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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Quest for ashton? 1

Technical Help Answers
I am just wonderring? 1

Other Help Answers
Affection Levels with the party? 2
Best place to level grind? 1
Can i get ernest? 1
can i still do PAs in v expel? 0
Can you recieve and ending with Welch and Claude? 1
Can you repeat the previous PA? 1
did they remove Taunt? 3
Does any one know what the Fortune Teller in Fun City Means? 2
Fastest way to raise Affection Levels between characters without PAs? 1
Filed Of Might??? 1
How can I get Precis' Barrier skill? 1
How can I recruit DIAS??? 1
How can i recruit Welch in Rena storyline? 1
How do I initiate the PA with Rena at the inn in Centropolis? 0
How do you get the PA with Percis in Marze? 2
How long does Orchestra last? 2
How to get out in field of wisdom? 1
I need help deciding who to recruit? 2
I need help getting Opera and Esterno? 1
I need help with these things? 2
Is there a debug mode to find out about FP + RP? 2
Is there additional combat skill? 1
is there more than one ending in SO SE? 3
List of Characters? 2
Mastering Killer Moves (Final Change)? 2
Nimble Fingers Help? 1
Noel=Brock? 1
Official Strategy Guide. Where to buy? 1
Overriding Opera's special ending? 2
Pickpocket using a Party Member? 1
Pickpocketing Affection Loss? 1
Private action with rena in salva? 0
Second Evolution vs Second Story? (Strategy Guide Q) 2
There is a secret parameter named AFFECTION LEVEL anyone knows something about it? 3
What are the starting affections levels for welch <-> party? 1
What do i combine my FSV with? 1
what is private action, FP , and RP? 2
What is the best weapon for leon ? Where can i get it? 1
What is the point of portraits? 1
What's the use of Berserker Ring? 2
Where is the portal on 9th floor in cave of Trial? 2

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