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  1. I know how to get opera i know u need to get ernest before hoffman ruins but i dont know HOW to get him lol any help would be greatly admired :)

    User Info: treefoil

    treefoil - 10 years ago
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    I also know you need to have opera to get ernest

    User Info: treefoil

    treefoil - 10 years ago

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  1. Here's how you get Ernest. You do need Opera to get Ernest, but you don't need Ernest to get Opera.

    1. View the Private Action in Krosse, where the three-eyed man is seen running from the castle. This Private Action can be viewed after first visiting Krosse, until you rescue the children in Marze.
    2. After the Tournament of Arms in Lacuer, go to the tavern in Hilton and meet Opera.
    3. Return to Krosse and speak to the King; he will grant you permission to enter the Mountain Palace.
    4. Travel to the Mountain Palace, and find Opera within. Say "Yes, let's go together", when presented the option, to be able to recruit her.
    5. After finishing the Mountain Palace, return to Arlia and head to the Sacred Forest (where Claude fought the Ghark at the beginning of the game). View the scene there.
    6. Finish the Hoffman Ruins. After Leon obtains the Energy Stone, exiting the ruins will show a scene with Ernest engaging a Ghoul in battle. After defeating the Ghoul, choose "Would you like to stick with us some more?" to recruit Ernest. Note that turning him down, at this point, will also cause Opera to leave the group as well. To avoid this, you'd just need to skip step 5.

    And... that's all there is to getting Ernest. Step 1 and Step 5 are the most critical; without them, you can't get the rest.

    User Info: Faladyne

    Faladyne - 10 years ago 0   0

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