PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File01/27/09CW Boi 209210K
Battle party consists of Claude, Precis, Rena and Ashton in their lv. 200's with the best equipment. Bonus dungeon cleared, saved right before final boss with limiter off. Difficulty modes unlocked.
Save Game File08/04/09spacepiratemito210K
Begging of Game with Claude. Max Money
Save Game File07/26/09Darkness1980s216K
CLAUDE LVL 225 Max Stats, Items, Max Money, Milokeenia UNIVERSE Mode.
Save Game File01/24/09Tzepish1200K
Load from these (instead of starting a New Game) to begin with no Talents except Nimble Fingers (and Blessing of Mana). Also unlocks all difficulties. 6 saves, 1 for each character/difficulty combo.
Save Game File07/26/09Darkness1980s216K
RENA LVL 225 Max Stats, Items, Max Money, Sacred Forest UNIVERSE Mode.
Save Game File01/23/09VenomousWest210K
Universe Mode enabled, for those who wants to start a new game with different modes.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File04/23/08weggy100212K
Final Save Point, Cave of Trials Cleared. Party of Claude, Rena, Welch, Ashton all Level 255.
Save Game File11/16/09Arkenryu_84212K
Rena Mode; Rena, Claude, Ashton and Dias all level 255. Welch, Bowman, Chisato and Celine all above level 150. Cave of Trials completed and final boss has limited removed.
Save Game File04/25/08Mercury91212K
Standing outside the Cave of Trials. Just clear the last floor to fight Gabriel Celeste. Rena Lv 147, Claude Lv 151, Dias Lv 131, Ashton Lv 123, Welch Lv 35, Celine Lv 95, Bowman Lv 56, Noel Lv 40, not a lot of skills mastered
Save Game File01/29/19OmegaVideoGameG212K
Star Ocean 2 Universe Mode Rena Story With Indalecio Unlimited Beaten

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File10/24/12Weapon210K
Main Character: Claude. Saved At The Beginning. Rare Nimble Fingers Talent Acquired. (Blessing of Mana on Rena).

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