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  1. Hey everyone, I am at the part with the armory tournament and I lost and didn't make it to Dias. I read that in the original version if you dont make it to the finals you miss out on a great weapon? Should I just re-do the battles till i make it to the finals? or just keep going with the story

    User Info: FayteOculas

    FayteOculas - 10 years ago
  2. Oh okay thanks my friend, that saves me a lot of dialogue since the last save I made was Salva mines to fight the dragon lol.

    User Info: FayteOculas

    FayteOculas - 10 years ago

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  1. A: Yes go fr Deadly edge as its final upgrade Aeterna is in my opinion the 2nd best weapon for Claude in the game, the star scatter is a life saver, trust me
    B: I don't know if or how you can beat DIAS at Laceur but if you have to lvl to lvl 80+, there is no point doing it, there are no rewards i can see as the game progresses as normal, (according to most rumours). This is a scripted battle designed to add to the story, if you are supposed to beat Dias to fill the story, then it would be possible at an appropriate lvl, wouldn'tt it?

    User Info: firethief98

    firethief98 - 9 years ago 1   0


  1. You do indeed. The weapon you get from getting TO Dias can be customised twice to make the Eternal Sphere, The second best weapon in the game for Claude. But honestly, the game is easy enough you wont need it. Espeically with the 3 strikes combo system.

    I say go on, if your not a perfectionist. If you feel the need to have EVERY item, then yes restart.

    User Info: hughesdylan

    hughesdylan - 10 years ago 1   1

  2. You can win the tournament up to the finals easily if u have claude's headsplitter or helmetbreak. (u will never ever ever beat dias btw)
    just keep spamming it.

    User Info: Khriss28

    Khriss28 - 10 years ago 1   1

  3. I can knock Dias down if I can inflict damage on him (I actually did damage him by a thousand, don't know why)

    Anyway, just make sure you have a fair level .30 is good for normal mode I guess (I'm 40 at universe mode) You can always solo level for faster leveling.

    One thing you should also take note is the Skills. Make sure you have allocated some points to the stat-boosting Skills, the one that increases STR and HIT will be the best bet. Also, Biology is good.

    For strategy, spam Head Splitter if you want to play it safe. It's practically stronger if you reached its 280 proficiency. The new 3-combo system will make everything easier.

    It still depends on how you'll control your character. If you're good enough, you can reach Dias with only a fair level without doing the additional tips I've posted.

    User Info: deng17

    deng17 - 10 years ago 0   0

  4. you cant beat Dias, you couldnt in the original and im sure you cant in the remake.

    i used h4x and got all items b4 the fight with dias, i used flare bombs and used spectacles, his HP was the same (3500/3500) and his Mp doesnt go down either.
    and even a nuclear bomb wont kill him, and bombs that do more than his health wont kill him either. he just a sprite, not an actual battle combatant

    User Info: XxDirty_FlamexX

    XxDirty_FlamexX - 10 years ago 0   0

  5. Just spam helmetbreak to advance.

    Yes you should go back and go for it. You'll get one of the materials used to make Claude's best weapon.

    User Info: Ao1x

    Ao1x - 10 years ago 0   0

  6. If you're playing the game from Claude's point of view, then you won't need to get extra lvls as a character's performance increases at least by twohold when it's being played by the player and not AI.

    If you're playing a Rena, then you'll have no choice but to leave it to chance. Having Headsplitter//OR//Air Slash and that other skill where Claude can heal himself, it will be your life saver in order to get to Dias.

    User Info: fireseall

    fireseall - 10 years ago 0   0

  7. It is impossible to beat Dias in the Lacuer Tournament. However, if you do reach him you get the Deadly Edge (As dubbed in the remake) which you customize twice with Orichalcum to get the Aeterna (Again, renamed in the remake) which is possibly the most efficient weapon in the game (Shoots out stars with each attack, and with a Meteor or Lightspeed ring, you shoot out an extra attacks worth, and an extra two attacks worth upon hit, respectively. It also has the highest attack rating without going into the Cave of Trials) I honestly can say it would be worth going back for. Otherwise, you're missing out one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

    User Info: SphereEternal

    SphereEternal - 10 years ago 0   0

  8. Lord_Yuudai you cannot beat Dias and you only need to make it to Dias to get the Deadly Edge.

    In a Rena game Claude needs to be at least level 15 as you only see 1 fight, but being level 20 makes sure you beat the battle. So no risk going through all that dialogue again.

    User Info: DuranDD

    DuranDD - 10 years ago 0   0

  9. best level for Claude is around 30 or so. The first two matches aren't that hard, but the Ogre looking foe does hit hard and needs a bit of technique to be beaten. Dias cannot be beaten EVER. For getting to the last fight, you do get a cash prize and a complementary set of the items and equipment you used from your sponsored store. The best one I found so far involves the macho-lusting pink haired woman's shop. You can tell its her since hearts keep popping up every 5 seconds she talks lol.

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  10. Yeah I wanted to see what happens when you try to beat Dias...I cheated and I 'killed' him, but the story continues and I'm the one thats down even if you manage to knock him down and "win." You still lost.

    User Info: gameguru508

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  11. You can't beat Dias you only got too beat the ogre.

    User Info: FaultLine666

    FaultLine666 - 9 years ago 0   0

  12. its up to you anyways...if you want get the deadly edge you must go through until you fight DIAS...after you lose you must go to gamgee's hut...but....that is up to you ^3^I

    User Info: PemBuruCHeaT

    PemBuruCHeaT - 9 years ago 0   0

  13. this is ridiculous. It is NOT possible to beat him, and even if you manage to kill him by cheating, the story will progress as if you had lost!

    User Info: _locke__cole_

    _locke__cole_ - 9 years ago 0   0

  14. You cant beat Dias, its impossible, i even had infinite health and wicked ATK and HP and i still couldn't do any damage to him in the finals.

    User Info: RPgamexpert

    RPgamexpert - 9 years ago 0   0

  15. I know this question is old as hell, but I think I should clarify. You cannot beat Dias in the tournament. At the very least, you couldn't in the PS1 version. My elder brother played the Dias fight with an infinite Health Gameshark cheat enabled for Claude, and if memory serves, Dias would get to 1 HP, and never actually die. He would stop taking damage from anything at that point.

    As for the answer to the question from almost a year ago; If you want a really epic sword far too early in the game, get the blade by getting to Dias, if you want somewhat of a challenge, don't.

    User Info: LightKnight2

    LightKnight2 - 9 years ago 0   0

  16. Dude here is my advice about the game
    level up alone
    go near the front line base and level up at the world map
    if you want to beat dias level up till lv 80 and only use miror blade and sword bomber/dragon roar

    User Info: redwolf9797

    redwolf9797 - 9 years ago 0   1

  17. If ur lvl 70 u can beat dias but u have been aleast lvl 70 in normal (80 universe mode).

    User Info: joecolton

    joecolton - 10 years ago 1   3

  18. I have played the original and beat it countless times. There is a way to beat dias but you have to have an strong weapon and be at an excellent level. It is hard to do but when you beat him you recieve an awesome sword... honestly if you do not want to be an perfectionist and get everything you want from the game then yes... move on. If not try again and again until you get it.

    User Info: animegamer04

    animegamer04 - 10 years ago 1   3

  19. Well,i dont tink u cn beat Dias coz i myself cnt...u only nd to fite all the way 2 him to get deadly edge which cn b made into eternal sphere which i myself personally find it very very very useful.

    User Info: haoasakura99

    haoasakura99 - 10 years ago 0   3

  20. You are able to beat Dias, You just need to be at a bloody high lvl to do it... I've done it in SD and the Original game... You get the Sharp Edge or Deadly Edge*called in SD* for beating him

    User Info: Lord_Yuudai

    Lord_Yuudai - 10 years ago 0   4

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