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The latest in the series, "Rebirth," is a rebirth story of two different races, Huma and Gajuma, who once battled each other.
This magnificent story is delicately and vividly depicted with characters designed by Mutsumi Inomata, tatented voice actors, splendid anime cutscenes, dazzling graphics, and a dynamic combat system.

Speaking of the "Tales of" series, dazzling hand-drawn graphics... Of course, the unique graphics are still alive and well in "Rebirth".

What's more, this time, the town map has been changed from the conventional quarter view to a viewpoint closer to the side view, and it is now enlarged or reduced according to the position and movement/direction of the character.

The Kingdom of Calegia has enjoyed a long period of peace under the coexistence of Huma and Gajuma. However, the peace suddenly ends due to the disaster "Sunset of Ladras" that occurred at the same time as the death of King Ladras.
The youth of Suruzu, Veigue, whose special ability has been awakened by the "sunset", freezes his childhood friend Claire because of the runaway power.

A year later, two strangers visit Veigue, who was desperate beside Claire. With the cooperation of Mao and Eugene, Veigue finally releases Claire. Mao and his colleagues explain the situation, where Calegia stands, and ask Veigue for help. Veigue was reluctant to respond, but things had already begun to move regardless of his will.

Calegia, a kingdom where two different races, Huma with excellent intellectual activity and Gajuma with excellent physical ability, coexist.
In ancient times, the two races begrudgingly cooperated with each other to build this kingdom.
Since its foundation, the Kingdom of Calegia has been ruled by the king of Gajuma for generations and has been on the path of peace and prosperity under its rule, but at the same time as the demise of the predecessor King Ladras, the peace of Calegia began to disappear...
Agate, the only daughter of the predecessor king, has now taken over her father's seat and is now the queen.

Speaking of the battle system of the "Tales of" series, the "Linear Motion Battle" system that is elaborately upgraded every time!
Naturally, the battle system of "Tales of Rebirth" is also the latest version of Linear Motion Battle!
A marvelous system "3-line linear motion battle" with improved strategy and action.

This "3-line linear motion battle" adopted in "Tales of Rebirth" is a new battle system that expresses a sense of depth while maintaining the 2D screen and characters.
By arranging both the enemy and the ally in 3 lines, the variation of the battle has increased, and it has become possible to express the battle with a "crash feeling" between the characters!

It is not only during event scenes that you can enjoy the acting of the voice actors.
This system called screen chat is one of them.
If you press the select button on the controller while moving through fields, towns, dungeons, etc., you can always enjoy the conversations of the characters according to the situation.
The contents include hundreds of hints for advancing the story, casual daily conversations of the characters, and a variety of other conversations!

The popular artist, Every Little Thing is appointed as the composer for the theme song for PS2's "Tales of Rebirth"!
A beautiful ballad-like melody overlaps with lyrics with a high message, and gently envelops the world of "Tales of Rebirth".

> Artist: Every Little Thing
> Theme song: good night

One of the topics of the "Tales of" series is the animated cinematic cutscene inserted in the opening and intermission of the production.
Naturally, this time too, it is a wonderful work of art that does not disappoint.
Especially during the opening movie, in which the beautiful animation and a theme song with a high message by Every Little Thing will play, and will invite you to the world of the story.

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