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  1. How many characters can you have in EACH story? Since you cannot recruit everyone, which characters are the best to have for each story?

    User Info: DarkLink50

    DarkLink50 - 7 years ago

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  1. Okies, it depends on who the main charry is...

    Claude Story: Claude/Rena/Celine/Precis/Opera/Leon/Ernest/Noel

    I think Dias is better than Leon and I put Opera and Ashton on an even scale, but Opera is the better fit and makes more sense for this since you wont be able to get Dias anyway and Claude/Ashton/Dias need to be all together cause if one piece is missing its all out of whack......

    I think Ernest and Chisato are better than Noel but you need Noel's healing and Id take Ernest by a hair over Chisato...

    Rena Story: Rena/Claude/Celine (Or Welch in remake)/Ashton/Precis/Dias/Noel/Chisato

    Ashton is the better fit and makes the most sense here since you have Claude and Dias, all three sword bearers, for the same reasons as I said n the claude story, Ashton's the better fit here!

    The only character not just in this game but all of the series that sucks so far is Bowman, even with the best equipment and highest levels he still sucks alot, his attack is average at best and his killer moves are really nothing to write home about either, all the other characters are good or great, id stay away from Bowman!

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  1. You may have a maximum of eight (8) characters total. No matter what you do, Claude and Rena must be included. Here are my recommendations:

    Ashton or Opera and Ernest? Ashton is found earlier in the game, is very easy to recruit, and has several side-quests you can go through. Despite his low Luck stat, he's actually a fairly decent fighter, and comes in handy even late in the game. If that's not enough, Ashton can equip a wider variety of weapons. While Opera and Ernest are both decent fighters, they join much later and are MUCH more difficult to recruit (especially Ernest). Also, they can only equip energy clips and whips. I'd choose Ashton.

    Precis or Bowman? Both of these characters join you around the same time, but Bowman has an advantage that will pretty much make him death incarnate for the entire game: Poison Pills. Cheap, fast, with good range, Poison Pills can practically decimate any enemy or boss you can run into. Precis has a wider variety of techniques, but my money would be on Bowman.

    Dias or Leon? This all depends on who you choose as your "lead" character: Rena gets Dias, Claude gets Leon. If you're planning on having Celine in your party, CHOOSE RENA. You do NOT want two mages in your party, trust me. Dias is a FAR better choice than Leon, even if he does become slightly obsolete towards the end of the game.

    Celine or Welsh? In my opinion, both of these characters are somewhat useless, although Celine joins you very early and is very easy to recruit. Welsh is technically a fighter, although that's stretching the truth--umm, a LOT. If you're going down Rena's path, you may as well pick Celine.

    Chisato or Noel? By the time you get to these two, you will probably have a few slots open. If you still have two slots (by choosing Ashton, Bowman, Dias, and Celine), then by all means, take them both. Noel is a decent "stand-in" healer for Rena, and Chisato is an excellent addition to your offense. If you only have one slot left, choose Chisato.

    If you'd like to recruit all characters:
    Rena's path: Rena, Claude, Ashton, Bowman, Dias, Celine, Noel, Chiasto. This is an "easier" team.
    Claude's path: Rena, Claude, Opera, Ernest, Precis, Leon, Welsh, Chisato. This team is more challenging.

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  2. Claude walkthrough - Claude
    Rena walkthrough - all the same, but instead of recruiting Chisato or Welch I advice recruiting Dias
    Of course, it's only my opinion, but this is my advice too.
    NOTE - Bowman included only because his Poison and Inferno Pellets and speed of those special arts, which is very good in Maze of Tribulations.
    Ernest and Opera are hard to find so choose Ashton if you want an easier life, but they both can keep many of your nerves in tough battles (especially Opera with her Tracking Plasma and Healing Star special arts.)

    User Info: GPaladin

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