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Guide and Walkthrough by deathfisaro

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 06/01/2008




 Table of contents                                                       [TABL]

 You can use search to navigate, no need to include [], just 4 letters will do

-Walkthrough                                                             [WKTR]
  =Prologue: Patapons come home                                          [MS00]
  =Mission 1: Hunting on Patata Plain                                    [MS01]
  =Mission 2: Escape from Isolation                                      [MS02]
  =Mission 3: Zigotons Strike Back                                       [MS03]
  =Mission 4: Crack the Zigoton Fort!                                    [MS04]
  =Mission 5: Gong the Hawkeye                                           [MS05]
  =Mission 6: Ancestral Guardian                                         [MS06]
  =Mission 7: Miracle of Lostdon                                         [MS07]
  =Mission 8: Desert Crossing                                            [MS08]
  =Mission 9: Zigotons Attack                                            [MS09]
  =Mission 10: Desert Behemoth                                           [MS10]
  =Mission 11: Battle for the Oasis                                      [MS11]
  =Mission 12: Gong Returns                                              [MS12]
  =Mission 13: Guardian of Knell                                         [MS13]
  =Mission 14: Zigotons Attack Again?!                                   [MS14]
  =Mission 15: Convoy Escort                                             [MS15]
  =Mission 16: Despair                                                   [MS16]
  =Mission 17: Ray of Hope                                               [MS17]
  =Mission 18: Door of Promise                                           [MS18]
  =Mission 19: Battle! Bachikoi Fort                                     [MS19]
  =Mission 20: Lord of the Mountains                                     [MS20]
  =Mission 21: Legendary Night Sky                                       [MS21]
  =Mission 22: Awakening at Gayeen                                       [MS22]
  =Mission 23: Claws of Guchoppa Ruins                                   [MS23]
  =Mission 24: Meden Kidnapped                                           [MS24]
  =Mission 25: Gong Vows to Fight                                        [MS25]
  =Mission 26: Volcano Guardian                                          [MS26]
  =Mission 27: Across Enemy Territory                                    [MS27]
  =Mission 28: Facing GateGhoul Baban                                    [MS28]
  =Mission 29: Zigoton Queen                                             [MS29]
  =Mission 30: Kharma's Pet                                              [MS30]
  =Mission 31: Dark Palace Guardian                                      [MS31]
  =Mission 32: Final Showdown!                                           [MS32]
  =Mission 33: Servant of Darkness                                       [MS33]

-Materials                                                               [MTRL]

-Patapon Creation                                                        [CRTE]

-Equipments                                                              [EQMT]
  =Spear                                                                 [EQM1]
  =Axe/Sword                                                             [EQM2]
  =Shield                                                                [EQM3]
  =Bow                                                                   [EQM4]
  =Lance                                                                 [EQM5]
  =Horse                                                                 [EQM6]
  =Club                                                                  [EQM7]
  =Horn                                                                  [EQM8]
  =Helm                                                                  [EQM9]

-Miracles                                                                [MRCL]

-Items                                                                   [ITLC]
  =Drum                                                                  [ITL1]
  =Miracle                                                               [ITL2]
  =Hidden Ruin Access Key                                                [ITL3]
  =Song                                                                  [ITL4]
  =Meat, Ore, Branch, Vegetable, Alloy                                   [ITL5]
  =Stew                                                                  [ITL6]
  =Memory                                                                [ITL7]
  =Spear, Axe/Sword, Shield, Bow, Lance, Horse, Club, Horn, Helm         [ITL8]

-Boss Drops                                                              [BSDR]
  =Dodonga                                                               [BSD1]
  =Majidonga                                                             [BSD2]
  =Zaknel                                                                [BSD3]
  =Dokaknel                                                              [BSD4]
  =Gaeen                                                                 [BSD5]
  =Dogaeen                                                               [BSD6]
  =Ciokina                                                               [BSD7]
  =Cioking                                                               [BSD8]
  =Shookle                                                               [BSD9]
  =Shooshookle                                                           [BSDA]
  =Gorl                                                                  [BSDB]

-Bestiary                                                                [BSTY]

-Frequently Asked Questions                                              [FAQS]

-Credits / Special Thanks To                                             [STHX]

-History                                                                 [HSTR]


 Walkthrough                                                             [WKTR]

-Prologue: Patapons come home

 After the opening scene, sign the paper and you get the Drum of Valour.
Now you can drum "Pon" with Circle button. The entire game is 4/4 beats, egde
of the screen flashes every 1/4. Drum (press the buttons) at the same time as
the screen flashes.

 As you drum Pon, Hatapon (Flag carrier Pon) wakes up and gives you the Drum of
Strength. Now you can drum "Pata" with Square button.
 You learn the basic command, move. Drummed Pata Pata Pata Pon.

 As you drum commands, you and Pon take 4/4 beats alternatively. So
You: Pata Pata Pata Pon (Drum)
Patapon: Pata Pata Pata Pon (Patapons sing. You don't drum while Patapons move)
You: Pata Pata Pata Pon (Back to you, drum)

 Now make your Hatapon move. You'll come across 3 Yaripons (Spear Pon). And 
suddenly earth shakes and dinosaur kinda creature appears. What to do? Well...
Run, of course. Successful series of move commands will let you out of danger
without taking any damage. Even if you get damaged, it's minimal.  A couple of
Zigotons appear, but they do you no harm at this point. When you cross a small
tower/statue thing the mission is complete

 When you get back to Patapolis, they ask your name. Which is capped at 4 
characters. The default name is Kami(God). I have no idea why they'd stick 
with Japanese words like Hata, Yari, Kami, and more.

 You've come to Patapolis, the Patapons are starving so you'll need to go
get food for them. Go to the obelisk, which will let you choose which mission
to play.

-Mission 1: Hunting on Patata Plain
 Patapons need nutrition!
 Capture prey to feed them meat.
 There'll be no victory on an empty stomach!

 When you start the mission, you'll learn the battle song (Attack command)
It goes Pon Pon Pata Pon.

 If there are any enemies that are in reach of your Patapon's attack range,
its eye will look more aggressive. When you give the attack command, Hatapon
stands ground. And there's a limited distance away from Hatapon that other 
Patapons can advance to attack.

 When you combo certain number of commands, you and Patapons go into Fever
mode. While in Fever mode, the battle capability of Patapons increase. It 
would be quite hard to kill the bird enemy without going into Fever mode at
this point. 

 Boar looking enemy will yield Leather Meat when killed (Automatically added
when you finish the mission) and bird looking enemy yields Tender Meat.

 Back in the Patapolis you gain access to the Altar. You can check your 
inventory from the Altar. 

-Mission 2: Escape from Isolation
 For as long as any Patapon can remember, they have 
 been trapped in an isolated region surrounded by
 an endless stone wall patrolled by Zigotons.

 In this mission you fight against Zigotons, the creatures that you first
encountered during Prologue mission. When your Hatapon gets killed, it's game

 When you break the first wall, Ban the Tatepon (Shield Pon) joins you. He 
is very powerful, basically kills everything in one hit. Later in the stage
there's a graveyard, destroy it to get the cap of Pakapon. When you reach the
end, Ban leaves you the memory of Tatepon, a shield, and passes away. Destroy
the house to find a spear.

 Back to the Patapolis. Now you have access to Mater, the tree of life. You can
revive your fallen Patapons if you pick up their headgear, and create new 
Patapons. It will cost you some Ka-Chings, and combination of two items. If you
fail to pick up the cap before it disappears, you can't revive that unit. 

 After you revive Pan the Pakapon, you can play a minigame to get branches and 
stones, which are required to create Yari and Tatepons. Give Pan one Leather 
Meat to play. Ubo Bon (Tree) will sing the first beats, and then you recreate
his song by hitting circle at the right timing. If you do well, he'll drop 
something, ranging from a leaf (total junk) to level 1~2 branches. If you do
a good job overall, Ubo Bon gives you one extra reward, branches or level 1~3

Note: Ubo Bon sings Bon BoBon BoBon pretty fast. In fact it should go
O    O    O    (Bon Bon Bon)
O    O O  O O  (Bon BoBon BoBon)
O    OO   OO   (Ubo Bon version of Bon BoBon BoBon. Don't do this)

-Mission 3: Zigotons Strike Back
 The Zigotons have launched a counterattack in 
 Eyeball Forest! Soldiers wait in ambush at every 
 turn! Quick, use the Tatepons! Victory to Patapons!

 Before you go into this mission, it's a good idea to have 3 Tatepons, if you
can create Mofeel Tatepon (Tender Meat + Tytanium Ore), let him stand in the 
very front because Mofeels are good at tanking. Also more Yaripons never hurt.

 When you go into the mission, Zigotons "ambush" you (You'll see why ambush is
in quotes =P) After a few ambushes, you'll be somewhat low in health and bam!
You'll come across a green potion which fully heals your Patapons. 

 And Zigoton captaion appears. Most of the enemy attacks will be focused on the
Tatepons, so either have enough number of Tatepons or good tanker like Mofeel,
or just stay in Fever mode as long as possible. 

 Destroy the house to get a spear and it's the end of mission.

-Mission 4: Crack the Zigoton Fort!
 "At the end of the Earth, gaze upon IT and be
 granted true happiness." The Patapons must topple
 the fort to comfirm their cherished legend!

 Pretty straightforward mission here. There are forts and towers, just destroy
them and advance. You'll come across Don the Yumipon (Bow Pon). Yumipons really
shine in Fever mode, firing 3 consecutive arrows. Don is equipped with a fire
element bow, so enemies hit by it catches on fire and gets damaged until it's
put out. 

 You'll come across a tombstone, destroy it to get the Chakachaka Song. 

 At the end of the mission, same deal with Ban the Tatepon. 

 Now you have 3 types of Patapons, and wondering what combination is good for
each unit types. At this point you have access to level 2 Meat, 3 Ore, and 2
Branch. Meats from Patata Plains, Ores from forts and Ubo Bon, and Branches
from Ubo Bon. Level 3 Ore would take quite a few tries so don't try to get 
all 6. 

 Any Yaripon is good at this point. I've picked Pyokola for fast movement and
therefore extensive farming in Patata Plains =P But Pyokolas cost twice with 
almost same stats, so depends on your Ka-Ching. 

 For Tatepon, Mofeel is very good with high HP and Armor. But requires Lv3 Ore
and Lv2 Meat, so have one at the very front and give it your best shield. For
the rest of Tatepons, Pyokola works well because they'll approach enemies fast
and have time to attack. So arm the first Pyokola Tatepons (Still, place them 
behind Mofeel) with best weapons. 

 I picked Gekolos for Yumipon for increased damage. Requires Lv2 Ore + Lv2 
Branch or Lv3 Ore + Lv1 Branch. So probably just get one, also Yumipons are
expensive Ka-Ching-wise, so it's better to have 2 regular Yumipons than 1 
Pyokola Yumipon. I made one Gekolos for the sake of Steel Bow, resulting in
10-16 damage. compared to 3-6 of regular Yumipons that's very good, and in 
Fever mode it's devastating. 

-Mission 5: Gong the Hawkeye
 The Patapon-Zigoton conflict continues, and Gong
 the Hawkeye has come to strike back after losing
 the fort. Beware of Gong's hammer of fury!

 When the mission starts, a Patapon says something about a Devil and collapses.
Gong uses a scythe, despite the mission description, to send out a small 
tornado, damaging all your units. It's your best interest to stay in Fever mode

 As you drive back Zigotons, you'll come across a captured Patapon. Break the
cage to set him free and you'll receive a reward.

 Keep firing away and Gong will retreat. 

 Back in Patapolis Priestess says the seeminly Blank Map you got from Gong
actually holds information written in magic ink. The next mission is unlocked.

-Mission 6: Ancestral Guardian
 With the BLANK MAP as their guide, the
 Patapons venture into unknown territories!
 Uncover the secrets of the hidden ruins!

 This is the first real boss fight. As soon as the mission starts you will come
across a tombstone, destroy it to get the Drum of Wisdom. You can drum "Chaka"
You should have picked up Chaka Chaka Pata Pon scroll from mission 5. 
Basically it puts Tatepons into defense mode, their shield become bigger and
other Patapons will still attack. 

 Advance, and you'll meet Dodonga. His attacks are pretty simple and not too
powerful. But be careful of his flame breath attack because Yumipons can get
damaged by fire easily. As you beat it up, it may teether and drop an item. It
looks like the more units you have, the more likely it will teether. Especially
in Fever mode Yumipons fire insane number of arrows, that seems to increase the
chance of Dodonga teethering. After some fighting he'll retreat and go to sleep
just chase it and repeat. Eventually it'll go down.

 You can fight bosses again, but every time you kill one, the level increases
by one. 

-Mission 7: Miracle of Lostdon
 Divine artefacts are hidden in sites across the
 world. Beware of their loyal guardians! May this
 be a test of thine will, O god of the Patapons!

 The priestess mentioned there's something in Patata plains. Go there first. 
You'll see a totem with Chaka Pon Chaka Pon sign on it. repeat a few times and
a Bent Compass will pop out. Pick it up and finish the mission.

 First you need to be a little distance away from Totem, and drum in beat, 
then it'll come out of the ground a little bit and move away. Keep repeating
and a mouth-like root will give you the Bent Compass.

 Second update here, looks like people are having quite some trouble with this
part. First of all, stay at least one march command distance away from the 
totem. If the totem flips and collapses you've gotten too close. As the totem
runs away, try drumming Chaka Pon Chaka Pon and see if it works. If it doesn't
work, you're safe to march one time.

 Another update woah. Lior suggested that you take 4 beats break after you 
drum Chaka Pon Chaka Pon, just like any other command. If you've been doing
8 continuous beats of Chaka Pon Chaka Pon, this should help. 

 Now Miracle of Lostdon should be unlocked. Destroy the tombstone and you get 
the Drum of Miracle. Now you can drum "Don" which doesn't do anything at the

 This time the boss is a little bit stronger, it's called Majidonga. Still 
the same old patterns, it will eventually drop the Rain Miracle.

-Mission 8: Desert Crossing
 In ancient legend, the Patapon god crossed the
 desert with a rain miracle.
 Perform a miracle and prove thine mighty will!

 Before you go into the mission, make sure you equip the Rain Miracle you just

 As soon as the mission starts, you are forced to perform the miracle. Go into
Fever mode by giving any command. (Pata Pata Pata Pon won't advance your 
Patapons, so don't worry) And then drum Don DoDon DoDon, same beat as Ubo Bon's
Bon BoBon BoBon. If you succeed you go into Miracle mode, which is very similar
to Ubo Bon minigame, except this time it even shows you the beats. As long as
you drum the right one, it's very forgiving on the beats.

 When it starts to rain, advance. There are couple Zigotons, should be no 
problem. You should see couple Kacheeks (Sand) and a Gancheek. When you attack
the Gancheek, it turns into a snail and runs (well not literally) away. It's
slow but has quite some HP. 

 After chasing the Gancheek for a bit, you'll come across a talking sign. You
should be prepared to perform the Rain Miracle again, because there are sand
dunes which deals fire damage when destroyed. Rain will negate its effect
granting you safe passage. Move on, destroy the house and you succesfully 
crossed the desert.

 Now the mission description will change to Creatures of the Sand. Now it's a
hunting map. When it rains in this map Gancheek appears, and killing it will
result in getting the Cap of Zakpon. You can either summon rain by using Rain
Miracle, or sometimes it just rains in that map. 

 You can revive Fah Zakpon and unlock Pop Bean minigame. It costs one Banal 
Branch, and will reward you with level 1~3 vegetables which are used to create
Tatepons at cheaper cost than meats. If you have trouble keeping in beat, just
look at the white flash at the edge of the screen. You get up to 3 vegetables,
press O when the vegetable is in the middle of the screen to catch it. 
Shouldn't be too hard to catch all three after a couple tries.

-Mission 9: Zigotons Attack
 A large Zigoton force has swooped in from Mt.
 Bachikoi! Kami's army must be assembled to cut
 them off in Dodon Basin, lest Patapolis be taken!

 Looks like Zigotons are back. Very straightforward mission, but Zigotons are
well prepared. They are in strong formation, especially Kibatons can ruin your
formation by pushing Tatepons back so Yari/Yumipons' attacks miss. Either use
Chaka Chaka Pata Pon to stop them, or fight out of Fever mode so Yaripons 
have reduced range which will hit the enemies better.

 You'll get a potion halfway through the mission, nothing special worth 

-Mission 10: Desert Behemoth
 The heat wave on the Deplorable Desert has
 simmered down, but now a giant beast, Zaknel,
 swims through the sands. Could it be an 
 ancestral guardian?

 If you've been wondering why you face Kibatons but not have Kibapons, the 
Priestess tells you that this beast has swallowed the memory of a hero.

 The attack pattern on Zaknel is pretty simple. First one is its head slam. It
slams head down, damaging any Patapons that are right in front of it. The other
patter is its earthquake attack. It stretches thin along the ground and shakes
the ground, which damages all units. 

 Whenever Zaknel sticks its head up, start giving defence command. Defence 
will considerably reduce damage done to Yari/Yumipons if done right. 

 Kibapon (Cavalry Pon) can have 3 units maximum, is a fast melee fighter.
Kibapons cost two stones to create. They are really weak when not in Fever 
mode, but once you go into Fever mode they'll charge through anything and can
withstand more enemy attacks too. Also due to their fast speed, they have 
longer attack range compared to Tatepons.

-Mission 11: Battle for the Oasis
 Beyond the scorching Deplorable Desert lay the
 desert paradise, Heave Ho Oasis. Only, reports
 indicate that it is occupied by the Zigotons!

 If you had enough Ka-Chings to create 3 Kibapons, why not put them to use 
right away? I created 2 regular and 1 Pyokola Kibapons and they kick some
serious bottom. 

 In Fever mode, Kibapons will push enemies to exactly where spears and arrows
land. There are a lot of Zigotons in this mission, but with the might of 
Kibapons, they are merely potential item drops. Just pummel through enemies and
the mission would be over in no time. 

 You should have obtained quite a few equipments, make sure to equip them.

-Mission 12: Gong Returns
 Gong the Hawkeye has returned to Heave Ho Oasis,
 and knows the Patapon legend, "At the end of the
 Earth, gaze upon IT and be granted true happiness."

 Gong returns. His scythe attack is powerful as usual. To make things worse 
there are a lot of Zigotons, and even a Dekaton. 

 Gong says stop and says whatever he wants then attacks you. What a fair guy.

 Dekaton's attack is quite strong, either use Tatepon or Kibapon in Fever mode
. I once broke out of Fever mode during the fight with Gong and Dekaton and 
resulted in loss of all 3 Kibapons. Luckily Dekaton went down with the last 
Kibapon and Gong retreated soon after. You can keep your distance away from
Gong and use Chaka Chaka Pata Pon to snipe Dekaton first if you're using
Tatepons, or you can just go by brute force with Fever mode Kibapon. 

 Back in Patapolis Priestess says everything is fate, and gets a report saying
Zigotons are in the Dodon Basin again.

 After you finish this mission, this area becomes a hunting map called Desert
Paradise. There's one Momoti, which is basically a pink Motiti. If you attack
it, it will start to run away and sit down after some distance. Killing this
Momoti will yield a Dusty Crystal. Also one of the Sand Kacheeks turn into a 
beetle looking creature called Poocheek. Kill Poocheek to get the Kimpon Cap.

 You can revive Kon Kimpon and unlock the minigame. It will cost you a Tender
Meat and reward you with Lv1~3 Ores. Basically you need to recreate the music.
The toes light up to tell you how many notes there are, not to follow the toes
as if you're perfoming a miracle. If you perform well, the mountain will cry an

-Mission 13: Guardian of Knell
 A site preserving divine artefacts was found in the
 desert! An ancient, battle-hardened guardian awaits
 the unknowing Patapon god!

 Destroy the tombstone as soon as the mission starts, and you'll learn the 
dodge song. It goes Pon Pata Pon Pata, and quickly makes all units fall
back to avoid damage. 

 This boss is Dokaknel, upgraded version of Zaknel. It feels like Dokaknel is
about as strong as Zaknel level 3, but with the help of dodge you should be
able to kill it if you can kill Zaknel level 2. 

 If you are having hard time killing Zaknel level 2, then you can ignore this
boss at the moment and progress in the story to gain better equipments and
items for Mater. 

 If you want some challenge, or got some scorching weapons from other bosses,
or did insane amount of farming and have units like Tikulee Yumipon, Mofeel 
Tatepon, and Gekolos Yaripons you can try your luck.

-Mission 14: Zigotons Attack Again?!
 A large Zigoton force has swooped in from Mt.
 Bachikoi AGAIN! Kami's army must face them
 in Dodon Basin, lest Patapolis be taken!

 Zigotons are back, AGAIN. This mission is like a combination of 11 and 12. 
Same old fashion way horde of enemies, with occasional Dekaton. 

 There's a potion halfway through, total deja vu.

 Again, if you have hard time staying in Fever mode, Tatepon is the way to go.
Kibatons become easy prey of Chaka Chaka Pata Pon, and other than that Pon Pon
Pata Pon all the way.

-Mission 15: Convoy Escort
 The Patapons are building a fort in Dodon Basin to
 stave off the constant Zigoton raids. Escort
 the food and supply convoy to the frontlines!

 Priestess Meden (I've been calling her "Priestess", now I'll start calling her
Meden. Is this the first time she tells you her name or did I miss her name 
earlier on?) came up with the idea of building a fort in Dodon Basin so the
Patapons can peacefully go to sleep.

 You'll escort the convoy through Patata Plains, the area is filled with 
Zigoton ambushes. Make sure the convoy stays safe, go as fast as possible to
prevent the convoy from getting damaged.

 Later you'll come across Yumitons equipped with Flame Bows. If you let your
Yumipons or the convoy get hit, they'll catch on fire and keep getting damaged.
Defeat them quickly, preferably with Fever mode Kibapons, and if you're lucky
rain will help you from catching fire.

 The mission ends when Patapons and convoy cross the finish line.

 I've come across some decent equipments like Scorching Spear, Flame Bow,
Ice Shield, Fast Horse. So I went back and killed all bosses till they are 
level 3~4. While doing so I got a few level 3 Ore/Branches, one Mytheerial,
level 4 Ore, and Dokaknel's Fang, a moderate damage spear with high critical 

-Mission 16: Despair
 Those who approach Mt. Bachikoi face a plethora of
 deadly traps. How will the Patapons ever manage to
 topple the fortified Zigoton stronghold?

 You've contructed a fort, and found a Zigoton castle. Always being out teched

 As the title suggests, you're gonna feel it. Really. Destroy a tower at the
beginning, then you'll see stronger towers. Still goes down pretty easily. And
surprisingly soon, you arrive at the castle. 

 The castle is a monster. There are bunch of archers at the top of the castle,
bunch of Yaritons with Scorching Spear, a boulder trap and a spike trap. 

 No way... There's gotta be a way to beat this stage...
 Well, despair =)
 After you fail the mission talk to Meden, you'll get a report saying a 
catapult is found. Let's go steal it.

-Mission 17: Ray of Hope
 A new siege weapon is needed to topple the Mt.
 Bachikoi fortress. Fortunately, the Zigotons happen
 to have one! Steal it from under their noses!

 When the mission starts you'll find a catapult and some Zigotons. Eliminate
the Zigotons and you gain control of the catapult. The catapult deals some 
serious damage, so this stage shouldn't be too hard. 

 The weather in this mission is bad, when thunder strikes, it damages anything
that's hit friend or foe. The damage isn't too fearful but it can be annoying.
Occasionally units hit will catch on fire.

 Back in Patapolis Meden questions what use a rock throwing thing would be. 
Well if you saw the damage catapult deals, there'd be no question.

 After clearing this mission it turns into a hunting map called World of Ooze.
You'll find Parcheeks, which look like yellow Kacheeks but when you hit it, it
turns into a crab like creature. Defeat it to obtain the Gashapon Cap. Also 
you'll find a yellow Motiti, this one's a Gold Motiti. You'll need a non-fire
weapon and since it runs away very quickly get into fever mode and attack from
maximum distance. Killing the Gold Motiti will give you the Tailwind Miracle. 

 To use the Tailwind Miracle, equip it first and the same Don DoDon DoDon 
command. Wind Miracle will allow the wind direction to be in favor of you, 
so increased range of your ranged attacks and reduced range of enemy ranged 

 When you revive Rah Gashapon at Patapolis, you unlock the cooking minigame.
Simmer Slurp will throw ingredients, and let Rah Gashapon slice them. You'll 
receive level 1~4 stew depending on how well you did. The effect of the stews
are in the item section.

-Mission 18: Door of Promise
 The Kami army has captured the Zigoton Catapult,
 and is heading for Mt. Zigoton to crack the castle
 gate. Deliver the catapult to the gate in one piece!

 Escort the catapult to the castle. Occasionally it will give you extra fire
power by throwing rocks at Zigotons as well. For some weird reason I chose to
use Kibapons and ended up losing all of them about at the same time as the 
castle went down. Just let catapult do the work while you bring your fever up
by doing Chaka Chaka Pata Pon or Pon Pata Pon Pata. And the rest is just 
cleaning up leftovers.

 Back in Patapolis you find out the catapult has broken down. The next stop is
Dekaton Tower, and there's a great forewind. Sound like you'll need the 
Tailwind Miracle, go get it if you haven't. Make sure you equip it too.

-Mission 19: Battle! Bachikoi Fort
 The windmill at Dekaton Tower blows a powerful
 forewind inside Mt. Bachikoi castle. If only a
 miracle would create an opposing tail wind...

 When the mission starts a sign tells you a tailwind will stop the windmill.
Use the Tailwind Miracle as soon as you have the chance. There are 2 patterns
that are only half half the length of other ones, PoPoPon and PoPaPon should be
drummed almost immediately after the pattern finishes. Failing to complete all
patterns result in loss of Miracle Duration. 

 You shouldn't have problem with the first towers, the spears aren't affected
by your Tailwind Miracle much, so you could get damaged but not much. When you
reach the windmill, perform the miracle and you'll see Yumitons become totally
useless. Just handle the Dekatons and windmill should go down pretty easily. If
you happen to run out of Miracle just simply do it again. 

-Mission 20: Lord of the Mountains
 An alarming report of a large moving stone has
 sent shockwaves through the Patapon ranks.
 Help the Patapons unmask this geological aberration!

 You fight a stone boss Gaeen. His attack patterns are fist smash attack, and
shooting laser from its eyes. Fist attack can be easily avoided with dodge. 
For laser attacks, either dodge or defence (Tatepon).  

 Defeating Gaeen will net you the Dekapon's Memory. Now you can create Dekapon.
Dekapons are slow heavy melee attackers. You can only create 3 just like 

-Mission 21: Legendary Night Sky
 It is believed that brave fallen warriors sleep
 as stars in the sky. Gong is determined to win many
 great battles, so that when he joins his ancestors
 in the night sky, he can hold his head high.

 Sounds like Gong will be back again. When the mission starts you see Gong 
doing his thing, you can build up Fever even if Patapons will stay still. And
he challenges you. Save the prisoner and you'll get the Broken Sign. He'll then
summon several Zigotons, mainly Yaritons and Yumitons. I had tailwind by 
coincidence, and it helped a lot. So it may be a good idea to bring Tailwind
Miracle just in case. 

 This is a very short mission, if you have trouble beating it, upgrade your 
units or try to stay in Fever mode.

 Back in Patapolis Meden is gone...

 After clearing the mission it turns into a hunting stage "Search for a Lucky
Star" When the weather is bad you'll just find a Momoti and Parcheek. Wait 
until it's sunny by doing other missions. 

 If you enter this area when it's sunny, you'll find Picheek and Motsitsi. Kill
the Picheek and a gold star will appear. If you keep listening it will give you
a Black Star. Also don't forget to pick up all the Ka-Chings the star drops.

 Instead of constantly giving march command to pick up Ka-Chings, you'll need
to sit and listen to what the star has to say. When the star is on the right
half of the screen you can use march to catch up, but keep listening until
you get the item.

 Once you have the Black Star, you can do other missions like 22 or newly 
unlocked 23, until it's sunny in that map again. Defeat Picheek again to find
Hosipon devoured by Picheek again, this time you're rewarded with Cap of 

 Revive Ton Kampon to unlock the anvil minigame. It costs you an Ore, and you
are rewarded either a weapon or an Alloy. Fwoosh Famoose will press the pump,
and you hit the anvil that many times in beat. If you successfully finish the
minigame using Mytheerial, you'll be rewarded with Divine weapons for the first
9 times, one for each type of equipment. After that you'll only get Magic 
Alloys. Also if you make 2 mistakes or more you get Magic Alloy. 

 If you're not perfect at it, save before you play because collecting more than
9 Mytheerials take longer than save and load. In fact, when you get the hang
of it you shouldn't even need to save and load. I saved, and loaded 6 times
for my first success. Saved. My second success came immediately after. Saved
again. I blew one, loaded. Made 7 Divine equipments in a row after that, of
course I saved after each.

 Having trouble? Maybe looking at the table below could help. P is one hit, PP
is obviously two hits. 

First : P  P  P  P  PP P  P  P PP P  P  P 
Second: PP PP P  PP PP PP PP P 
Third : P  PP P  PP PP PP P  P PP PP P  P  PP P  PP PP 
Fourth: P  P  PP P

-Mission 22: Awakening at Gayeen
 This mountain range in enshrouded in myth. Perhaps
 the most famous is about a stone race which was
 annihilated in a conflict with Patapon ancestors.

 This is unlocked by obtaining the Broken Sign. As soon as the mission starts
destroy the tombstone and learn Pon Pon Chaka Chaka Song. You charge up using
this command and the next time you attack, your attack motion will be the same
as that of Fever mode, or increased damage. 

 Dogaeen is an upgraded version of Gaeen, nothing really worth mentioning other
than that.

-Mission 23: Claws of Guchoppa Ruins
 What secret is hidden in the ancient ruins indicated
 by the black star? We may never know, since the
 giant claw marks confirm the rumours that a 
 merciless, bloodthirsty guardian protects it.

 This mission is unlocked by getting Black Star from the Lucky Star. You'll
fight Cioking here. It does two types of claw attacks and a bubble attack.
First claw attack is when it raises the claws and smashes down. Damages range
of Patapons including Hatapon. Dodge is the best way to go, since Hatapon can
go down in couple hits of this. The second one is when it leans forward and
slices your Patapon. The bubble attack can put units to sleep so be aware of 
that as well.

 When you defeat Cioking for the first time, you get the Earthquake Miracle.
When you cast the Earthquake Miracle, Zigotons will fall down. This can be
very useful in tough fights, because they won't be able to attack you while
you fire away whatever you have.

 If you find Cioking too difficult, come back later, preferably after beating
mission 26.
-Mission 24: Meden Kidnapped
 A cavalry rides off, and a scream pierces the
 desert sky! Meden has been whisked away from
 Patapolis by the Zigotons, and you must save her!

 Meden is kidnapped by Makoton. A cart carrying Meden will move slowly but 
steady. Makoton will bother you but ignore him and catch up with the cart also
raising your Fever combo. Once you've caught up (Like half to 1/3 screen away)
and in Fever mode, just fire away. The cart will get damaged and eventually 

 The mission ends as soon as the cart is destroyed.

 One thing to watch out for is Meden burning. Do not bring weapons that can
cause fire, also equip King's stew instead of Divine for the same reason. The
cart can catch on fire, but as it gets partially destroyed the fire goes out.
Meden will say she's burning and such, you need to hurry otherwise she may be

-Mission 25: Gong Vows to Fight
 The Zigoton Queen Kharma, determined to stop the
 Patapons, forms an unholy alliance with the devil.
 Despite this, Gong swears to defend the honour of 
 the Zigotons. In the name of the Queen!

 Gong's final battle. I recommend Tate,Yari,Yumipon combination and Tailwind
Miracle equipped. Also stick in the best stew you have if any. 

 Gong charges at you as soon as the mission starts. Push him back with attack
command, and he'll fall back a bit. There are stone barricades that you can 
destroy to gain potions. Several Zigotons appear, you should be in Fever mode
now, just kill them all to find more potions when Gong falls back again.

 When Makoton appears he summons Megatons. Since Patapons' main target is Gong,
it's hard to kill them. You can either use the Tailwind Miracle to get rid of
them first, or dodge-attack combo will result in some arrows flying all the way
to Megatons. Or if you learned the Earthquake Miracle, it could be of good use
here but personally Tailwind Miracle would work better. Gong is still in the
way so knocking down Megatons will just buy you time, opposed to eliminating
them for good.

 Get rid of the Megatons and Gong will fall back for the last time. This time
he creates clones of himself, but this part is easier than the Megatons part...
Eventually Gong will drop his scythe and collapse, and Makoton runs away.

-Mission 26: Volcano Guardian
 The Kami army is advancing in full force, and is
 just in range of Zigoton territory. However, they
 suddenly receive news of a giant beast at Bovo
 Volcano. How will they overcome this new threat?

 If you've been following my guide, especially mission 23, you'll find this
boss, Ciokina, weaker than Cioking. In fact Cioking is the upgraded version of
Ciokina, but since Cioking can be unlocked earlier I just went with this way.

 Same patterns, weaker than Cioking, It drops Megapon's Memory when defeated. 
Or if you make it teether you could get it earlier but no difference there.

 Now you can create Megapons. I think it's a pun of megaphone. You can create
3 of them, they attack using sound. The mechanism behind this will be explained
in Pon Pon Chaka Chaka Effect section.

-Mission 27: Across Enemy Territory
 Kharma, the Zigoton Queen, has made a pact with the
 devil, and has sent General Spiderton and his evil
 tank, the Ziggerzank, to engage the approaching 
 forces of Kami.

 Wow finally some translated name here, Spiderton! This mission is very very
short. There are only two enemies, Spiderton and Ziggerzank. 

 Spiderton is a Kibaton, it seems like he has quite high knockback stat, if you
face him with your Kibapons, he'll probably push you away every time. 

 Ziggerzank on the other hand has low attack and low health. Soon after you go
into Fever mode, your Yumipons will take care of Ziggerzank faster than 

 Just keep attacking, Spiderton will leave his helm and die. Not as fearful as
he sounded right?

-Mission 28: Facing GateGhoul Baban
 The Zigoton Queen Kharma has taken the few Zigoton
 warriors she has left and sold their souls in a
 pact with the devil. Now, they are evil minions of
 the dark lord!

 Scorpiton, who's wearing a helm that's hard to miss, is a hero Yariton. 
Because all enemies are Yaritons, Kibapon works great here. In Fever mode they
will have a very hard time hitting your Patapons. 

 If you wipe out the Yaritons, Scorpiton falls back behind Baban the gate. 
After a short conversation Baban starts firing demonic projectiles, or you can
say they're just mere arrows. You can either use the Tailwind Miracle and fire
arrows from a distance, or brute force always works. 

 After Baban is destroyed Scorpiton should be easy. Again this guy leaves a 
helm behind, Scorpiton Helm. Mission ends when you kill both Baban and 

-Mission 29: Zigoton Queen
 Kharma has made a pact with the devil, Gorl. Now,
 the army of Kami faces General Beetleton, Gorl's
 tough-skinned right-hand man. Can the Patapons
 defeat such an unworldly beast?

 When the mission starts you'll find Beetleton. When you engage him Kharma, the
Zigoton Queen, appears from the sky (apparently she's a Mothton =P). She hovers
around and spreads powder that damages and puts Patapons to sleep. Your melee
Patapons will be constantly put to sleep, it's quite annoying but thankfully
not too damaging. 

 Beetleton occasionally smashes the ground to knock down all Patapons, besides
that he's just a Dekaton with super high HP. 

 A few Yaritons wearing Scorpiton Helm will appear from time to time, defeating
them to get a potion. You'll come across plenty of potions, so this mission
won't be too hard although quite long. 

 Kharma kindly tells you if Beetleton is low on health or close to death. She
will eventually chicken out and Beetleton faces his death like a true warrior,
which means he dies with Beetleton Helm left behind.

 There's no real strategy involved in this mission. Just keep firing ranged
attacks and keep pushing melee fighters because the sleeping powder doesn't 
work every time. 

-Mission 30: Kharma's Pet
 The army of Kami has advanced, but comes up against
 a strange lifeform. An imprudent Patapon is lured by
 a sweet scent, and is suddenly snatched up by a
 tangle of tentacles! Save your captured ally!

 This boss is called Shookle. Its main attack is sleeping gas, which doesn't
do much damage and doesn't always inflict sleep either. 

 Because its minimal movement you can bring Mega,Yari,Yumipon combination and
still not have problem with HP.

 When defeated Shookle will drop a Dark Palace Model.

-Mission 31: Dark Palace Guardian
 This newly-discovered site hides a divine artefact,
 but the beast which lurks there uses a sweet scent
 to lull Patapons to sleep. When they wake up,
 they'll be covered in stomach acids!

 This stage is unlocked by getting a Dark Palace Model by defeating Shookle.
The boss here, Shooshookle, is an upgraded version of Shookle, so same pattern

 When defeated Shooshookle will drop the Storm Miracle. Storm Miracle is 
basically two miracles in one, Rain and Tailwind. You get the goodness of both
at the cost of miracle performing difficulty. The patterns are more difficult
than Rain or Tailwind, but once you know what to expect shouldn't be a problem
at all.

-Mission 32: Final Showdown!
 Kharma's pact with the devil has transformed her 
 into a witch, and the Dark Lord will not be
 calmed until the very earth is barren. Even Earthend
 is at risk unless these monsters are defeated!

 Finally the last battle... Kharma is cornered but still putting up a fight by
herself. When you approach her she'll start summoning meteors which burns your
Patapons and make them panic. It's more annoying than damaging, although range
Patapons can lose some health. After a short beating she runs away.. Huh?

 This mission should take less than 2 minutes, a short mission indeed.

-Mission 33: Servant of Darkness
 Almighty must face the evil Gorl, who has the
 power to obliterate the earth itself.
 Only the army of Kami can stand up to this dire

 Turns out this is the final battle. You face Gorl. 

 In its witch form, there are two patterns. One is firing a magic ball. Before
launching it Gorl puts both hands forward and charges up, it can be easily
dodged or you can use defence command as well but your Patapons may catch on
fire so I recommend dodging. 

 When Gorl is damaged by a certain amount it turns into a more bird looking 
form. It will fall back entire length of screen and charge at you. I strongly
recommend dodging, because you can entirely dodge the attack and have lots of
time left over to counter attack.

 Damage it in its bird form and it will turn back into the witch form. Repeat
until dead. When you win, ending awaits


  Materials                                                              [MTRL]


 There are 5 kinds of materials. Each kind has 4 levels, and where to get them
are listed below each material. Boss drops are mentioned on Boss section

 Lv1: Leather Meat also called Cafeteria Meat
      Kacheek, Kacheek (Sand), Kacheek (Swamp), Gancheek
 Lv2: Tender Meat
 Lv3: Dream Meat also called Succulent Meat
 Lv4: Mystery Meat

 Lv1: Stone
      Kacheek, Motiti, Kacheek (Sand), Kon Kimpon, Pan Pakapon minigame
 Lv2: Hard Iron
      Gancheek, Kon Kimpon, Pan Pakapon minigame
 Lv3: Tytanium Ore also called Titanium Ore
      Kacheek (Sand), Kon Kimpon, Pan Pakapon minigame
 Lv4: Mytheerial also called Mythril
      Boss only

 Lv1: Banal Branch also called Wood Branch
      Kacheek, Pan Pakapon minigame
 Lv2: Cherry Tree
      Poocheek, Pan Pakapon minigame
 Lv3: Hinoki
      Poocheek, Kacheek (Swamp), Pan Pakapon minigame
 Lv4: Super Cedar
      Boss only

 Lv1: Eyeball Cabbage
      Fah Zakpon minigame
 Lv2: Crying Carrot also called Blood Carrot
      Fah Zakpon minigame
 Lv3: Predator Pumpkin
      Fah Zakpon minigame
 Lv4: Hazy Shroom also called Moor Morel
      Boss only

 Lv1: Sloppy Alloy also called Blunt Alloy
      Parcheek, Ton Kampon minigame
 Lv2: Hard Alloy
      Parcheek, Ton Kampon minigame
 Lv3: Awesome Alloy
      Parcheek, Ton Kampon minigame
 Lv4: Magic Alloy
      Ton Kampon minigame


  Patapon Creation                                                       [CRTE]


 There are 6 kinds of Patapon units.

Yaripon : Meat + Branch
TatePon : Vegetable + Ore, or Meat + Ore
YumiPon : Branch + Ore
Kibapon : Ore + Ore
Dekapon : Alloy + Vegetable, or Alloy + Meat
Megapon : Alloy + Branch

 There are 7 kinds of Patapon ranks. Lv x + Lv y means level of ingredients 
required to obtain that rank. Refer to the item section above to figure out
what level a material is.

Patapon : Basic patapon. Basic cost.
          Lv 1 + Lv 1
Pyokola : Movement boost, nullify destabilisation. Basic cost * 2
          Lv 2 + Lv 1, Lv 1 + Lv 2
Gekolos : Attack boost (Small), flame resistance. Basic cost * 3
          Lv 3 + Lv 1, Lv 2 + Lv 2, Lv 1 + Lv 3
Mofeel  : Defence boost (Large), vulnerable to flame. Basic cost * 4
          Lv 4 + Lv 1, Lv 3 + Lv 2, Lv 2 + Lv 3, Lv 1 + Lv 4
Tikulee : Attack speed boost (Medium), increased critical rate. Basic cost * 5
          Lv 4 + Lv 2, Lv 3 + Lv 3, Lv 2 + Lv 4
Mogyoon : Attack boost (Super), reduced movement. Basic cost * 6
          Lv 4 + Lv 3, Lv 3 + Lv 4
Barsala : Universal stat boost (Large), no weak points. Basic cost * 7
          Lv 4 + Lv 4

 For example, if you want Mogyoon Megapon, Magic Ally + Hinnoki (Lv 4 + Lv 3)
or Awesome Alloy + Super Cedar (Lv 3 + Lv 4).

 Here's the basic cost of each unit. 
Yaripon: 80
TatePon: 100 (Vegetable + Ore), 120 (Meat + Ore)
Yumipon: 150
Kibapon: 200
Dekapon: 200 (Alloy + Vegetable), 250 (Alloy + Meat)
Megapon: 300

 Simply multiply the number indicated at the end of above description to basic
cost. For example Tikulee Dekapon using Vegetable would be 200 * 5 = 1000

 Let me explain the stats a little bit as well.
 Reborn, Missions, HP, Damage are quite intuitive.
 Speed is how long it takes for Patapon to attack, if it's very low multiple
attacks in one command is possible.
 Armour vs Inf. is armour against axe/sword/scythe/club attacks.
 Armour vs Arw. is armour against arrow attacks.
 Armour vs Spr. is armour against spear attacks.
 Armour vs Lnc. is armour against lance attacks.
 Crit Chance is chance of dealing critical damage.
 KB Chance is chance of knocking back enemies that are hit.
 Cnc Chance is chance of teethering enemies that are hit.
 Resist vs Crit/KB/Cnc is resistance against those effects.


  Equipments                                                             [EQMT]


 The format I chose for equipments stats are Dmg +x-y (x is increase of minimum
damage, y is increase of maximum damage), Crit +% (Critical chance increase),
KB +% (Knockback chance increase), Cnc +% (Teether chance increase).

 Speed +100% will reduce the time by 50%, for example 2.6 sec and Speed +100%
will result in 1.3 sec, this is an increase because you attack more often.

 Flame means it will catch enemies on fire when hit, Sleep induces sleep on 
enemies, Piercing goes through enemies. 

 If an equipment doesn't have a description of where to get, it's dropped by
respective Zigotons, how far in the story determines how strong weapon you'll

 Wooden Spear: Base stats

 Iron Spear: Dmg +2-3, KB +20%

 Steel Spear: Dmg +3-4, Crit +10%, KB +30%, Cnc +10%

 Scorching Spear: Dmg +4-5, Crit +20%, KB +40%, Flame

 Dokaknel's Fang: Dmg +2-3, Crit +50%, KB +20%, Cnc +20%, Piercing
                  Boss Dokaknel only

 Ancient Spear: Dmg +5-10, Crit +20%, KB +50%, Cnc +20%, Speed +80%
                Boss only, limit 1

 Giant Spear "Bullet": Dmg +20-40, Crit +10%, KB +80%, Cnc +50%, Speed -100%,
                       Boss only, limit 1

 Divine SpearKami: Dmg +10-15, Crit +100%, KB +100%, Cnc +100%, Speed +50%,
                   Flame, Piercing
                   Ton Kampon minigame only, limit 1

 Spear of Protection: HP +20, Dmg +2-5, Armour increase (Varies), Crit +10%,
                      KB +40%, Cnc +10%, All Resist +10%
                      Continue from the demo save file only

 Tin Axe: Base stats

 Iron Sword: Dmg +0-5, Cnc +20%

 Steel Axe: Dmg +0-10, Crit +30%, KB +10%, Cnc +10%, Speed +10%

 Sleep Sword: Dmg +0-15, KB +30%, Sleep
              Boss only
              Also called Zleep Zword Z

 Flame Sword: Dmg +0-20, Crit +20%, KB +20%, Flame
              Boss only

 Ancient Axe: Dmg +5-5, Crit +50%, KB +20%, Cnc +20%, Speed +80%
              Boss only, limit 1

 Giant Sword "The Butcher": Dmg +0-100, Crit +10%, KB +80%, Cnc +50%, 
                            Speed -200%
                            Boss only, limit 1

 Divine SwordKami: Dmg +20-20, Crit +100%, KB +100%, Cnc +100%, Speed +50%
                   Ton Kampon minigame only, limit 1

 Gong's Scythe: Dmg +0-30, Crit +250%
                Gong Vows to Fight, defeat Gong

 Wood Shield: Base stats

 Iron Shield: HP +10, All Resist +10%

 Steel Shield: HP +20, All Resist +20%

 Ice Shield: HP +30, All Resist +30%, Nullifies Flame

 Ultra Heavy Shield: HP +40, Resist vs Crit, Cnc +40%, KB +200%, Speed -10%
                     Boss only
 Ancient Shield: HP +100, All Resist +50%, Speed +10%
                 Boss only, limit 1

 Giant Shield "Octagon": HP +60, Armor vs Inf, Lnc +30%, Arw, Jvr +50%, 
                         All Resist +10%
                         Boss only, limit 1

 Divine ShieldKami: HP +80, Armor vs Inf, Lnc +6%, Arw, Jvr +10%, Speed +10%
                    Resist vs Crit, Cnc +60%, KB +200%, Nullifies Flame
                    Ton Kampon minigame only, limit 1

 Wooden Bow: Base stats

 Iron Bow: Dmg +2-2, Crit +10%, Cnc +30%

 Steel Bow: Dmg +2-5, Crit +20%

 Flame Bow: Dmg +3-6, Crit +30%, Flame

 Piercing Bow: Dmg +4-7, Crit +40%, Piercing, Sleep
               Boss only

 Ancient Bow: Dmg +5-8, Crit +100%, Speed +30%
              Boss only, limit 1

 Giant Bow "Failnaught": Dmg +0-100, Speed -200%
                         Boss only, limit 1

 Divine BowKami: Dmg +10-15, Crit +100%, KB +100%, Cnc +100%, Flame, Piercing
                 Ton Kampon minigame only, limit 1

 Wooden Halberd: Base stats

 Iron Halberd: Dmg +1-2, Crit +10%, KB +10%, Cnc +10%

 Steel Halberd: Dmg +2-3, Crit +30%

 Deflecting Halberd: Dmg +3-5, Crit +20%, KB +50%

 Flame Halberd: Dmg +4-6, Crit +40%, Flame
                Boss only

 Ancient Halberd: Dmg +6-10, Crit +50%, KB +20%, Cnc +20%
                  Boss only, limit 1

 Giant Halberd "Grizzly": Dmg +0-40, Crit +20%, KB +50%, Cnc +100%, Speed -200%
                          Boss only, limit 1 

 Divine HalberdKami: Dmg +8-10, Crit +100%, KB +100%, Cnc +100%, Speed +30%
                     Ton Kampon minigame only, limit 1

 Horse: Base stats

 Fast Horse: HP +10, Dmg +0-1, KB +10%, Cnc +10%

 Tough Horse: HP +30, Dmg +1-1, Armor +medium

 Strong Horse: HP +20, Dmg +1-4, Cnc +20%

 Crimson Horse: HP +40, Dmg +2-2, KB +50%

 Ancient Horse: HP +60, Dmg +3-3, Armor +large, Crit +10%, Resist vs Crit +10%,
                Resist vs KB, Cnc +20%, Speed +50%

 Deep Impact: HP +80, Dmg +6-6, All Armor -8%, Crit +30%, Cnc +50%, 
              Resist vs KB, Cnc +50%, Speed -50%

 Divine HorseKami: HP +100, Dmg +2-5, Armor +small, Crit +20%, KB +20%, 
                   Cnc +20%, All Resist +20%, Speed +20%

 Note: Armor +small is Inf +8%, Arw +10%, Jvr +10%, Lnc +8%. +medium is twice
       that, and +large is 3 times small.

 Club: Base stats

 Iron Hammer: Dmg +0-5, KB +10%, HP +10

 Steel Mace: Dmg +0-10, Crit +40%, KB +10%, HP +20

 Nail Studded Bat: Dmg +5-15, Crit +20%, KB +20%, HP +40
                   Boss only

 Dream Weaver: Dmg +0-20, KB +20%, Cnc +30%, HP +50, Sleep
               Boss only

 Ancient Hammer: Dmg +10-10, Crit +20%, KB +20%, Cnc +20%, HP +100, 
                 All Armor +10%, All Resist +10%, Speed +80%
                 Boss only, limit 1

 Morning Star "Giganto": Dmg +0-150, KB +50%, Cnc +50%, HP +60, Speed -200%
                         Boss only, limit 1

 Divine AxeKami: Dmg +0-30, Crit +80%, HP +80, Speed +50%, Flame
                 Ton Kampon minigame only, limit 1

 Wood Horn: Base stats

 Iron Horn: Dmg +1-2, HP +10

 Steel Horn: Dmg +2-4, HP +20

 Gaeen's Horn: Dmg +3-3, Crit +0%, KB +0%, Cnc +50%, HP +30
               Boss Gaeen only

 Ciokin's Horn: Dmg +3-5, HP +50, Sleep
                Boss Cioking only

 Shookle's Horn: Dmg +3-6, KB +50%, HP +60
                 Boss Shookel only

 Ancient Horn: Dmg +5-5, Crit +20%, KB +20%, Cnc +20%, Armor vs Arrow + 5%,
               Other Armor +10%, All Resist +10%, HP+ 100, Speed +80%
               Boss only, limit 1

 Divine HornKami: Dmg +0-10, Crit +60%, HP +80, Speed +50%
                  Ton Kampon minigame only, limit 1

 Wooden Helm: Base stats

 Iron Helm: HP +20

 Steel Helm: HP +40, Armor +small

 Wind Helm: HP +60, Armor +small, Speed +10%, Resist Flame

 Strength Helm: HP +80, Armor +small, Dmg +0-5
                Boss only

 Ancient Helm: HP +100, Armor +small, Crit +10%, KB +10%, Cnc +10%, Speed +10%,
               Dmg +1-1, All Resist +10%
               Boss only, limit 1

 Giant Helm "Turtle": HP +200, Armor +medium, KB +20%, Cnc +20%, Speed -10%
                      Resist vs KB, Cnc +20%
                      Boss only, limit 1

 Divine HelmKami: HP +150, Armor +medium, Crit +60%, KB +60%, Cnc +60%, 
                  All Resist +10%, Speed +50%, Dmg +5-10, Nullifies Flame
                  Ton Kampon minigame only, limit 1

 Bunny Head: HP +80, Crit +30%, Dmg +0-20
             Boss only

 Gong's Helm: HP +30, Armor +medium, Crit +20%, KB +20%, Cnc +20%, Speed +10%,
              Dmg +1-2
              Rare drop from Gong

 Spiderton Helm: HP +80, Crit +50%
                 Across Enemy Territory, defeat Spiderton

 Scorpiton Helm: HP +50, Dmg +3-5, Sleep
                 Facing GateGhoul Baban, defeat Scorpiton

 Beetleton Helm: HP +200, Speed -20%
                 Zigoton Queen, defeat Beetleton

 Note: Armor +small is Inf +6%, Arw +10%, Jvr +10%, Lnc +6%. 
       Armor +medium is Inf +12%, Arw +20%, Jvr +20%, Lnc +12%.

 Helm can only be equipped by regular Patapons (Meaning no Pyokola~Barsala),
and Dekapons/Megapons can't equip helms no matter which rank.


  Miracles                                                               [MRCL]


 You can equip one miracle before going into a mission. To perform the miracle
drum Don DoDon DoDon (X    X X  X X) and follow the miracle minigame.

 Rain Miracle: Miracle of Lostdon, defeat Majidonga
               Changes the weather to rainy

 Tailwind Miracle: World of Ooze, defeat Motsitsi (Gold Motiti)
                   Change the wind direction to the right of screen

 Earthquake Miracle: Claws of Guchoppa Ruins, defeat Cioking
                     Shakes ground, knocking down Zigotons

 Storm Miracle: Dark Palace Guardian, defeat Shooshookle
                Both Rain and Tailwind effects


  Item                                                                   [ITLC]

 Pon Drum: At the beginning
 Pata Drum: At the beginning
 Chaka Drum: Ancestral Guardian, defeat Dodonga
 Don Drum: Miracle of Lostdon, destroy tombstone in front of Majidonga

 Look at Miracles section

-Hidden Ruin Access Key
 Blank Map: Gong the Hawkeye, halfway through
 Bent Compass: Patata Plains, repeat Chaka Pon Chaka Pon at totem
 Dusty Crystal: Desert Paradise, kill Momoti (Pink Motiti)
 Broken Sign: Legendary Night Sky, save the prisoner
 Black Star: Search for a Lucky Star(Sunny weather), kill Picheek
 Dark Palace Model: Kharma's Pet, defeat Shookle

 Patapata Song: At the beginning
                Pata Pata Pata Pon, march
 Ponpon Song: At the beginning
              Pon Pon Pata Pon, attack
 Chakachaka Song: Crack the Zigoton Fort!, destroy tombstone
                  Chaka Chaka Pata Pon, defence
 Ponpata Song: Guardian of Knell, destroy tombstone
               Pon Pata Pon Pata, dodge
 Ponchaka Song: Awakening at Gayeen, destroy tombstone
                Pon Pon Chaka Chaka, charge

-Meat, Ore, Branch, Vegetable, Alloy
 Look at Materials section

 Gnarly Stew: HP +20
 Tasty Stew : HP +40, Damage +1, Resist vs KB/CnC
 King's Stew: HP +60, Damage +2, Crit + 10%, Resist Crit/KB/Cnc +10%
 Divine Stew: HP+ 100, Damage +5, Armour increase (Varies by unit) 
              Crit +20%, KB/Cnc +10%, Resist Crit/KB/Cnc +10%
              Adds flame element to attacks.

 Stews can only be obtained from Rah Gashapon minigame, and are consumed when
you equip it and finish the mission.

 Yaripon's Memory: At the beginning
 Tatepon's Memory: Escape from Isolation, from Ban Tatepon
 Yumipon's Memory: Crack the Zigoton Fort!, from Don Yumipon
 Kibapon's Memory: Desert Behemoth, defeat Zaknel
 Dekapon's Memory: Lord of the Mountains, defeat Gaeen
 Megapon's Memory: Volcano Guardian, defeat Ciokina

-Spear, Axe/Sword, Shield, Bow, Lance, Horse, Club, Horn, Helm
 Look at Equipments section


  Boss Drops                                                             [BSDR]


 Equipment Drops: Scorching Spear, Wind Helm

 Material Drops: Dream Meat, Stone, Hard Iron, Tytanium Ore, Banal Branch, 
                 Cherry Tree, Hinoki, Super Cedar 

 Equipment Drops: Steel Spear, Ancient Spear, Giant Spear "Bullet", Steel Bow,
                  Giant Sword "Butcher", Ancient Bow, Giant Bow "Failnaught",
                  Dream Weaver, Ancient Hammer, Steel Horn, Ancient Horn, 
                  Ancient Helm, Bunny Head, Ice Shield, Ancient Shield, 
                  Giant Shield "Octagon", Giant Halberd "Grizzly", 
                  Ancient Horse, Deep Impact 

 Material Drops: Stone, Hard Iron, Tytanium Ore, Mytheerial, Banal Branch, 
                 Cherry Tree, Hinoki, Super Cedar 


 Equipment Drops: Scorching Spear, Flame Bow 

 Material Drops: Dream Meat, Stone, Hard Iron, Tytanium Ore, Mytheerial, 
                 Banal Branch, Cherry Tree, Hinoki 


 Equipment Drops: Dokaknel's Fang, Ancient Spear, Giant Sword "Butcher", 
                  Ancient Bow, Deflecting Halberd, Ancient Halberd, 
                  Giant Halberd "Grizzly", Giant Bow "Failnaught", Iron Horn, 
                  Morning Star "Giganto", Dream Weaver,  Wind Helm,
                  Giant Helm "Turtle", Bunny Head, Ancient Horn, Deep Impact 

 Material Drops: Dream Meat, Stone, Hard Iron, Tytanium Ore, Mytheerial, 
                 Banal Branch, Hinoki, Super Cedar 


 Equipment Drops: Steel Spear, Steel Mace, Gaeen's Horn, Steel Helm, 
                  Strength Helm 

 Material Drops: Stone, Hard Iron, Mytheerial, Sloppy Alloy, Hard Alloy, 
                 Awesome Alloy, Magic Alloy 


 Equipment Drops: Ancient Spear, Giant Spear "Bullet", Ancient Axe, 
                  Giant Sword "Butcher", Ancient Bow, Deflecting Halberd, 
                  Ancient Halberd, Steel Mace, Nail Studded Bat, Dream Weaver,
                  Ancient Hammer, Morning Star "Giganto", Iron Horn, 
                  Steel Horn, Ancient Horn, Wind Helm, Giant Helm "Turtle", 
                  Bunny Head, Ancient Shield, Giant Shield "Octagon", 
                  Tough Horse, Deep Impact 

 Material Drops: Stone, Hard Iron, Mytheerial, Hard Alloy, Awesome Alloy, 
                 Magic Alloy 


 Equipment Drops: Scorching Spear, Flame Sword, Flame Bow, Flame Halberd, 
                  Cioking's Horn, Crimson Horse 

 Material Drops: Leather Meat, Tender Meat, Dream Meat, Mystery Meat, 
                 Super Cedar 


 Equipment Drops: Giant Spear "Bullet", Giant Bow "Failnaught", 
                  Ultra Heavy Shield, Giant Shield "Octagon", Ancient Shield,
                  Strong Horse, Ancient Horse, Nail Studded Bat, 
                  Morning Star "Giganto", Ancient Horn, Giant Helm "Turtle", 
                  Strength Helm, Ancient Helm, Steel Horn, Piercing Bow 

 Material Drops: Mytheerial, Leather Meat, Tender Meat, Mystery Meat, 
                 Super Cedar 


 Equipment Drops: Strong Horse, Deflecting Halberd, Sleep Sword, 
                  Shookle's Horn, Ice Shield, Ultra Heavy Shield 

 Material Drops: Mytheerial, Eyeball Cabbage, Crying Carrot, Predator Pumpkin,
                 Hazy Shroom, Super Cedar 


 Equipment Drops: Giant Spear "Bullet", Sleep Sword, Giant Sword "Butcher", 
                  Ancient Axe, Ultra Heavy Shield, Giant Shield "Octagon",
                  Piercing Bow, Ancient Halberd, Strong Horse, Ancient Horse,
                  Dream Weaver, Morning Star "Giganto", Ancient Hammer,
                  Bunny Head, Giant Helm "Turtle" 

 Material Drops: Mytheerial, Super Cedar, Hazy Shroom


 Equipment Drops: Iron Horn, Dream Weaver, Deep Impact, Giant Spear "Bullet",
                  Giant Halberd "Grizzly", Giant Sword "Butcher",  
                  Morning Star "Giganto", Giant Helm "Turtle", 
                  Giant Shield "Octagon", Ancient Bow, Ancient Halberd, 
                  Ancient Hammer, Ancient Horn, Ancient Helm 

 Material Drops: Mystery Meat, Mytheerial, Super Cedar, Magic Alloy 


  Pon Pon Chaka Chaka Effect                                             [PPCC]


 Pon Pon Chaka Chaka is the charge command. The effect of this varies by unit.
The bottom line is increased damage.

 Yaripon: Does a jump attack just like in Fever mode.
 Tatepon: Does a dash attack.
 Dekapon: Smashes ground and stuns enemies just like Beetleton.
 Megapon: Does a Fever mode sound attack.

 Megapon attack mechanism:
 Non-Fever mode attack song: Blue weak sound attack
 Non-Fever mode defence song: Blue weak sound attack
 Fever mode attack song: Red flaming sound attack
 Fever mode defence song: Blue weak sound attack
 Charge + attack song: Red flaming sound attack
 Charge + defence song: Green strong sound attack


  Bestiary                                                               [BSTY]


 -Hunting on Patata Plain
 Kacheek: Boar-like creature.
 Motiti: Bird-like creature, runs away when Patapons get close.

 -Creatures of the Sand
 Kacheek (Sand): Sand version of Kacheek.
 Gancheek: Turns into a snail when attacked, slow but high HP.
 Motiti: Same as Patata Plain Motiti.
 Momoti: Pink Motiti.

 -Desert Paradise
 Momoti: Same as Creatures of the Sand Momoti.
 Poocheek: Turns into a beetle, fights back.

 -World of Ooze
 Kacheek (Swamp): Swamp version of Kacheek.
 Parcheek: Turns into a crab, fights back.
 Motsitsi: Immune to Flame, runs away when units are moderately close, dies in
           one hit.

 -Search for a Lucky Star
 Parcheek: Appears when raining. Same as World of Ooze Parcheek.
 Momoti: Appears when raining. Same as Creatures of the Sand Momoti.
 Picheek: Appears when not raining. Spits out the Lucky Star when killed.
 Motsitsi: Appears when not raining. Same as World of Ooze Motsitsi.


  Frequently Asked Questions                                             [FAQS]


Q: I can't keep the Fever mode going
A: Stay in beat, especially right after you get into Fever you should tap the
   beat with finger, foot, head, or whatever so you can keep going.

Q: I've been following your walkthrough and it's too hard
A: Go fight bosses you can beat and play minigames, so you get better weapons
   and good materials to make better Patapons. If there are alternative routes
   (For example, when you have access to a hidden ruin and a story line mission
   ) you can take on the other mission when you find one too difficult.

Q: I didn't play the demo, should I play it first?
A: The only thing you'll lose out is the Spear of Protection, so unless you're
   a perfectionist it's not required.

Q: My Patapon died during a boss battle but didn't leave any cap.
A: Upgraded version of bosses and Gorl attack patterns include one instant kill
   attack. Weaker version of the bosses instantly kill, leaving a cap, and
   upgraded version of the bosses eat/kill the Patapon along with the cap.

Q: If my Patapon dies, will equipped items disappear?
A: No, retiring or getting killed removes the Patapon only. Equipments should

Q: I have trouble performing Miracles.
A: You need to be in Fever mode in order to use the Miracle, and you can 
   practice the Don DoDon DoDon beat using Ubo Bon (Tree) minigame. If you
   can perfect that minigame's Bon BoBon BoBon part, the same beat is used 
   for casting Miracles.

Q: Is there a good way to change weathers besides Miracles?
A: Go into any mission, as soon as the mission starts go back to Patapolis.
   The weather of missions change in the same way as if you've beaten a

Q: Can I save on the demo?
A: You can only save after you beat the demo. On the full version you can
   save whenever you're at Patapolis.

Q: How do I remove a Patapon from my army?
A: Press select at equipment screen before going in to the mission.

 Contact me via E-mail: deathfisaro at gmail dot com

 Send me questions, typos, suggestions, almost anything. 

 Please have Patapon somewhere in your email.
 If possible use the terms I used in this FAQ, for example I'll have easier
time understanding Zaknel than "the worm boss". 


  Credits / Special Thanks To                                            [STHX]


 Thanks Sony for this awesome game at such an awesome price.
 Japanese Patapon Wiki for database
 Tif the silver dragon for Gorl dropping "Bullet" weapons and alternative names
  for Materials and Sleep Sword.
 Lior Azulai for the totem tip
 1//_31/j1n +dD for "Failnaught" drop on Dokaknel


  History                                                                [HSTR]

v0.1 Feb.22.2008
 Started writing FAQ based on demo.
v1.0 Feb.26.2008
 Finished writing.
v1.2 Mar.4.2008
 Answered couple dozen e-mails, and added some detail to frequently asked 
 missions (See respective mission section, not the FAQ section)
v1.3 Mar.7.2008
 Another dozen e-mails, updated the FAQ in areas that are giving people a hard
v1.6 Mar.11.2008
 Yes, dozen more. Story, FAQ, Boss drops, equipments updated.
v1.7 Jun.1.2008
 Very frequently asked but actually answer's in the game: "How do I remove a 
 Patapon from my army?" has been added to the FAQ section.


 I am the sole author of this FAQ

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