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Online Multiplayer Guide by FastBulletz

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/29/08

                     Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
                   Online Multiplayer FAQ version 1.0
                        Written By: FastBulletz


   -Table of Contents-
  1) Version History
  2) Introduction
  3) Teams
  4) Ranks
  5) Weapons
  6) Stats
  7) Levels and Game Types
  8) Community Tab
  9) Players List
  10) Cells
  11) AdHoc
  12) Controls
  13) Miscellaneous Tips
  14) Combat Ops
  15) Legal Information

1) Version History

Here and there I'll be editing this so just keep checking back.
Right now I might not have some things that you need, it'll be up real soon.

10/13/07 - [Version 0.5] I just started and most things might not be up to
date but soon will be. If you notice any mistakes or typos email me. My
E-mail is in the Legal Information.

11/24/07 - [Version 1.0] Okay, so I edited the Combat Ops section and included
links on where you can purchase it. I edited some typos and fixed sentences.

3/29/08 - [Version 1.1] Just updating to keep this FAQ alive. I have changed my
e-mail and minor
information in the FAQ. My most known and most used name so I changed the name
of the FAQ
writer to that, just so you don't confused.

2) Introduction

Finally, Logan's Shadow is here. Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is the newest
installment in the Syphon franchise. Logan's Shadow will be a huge change
from Dark Mirror. More things will release when Combat Ops comes out, which
is an expansion to Logan's Shadow. Which let's you have a level editor and
costumes as you rank up.

In Logan's Shadow we have some really cool new features. But more will
release when Combat Ops comes out.

- Seven unique levels that vary from a jungle village, to a flooded canyon,
and a nighttime casino.

- Swim, shoot, and dive into the water based combat using a spear gun or
bolt pistol.

- New to multiplayer are two modes including a capture the flag variation
known as Retrieval.

- The new Cell vs. Cell challenge and Leaderboard statistics tracking.

- Player voiced opinion with mission voting and message boards.

- Over Infrastructure or via AdHoc there is up to eight-player team based

- Four customizable terrain locations including a desert ruins and a high
tech research facility.

- Be creative with the Mission Modifier by assembling a mission from
editable terrain, weather settings, and customizable weapon locations
and spawn points.

- Upload and share with the Syphon Filter community your custom created

- Enhance your custom mission with variety of unlockable characters, such
as a Pirate or an Alien, with the 10 level ranking system.

Let's get started!

3) Teams

Logan's Shadow has a lot of teams and made it more fair to each team by
giving them the same amount of weapons and the same weapons. The teams vary
from what level and game type you choose. I will list each of the team names:

There is Team A and Team B. There are 2 rounds per game, you play whatever
team you were on in round 1, and then play on the opposite team during round
2. Each team has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some teams will have
better weapons located near them, some will have crappy pistols. It varies on
what players you play with and how you're playing. The teams in the level is
what makes the game tougher, it depends where you respawn and what weapons
you have to defend yourself and kill you enemies.


Gov't Force










Special Op



4) Ranks

As you keep playing and get more used to the online community, you will
receive a rank like many other online games. Depending on how many kills you
have determines your rank. R0 being the lowest and T3 being the highest.
There is a certain amount of XP needed for you to rank up to each individual
rank. I will include the rank and the amount of XP needed. When I get each
rank I will add the amount of XP needed for each rank.

R0 (Recruit 0) - You start out as an R0

R1 (Recruit 1) - XP Needed: 400

R2 (Recruit 2) - XP Needed: 1400

R3 (Recruit 3) - XP Needed: 2500

O1 (Officer 1) - XP Needed - 5000

O2 (Officer 2)

O3 (Officer 3)

O4 (Officer 4)

T1 (Top Brass 1)

T2 (Top Brass 2)

T3 (Top Brass 3)

5) Weapons

There are a lot of weapons throughout online. Some crappy weapons and some
good weapons. Some that are single player are not in multiplayer. I will
include the names, stats, definition and my view of each individual weapon.

K-BAR (Combat Knife)
Fire Rate: ---
Damage: II
Clip Size: ---
Capacity: ---

This 7-inch high carbon chromium stainless steel blade is a standard issue of
the US military.  This Knife can withstand extreme impacts and is capable of
quickly slicing through bare flesh and heavy military fatigues.

View - Best to use against players in melee battles. If you ever have this
equipped, take it out and get some kills.  Don't ever go up to someone that
has a K Bar if you don't, unless you have a weapon.

Fire Rate: IV
Damage: I
Clip Size: ---
Capacity:  ---

The EDT delivers a powerful 625k-volt charge capable of incapacitating the
target.  It is completely non-lethal and is small enough to fit into
a hoister. The EDT has a range of 25 feet.

View - Use this when you're out of ammo or when someone is knocked down and
you don't have time to reload to kill him.

Mark 23 SD
Fire Rate: II
Damage: II
Clip Size:  12
Capacity:  24

In August of 1991, a request was made by the U.S. Special Operations Command
(also know as SOCOM) for offensive handgun.  Termed the OHWS, for Offensive
Handgun Weapon System, it was a pistol designed within certain specified
parameters that would be sufficient for conducting "offensive" operations, as
opposed to the more traditional role for the handgun, which was only used for
defensive operations.  Thus the Mark 23 SD was made.  The heavy .45 bullets,
precision accuracy, and threaded silencer make a good choice for stealth.

View - This is a good pistol, one of the best. You can eliminate an opponent
very easily with this weapon.

Sniper .357
Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 5
Clip Size: 8
Capacity: 16

This weapon is a long range high powered sniping pistol with a 10 inch barrel
extension and mounted scope.  The .357 Magnum round makes this weapon
difficult to handle for novice users, but with practice, the user can hit
long range targets with ease.

View - This is the best Sidearm weapon in my opinion. I always use it. It is
dual wielded and is very accurate. It also has a scope for long distance.

Sawed-Off Pistol
Fire Rate: II
Damage: II
Clip Size: 2
Capacity: 16

The Sawed-Off pistol has a pistol grip and shortened barrel intended to
increase its spread pattern.  While it's great using it at short range, it's
near-useless at distance.

View - This is a very cheap weapon. You die in one shot or possibly two. It
knocks you down and the player pretty much won from there. But is always good
if you're sneaking up on an opponent or if you're outmatched.

Fire Rate: 5
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 30
Capacity: 60

The MDS accuracy, reliability, and wide range of accessories and variants
have made it one the best submachine gun of choice for military and agencies

View - This is an okay weapon, it's not the best and it's not the worst. If
you ran out of ammo and don't have time to reload I would suggest using this.
The accuracy is good and but the damage is low.

Fire Rate: V
Damage: II
Clip Size: 30
Capacity: 60

The Kalashnikov assault rifle 1947 (AKA AK-47) is one the world's most poplar
small arms.  This legendary weapon, known for its extreme ruggedness,
simplicity of operation and maintenance and unsurpassed reliability even in
the worst conditions possible.

View - This is probably the most accurate Back weapon. The damage it does is
amazing. You'll usually find this somewhere around the level in a crate. This
weapon is good for both short and long distances. Always shoot at the legs,
arms or head. If you shoot a the chest and back, you're only destroying their

Fire Rate: I
Damage: V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity: ---

The Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon fires an HEDP
fin-stabilized high explosive rocket.

View - A very cheap weapon. Really accurate and kills in one shot. It's ok
to use this here and there, but don't whore with it.

Fire Rate: V
Damage: I
Clip Size: 25
Capacity: 100

Development of the FAMAS began in 1967.  After several years of research and
development, the first FAMAS prototype was completed in 1971.  French
military  evaluation of the rifle began in 1972, but was not completed until
1978 when the French military accepted the rifle as the standard French
combat weapon.

View - The damage it does is very little but the fire rate is perfect. It
might take awhile to kill someone with this but with the accuracy, just go
for a headshot.

Shot Defender
Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 5
Clip Size: 8
Capacity: 16

This shotgun is designed for a personal defense role and fires 12 gauge shot
through a narrow choke.  The narrow choke prevents the shot from spreading
out to far so most of the shot will hit a single victim out to the weapons
effective range.  The advantage to this is instant incapacitation due to the
powerful force transferred from a close group of projectiles.  The victim is
usually thrown back quite a distance, which is very intimidating to any other
enemies in the area.

View - I find this cheap as well. One to two shots and you’re done for. It's
accuracy is horrible but the damage it does is brutal. You can use this when
you're out numbered.

Fire Rate: I
Damage: V
Clip Size: 10
Capacity: 20

This weapon is semi-automatic is equipped with a muzzle break that reduces
recoil by 65%.  The .50 caliber bullet is close to 3 inches long and is one
of the most powerful rounds available.

View - This is my favorite weapon of all time. A very accurate sniper
depending on how you use it. Kills in one shot, if you barely get someone,
it'll take two shots.

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 10
Capacity: 40

The USAS-12 shotgun, developed in the South Korea in the 1980s.  It was
intended as a special purpose, military or special operations close combat
weapon with extreme firepower.

View - This is basically an automatic shotgun, but good for handicap
matches. You'll just knock them down with this gun. Accurate to an extent and
the damage is pretty good.

Chinese Type 56
Fire Rate: 5
Damage: 5
Clip Size: 50
Capacity: 100

This is a Chinese variant of the world famous AK-47.  (As you can see, they
look actually the same) This weapon is highly reliable and tolerant to the
abuses of the use in the battlefield.

View - This gun is really accurate, and if you know how to use it right,
you know do some damage. This is pretty good to use if you can find, it's
right up there with the AK-47. You should always duck while firing at an enemy
with this weapon.

Fire Rate: V
Damage: II
Clip Size: 30
Capacity: 60

This is a modification of the standard AU300 rifle that has a heavier barrel
for the light machine gun role.  It has a flash suppressor that reduces
recoil and rise during sustained firing.  The AU300 H-BAR fires from a closed
bolt position making single shots extremely accurate.

View - This weapon is an automatic sniper. It's pretty easy to get headshots
with this thing. It's best to be as far away from your enemy as you can be

Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 10
Capacity: 30

This is the standard ICPA sniper rifle.  It has the ability to fire
specialized gas darts, explosive darts, and EDT darts that can be triggered
by the user at any time.

View - The MB-150 holds EDT, GAS, and EXPLOSIVE darts. Three of each and a
normal sniper combined. The damage the sniper does is very little and the
accuracy is bad. No one really uses it, they only use the darts. You shoot
the dart with the R trigger and then detonate it when desired with the R

Dragunov SVD
Fire Rate: I
Damage: V
Clip Size: 10
Capacity: 20

The SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Draunova-Dragunov Sniping Rifle) was accepted
by the Soviet Military in 1963.  More recently, it's seen service during the
Afghan war as well as many other local conflicts, including the latest
Chechen wars. This rifle was widely used and copied across the former Warshaw
pact countries and is still in service with the Russian Army and many Russian
law enforcement agencies.

View - The fire rate may be bad, but in my opinion this sniper is really
 good. It has an awesome sound and kills within 3 shots. Get as close as you
can with this sniper though, because of its accuracy.

Fire Rate: ---
Damage: V
Clip Size: I
Capacity: 5

The M67 delayed frag has a timing fuse that detonates 3 seconds after it's

View - These are really good to take down a group. Throw them as soon as
possible and remember, they glow and they have an indicator to make sure you
know where it went. They explode within 3 seconds so throw them ahead of time
if you think a player is turning a corner or in front of their path.

Electro Magnetic Pulse Grenade (EMP)
Fire Rate: ---
Damage: ---
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  5

These grenades are timed grenades which create a powerful EMP blast that
renders electronic devices useless for a short time.

View - Throw this near a mine to disarm it automatically. Anyone who is near
it will have their screen turn blurry and white and make the volume lower for
about 5 seconds.

Anti-personnel Mine
Fire Rate: ---
Damage:  5
Clip Size: 1
Capacity:  2

Small radius anti-personnel mine, capable of taking out one to two targets.
Once armed this mine is invisible to the naked eye. The only way to disarming
the mine is only viewing the mine with the EDSU goggles.

View - These mines are very good for small areas that people wouldn't really
ever pay attention to. Set them up in a stairway, hallway or even in a room.

SG-75 Bolt Gun
Fire Rate: II
Damage: I
Clip Size: 6

The SG-75 Bolt Gun is the standard IPCA underwater assault rifle, although it
can be used from both land and water. It is fully automatic, and fires
penetrating bolts launched by explosive cartridges at a velocity of 50 m/s.

View - I really like this weapon because of it's accuracy under water. Other
weapons are not as good underwater as this one is. Because this one was
specifically designed for underwater combat, you should always bring this
weapon to a flooded level.

Bouncing Betty
Fire Rate: ---
Damage: V
Clip Size: I

View - Bouncing betty's do take a long time to arm but it's worth it. Set
these in spots you would set AP mines. In spots people wouldn't think of.

Desert Express .50
Fire Rate: II
Damage: IV
Clip Size: 7

The Desert Pistols are the only gas-operated pistols in service and the .50
caliber is the most powerful.

View - Desert Express .50 are dual wielded snipers. These are my second
favorite snipers because the accuracy is pretty good and the enemies usually
die within 1-2 shots.

Fire Rate: I
Damage: V
Clip Size: I

View - This is like an Over Under grenade launcher. You might die on the
first grenade that hits you, if not, the second one. This is good to use if
you’re facing more than 1 person. This can knock both players down and use your
other weapons to kill them.

Sticky Mine
Fire Rate: ---
Damage: IV
Clip Size: I

Sticky mines are incendiary mines that, when detonated create a fire blast of
up to 25 feet from the position of the mine. Stick mines can be thrown onto
and stick to any flat surface.

View - These are cool because they stick to any flat surface and
automatically arm themselves. It saves time from arming and disarming.

Fire Rate: ---
Damage: V
Clip Size: I

M61 frag grenades are filled with composition-B and has a kill radius of 15
feet, but can substantly wound and incapacitate out to 25 feet. The frag
detonates upon impact with any hard surface.

View - They look like M76 grenades, but really they are M71 grenades. The
explode on impact giving your enemy no chance what so ever. It's what most
people call a pocketed sized MGL.

Incendiary Grenade
Fire Rate: ---
Damage: III
Clip Size: I

View - Incendiary Grenade's help a lot when you're in a tough position and
about to die. Throw one of these at your enemies and they will catch on fire,
causing them to roll. If they don't roll they'll die. As soon as they roll is
when you attack them. It takes away some of his health.

Over Under
Fire Rate: V
Damage: II
Clip Size: 30
Capacity: 60

The Over Under is a fully automatic m16 with a grenade launcher attached
beneath the barrel. Operators can quickly switch between grenade and standard
ammunition firing modes.

View - In a way this weapon is cheap because it has an m16 combined with a
grenade launcher. This is a good weapon to fight off enemies but if you use
the grenade launcher too much you'll be considered an Over Under whore.

Fire Rate: V
Damage: II
Clip Size: 40
Capacity: 120

This is an M60 that has a grip that helps stabilize the weapon during
sustained firing. This weapon has been in the U.S. Army's general-purpose
machine gun since the early 60's and it uses the same feed system as the
German WWII MG42. The M60 maintains its accuracy during sustained firing due
to better barrel design that vents the heat away more efficiently. This model
comes fit with a 100-round belt that is stored in an ammo box attached to the
feed system.

View - I've used this weapon and it's pretty good. The accuracy is perfect
and the damage could be a bit better but other than that I like it. Also, it
takes awhile to reload. Aim at the knees to knock them down and then shoot at
their head.

X34 Nerve Agent
Fire Rate: ---
Damage: V
Clip Size: 1
Capacity: ---

X34 Nerve Agent - Kills any unprotected person within the clod of gas
expelled from this grenade.

View - This is a good grenade to use. Just chuck it at your enemy and it'll
kill them. Or if you want to block a path, throw it in front of them so they
can't reach you, if they attempt to reach you, they will die from the gas that

6) Stats

Your profile has stats, how many games you've played and how many you won.
When you play a ranked game and you don't get disconnected or freeze and
finish the game, it will record all the kills, deaths and suicides you got in
the match and it will add the game to your stats. There are Cell War stats
and user stats. To check out the cell war stats go to the leaderboards and
search a cell and look at their cells profile.

To have stats added to your profile, you must play the first and second round
of the game. Which is a new feature I despise but I guess it makes it fair by
letting the players play on both teams. You earn XP for each kill, beacon you
retrieve and bomb you attempt to arm & disarm. Suicides subtract your XP that
you earned. Deaths don't do anything. Each rank has a specific amount of XP
you need. If you click on your profile, it will tell you how many XP points
you currently have and how many more you need to achieve your next rank. If
you quit anytime during the game, it will automatically take away anything you
have earned during that game. Kills, deaths, suicides, XP points and even a
new rank if you got one.

In Retrieval games you get 4 points every time you score with a beacon. You
get one point for just retrieving it. You also get a point for reviving which
I believe counts in all types of matches. There are stats for Retrieval,
Sabotage, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Rogue Agent. For cell stats there
is only Team Deathmatch, Retrieval and Sabotage.

7) Levels & Game Types

What makes the levels even better is that for every game type, the level is
changed around! Here I'll list all the levels, game types and Game Settings:



This level is huge, seriously. You have a lot of hallways with a lot of
rooms. Even getting in or out can be confusing. For this level, you should
defiantly get some mines which can be found outside. The hallways, rooms and
stairways are really small so by the time they notice the mine is there, they
are done for! This is a close quarter combat level, so bring any pistols or
smg's. There is three ways to get outside of the casino. Two of them on the
first floor, and one on the second which leads to an AZL that you can go
down. This level is one of my favorite. It's probably the biggest map because
you can go inside the casino which has 2 floors and outside. There is
many hidden rooms and some hidden hallways you'll notice as your going past
somebody. Explosives in these levels can cause you a lot of suicides! Inside
the casino it is too small to be using anything related to explosives unless
you're at the main stairway. So always bring some pistols and an SMG. Snipers
are really easy to use in this level as well, so don't be afraid to pick one
up and start shooting.

Shanty Town

Shanty town, one of best levels from Dark Mirror, but now flooded with water!
This is also a close quarter combat level. There is many small shacks so you
could set a mine or two near it or even it so when they try to get near it
they'll die. When you're under water a good tip is to always have some sort
of under water weapon. A spear, bolt gun or bolt pistol. Any other weapon
will lack in accuracy and decrease in damage so there really is no point. You
can also get up behind your enemy and snap their neck under water if you
don't have any underwater weapons. There is also a gun called the MB-150, it
has many darts but the dart you want to specifically use if you have it in your
possession under water is the EDT dart. When you shoot it under water you'll
notice on your radar the dart will be moving really quickly under the water,
when it gets near your enemy, detonate it! Do this with all levels that are
flooded when you're under water with an MB-150. But don't detonate it near
you, otherwise you'll suicide.


Depot was known as Weapons Plant in Dark Mirror. Why the name change? No
idea. But the rubble room is gone and it still happens to one of my
favorite levels. The rubble room was at least 25% of the level, it kind of
sucks they removed it, but oh well. Inside the abandoned building is most
close quarter combat, but when your outside the building, it's not as close
anymore. Mines could be useful in this level, but most of the time people
will notice it. There are two floors. In Retrieval, the beacons are on the
trucks. In Sabotage, the bombs are above the trucks on the second floor.
Explosives are really helpful in this level, just not in some hallways. The
best weapons to use in this level are rifles and pistols. You might want to
keep a shotgun just in case though.


Refinery isn't as cheap as it used to be. Players can't really spawn camp you
since the doors are wide open and you have a choice of where you want to
respawn. What’s different in Refinery is that they added an extra ladder and
removed the MGL. They added an Over Under now which is a MGL combined with a
M16 but the MGL isn't a one hit kill gun anymore. In Retrieval, the beacons
are above the ladders that lead to the second floor. In Sabotage the bombs
are at the bottom of the Refinery pit. This level is not really close quarter
but there are some small rooms that are. Any type of rifle or pistol is good
for this level. Mines are really helpful because there are so many walls that
people can't reach unless they're on the other side or have an explosive. At
the top of the roof you could pretty much see every repawn spot. Snipers work
perfect for this level because you may see an enemy all the way on the other
side and may not be able to get him right away with a pistol. Rifles in this
level make it very convenient for you.


Detroit has a few new features as well. There are now two turrets on the
second floor. The ledge you get on after the ladder you climb up from the
first to the second floor is connected to the second floor. Before it was
just a ledge, but now they extended it to reach the second floor. In
Retrieval, the beacons are on the platform that you use the ramp to get to
which is on each side of the map. In Sabotage, both bombs are facing directly
at each other with a distance of at least 30 feet under the bridge.
Personally, I like what they did what the level. They fixed it up to where it
makes it fairer to each team and easier access to certain places. They have
added many barrels on the ground of the first floor, so watch yourself! You
can use these so when an enemy goes by, you shoot it and then attack them.


In the Canyon Outpost, the level is pretty much the same, unless you're in a
Deathmatch that is. In a deathmatch, they have flooded the canyon. Remember
what I have said about using the MB-150 under water? Well you are definitely
going to use it here. Players use it all the time with the EDT darts and
knock out many players and get tons of kills this way. If you don't find one,
always remember to bring a Bolt gun or pistol. You can locate a Spear under
water. A Spear is like a sniper on land, one or two shot kills, just under
water use though. In other matches you'll notice that canyon isn't flooded,
but there are many barrels on the first floor. You can use these by shooting
those while your enemy is near, it will knock them down and then you can
finish the job with your weapons.


It's a Village and in this level there is barely any close quarter
combat. Always have a rifle or pistol on you though. Mines work really well
too because sometimes they don't notice them as they are running by. There
are two tunnels which lead to the top of where the beacons would be in
Retrieval. In Sabotage the level is changed around completely. It's flooded,
there are more areas to go to and a lot more fun. In Rogue Agent, the level
turns completely different again. There are two hidden tunnels you crawl
through, a ladder, more crawling and climbing to reach the top of the
mountain. Rouge Agent in Village is with out a doubt, close quarter combat.
You should play all the different type of matches in this level, so you get
used to them, because each one is like an entirely new level.

Game Types

Sabotage - In Dark Mirror, there was Objective, but in Logan’s Shadow, they
removed Objective and replaced it with Sabotage. Sabotage is basically
Objective, but with a few changes. You have 2 minutes or what the time was
set to, to disarm the bomb once it’s armed! First get the Arming Codes which
can be found on your radar, then go to your enemies’ bomb and arm it. It will
give you a combination of buttons to press, if you don't finish the
combination in time you will have to re-do it. If you take to long, you will
have to re-do it.

Rogue Agent - It's like a Deathmatch, the only thing is everyone is on the
same team until someone gets the Rogue Agent icon and becomes rogue agent.
When someone becomes Rogue Agent, he is now all by himself vs. everyone else!
The player that wins the most points at the end of the game wins.

Deathmatch - You need 4 people to start a ranked game. Everyone is for
themselves. No teams, no friends, everyone is on their own. The player with
the most points at the end of the game wins.

Team Deathmatch - Team A verses Team B. Work together as a team and do the
best you can. Don't quit! The team that has the most points at the end of the
game wins. Then there is a round two to make the game fair by letting the
players battle each other on each team. Both games will be added when the
second round is finished.

Retrieval - A capture the flag basis. This is a new type of match. It's very
fun because it takes a lot of skill to get their beacon and return it to
yours. If they get yours you must kill the player who has it and get it then
it will return to your base. You get to play on the opposite team during
round 2 to make the game fair and even. The team with the most captures wins.
But instead of a flag, it's a beacon.

Game Settings

Force Ranked Options - If you have this enabled, only people with your rank
                       can join. If you have it disabled, any rank can join.

Max Agents - When you host a game, it will ask you for the Max Agents, 8 is
             the most amounts of players that can join, 2 are the least.

Auto Balance Teams - This balances teams for you. So if one team has higher
ranks than the other, it will automatically move the players to the other
team until the game is fair and balanced as it can be. If you have this
enabled you can't switch teams. If you have it disabled you are able to
manually switch teams.

Filter - If you set it to Password, you will make up a password and when
someone joins your game, they are required to type in a password to enter
your game. Only players with the designated password can join the game.

Respawn Time - How much time it takes for you to respawn. Must be 10 for
               it to be ranked though.

Time Limit - How long the game will be.

Score Limit - This is how many kills you need for your team to win. If you
              set this to unlimited, then you can kill as many times as you

Respawn Count - This is only available in Sabotage. It is how many
                reinforcements you have remaining.

Target Lock - Enable or disable target lock. Enabling this lets you use
              target lock. Disabling it means you have to use free aim.
              Unless you’re new, and you use it, you’re considered a no0b.

Team Damage - Enabled allows you kill you own teammates.
              Disabled doesn't allow you to kill your own teammates.

Weapons - Weapons is a new feature that lets you choose what weapon everyone
respawns with and uses. But keep in mind, they can find other weapons in
crates throughout the level. There is Normal, which lets you choose the
normal weapons. There is Sniper which lets you choose only the M82 BFG and
the Desert Express .50. EPDD which is a tazer, so if you set this, it'll be a
tasers only match. SMAW, a rocket launcher, if you set it to this everyone
will respawn with a SMAW. Melee which only lets you use your hands and your
K-Bar. Shotgun which lets you use your Sawed Offs, Shot Defender and USAS-12.
DSC-1t which stands for DSC 1 Thermal, which is a sniper with a thermal
scope. There is many more but I think you get the idea now.

Bomb Time - This is how many minutes you have to unarm the bomb once it's
armed in Sabotage. The lowest it could be set to is 1, the highest is 5. It
needs to be set to 2 for a ranked game.

Player Count - You need at least 4 people in a game to have a check next to
this option to make it ranked. If you have less than 4, it won't be checked
and you'll have an unranked game.

Options Valid - To make the options valid have a check, you must set the team
damage to off if it's not already. The Respawn Time, Spawn Limit, and Score
count always needs to be set to 10 to make it ranked. The Bomb Time, if there
is any, must be set to 2.

Teams Balanced - To have the teams balanced get a check, you must have an
equal amount of players on the same team. They must be close in ranks because
if they're not, it'll be unfair for the lower ranks and it will count as an
unranked game.

Once you have all checks, no X's, and it says Ranked, feel free to start your
game. Everything that happens in a ranked game will be recorded. If it's
unranked, the stats will not be recorded.

8) Community Tab


The Leaderboards hold the current stats of cells, players and people on your
buddy list. All stats including Kills, Deaths, suicides, quits, your
favorite level and weapon, how many matches you've played and how many you

Overall Leaderboards which are Overall stats of all players.

Weekly Leaderboards which are stats from players during that week.

Monthly Leaderboards which are stats from players who played during that

Buddies Leaderboards which are stats for you and your buddies.

Cell Leaderboards which are stats of cells.

The Messageboards are probably the biggest thing in the Community tab. People
go there all the time to express how they feel and talk about whatever it is
that they want to. In Dark Mirror we had basically the same thing. So nothing
new there. There are a lot of boards. There is the General topic, Team
Deathmatch, Retrieval, Sabotage, Rogue Agents, Deathmatch, Agent Cells and
Weapons. All of them have Depot, Casino, Canyon, Shanty Town, Refinery,
Detroit and Village as subtopics except for General, Generals subtopic is
discussion. So go there, discuss whatever you want and get peoples opinions!


Here you can send mail, receive mail, delete, and reply and forward your
mail. You can also block users like the ignore list. This is really helpful
if you're not on right now and someone need to speak to you. When you log on
just visit the community tab and go to your mailbox.

9) Players List

At the Players List, use the Right and Left buttons on the D-Pad and you
can scroll through All Players(all the players currently online), Buddy List,
Ignore List and Cell Members. Here, you'll see everything about the Players
List and how to use it.

When you arrive at the Main Lobby, press the R trigger until you get to the
Players List tab. Use the Right and Left buttons on the D-Pad to view the
All Players, Buddies, Ignore and Cell list.

Add to Buddy List - Join a game click on a username or click on a username
from the Players list and select the option "Add To Buddy List".

Add To Ignore List - Join a game click on a username or click on a username
from the Players list and select the option "Add To Ignore List".

Remove From Buddy List - Join a game click on a username or click on a
username from the Players list and select the option "Remove From Buddy
List". NOTE: to do this they must already be on your Buddy List.

Remove From Ignore List - Join a game click on a username or click on a
username from the Players list and select the option "Removed From Ignore
List". NOTICE: to do this they must already be on your Ignore List.

10) Cells

You can join a cell, create a cell and a new feature letting you have cell
wars. You can fit up to 30 people in a cell. You have a cell name, tag and up
to 60 patches to choose
from. The patches are basically like an icon or avatar, something to  represent
your cell. If you want to
be in a cell, you must be invited from the leader.

Here and the options for the cells:

To Create a cell - At the main lobby, press the R trigger until you arrive at
the Players List tab. Use the Right and Left buttons to get to the Cell tab.
It's pretty self explanatory from there.(choose your name, your tag, your
cell pic and there ya go).

To join a cell - The leader must first invite you, then you will receive a
message asking if you want to join it.

Invite to Cell - Click on a username from either in a game or the Players
list and select "Invite To Cell".

Remove From Cell - Click on a username that’s in your cell, and then select
                   "Remove From Cell".

11) AdHoc

AdHoc is not like Infrastructure--you can't have buddies, cells, use
the mic option, no Leaderboards, Messageboards, or mailbox features and your
already a T3 which kind of sucks because then you can't have the rank up

And you can't play with people around the world--only people within 30
feet. This sucks but hey, get a friend that has a PSP, practice with him on
AdHoc until you think you’re ready for the Online experience.

You get the same weapons but not all the levels with all the game types.

In my opinion playing AdHoc with a friend for awhile until you know
everything before going straight online is better. You can start learning new
techniques, getting to know the levels and becoming a better player.

12) Controls

|Menu Controls|

Navigate menu/Highlight menu item - Directional buttons

Select highlighted menu item - X

Previous screen/Return to Main Menu - O

Cycle through Online Menu Screens - Directional Up or Down buttons

Open Pause Menu - Start button

|Character Movement & Action|

Move/Swim Forward/Backward - Analog stick

Strafe Left/Right - Analog stick

Aim Up - Triangle

Aim Down - X

Aim Left/Turn Left - Square

Aim Right/Turn Right - Circle

Target Lock(with target lock enabled) - L(hold)

Manual Aim(with target lock disabled) - L(hold) + Triangle, X, Square,

Peek Aim(when snapped to a wall or object) - Analog stick left/right

Snap(when standing next to a wall or object) - Up on D-Pad

Fire Weapon/Melee Attack/Blind Fire(when taking cover) - R trigger

Weapon Select - Right on D-Pad(hold) + Triangle, X, Square, Circle, R or L
for grenades

Gadget Select - Left on D-Pad(hold) + Triangle, X, Square, Circle

Crouch/Stand(toggle) - Down on D-Pad(tap)

Fire Mode Selection(Dart select with MB-150 equipped) - Right on D-Pad(tap)
or Right on D-Pad(hold) + X(tap)

Ladder Climb(when standing in front of a ladder) - Analog stick up

Ladder Slide(when on ladder) - Analog stick down

Goggles On/Off - Left on D-Pad(tap)

Zoom In/Out(with scoped weapon equipped) - L(hold) + Down or Up on D-Pad

Weapon/Crate Swap - Up on D-Pad(hold)

Interact/Hold/Grapple - Up on D-Pad(tap)

Voice Communication - Select button

13) Miscellaneous Tips

I will release some tips and hints to players. Making it easier in games,
getting to learn the aspects of the game and basically getting used to
playing online.

Sniping - If you want to be a good sniper, you need to be really stealthy.
First, duck and be still as possible, you'll notice your crosshair has
gotten smaller, which means your shots are more accurate. When you move, the
accuracy decreases. But you don't want to be a sitting duck for everyone to
let them shoot you so practice with snipers, do training mode or practice
with friends. So when you’re ready to sniper, duck and move as quick as you
can until you’re really good to where you could stand and run.

Setting Mines - Set them in hidden areas, areas that most players won't
expect. Set them in paths, in corners of walls, basically anywhere that will
make your enemy have a difficult time trying to avoid it.

Fall damage - You'll notice when you drop down to the ground you'll get
injured, to avoid that simply press the down button on the d-pad as soon as
you hit the ground and instead of slamming against the ground you'll roll.

Melee Battles - You may have gotten into a grapple with an opponent and did
not no what to do. There are 6 or 7 buttons that appear on your screen. They
are all the same. When that pops up, press the button it's showing as fast as
you can to get your next set of buttons. Then when the next set comes up, do
the same thing, press the button that is displaying as fast as you can.
Whoever does both sets the fastest without messing up wins the grapples and
knocks down their enemy.

Sabotage arming & disarming - When you disarm or arm the bombs in Sabotage
you may have noticed a couple of buttons appeared. The button that comes up
you have to press. There will be a three button combination. You have to
press the button that appears only one time. After you finish the combo it
will then disarm or arm the bomb. If you mess up the combo, it will restart.
The combo might even change.

Regenerating health - If you have gotten shot and you are almost dead, run
for cover and hid until your health regenerates. It will fill up the red bar
completely, but the armor will stay the same. This is an advantage if your
about to die and you don't have a partner around to heal you. Your partner
can't heal you but this is still helpful because you don't have to wait for
your partner to heal you.

Shooting darts - If you know an enemy is coming a certain way and you aren’t
really ready for him but you have darts, set a dart in the patch that he
will go through and detonate it when he is right on it.

Destroy Turrets - You can kill players easily with a turret. Players can
easily kill you win turrets. You can blow up turrets with explosives or by
shooting it for awhile but it takes awhile. When you destroy it, it becomes
unusable to both you and everyone else in the game.

Barrels - If an enemy if walking or running near a barrel, simply shoot it
and it will explode. It will either kill the enemy, or just send him flying
and almost dead. You can use these to weaken your opponents or even use them
to knock your opponent down and then kill him yourself with a weapon.

Respawning - If someone is not Respawning for awhile and you think it's
because your about to win, don't worry. There is an auto respawn feature. Or
they might even be hiding in their rooms, just go check every room. You can
also choose where you respawn, when you die it lets you choose.

14) Combat Ops

Well, we all thought or at least thought Combat Ops was an expansion for
Logan's Shadow, apparently there’s no connection between the two. We heard it
will be released in 2008 but just the other day it was released in the PC
version of the PS Store. At only $9.99 so not that big of a deal if you can
afford it. The PC version of the PS Store was released with Combat Ops.

Link to PS Store(pc version):


Link to Combat Ops:


You play online or ad-hoc. You can use the mission modifier and play with
other people. The server is not the same as Logan's Shadow, so you will be
only playing with people who have bought Combat Ops. You're able to unlock
new skins/costumes such as pirates or robots.

15) Legal Information

If you notice any typos, false information or anything else in this FAQ,
please contact me at kdistefano@live.com. Thank you.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and names
belong to their respective owners. Copyright 2007, FastBulletz.

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