How do I get past Station Raid level?

  1. After passing the blast doors always died when try to run out.

    User Info: ckchua

    ckchua - 9 years ago


  1. When you get to the room with the sniper you use the sniper until you get to the doors, and find the stg44 ( pick it up early as you can) you can carry both if you want, then use the sniper and the stg44 together, when you get to the last door grenade all the enemies behind and to your side and then use the stg44 and shoot everyone. if you do this quickly enough then you will have enough time to get out of the main gate. if you manage to egt outside in time kill everyone outside and go up to the guardhouse and kill the two guards, when you have killed them you can escape. hope this helps

    User Info: th3mo5twant3d

    th3mo5twant3d - 9 years ago 0   0

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