something precious? To me...?
Veigue: What do you mean by something precious to me...
Annie: What was he referring to just now?
Wontiga: As Shaorune has made his presence known outright, my involvement ends
         here. Annie, I pray for your good fortune.
Eugene: The Sacred Beast told us to hurry, so we should rush over to Belsas.
        Let's head out.

You received the Diamond of Wind.

Skit #622 [SKI622]
「ベルサスへ急行せよ」 Let's Rush Over To Belsas

Eugene: Let's return to Nolzen. A boat going to Belsas should be departing from
        the city.

Skit #623 [SKI623]
「ノルゼン経由でベルサスへ」 To Belsas Via Nolzen

Veigue: What is it that is supposed to be in Belsas...?
Eugene: For the time being, let's go back to Nolzen. There should be a boat
        headed for Belsas leaving from the port.


<As You're Leaving The Tower>

Eugene: Are you alright, Annie?
Annie:...Thank you.
Annie:...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...
Annie: You...covered up for my father...even though it meant losing everything
       ...and yet, father was the one to blame...I...I...
Eugene: Annie...
Annie: I'm sorry...
Eugene: So that's it...Annie...you heard the whole story from the Sacred Beast,
        didn't you...
Eugene: Annie, let's search for the truth behind that incident together.
Eugene: There's more to the truth than meets the eye, right?
Eugene: The Barrs that the both of us knew was not the type of man who would do
        such a thing.
Eugene: The Barrs we knew was a healer who loved and tried to protect all life
        equally...that was his true nature.
Annie: Father's...true nature...
Eugene: I don't know the reason why Barrs plotted the death of the former King
        either. However, the key to all of this has to be in there somewhere.
Eugene: I will find the truth so that Barrs can rest without any regrets. That
        is how I can make amends...
Annie: Eugene...

Annie lost the title "Girl of Vengence."
Annie lost the title "Gajuma Hater."
Since titles have been lost, Annie's title has been set to "Position to Judge."
Please go to the Status Menu if you wish to make any changes.
Eugene and Annie can now perform a Hi-Ougi together (Shouha Rekkousen).

<Talking To The Sailor At The Port In Nolzen>

Eugene: I'm guessing that the regular boat service to Belsas has resumed
        operations, correct?
Sailor: Right, the conflict in the city has settled down for the time being,
        so we finally received permission from the military.
Eugene: Let's take the regular service to get to Belsas. It'll be quicker that

Skit #624 [SKI624]
「聖獣シャオル一ン」 The Sacred Beast Shaorune

Mao: That Sacred Beast Shaorune from earlier...he sounds a bit different from
     the other Sacred Beasts that we've met so far, doesn't he?
Annie: Yes, he does. It's difficult to describe, but he seemed more talkative
       and light-hearted...he certainly didn't strike me as being a Sacred
Mao: Which means that there could be a Sacred Beast like Eugene or Tytree too.
Annie: That's right, you may be on to something there.
Tytree:...Hey now, Annie! Don't be agreein' with him on stuff like that!

Skit #625 [SKI625]
「マオのコワイお話・4」 Mao's Scary Tale Part 4

Mao: You know, about Wontiga...he was wearing a mask, right? You wanna know
     what the deal is underneath that mask?
Annie: Eh?...Underneath his mask? Ooh, Mao...you're just planning to tell me
       another one of your scary tales, aren't you?
Mao: You're wrong, it's just a little curiosity, that's all. You even said
     yourself that you were interested, right?
Annie:...That is true, but...
Mao: Well then, I'll just go ahead and tell you about it! The truth is...when
     he takes off that mask...
Annie: Ack!! So it was a scary story after all, wasn't it! Mao, how could

Skit #626 [SKI626]
「バ一スの真実」 The Truth About Barrs

Eugene: Annie, what's wrong?
Annie: I was wondering...about why father killed King Ladras...
Eugene: Annie...I told you already, didn't I? Barrs was not the type of man who
        would do that sort of thing.
Eugene: Let's search for the truth behind that incident together. I believe in
        Barrs. And that's why you should as well...

Skit #627 [SKI627]
「微妙な二人・4」 The Delicate Two Part 4

Eugene:...What's the matter?
Annie:...Um...I just wanted to say...thank you for everything...
Eugene:...I should be the one thanking you...ah, no, I mean...I'm sorry...
Annie: Oh no, not at all...I'm the one who needs to apologize...
Eugene:...I...well, that is...Annie, I hope that things will work out between
       the two of us from now on...
Annie:...R, right...

Skit #628 [SKI628]
「ベルサスで何が?」 What's Taking Place In Belsas?

Eugene: Let's go see for ourselves about what is happening in Belsas.


<As You're Boarding The Boat>

Scarab: Now get on this boat. Hurry it up...!


<Upon Landing In Belsas Harbor>

Skit #629 [SKI629]
「ベルサスの街へ」 To The City Of Belsas

Mao: The city of Belsas is right around here. Let's hurry!


<After Entering Belsas>

Tytree:...This city has a strange air to it for some reason, don't you think?
Eugene:...Hmm, it appears that there is not a single Gajuma to be found...
       perhaps that is the cause of it?
Susie: Excuse me...could I have a moment? We met...in Sunnytown...
Mao: Ah! Let me see...Susie, right! Oh yeah, I remember you saying that you
     lived in Belsas.
Susie: Just as I thought...! Thank you so much for your help back then! Was the
       person you were searching for returned to you safely?
Veigue: Yeah...
Veigue: This is Claire.
Claire: Oh...it..it's nice to meet you...
Susie: It's nice to meet you too, Claire.
Tytree: Susie, what were you doing here?
Susie: My dear father is returning home from a trip abroad. I went to go meet
       him at the harbor, but it looks like we missed each other, and so...I
       have to head back soon.
Susie: If you'd like, come visit my house later. I wish to show my thanks for
       earlier and everything, so be sure to drop by, okay?
Tytree: She's sure changed somehow, hasn't she? It's like she's more energetic
        and cheerful now.
Eugene: What you saw just now is probably how she normally is. Unlike back
        then, it would appear that she has come to the point where she can
        smile again.
Tytree: Yeah...makes you wonder exactly how many people were robbed of their
        smiles because of the Royal Shield and Agarte...

<Inside Susie's House>

Scarab: Meh heh heh...a Gajuma who resembles the Queen, huh. Susie will likely
        be delighted as well...
Scarab: Nevertheless, Susie...where could she have possibly run off to?
Scarab: Susie! What do you suppose you were doing? Especially since I told you
        not to go out by yourself...Have you forgotten? You've already been
        taken once...
Susie: Honestly, you worry too much, father. I have not heard of any similar
       incidents since then and...
Susie: It can't be...no, but...it just couldn't be...and yet, she looks exactly
       like her...father, don't tell me that this individual is Her Majesty the
Agarte: I am not the Queen, I am...
Scarab: We already know that. As if there would be any reason for the true
        Queen to be alone in a place such as that.
Susie: B, but...to think that she would resemble her this much...
Scarab: Susie, take this Gajuma and put her to use as your personal maid. Bring
        her to your room and do whatever you please with her.
Susie: Eh? You can't be serious...I don't need anyone to help me...
Scarab: Now now, don't say that. How about if you use this young girl to
        thoroughly take your mind off of the distress that you tasted when you
        were captured by the Royal Shield?

<Back In Town>

Annie: What should we do from here on? The Sacred Beast did say that he would
       lose something precious if we didn't hurry, but...
Hilda: Veigue, you have any ideas?
Eugene: There's no use in thinking about it. Let's try walking a bit further
        into the city.

Skit #630 [SKI630]
「大切なものを探して」 The Search For Something Precious

Tytree: What's this thing that's supposed to be so precious to you anyway,
Veigue: Something...precious...
Eugene:...We might find out something if we walk around the city. There's no
       point in thinking about it. We need only to take action.

Skit #631 [SKI631]
「街を歩けば...」 If We Walk Around The City...

Hilda: Why don't we try taking a look at how the city is doing? We might come
       across whatever it is that is precious to Veigue.


<In The Center Of Town>

Hilda: It looks like the people of this town somehow have a distaste for
       Gajumas and Humas being together.
Tytree: Oh great, so you mean Belsas is just like Razilda then. That place
        makes me sick!
Veigue: Which means that...Susie is just about the only person we can talk to
        up-front, huh...

Skit #632 [SKI632]
「ス一ジ一を頼りに」 Rely On Susie

Annie: Susie is our last resort, isn't she. Let's go to her house.

Skit #633 [SKI633]
「ホント、ティトレイって...」 You Know, Tytree, You Really Do...

Tytree: A lot of time sure has passed since we left Petnadjanka, hasn't it...I
        wonder how Sis is doing...
Mao: She's doing fine, isn't she?
Tytree: You think she's doing fine? Does this mean that she's not worried about
Mao: Well...it's not like I'm the best person to ask about that...you know,
     Tytree, you really do have a Sister Complex!
Tytree: Call it Sisterly Love, will ya!

Skit #634 [SKI634]
「ス一ジ一くらいか」 Susie Is About The Only One

Tytree: Seems like Susie is about the only person in this town who will listen
        to us, huh...


<In Front Of Susie's House>

Doorman:...Master Veigue, correct? Milady has informed me of your visit.
        Please, right this way.

Veigue Side-->Agarte Side

<Inside Susie's Room>

Susie: Say, you're...aren't you actually Her Majesty the Queen?
Agarte: No, you're mistaking me for someone else...I'm not even close to being
        a queen...I'm...
Susie: Even though you are someone else...whenever I look at you, I am reminded
       of the time that I was abducted...
Susie:...Earlier...I was kidnapped because of Her Majesty the Queen.
Susie: I know that you're not to blame, but...I can't have you by my side...I
       don't want you to be anywhere near me.
Susie: There is a gathering of Gajumas living across from the bridge. I'll let
       you escape, so I'd like for you to go over there and take shelter.
Doorman: Milady, your guests have made their arrival...
Susie: I'm on my way!
Susie: I'll work things out with the doorman, so...you know what to do, right?

<Outside Susie's House>

Agarte: What am I...supposed to do now...
Doorman: Hey! You over there!! Leave here at once!

Skit #635 [SKI635]
「アガ一テ、さまよう」 Wandering Agarte

Agarte: She said that there is a place across the bridge where a group of
        Gajumas are living, but...


<After Going Across The Bridge On The Western Side Of Town>

Agarte:...This place is...how horrible...why is there a place in this country
       that's in such terrible condition...
????: Her Majesty the Queen...? That just couldn't be...
????: No...I'm certain of it. You are the Queen of Callegea, Lady Agarte,
      correct? For what reason would you come to a place like this?
Agarte: Um...this is a part of Belsas too, isn't it? Then why has it fallen
        into ruin like this?
????: As I thought...Your Majesty was unaware of the situation here in Belsas.
????: The Humas wield the authority here in this city and we Gajumas were
      driven out into the slums.
????: Prior to the Dusk of Ladras, a harmonious relationship existed between
      the two races, but...it seems as if that were nothing but a tale about a
      time long past...For whatever reason, things have been particularly
      horrendous as of late...
????: My apologies for the late introduction. I am known as Janie. I am the one
      who forgathered the Gajumas of this district.
Janie: No matter the occasion, for Her Majesty the Queen to grace us with her
       presence in a place such as this...I beg of you, please listen to the
       voices of your people.
Agarte:...B, but I'm...
Janie: Everyone will surely be overjoyed! If you would, please!
Agarte:...I understand...

Skit #636 [SKI636]
「アガ一テのせいいっぱい」 Agarte's Best Effort

Agarte: At any rate, I should listen to what the people living here have to

Skit #637 [SKI637]
「アガ一テの疑問」 Agarte's Doubt

Agarte: How in the world did things get this bad...If I don't try and listen to
        what all of the Gajumas have to say...

NOTE: You must speak to all of the Gajumas on the next screen before you speak
with Janie. I've sectioned this part for those of you who are not interested in
the dialogue.

Man: Many Gajumas have left this land. If we don't prevent the outflow of
     Gajumas, then soon none will be left...
Old Man: We don't wish to reign over the city. We'd like to continue living on
         this land. But under these circumstances...

Old Man: We've always had to put up with the Humas' high-handed ways! What is
         the country going to do about it?

Man: Those Humas are trying to chase us out of this city!
Woman: They're using dirty tactics to run us Gajumas out here such as robbing
       us of our jobs and setting our houses on fire!!

Old Woman: I want to live out the rest of my life on this land where my mother
           bore me!! I'd rather die than be forced to leave!!

Man: I have a dream...I'd like to become an artisan who bakes tasty bread...
Man: But under these circumstances, I'm not even allowed to undergo training...
Man: Do you suppose it's wrong for a Gajuma to have dreams?
Janie: Lady Agarte, I have something to discuss with you.
Agarte: So places as horrible as this also exist in Callegea, don't they...
Janie: Have you come to a realization, Your Majesty?
Agarte: Yes...how could I ignore a situation like this...
Janie: Your Majesty...I am aware of my disrespect, but I would like to make a
       request of you as a fellow Gajuma, my Queen.
Janie: In order to improve the current circumstances, we thought it best to
       hold a meeting with Scarab, the leader of the Humas.
Janie: However, Scarab refuses to lend even an ear to our words, much less meet
       with us.
Janie: But should Your Majesty the Queen be the one to speak, then it is my
       belief that he would listen to what you have to say. And that is why...
       I ask this of you!
Agarte:...I understand. If there is...should there be anything that can be done
       ...then I shall take it upon myself.
Janie: Are you certain!? Thank you very much! A more blessed day than this
       shall never come to pass! Thank you so very much!!
Scarab:...I see, so you are the ones to whom I owe my daughter's life.
Susie: Since they went through all the trouble to come by, it's okay if I have
       them stay over for tonight, right?
Scarab: Yes, of course. However...I'm going to have to withhold my offer from
        that Gajuma over there.
Scarab: That Gajuma is under your employment, is he not? 'Tis most unfortunate,
        but we don't have any rooms prepared for the hired hands of our guests
        in this mansion.
Annie: A hired hand of all things...! This person is not a servant. Eugene is
       one of our companio...
Eugene: Understood. I will return to the inn.
Mao: In that case, we're going back with you! Right, guys?
Veigue:...Susie, I'm afraid that we'll be returning to the inn.
Susie: At the very least stay for just a meal...
Hilda: No, we're going to do without. Looking at the forbidding expression on
       your father's face is enough to make a person lose one's appetite.

<Outside Susie's House>

Susie: I'm really sorry that my dear father caused you to have such an
       unpleasant experience. He's regarded Gajumas with contempt for as long
       as I can remember...
Susie: I don't know why, but things around here are becoming more and more
       extreme...Mr. Eugene, again, I'm so sorry.
Eugene: No...it's fine. We are the ones who should apologize for imposing on
        you and your father.
Mao: Well, see ya later.
Susie: You...why have you come back?
Agarte: There's something that I want to talk about with Scarab.
Susie: You can't! If father found out that you escaped, then I...
Scarab:...You Gajumas from the slums...what do you think you are trying to do
       with my daughter! And don't you dare lay a hand on that young Gajuma
       girl either!! She's one of the maids in my household!
Agarte: Scarab, I need to have a word with you!
Scarab: A word with me, you say? What would you, a lowly Gajuma with the social
        standing of a maid, need to tell me in such an arrogant tone...
Agarte: Please listen! It's about the Gajumas who live in the slums!
Scarab: The ones from the slums...? What manner of rubbish have they instilled
        into you?
Agarte: Would you be kind enough to listen to what I have to say?
Scarab:...I'll listen to whatever, so just come inside already!
Agarte: You two, please go back to the slums and wait there.
Man: But...
Agarte: I'll be alright, really.
Susie: Ah, wait a minute...

Skit #638 [SKI638]
「悪いのはあんたじゃない」 You Didn't Do Anything Wrong

Eugene: Sorry everyone, because of me...
Veigue: You didn't do anything wrong...at any rate, let's go back to the inn
        for now.

Skit #639 [SKI639]
「思念の広がり」 The Extent Of The Impression

Tytree: Man, I sure wanted to pig out on that feast they had at Susie's place.
Eugene: If only I hadn't been there...sorry about that.
Tytree: Er, well, there's nothing for you to apologize for, right? The one at
        fault is that old fart, Scarab!
Eugene: His discrimination against Gajumas was said to be strong from the very
        start, but...
Eugene: It appears to be getting worse and worse due to the influence of the
        impression, doesn't it.

Skit #640 [SKI640]
「宿屋で考えよう」 Let's Think Things Over At The Inn

Eugene: For now, let's return to the inn and think things over. We'd better get
        some rest as well.


<Back Inside Susie's House>

Scarab: And so? Are you asking me to hold a conference between myself and the
Agarte: Yes...isn't it wrong to chase the Gajumas out of the city and force
        them into such poor living conditions?
Agarte: The Gajumas and Humas of this city originally acknowledged each other
        as equals and were able to live together as friends, right?
Agarte: Won't you have a talk with them? Please listen to their complaints.
Scarab:...I refuse. Why is it that I must be ordered about by you over
       something like this?
Agarte: I'm hardly ordering you around...it merely makes my heart ache.
        Everyone should be able to live together in peace, and yet under these
Scarab: That is the way we do things in this city.
Agarte: But...but...I believe that the so-called way of this city is wrong.
Scarab: Hmph...you feel inclined to do this since you were set up as the Queen
        by the majority of those slum Gajumas, don't you?
Scarab: I don't know what they enticed you with, but don't get so full of
        yourself!! What nerve, you imposter!
Agarte: That's not it!...I just!
Scarab: Shut up!! Someone, someone come here!
Scarab: Lock her up in an empty room. Cooling your head for a bit should calm
        you down.
Agarte: Please, at least listen to what they have to say! I beg of you!
Subordinate: Yeah, yeah, just move it already!!

<Outside The Inn>

Veigue: Where are you going, Claire?
Claire: A, and what about you...shouldn't you be resting?
Veigue: I feel so...restless for some reason.
Claire: S, so do I...
Veigue: I see...why don't we go for a walk?
Claire: Eh...b, but...
Veigue: It's dangerous to walk around by yourself. And besides...
Shaorune's Voice: "You're going to lose something irreplaceable if you don't
Veigue: Let's go.

Skit #641 [SKI641]
「どこに...」 Where To...

Claire: Where...should we go...?
Veigue: Well...let's just walk around for a little bit...

Skit #642 [SKI642]
「強いな...」 You're Strong, Aren't You...

Veigue: Claire, you must be tired since you're not used to travelling. And
        don't the Viruses and the caves scare you?
Claire: No...
Veigue: Claire...you're strong, aren't you...
Claire: Not really...Um, I...

Skit #643 [SKI643]
「変わったな」 You've Changed, Haven't You

Veigue: Claire...you don't talk as much as you used to.
Claire: W, was I...talkative...?
Veigue: No, I wouldn't say that you were talkative...I just have a feeling that
        you're more reserved than you were before.
Claire: You think so...? Isn't it your imagination...?

Skit #644 [SKI644]
「ふう...」 Phew...

Veigue: Phew...it sure is hot...isn't there someplace cool around here...
Claire: Um, let's see...how about...going to the riverbank?


<At The Bridge>

Veigue: Claire, what are some things that you consider to be precious?
Claire: Eh, things that are precious to me...? W, well...my family...and my
        loved ones, I suppose...?
Veigue: Family....and loved ones, huh...
Veigue: When I heard that I would lose something precious, I suddenly started
        thinking about Milhaust...
Claire: Eh...?
Veigue: When Agarte disappeared at Callegea Castle, he was crying.
Claire:...It's only natural for the subjects of a nation to mourn the passing
       of their Queen, isn't it?
Veigue: I'm not sure if that was the case. But...those tears of his...they
        seemed to be for something entirely different.
Claire: Something different...?
Veigue: In other words, it's just as you said...it was like he had lost a
        member of his family...or a loved one...
Claire: That can't be...that just couldn't have been...the reason...
Veigue: What makes you think that?
Claire:...B, because...he said, "The difference between us is too great"...
Claire: And that's why I...no...Her Majesty the Queen thought that it was no
        good to remain as a Gajuma...and then...
Veigue:...? You mean that he couldn't fall in love with her...because she was
       of a different race? He actually said something like that...?
Claire:...Suppose that you were told the same thing...by someone who was
       important to you...what would you do?
Veigue: I really don't know...what I would do...
Veigue: I'm so different from everyone else, but...Uncle Marco and Aunt Rakiya
        ...still took me in...and what's more...
Claire: What's the matter...?
Veigue: No, never mind...
Claire:...You're very fortunate, aren't you...
Claire:...N, no...it's nothing...I'm sorry...
Eugene: So the two of you were in a place like this. We were worried, you
Veigue: Eugene...
Eugene: This city is far from what I'd refer to as being safe. I can't say that
        I'm impressed with the fact that you two carelessly went for a stroll.
Veigue:...Sorry about that.
Veigue:...Did something happen?
Eugene: Let's go and take a look.

Skit #645 [SKI645]
「騒動」 Strife

Eugene: There's a lot of noise coming from the direction of Susie's mansion.
Veigue:...Yeah, something might have happened. Let's go check it out.

Skit #646 [SKI646]
「スカラベ邸へ」 To Scarab's Residence

Eugene: It appears that something happened at Scarab's mansion.
Eugene: Let's go look.


<In Front Of Susie's House>

Janie: Come on out! Scarab! Give back Her Majesty the Queen!
Man: Her Majesty was gracious enough to heed our words! We will not allow you
     to detain her in such a manner!
Veigue: The Queen? What do they mean?
Eugene: I don't know...what exactly is going on here...
Man: Hey, Scarab's coming out...!
Janie: Scarab! Where have you taken Her Majesty the Queen!!
Scarab:...Keep it down! Her Majesty the Queen is exhausted. She is resting as
       we speak.
Scarab: I was informed of your account of things by Her Majesty. Tomorrow, I
        wish to hold a convention with you Gajumas at the center of town in the
        Meele Square.
Janie: Is that the truth!?
Scarab: I assure you that my words are true. Therefore, I ask that you take
        your leave for today...
Veigue: Eugene, what does this mean? Didn't the Queen die in that explosion?
Eugene: No, we are merely unsure of her whereabouts. However, if you think
        about how Claire was able to survive...then perhaps Her Majesty did as
Eugene: Judging from their conversation just now, Her Majesty is staying in
        this mansion.
Veigue: Shall we go meet with her?
Eugene: No, we mustn't disturb her time of rest.
Eugene: If Her Majesty is also to appear at the conference tomorrow between the
        Humas and the Gajumas...then we should be able to confirm her safety at
        that time.
Eugene: Let's go back to the inn and get some rest for the time being.
Claire: Ah...I, I'm sorry...let us go.

Skit #647 [SKI647]
「今日は休もう」 Let's Rest For Today

Eugene: The conference is tomorrow. We should go back to the inn and rest for

Skit #648 [SKI648]
「宿屋で戻ろう」 Let's Return To The Inn

Eugene: Let's return to the inn. If we don't go back, then someone else might
        come looking for us again.


<After Staying At The Inn>

Tytree: It's about time for that convention thingy to start. Wanna go?
Eugene: Yeah...the business about Her Majesty concerns me...
Veigue: Let's go.

Skit #649 [SKI649]
「協議の場」 The Location Of The Convention

Eugene: The conference is being held at the square in front of the inn.

Skit #650 [SKI650]
「本当に...」 Is She Really...

Mao: The conference is taking place in front of the inn, right? I wonder if Her
     Majesty the Queen...is really going to come out...


<Outside The Inn>

Mao: Wow, this place sure is packed.
Annie: I wonder if they'll be able to have a discussion with this large of a
Hilda:...It feels almost as if a show is about to start.
Tytree: Something about this atmosphere just screams bad news to me...
Scarab: My fellow Humas! Noble friends who share my pride and blood! The time
        has come for us to rise up as one.
Janie: Wait! What is the meaning of this, Scarab!
Scarab: Be silent and listen well!!
Veigue: Eugene, is this!?
Eugene: Hrmph...
Scarab: There's one thing that I've considered to be a problem for the longest
        time now. Why is it that an intellectually inferior Gajuma possesses
        the crown and has control over this country?
Scarab: We Humas are the superior race, so it stands to reason that we should
        rule over the Gajumas, does it not?
Scarab: However!! The mere mention of such will lead to a barrage of cold
        stares, a racist label, and treatment befitting of a villain. That has
        been the ultimate taboo in this country.
Scarab: But now is the time for us Humas to seize supremacy over this country!
        Let those abominable Gajumas grovel before us!
Janie: We won't allow such tyranny! We Gajumas have no intention of quietly
       resigning ourselves to your unjust treatment any longer!
Man: That's right! What have you done with Her Royal Highness!? Bring her out!!
Scarab: Your "beloved Queen" conspired the kidnapping of Huma girls, and even
        my own daughter fell victim to her plot. The Queen neglected her
        indispensable duties within the government and plunged the nation into
Scarab: With the abduction of the Humas, the Queen denied a chance for this
        country to take the path of coexistence. As far as we're concerned,
        it's not difficult to imagine us Humas being persecuted by you Gajumas.
Scarab: We must cleave a fresh path for ourselves by our own hand!
Scarab: Let us declare the beginning chapter of a new age in this very place!
        One by Humas and for Humas!!
The Humas: Yeah!!
Man: What nonsense! Show us Her Royal Highness!!
Scarab: Heh...
Agarte: I beg of you, please...please have a talk with them.
Scarab: Shut up! Those cursed Gajumas...how dare they burden me with their
        Queen in addition to their bold lies.
Scarab: I'm going to give those Gajumas a shock by having you act as a
Scarab: But before that, I'll let you have just a little bit of time. You can
        even apologize or beg for your life. Doing that will actually liven
        things up and all...Meh heh heh heh heh heh...

<Anime Sequence>
NOTE: For the sake of my sanity, I'm going to list most of the dialogue in one
clump instead of splitting them up into individual sentences like I normally
do. And now, on to the main event.

Agarte: Everyone, please listen. Humas and Gajumas are nearing the point where
        we can walk along the path of coexistence as neighbors and dear
        friends. Yet now, you seek to arouse conflict over the trivial excuse
        of racial difference.
Man 1 (Huma): Things are not that simple!
Man 2 (Huma): We're trying to make things right!
Man 3 (Gajuma): Isn't Her Majesty supposed to be on our side?
Agarte: What is race anyway? Though we may differ in appearance, we smile in
        times of happiness and we weep in times of sadness. Why do you suppose
        that is?...'Tis because our hearts are the same.
Woman 1 (Gajuma): Hey, is that really Her Royal Highness?
Agarte: This is what I believe. Our bodies are nothing more than vessels which
        are meant to house our human hearts. If something called race does
        exist, then we are not Gajumas or Humas. We are of a single race of
        people who share this earth. Please think back. There have been times
        when we've laughed, cried, grieved, and rejoiced with one another,
        haven't there? Like when someone did a favor for you...Or when you
        shared a delicious meal together. In the village where I live, everyone
        gathers round whenever Auntie bakes a pie. We're neither Humas nor
        Gajumas there, and we all talk about how tasty it is as we eat.
Man 1 (Huma): D, don't be fooled!! She wants us to fight amongst ourselves in
              order to save her own life!
Agarte: I'm not saying this because I'm afraid of death! Because I think that
        going through life and watching the ones I love bear hatred towards
        each other is just as painful as dying.
Milhaust: Your Highness...!?
Veigue: That's not Agarte...!
Agarte: I ask that you please listen to my final request. Everyone, if you've
        ever eaten a pie, a peach pie...Please close your eyes just this once
        and ask yourself. Is there any room in a heart that enjoys the taste of
        pie...for "race" to exist?
Milhaust: Advance!!
Veigue: Claire!!
Man 4 (Huma): Why, you!
Veigue: Claire!!
Claire: Veigue!!
Veigue: Move!! Don't get in my way!!
Claire: VEIGUE!!
Veigue: CLAIRE!!
Veigue: Claire...you're Claire, aren't you...
Claire: I believed in you...No matter what I looked like, I knew that you would
        realize it was me, Veigue...
Veigue: Claire...

<After The Speech Scene>

Milhaust:...Are you truly, truly Lady Agarte herself?
Milhaust: Are you saying it is feasible to interchange human souls?
Agarte:...The Force of Moon...it is possible if one uses that Force which is
       passed down through the royal family...
Hilda: The Force of Moon...if you have that...then you can obtain the body of
       another person?
Milhaust: Why would you go through such lengths...
Eugene: Why have you remained silent up until now?
Agarte:...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to deceive you...but...I just couldn't say
Milhaust: Your Highness, please speak no further...I am the one in error...
Milhaust: Had I only realized 'twas Your Highness when you had arrived back at
          Callegea Castle...
Agarte: Milhaust...
Tytree: That ain't the issue here, people!! Do you know what kind of hell
        Claire...er, the real Claire, went through because of that...!
Eugene: Your Majesty, did you have knowledge that your own body had survived?
Agarte:...I realized it in Razilda...when I was captured in Kyogen, she was in
       the room next to mine...
Tytree: What'd you just say!!
Tytree: T, then that means you KNEW Claire had been carried off somewhere, and
        you didn't say a damn word about it!!
Agarte: I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...I'm so very sorry...
Claire: Everyone, please don't criticize Her Royal Highness any further.
Tytree: But this is just...
Claire: When your outer appearance changes, the reaction of those around you
        naturally changes as well. Even if you want to tell the truth, there
        are some things that you just can't say.
Claire: I understand how agonizing this must have been for Lady Agarte.
Veigue:...In any case, I'd like you to return Claire to her body this instant.
       Right now, that is all I am asking for...
Agarte: That's something I...'tis something I...
Agarte: I'm sorry...I'm really sorry...
Milhaust: Your Highness!!
Tytree: Whoa, what just happened? What the heck is going on here?
Veigue: At any rate, let's run after her too!!

Skit #651 [SKI651]
「クレアの身体を返せ!」 Give Back Claire's Body!

Veigue: Agarte went towards the exit of the city!
Tytree: Let's hurry up and catch her. We gotta take back Claire's body, right,

Skit #652 [SKI652]
「アガ一テはどこに!」 Where Is Agarte Going!

Veigue: If we don't hurry up and chase after Agarte...then Claire's body


<Near The Entrance Of The City>

Eugene: Where is Her Majesty?
Milhaust:...I have lost sight of her completely...
Veigue: We can't leave Claire like this forever. Let's hurry up and find out
        where she is, and then...
Milhaust: I am aware of such...I shall locate Her Highness! And she shall be
          returned to her original body...without fail!
Veigue: Let's chase after Agarte as well.
Tytree: Yeah, why wouldn't we!
Mao: Wait a second.
Mao: You guys don't have that kind of free time.
Mao: Didn't you all wanna complete the purification as soon as possible? Hurry
     and make your way over to where I am so that you can obtain the power to
     purify the world.
Tytree: What should we do about Claire?
Mao: The important thing is her heart, right? After all is said and done, you
     didn't lose what was precious to you, Veigue.
Veigue: Well, that's...
Mao: I'm in Babilograd. I'm looking forward to meeting you in the near future.
Mao: Boy, he sure surprised me, coming out of the blue like that...so anyway...
     what are we going to do?
Veigue: Claire...
Claire: Are you worried about me...? I'm fine, really. I'm already used to
        this body and I feel secure as long as I'm with all of you. And
        besides...I'm still me.
Veigue: Claire...are you really okay with this?
Claire: Yes, let us go. To Babilograd!
Claire: Allow me to start from the beginning...I'm pleased to make your
        acquaintance, everyone.
Tytree: Yeah! Same here. We could live without the formality though, Miss
        Claire. Glad to have you along.
Eugene: It might not be appropriate for me to say something like this, but...
Eugene: I'm relieved that you were the one who entered Lady Agarte's body...I
        will protect you until you return to your original body, no matter what
        happens. Even if it costs me my life.
Veigue:...Let's head out.
Mao: Yeah! Shaorune is waiting for us in Babilograd!

Claire will accompany your party as a guest.

Skit #653 [SKI653]
「蒼獣信仰の地へ」 To The Land Of The Blue Beast Faith

Claire: Our destination is Babilograd, right?
Veigue:...Yeah, let's go.

Skit #654 [SKI654]
「ガジュマの身体ってどう?」 What Does It Feel Like To Be In A Gajuma's Body?

Hilda: Say, Claire...how does it feel to be in a Gajuma's body?
Claire: Um, well...I feel really nimble, I guess. And also very comfortable.
Hilda: Comfortable? What do you mean?
Claire: I don't know if it's because of the fur, but I always feel just right
        temperature-wise even when it's hot or cold.
Claire: But in terms of my other senses such as smell, taste, and touch, it
        looks like they're about the same as that of a Huma's.

Skit #655 [SKI655]
「スカラベのその後」 What Happened To Scarab Afterwards

Mao: Susie's father...he's in really big trouble, isn't he...
Tytree: I feel so bad for Susie, having her dad restrained by the army like
Eugene: Although it was Claire inside that body, he did attempt to execute Her
        Majesty, after all.
Tytree: That old fart's mind-set was certainly messed up in a lot of ways...
Tytree: But you know what? Agarte was the one who caused this mess in the first
        place, right? I don't get it...there's somethin' about this that I just
        don't get...

Skit #656 [SKI656]
「久しぶり...」 It's Been A Long Time...

Veigue: I see...because you've been Agarte up until now...
Veigue: Ever since the time that you were abducted by Saleh, we've been...
Claire: Tee hee, that's right. It's been a long time, hasn't it.
Claire: What's wrong?
Veigue: Well, it's just...I don't feel as if it's been that long...
Claire: That's only natural seeing as Her Majesty the Queen was in my body this
        entire time and you were always with her...
Claire:...But, it's been a very long time for me...

Skit #657 [SKI657]
「大地に生きるヒト」 People Who Share This Earth

Mao: "People who share this earth"...huh...that's a nice phrase, isn't it...
Veigue: Yeah, it sure is...
Mao: We're all...people, aren't we! We're not Humas or Gajumas...just people.
Tytree: What with you all of a sudden, Mao?
Mao: Nothin'! Claire's words just moved me a little, that's all!

Skit #658 [SKI658]
「かわいい妹」 Cute Younger Sister

Annie: Claire, it will be the first time we'll be travelling together like
       this, won't it.
Claire: Yes. I hope that we get to know each other better, Annie.
Annie: Hee hee, I look forward to your company.
Claire: It looks like I've gained a cute younger sister somehow...
Mao: Annie is Hilda's baby sister, so that's not gonna work.
Mao: And I'm the younger brother...er, maybe not?
Claire: Eh...!?

Skit #659 [SKI659]
「逃げたアガ一テ」 Run Away Agarte

Veigue: Why did Agarte run away...?
Mao: Everyone was blaming her, so I'm sure that she just couldn't stand it and
     ran away.
Annie: In addition to that, it may have been because...she didn't want to
       return Claire's body...?
Veigue: I wonder...if that's really the case...
Tytree: What do you mean by that...?
Veigue:...Well...I just get the feeling that she had some other reason...

Skit #660 [SKI660]
「クレアの演説」 Claire's Speech

Mao: It sure was amazing how you said all of those things in front of that huge
     crowd like it was nothing, Claire!
Claire: Oh, no...all I did was put my thoughts into words as they came to mind.
        There's nothing amazing about that.
Mao: No, it was amazing, really! That seems like it would be impossible for
     someone like me.
Hilda: I agree, seeing as you normally do nothing but blabber on incessantly.
Mao: Man, Hilda, you say nothing but mean things to me...well, humph!

Skit #661 [SKI661]
「愛の力」 The Power Of Love

Annie: Claire, weren't you scared when you were up on the execution stand?
Claire: Just a little bit...but you know, for some reason...I had this feeling
        that Veigue would come and rescue me...
Tytree: Love...it's the power of love!! This must be what they call "true
Claire: You may be right.
Annie: Tytree, Veigue is over there and he's giving us a really scary glare
       right now...

Skit #662 [SKI662]
「聖獣は蒼の街で待つ」 The Sacred Beast Awaits In The City Of Blue

Mao: Shaorune is waiting for us in Babilograd, you know!

<On The World Map>

Skit #663 [SKI663]
「変わったわね」 You Certainly Have Changed

Claire: By the way, are you acquaintances with Hack and a man in Razilda named
Veigue: You know Hack and Igol? Those two have helped us out quite a bit...
Claire: I just asked because Igol was the one who saved me when I had washed up
        on the shoreline.
Veigue: Is that so...
Claire: Hee hee...
Veigue: What?
Claire: Veigue...you've certainly changed a lot, haven't you.
Veigue: You think so?
Claire: I feel like you're more open-hearted than you used to be. That makes me
        really happy...

Skit #664 [SKI664]
「ボクはナニ?」 What Am I?

Mao: Say, just suppose...that Her Majesty the Queen used her Force and swapped
     my heart with Zapie's...
Tytree: What're ya talkin' about? Like that would ever happen.
Mao: Oh, come on...if, I'm just saying if...that happened, do you think I would
     be Zapie or would I be me?
Tytree: Gee, that's a really hard one...hrmm...I ain't too sure, but...
Tytree: Wouldn't you still be Mao even if you became Zapie? You probably
        wouldn't be able to talk anymore though.
Mao: I wonder if that's the way things work...

<If You Go To Sulz>

Skit #665 [SKI665]
「秘密」 Secret

Claire: I wonder if father and mother are doing okay...?
Veigue: Claire...it'd be best if you acted like Agarte in front of the two of
Claire: Oh, father and mother won't mind. I think they'll be surprised
Veigue:...No, I don't want them to worry too much. The truth of the matter is
       that right now, we still haven't...

<After Entering Babilograd>

Skit #666 [SKI666]
「思念の影響」 The Effect Of The Impression

Eugene: I feel like the effect of the impression is relatively less severe in
        this city...could it be due to the influence of that shrine?
Veigue: Because of the shrine?
Eugene: A place isn't called a shrine without good reason.
Eugene: I have a feeling that there's some sort of element at work which
        weakens the impression, but...
Mao: But even so, there are some people who are being influenced by the
     impression, you know?
Veigue:...So that just goes to show how powerful this impression thing really
       is, huh...


<On The Western Side Of Town>

Dana:...We have met before, am I right? What perfect timing. There is something
     that we would like to ask you...
Dana: We have been told that long ago, there was a village on the northern part
      of the eastern continent where Halfs lived.
Ox: Everyone...have you heard anything about it during your travels?
Veigue: Why do you want to know about something like that?
Ox: Between the teachings and the racial conflicts...there is no place left for
    us in this city anymore...
Dana: We thought that even the two of us would be accepted in a place like
      that, so...
Hilda:...You have to be kidding me!
Hilda: The very thought of Gajumas and Humas loving each other is just...I
       won't allow it. I'll never let you get away with it...
Dana: Hilda...?
Hilda: We're leaving.

Skit #667 [SKI667]
「シャオル一ンはどこに?」 Where Is Shaorune?

Veigue: Shaorune told us that he was waiting in Babilograd, but...
Eugene: Let's try to hit up places that appear to be affiliated with the Sacred

Skit #668 [SKI668]
「ヒルダの素性」 Hilda's Lineage

Claire: Hey Veigue...why did Hilda get so angry when we saw those two people
Veigue: That's because Hilda's...a Half...
Claire:..........! Hilda is...a Half...!?
Veigue: Yeah...
Claire: I can't believe it...to think that Halfs really exist...

Skit #669 [SKI669]
「どこにいるのかな?」 I Wonder Where He Is?

Mao: I wonder where you are, Shaorune? You said that you were waiting in
     Babilograd, but...


<Upon Entering The Shrine>

Shaorune: I've been waiting for you, Veigue, everyone.
Veigue: What do you want me to do?
Shaorune: I'm not good with the formal stuff. Let me get straight to the point.
Shaorune: Veigue, from here on out, I'm going to present you with three trials.
Shaorune: If you're able to overcome those trials, then I'll give you my power.
Veigue: Three trials...
Shaorune: I think this is something that will be very painful for you. Even so,
          will you undergo the trials?
Veigue: Naturally. That's the whole reason why I came here.
Shaorune: Your resolve has been taken to heart. Let's begin the trial.
Shaorune: Your first trial is to come over to where I am.
Veigue: Is that it?
Shaorune: I wonder if you'll be able to say the same thing once you've gotten
Shaorune: Seeing is believing. Now, make your way here!!

Skit #670 [SKI670]
「必ず...」 No Matter What...

Veigue: Shaorune...No matter what, I'm going to make it over to where you
        are...no matter what...


<After The First Section Of The Shrine>

Claire: Veigue, look...
Veigue:...What's this...?
Claire: I found this pretty stone with a motif etched in it by the river. It's
        a little early, but here's your birthday present.
Veigue:...Thanks, Claire.
Agarte: Veigue, look...
Claire: I found this pretty stone with a motif etched in it by the river. It's
        a little early, but here's your birthday present.
Claire: What's the matter, Veigue? Could it be that you don't like it? I'm
Veigue:...N, no, it's nothing like that. Thanks...Claire...
Agarte: Claire? I'll have you know that I'm Agarte.
Veigue: Agarte...? Aren't you Claire?
Agarte: Oh my, Veigue is telling a joke. This may be a sign that it's going to
        rain tomorrow. Right, Zapie?
Zapie: Kiki!
Veigue: What's going on here...you're Claire, aren't you...?
Agarte: Come now, I've already told you that I'm Agarte. You really are a
        strange one, Veigue...tee hee...hee hee hee...

<In The Shrine>

Claire: Veigue, what's the matter?
Veigue: Claire...
Annie: Veigue, it's begun, hasn't it?
Veigue:...Yeah, it seems like it...

Skit #671 [SKI671]
「ヴェイグ、試練の時」 Veigue: Time For His Trial

Eugene: Are you alright, Veigue?
Veigue: Yeah...let's hurry on ahead.


<On The Next Screen>

Milhaust: Are you saying it is feasible to interchange human souls?
Agarte:...The Force of Moon...it is possible if one uses that Force which is
       passed down through the royal family...
Milhaust: Why would you go through such lengths...
Veigue: That's right, why did you do something like that!? Why did Claire have
        to go through all of this...
Agarte: He...Milhaust said that "the difference between us is too great"...so
        she thought that it was no good to remain as a Gajuma...and then...
Veigue:...? You mean that he couldn't fall in love with her...because she was
       of a different race? He actually said something like that...?
Agarte:...Suppose that you were told the same thing...by someone who was
       important to you...what would you do?
Veigue: Does it really matter that much...whether you're a Huma or a Gajuma?
Agarte: Yes, I think it does matter. You need the body of a Huma if you are to
        be loved by a Huma.
Veigue: Claire...you've changed, haven't you...
Agarte: How can you say something like that? I'm me...I'm Claire...!!
Veigue:...You're not the Claire that I know...
Agarte: Then who am I!? Tell me who you think I am!?
Veigue: Agarte...you're Agarte!!
Claire: Stop, please! I'm Claire...these eyes, this nose, these lips, and even
        this voice...they all belong to me, don't they!?...I'm telling you, I'm
Claire: I'll have you know that I'm Claire!! Claire herself!!

<Back In The Shrine>

Veigue: You're wrong...you're not Claire!!
Veigue:...W, wait, I didn't mean to...it's not like that...I wasn't talking
       about you just now...
Claire: Veigue...
Eugene: Can you go on?
Veigue: Do I look like I can't go on?
Eugene: I'm not impressed...
Tytree: I'm not impressed that you answered my question with a question...
Tytree: Man, that was perfect...!! I wanted to try that out at least once, ya
Hilda: This is hardly the best time to fool around.
Tytree: Even I know that! But guess what, it's at times like these when we
        hafta keep our spirits up.
Tytree: You're gonna end up losing to the trial with that gloomy face of
Veigue: Tytree...
Tytree: See, even a talkative, upbeat guy like myself can be useful every once
        in a while, right?
Veigue:...No, you're not her...I refuse to acknowledge you...I...

<Further Into The Shrine>

Geyorkias: Gwaaaaaaahhh...!!
Veigue: Claaaaaaaire!!
Veigue: Claire...Claire...!?
???: Veigue!!
Veigue: Claire!?
Veigue: Agarte!! Why are you here!! I heard Claire's voice...
????: Veigue!!
Veigue: Claire...what's going on...
Agarte: What's wrong, Veigue?
Veigue: Who are you!?
Agarte: I'm Claire, of course. What's the matter with you, Veigue?
Veigue: Okay, then who are you!?
Claire: I'm Claire. I look different, but you can tell it's me, right, Veigue?
Veigue:...Claire...you're Claire...! But, but...you're not Claire...!
Agarte: Veigue, I'm telling you, I'm Claire. You can tell, right?
Veigue: That's right...you're Claire...you're Claire, aren't you...! But,
        but...you're not Claire either...!
Agarte: If that's the case, then who am I? Who is Claire anyway?
Claire: Why am I not Claire? Who is Claire anyway?
Claire & Agarte: What is Claire anyway? Who is it that is standing by your

<Back Again In The Shrine>

Veigue: Claire...
Claire: Veigue...
Veigue: Claire...is that really you, Claire?
Veigue: You're Claire, aren't you...you've really gone back to normal, haven't
Veigue: I'm so happy for you, Claire...I'm so happy...
Veigue: Claire...? Didn't you return to nor...?
Claire: Veigue...
Veigue: What the hell are you trying to say, huh!! Answer me!! Shaorune!!
Claire: Veigue, I'm sorry.
Veigue: Claire, that's not it...it's me, I'm the one who...I'm sorry...

<In The Final Room>

Shaorune: Welcome, Veigue.
Veigue: That's the voice of...!? Show yourself!!
Shaorune: Okay, I'm going to come out then!!
Shaorune: I'm the Sacred Beast of Water, Shaorune!! We meet at last, don't we,
Veigue: You're the Sacred Beast, Shaorune...
Shaorune: And with that, the first trial has come to an end.
Shaorune: When I told you to make your way over here, you asked me if "that was
          it," so to speak.
Shaorune: Was that REALLY all there was to it?
Veigue:...What's the next trial?
Shaorune:...Oh well, whatever. The second trial is to fight me and win.
Shaorune: Allow me to test whether or not you're strong enough to use my power.
Shaorune:...Come, Veigue.

<Talking To Shaorune Again>

Shaorune: Well, shall we begin!!

<In-Battle Dialogue During Fight With Shaorune>

Shaorune: Veigue, let me see it. Show me your power.

<After The Fight>

Shaorune:...Great job. With this, the second trial comes to an end. One trial
Shaorune:...Let me ask you something. The young lady standing next to you is...
Veigue: Claire.
Shaorune: Geez, I haven't even finished my sentence yet.
Veigue: The one standing next to me is...Claire....Claire...she's Claire!
Shaorune:...I had a feeling you were going to say that. I take it that's your
         answer then, right?
Shaorune: Okay, in that case, the third trial is now over.
Veigue:...What do you mean by that? Was my answer the one you were seeking?
Shaorune: It's not like I was looking for a set answer. I simply asked you for
          a response. A response that was your own...one that was made with
Shaorune: And I was satisfied with your answer, so the trial is over and done
Veigue: But...but I...
Shaorune: Yeah, you still have some doubts. But there's nothing wrong with
          that, is there?
Shaorune: Being aware of those "doubts" means that you're already at the point
          where you've come to an "answer".
Veigue: Shaorune, can't you use your power to return Claire to normal?
Shaorune: Unfortunately, that's not something I can do.
Shaorune: And even if I could, it won't solve the problem anyway. You should
          already know that.
Shaorune: This is the end of our secret little chat.
Shaorune: Well then, the trial is over, Veigue! I'm going to ask you one more
          time just to make sure.
Shaorune: Do you desire my Power of Water?
Veigue:...I want it. Sacred Beast Shaorune, give me your power!
Shaorune: Good answer!! Now, show me your Force!!
Veigue: So this is...the power of a Sacred Beast...
Mao: Yay, you did it, Veigue!!
Tytree: What do ya think, pretty awesome, huh?
Veigue: Yeah...
Shaorune: Now then...here's a message from the next Sacred Beast. Hilda, it's
          for you...
Hilda: For me...!?
Shaorune: "Know thyself. The path lies within."
Hilda:...Know thyself...
Shaorune: Well then, I'm going to go ahead and wait for you guys outside.
Mao: Eh...what do you mean?
Shaorune: I've decided to tag along with you on your journey.
Shaorune: I like "people", I really do. I want to learn a lot more about you.
Shaorune: From now on, I'll take you guys anywhere you want. I'll become your
Claire: Wings...!?
Shaorune: Yep! Your wings...that will lead you to the canopy of the heavens!

<After The CG Sequence>

Tytree:...What on God's green earth was that...?
Mao: I'm not too sure, but doesn't this mean that we've gained another
Eugene:...In any case, let's get out of here and go see where Shaorune went.

You received the Aquamarine of Water.
Veigue can now learn the Ougi Houryuu Mueiken.

Skit #672 [SKI672]
「外に出よう」 Let's Go Outside

Veigue:...At any rate, let's go outside for the moment.

Skit #673 [SKI673]
「外に出てからです」 Left For The Outside

Annie: Let's go outside. We'll talk about the next Sacred Beast after that.


<In The Shrine>

Mao: Well, what are we going to do now?
Hilda: "Know thyself. The path lies within."...what does he mean? What am I
       supposed to do?
Eugene: "Know thyself," huh...it almost sounds as if you don't know who you
        are, Hilda...
Hilda:...I suppose you're right. I have no idea who I am...
Hilda: I was abandoned as an infant and picked up by Tohma...I don't even
       remember my parents' faces...
Annie:...Seeing as the Sacred Beast was referring to your descent, how about if
      we try and search for your mother and father, Hilda?
Hilda:...I have no interest in meeting them...
Hilda: What kind of parent would cast aside their own child...Who'd want to
       meet with someone who would give birth to a body as cursed as this
Annie:...That reminds me, Ox mentioned a place where a lot of Halfs had taken
      up residence, didn't he?
Eugene: He said that it was on the northern portion of the eastern continent...
Mao: Hey, maybe Frantz knows something about it!
Hilda:...There's nothing that I want to know about them. I don't wish to see
      any parent of mine...
Tytree: Is that how you feel even if this is a trial which was given to you by
        a Sacred Beast?
Mao: In any case, let's go give this a shot, okay!

Skit #674 [SKI674]
「次なる聖獣を求める」 Seek The Next Sacred Beast

Eugene: At any rate, I guess we don't have any leads, so we have little choice
        but to try and look around.
Mao: Yeah. Let's go outside of the city.

Skit #675 [SKI675]
「ヒルダのル一ツを探して」 Search For Hilda's Roots

Eugene: Our immediate objective is to locate the place where the Halfs lived.
Mao: They say it's on the northern part of the continent to the east, so I
     wonder if it's near Kyogen or Nolzen.

Skit #676 [SKI676]
「シャオル一ンが待ってるヨ」 Shaorune Is Waiting, You Know

Mao: Shaorune is waiting for us outside of the city, you know!

Skit #677 [SKI677]
「ハ一フのいた街」 The City Of Halfs

Veigue: A place where Halfs used to live, huh...
Annie: Dana mentioned that it was on the northern end of the eastern continent,
       didn't she.
Veigue: We don't have enough information yet...let's try asking around.


<On The World Map>

Directions for controlling Shaorune:
CIRCLE=Move forward
SQUARE=Move backward
LEFT/RIGHT=Change directions
*You can't land on top of a mountain or on the water.
L STICK=Change dir./ascend/descend
L1/R1=Change directions

Directions for Summoning Shaorune:
When on the World Map, press the SQUARE button and then CIRCLE to call for
Shaorune. To dismount, press the X button when the icon appears in the lower
left-hand corner of the screen (remember, you can't land everywhere, so move
over a bit if the icon isn't popping up).

NOTE: These controls are for the PS2 version, but they're basically the same in
the PSP version except that you use L/R buttons to change directions instead of
L1/R1. And there's only 1 analog stick on the PSP, so that should be easy to
figure out too.

Skit #678 [SKI678]
「ステキなマフラ一」 Nice Mufflers

Claire: Shaorune, those are certainly some nice mufflers you have on there!
Shaorune: You think so? Thanks, Claire. Wanna try wearing a matching pair?
Claire: Eh, me? Well, let me see...I'll think about it.
Veigue: Shaorune...do me a favor and don't give Claire any more strange

Skit #679 [SKI679]
「シャオル一ン、大空を翔ける」 Shaorune Soars The Great Blue Sky

Shaorune: Well, guys? How does it feel to fly through the sky?
Mao: Wow, it's fun! It looks like you're having a lot of fun too, aren't you,
Shaorune: Well, it's been such a long time since I've flown and everything, ya
Mao: That's because you've been sleeping in the shrine all this time!
Shaorune: But don't forget. You guys have an important mission to fulfill.

Skit #680 [SKI680]
「ひとりじめ」 Monopoly

Mao: Hm? Tytree, whatcha eatin'?
Tytree: I took a piece of fruit when we were in Babilograd. Man, was it
        tasty...it's all gone now though.
Mao: No fair, Tytree!! How could you eat it all by yourself!!
Shaorune: That's right! No fair!!
Tytree: Sorry, my bad...
Tytree:...Hey, wait a sec! Why'd you chime in, Shaorune!?
Shaorune: Well, it looked like fun, so I just kinda...

Skit #681 [SKI681]
「かわいい...!」 So Cute...!

Claire: So this is a Sacred Beast, right?
Veigue: Yeah...
Claire: Sacred Beasts are...so cute...!
Shaorune: You think so? Thanks!
Mao:...It's gotta be because Claire doesn't know about Eephon and Wontiga...

Skit #682 [SKI682]
「フランツに会いに」 Meet With Frantz

Mao: If I remember correctly, Frantz was around Kyogen, right? He might know
     something about the Half village.

<Upon Entering Nolzen>

Skit #683 [SKI683]
「ハ一フの村の手がかり」 Clue About The Half Village

Mao: It would be nice if we can find a clue about the Half Village in this
Annie: Let us gather information by asking everyone in the city about it.

Skit #684 [SKI684]
「あるわけないじゃない」 There's Simply No Way

Hilda: A village where supposedly many Halfs are said to live...there's simply
       no way that such a place exists...
Eugene:...In any case, let's try to gather some information. We can always
       disregard it as a possibility at a later time.


<Talking To Frantz In The Middle Of The Town>

Mao: Frantz, we haven't seen you in ages!
Frantz: Well well, it has been a while now, hasn't it. And who do we have
        here...another new companion?
Claire: Nice to meet you. My name's Claire.
Frantz: Claire? If I'm not mistaken...wasn't the young girl who was with you
        before also named Claire?
Veigue: The truth is...
Frantz:...My goodness...To think that the Claire I met back then was Her
       Majesty the Queen...
Frantz: I can hardly believe what I'm hearing when you say that it's possible
        for people to switch bodies, but...I can't imagine that you all would
        ever lie to me...
Mao: Don't you know of some way to get the two of them back to normal?
Frantz: Unfortunately, it appears that I won't be of much help in this
        particular case...
Frantz: To be honest, I can barely believe what you just told me.
Tytree: Okay, moving right along then, do you know of a village where lots of
        Halfs live?
Frantz: A village where lot of Halfs live?
Frantz: That one's a challenge...Halfs themselves are a rarity, so finding an
        entire village of them is unlikely.
Frantz: However, if there actually is a place like that, I would naturally like
        to go see it as well.
Annie: Frantz, to think that you don't know about it either...I wonder if such
       a village even exists...?
Frantz: Annie, you shouldn't give up just yet.
Frantz: From my experience, hints for what you seek tend to be closer than one
        would expect.
Mao: Really...I wonder if the same thing goes for "finding yourself" too?
Frantz: Finding yourself? Y, yeah...I'm guessing that it would hold true for
Tytree:...Which means that the same idea would also apply to Hilda's
Claire:...Something about Hilda herself may serve as a hint...
Veigue: Speaking of Hilda...

NOTE: There are actually two possible answers for this word puzzle. The one I
used is カ一ド (KAADO), but you can also input タロット (TAROTTO). If you have
no idea how to write in Japanese, then follow the instructions that I have
listed below. If you make a mistake, you can erase by pressing the SQUARE
From the starting position (the top left-hand corner):
Move to the right 10 times, then move down 1 time and press CIRCLE.
Move down 3 times, then move to the left 2 times and press CIRCLE.
Move up 1 time, then move to the right 11 times. Press CIRCLE and finally
TRIANGLE to end.
Veigue: Your tarot cards...
Eugene: Tarot cards?
Veigue: In Kyogen, Wan Gin and the others said that they were rare...
Frantz: Well now, shall I take a look...ah, these tarot cards have seen their
        fair share of years, haven't they.
Frantz: Hmm...they certainly have an unusual pattern on them. Might I ask how
        these came into your possession?
Hilda: Good question...it feels like I've had them for as long as I can
Frantz: Hmm...huh...?
Frantz: Now that I think about it, a long time ago...I remember seeing cards...
        that looked very similar to these!
Eugene: Is that so?
Frantz:...It was more than 10 years ago, but I think I met a fortune teller
       during my travels who was carrying them.
Annie: A fortune teller? Then that person definitely shares something in common
       with Hilda.
Veigue: Where is this person now?
Frantz: If I remember correctly...I believe she said that she was heading
        towards Mocrado Village...
Eugene: Mocrado Village? Never even heard of it...
Frantz: I hear that it's on the other side of the Osmina Mountains Range,
Tytree: Whatcha wanna do, guys?
Veigue:...Let's go to Mocrado Village. It's not like we have any other leads...
Eugene: That's okay with you, right Hilda?
Hilda: This is...the Sacred Beast's trial, is it not...?...Why wouldn't I be
       okay with it...?
Frantz: Be careful out there.

Skit #685 [SKI685]
「モクラド村を目指して」 Aim For Mocrado Village

Eugene: It seems like Mocrado Village is just up ahead after we cross over the
        Osmina Mountain Range.
Eugene: It's due north from Nolzen. Let's head out in that direction.

Skit #686 [SKI686]
「名も知らぬ村」 A Village That I've Never Even Heard Of

Eugene: Mocrado Village, huh...up until now, I hadn't even heard about there
        being a village on the other side of the Osmina Mountain Range...
Mao: If you had no knowledge of it, then that means only a handful of people
     must know about this village.
Eugene: Or at the very least, it's a village that's not drawn on any map.
Mao: A new village? Oh, but it was around 10 years ago, wasn't it...
Eugene:...We have little choice but to go and see for ourselves...

Skit #687 [SKI687]
「揺れる想い」 Wavering Emotions

Veigue: Are you still...having doubts...about going to Mocrado Village...?
Hilda: Not really...I'm fine...as long as I separate it off to the side as
       being part of the trial.
Veigue: What if we find a clue about your parents there...?
Hilda: That...has nothing to do with me. My parents, they...

Skit #688 [SKI688]
「飛ばして行こうぜ」 Let's Fly On Over There

Tytree: Mocrado Village is on the far side of the mountains to the north,
        right? Let's fly on over there!

<On The World Map>

Skit #689 [SKI689]
「モクラド村へ行くには」 To Get To Mocrado Village

Eugene: We must cross over the mountains to get to Mocrado Village. Let's make
        use of Shaorune's power.

Skit #690 [SKI690]
「力を借りようぜ」 Let's Borrow His Power

Annie: Our destination is on the other side of the mountains, correct?
Tytree: Yeah, let's borrow Shaorune's power!


<Upon Entering Mocrado Village>
NOTE: Mocrado Village is in a snowy area located to the northeast of Nolzen.

Veigue: Is this place Mocrado Village...?
Claire: To think that there was a village in such a secluded area...
Mao: They wouldn't come to a far-off place like this just so that they could
     settle down though, right?
Eugene:...They probably have some sort of reason.
Eugene: We may be unwelcome guests. Let's proceed with caution.
Hilda:...The Death Card...
Veigue: What's wrong?
Hilda: It's nothing.

Skit #691 [SKI691]
「モクラド村の占い師」 The Fortune Teller Of Mocrado Village

Eugene: Gather information about the fortune teller who was said to be headed
        towards this village 10 years ago.

Skit #692 [SKI692]
「見つかるといいな」 It'd Sure Be Nice If We Could Find 'Em

Tytree: The fortune teller that Frantz mentioned...it'd sure be nice if we
        could only find a clue about 'em...


<Talking To The Man In The Residence At The Far Rear Of The Village>

Old Man: You folks...even though you're Humas and Gajumas, the fact that
         everyone is together means that...
Tytree: Ya got some sort of a problem with that?...Good god...it's like this no
        matter where we go...
Old Man: No, that's not what I meant. There are many people who have their
         reasons for coming to this village. I just thought that that was the
         case with you folks too...
Eugene: No, we came here to search for someone.
Eugene: We heard that a fortune teller was headed towards this village about 10
        years ago...do you have any idea who this might be?
Old Man:...A fortune teller? Do you mean Naira?
Veigue: Naira...is that person still in this village?
Old Man: Yep, Naira's house is the one next to the equipment shop.
Hilda:...What kind of person...is she?
Old Man:...She's someone who has sad eyes...as if she's forgotten how to

NOTE: You need to talk to the person in the inn (the stand-alone person, not
the one behind the counter) in order to trigger most of the following Skits.
It's also necessary in order to progress the storyline; otherwise, Naira won't
be in her house when you go to talk to her.

Skit #693 [SKI693]
「ナイラさんに会おうよ」 Let's Meet With Naira

Mao: Let's go meet with this person named Naira. She's next to the equipment
     shop, right?

Skit #694 [SKI694]
「隠れ里の占い師」 The Fortune Teller Of The Hidden Hamlet

Mao: A fortune teller who has the same cards as Hilda, huh...it's just as
     Frantz said, isn't it.
Hilda: The same cards as these...who on earth...
Mao: Does the name Naira ring a bell?
Hilda: No, it doesn't.
Eugene: Even if it doesn't, the other party may know about you, Hilda. Let's
        try to go meet with her.

Skit #695 [SKI695]
「わけあり」 For A Reason

Mao: Earlier, the old man was saying that people often come here for a reason,
     didn't he?
Annie: I wonder if the old man was referring to a Gajuma and Huma couple like
       him and his wife?
Mao: A Huma and Gajuma couple would be...like Dana and Ox, wouldn't it.
Annie:...There are no Halfs to be seen, but...perhaps this is the village that
      Ox was talking about...?
Mao: Maybe so...

Skit #696 [SKI696]
「ナイラさんのお住まいは...」 Naira's Residence Is...

Annie: Let us go meet with Naira. It appears that she lives next to the
       equipment store.


<Inside Naira's House>

Hilda: Are you...Ms. Naira...?
Naira: Yes, I'm Naira. How may I be of assistance to you?
Hilda: We heard that there was a fortune teller here who uses the same cards as
Hilda: That would be you, correct?
Naira:...Y, you...where on earth did you get these...?
Hilda: I have no idea...I came here in order to find that out.
Naira:...Y, you...what's your name?
Naira:...Are you, by any chance...a Half...?
Hilda:...How'd you know about that!?
Naira:...I knew it...Hilda...Hilda...so you were alive after all...
Hilda:...What is this...? What do you mean by that...?
Naira: Hilda...I'm...I'm...your mother...
Hilda: You're...my mother...
Tytree: L, looks like we hit the jackpot all of a sudden...Good for you,
Naira: Hilda...my little Hilda...let me take a good look at you...
Naira: A woman...bearing two horns...
Hilda: What do you think you're doing!!
Naira:...Leave...this village...immediately...
Hilda:...Eh...What did you say just now...?
Naira: You heard me...get out of here...I said get out of here...!!
Hilda: What is this? What do you mean by that...!?
Naira: I don't want to look at some...half-breed daughter...!!
Hilda:...I see...I see how things are now...I...
Annie: Hilda...
Hilda: Heh...I was a fool...this should be no surprise seeing as you had
       abandoned me once before.
Hilda:...Up until now, I have always convinced myself that I never had any
Hilda: Do you know why?
Hilda: That way, little by little the sadness would fade away and the hatred
       would diminish. That's how I felt, at least.
Hilda:...Only a real fool like me...would believe something as foolish as
Naira: Get out of my sight...this instant...
Hilda:...I'd leave even if you didn't tell me to!
Tytree: What'd you do that for!? What the hell were those tears earlier then,
Naira:...I am sorry. Please leave...
Naira: Hilda...take that child...away from this village at once!
Tytree: C'mon, give us a second!
Veigue: I'm worried about Hilda. Right now, we should go after her...!

<In The Middle Of The Village>

Hilda: Humor me and don't say a word...
Tytree: But we can't just...
Hilda:...Just drop it already...
Veigue:...Don't push yourself...
Veigue: We'll be waiting for you back at the inn...
Claire: Why don't you try talking to your mother one more time? You finally got
        to meet her after all this time, but at this rate, things will...
Hilda:...What is it that you want me to say to her?
Hilda: That person, she...she said that she didn't want to look at a Halfling
       child! You heard her say it yourself, didn't you?
Claire: But she was acting strangely...there might be some sort of a reason.
Hilda: I don't care to hear about her bloody reason...!
Claire:...Hilda, don't you want to talk to your own mother?
Hilda: What could you possibly know? Your parents, they...you were raised by
       parents who catered to your every need...
Claire: You're scared...aren't you...
Hilda: Scared...? Who, me?
Claire: That's right, you're afraid. But what is it that you're so afraid of?
Claire: That your hatred towards your mother may turn out to be genuine? That
        you wanted to meet your mother so that she would acknowledge your
        existence!? Is it because that will deny who you've been up until now?
Claire:...You feel that? I know I did. But this pain is trying to teach you
Claire: You harbor strong feelings towards your mother...and misgivings...
Claire:...Shying away from pain will keep you from getting what you really want
       in life.
Hilda:...You of all people...seeing as you possess a body that you never
      desired, I thought that you of all people would understand me, and yet...
Claire:...I feel that being in this body has given me a much stronger sense of
       who I am than I had before...
Claire: When I look in a mirror, someone else's reflection is looking back at
        me. But I still feel that I am me.
Claire: It's like some semblance of myself has entered this body and lies at
        its very core...
Claire: And that's why I will always be me no matter what I look like...
Claire: Hilda, your heart and your way of thinking are what make you Hilda,
        don't you think...?
Hilda: Claire...
Claire: Sorry for getting up on my soapbox like that...
Hilda:...You're a peculiar one, you know that?
Claire:...Let's return to where the others are.
Tytree: Dang, what kind of hand did you pull, Claire?
Claire: Tee hee...that's a secret...
Claire: More importantly, we gotta think about what we're going to do from here
Claire: We found Hilda's mother, but we don't know a thing about the Sacred
Mao: But her mother is the key to all of this and we ended up getting turned
Tytree: And we started off on such a good note too. She was going on about
        horns and junk, so maybe that had something to do with it...?
Eugene: Horns...Naira's horns...perhaps it's related to Hilda's...Hmm...
Hilda:...I wonder why she tore up my cards...
Veigue: It's looking like we have to go and talk to Ms. Naira one more time,
Hilda:...I'm going as well.
Hilda: Because I'll never get what I want if I'm afraid of getting hurt.

Skit #697 [SKI697]
「もう逃げない...」 I Won't Run Away Any Longer...

Hilda: I won't run away any longer...I have to ask that person something...

Skit #698 [SKI698]
「もう一度、母に...」 To Mom One More Time...

Hilda: Naira...my mother...
Claire: Let's go talk to her. And ask her why she would do something like

<Back In Naira's House>

Eugene: Naira, please listen to what we have to say.
Naira: Are you deaf? I told you to hurry up and get out of here, didn't I!!
Tytree: How the heck can you say something like that when your daughter came
        all the way over here to see you!!
Naira: I don't want to see you people anymore! Look, it doesn't matter, just
       hurry up and leave this village!
Veigue: Those tarot cards that you ripped up meant a lot to Hilda. The least
        you could do is give us a explanation...
Naira: An explanation...an explanation...!
Hilda:...I knew it...there's not a parent out there... who'd want to see a
      daughter that they had cast aside...
Veigue: Hilda...
Tytree:...Well, I ain't givin' up! Let's find ourselves some sort of a clue!

Skit #699 [SKI699]
「ナゾだぜ」 What A Mind-Boggler

Tytree: What a complete mind-boggler...why would Hilda's mom suddenly turn
        Hilda down like that...
Mao: There might be someone who knows something.

Skit #700 [SKI700]
「拒絶の理由」 Reason For The Refusal

Eugene: If we talk to someone who knows about Naira, we may learn something.


<In The Residence In The Far Rear Of The Village>

Veigue: We'd like to ask you something about Ms. Naira...
Old Lady: About Naira...?
Old Lady: I see...so you're Naira's daughter...
Old Lady: Now that you mention it, there was this one time when I had a nice
          long talk with Naira...
Old Lady: She told me that she had travelled throughout the country all by
          herself after she lost her husband...
Old Lady: She journeyed in search of her abducted daughter...that's right...she
          was looking for you...
Hilda:...Abducted daughter...!?
Old Lady: In the end, Naira was unable to locate you and came to this village.
          And then, she said that she decided to pray for your happiness...
Old Lady: And besides, she was sure that you would come here if you ever found
          yourself without a place to go...
Old Lady: Back then, Naira feared that she may miss you, so she rarely stepped
          foot outside of her house.
Hilda:...That has to be a worthless sob story that she came up with!!
Hilda: Because she discarded me like I was some sort of thing!
Claire: Hilda...!
Old Lady:...I don't know what actually happened...but if nothing else, there is
         one thing that I want you to understand.
Old Lady: Naira...your mother loved you from the very depths of her heart.
Mao: Say, Hilda...why don't we try going over to your mother's place one more
     time, okay?

Skit #701 [SKI701]
「みたび、母のところへ」 Go To Where Mom Is For A Third Time

Veigue: Let's go talk to Ms. Naira once more.

Skit #702 [SKI702]
「三度目の正直」 Third Time's A Charm

Mao: Let's go see Naira. Third time's a charm, so...this time for sure!


<Outside The Residence>

Tytree: What is it...!
Mao: A Force!! And it's pretty strong!!
Hilda: Tohma!! Why are you here!?
Tohma: By Lady Zilva's command, I am currently attempting to provide relief to
       this country.
Tohma: However, the fact that you are trying to acquire the power of the Sacred
       Beasts is a hindrance to that end!
Veigue: So you came here to get rid of us since we're in the way, is that it.
Tohma: Meh heh heh heh...this godforsaken village will serve as a fitting grave
       for the lot of you...
Naira: Tohma...!
Tohma: And who are you?
Naira: You don't remember...?
Naira: How dare you murder my husband...and rob me of my daughter...rob me of
       Hilda like that...!!
Tohma: Ah, so you're that broad from back then.
Hilda: You...killed my father? And you abducted me...!?
Hilda: Wasn't I abandoned...? Don't tell me...that's also a...
Tohma: Mwah ha ha ha...what did you think of my masterpiece? A tale about a
       pitiful Half who was cast aside by her parents.
Tohma: Or would it have been more dramatic and interesting to make you believe
       that I was your real father?
Tohma: Behold, the child who possesses the body of a Gajuma in spite of being
       spawned from a Huma man has amounted to nothing.
Naira: I won't allow you to insult my daughter!!
Tohma: Oh, and what exactly are you going to do about it, hm? You don't even
       have what it takes to protect your own daughter.
Naira: Hilda, watch out!!
Naira: Aaaaaahhh!!
Claire: Naira!!
Naira: This is...for the best...I'm so glad...I'm so glad...
Annie: Please hang in there!!
Naira: Hilda...take these...
Naira: I tore up...your tarot cards, so...take mine...or could it be that you
       don't want them...
Naira: Thank you...
Naira: I'm so sorry that I told you to go away...I'm so sorry...for all the
       pain I've caused you...
Annie & Claire: Naira!!
Tohma: Foolish woman....No, I should say foolish couple.
Tohma: Who would believe that two people would throw away their lives to defend
       their daughter...
Hilda: Then, my father also gave up his life for my sake...?
Tohma: Wah ha ha...I bet you're at a loss for words now, aren't you, Hilda?
Tohma: You've come to hate your parents since you thought that they had
       abandoned you. But in truth, they...uaahh!!
Tohma: W, what was that just now...!? I didn't even see you attack...!!
Tohma: Aaaaaahhh!!
Hilda: I'm going to make you pay...I'm going to make you pay for this no
       matter what!!

<After The Fight>

Tohma: Uaaahh...
Tohma: Like hell...I'll let myself get beaten...by the likes of you!!
Hilda:...I told you...that I was going to make you pay for this no matter what,
      didn't I!!
Tohma: W, w, what's this!!
Tohma: W...wait, stop it, please!! S, spare me...
Veigue: Hilda, are you alright?
Hilda:...Isn't it about time for you to wake up. Open your eyes and look me in
      the face this instant!!
Claire: Hilda...your mother is...
Hilda: You're kidding me...you have to be kidding me!!
Hilda: I have things that I want to ask you...things that I want to say to
       you...and yet you went off and died on me!! That's so selfish of you!!
Hilda: Why did you have me...? What was I born for...?
Hilda: Answer me...you're my mother, aren't you!! Please...answer me...answer
       me already!!
Hilda: What...what am I!!

<Inside Naira's House>

Old Lady: Hilda...
Hilda: What is this...?
Old Lady: She said that she'd like for me to give this to you, her daughter, in
          the event that you came after she died...
Old Lady: It was rather strange that she asked an old lady like me for that
          sort of favor, don't you think...it's as if she knew that her own
          death drew near...
Hilda: Hilda...to my daughter who was carried off somewhere...
Naira:...I'm leaving behind this letter in case you ever come to this place.
Naira: Even though you've finally come after all this time, I am truly sorry
       that I won't be able to apologize to you directly.
Naira: You are a child...born between your Huma father, Amgil, and myself, a
       Gajuma. But we had anticipated that someday you would suffer because of
       your body.
Naira: Nevertheless, we gave birth to you. The splendor of the love that we
       found breathed new life into us and we intended to share our happiness
       ...with you.
Naira: You may detest being called a Half and resent us for giving you that
       cursed body.
Naira: However, you are our pride and joy.
Naira: You are not some Half. You are not half of anything...
Naira: Because you are the product of two lives, your father's and my own...
Naira: So please...take pride in yourself as you go through life. Not as a
       Huma, or a Gajuma, or even as a Half...but as a person.
Hilda: As a person...Your mother, Naira...my...beloved...Hilda...
Hilda:...What is this...this letter...
Claire: A woman bearing two horns...
Claire:"In a village to the north where the desolate gather, when a woman
       bearing two horns wields the olden stars, she shall be returned to the
       earth by Heaven's decree"...
Claire: I wonder if this is Naira's handwriting? I somehow get the impression
        that it's giving us a hint about Naira, but...
Tytree: The olden stars refers to the tarot cards, right? Who's to say that
        this isn't about Hilda?
Annie:...Do you think that perhaps Naira was predicting her own death through
Annie: But suddenly, Hilda appeared with the same old tarot cards and she
       realized who the "woman bearing two horns" was.
Veigue:...So are you saying that that's why Ms. Naira tore up Hilda's tarot
Eugene: Right...and on top of that, she probably rejected Hilda in order to
        induce her into leaving this village where the prophecy was to be
Hilda:...If that's the case, then what of it...she must have been out of her
      mind to die in my place...
Hilda: What I was wishing for...wasn't this letter or for her to save my life!!
Hilda: What I wanted was...what I wanted to say to her was...
Hilda:...I...never got to call her mother, not even once...

Skit #703 [SKI703]
「どこでもいいわ」 Anywhere's Fine

Hilda: Let us go...
Mao:...I, if you say so, but...where are we going...?
Hilda: Anywhere's fine...being in this village pains me...

Skit #704 [SKI704]
「ジルバの思惑」 Zilva's Expectation

Mao: Tohma said that Zilva was trying to bring relief to this country, didn't
Tytree: You gotta be kidding me, like badgering us is going to save the
Mao: Maybe she doesn't know that much about the impression or the Sacred
Eugene: No...it's also feasible that she knows about them and has every intent
        of hindering our progress.
Mao: What do you mean?
Eugene: I'm not sure...Zilva might be know of another solution or have
        different expectations than us...

Skit #705 [SKI705]
「涙を拭いて」 Wipe Away The Tears

Mao: In the end, our search for a clue about the Sacred Beast turned up
     nothing, didn't it...
Tytree: Hilda...cheer up.
Hilda: Thanks...I'll be alright...I'm sure that we'll hear something...about
       the Sacred Beast...
Hilda: "Know thyself"...I...feel that I understand the meaning of those words,
       if only a little bit, so...
Tytree: Good...then let's continue our search for the Sacred Beast.

Skit #706 [SKI706]
「眠れる力...」 Dormant Power...

Annie: Hilda, what do you suppose was that light that was emitted from your
       body during your battle with Tohma?
Hilda: I'm not sure myself...
Hilda: When I thought about mother, I felt a surge of heat go throughout my
       entire body, and...
Annie:...There may be some great power sleeping within you, Hilda...

Skit #707 [SKI707]
「村を出よう」 Let's Leave The Village

Eugene: Let's leave this village for the moment and think about what to do


<As You're Leaving The Village>

Old Lady: Just a minute, Hilda...
Old Lady: I came out to tell you that I've put Naira's belongings in order.
Old Lady: She treasured this crystal. Take it with you along with her letter...
Old Lady: Your mother told me that when you were an infant, she came into
          possession of it for your sake.
Hilda: For my sake...?
Old Lady: I don't know any of the details, but she said that she prayed for
          your longevity on an island at the base of the Alvan Mountain
Old Lady: She mentioned something about needing this crystal in order for her
          prayer to be heard...
Mao:...Maybe by some stroke of luck, this crystal will be our clue to finding
    the Sacred Beast...!
Hilda:...Thank you for everything...I will definitely come back here someday...
      Take care...
Hilda:...Sorry to keep you waiting.
Eugene: She said it was an island at the base of the Alvan Mountain Range,
Hilda: Yes...let's head over that way.

You received Naira's Letter.
You received the Tarot Cards.
You received the Amethyst.

Skit #708 [SKI708]
「水晶をてがかりに」 Clue In The Crystal

Mao: We're aiming for an island at the base of the Alvan Mountain Range, right?
Hilda: Yeah...let's go. In order to obtain the power of the Sacred Beast...

Skit #709 [SKI709]
「まさか、あんたが」 I Can't Believe You Did That

Hilda:...You know, you're more reckless than your appearance lets on.
Claire: Eh? What are you talking about?
Hilda: About what happened in Mocrado Village. I never thought that I'd ever
       get slapped by you.
Claire: Tee hee...did it work?

Skit #710 [SKI710]
「アルヴァン山脈のふもとに」 To The Base Of The Alvan Mountain Range

Hilda: Something's at the base of the Alvan Mountain Range...
Claire: At any rate, let's go. Right, Hilda?


<After The CG Sequence>

Eugene: What's this...!?
Tytree: Is this the place that Hilda's parents brought her to?
Hilda:...There's no mistaking it. I've been here before.
Annie: What exactly is in this place...? I wonder if there's a connection to
       the Sacred Beast?
?????: Hilda...you have visited this place once before along with your parents.
?????: I am the Sacred Beast Gilione.
Gilione: Your parents came to this place for your sake. Why have you come here?
Hilda:...I came in order to obtain the power of a Sacred Beast.
Gilione: Why do you deem the power of a Sacred Beast to be necessary?
Hilda: I need it in order to purify the evil impression that has spread
       throughout the world...
Gilione: Are those words without deceit? Are those words without hesitation?
Hilda: I have no hesitations whatsoever...there is nothing for me to be
       hesitant about.
Gilione:...If such is the case, then ye may come before me. All shall become
Hilda:...Here I go.

Skit #711 [SKI711]
「ヒルダの決意」 Hilda's Determination

Hilda: Gilione...I will obtain your power...no matter what...

Skit #712 [SKI712]
「負けない...」 I Won't Lose...

Hilda: I won't lose...I will obtain Gilione's power, just you watch...
Annie: Hilda, do your best...


<After Entering The Ruins>

Amgil: Let's hurry...
Naira: Hilda, hang in there.
Hilda: Mother...!? Is that...father...?
Hilda: I see...so this is what you refer to as the trial of the Sacred Beast...
Claire: It's begun, hasn't it...Hilda?
Hilda: Yes, it finally has...

<On The Next Screen>

Baby's Cry: Wah! Wah! Wah!
Amgil:...So this is our daughter. She got your eyes and your nose. This child
      is definitely going to be a beauty when she grows up.
Naira: Oh...but look...her mouth takes after yours...
Amagil: Yeah...she's darling...this child is our hope...
Naira: About her name...what do you think about...Hilda?
Amgil: Hilda...yeah, that has a nice ring to it.
Naira: I put a lot of thought into it. Do you think this child will like it?
Amgil: But of course. Right, Hilda!
Amgil: I shall protect you no matter what happens...our child, Hilda...this
       wonderful little life...

<Flashback In Balka>

Hilda: Give 'em back!!
Boy: No way! Yo, heads up!
Boy: Take 'em back if you think ya can! Heh heh heh...
Hilda: Please give 'em back...give 'em back to me!!
2 Boys & Girl: Uaaahh!!
Man: What's wrong, did something happen?
Girl: That girl...that girl got mad at us and then she...
Man: Hey!! Why can't you get along with everyone else...
Man:...What a creepy looking Huma...
Hilda:...Why am I kweepy? Is somethin' weird about me?
Man: You...oh, I get it, you were born from a Gajuma and a Huma...I'm right,
     aren't I...?
Hilda: Eh...whaddya mean?
Man: You're not a Huma or a Gajuma, you're an impure Half!! Don't you get near
     my children!!
Hilda: Whatza Half? Is a Half kweepy...?
Hilda: Hey, whatza Half...am I a bad person...since I'm a Half...?

<Back In The Ruins>

Hilda: I'm...a Half...
Claire: Hilda...
Hilda: Let's continue on ahead.

Skit #713 [SKI713]
「あの時の光は...」 That Light Back Then Was...

Annie: Hilda, the light that you gave off in Mocrado Village when you fought
       Tohma...was that...
Hilda: Yes...just like you said, Annie, it looks like there's a power sleeping
       inside of me...
Eugene: For you to bring out that power after breaking off your horns means
        that it came from another source...
Hilda:...Maybe one of the things that the heart is supposed to do is make it to
      where a person can become strong beyond reason...

Skit #714 [SKI714]
「誇り」 Pride

Hilda: A Half...what is a Half anyway...?
Claire: Hilda, try to remember...Naira's, your mother's letter...!
Hilda: Mother's...?
Claire: We are not Gajumas, Humas, or even Halfs...
Claire: We're people...
Hilda:...A person...I'm a person...


<Further In The Dungeon>

Baby's Crying Voice: Waah! Waah! Waah!
Naira: Hilda...Hilda...hang in there, Hilda...!
Naira: Dear, what shall we do...! Hilda's fever won't go down!
Amgil: As I thought, the body of a child born between a Gajuma and a Huma is...
Amgil: We can't get to a doctor and the medicine isn't working...what are we
       supposed to do!
Naira: A while back...I heard that there were ruins filled with a mysterious
       power on an island to the south. If we had that power, then perhaps...
Amgil: We are out of options at this point....Let's go, Naira. Like we're gonna
       let Hilda die...!
Naira: D, dear...!! Hilda stopped crying...if we don't hurry...!!
Amgil: Go, hurry!! I'll take care of this!!
Amgil: Uoooohh!!
Hilda: Father!!
Hilda: Goo goo!!
Naira: Dear...!! Hilda's...look at big smile on Hilda's face...
Amgil: Yeah, she's already feeling better...our child is...Hilda is a little

<In The Alvan Mountains>

Man's Voice: Gwaaaahhh!!
Tohma:...What strength! So this is the power of a Half...that was great, Hilda.
Tohma: It's exactly as Lady Zilva said...
Tohma: You will become the greatest of soldiers. Raising you has certainly paid
Tohma: Now, let me see it one more time!! Your power...as a Half.
Tohma: No need to hold back. These guys are all criminals.
Man: N, no, spare me, please!! You monster...stay away, stay away from me!!
Man: Kaaaaaaahhh!!

<Back In The Ruins>

Hilda: Monster...
Hilda: No, I'm not...I'm not a...

<As You Progress Through The Ruins>

Tohma: How far do you intend to run?
Tohma: Tohma here isn't very patient, you see.
Tohma: I cannot guarantee your lives if you cause me any more trouble.
Amgil:...I will protect my wife and child, even if it costs me my life, just
      you watch!!
Tohma: Your resolve is admirable. However!!
Amgil: Gwaaaahhh...!! N, Naira...Hilda...
Hilda: Father!!
Naira: D, dear!!
Naira: Stop it!! Why!! Why are you doing this!! My daughter...give back my
Tohma: Get out of my sight...as a fellow Gajuma, the least I can do is show you
       some mercy.
Naira: No...NOOOOOOO!!

<Inside Callegea Castle>

Hilda: What...did you want to talk to me about?
Callegean Soldier: You're such a nuisance...!
Callegean Soldier: I'm under orders to oversee your training, and nothing more!
Hilda: Eh...what do you mean?
Callegean Soldier:  I'm saying that it's going to be a problem if some Half
                    takes a liking to me!!
Callegean Soldier: So don't look at me with those eyes of yours. Got it?
Hilda: I...I...!!
Hilda: Aaaaaaaahhh!!
Hilda:...These horns...it's because I have these horns...

<At The Tel 'Alla Hostel>

Tytree: No matter what kind of reason you have, I can't allow you to simply
        throw away the precious life that your parents gave you!!
Veigue:...Why is that? What's wrong with being a Half?
Hilda:...You wouldn't understand...
Hilda: How could you people possibly understand...what it feels like to have
       stones thrown at you from both sides!!
Hilda: I didn't want to be born...as some Half...

<Back In The Ruins>

Hilda's Shadow: A Half...just what is a Half anyway!!
Hilda's Shadow: No one accepted me, and yet...despite that, it's wrong that I
                want to rid myself of this body!?
Hilda's Shadow: Who...just who am I anyway!!
Veigue: Don't lose...Hilda...don't let...don't let yourself lose to some
Hilda:...Yeah, I know...

Skit #715 [SKI715]
「バカみたい...」 Such A Fool...

Hilda: Why did I...break off my horns...it's not like doing that changed the
       fact that I'm a Half...I'm such a fool...
Annie: Naira had horns as well, didn't she...
Hilda: Yes...I inherited those horns and this body from my mom and dad.
Hilda: They're proof...that my parents loved me from the day I was born...
Annie: Hilda...just a little further. Hang in there...!

Skit #716 [SKI716]
「おれたちも」 We're Here With You

Hilda: Let's go...to where Gilione is...
Tytree: Yeah...we're with you all the way!


<At The End Of The Ruins>

Hilda: You're...the Sacred Beast Gilione!?
Gilione: Correct. I am Gilione.
Gilione: "Know thyself. The path lies within"...you sought the meaning of those
         words and have now come to this place...
Gilione: Everything you witnessed on your way here is the history that is
         engraved upon your body. Namely, 'tis your very self.
Gilione: However, it appears that doubt as of yet still stirs within your
Gilione: Hence, I have decided to grant your wish.
Hilda: My wish...!?
Hilda: This is...
Gilione: The pure body of a Huma and the pure body of a Gajuma. The bodies of
         beauty that you have always desired. I shall bestow upon you the body
         of your choosing.
Hilda: I...what I really want is...
Man: What a creepy-looking kid...
Callegean Soldier: You're not a Huma or a Gajuma. You're a Half.
Hilda: What's so bad about being a Half!?
Tohma: Become a Gajuma. A beautiful Gajuma such as myself.
Agarte: Humas are the very definition of beauty. Choose to be a Huma.
Hilda: That's not true!! That's not what I want!! I don't need anything like
Militsa: We will never belong unless we discard these unsightly bodies. Do you
         intend to continue living on as a Half?
Hilda: Stop it!! Just stop it!!
Hilda's Shadow: Hurry up and choose! Will you go with being a Huma? Will you go
                with being a Gajuma? Your wish is finally coming true!!
Hilda:...I don't need it...I don't want a Huma body or a Gajuma one...I have...
      no need for them!
Gilione:...You have come to the decision that a pure body is not necessary. Is
        that how you truly feel?
Gilione: Are you saying that you are fine with remaining in the Half body you
         detested so much that you rent your own horns?
Hilda: My body is...this body that my mom and dad gave me is...
Hilda:...my pride and joy.
Gilione: Very well, then allow me to put you to the test...
Gilione: To see whether your heart is without doubt...to see whether you are
         person enough to receive mine power...
Gilione: Overcome thy very self...that is the final trial.

<In-Battle Dialogue With Hilda's Shadow>

Hilda: I will win! I'll show you that I can prevail over myself!
Hilda: I will overcome this...I'll show you that I can overcome myself!!
Hilda: Uaaaaaaahhh!!

<After The Fight>

Gilione: Most impressive...
Gilione: Up until now, you've refused to acknowledge yourself as a Half and
         thus had reservations about unleashing that power.
Gilione: However, you have since accepted yourself as such and triumphed over
         your past...
Gilione: The light that you gave forth just now is proof of that.
Hilda:...I'm not a Half...
Hilda: I'm...not some Half who is made up of halves of each race...I am both a
       Gajuma and a Huma. And at the same, I am neither a Gajuma nor a Huma.
Hilda: I am...a person...I'm just a person, nothing more and nothing less.
Gilione: Is that the answer you have discovered for yourself?
Hilda: It's nothing as noble as that...I merely came to a realization, that's
       all...about who I am. And also...
Hilda: That I shouldn't have broken off my horns...
Gilione: Hilda, dost thou seek mine Power of Light?
Hilda: I do.
Gilione: Reveal thy Force...
Gilione: When your parents visited this place, I sensed hope in the Half child
         who was born between the two of them.
Gilione: I thought that you may become one of the prompts to bring about a
         sense of familiarity amongst the races...
Hilda: I represent...hope...?
Gilione: I see that there is surely hope for people yet in light of your
         resolve to continue living on in that body.
Gilione: The pride which you carry for your own body shall one day serve as
         hope for humanity.
Gilione: I pray that ye shall not be overwhelmed by mine Power of Light.
Gilione: Eugene...
Gilione: Search for the Island of Illusion. There lies the path to the final
         Sacred Beast, Randgriz.
Eugene: Randgriz...search for the Island of Illusion...
Gilione: You'd best leave now. Not much time remains.
Eugene: Let's hurry.

You received the Amethyst of Light.
Hilda can now learn the Ougi "Divine Sabre."

<Outside The Ruins>

Claire: Hilda...
Claire: Hilda, congratulations! You earned it.
Hilda: Claire...
Tytree: I dunno what Gilione showed you, but...you finally like them now, don't
Tytree: Your mom and your pop. And...even yourself...
Veigue: So Eugene's up next, huh...
Eugene: Hmm, I guess so.
Annie: But I wonder how we should search for something like an Island of
Mao: If it has to do with illusions, then Frantz is the one to talk to, right!
Veigue: Yeah, I hope he's still in Nolzen...

Skit #717 [SKI717]
「次は...」 Up Next Is...

Mao: It's Eugene's turn next! Let's get out of here for the time being!

<In Balka>
Veigue Side-->Agarte Side

Skit #718 [SKI718]
「ジルバに会わなくては」 I Must Meet With Zilva

Agarte: Surely I can depend on Zilva for help...I must go meet with her...

Skit #719 [SKI719]
「カレギア城へ...」 To Callegea Castle...

Agarte: Zilva should be able to assist me...I must make my way to the castle...


<In Front Of Callegea Castle>

Callegean Soldier: What business does a Huma civilian have at the castle?
Agarte: I need to have a word with Zilv...Lady Zilva Madigan.
Callegean Soldier: If you have something to say, then I'll hear you out.
Agarte: I cannot speak of this to anyone besides the individual that I
Agarte: This is in regards to a pressing matter for the country.
Callegean Soldier: This missy has a lot of nerve to order us around even though
                   she's a Huma...!!
Saleh: That's a precarious way of phrasing things.
Callegean Soldier: Y, you're...
Saleh: What do you think would happen if I mentioned that a certain soldier
       within the Callegean army was making racist comments?
Callegean Soldier: F, forgive me.
Saleh: Heh...not that I particularly care, mind you.
Saleh: Putting that aside, could you let the young lady through for me? She's
       an acquaintance of mine.
Callegean Soldier: But we were instructed by the head of security to prevent
                   the passage of civilians with unknown backgrounds...
Saleh: So on top of being a Huma "missy," you can't let her through because
       she's acquainted with a Huma like me, is that it?
Callegean Soldier:.........
Saleh: Come on in now. It's been a long time, hasn't it, my dear Claire.
Agarte: Thank you. I'd still be out there if it weren't for your help.
Saleh: I only did what was natural. After all, it is the duty of The Royal
       Shield to protect Her Majesty the Queen...isn't that right...Lady
Saleh: If you would like to see Lady Zilva, she's currently at the ritual dais.
Agarte: At the ritual dais?
Saleh: A festival is about to begin, you see.
Agarte: What do you speak of?
Saleh: How about if Her Ladyship ascertained that with her own eyes?
Agarte: What manner of trickery are you planning?
Saleh:...I really like it when people give their best effort, you know. Heh heh
      heh heh...

Skit #720 [SKI720]
「ジルバ...?」 Zilva...?

Agarte: What is it that Zilva is trying to do at the ritual dais...?

Skit #721 [SKI721]
「祭儀場で何が...?」 What Is Taking Place At The Ritual Dais...?

Agarte: In any case, the only one who can assist me is Zilva...I must go to the
ritual dais...


<At The Ritual Dais>

Zilva: At present, our country lies prostrate in face of the racial conflict
       and the cities are brimming with hatred.
Zilva: The ones who brought forth these circumstances are none other than the
Zilva: Yet in that aftermath, we Gajumas are the ones to bear the burden of
       suffering time and time again!!
Zilva: Our silence as Gajumas has done nothing but indulge the arrogance of
       those impudent Humas.
Zilva: For the sake of opening the eyes of those simpletons and restoring peace
       to our homeland once more, we can no longer avoid confrontation.
Zilva: We shall prevail!!
Zilva: To an enemy who would oppress us virtuous Gajumas whilst heightening
       their own influence...
Zilva: Have you nothing to say to the Humas who would disturb our peace?
Zilva: We have naught to fear. We could not hope for anything more than to take
       up arms in combat.
Zilva: A Gajuma shall never fall victim to the hands of a Huma ever again!!
Agarte:...Zilva...why...how could you...say something like that...
Man: Hey, a Huma's here!! Get her!!
Agarte: Something must be done, or...
Saleh: Did you enjoy the festival? Lady Agarte.
Agarte: Tell me, Saleh. Why would Zilva do such a thing?
Saleh:...Heh heh heh heh...didn't you know? Those are Lady Zilva's true
Agarte: Eh?
Saleh: She did quite a lot in order to stand where she is today, did she not?
Saleh: She instigated Her Majesty the Queen and conducted a ceremony, among
       other things...
Agarte: T, that can't be...don't tell me that Zilva was...
Saleh: Well, things will likely turn into a full-blown confrontation between
       the Humas and the Gajumas sooner or later, don't you agree?
Agarte: Zilva...that Zilva, she...
Saleh: The human heart is a treacherous thing. You have no one to blame but
       yourself for placing your trust in something like that.
Saleh: Heh heh heh...so how does it feel?
Saleh: You trusted another and wound up penniless, so to speak, as you've lost
       your social standing and your body.
Saleh:...Oh right, you obtained the body that you wanted, didn't you? What you
      didn't obtain was that person's...
Agarte: Stop it!
Saleh: Heh heh...what do you intend to do from this point forward, Lady Agarte?
Agarte:...I shall...I shall simply do what I am capable of doing...
Saleh: Oh my...you've begun to act more like a queen in the short time that
       we've been apart, have you not? If only Lord Ladras could see you now...

Agarte Side-->Veigue Side

Skit #722 [SKI722]
「幻の島の手がかりは?」 A Clue About The Island Of Illusion?

Annie: I wonder if Frantz is still in Nolzen...
Eugene: He might have gone somewhere. Let's look around for Frantz while we
        investigate the Island of Illusion.

Skit #723 [SKI723]
「怪しい関係・1」 Suspicious Relationship Part 1

Annie: Tytree and Hilda have been getting along rather well lately, haven't
       they. Could it be that...
Tytree: Annie, w, what are you trying to get at here...!
Mao: Ah, Tytree's getting antsy! This is fishy, fishy, I tell ya!
Hilda: Hate to break this to you, but a younger guy just doesn't appeal to me.
Tytree: Wha, w, well, it's not like I'm interested in an old lady anyway!
Hilda:...I really am going to smack you, you know.

Skit #724 [SKI724]
「怪しい関係・2」 Suspicious Relationship Part 2

Mao: I don't know what you think about Hilda, but you definitely have a thing
     for her, Tytree...
Tytree: C, come on now...I already told ya that I wasn't interested in old
        ladies, didn't I?
Mao: I dunno about that...Eugene, what do you think?
Eugene: That is one way of looking at things, but I believe that Tytree likely
        sees a part of his older sister inside of Hilda.
Mao: Ah okay, that makes sense! Tytree does have a sister complex and all!
Tytree: Quit calling it that already, will ya!

Skit #725 [SKI725]
「マオのバトルブック・3」 Mao's Battlebook Part 3

Mao: La la la~! La la la la~!
Veigue: Are you writing things down in the Battlebook?
Mao: Yep, and it's getting pretty full too!
Veigue: Is that so...our battles have been going much more smoothly thanks to
Mao: It's useful plus I can make memories out of it...talk about killing two
     birds with one stone!

Skit #726 [SKI726]
「ユ一ジ一ンのみだしなみ・4」 Eugene's Appearance Part 4

Tytree: Eugene, about your hair...if it's such a royal pain in the butt to
        manage since it's so long, then why don't you just chop it all off??
Eugene: And what about yourself? How about arranging your hair a little bit?
Tytree: Nuh uh, not a chance! My policy in life is to be true to one's self!
        For hair and fur, nothing beats the wild look!
Hilda: What kind of policy is that...

Skit #727 [SKI727]
「幻の島を探せ」 Search For The Island Of Illusion

Tytree: Dagnabbit, where the heck is that darn Island of Illusion anyway!
Mao: At any rate, we have Shaorune and everything, so let's go take a look here
     and there!


<In Nolzen By The Harbor>

Frantz: Hey, it's you all!
Mao: Say Frantz, you've heard of the Island of Illusion, haven't you?
Frantz: One of the World's Seven Great Illusions is known as the Continent of
        Illusion, so there's probably some sort of connection, right?
Eugene:...That's a possibility...so have you found it already?
Frantz: I thought that sailors might know something about it, so I've been
        investigating towns along the coast, but...
Claire: Then why don't we try searching along those lines too?
Veigue:...Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.


<After Summoning Shaorune On The World Map>

Skit #728 [SKI728]
「イヤなのかい?」 You Don't Like It?

Claire:...Shaorune...I...do you think that I'll ever be able to return to my
       original body?
Shaorune: Do you want to go back to your old body? So you don't like that one
          after all?
Claire: It's not quite right to say that I don't like it...because Lady Agarte
        really is pretty...
Claire: But mother, father, and the people of the village will probably be
        shocked, and...I don't want to make them worry, so...
Claire: And then...there's Veigue too...
Shaorune:...Gotcha. That's just the way you are, isn't it. Don't worry, things
         will work themselves out in the end.
Claire: Yeah, you're right.


<In Belsas>
To get to Mauro's house from the entrance of town, go north one screen and go
to the right into an alleyway. His house is the one on the left.

Mauro: Oh, hey guys! How have you been? I'm strapped for cash, as usual.
Mao: Mauro, you said that your ancestor was the legendary Pirate King, didn't
     you? We were wondering if you've ever heard of the Island of Illusion?
Mauro: The Island of Illusion? Ah, in that case, there's a story which mentions
       something very similar to that...
Veigue: Really?
Mauro: Yeah, if you read over the ship's log left behind by my ancestor...
       there's a code written on it which seems to indicate the hiding place of
       a treasure.
Mao: Wow! But what does that have to do with the Island of Illusion?
Mauro: Now, now, please take a glimpse at this. This is the memo that I used to
       decipher the code.
Veigue: What's written on the other side?
Mauro: That's the journal entry for the day which was written along with the
Tytree: Lemme take a peek..."A thick fog covers the area. We submerged the
        treasure in a shoal that we caught sight of..." Hrmm, hrmm...
Tytree: "...And it was then that we laid eyes upon it! The shadow of a colossal
        isle seen on nary a map!"
Tytree: "...By the time the mist had dispelled, that isle was no more. Could it
        be said that it dove into the depths of the sea?...Or perhaps...'twas
        nothing more than an illusion...?"
Tytree: Hey now...isn't this the very thing that we're searching for, the
        Island of Illusion!
Veigue: If we go to that spot, then we might come across the Island of
Mao: Yeah, you're right! Let's do him a favor and look for the treasure along
     with the Island of Illusion!

Will you go search for the treasure?
>Go on a treasure hunt (Be nice and help him, obviously)
>Maybe later

Veigue: We have our own boat. If it's okay with you, we'd like to search for
        the treasure in your stead...
Mauro: Are you sure? You guys seem pretty trustworthy and everything...by all
       means, please do!
Tytree: Yeah, we'll take care of things for you!

You received the Memo With The Code.

Mauro: I placed a mark on your map! I'll leave the rest to you!

If you open up the World Map from the Menu Screen, there's an arrow which
indicates where the treasure was submerged.

Skit #729 [SKI729]
「幻の島に会うために」 In Order To Meet The Island Of Illusion

Annie: Let us go to the place on the map we received from Mauro that hints at
       where the treasure is.
Mao: If we do that, then the Island of Illusion might come out!

Skit #730 [SKI730]
「宝探しより大切な事」 More Important Than Treasure Hunting

Mao: Treasure, treasure~...
Eugene: Mao, right now, the important thing is not finding the treasure.
Eugene: We did make a promise to Mauro, but don't forget...we have to locate
        the Island of Illusion before that.
Mao: Yeah, I know, you don't have to tell me. The Island of Illusion, right!
Mao: Illusion, illusion~....
Veigue: Are you sure that you understand...?

Skit #731 [SKI731]
「当たり前じゃない」 Why Wouldn't I Be?

Veigue: What are you pondering about, Claire?
Claire:........Oh no, I was just thinking about how you all have Force and yet
       I'm the only one who doesn't have any type of power...
Claire: It's just pathetic how I'm always being protected, so I was wondering
        if there wasn't something that I could do...
Veigue: Claire...you really are Claire after all, aren't you...
Claire: What are you saying? Why wouldn't I be?
Veigue: Yeah...you're right, you're absolutely right...

Skit #732 [SKI732]
「宝はどこに眠ってる?」 Where Is The Treasure Resting?

Mao: If we take a good look at the map, then we can figure out where the
     treasure is right away.

<On The World Map>

Skit #733 [SKI733]
「違うだろッ!」 You've Got It All Wrong!

Tytree: Aifread's treasure, huh...makes you wonder what kind of gold and silver
        riches are sleeping in there, doesn't it...
Mao: If we get the treasure and sell it, I sure want to use the money to buy
     some new clothes!
Hilda: Oh, then I could use some earrings.
Annie: I, I...there are some medical books that I'd like to...
Tytree: Gaaahhh!! Are you freakin' kidding me! Can't you come up with something
        besides the garden-variety stuff!!
Tytree: You've got it all wrong! A treasure is more like, you know...it's the
        stuff that dreams are made out of!!

Skit #734 [SKI734]
「海賊王アイフリ一ド」 The Pirate King, Aifread

Eugene: It's difficult indeed to believe that Mauro is the descendant of the
        Pirate King, Aifread...
Mao: What kind of person was this Aifread guy?
Eugene: He was a benevolent thief who demarcated all of Callegea's northern
Mao: A buh-ne-va-lent thief?
Eugene: Right...he distributed the stolen goods amongst the needy and the poor.
Eugene: However, in the end it appears that he died a heroic death in order to
        protect the one he loved.
Tytree: Daaaang! Now that's what I call a man among men...!

NOTE: To use the boat, go back to Nolzen and talk to the soldier (not the
sailor!) and select the first option.

<On The Boat>

Skit #735 [SKI735]
「歌うマオ・6」 Singing Mao Part 6

Mao: The vast sea~
Mao: The blue sea that stretches for who knows how far~
Mao: Where is the treasure sleeping~?
Mao: Floaty floaty float~y~!
Annie: Was...that supposed to be a song?
Mao: That was "The Ocean Song," written and composed by Mao.
Tytree: Hey! Quit the singing and help us with the treasure hunt!

NOTE: The whirlpool that you're searching for is located to the east of Minal.
You may have to search the thing several times, but that's where you're
supposed to look so just keep trying!

<Examining The Whirlpool The First Time>

Veigue: The Island of Illusion is around this area...?
Mao: Let's try searching for treasure for the time being!
Annie:...This may not be the place.
Eugene: Let's go to the next spot. We don't have much time.

<Examining The Whirlpool The Second Time>

Veigue: Doesn't look like this is the spot, does it...
Claire: Veigue, take a good look at the memo.

<Examining The Whirlpool For The Last Time>

Veigue: Is this the area where the Pirate King is said to have seen the Island
        of Illusion...?
Tytree: Well, the only impression I'm getting is that there's nothing but
        ocean, ocean, and ocean as far as the eye can see...
Eugene: Hmm...
Hilda: Eh, what was that? The boat is rocking!?
Mao: It feels more like it's being rocked rather than it just rocking, don't
     you think!!
Annie:...Something is coming!!

<After The Fight>

Mao: Whew, that was too close! The ocean sure is scary, isn't it!
Tytree:...Phew....hm? Hey, over there! Doesn't that look kinda treasure
       chest-like to you?
Claire:...Is that Aifread's treasure? I wonder if it floated up to the surface
       along with the Viruses.
Mao: What about the Island of Illusion?
Eugene: Presuming that this is the area of the ocean mentioned in the note,
        then the Island of Illusion may appear. Let's try waiting for a little
Tytree: For now, let's go ahead and pull up the treasure.

You received the Pirate's Treasure Chest.

Mao: Hey...how long are we going to sit here? The sun is starting to set on us,
     you know?
Hilda: A single whale has yet to approach us, much less the Island of Illusion.
Eugene:...You're right. For the time being, let's bring the treasure chest that
       we recovered back to Mauro.

Veigue and the others acquired the title "Treasure Hunter."
Veigue: Slash Attack Power +3
Mao: Thrust Attack Power +3
Eugene: Thrust Attack Power +3
Annie: Slash Defense Power +3
Tytree: Thrust Defense Power +4
Hilda: Slash Attack Power+3

Skit #736 [SKI736]
「いいだろ?」 It's Okay, Right?

Tytree: Say, it's okay to take just a quick peek inside, right?
Eugene: No, it's not. Be patient until we meet with Mauro.
Tytree: Gah, it's bugging the hell out of me! Let's hurry up and go to where
        Mauro is!

Skit #737 [SKI737]
「当初の目的」 Original Objective

Mao: What's wrong? You look depressed even though we obtained the treasure and
Eugene: Mao, you haven't forgotten about our original objective, have you?
Mao: Ah...right, we were searching for the Island of Illusion, weren't we...

Skit #738 [SKI738]
「届け物」 Delivery

Mao: We didn't find the Island of Illusion, but let's deliver this treasure box
     to Mauro for now.


<Back In Belsas>

Mauro: Did you find the treasure?
Veigue: Yeah...we haven't confirmed the contents yet, but we did obtain
        something similar to a treasure chest.
Mauro: Wow!! Really!? I'm glad that I asked you guys for help!!
Mauro: This...this is...my ancestor's treasure...
Eugene:...It would be nice if it was.
Tytree: Is this what I think it is? A tattered piece of paper?
Mauro: This thing is...an ancient map, and...wa, wah...what is this...it's got
       another code written on it!
Mauro: And not only that, but this time the code is more complex than the last
       one...But there's no mistaking that the location of a treasure is
       written here for sure this time around...don't you think?
Tytree: Good grief...so the treasure turned out to be a treasure map, is that
Mauro:...Alright, it's decided then!!
Mauro: I'm going to entrust this map and code to you guys!!

You received the Ancient Map.

Mauro: Don't worry, I'm sure that you guys will be able to find my ancestor's
       treasure!! I can tell...you guys have talent!
Mauro: Good luck and if you find the treasure, then why don't we split it up
Tytree: That guy trusts us completely, doesn't he. Didn't it occur to him that
        we could just pocket the thing for ourselves?
Mao: But what should we do? Do we keep going to however many places until we
     find the Island of Illusion?
Eugene: We may have no choice but to do just that.
Mao: Eh!! You can't be serious!!
Hilda: Hm...? Hey, wait just a minute.
Veigue: What's wrong?
Hilda:...Doesn't this map...look strange to you somehow?
Tytree: Strange? What makes you say that there's something strange about it?
Hilda:...I'm not sure, but something's slightly out of place...what do you
Veigue:...Something's out of place...on this map...?

Please move the pointer to a place of interest and push the CIRCLE button.

CIRCLE: Check out that spot
L1: Zoom In
R1: Zoom Out
SQUARE: Explanation of the controls
X: Put away the ancient map

NOTE: The area that you want to focus on is directly west of where you start
(i.e. to the west of Balka)...you'll see a gulf-like body of water on the
western continent. If you click there, the following message will pop up:

Veigue: This is the area around Sunnytown. If I'm not mistaken, the city was
        supposedly built on top of an island...however...

Veigue: Hm...is this it...?
Mao: Veigue, did you figure something out?
Veigue: Sunnytown isn't on this map.
Mao: Ah, you're right!!
Hilda: So that's why I felt something was out of place.
Annie: But that only tells us that Sunnytown didn't exist when this map was
       drawn, am I right...?
Mao: Yeah, I guess so...
Claire: I wonder if perhaps Sunnytown is the Island of Illusion?
Veigue: Sunnytown is the Island of Illusion?
Claire: It was written in Aifread's journal, remember? That it dove into the
        depths of the sea.
Claire: What if it came to rest at the mouth of the Toyohose River?
Eugene:...I don't know what to make of it, but it sounds like it's worth
       investigating. Let's head to Sunnytown.

Skit #739 [SKI739]
「サニイタウン改め幻の島へ」 To The Island Of Illusion That Became Sunnytown

Veigue: The last Sacred Beast might be in Sunnytown.
Veigue:...Let's go check it out.

Skit #740 [SKI740]
「幻の島の謎」 The Mystery Surrounding The Island Of Illusion

Tytree: Say, why isn't Sunnytown drawn on the ancient map?
Mao: What are you saying, Tytree? It's obvious, isn't it? It's not drawn
     because it didn't exist back then!
Tytree: Hey now...I'm asking you the reason why it didn't exist a long time
Eugene: If Sunnytown is the island that swam away which is mentioned in the
        pirate's journal, then that would explain things.
Tytree: Why would an island be swimming?
Eugene: Hard to say. That's a mystery.
Tytree: What the heck! That doesn't answer my question or solve the problem

Skit #741 [SKI741]
「確かめに行こうぜ」 Let's Go See For Ourselves

Tytree: Let's go see for ourselves whether Sunnytown is the Island of Illusion
        or not!

<On The World Map>

Skit #742 [SKI742]
「二枚目の地図」 The Good-Looking Map

Tytree: Now that I think about it, what happened to the old map we found at sea
        inside of that treasure chest?
Annie: Ah...I have it right here. But the code is difficult and...
Eugene: We'll try to solve it when we have the time. It'll give our brains some
        much-needed exercise.
Tytree: Lemme take a peek...
Tytree: Hm?
Tytree: What the heck is this...I don't have even the slightest clue where to
Hilda: There's really no need for you to give it any thought. Just remember to
       give it your best effort when we salvage the treasure.
Tytree: Alright, I'll do that then!


<Upon Entering Sunnytown>

Tytree: Doesn't look like anything's out of the ordinary to me...is this place
        really the Island of Illusion?
Veigue: If our thinking is correct, then we're sure to find something.

Skit #743 [SKI743]
「行動あるのみ」 We Need Only To Take Action

Tytree: Assuming that this is the Island of Illusion...then where is Randgriz?
Hilda: We won't find anything by just thinking about it. We need only to take

Skit #744 [SKI744]
「ここが幻の島?」 Is This The Island Of Illusion?

Eugene: In Babilograd, Shaorune served as the center of a religion, but...
Hilda: I don't believe there's a cult or faith that is particularly directed
       towards the Sacred Beasts in this town...
Mao: Maybe there's a legend or something that no one knows about? Why don't we
     ask around?
Eugene: Mao...who do you intend to ask about something that nobody knows about?
Mao: Ah...I guess you got me there...

Skit #745 [SKI745]
「ランドグリ一ズはどこだ?」 Where Is Randgriz?

Veigue: There might be a clue about Randgriz somewhere. Let's investigate.


<In The Area In Front Of The Inn>

Randgriz: How good of you to make it this far.
Tytree: Are you the Sacred Beast Randgriz? Then is this place the Island of
Randgriz: You may come before me.
Eugene: A Sacred Beast is just up ahead...?

Move to where Randgriz is?

Randgriz: I am the Sacred Beast Randgriz...'Tis I who rules over the "earth",
          namely this vast land.
Eugene: You are Randgriz...
Randgriz: To be precise, that which appears before you is my spiritual body.
Randgriz: The body in question perished long ago and became the foundation for
Veigue: The body of a Sacred Beast is the foundation of a city? Then what we
        know as the Island of Illusion is actually you!?
Randgriz: None other...I rather enjoy my strolls, you see. I once swam round
          the oceans of Callegea.
Randgriz: On occasion, it appears that people would see my back protrude out
          from the ocean's surface from time to time and believe it to be an
Randgriz: I shall leave my explanation at that so that we may address the main
          subject at hand.
Randgriz: You'll have to pardon me, but I shall have the two of us be alone
Randgriz: Eugene...how good of you to come here...
Randgriz: One could say that the reality of you making your way to this place
          attests to the motive behind your desire for power and to the
          strength of your resolve.
Randgriz: However, you people are frail beings. You are quick to drift down the
          course of least resistance.
Randgriz: Surely you, who had once been overcome by the impression and had
          known hatred towards Humas, shall understand.
Randgriz: Bestowing my power to a person as weak as yourself conjures up a
          considerable amount of unease.
Randgriz: Therefore, I would like for you to show me whether or not you are
          capable of maintaining a strong heart hereafter.

Skit #746 [SKI746]
「ユ一ジ一ンの試練」 Eugene's Trial

Eugene:...S, so this is the trial that has been imposed on me, huh...

Skit #747 [SKI747]
「俺に何を...?」 What Am I To Do...?

Eugene:...What exactly...am I supposed to do about this...

NOTE: At this point, just go around and talk to people in any order.

Dobal: I have no interest in what you are trying to accomplish. However, it is
       not to your benefit to do such things in the company of Humas.
Dobal:...The two roads shall converge into one. Will others shelter themselves
      from the outside world as we have done, or will a master-servant
      relationship be established?
Eugene's Shadow: It is exactly as Dobal says...co-existing with those Humas is
                 ultimately impossible!
Eugene's Shadow: Rule over the Humas...kill those who would defy you...it is
                 worthless to let them live!
Eugene: You're wrong about that...if we acknowledge our differences and come to
        an understanding, we should be able to walk hand in hand...!

Tohma: Mwah ha ha ha...what a rush! Can you hear the cries of the Humas! Can
       you see their pain!
Tohma: There's nothing more amusing than torturing those unsightly Humas!
Eugene's Shadow: Yeah, that's right...more...let them have some more, Tohma...
                 kill the Humas!!
Eugene:...What are you saying...stop it...

Scarab: But now is the time for us Humas to seize supremacy over this country!
        Let those abominable Gajumas grovel before us!
Eugene's Shadow: Damn foolish Huma! Your sole purpose in life is to serve us
                 Gajumas in every way possible!
Eugene: We are neither above nor below...Humas and Gajumas are both people...
        we're the same: equal existences...
Eugene's Shadow: How can you say that? We Gajumas are the superior species.
                 Shouldn't we be the ones who stand above them!
Eugene's Shadow: You think so too, don't you? Subduing the Humas would mean
                 that we'd be walking "together" in succession, would it not?
Eugene: No! That's not what I meant...!

Claire: Ah...how ugly...to think that a Gajuma's, a Gajuma's body could be this
Claire: Give it back...give back my real body...!
Eugene's Shadow: You Humas are the ones who are ugly! Your ugly Huma body suits
                 you well!
Eugene's Shadow:...Return that body to Her Majesty this instant!

Fogma: I'm not the least bit interested in narrowing the gap. If we exterminate
       every last Huma, then the gap will disappear anyway.
Iga: W, what's this about an extermination! That's our line! If you think you
     can do it, then go ahead and try! Our fellow brethren will not remain
Eugene's Shadow: Perish...perish, you cursed Humas! If you die out, then the
                 conflicts will vanish along with you! Perish, every last one
                 of you...!!
Eugene:...I...I don't have...these kinds of...terrible thoughts...!

Agarte: How...how beautiful...so this is the body of a Huma...I have obtained
        one at last...
Eugene's Shadow: You have thrown away your pride as a Gajuma and lowered
                 yourself to the level of an ugly Huma...!!
Eugene: Everyone goes through life bearing doubts. It is precisely because
        people have these doubts that they are able to grow and mature, isn't
Eugene's Shadow: We have no need for a Queen who has lost her way.
Eugene's Shadow: One who carries no pride in her Gajuma body can no longer be
                 the Queen!
Eugene: Her Majesty is still a youth...one day...she shall understand...she
        ought to understand...

Annie: NO!! I don't want to be touched by a Gajuma!!
Annie: Don't come...near me...stay away...stay away!!
Annie: I don't...I don't want to be saved by some Gajuma...!
Eugene's Shadow: Yeah, I wouldn't save a little Huma brat like you even if my
                 life depended on it!
Eugene: Annie is...Annie is...
Eugene's Shadow: Deep down, her unjustified resentment towards you was
                 irritating, wasn't it? If she won't die...then you'll just
                 have to kill her then!
Eugene: Stop it! How can you say such a thing...! Stop it...!

Milhaust: If it is for the sake of regaining a world where Gajumas and Humas
          can live in a state of coexistence, then I am prepared to use any
          means available.
Eugene's Shadow: The idea of Gajumas and Humas is nothing more than a sham!
Eugene's Shadow: As if we can live alongside those Humas...!!
Eugene: That's what we've done up until now! We should be able to...! There
        shouldn't be any reason why we can't!
Eugene's Shadow: These conflicts are the result of that, are they not?
Eugene: However, no one wishes for there to be conflict...if we feel the same
        way, then...one day, that should become a reality.

Eugene's Shadow:...I detest Humas...I detest those selfish and insolent
Eugene's Shadow: The Humas...those Humas, I'll lay them to waste with my own
                 two hands!!
Eugene's Shadow: You feeble Humas!! Begone! Begone, every last one of you!!
Eugene: Within my heart...there is certainly...some hatred and anger directed
        towards Humas...
Eugene's Shadow: That's right, bitter hatred swirls around inside of you.
Eugene's Shadow: In spite of that, why do you hesitate to attack Humas!? Tell
                 me why!!
Randgriz: Your heart is forever vacillating.
Randgriz: Better yet, welcoming that hate for Humas into your heart would put
          you at ease, would it not?
Eugene:...You may be right.
Randgriz: As such, there is no need for my power then.
Eugene:...Everyone goes through life harboring feelings of animosity and
       disgust towards other people to some degree.
Eugene: But our hearts have the strength to counteract such negative sentiments
        and know the meaning of trust and friendship...
Eugene:...because "bonds" exist between us.
Eugene: I was able to come this far because I share a "bond" with them which
        transcends race.
Eugene: This is what I'd like to believe. That "bonds" which transcend race
        exist between each and every person.
Eugene: And that we all have hearts which can feel these "bonds."
Eugene: Should there be those who would distort those bonds out of malice, then
        I wish to abolish that evil. With them...along with my companions.
Eugene: Sacred Beast Randgriz...I ask for your power.
Randgriz: Ho ho ho ho...I have been thoroughly bested. I have firmly grasped
          the "bond" that you and your comrades share.
Randgriz: You may bring out your Force Cube. I shall grant you my power.
Veigue:...Eugene, the power, did you...?
Mao: We did it, didn't we!! With this, we've gathered the power of all of the
     Sacred Beasts!!
Annie: Now we can purify Geyorkias' impression.
Eugene: Yeah, that's right.
Veigue: Before that, let me ask you something. Why are you Sacred Beasts
        granting us the power of purification?
Randgriz: Hmm...'tis a reasonable query...
Randgriz:...At one time, Gajumas and Humas each lived amongst their own in
         isolation and were walking on separate paths.
Randgriz: However, the Humas, who had undergone marked cultural development,
          waged war against the Gajumas in an attempt to subject them to their
Randgriz: Our Lord, Geyorkias, believed the Humas would become a menace unto
          the very world itself and thus determined that they were to be
Randgriz: But the Six Sacred Beasts, myself included, objected.
Randgriz: We viewed the conflict amongst fellows to be no more than the
          workings of nature and that we Sacred Beasts ought not intervene...
Randgriz: It was then that the Sacred Beast King Geyorkias and the Six Sacred
          Beasts parted company and battle ensued between us. The fighting
          amidst the people continued on as well.
Randgriz: At the close of the battle which lasted many a day, we emerged
          victorious in the fight against the Sacred Beast King and the affair
          settled down at long last...
Randgriz: As a result of that struggle, the earth became impoverished and we
          had no strength left remaining to direct the Gajumas and the Humas.
Randgriz: And now...the impression is abound, and Humas and Gajumas greet one
          another with dissension and hatred.
Randgriz: I have begun to form the opinion that perhaps the Lord's notion of
          eliminating the Humas was correct after all.
Randgriz: Had we eliminated the Humas at that point in time, then a conflict
          such as this would not have occurred a second time, do you not agree?
Randgriz: You all sought power. That represents a ray of hope which shall guide
          the two races to coexistence.
Randgriz: Should coexistence between the races be attained by that aspiration
          to acquire our power, then all is well.
Randgriz: Should that prove to be fruitless...
Veigue: Then you'll have no choice but to eliminate the Humas, is that it...
Randgriz: Hmm...we have decided to entrust everything to you.
Randgriz: And you all have admirably surmounted the trials that we Sacred
          Beasts have imposed upon you and acquired our power.
Randgriz: Now you may assemble our light within this locale. Take your
          respective strengths and thoughts...and unite them as one.

You received the Black Diamond of Earth.
Eugene can now learn the Ougi "Jinrai Tenshougeki."

Veigue: Let's begin.

<After The CG Sequence>

Agarte: This is...!? Could it be that Veigue and the others have purified the
Annie: Was the purification...a success...?
Tytree: There's no way of knowing when we're stuck in a place like this.
Eugene: No...it appears...to have been successful...
Mao: Eugene...!!
Veigue: Don't tell me...you mean that the medicine didn't work!?
Eugene: It had a slight effect, but...it was far from sufficient...
Eugene: However, your feelings calmed my heart for me...
Annie: Up until now...you mean to say that you've been enduring it all this
       time up until now?
Eugene:...More or less...
Hilda: What a guy...you never cease to amaze me, that's for certain...
Mao: Are you alright? Eugene...
Eugene:...I'm fine now...I had you worried, didn't I...
Mao: Thank goodn...
Annie: Thank goodness...!
Tytree: Now now, Mao. Everything's hunky dory, isn't that what matters?
Mao: Yeah, you're right...you're right about that...
Randgriz: It appears that all has come to an end. I commend your endurance,
Wontiga: This is as far as we go in terms of having a direct influence upon
         this world.
Mao: We won't be meeting again? What's gonna end up happening to the power of
     the Sacred Beasts?
Fenia: Mao...by nature, Sacred Beasts should not interfere with human society.
Mao: But...
Fenia: We mustn't involve ourselves with the mortal world any further.
Shaorune: Veigue, I was thinking that I'd be able to travel with you and the
          others for just a little bit longer, but...
Fenia: Shaorune...
Shaorune: Yeah yeah, you don't have to tell me. Well then, Veigue, everyone,
          take care, okay!
Randgriz: Farewell...
Tytree: And there they go...
Claire: What should we do now?
Veigue: First, let's get out of here and try to confirm what has become of the

Skit #748 [SKI748]
「やっと...」 Finally...

Tytree: It's over...it's finally over, isn't it...
Veigue: Yeah, it's all over...let's head back to the city...

Skit #749 [SKI749]
「浄化は終った」 The Purification Is Over

Eugene: Let's return to city and ascertain the state of things for ourselves.


<Back In Town>

Tytree: It sure is quiet...is this peaceful or what?
Annie: Callegea has gone back to the way it was, right...?
Eugene: Most likely...no, one would like that to be the case.
Hilda: What didn't return to normal was...
Claire: Just me...from the looks of it anyway.
Veigue: Claire...
Tytree: Hm? What's wrong, Mao? You look kinda down and all.
Mao:...I've been meaning to tell you this the entire time, but I just couldn't
    bring myself to say it...the truth is, I'm...
Mao: I'm...not a person.
Mao: They told me that I'm not a Huma or a Gajuma...or a Half...
Mao: The Sacred Beasts said that they created me and fashioned me after a
Mao: So basically, I'm saying that I'm...not a person...
Annie:...You must be joking, right?
Mao:...I was sent into this world by the Sacred Beasts as an eye so that they
    could observe people.
Mao: So it's not that I had amnesia; I didn't any memories to begin with.
Hilda: You're different from a Sacred Beast then?
Mao: Yeah, I can think and act for myself.
Mao: It's not like I'm taking orders from the Sacred Beasts or anything like
Mao: And that's why...I'd like to ask you all something...
Mao: I was wondering if it was okay for someone like me to tag along with you
     guys from now on?
Veigue: Mao...you are you.
Veigue: Whether or not you were created by a Sacred Beast...no matter what you
        look like...you are you.
Mao: Veigue...
Veigue:...Claire, the same goes for you too...
Claire: Veigue...
Eugene: Over there!!

Skit #750 [SKI750]
「激しい物音が」 A Loud Noise

Tytree: What's with the commotion? Let's go check it out!

Skit #751 [SKI751]
「何の騒ぎだ?」 What's With The Commotion?

Eugene: This disturbance...what exactly is happening!?
Mao: Let's go take a look at things!!


<On The Western Side Of Town>

Man: What the hell's the meaning of this!! Why are we Humas the only ones that
     the army has to keep a watch on!!
Callegean Soldier: The order of Callegea is being disturbed by the
                   discrimination and aggression that you blasted Humas are
                   directing towards Gajumas.
Callegean Soldier: Therefore, orders have been handed down stating that we are
                   to place you Humas under surveillance until the peace is
Man: It's because you puffed-up Humas went off and did your own little thing!
     Having someone keep an eye on you sounds like just the thing to me!
Man: You wanna try saying that again, Gajuma! Don't get so full of yourself!
Callegean Soldier: If you repeat another discriminatory comment like the one
                   you just made, then you will likely be restrained and placed
                   under custody.
Man: The hell! The fact that you're Gajumas and that you're only sticking up
     for your own is discrimination!!
Man: We don't need any soldiers who discriminate against us!! Leave this
Man: That's right, beat it! Get out of this city!
Man: Leave, leave!
Man: You're the ones who need to get out of here!!
Man: Scram, scram!
Callegean Soldier:...There will be trouble if the chaos spreads any further!
                  Apprehend all of the Humas!
Tytree:...W, what the heck's going on? We got rid of the impression, didn't we?
       Right, Eugene!?
Eugene: Yeah, it should be gone. Or at the very least, it no longer has an
        effect on me.
Annie: Then why were the people just now...
Eugene: It may be that the impression was not the sole cause of the disputes...
Hilda: If that's what's happening, then...don't tell me that even in other
Eugene: That I don't know. However, it's not outside the realm of possibility.
Annie:...Then the coexistence of the two races is...
Tytree: Are you freakin' kidding me...what the heck are we supposed to do then!
Veigue: Shaorune!?
Mao: Huh, what's the matter!?
Shaorune: Fights between the Gajumas and the Humas are starting to break out
          throughout the entire world!
Veigue: The same thing is taking place elsewhere!? Wasn't the impression
Shaorune: In any case, come with me! I'll be waiting for you outside of the
Claire: Everyone, let us go!

Skit #752 [SKI752]
「シャオル一ンが呼んでいる」 Shaorune Is Calling For Us

Annie: I wonder what in the world is taking place!?
Veigue: At any rate, let's hurry to where Shaorune is!

Skit #753 [SKI753]
「仲間の絆」 Ties Of Friendship

Mao: Eugene, you suffered quite a bit, didn't you...
Mao: When you were fighting those Viruses in Nolzen...just everything...you've
     been acting funny this entire time...
Eugene: The fact that you all were there for me is what saved me...in more ways
        than I can express.
Mao: I wonder if I was of any help too...?
Eugene: Your kindness saved me time and time again...Mao...thank you...
Mao: Eugene...!

Skit #754 [SKI754]
「シャオル一ンと一緒」 Together With Shaorune

Veigue: The Sacred Beasts have taken a stance of nonintervention in human
        affairs, haven't they? Are you sure about coming with us?
Shaorune: I told you, didn't I? I like people, so that's reason enough for me.
Veigue:...Is that so...
Shaorune: But I will only become your "wings." You guys decide where you want
          to go.

Skit #755 [SKI755]
「早く早く!」 Hurry, Hurry!

Shaorune: Hurry, come over to where I am! Hurry, hurry!
Mao: Yeah, got it! Let's hurry, everyone!


<On The World Map>

Veigue: Shaorune, did we fail to purify the impression?
Shaorune:...The impression disappeared.
Shaorune: But the impression ended up acting as a trigger that brought a
          subconscious mindset out into the open.
Shaorune: The sense of rivalry between the races and the discrimination, the
          hatred and the envy, the anger...
Shaorune: Those negative emotions are building and they're starting to spread
          around the world.
Veigue: Negative emotions are spreading around the world? What is going on!?
Shaorune: I don't know. These circumstances are beyond the scope of what we
          Sacred Beasts had predicted.
Shaorune: I can only imagine that the negative emotions will become a
          catastrophe great enough to shake the very earth itself.
Shaorune: I came back to you guys in order to prevent that catastrophe from
Veigue: What should we do?
Shaorune: At any rate, there's little choice but to end the disputes and
          suppress the negative emotions the best that we can.
Veigue: Got it...let's take a look around the country!!

Skit #756 [SKI756]
「争いを止めよう」 Let's End The Disputes

Veigue: Let's head towards the cities where disturbances are occurring! If we
        don't put an end to the disputes soon...!

Skit #757 [SKI757]
「大切なもの」 Something Important

Claire: Is someone's appearance really that important...I guess it does matter
        after all.
Tytree: What're ya saying? The important thing is the HEART. Right, Veigue!!
Veigue: Y, yeah...you're right.

Skit #758 [SKI758]
The Battle Between The Sacred Beasts And The Sacred Beast King

Hilda: The battle between the Sacred Beasts and Geyorkias, huh...it makes you
       wonder somehow, doesn't it.
Eugene: About what?
Hilda: If there was such a large conflict, then one would think there'd be at
       least one legend left behind pertaining to that, and yet...
Eugene: The name of the Sacred Beast King, the stone monuments in the Mesechina
        Cavern, the Power of Darkness, the "Holy Bird"...I think that's enough,
        isn't it?
Eugene: The legend is already several thousands of years old. It's no surprise
        that it faded out of memory.
Hilda: If you ask me, it's more like we knew too little about this country...

Skit #759 [SKI759]
「あの時の真相」 The Truth Back Then

Tytree: Wait, I get it! So that's what the deal was!
Annie: Eh, what's the matter all of a sudden?
Tytree: Well, it has to do with why only Mao was okay when Eugene was possessed
        by the impression.
Annie:...It's because Mao is a being who was created by the Sacred Beasts, so
      he's neither a Gajuma nor a Huma, am I right?
Tytree: What, you knew! That just occurred to me too!
Hilda: We all realized that a long time ago, you know.
Tytree: Eh? You did?

Skit #760 [SKI760]
「嫌いになった?」 Do You Hate Me Now?

Eugene: Mao, there might be a relation between your ability to clearly perceive
        Force and the fact that you were given life by the Sacred Beasts.
Mao:...Say, Eugene...do you hate me now?
Eugene:...What makes you say that? What reason do I have to hate you?
Eugene: It's just as Veigue said: you are you. Nothing has changed from
        before...am I wrong?
Mao: Really...? You really think so?
Eugene: That's not like you, you know...or is it that you're the one who
        doesn't like me now?
Mao: Man, Eugene, do I ever hate you!

Skit #761 [SKI761]
「ヒルダの答え」 Hilda's Answer

Hilda: Mao, you asked me this earlier, didn't you.
Hilda: What do you call something that's not a Huma, a Gajuma, a Half, or a
Mao: Yeah...
Hilda: If you were referring to yourself with that question, then I may have an
       answer for you...
Mao: Huh, really?
Hilda: You're...a person.
Hilda: Your body doesn't determines who you are...your heart does...
Mao: ...The heart...yeah, you're right, aren't you! Hilda, thanks!

Skit #762 [SKI762]
「負の感情の高まり」 The Accumulation Of Negative Emotions

Veigue: Where should we go, Shaorune!
Shaorune: It looks like disputes are popping up all over the place! At any
          rate, we have little choice but to try and land in random cities!
Tytree: Can't you manage something by using that Sacred Beast Power thingy of
Shaorune: The negative emotions coming from throughout the world are rising. I
          have absolutely no idea where the worst of it is coming from!
Veigue: It appears that we have no option other than to search each and every
        city after all...

Skit #763 [SKI763]
「そうならないために」 So That Won't Happen

Tytree: If we don't stop the fights that are cropping up everywhere, then
        things are going to turn into a big mess, aren't they?
Hilda: If we don't want that to happen, then we have no choice but to move
       quickly and go around to each town!


<Outside Of Anikamal>

Mao: It feels like the entire town is seething with anger...things could get
     pretty dangerous.
Veigue: A conflict between the Gajumas and the Humas even in a place like


<After You Enter Anikamal>

Skit #764 [SKI764]
「アニカマルで何が?」 What's Going On In Anikamal?

Tytree: Let's try talking to the villagers!

Skit #765 [SKI765]
「険悪な空気」 Ominous Air

Tytree: What exactly is the big idea anyway! It ain't even worth talking to
        these people if that's all they're going to say to us!
Veigue: Yeah...and I don't see a single Huma either...I wonder where they
Eugene: In any case, it appears that it'd be better to have me talk to them

Skit #766 [SKI766]
「嫌だな」 Unpleasant

Eugene: This atmosphere is unpleasant, isn't it...let's try to get a feel for
        the situation.


<Talking To The Gajuma In The Residence Across From The Pond>

Man: Hey! Don't you Humas come in here! Starting today, this is MY house!
Eugene: Starting today...? What do you mean?
Man: I took it from an old Huma fart and his old hag.
Tytree: So what happened to that old man and the old lady...?
Man: You're such a nag. What is it to ya anyway! I obviously booted 'em out,
     can't ya tell!!
Annie: Huh...you chased them out? But the area around here is nothing but
Tytree: Are you telling me that you threw an elderly couple out into that
        dangerous-ass desert!
Veigue: Tell me where they went NOW.
Man: P, p, probably to the oasis...
Eugene: That place is a den for Viruses. Settling there would normally be out
        of the...!
Veigue: Let's hurry to the oasis...!

Skit #767 [SKI767]
「おばあさんたちが!」 The Old Woman And The Others Are!

Hilda: To the oasis! If we don't hurry, then the old woman and the others will
       be in danger!

Skit #768 [SKI768]
「種族間の対立」 The Conflict Between The Races

Veigue: The fact that the conflict has become this severe can only mean...
Mao: Little by little, I get the feeling that something's a bit off...
Veigue: Something? What do you mean?
Mao: I mean the heart, or perhaps I should say common sense...
Mao: I'm beginning to wonder if everyone on the inside thinks that conflict is
Veigue: So you're saying that others think it's strange for people like us to
        try and act as middlemen between Humas and Gajumas?
Mao: Yeah...but we have to do what we can in order to keep things from getting
     any worse...
Veigue: Right...

Skit #769 [SKI769]
「おじいさんたちを!」 Save The Old Man And The Others!

Annie: Let's head towards the oasis! So that we can save the old man and the


<In The Back Of The Oasis>

Old Woman's Voice: H, help us!
Veigue: There they are, over there!!

<After The Fight>

Veigue: Is everyone alright?
Old Man: Whew, we're saved. Thanks.
Old Man:...Those bloody Gajumas! To think that they would chase us out into
        this desert!
Old Woman: As I suspected, we won't be able to settle down here. I want to
           return to Anikamal...
Eugene: Good, then let's head back. We'll help you persuade them.
Old Man: Like we can take the word of a Gajuma...
Old Woman: But these people saved us...
Old Woman: I think that we should be able to get along with the Gajumas...I
           mean, previously, we...
Tytree: She's exactly right, you know. If you did it before, then there's no
        good reason why you can't do it now, is there?
Tytree: So let's go back to Anikamal!

Skit #770 [SKI770]
「憤り」 Indignation

Tytree: But with the way things are, is everything really going to work out
        even if we bring these people back with us?
Eugene: It may take some time, but let's reason with them.
Tytree: If that doesn't pan out, then do we use some muscle to make them
Eugene: Tytree, you can't sway a person's heart by using force. The only thing
        that can move the heart of another is the heart itself.
Tytree:...You definitely have a point there.
Tytree: But still...people who would cast senior citizens out of the village
        are just...
Eugene: I understand your indignation...however, we must remain calm until the
        very end.

Skit #771 [SKI771]
「アニカマルに戻ろうぜ」 Let's Go Back To Anikamal

Tytree: Let's go back to Anikamal! Everyone's coming with us, right?

<On The World Map>

Skit #772 [SKI772]
「叱ってやる!」 Give Them An Earful!

Hilda: They seriously have to be out of their minds...To think that they could
       force people out into this desert...!
Mao: Yeah! They're gonna get an earful from us when we get back to Anikamal!


<Upon Returning To Anikamal>

Old Woman: Oh no, this is terrible!! We have to save him.
Old Man: Serves him right! That's his punishment for treating the elderly like
         dogs! Get done in by that Virus for all I care!
Woman: How can you say that...! Even though someone from the same village as
       you is about to be killed...!
Woman:...I'm going to go rescue him even if I have to do it alone!
Tytree: Lady...you deserve 5 stars, you know that!!
Veigue: We'll go. Let's do it, everyone!!

Skit #773 [SKI773]
「バイラスを倒すんだ!」 Defeat The Viruses!

Eugene: Defeat the Viruses without leaving a single one behind!

Skit #774 [SKI774]
「ヒトの心の力」 The Power Of A Person's Heart

Veigue: Tch...why are there Viruses in the middle of the village...!
Eugene: This may also be one of the catastrophes that was brought about by the
        negative emotions of the people...
Mao: Are the negative emotions really that strong? What exactly are they
Eugene: That which is brought forth by a person's heart is said to be beyond
        the boundary of human knowledge...
Eugene: The reason for that could be because it is easier for a heart to
        become more evil than it is for one to become more just...

Skit #775 [SKI775]
「しゃべる前にやれ!」 Take Care Of Them And Then We Can Chit-Chat!

Tytree: We ain't got the time to sit around and complain! Clear out the


<After The First Fight>

Veigue: Did that take care of them...
Mao: There're still some more over there!!

<On The Next Screen>

Annie: They are over there as well!!
Veigue: Tch...there's no end to them...!

<After The Fight>

Villager's Voice: Waaaahh!!
Veigue: Crap!! Are there still some left...!
Mao: It came from back there...!!

<By Frantz's Tent>

Man: Stay away...stay away!!
Woman: A, are you okay...!?
Man: Y, yeah...you're...
Man: Watch out...!
Woman: Aaahh!
Mao: They're in danger! Hurry, kill the Viruses...!!
Veigue: Stand back!
Man: Thank you...I was saved because of you...
Man: But why...I...was the one who chased you all out and yet...
Woman: I didn't have time to think about that sort of thing...
Veigue: One doesn't need a reason to rescue a fellow villager...
Man:...A fellow villager...
Veigue: Weren't all of you neighbors before you began to refer to each other as
        Humas or Gajumas?
Old Man:...B, but this guy's the one who drove us out!
Man: T, that was...!...I'm sorry...forgive me, will ya...no, I mean please
     forgive me!
Old Man: This isn't a problem that can be fixed with an apology! I won't
         forgive you!
Woman: Would you cut that out already! He's apologizing so you should forgive
       him, right?
Old Woman: Yes, that's right...
Old Woman: Haven't you been saying nothing but bad things about Gajumas up to
           this point?
Old Woman: Don't the two of you both have things to reflect on?
Mao:...It seems like they can work out the rest on their own, doesn't it.
Annie: Let's try going to other towns as well.

Veigue Side-->Agarte Side

Girl: Mother, hang in there! Mother...!
Mom: Uhn...
Agarte: E, excuse me...are you feeling alright?
Mom:...Don't touch me...
Agarte: Eh?
Mom: Leave me alone...!
Mom: A Huma...I don't want to be indebted...to some Huma...
Agarte: T, this is not the time to be saying such things...
Mom: Stay away...! Uhn...
Girl: What am I gonna do, the medicine...without the medicine...mother...
Agarte: Medicine...

<Talking To The Boy Standing Nearby>

Boy: Mother said that I mustn't make friends with a Gajuma...
Agarte:...If you were in the same position...don't you think that you'd want to
       save your mother?
Boy: But I....
Old Man: Hey, didn't that Gajuma turn down your assistance? Why are you aiding
Agarte: Do you show no concern for others even if a person is dying right
        before your very eyes!?
Agarte: At the very least...at the very least, simply tell me where I may
        obtain medicine!!
Old Man: T, the shop at the edge of town might have some, but...
Agarte: T, thank you...
Old Man: There ain't no reason for you to thank me. Hmph...you're a weird one,

NOTE: You're supposed to go back to the place where Yottsua was hiding way back
when you first entered Balka. If you can't remember how to get there, just talk
to the train operator and select 商店前.

Agarte: I am searching for some medicine...
Shop Clerk: Ah, what kind of medicine?
Agarte: Um, let me see...that would be...
Woman: You mustn't sell any medicine to this girl!
Woman: Because she's trying to bring the medicine back to a Gajuma!
Woman: Honestly...I didn't want to believe it, but little did I know...
Shop Clerk:...I hate to say this, but I'd like you to leave. I don't have any
           medicine to sell to a Gajuma.
Agarte: A person is suffering! Is this the time to be saying such things!
Shop Clerk: That ain't such a bad thing, is it? Whether a Gajuma is dying or
            whatever has nothing to do with you or me.
Agarte: How can you say such things!?
Agarte: Are you saying that you can disregard the situation even if an ill
        person collapses before your eyes?
Shop Clerk: In that case, cough up 10,000 Gald.
Agarte: Ten thousand...Gald!? T, that can't be...To ask for that sum of money
        for mere medicine...
Shop Clerk: If ya can't pay, then I can't sell it to ya, now can I.
Woman: You're being such a pest, so just take this and leave at once!
Agarte:...Thank you...!

NOTE: To get back to the city gates, talk to the train operator and select
南門広場。Go back and talk to the lady with the headache after that.

<Talking To The Woman Again>

Agarte: Excuse me...I brought you some medicine. I beg of you...I beg of you,
        please accept this...
Mom: This thing is...!
Agarte: What are you doing!?
Mom: Medicine, my foot...! That's just...pepper, isn't it...! Don't take me...
     for a fool...
Girl: Mother, hang in there!!
Agarte: That can't be...you don't mean...to think that it's only pepper...that
Girl: You meanie!! Mother is...!! Mother is gonna die, you know!!
Girl: Humas are so...Humas are so...!!
Agarte: No...no, you have it all wrong!
Agarte: What should I do...someone...someone help, please...!
Boy: Lady...here...it's medicine...I brought it from the house.
Boy: Because I'd be really upset too if my own mother got sick...
Agarte: Thank you...thank you!
Mom: Now, let's be on our way.
Agarte: Please wait. Don't you have anything to say to this child, a single
        word of thanks at least...
Mom: I don't recall saying that I wanted any help. Not from some Huma, anyway.
Agarte: You can't mean that! This child said that if the one who was suffering
        were his own mother...
Agarte: That it'd be painful for him if he were in your daughter's position...
        he brought the medicine here for your sake!
Agarte: Don't you sense how there is no Huma or Gajuma in those feelings?
Agarte: We are the same in that we are all people, do you not agree?
Mom:...Gajumas and Humas are hardly the same...
Girl:...Thanks. Thanks for saving mother for me...
Boy: Uh huh!

Agarte acquired the title "Proud Traveler."

Agarte Side-->Veigue Side
Skit #776 [SKI776]
「ご近所さん」 Neighbors

Annie:...Veigue, it's just as you said. They were all neighbors before things
      turned out like that, weren't they.
Veigue: Yeah...and yet despite everything, one day, it's suddenly Gajuma this
        and Huma that...
Annie:...Which reminds me, the older lady from your village...I wonder how she
      is doing?
Veigue: Aunt Popura...I hope she's well...


<Upon Entering Babilograd's Harbor>

Annie: It's unusually still, isn't it...I suppose you could say that it has an
       eerie feel to it...
Eugene: Let's take a quick look around the city. Hopefully it's nothing.

Skit #777 [SKI777]
「不穏な港街」 Turbulent Port Town

Tytree: I don't see any Humas...let's take a quick look around the city.

Skit #778 [SKI778]
「普通ではないな」 This Is Not Normal

Mao: I wonder if something happened...?
Eugene: It seems that this is not normal. Let's walk for a little bit and
        survey the situation.


<Talking To Dana With A Male On-Screen Character>

Tytree: Oh, hey there, Dana. Whatcha doing in a place like this?
Tytree: Hm...?
Veigue: Tytree...the teachings.
Tytree: Ah, whoops...oh yeah, that's right...

Skit #779 [SKI779]
「厳しい戒律」 Strict Teachings

Tytree: This is still the same old pain-in-the-butt-since-men-and-women-can't-
        freaking-talk-to-each-other city, I see.
Tytree: What do you suppose would happen if someone broke the rules?
Hilda: I'm wondering if they can so much as violate them in the first place
       seeing as these people are raised under the precepts from a very young
Hilda: "To violate the teachings is equivalent to death"...that kind of
       thinking is probably engrained into them, after all.
Tytree: Bleh...talk about strict. Man, am I glad that I wasn't born in a city
        like this...


<Talking To Dana With A Female On-Screen Character>

Dana: Ah...everyone...I see that you are all here...
Annie: Did something happen?
Dana: A dispute arose over who would make a more appropriate priest, a Huma or
      a Gajuma.
Dana: Even though something like this has never come up before...
Claire: So this kind of thing is happening here too...
Dana: And then, the Humas drove us Gajumas out into the port side and have
      monopolized the temple.
Annie: If you enter from the Climbers' Cavern, then you can get to the summit
       of the mountain, can't you?
Dana: Regarding that...the Humas completely blocked the road so that we would
      be unable to climb up.
Dana: Right now, it looks like repair work is being done by military personnel,
Claire: Is Ox at the top of the mountain too?
Dana: Yes...something like this had to happen even though we'd made a promise
      to leave the city...
Dana: I've been thinking about waiting until they repair the Climbers' Cavern
      and going to the summit, but...
Hilda: Don't do it.
Dana: Is it so wrong for Gajumas and Humas to love one another!?
Dana:...The reason why we said that we're leaving the city is because of people
     like you...!
Hilda: We'll manage something somehow.
Hilda: Not to mention that there are Viruses in the Climbers' Cavern as well...
       just wait here for us, okay?
Dana: Hilda...?
Tytree: Hey now, you said that we'd manage something, but the Climbers' Cavern
        is blocked, right?
Veigue: Eugene...we're counting on you.
Mao: Oh Eugene, you're so reliable~!
Hilda: Let's go.

Skit #780 [SKI780]
「二人のためにも」 For The Sake Of Those Two As Well

Hilda: Let's head towards the summit. For the sake of those two as well...

Skit #781 [SKI781]
「山項の街へ」 To The City At The Summit

Annie: If we don't go and see what is taking place at the top of the mountain
       at this time, then...

<As You Progress Through The Climbers' Cavern>

Eugene: There are falling rocks!! Stay back.
Tytree: Hey now! Not again!!
Eugene: We won't make any progress under these conditions. Stand back.
Annie: Be careful! The ground has become weak! It might give way again...!

<After Clearing Out The Rocks>

Eugene: It's alright now. Let's hurry on ahead.

Skit #782 [SKI782]
「登山洞の落石」 The Falling Rocks Of The Climbers' Cavern

Annie: It looks like the ground has become quite brittle...
Eugene: Previously, Donnell had brought down rocks and blocked off this
Eugene: In addition to that, we've been told that the Humas at the summit also
        destroyed rocks in order to close up the road.
Mao: But we've got nothing to worry about since you're here, right, Eugene!

<Upon Entering Babilograd>

Skit #783 [SKI783]
「リフトを動かすには」 Moving The Lift

Mao: Let's have them move the lift. Dana's waiting, you know!
Eugene: Right. Let's go to where the manager is.

Skit #784 [SKI784]
「管理人に会って」 Meet With The Manager

Tytree: Let's have him move the lift for us.


<Talking To Ox By The Entrance Of The City>

Ox: Ah...it's you all!
Ox: Is the Climbers' Cavern...can we use it now by any chance?
Eugene: Yeah, but more importantly, Dana is eager to meet with you.
Ox: Dana...! I'm going down there...!
Mao: Wait! You can get through the Climbers' Cavern now, but it's full of
Tytree: We're gonna make it to where the lift can move again in a minute, so
        just sit tight! You'll be seeing Dana soon enough, 'kay?
Ox: That's impossible, I tell you!
Ox: The two races are struggling over the priesthood! Something like the lift
Veigue: We'll take care of things in this city one way or the other...let us
        handle it.

<Talking To The Lift Manager>

Lift Manager: How did you people get up here!?
Mao: We came up through the Climbers' Cavern.
Lift Manager:...What'd you just say...? Then the rocks in the Climbers' Cavern
     are...? How can that be...
Hilda: More importantly though...could you move the lift for us?
Lift Manager: I can't. If I operate the lift, then the Gajumas will make their
              way up here!
Hilda: If you don't move it, then this time I'll make your blood splatter, you
Lift Manager: Ulp...if you want me to move it, then put in a request with the
Lift Manager: I doubt that the priest will give his approval though!
Tytree:...What now, guys?
Veigue:...Let's try asking him.

Skit #785 [SKI785]
「祭司様なら?」 As For The Priest?

Mao: I wonder if the priest will move the lift for us if we ask him to?

Skit #786 [SKI786]
「祭司に会って」 Meet With The Priest

Hilda: What in heaven's name is going on in this town?
Eugene: We'll see for ourselves when we meet with the priest.


<Talking To The Priest In The Shrine>

Veigue: Could you move the lift for us?
Priest: That I am unable to do.
Priest: The Gajumas threatened me and and went as far as to demand that I
        surrender my position as priest.
Priest: Had the Humas of the city not protected me, then I may have been
Veigue: That's not an excuse to drive out the Gajumas who weren't even
Priest: There was no other way to subdue this disturbance...none other than to
        separate the Gajumas and the Humas...
Man: Priest...!
Priest: Y, you...how did you...
Man: I came up through the Climbers' Cavern!
Man: Had you done us all a favor and quietly handed over the position of
     priest, then we could have settled this the easy way...
Man:...It's time for you to die, priest!
Tytree: H, hold on a sec here...!
Man: Mind your own business, outsider!
Priest: Aah!!
Man: You're not getting away!
Mao: Hey, there're Viruses in there...
Veigue: Yeah...let's hurry.

Skit #787 [SKI787]
「アブナイ地下」 Dangerous Underground

Mao: The underground area is packed with Viruses! Those two are in danger,
     aren't they!?

Skit #788 [SKI788]
「バカなマネはよせ!」 Quit Acting Stupid!

Tytree: If we don't find those two and get them to quit acting like idiots...!


<Halfway Through The Shrine Of Blue>

Priest's Voice: Help me, please!!
Man: Get lost!! Shoo, shoo...!!
Priest: Oh, Great Blue Beast, I beg for your forgiveness...
Man: This is your fault! The Great Blue Beast became angry...because you're
     here, Huma!
Tytree: Are you picking a damn fight at a time like this too!!
Eugene: We'll take over the rest. This place is dangerous. Hurry outside!
Priest: Ah, right...you have my gratitude.
Man: Thanks...!
Veigue: They're here...!

<After The Fight>

Annie: Let's go back to the surface. It looks like the dispute is not over yet

Skit #789 [SKI789]
「地上へ」 Above Ground

Eugene: Let's return above ground.

Skit #790 [SKI790]
「そんなのヤダ!」 Anything But That!

Tytree: If we hang around in a dark place like this, then we're gonna end up
        gloomy just like Veigue here!
Mao: No, anything but that!
Veigue:...We're leaving for the surface this instant.


<Near The Entrance Of The Shrine>

Mao: Ah...! The Virus is...!
Eugene: It'll be a serious problem if the Virus goes out into the city! Let's
        chase after it!!
Man: Damn sonnuva...do my attacks not work against this thing...?
Man: The stomach! Aim for the stomach!
Man: Stomach?
Man: That thing's weak spot is around its stomach!
Man: You got 'im...!!
Man: Did you think the Great Blue Beast would save a Huma brazen enough to let
     monsters like that roam about the shrine?
Man: What was that!? One who cannot comprehend the doctrine of the Great Blue
     Beast to our satisfaction has no right to be in His presence!
Priest: That is quite enough...!
Priest: I had thought that separating the Gajumas and the Humas would bring the
        conflict to a end.
Priest: However, doing that yielded no resolution whatsoever...
Priest: First off, the Great Blue Beast is supposed to redeem all who believe
        in Him without making distinctions based on race.
Priest: We must face each other in an honest fashion. We ought to understand
        one another and walk hand in hand.
Man: Like we can do that!
Man: Of course we can! Can you not see that the priest is extending a hand to
     you, the very guy who tried to kill him...
Priest: It can be done! Verily, did the two of you not collaborate and defeat
        that Virus just now!
Priest: We each bear our differences, but we can come to an understanding. We
        can surely come to an understanding!
Priest: The reason being is because we are people just the same.
Veigue: That's right...Viruses do not distinguish between Humas and Gajumas.
Veigue:...From their point of view, we're all nothing but people...
Tytree: Don't use your eyes, people, feel it. With your heart, that is!
Man: But still...
Mao: Aah, it's a Virus!!
Mao: Gotcha! Well, were you surprised!?
Both Men:
Now look here, you naughty little prankster!!
Mao: Hee hee, you both said the same thing!!

Skit #791 [SKI791]
「それぞれの努力」 Their Respective Endeavors

Mao: The priest did his best to stand between the Gajumas and the Humas on his
     own, didn't he.
Eugene: I can't say that his way of segregating the Gajumas by placing them in
        the port was a wise plan by any means, but...
Eugene: There is no correct method persay of resolving the matters of race or
        conflict. He was likely trying to settle things in his own way...
Mao: For some reason, knowing that there are people besides us who are doing
     their best too sure makes me happy!


<In Front Of The Inn>

Dana: Ox!!
Ox: Dana!!
Dana: Thank goodness...I'm so glad that you're safe...
Hilda:...Do you still intend to leave this city?
Dana: Huh...?
Hilda: Things may be tough, but if possible, I want the two of you to stay in
       this town for a while...
Hilda: You two aren't doing anything wrong. I'd like for you to walk out in the
       open with your heads held high.
Hilda: So that you'll serve as hope for people who are in the same situation as
Hilda:...Just as the appearance of my parents became a source of hope for me...
Dana: Hilda...you...!
Dana:...I understand. We will do our best.
Hilda:...Thank you.
Mao:...The atmosphere in the city has mellowed out too, hasn't it.
Tytree: Let's go to the next city!!
Claire: Hey Veigue...I feel like seeing father and mother...
Veigue: Claire...
Claire: Knowing father and the others, I'm sure that they will recognize me
        even in this form...
Claire: That way...even if I can't return to normal...
Veigue: Claire...I will find Agarte and return you to your original body, no
        matter what it takes.
Veigue: Let's go back...once you've returned to normal.
Claire: Veigue...
Veigue: Everyone's waiting for us, you know.
Veigue: Guh...no, it can't be...

Veigue Side-->Agarte Side

Agarte: Did something happen?
Woman: It seems that the Gajuma workers inside of the factory are doing
Woman: There aren't that many Gajumas in this city, are there?
Woman: So I bet the Gajumas didn't really know that and it left a bad
       impression on them.
Woman: We even hired them after they were chased out from another city and came
       here. I wonder if they're unhappy about something...

NOTE: Go inside the factory and head towards the room where you fought Tytree
eons ago. You can head directly over there from the main hall now that the
trees are gone.

<Talking To Selena Inside The Factory>

Selena: Claire...!! What are you doing here?
Agarte: Well, um...I happened to be in the area...
Agarte: More importantly, is something taking place right now...?
Selena: The Gajuma workers who just came into town said, "We're being treated
        like crap" and completely shut themselves up in here.
Factory Manager: To say that they were being treated poorly couldn't be further
                 from the truth!
Factory Manager: I simply gave the Gajumas work which suited them.
Factory Manager: Work efficiency will increase if we can appropriately divide
                 the tasks between the dextrous Humas and the power-wielding
                 Gajumas, and yet...

<Talking To The Nearby Huma Worker>

Man: Those guys haven't said a word of thanks even though we bent over
     backwards to show them kindness.
Man: Gajumas are just a self-centered bunch that doesn't know what it means to
     be indebted to someone else.
Man: That's why I was against hiring them.
Agarte: I heard that they came here after being driven out of town by Humas,
        isn't that correct...
Agarte: Would that not be the reason as to why they are reluctant to open up
        their hearts?
Man: I dunno about that.

<After Talking To Everyone In The Room Again>

Agarte: Everyone...everyone, there has been a misunderstanding!
Agarte: Does it not sadden you that the source of this conflict is some sort of
Agarte: If we speak to one another in a proper manner, then we can straighten
        out the misunderstanding! Therefore, please come out!
Man: Who the heck are you!? A Gajuma? Or are you a Huma?
Agarte: I would be a...Gajuma...no...a Huma. But I am a Gajuma as well.
Man: That doesn't make any sense!! Quit screwing around!
Man:...Man, we'd be happily earning our keep if only them Gajumas hadn't showed
    up! Honestly, they're such a pain in the butt!
Man: No matter which city they're in, the only thing that's big about Humas is
     their attitude.
Man: Even though you Humas can't do a damn thing by yourselves!
Man: What was that!! Fine then, you people can just stay cooped up in there for
     the rest of your life!!
Agarte:...How did things end up like this? We cannot even speak to one
Agarte: Selena, is there not a way to somehow open this door?
Selena: It's locked from the inside, so unless they come out on their own...

<In The Adjacent Room>

Agarte: If I were to cause some type of occurrence that would encourage people
        to leave an enclosed space...
Agarte: That lever is...
Man: Hey!!
Man: Don't you touch that!
Man: If an amateur tampers with the rate control machine, then something
     terrible will happen!
Agarte: Something terrible...? What would happen?
Man: It'd make the machine heat up and the inside of the factory would be like
     a sauna.
Agarte: (This will do...)

<After Pulling The Three Levers Located Throughout The Factory>

Selena: Claire, did you go somewhere?
Agarte: Yes, I just stepped out for a bit...
Factory Manager: Hey, it's gotten hot all of a sudden, hasn't it. Is somebody
                 operating the machinery...?
Selena: Claire, don't tell me you...
Agarte: I thought that all of the Gajumas would come out if I caused a
        disturbance, so...
Factory Manager: H, how could you...! T, this is terrible!
Factory Manager: Once the machines here get off track, it's difficult to
                 recalibrate them...!
Factory Manager: Aah, the heat is starting to make my head spin...s, somebody
                 ...hurry and shut down the machines for us...
Selena: *breathing heavily*...boss...everyone, it's so hot that I can't move...
        I-I'm also...done for...
Agarte:...*breathing heavily*...please...come out quickly...
Man:...You guys...what the heck do you think you're doing...!
Man: Do you plan to smother us!!
Factory Manager: Y, you've got it wrong...this young girl...went and started
                 the machines on her own...
Man:...What can we do to stop them?
Man: At this rate, even my friends...will end up giving in to the heat...
Man: I'll teach you how to use the machines...so lend me a hand...
Man: Y, yeah...I've got no choice...let's go...
Factory Manager: We're saved...thank you...
Man:...It's not like I did it for the sake of you Humas...
Agarte:...How, how can you say something like that?
Agarte: You do not appreciate anything, do you?
Man: Hey, are you preaching to us even though it's your fault we had to go
     through all of that!?
Factory Manager: T, that's right...
Factory Manager: The Gajumas did come out from the room, but things would have
                 been serious had we made a single mistake! How about if you
Agarte: In regards to that, you have my apologies. There was no excuse for my
Agarte:...However, please think about it.
Agarte: Did the two of you not combine your strengths just now and overcome the
        problem at hand?
Agarte: Yet in spite of this, it is not unfortunate that you would part ways
        over trivial matters and spoil a relationship born out of
Agarte:...If you join forces and speak to one another, then you should be able
       to surmount the problem regarding the factory as well.
Selena: Thank you. Because of you, we've gotten to the point where we can
        discuss matters.
Selena:...The air about you has changed somehow, but I guess you really are
       Claire after all.
Selena: To go out on a limb and do something like that even though you may be
        criticized for it.
Selena: You always end up putting others before yourself, don't you.
Agarte:...Claire...could it be that I...

Agarte acquired the title "Awakened Queen."

Agarte Side-->Veigue Side

<If You Try To Enter Pipista With A Huma On-Screen Character>

Man: Hey! You Humas can't just waltz in here!

Skit #792 [SKI792]
「ヒュ一マじゃ...!?」 Humas...!?

Tytree: Whadduya mean that Humas can't come in!?


<If You Enter Pipista With Eugene As Your On-Screen Character>

Eugene: We wish to speak with Chieftain Dobal. Could you let us through?
Man: Are those lower class people your companions?
Tytree: Lower class people...!?
Man: What's wrong with calling a lower class person lower class?
Man: In any case, I can't let someone who associates with lower class people
Eugene: No...these 5 people are...hmmm...
Eugene: They're my...servants.
Man: Servants? They've got some attitude problems, doncha think?
Eugene: No, they follow my every command down to the letter no matter what I
        ask them to do.
Eugene: Isn't that right, everyone?
Eugene: Hey, I can't hear you!
Mao: Y, yes sir...Master Eugene!
Man:...Gotcha. If that's the case, then I suppose it's okay for them to go with
Eugene: Hmm...that would be great. Well then, let's go, everyone.

Skit #793 [SKI793]
「微妙な空気」 Delicate Atmosphere

Hilda: It doesn't appear as if a particularly large conflict is taking place,
       does it...
Tytree: But this atmosphere just screams bad news for some reason. Wouldn't it
        be best to try asking around?

Skit #794 [SKI794]
「記憶力」 Ability To Recall

Tytree: Eugene, doncha think it was just a *tad* mean of ya to call us
Eugene: Sorry...I just told him what came to mind at the time. It's probably
        because Mao had said that about me before in Minal.
Tytree: Mao did? What's that supposed to mean?
Mao: You still remember what I said back then!? Eugene, you didn't strike me as
     the type who holds grudges.
Eugene: Humor me and say that I have a good memory...

Skit #795 [SKI795]
「怖いけど...」 It's Scary, But...

Annie: Let's try talking to the villagers. I feel a bit scared though...


<If You Try To Enter Dobal's Place>

Hilda: The dislike for Humas in this place is as intense as usual, I see.
Mao: But don't you kinda get the feeling that things are slightly different
     from before?
Annie: Yes, you're right...it looks like the Gajumas are not getting along very
       well for some reason...
Eugene: In any case, let's try talking to Chieftain Dobal.

Skit #796 [SKI796]
「ドバル酋長と話を」 Speak With Chieftain Dobal

Eugene: For the time being, let's try talking to Chieftain Dobal.

Skit #797 [SKI797]
「酋長に会おうヨ」Let's Meet With The Chieftain

Mao: Let's try to meet with Dobal and hear what he has to say.


<Talking To Dobal>

Dobal:...I am aware that disputes between the races are taking place throughout
      the country. However, I would hardly call it surprising.
Dobal: A Huma burglar appeared even in this village and it has gotten to the
       point where the military is pressuring us into stationing soldiers here.
Dobal: The Commander-in-Chief of the military, Milhaust, is a Huma. He has
       likely pondered over bringing this village under his rule.
Eugene: However, Milhaust is not that sort of character...
Dobal: Are you taking the side of a Huma? Do you not know of that man's
Eugene: Reputation?
Dobal: He appears without fail when a dispute unfolds, then seizes and
       imprisons all parties concerned in a despotic manner.
Dobal: And then he forces a military presence onto that region.
Dobal: I believe that he regards this as the first step towards nationwide Huma
Eugene: However...
Dobal: Exactly, there is...a however.
Dobal: There are those like you who are trying to shield Milhaust and the other
Dobal: As things stand, the village will fall into disarray and the Humas will
       end up gaining the vantage on us.
Dobal: In light of such, I made the decision to separate the villagers based on
       appearance and to maintain law and order through the creation of a class
Eugene:...And is that working out well for the village?
Dobal: Of course it is.
Veigue:...You said that you separated them by appearance, but aren't all of you
Dobal: What are you implying?
Veigue:...If Gajumas are the same even though they differ by appearance, then
       why is it that we Humas aren't Gajumas?
Veigue: What is this race you speak of?
Dobal: A Huma has no right to ask me such a thing.
Dobal: Get out...leave this village at once!

Skit #798 [SKI798]
「大丈夫なの?」 Is It Alright?

Hilda: What should we do? Are things going to be alright if we leave this place
       as-is and go to another city?

Skit #799 [SKI799]
「出て行くべきなのか?」 Should We Leave?

Tytree: Now what? Do we go to another city?
Eugene: But it appears that this village has problems of its own...


<As You Attempt To Leave The Village>

Annie:...What shall we do?
Annie:...It doesn't look like there is a dispute between the races, but it
      seems like there is one amongst the Gajumas and everything...
Tytree: But the thing is, we hafta pull teeth to get them to tell us the time
        of day around here...
Eugene: Hmm...
Mao: I wonder if something happened? Let's go take a look.

Skit #800 [SKI800]
「村の中で小競り合いが」 A Skirmish In The Middle Of The Village

Annie: It looks like a disturbance is taking place, doesn't it. Let us go.


<On The Eastern Side Of The Village>

Man: You second-class people should do as we upper class citizens say and go
     look for the children right away!
Woman: I beg your pardon!
Woman: I bet that daughter of yours used her class as a shield too just like
       you did and deceived my boy!
Man: You bloody furball of a woman! If you intend to oppose the upper class,
     then I'll report it to Lord Dobal!
Veigue: Quit it!! What's the point of having fellow Gajumas quarrel with one
Woman & Man: Butt out, Huma!!
Eugene: That's quite enough!
Eugene: I'm not sure of the circumstances, but it appears that some children
        have gone missing, am I right?
Eugene: Shouldn't you go in search for them before getting into a dispute?
Man: These second-class people here intend to spread bad rumors about us and
     reverse the class system while we go look for the kids!
Woman: You people are the ones who're planning to run us out of the village,
       aren't you!?
Tytree: In that case, why doncha just both go together!
Man: Who'd want to be seen in public with these second-class people...!
Woman: I could say the same thing...!
Veigue:...Forget it. We'll go look for them.
Tytree: Right on, Veigue, nice idea!
Tytree: You folks just go ahead and claw at each other's throats like that for
        the rest of your lives!

Skit #801 [SKI801]
「ピピスタの階級制度」 Pipista's Class System

Veigue: So the Gajumas with horns are "the elite class," the ones with feathers
        are "upper class," and everyone else is "second-class," huh.
Tytree: So that puts Humas in the lowly "lower class."
Hikda: Then I wonder what that makes me?
Tytree: Wanna try asking the Chieftain?
Veigue:...He said it was for the sake of solidarity, but I get the feeling that
       things aren't going so well...
Eugene: No one would be able to accept a class system that was created as a
        band-aid measure. It would have likely failed eventually anyway.

NOTE: Okay, time to go kiddy searching. Or you can just take my advice and go
the Flame-holder that is near the Burning Tower (where Mao had his trial). It's
not the one that's right in front of it but the one behind it (well, relative
to Pipista). Anyway, if you don't know which one I'm talking about, you have
Shaorune, so there's always the process of elimination, right? Riiiiight.

<Upon Entering The Flame-holder>

Mao: Ah, there they are!
Annie: You both came from Pipista, correct?
Top: Yep, but whatcha asking for?
Veigue: The village is in an uproar since you two disappeared. Let's head back
        right away.
Top: Don't wanna!
Veigue: Why not?
Top: 'Cause if I go back home, then I can't play with Rei no more.
Rei: I don't wanna go back either! Everyone's always mad so it's no fun being
     in the village.
Top: That's why we came here. We thought we'd try and make a wish with the
     great Holy Bird.
Top: For everybody to get along. So that I can play together with Rei...
Claire: I understand how you feel, I really do.
Claire: But you know what? I don't think it's good to make your father and
        mother worry about you.
Claire: Prayer isn't a bad thing to do either, but what do you think about
        letting everyone in the village know how you two feel?
Rei: Huh, what should we do?
Claire: You should tell them that the two of you are friends and that people
        can get along no matter what they look like.
Top: Whatcha wanna do...Rei?
Rei:...Let's try doing what the lady said...Top...
Top: Yeah, you're right. 'Cause I wanna always be able to play with you.
Claire: We'll be cheering for you, so hang in there!
Claire: Now, let's return to Pipista.
Top & Rei: 'Kay!
Veigue: Claire...
Claire: Right...

Skit #802 [SKI802]
「レイとトッポを連れて」 Bring Rei And Top

Eugene: Seeing as the village is probably in an uproar, let's hurry and return
        to Pipista.

Skit 803 [SKI803]
「純粋な気持ち」 Pure Feelings

Tytree: For crying out loud, to think that kids can't be friends and play with
        one another...unbelievable, I tell ya!
Eugene: Children are always the ones who are being pushed about at the
        convenience of the adults.
Hilda: But...those very same adults are also being pushed about by a class
       system which doesn't make any sense...
Tytree: Hrmm...so this means that we can't necessarily say who is at fault, can
Eugene: No, the adults who robbed the children of their smiles are making the
Tytree: Oh yeah, I guess you're right!

Skit #804 [SKI804]
「全速力だァッ!!」 Full Speed Ahead!!

Tytree: Let's go back to Pipista! Guys, full speed ahead!!


<In The Eastern Part Of Pipista>

Man:...Honestly...! This is what happens when you play with some inferior
Man: You're not to play with a second-class brat again! Is that clear?
Rei: B, but I...
Woman: What are you talking so big for. You bird brains couldn't do a single
       thing if it weren't for the class system...
Woman: I'm the one who is putting a stop to the playing here, not some bird
       brain like you!
Woman: Top, you're not allowed to be friends with some bird brain kid!
Top: But I...
Rei: I...I can't stand it anymore! I don't want things to be like this!
Rei: Tell me why!? Why can't I play with Top?
Rei: We just want to be good friends and play like we did before, and yet...
     why can't we!?
Man: I said no and I mean no.
Man: We, the upper class, are markedly different from those furballs in both
     ability and beauty, don't you see!?
Rei: Are feathers bad...!? You won't let me be with him because of my
Rei: If that's the case, then I'll...get rid of these feathers!!
Hilda: That child intends to clip her wings!!
Veigue: Stop it!!
Veigue:...Driving a child into a corner like this...
Veigue: Aren't you ashamed of yourselves!?
Man: Be quiet, Huma!
Veigue: Huma...Gajuma...what is this thing you people call "race" anyway!!
Veigue: Are differences in appearance really that big of a deal!
Dobal: What's with the commotion!
Veigue: Chieftain Dobal...you mentioned this before, didn't you.
Veigue: Disputes occur because there are different races. That we must live
        without coming in contact with one another.
Veigue: But how do you explain this situation right now...people of the same
        race are fighting with each other, aren't they!?
Veigue: What is this race that you people want to protect anyway!?
Mao: Everyone was kinda down in the dumps, weren't they...
Annie: But we were able to give the people of Pipista various things to
       consider in terms of race, did we not?
Eugene: Yeah...we only did what we were able to do.
Eugene: They will have to think about the rest for themselves and find the path
        that leads to resolution.
Tytree: Alrighty then! Let's go to another town!
Claire: Veigue...
Veigue:...What is it, Claire?
Claire:...Oh no, it's nothing...it's nothing, but...
Claire: But if something happens to be troubling or bothering you, speak up,
Veigue: There's really nothing to worry about. We should get going too.
Claire: R, right...

Veigue Side-->Agarte Side

Misha: Please!! Let's talk this over!
Misha: There is no meaning in fighting over things such as being a Gajuma or
       being a Huma!
Man: Quiet, Gajuma!!
Man: Back off, kid!!
Misha: I will not back off!! Please stop!!
Misha: Ah!!
Agarte: Are you alright?
Misha: Claire!? Don't worry about me, I'm fine!
Man: Hmph, that's what you get for butting in, you nosy little Gajuma!
Agarte: You certainly have some nerve to say such a thing after roughing up a
        child like that!
Man: Ha ha, a Huma's getting chewed out by a Huma!
Agarte: The same applies to you as well, does it not!? Are you not ashamed of
        having a child put an end to your fight!?
Man:...W, well that's...
Agarte: Before you speak of race, take a good look at your own conduct and
        consider whether you are behaving properly as a single person!!

Agarte Side-->Veigue Side

Skit #805 [SKI805]
「憎しみが広がっている」 The Hatred Is Spreading

Mao: Hrmm...don't you get the sense that this unpleasant feeling is getting
     stronger and stronger?
Shaorune: The hatred buried within people is gradually becoming larger...
Mao: Then are you saying that what we've done so far has been meaningless!?
Shaorune:...I don't think that it was meaningless. It's just that the hatred is
         growing at a greater rate.

Skit #806 [SKI806]
「ピ一チパイの思い出」 Memories Of Peach Pie

Claire: Veigue, you're feeling down, aren't you. It'd be nice if I could bake a
        peach pie for you right about now, wouldn't it?
Claire: Remember? When you first came to the house, thanks to the peach pie
        Aunt Popura baked...
Veigue: Yeah...Because of that, I was able to get accustomed to the village...
Claire: Right...
Veigue: You really are...Claire after all...you're Claire, aren't you...


<Upon Entering Minal>

Tytree: Hey...ain't this place kinda noisy? It's coming from down there.
Veigue: There might be a dispute taking place like in the other towns!
Mao: Let's go take a look!

Skit #807 [SKI807]
「港町での事件」 Incident At The Port Town

Tytree: Things are pretty lively over at the wharf for some reason. Let's go
        check it out.

Skit #808 [SKI808]
「騒がしいですね」 It Is Loud, Isn't It

Annie: It's somewhat loud, isn't it...let us go and observe the situation!


<In The Middle Of Town>

Misha: Everyone, please stop! Why must you pick fights like this everyday?
Curia: It does nothing but produce injured people, so quit this nonsense!
Tomichi: Out of the way, doc!!
Veigue: Cut it out!
Curia: You, your arm...!
Annie: Are you alright, Doctor!?
Curia: Y, yes...I'm fine, but...
Tomichi: Ah, you...! You'd better not be taking sides with the Gajumas, you
Veigue: I'm not on either side. I just want to put an end to these asinine
        racial disputes!
Tomichi:...What'd you just say....
Man: You bloody traitor! Stay out of this!
Man: Never mind him, let's go chase the Gajumas out from this town!
Man: Yeah, go get 'em!
Man: Bad news! It's the army! The army's come!
Tomichi: The army!? What'd they come here for!?
Veigue: The Callegean army even came here...
Eugene: I would guess that they came here after catching wind of the
        disturbance between the Gajumas and the Humas.
Curia:...For the time being, it seems that things will quiet down for a little
      while, doesn't it.
Curia: Instead of standing out here and discussing matters, let's go to the
       inn. The least I could do is treat you to some tea.

Skit #809 [SKI809]
「診療所は...」 The Clinic Is...

Mao: Let's go to where Dr. Curia is. She is using the inn as a clinic, right?

Skit #810 [SKI810]
「キュリア先生は」 Dr. Curia

Claire: Let's go speak with Dr. Curia.


<Inside The Inn>

Curia: At any rate, the entire world is a wreck, isn't it...
Curia: Day after day, they do nothing but bicker in that same manner...
Curia: The number of patients keeps increasing one after the other and the
       minute that I think that they've healed, they get injured in another
       fight and all...Honestly, it's starting to give me a headache...
Eugene: The situation is similar everywhere else as well...
Curia:...By the way, where is Claire? And who is this young Gajuma woman?
Claire: Dr. Curia, it's been a long time. I'm Claire.
Curia: Eh!? Claire...?
Claire: It's the first time that I've met you in this body though.
Curia: Huh...in this body? Just a moment, what do you mean...?
Veigue:...The truth is...
Curia:...To think that Claire and Her Majesty the Queen switched bodies...are
      you certain?
Curia: Then this means that the person I met in Nolzen was Her Majesty?
Curia: I'm the one who made her help out...I can't believe I did that...
Eugene: Dr. Curia, we'd like to go take a short rest.
Curia: Take your time...
Curia:...Wait, Veigue. Your hand is injured, isn't it?
Veigue: No...this is...
Curia: I'll examine it for you, so just come to my room.

Skit #811 [SKI811]
「どうなると...?」 What's Going To Happen...?

Veigue:...When I show this to the doctor...I'll...

Skit #812 [SKI812]
「震えるて」 Trembling Hand...

Veigue: Shall I go...to where Dr. Curia is...


<Inside One Of The Rooms In The Inn>

Curia: Could you show me your hand?
Curia:...It's starting to freeze under your glove, am I right? It's due to your
      Force, isn't it...?
Curia:...I have an idea of what's causing it though. Have you consulted with
      the others about this?
Veigue: About what?
Curia: Don't give me that. Your own hand is freezing here...
Curia: Something terrible will happen if you leave it be.
Veigue:...If that's the case...if that's the case, then tell me how I can
       return Claire back to normal.
Curia:...There wouldn't be any way to return her back to normal aside from
      using Her Majesty's Force, would there?
Veigue: If there was, I would have done it a long time ago!!
Veigue: Right now, I...I don't even know where Agarte is!
Misha: U, umm...Veigue...
Misha: Yesterday, there was some trouble at the port and that's when...Claire
       ...came and put an end to things.
Misha: She may...still be in the city.
Curia: Just a moment, Veigue!
Claire: What's the matter, Veigue!?
Veigue: It appears that Misha met "Claire" in this city yesterday.
Tytree: In other words, you mean Agarte?
Veigue: She might still be in this city.
Veigue: Claire, if we find Agarte, then we can return you back to normal too!

Skit #813 [SKI813]
「目撃情報」 Sighting Information

Eugene: Her Majesty is...in this vicinity...
Mao: In any case, let's search for Claire's...er, I mean the person who looks
     like Lady Agarte.

NOTE: I'm not sure if this is a typo in the script, but it'd make more sense if
Mao said the "person who looks like Claire" instead of the "person who looks
like Agarte." Either that, or they're using the word 姿 in a way that I'm not
familiar with.

Skit #814 [SKI814]
「どういう事なんだよ?」 What's Buggin' Ya?

Tytree: We'll find her soon, I tell ya. Calm down, okay, Veigue?
Veigue: That's not it...That's not...
Tytree: Then what's buggin' ya?

Skit #815 [SKI815]
「ややこしいな」 Man, This Is Complicated

Tytree: Claire...no, I mean...man, this is complicated. There's someone who
        looks like Agarte, right? Let's go search for her.

NOTE: Same deal here as with Skit #813.


<At The Port>

Veigue: Do you remember the young Huma girl who put an end to the skirmish that
        happened here yesterday?
Man: You sure it's okay for you Humas to be stepping outside like this?
Veigue: I'm the one who's asking the questions!
Man: T, there was someone like that now that I think about it...
Veigue:...Where did that young girl go!? Did you happen to see her in town
       after that?
Man: There're Huma girls all over the place and it ain't like I can tell 'em
Mao: She's a very pretty person! If you caught of glance of her, then I'm sure
     that you wouldn't forget it, you know what I mean?
Man: A pretty Huma?
Man: I know I wouldn't forget it if I saw a hot-lookin' Gajuma babe though.
     Like the young lady over there.
Veigue: Agarte...where did you run off to!

<In The Middle Of Town>

Callegean Soldier: Hey, Humas are not allowed to step outside.
Veigue: We're searching for someone. Could you step aside?
Callegean Soldier: I'm afraid we can't do that.
Claire: Please, we would appreciate it. This person is very important.
Callegean Soldier:...Huh? You...sure look like Lady Agarte if you ask me...
Callegean Soldier: Hey guys, come over here!
Callegean Soldier: Say, this young girl...don't you think she looks like Lady
Callegean Soldier: There's definitely a resemblance. Yeah...she's Lady Agarte.
Claire: I...I'm not Lady Agarte...
Callegean Soldier: I already know that. It wouldn't make sense for Lady Agarte
                   to be with you people in a place like this, now would it?
Callegean Soldier: I must say though, you're the spitting image of her. Makes
                   me wonder if there's some wild chance that you're the real
                   thing, ya know?
Veigue:...You're wrong...she's not Agarte...
Veigue:...She's not Agarte...she's Claire...
Callegean Soldier: That's Lady Agarte, pal.
Callegean Soldier: Yep, that's Lady Agarte.
Callegean Soldier: Long live Lady Agarte!
Veigue: Don't call her Agarte!!
Callegean Soldier: What'd you say!?
Veigue: This is Claire...she's Claire...she's Claire...!
Callegean Soldier: W, what's with this guy!!
Claire: Veigue!!
Eugene: Don't tell me that's...!! Everyone, go after Veigue!!
Eugene: Doctor! Have you seen Veigue...
Curia: He was running towards the shoreline!! He's in a dangerous state!! Hurry
       and go to him!!
Veigue: Uhn...
Claire: Veigue!!
Mao: Veigue's Force is going out of control!!
Claire: Let go!!
Hilda:..........! Do you want to be frozen!?
Claire: Veigue, calm down!!
Veigue: Urh...
Mao: It's no use, he can't hear us! We have to hurry and stop him before he
     goes berserk!
Hilda: Claire, let us handle this. Stand back, okay?
Eugene: Everyone, let's save Veigue!

<In-Battle Dialogue>

Mao: Veigue!!
Tytree: Wake up, Veigue!!
Veigue: *inserts lots of "CLAAAAIRE!!"s here*

<After The Fight>

Veigue: Urh...UWAAAAHHH!!
Party: Aaaahhh!!
Claire: Veigue!!
Tytree: Your strength...I give it a 3.5 star rating...
Veigue: Claire...no matter what, I'll...back to normal...find your body...
Claire:...This can't be...NOOOOOOO!!
Claire: Veigue...the way I am right now...is it no good after all?
Claire: It's no good...is it...
Claire: I'm so sorry for making you suffer...thanks for all you've done...
Veigue: Claire!?
Zapie: Kikikiki...kiki...
Veigue:...Zapie...? What in the world did I...?

Skit #816 [SKI816]
「クレア...」 Claire...

Veigue:...Claire...where did Claire go?

Skit #817 [SKI817]
「オレは...」 I...

Veigue: Claire...where is Claire...Dammit...I...


<As You Leave The Room>

Annie: Ah, you've regained consciousness, haven't you, Veigue. Is your body
       feeling alright?
Veigue:...What in the world did I...
Annie:...Veigue...your Force, it...went out of control...
Veigue:...Where is everybody?
Annie: They are still sleeping...because of the, um...intense battle that took
Veigue:...What about Claire?
Annie: Eh? I thought that she was attending to you this entire time...?
Annie: Is something the matter?
Veigue: I'm going to go look for Claire!!

Skit #818 [SKI818]
「オレのせいだ...」 It's My Fault...

Veigue: I...I did this to Claire...even though she didn't do anything wrong...
Veigue: I...what should have I done...


<In The Back Part Of The Town>

Veigue: Where did you go, Claire...!?
Misha: Veigue!!
Veigue: Misha, Claire...have you seen the Claire who is in Agarte's body?
Misha: I did see her! But she was acting somewhat strangely...I called out to
       her, but she didn't reply or anything...
Misha: It was bothering me, so I thought that I should let you know...
Veigue: And where did Claire go...!?
Misha: To the north...it looked like she was headed north, but...
Veigue: To the north...?

Skit #819 [SKI819]
「ス一ルズヘ...?」 To Sulz...?

Veigue: North...was she headed for Sulz...?

Skit #820 [SKI820]
「クレアは北へ」 Claire Went North

Veigue: At any rate, to the north...I have to chase after Claire...


<At Etoray Bridge>

Veigue: Milhaust...why are you here...?
Milhaust: I had suspected that you would come soon enough.
Veigue: Get out of the way!! I need to find Claire...
Milhaust: If this pertains to the young lady, she is at my place.
Veigue: What!? At your place!? Give her back...give Claire back!
Milhaust: Give her back, you say? The young lady came to me of her own free
Milhaust: Not to escape from her suffering, but so that you would not suffer
          any further by her hand.
Milhaust: As you are now, is your side the rightful place for the young lady?
Milhaust: Nonetheless, if you proclaim that you shall retrieve her, then
          attempt to show me your resolve...
Veigue: Resolve...
Milhaust: Draw...

NOTE: Just so you don't waste a ton of resources here, you can't win this
fight. You can, however, juggle Milhaust 999 times if you're really good and
have the patience to build up the Awakening Rate on a weapon to, oh, 50% or

<In-Battle Dialogue>

Milhaust: Accept mine life's masterpiece at its fullest! 'Tis the finishing
          blow! Fidelity Testament!!
Milhaust: A wavering of the heart becometh a wavering of the sword.

<After The Duel>

Milhaust:...Who was it whom you saved in Belsas?
Milhaust: Back then, your eyes were without doubt...
Veigue: I...
Veigue: Claire...
Veigue: Claire...!
Veigue: This is...Minal? Why am I...

Skit #821 [SKI821]
「夢...?」 A Dream...?

Veigue: Claire? Agarte...? No...was it all a dream?

Skit #822 [SKI822]
「見えない突破口」 Unforeseen Breach

Veigue: Claire...what in the world...am I supposed to do?


<As You Leave The Inn>

Mao: Ah, Veigue.
Veigue: Are you...Claire...?
Agarte:...I would be Agarte.
Eugene: Her Majesty was kind enough to rescue you.
Veigue:...Could you come with me?
Agarte: Where to?
Veigue: To where Milhaust is. Claire's there. If we have your Force...
Agarte: I am no longer able to make use of my Force...
Veigue: Why not...?
Agarte: I do not know...I have put it to the test countless times...but
        regardless of what I do, my Force will not...
Agarte:...Even if I went to where she is, I would be unable to...interchange
       our souls...'Tis nothing I...
Agarte:...I am sorry...
Veigue: That can't be...
Veigue:...Even so, that makes no difference...
Veigue: Milhaust should give Claire back if I bring you as an exchange!
Agarte:...For what reason did Claire stray from your side?
Veigue:...What was that?
Agarte:...Were I to make the trip, would she go back to being alongside you...?
Veigue: Claire...isn't it your fault that Claire ended up like this!
Veigue: I don't care what she looks like! I have to protect Claire...
Tytree: You don't know a damn thing, do you.
Tytree: Let me borrow you for a sec.
Veigue: Keep out of this, I'm talking to Agarte...
Tytree: I said that I need to borrow you!!
Tytree: I'll be waiting at the shoreline.
Mao: Veigue...

Skit #823 [SKI823]
「ティトレイは海岸で待つ」 Tytree Awaits At The Beach

Veigue: Tytree...the beach, huh...

Skit #824 [SKI824]
「あいつが呼んでいる」 He's Calling For Me

Veigue: What in the world are we going to do at the shoreline...In any case, I
        guess I should try going over there...


<At The Beach>

Tytree: So you came...
Tytree: Just looking at you is enough to piss me off, you know that!
Tytree: Don't make that face like you're shouldering the misery of the entire
        world all by your little lonesome!!
Veigue: What could you....possibly know about me!!
Tytree: I don't know nothin'...I don't know nothin', I tell ya!!
Tytree: If I kept my mouth shut like you do, then you wouldn't know a damn
        thing about me either, now would you!!
Veigue: What the hell are you getting at!!
Tytree: Just drop the tough guy act already!!
Tytree: If something hurts, then say that it hurts!! If things are tough, then
        say that they're tough!!
Tytree: That attitude of yours is what drove Claire away, ain't it! And you
        know it!

<In-Battle Dialogue>

Tytree: How 'bout that!?
Veigue: I'm not through yet!
Tytree: Feel like talking now!?
Veigue: Shut up!
Tytree: Talk to me, will ya!
Veigue: I refuse!
Tytree: You're so hardheaded!
Veigue: I know that!
Tytree: Obstinate as hell!
Veigue: No, I'm not!
Tytree: Even after all of this!?
Veigue: This is nothing...!
Tytree: Stubborn as a damn mule!
Veigue: Is that a bad thing!?
Tytree: That freakin' hurt, you know!!
Veigue: So what!
Tytree: This's the end!!

<After The Fight>

NOTE: Tytree's first couple of lines change a little bit depending on who wins
the fisticuffs, but the rest of it is the same. This is the conversation that
tales place if Veigue wins.

Veigue: Geeeehhh!!
Tytree: Owaaaahh!!
Tytree:...D, dang, that smarts...they had a crapload to say, didn't they...your
       fists did, anyway...
Mao: Veigue!! Tytree!!
Annie: Tytree...why would you do this...
Tytree: 'Cause using your fists is about the only way to converse with sullen
        little Veigie here, ya know? Owwie...
Veigue:...Who are you calling sullen...
Tytree:...In that case, then speak up...tell us about your feelings...
Tytree: If you can say it with your fists, then you can say it with your mouth
        too, right? Enough to cover this amount of pain, at least...
Veigue:...I just don't know...
Veigue: What...what am I supposed to do...
Veigue:...Milhaust said this to me...he asked me who was it whom I saved in
Veigue: At that time, I...could see Claire in Agarte...
Veigue: No matter what she looked like, if the heart was Claire's, then that
        was Claire. That's what I believed back then...
Veigue: But the more Claire behaved like herself...the more Agarte's appearance
        bothered me.
Veigue:...I just couldn't look directly at her.
Veigue: And that...that was hurting her...I knew that I was hurting Claire...
        and yet...!
Tytree:...The cat's finally out of the bag, isn't it...
Tytree: You don't have to try that hard, you know.
Tytree: I knew that you were suffering.
Tytree: But I know you ain't the type who complains in front of others and
Tytree: But having said that...you don't hafta grin and bear it until you go
        berserk, ya know what I mean?
Veigue: Tytree...
Tytree: Let us have a chance to show off every now and then too, will ya.
Tytree: Let's tackle your troubles together...we're friends, right?
Veigue: I have a request...I'd like it if I could go to Sulz...
Mao: Then let's a-go!!
Veigue:...Is it really okay?
Annie: You're the one who said that you wanted to go, weren't you, Veigue?
Hilda: You have something that you want to talk about, right?...With your
Veigue: Yeah...
Eugene:...Veigue, about Her Majesty...
Veigue:...I know...
Eugene: Your Majesty...Lady Agarte, why don't you come with us?
Agarte: Huh...are you certain?
Eugene: I cannot say I'm impressed that you answered my question with a
Agarte:...Very well.
Tytree: Alright, let's head out!!

Agarte will accompany your party as a guest.

Skit #825 [SKI825]
「ス一ルズ帰還」 Return To Sulz

Veigue: Sulz is at the terminus of Keketto Road.
Mao: Yep, we should just go north along Keketto Road!

Skit #826 [SKI826]
「憂鬱」 Depression

Agarte: Do you suppose that it is truly all right for me to go along with you?
Agarte: Should Claire's parents learn of what happened between myself and her,
        one can only imagine how much they would suffer...
Eugene:...Your Majesty, I am also unsure as to whether you should inform them
       of the truth or not...however...
Eugene: I beg of you, please do not run away from this reality. Please go and
        meet her parents face to face.
Eugene: For the sake of Claire and her parents, and...for Your Majesty's own
        sake as well...

Skit #827 [SKI827]
「男の友情物語」 A Tale Of Male Bonding

Annie: Tytree, you are certainly in high spirits, aren't you?
Tytree: Well, how do I put it...I'm happy because I kinda feel like Veigue and
        I have come to an understanding.
Annie:...Normally, one would think that exchanging blows like that would break
      up a friendship though, wouldn't it...?
Tytree: Yeah, there are some wishy-washy guys out there. But Veigue's not like
Tytree: I was the one who unearthed the friendship buried within Veigue's
Annie: In a way, I guess I'm sort of envious...

Skit #828 [SKI828]
「ふるさと」 Hometown

Agarte: I am not terribly sure since I ended up leaving soon after I arrived,
Agarte: What type of place is Sulz?
Veigue: It's a small, quiet village.
Agarte: Is that all?
Veigue: It's the village where Claire was born and the one where I was raised.
        And the villagers, they're all good people...
Veigue: Before I started this journey, I had never been that far away from the
Agarte: I see...you are the same as myself then...I have never been far removed
        from Balka either.

Skit #829 [SKI829]
「ヒュ一マの身体ってどう?」 What Does It Feel Like To Be In A Huma's Body?

Hilda:...The body of a Huma...how is it different from that of a Gajuma's...?
Agarte:...They differ in outward appearance and overall feel, but I am under
       the impression that my sense of perception has not undergone much
Agarte: Simply put, the biggest differences would be...the tail and the ears, I
Agarte: I find myself trying to move them without even thinking, but I now lack
        a tail and my ears will not budge...
Hilda: Hmm...the differences between the races appear in the most unexpected of
       places, I see...

Skit #830 [SKI830]
「元の身体に戻りたい」 I Wish To Return To My Original Body

Agarte:...Shaorune, can you not return Claire and myself to our original
Shaorune:...I think that it would be possible if only the Force of Moon would
         come back to you, but...
Agarte: But with this body...
Shaorune: Force is the power of the heart. Therefore, Agarte, the fact that
          you've changed bodies is not the issue.
Agarte: Is...that so?
Shaorune: Your heart is still very unstable and you have a fear of using your
          Force as well.
Shaorune: Everything depends on whether or not you yourself can become strong
          of heart.

Skit #831 [SKI831]
「心と身体」 Mind And Body

Tytree: It's certainly true that the body is nothing but a vessel for the soul.
        But I personally think that the vessel is important too.
Tytree: Even with cooking, there's a plate to go with eachm recipe.
Tytree: The cooking ingredients and the taste are also important, but you can't
        use anything as a substitute for the plate if you don't have one,
Tytree: The mind and the body, the both of those coming together is what makes
        up a person in the first place. Am I wrong?
Veigue:...Yeah...you're right...

Skit #832 [SKI832]
「男として」 As A Man

Veigue: Tytree...your fists...they answered me pretty well...
Tytree: Yeah, they did, didn't they! There comes a moment in every man's life
        where he needs to use his fists in order to figure someone out, ya
Mao: I can live without having such a painful moment, thanks.
Tytree: Mao, as a man, you still have a long ways to go. You'll know what I
        mean one of these days, kiddo.
Mao: I don't want to hear that from a guy who can't tear himself away from his
     older sister. Right, Veigue?
Veigue: Er...well...
Tytree: MAO!!!

Skit #833 [SKI833]
「ス一ルズへの道」 The Road To Sulz

Tytree: As for Sulz, we'll be fine if we head all the way north along Keketto
        Road, won't we?


<At Minal's Harbor>

Milhaust: From this point forth, I shall lead the way for you as we head
          towards Balka.
Milhaust: I cannot say that all who walk the halls of Callegea Castle are
          allies, but you shall be safe there.
Milhaust: 'Tis my sincerest wish that the interchange of you and Her Highness
          remain a private matter.
Milhaust: You are to insist on being Agarte, Her Majesty the Queen of Callegea.
          Do conduct yourself accordingly.
Claire: Understood.
Milhaust:...Then shall we be on our way, Your Highness.

<Upon Entering Sulz>

Agarte: Wait...
Agarte: Are Claire's parents aware of what has taken place between her and
Agarte: From hence forth...I shall become Claire.
Agarte: It may be trying for you, but...you do not wish to make them sad,
Veigue: Agarte...
Agarte: At present, I believe that they should not be informed of the truth
        just yet, so...
Agarte: Please behave as if that were the case...if you would...
Veigue:...Right. Let's go...Claire.

Skit #834 [SKI834]
「歌うマオ・7」 Singing Mao Part 7
NOTE: I couldn't find a relevant translation for the last two lines of Mao's
song, so I just romanized what I heard. I'm guessing that it's supposed to be
gibberish based on Mao's facial expression, plus I think it says something
about Tytree's personality. ^_~

Tytree: Say, composing genius, Master Mao! Could ya make me a song too?
Mao: A Tytree song? Sure, why not...just give me a sec here...
Mao: Done! Here I go!
Mao: Tytree is~
Mao: A flaring flare~
Mao: A messy mess~
Mao: Bo wa wa wa wa~n!
Mao: Acho!
Tytree: W, what the heck kind of song is that!?
Hilda: Oh my, can't you tell? Mao, you really might be a prodigy after all...
Tytree: No, I don't get it...I mean, I just don't get it...come on, somebody
        tell me, will ya...!

Skit #835 [SKI835]
「帰宅」 Are We Not Returning Home?

Agarte: Veigue, we are going to meet Claire's parents, correct?

Skit #836 [SKI836]
「ス一ルズの家屋」 The Buildings Of Sulz

Mao: The roofs of the houses in Sulz are rather slanted, aren't they?
Eugene: I would imagine it's because there's a lot of snow. If the angle of
        inclination creates a slant of that degree, then it's difficult for
        snow to accumulate.
Mao: Really...then it can act as a slide too, right?
Eugene:...One that doesn't come to a stop, at least...

Skit #837 [SKI837]
「やはり...?」 After All...?

Agarte: ...Veigue...will our return be difficult for you after all...?
Veigue: No. Let's go back home, Claire.


<In Front Of Claire's House>

Agarte: I'm home, father, mother.
Marco: Ooh, Claire, Veigue...
Veigue:...We're home, Uncle, Aunt.
Rakiya:...Welcome back.
Marco:...I see. You've travelled throughout the world, met lots of people, and
      come to see many different things, haven't you.
Rakiya: It looks like some painful memories were also made, but...it was a very
        good experience overall, wasn't it.
Rakiya: And so...have you finished your journey yet?
Marco: You're still not done, am I right?
Marco: Something big remains. And that something also poses a problem for you
Marco: You wanted to consult with us about that, so you came back here, right?
Veigue: Uncle...how did you...?
Rakiya: Veigue...part of being a parent is knowing how your children feel the
        second that they hear them say "I'm home"...
Veigue: Aunt...
Marco: Try telling us what's on your mind.
Veigue:...Before I left on my journey, I hadn't even given it any thought...
Veigue: We're all people and nothing but people...
Veigue: Humas and Gajumas, they differ in appearance, but it wasn't that big of
        a deal...that's what I used to think.
Veigue: But now...I'm not so sure...
Veigue: The difference in race, the difference in appearance, I...can't stop
        thinking about them for the life of me...
Veigue: Uncle...is one's appearance such an important thing?
Marco: Well, let me see...I suppose that appearance is very important in terms
       of being able to discern one person from another.
Marco: But take this into consideration. Do you come to love or hate people
       based on their appearance alone?
Marco: Rakiya and I came across one another inside of a pitch black cave...we
       couldn't see each other's face.
Marco: But even so, I fell in love with her.
Marco:...What I fell in love with was her heart.
Marco: Humas and Gajumas have different appearances. However, up until a little
       while ago, everyone got along without thinking about that sort of thing.
Marco: But there has been a strain in our relationship since the time that we
       became aware of our differences.
Marco: I wonder if that's because we now only see the appearance aspect of race
       when we look at one another?
Marco: It's at times like these that you should just close your eyes. And then
       treasure whatever it is that you feel.
Veigue:...Close my eyes...
Rakiya:...Things are still awkward in the village...
Rakiya: Also, Aunt Popura has been completely downcast ever since that affair.
Rakiya: Everyone is thinking to themselves, "Things can't stay like this. Why
        don't we go back to the way things were before?", but...the right
        opportunity hasn't presented itself.
Marco: If you'd like, try and have a talk with the people of the village.
Marco: It may serve as a catalyst of sorts for you as well as the villagers.
Veigue:...I'm off then.

Skit #838 [SKI838]
「みんなは...?」 Is Everybody...?

Veigue: Let's go see how everyone in the village is doing...

Skit #839 [SKI839]
「村の変化」 Change In The Village

Veigue: Has everyone in Sulz changed...? Even Aunt Popura...


<In Front Of Aunt Popura's House>

Veigue: Aunt Popura, it's me. You're there, aren't you?
Veigue: It's fine if you don't feel like responding, so...could you listen to
        what I have to say?
Popura's Voice: Little Veigie...
Popura's Voice:...About what happened at the assembly hall...I really regret
               what I did now...
Popura's Voice: I'm sorry...for causing you so much trouble...
Popura's Voice: Since then, I've been thinking about this the entire time.
                About how I felt towards Humas..."those aren't my true
                feelings, are they?", I would ask myself...
Popura's Voice: I want to think that they're not, but...I'm not sure...
Veigue:...The same thing happened to me too.
Veigue: I went on a journey...and thought about a lot of things...about Humas
        and Gajumas and stuff like that...
Veigue: But nothing made sense...
Veigue: Things got out of hand and I ended up hurting Claire...so that's why I
        came back to the village.
Veigue: I thought I'd try and recall my old self...and I wanted to talk to
        Uncle, Aunt, and everybody else...
Popura's Voice: Little Veigie...?
Veigue: I don't really know how to explain it, but...before, there was no Huma
        or Gajuma...
Veigue: Aunt Popura, you were Aunt Popura and...I was simply...me...
Popura's Voice:...Little Veigie, I...
Veigue: Everyone would eat your home-made pie and say how delicious it was...
Veigue: Auntie...
Veigue: I hope that you cheer up soon...

Skit #840 [SKI840]
「とりあえず...」For Now...

Veigue: I guess I should go back home for now...

Skit #841 [SKI841]
「これは...?」 Is This...?

Veigue:...Is this scent...? It's coming from the house, isn't it...


<Back At Claire's House>

Tytree: Hey Veigue. Ms. Rakiya taught me how to bake that peach pie I've heard
        so much about, so I gave it a go!
Tytree: How is it, Mao?
Mao:...Hrmm, it's tasty, but...something about it just isn't the same as Aunt
Tytree: Oh come on, I followed the recipe down to the letter. What exactly do
        ya mean by "it just ain't the same"!?
Popura's Voice:...Umm...
Mao: Who's there...?
Veigue: Auntie!!
Popura: You want...some peach pie...? I baked it for little Veigie here, but...
Annie, Hilda & Tytree: Little Veigie!?
Popura: You want some...?
Veigue: Yeah...of course I do.
Popura: I'm sorry...for making you worry. Little Veigie...
Popura: After all...I have to cheer up...or else this village would be lost
        without me, wouldn't it...
Veigue: Auntie...
Popura:...Now then! There's plenty to go around, so eat up!
Mao & Tytree: Time to dig in!!
Claire's Voice: Everyone, if you've ever eaten a pie, a peach pie...please
                close your eyes just this once and ask yourself...
Claire's Voice: Is there any room in a heart that enjoys the taste of pie...for
                race to exist?
Popura: Well, everyone?
Annie: Delicious!!
Tytree: Daaaaang, that's good stuff!! Five stars ain't nearly enough to
        describe this...! Ah, a tear just came out...
Tytree: Tell us, will ya, Auntie. How do you bring out this kind of flavor?
Popura: That's a secret~!
Tytree: That's so mean of you, Auntie!
Marco: Oh, did someone just come by?
Veigue: I'll go take a look.
Steve: Y, yo, Veigue. So you're back, huh...!
Veigue: Do you have some business with us?
Steve: No...not really...say...this scent...
Veigue: Yeah, it's the scent of Aunt Popura's peach pie.
Steve: I just knew it...
Veigue: How about if you come in and have some?
Steve: Eh, ah, no...I'm cool...you see, it'd be kinda, well, you know?
Annie: Was someone there?
Veigue: Yeah...it was a guy from the neighborhood.
Veigue: I invited him in for a bite to eat, but...
Rakiya: He didn't feel like he could openly come in here as if nothing had
        happened up until now.
Eugene: So that would mean that this is how things stand in the village...
Agarte:...In that case, then how about if we eat pie with everyone like we did
Popura:...You're right, you're absolutely right...alright then! Auntie here is
       going to whip up some pies! Enough for everyone!
Popura: I'd like to apologize for making such a fuss and everything too.
Popura: I'm going to the assembly hall. Could you all lend me a hand?
Tytree: Yeah, and I'm gonna help myself to Auntie's secret recipe, thank you
        very much!!
Popura: Little Veigie, little Claire, the two of you go tell the people in the
Agarte: R, right...
Veigue:...Let's go invite everyone.
Zapie: Kikiki!!

Skit #842 [SKI842]
「みんなでピ一チパイを」 Eat Peach Pie With Everyone

Agarte: Let us go extend an invitation to everyone in the village.

Skit #843 [SKI843]
「空元気」 Bravado

Agarte: Popura is a very energetic individual, isn't she.
Veigue: Yeah, but right now, she's doing her best to lift her spirits by acting
Veigue: So that we can go back to the time when everybody got along...

Skit #844 [SKI844]
「ひとりでも多く」 Every Person Counts

Agarte: Let us go call upon everyone so that they will gather for us, even if
        our number increases by only a single person...

NOTE: The following batch of dialogue is not voiced, so feel free to skip over
it if you wish. I'll try to describe where these people are though since you
have to talk to them in order to progress the story.

(This kid is hanging around in front of the inn.)
Innkeeper's Son: I want to go, but...mother said not to go to a place that has
Veigue: There's a Huma kid who you're friends with, right? You don't see him
Innkeeper's Son: Nope...
Veigue: That's not a reason to hate him, is it?
Veigue: He was a friend before we started to call each other Humas and Gajumas,
        wasn't he?
Veigue: Aren't we all a part of Sulz?
Innkeeper's Son:...Yeah, you're right...I'm...gonna go!!

(This lady is inside of the inn by the save point.)
Inn Landlady: Hrm... I want to eat Aunt Popura's pie, but...you Humas are
              coming too, aren't you...?
Agarte: Yes...it will likely be unpleasant, but we will understand one
        another's feelings if we speak directly with each other, will we not?
Inn Landlady: I guess you're right...I wonder what I should do now.

(This guy's in the area in front of Claire's house.)
Old Man: Hmm...I am hesitant about meeting with Humas...
Veigue: But before, you used to plow this field with an old Huma man, right?
        Weren't you two friends?
Old Man: We used to be anyway. I'd like to make up with him if I can. But with
         the way things are now...
Agarte: I am certain that your partner shares your desire to restore the
Agarte: Why don't you believe in that and try making an appearance?...Okay?

(This person's inside the house on the screen to the left of Claire's place.)
Sam's Dad: Well yeah, I'd like to be friends with everyone and eat some pie,
Sam's Dad: I did end up saying some horrible things to the Humas and such...
Veigue: Even though we get into fights, we've always been able to reconcile
        right away. That's why we've lived together as friends in the same
        village for the longest time.
Veigue: Even now, that hasn't changed, has it?
Sam's Dad: Hrm...I dunno...I'd like to think so, but...
Sam's Dad: I guess...I'll try going...

(This woman is standing on the screen right before you go to the assembly
Woman: That lovely scent that I've been smelling lately...it was Aunt Popura's
       peach pie after all, wasn't it...
Veigue: Aunt Popura is waiting at the assembly hall. I'd like you to come.
Woman:...I wonder what I should do? The Gajumas are coming too, right?
Woman: I don't know what to do...it might be better to say something to them
       and all...
Veigue: Before, you used to talk to them like nothing was out of the ordinary
        ...Isn't that right?

Skit #845 [SKI845]
「集会所へ」 To The Assembly Hall

Agarte: Let us go to the assembly hall. It is about time for the preparations
        to be complete...

Skit #846 [SKI846]
「きっと...」 Surely...

Agarte: Let us go to the assembly hall. Surely, they will gather for us...


<In Front Of The Assembly Hall>

Agarte: Everyone...how nice of you to come!
Agarte: Please feel free to make your way inside. Go on ahead!!
Popura:...Everybody, they're baking as I speak! There's plenty of delicious
       peach pie to go around, so eat up!
Veigue:...I get it now, Claire...
Agarte:...She was referring to this sort of thing, wasn't she...the words that
       Claire had said...that there is no race in the heart...
Veigue: Yeah...I finally feel like I understand what she meant...not through
        logic, but with my heart...
Agarte: Agreed...
Agarte:...Thank you...
Agarte: I was unaware that people could live in this fashion...
Veigue: The village used to be an even more cheerful and fun place...
Agarte: And I would be the one who deprived you of that...
Veigue:...As for me...I don't really know much about the country or what it's
       like to be the Queen...
Veigue: But I'd like for you to keep this in mind. That something as small as
        this brings us joy and makes us smile...
Agarte: Very well...I shall not forget...
Veigue: I believe...that the entire world should be like this village...
Veigue: To that end, I would...I want to do everything that I can...
Agarte:...I share that sentiment as well.
Agarte: Should the country become as such...then people who commit errors like
        myself shall surely disappear...
Veigue:...I don't know if this means anything to you, but...looking at you now,
       I feel like I can leave the country in your hands.
Agarte:...Thank you.
Veigue:...How odd. I've never had this sort of conversation with Claire before.
Veigue: But this is my second time with you...
Agarte:...Did you notice when we spoke in Belsas?
Veigue: No...I thought that something was strange, but...
Veigue:...Do you still...want the body of a Huma?
Agarte:...No...but returning to normal may already be...
Veigue:...I think that the heart is what's important to people...
Veigue: But if you can change back, then nothing would make me happier.
Veigue: I don't want you to give up...for Claire's sake...and yours too.

<At Callegea Castle>

Claire: Everyone, I am sorry to have worried you.
Zilva: Ah, Princess...! Thank heavens you are unharmed...
Zilva: You must be weary from the lengthy journey. I beseech of you, take a
       brief while off to recuperate.
Claire: However, given the current circumstances, I cannot very well rest
Zilva: That shall not do.
Zilva: Should you overexert yourself at this time and the unthinkable were to
       happen to your body, then the country would truly go into an utter
Zilva: Now then, let us make our way to your quarters.
Claire: Um, I...
Zilva: Princess...come quickly now...

Skit #847 [SKI847]
「ピ一チパイパ一ティ一」 Peach Pie Party

Veigue: It appears that everyone...is enjoying themselves, aren't they...

Skit #848 [SKI848]
「きっかけ」 Chance

Veigue: Everyone was searching for a chance like this, weren't they...
Veigue: I have to give my thanks to Aunt Popura...

Skit #849 [SKI849]
「その心に」 With This Heart

Veigue: The peach pie has made everyone remember how things were in the past...
Veigue: I should show my appreciation to Aunt Popura for her all of her effort,
        shouldn't I...

Skit #850 [SKI850]
「よかった...」 I'm Glad...

Veigue: I'm glad...it looks like Sulz has gone back to the way it used to be...

NOTE: I think you need to talk to everyone in the room in order to progress the
storyline, so get cracking. I also included the dialogue for the Love Cupid
side quest in case any of you did that one. I'm pretty sure you have to talk to
Steve and Monica twice though if you triggered the extra scene.

Mao: It was really tasty, wasn't it.
Eugene:...That flavor brought back memories...
Annie: I am deeply moved as well...
Tytree: Hrmm, I can't put a finger on how my pie is different from hers...
Hilda: I don't like sweets, but this is certainly an exception...

<Dialogue For The Love Cupid Side Quest>

Veigue: Monica...you've finally cheered up, haven't you.
Monica: Veigue...
Steve: Thanks to what Claire's friend, the young Gajuma lady, said to her.
Monica: Claire...it's a little late now, but let me apologize one more time...
Monica: I'm really sorry about what happened when you were abducted...
Agarte: Monica...you're not at fault.
Agarte: The ones at fault...the ones at fault are the people who put you
        through all of this...they're to blame...
Agarte: And besides, what is done cannot be undone...
Agarte: What's important is that we make the most of this experience and use it
        to our advantage from now, isn't it?
Monica: Y, yeah...Claire, thanks...
Agarte: Oh no, on the contrary, I'm sorry...for causing you so much pain,
Veigue: Claire...
Steve: Claire will be Claire after all, won't she! But anyway, Veigue...this is
       a token of my appreciation...
Steve:...How do I put this...er...I guess you could say that I was able to
      convey my feelings to Monica thanks to you...
Steve: Yeah, you're still your usual self too, aren't you! Well, it doesn't
       really matter, so just accept this!

You received the Parsunc.

Veigue: What exactly is going on here...?
Agarte:...Monica, things turned out well for you, didn't they...
Monica: Uh huh!
Veigue: ???

Veigue acquired the title "Love Cupid."
FG Recovery +3

Agarte:...That girl...I'm a little envious of her...

<Talking To Steve & Monica A Second Time>

Steve: Veigue, thanks again!
Monica: Veigue, thank you!

<Talking To Aunt Popura The First Time>

Popura: Little Veigie...it appears that everyone's gone back to being their
        usual happy selves...
Popura: Thank goodness...I...I didn't think that everyone would be able to get
        along ever again, so...

<Talking To Aunt Popura After Talking With Everyone Else>

Popura: Little Veigie, thanks. Your Auntie has cheered up because of you.
Veigue: No, I'm the one who should be thanking you...I was saved by your peach
        pie...Auntie, thanks...
Popura:...I'll bake another one for you, so do look forward to it, okay!
Popura: Well then, I'm going to head on back. Little Veigie, everyone, thanks
        so much~!
Tytree: Veigue, everything's peachy now, right?
Veigue:...Yeah. Everyone, sorry for making you worry...no...
Veigue: Thanks...for worrying about me.

Skit #851 [SKI851]
「まだまだ!」 Not Done Yet!

Tytree: Alright, let's go, Veigue!
Tytree: We still have a whole messload of things that we have to do!
Veigue: Yeah, you're right.

Skit #852 [SKI852]
「アガ一テ、心の旅」 Agarte: Journey Of The Heart

Agarte: I have seen a variety of towns up until now, but...this village
        certainly is a charming place...
Tytree: What, ya kiddin' me!? I'll have you know that Petnadjanka is at least
        as wonderful as Sulz, if not better!
Agarte: Agreed...you are indeed correct...
Agarte:...Had I only known been acquainted with this world much sooner...then
       even one such as myself...
Veigue: There's no point in lamenting over what's done and finished. There's
        always from now on. From now on...
Agarte: Yes...you are right...

Skit #853 [SKI853]
「ひとり娘ですから」 I Am The Sole Daughter

Mao: Say, does Your Royal Highness have any siblings or anything?
Agarte: N, no...I would be the sole daughter, so...
Mao: Weren't you lonely?
Agarte: Yes, but Milhaust was forever by my side...he was akin to an elderly
Mao: Really? So Your Royal Highness and Milhaust go way back, don't you.

Skit #854 [SKI854]
「ごめんなさい...」 I Am Sorry...

Agarte: Veigue...I am sorry...
Veigue: What makes you say that all of a sudden...?
Agarte:...I stated my appreciation a short while ago but I thought about the
       fact that I had not apologized...
Agarte: I unwittingly brought harm to you and Claire through my foolish deeds,
        so that is why...
Veigue: I know...it's okay, really...
Agarte: But I wanted to apologize regardless, even if it were only a single

Skit #855 [SKI855]
「そこそこ」 Decent

Tytree: Hrmm, the peach pie that I made...I can't put my finger on how it was
        different from Aunt Popura's...
Annie: One of the things you have to take into consideration when comparing the
       differences between making confections and cooking is that the finishing