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Translation Guide by jvgfanatic

Version: .7 | Updated: 12/03/07

R-Type Tactics
Translation guide
Game copyright 2007 iRem
This document copyright 2007 JVGFanatic(tm)

This document is in SHIFT-JIS format. You'll need a Japanese capable browser
in order to display the Japanese characters correctly. Instructions for
doing this for your computer can be found on the web.


This translation guide is for the game R-Type Tactics released by iRem on 20
September, 2007. Currently the guide is in alpha status meaning that it is still
a work in progress. If you have any submissions for inclusion in the guide then
please send them along to my email address as outlined below. I will gladly
credit you for anything you send in.

IMPORTANT: I'm not familiar with R-Type terminology however I've done my best
with the translations found herein. If anyone wants to correct the terms that
I've used PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO SO! E-mail me with the correction and I will
surely thank and credit you in the FAQ. It can only improve!


jvgfanatic atthatlovelybutohsougly hotmail dot com.


those at the gamefaqs R-Type Tactics message board for keeping me on it.
dennis wong for pointing out a missing translation
StrikeCustom for pointing out a missing menu
Mike McDonald for correcting a couple of finer points
iRem for having the guts to make a strategy game out of a shooter
my wife and son for putting up with my insanity

Table of Contents

Q & A                      {A001}
Translations               {A002}
Menu Translations          {A021}
Stat/Window Translations   {A022}
Ship Types HUMAN           {A023}
Ship Types Bydo            {A024}
Tables and Lists           {A003}
Human Ships                {A031}
Bydo Ships                 {A032}
Human Mission List         {A033}
Bydo Mission List          {A034}
Treasure List              {A035}

Q & A                                                                  {A001}
What is R-Type Tactics

R-Type Tactics is a strategy game (hex grids, turn based) based on the popular
shooter franchise "R-Type." This is NOT the first shooter to have been con-
verted to a strategy game, believe it or not. At least two other shooter fran-
chises have been converted: Parodius to Paro Wars and Gradius to Cosmic Wars.

Is there no shooting?

That is correct, this is a strategy/tactics game. No shooting (apart from
classic turn-based style)

Does the game support wireless play?

Ad-hoc only and 2 copies of the game/2 PSPs are required.

Friendly fire damage?!

Yes, wave guns and similar area attack (charge weapons) give damage to all units
within attack range, friend or foe.

Is there Fog of War?

Yes, Fog of War is implemented in this game and the enemy is subject to it's
effects in the same manner that the player is.

Can we play as Bydo forces?

Yes, once you complete the Earth campaign you can play a new Bydo campaign.

Does the game support multiplayer?

Only through WLAN (Ad-Hoc) mode. Infrastructure is not supported.

Translations                                                           {A002}

Menu Translations                                       {A021}

Main Menu
Mission           ミッション
Ad Hoc Mode       通信対戦
Option Settings   オプション設定
Review Database   データ閲覧
Gallery           ギャラリー
Movie             ムービー
Rule Explanation  ルール説明

Options Menu
Background music [ON/OFF]
Battle Animation [Full Screen/Window/Off]
Hex Lines (Grid) [ON/OFF]
Help Window [ON/OFF]
Display Size [Normal/Zoom 1/Zoom 2]
Movement Speed
Title Screen Bkgnd Image

Intermission Screen
Fleet Organization       艦隊編成
Unit Development         ユニット開発
Review Database          データ閲覽
Return to Main Menu      メインメニュー戻る
Select Mission           ミッション選択

Review Database SubMenu
Flagship Stats
Mission List
Unit List (Earth Side, Bydo Side)
歴戦の司令官 - Experienced Commanders

Select Mission Choices
Mission Begin
Review Mission Map
Cancel Mission Choice

Unit Selection Screen
Start - Returns to Main Menu
Square - Unit Information
Triangle - Select Flagship
Circle - Place Ship
X - Remove placed ship

In-Combat Menu Commands
Move                 移動
Wait                 待機
Resupply             補給
Repair               修理
Load                 搭載
Gather (Transport)   運搬
Install              設置
Capture              占領
Subspace Travel      亜空間へ突入
Launch Unit          搭載ユニット
Join (with a Force)  合体
Detach(a Force)      分体
Launch Decoy         デコイ発生
Detonate Decoy       デコイ爆破
Cancel               キャンセル

Triangle button corrects a route

In-Combat Game Menu
This menu appears when circle is pressed on an empty hex in battle.

Unit List
Mission Overview
Return to Main Menu
Rule Overview
End Phase

Stat/Window Translations                                {A022}

Unit Stats
Craft Count (usually x/5 or HP for flagships)
Fuel                 燃料
Turns to Charge      チャージ
Search Distance      索敵距離
Speed                スピード
Evasion Percentage   回避性能
Kills/Experience     熱辣度

End of Mission Marks

Completion Turns        ミッション完了ターン
Enemy units Destroyed   撃墜したユニット
Player units Destroyed  撃墜れたユニット
Percentage Survived     プレイヤーの

Weapon Stats (columns left to right)
Ammo      弾数
Power     威力
Range     射程
Accuracy  命中率
Use (Red: Attack, Green: 迎撃 - Opportunity, Blue: Counter-attack)
Type      分類

Ship Abilities
Capture     占領可能
Repair      修理
Supply      補給
Make        設置
Transport   運搬

Ship Types Earth                                       {A023}


Water Battleship    水上攻撃艦
Space Battleship    宇宙戦艦
Space Cruiser       宇宙巡航艦
Space Destroyer     宇宙駆逐艦
Transport Vessel    輸送艦

Fighter Craft

Fighter Craft                戦闘機
Strong Fighter Craft         強化戦闘機
Heavy Armament Craft         重武装戦闘機
Medium Range Support Craft   中距離支援機
Experimental Craft           武装試験機
Fire Armament Craft          火炎武装機
Bomber (in space?!)          爆撃機
Speed Craft                  高機動機
High Speed Fighter           超高機動機
Ultimate Craft               究極互換機
Tracked Fighter              軌道戦闘機

Supply/Repair Craft

General Resupply Craft   汎用補給機
General Repair Craft     汎用工作機


Large Moveable Weapon      大型機動兵器
Mecha Fighting Craft       人型接近戦機
Mecha Variable Weapon      可変人型兵器
Early Warning Craft        早期警戒機
Bydo Shield Craft          バイド組成機
Underwater Attack Vessel   潜水攻撃艦
Condenser                  集光施設
Space Mine                 宇宙機雷
Solar Weapon Facility      ソーラー兵器施設
Life Fortress              生命要塞試作
Defensife Fortress         防衛要塞コア
Defensive Satellite        防衛人工衛星


Force              フォース
New Model Force    新型フォース

Ship Types Bydo                                        {A024}

Randomized Battleship     暴走戦艦
Randomized Cruiser        暴走巡航艦
Life Fortress             生命要塞
Digital Life              デジタル生命
High Speed Fortress       高速移動要塞

ソルモナジウム - Solmonagium
エーデリウム - Aederium
バイドルジン - Bydo Rugen

Tables and Lists                                                       {A003}

>The ship lists are very incomplete however I'm adding to them daily<

Human Ships                                            {A031}

Large Ships

Call Number  HP  Gas De Mv  Eva  Cost       Name
UFBS-010    260  100  7  2   5%  650/0/0    Flagship
UFHC-007    180  100  4  3  15%  450/0/0    Flagship
UFHC-008    200  100  4  3  15%  50/50/50   Flagship
UFWS-004    180   45  4  2   8%  300/0/0    Water Battleship 
UFDD-02     180   45  4  3  20%
UFDD-02     160   45  4  3  20%

Fighter Craft

Call Number   #  Gas De Mv  Eva  Cost       Name
Rwf-9Sk1      5   40  2  4  35%  110/0/0    Principalities
R-9B1         5   50  2  4  25%  120/0/0    Strider

追尾ビーム       20   25   2-4   70%   R/G

Bydo Ships                                            {A032}

>Section is coming soon!<

Human Mission List                                     {A033}

No. English Mission Title           Size   Turn Japanese Name
--- ----------------------------    -----  ---- -----------------
01. Practice in the Stratosphere    21x11   25  成層圏での演習
02. Practice on the Moon            25x11   25  月面での演習
03. Investigate the Mars Facility   33x15   30  火星施設跡調査
04. Encounter at Jupiter's Belt     24x11   30  木星軌道上遭遇戦
05. Investigate Jupiter Satellite   40x11   35  木星衛星基地調査
06. Saturn's Rings                  27x11   35  土星の環
07. Biological Weapon Entrance      14x38   35  生物兵器施設入口
08. Biological Facility Centre      40x11   35  生物兵器施設跡
09. Kuiper Belt                     30x23   35  カイパーベルト
10. Triton's Underground            23x11   25  衛星トリトン地下
11. Recapture Pluto Base            29x23   35  冥王星基地奪回
12. Entrance of 26th Dimension      29x11   25  26次元の入口
13. The threat of the Warp          40x11   35  ワープ戦の脅威
14. Interim of Dimension            35x11   30  次元の狭間
15. Countermaneuvers Space A        29x11   25  逆流空間A
16. Countermaneuvers Space B        34x11   25  逆流空間B
17. Countermaneuvers Space C        29x11   35  逆流空間C
18. Spiral Space                    35x11   35  螺旋空間
19. Warp Out                        40x15   35  ワープアウト
20. Bydo Star Periphery             29x18   35  バイド星系外縁部
21. Fantastic Space                 40x11   35  幻想空間
22. The Darkened Stars              30x23   35  暗黒の星の脅威
23. Water Is Life                   32x16   25  水棲生命体調査
24. Water Is Life 2                 14x38   35  水棲生命体調査2
25. Star Bursting With Magma        31x14   35  マグマの星突破
26. Runaway Transport               40x15   35  暴走輸送システム
27. Encounter in the Rock Tunnel    22x21   35  岩の回廊の遭遇戦
28. Corrupted City                  41x11   35  腐敗都市
29. Bydo's Starry Sky               29x11   35  バイドの星上空
30. The Bydo Home                   40x23   40  バイドの星中枢

Bydo Mission List                                      {A034}

>Section is forthcoming<

Treasure List                                          {A035}

01. Practice Container 1                 01 Con  演習用コンテナ1
02. Commission 1                         01 Clr  辞令1
03. Practice Container 2                 02 Con  演習用コンテナ2
04. Ranged Wave Motion Gun               02 Clr  長距離波動砲
05. Commission 2                         03 Clr  辞令2
06. Mars Facility Data                   03 Con  火星施設のデータ
07. Wreckage of Repair Craft             03 Con  工作機の残骸
08. Spread Wave Motion Gun               04 Con  拡散波動砲
09. Floating Container                   04 ***  浮遊コンテナ
10. First Subspace Navigation System     04 Clr  低位亜空間航法システム
11. Jupiter Base Data                    05 Con  木星基地の記録
12. Commission 3 (Cruiser Permit)                辞令3(巡航艦受領許可証)
13. Tentacle Equipped Control Rod                触手付きコントロールロッド
14. Bydo Data 1                                  バイドに関する資料1
15. Research Data for Humanoid Weapon            人型兵器の研究データ
16. Heatsink Pipe                                耐熱性パイプ
17. HtH Fighting Armament                        白兵戦強化武装
18. Letter from Earth, 21st Century              地球からの手紙
19. Underwater Control System                    水中制御システム
20. Light Weight Fuselage Material               機体軽量化素材
21. Positron Gun                                 陽電子砲
22. Position Data of Bydo Star                   バイド星系の位置データ
23. Design of Tracked Fighter                    軌道戦闘機の設計思想
24. Bydo Data 2                                  バイドに関する資料2
25. Lump of Aederium                             エーテリウムの塊
26. Lighting Induction Lead                      電撃誘導リーダー
27. Claw Type Control Rod                        鉤爪式コントロールロッド
28. Lump of Bydo Rugen                           バイドルゲンの塊
29. Wave Motion Gun for Mecha                    人型兵器用波動砲
30. Spinning Performance Enhancement             旋回性能向上システム
31. Bydo Data 3                                  バイドに関する資料3
32. Variable Weapon System (Humanoid)            人型兵器可変システム
33. Warship Power Up                             巡航艦のパワーアップ
34. F Limit Canceler                             Fリミッターキャンセラー
35. Coordinates of Bydo Homeworld                バイドの本星の座標データ
36. Bydo Data 4                                  バイドに関する資料4
37. Bydo Attack Proof                            バイドを討った証


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