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  1. I need a list of characters and there your opinion on which character to get. And which characters cancel out other characters

    User Info: kennyvq

    kennyvq - 10 years ago

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  1. Ashton Anchors - paired short swords/fighter
    Bowman Jean - Tonfa & guantlets/fighter (Cant get Precis)
    Celine Jules - Rod/ Symbologist Offensive
    Chisato Madison - Stun Gun/fighter
    Claude Kenni - Longsword/fighter (Allows you to get Leon, no Dias)
    Dias Flac - Katana/fighter (Only on Rena's scenario)
    Ernest Raviede - Whip/fighter (Have to get Opera & Cant get Ashton)
    Leon Geeste - Tome/Symbologist Offensive (Only on Claude's scenario)
    Noel Chandler - knuckles/Symbologist mixed
    Opera Vectra - Energy weapon/fighter (Cant get Ashton)
    Precis Neumann - Mechanical Arm/fighter (Cant get Bowman)
    Rena Landford - Knuckles/Symbologist Healer (Allows for Dias, No Leon)
    Welch Vineyard - Stick/fighter (Get four party members then do a PA in lacour)

    User Info: ThiefOfNavarre

    ThiefOfNavarre - 10 years ago 1   0


  1. Note: if you have Leon in your party in Claude's scenario, you need him PLUS four other members (including Claude) in order to recruit Welch in Lacuer.

    No two characters alike, so you can't really say any "cancel" one another out, and any character can be extremely powerful if you make the effort to level them up and get their best armor and weapons. You can help this out by gaining more SP through discovering Talents (which you can do by forcing them to use Item Creations; some characters are more likely to learn certain Talents than others) and use the SP for improving their battle skills, e.g. Hasten Speech for spellcasters. Plus, if you use any SP you get early on for Determination and Effort, it makes leveling up and using your SP much more efficient.

    That said, Chisato's best weapon actually isn't a gun, it's the Scumbag Slayer (not sure what it's called in the PSP game, as I have yet to get to the Maze of Tribulations...)!

    User Info: the_sweet

    the_sweet - 9 years ago 0   0

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