PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Master Epyon (01/26/2010; 293KB) 100% of all abilities mastered, all the secret player icons unlocked, museum 100% complete, every story mode 100% completed, at least 1 of each item
  2. From Ashe10 (10/16/2009; 293KB) All Characters Level 100 with most abilities mastered, Summons/Equipment/Shop/Accomplishments/Museum/PP Catalog/Story modes all 100%, No Cheat Codes used Enjoy
  3. From BigWorldJust (08/25/2009; 293KB) All characters level 100, with all abilities mastered. PP Shop/Equipment/Summons 100% Unlocked. Story modes all complete, but not 100%. Enjoy :D.
  4. From SilentTFK (02/17/2010; 293KB) All Stories Completed 100%,All Item Stores Completed 100%,All Characters Level 100,All Characters Ultimate Weapons Equiped,All Has Accessories Add-Ons,And All PP Catalog Completed 100%(No Cheats)
  5. From BigWorldJust (08/27/2009; 293KB) Same as my other save except HAS EVERY ABILITY MASTERED Enjoy :).

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From Cruiselax (04/01/2009; 348KB) All characters unlocked (all Lv100) w/ Standard Movesets, All stages unlocked, All Summon, All Items, Equipment, accessories, Story mode finished + Cleared Inward chaos many times. 108+ play time.
  2. From carlindon (05/28/2009; 348KB) All characters unlocked and in auto EX command 4 cosmos reports unlocked and 1 chaos reports unlocked,all abilities unlocked,all summons,all accesories,and other stuff...
  3. From pieisthebest (12/28/2008; 348KB) All characters unlocked, All characters at level 100, All abilities mastered, all sumons, all accessories, alll equipment, all stages
  4. From zack_ziedrich (03/26/2009; 348KB) All characters unlocked, All characters lvl100, All summon, All arena unlock, All abilities except from some extra skills, so far zidane is the strongest character
  5. From dannix123 (03/23/2009; 348KB) Majority lvl 100 but not all : strongest char. Cloud Cleared ALL stories including inward chaos

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From FatalThrust (11/23/2009; 293KB) All characters lv100 everything unlocked, all items 99 best equipment for all and 100%
  2. From zeropunkster (09/15/2009; 296KB) All chear lv.100/all weapon x99/all items x99/all abilities mastered/all summons,a lot pp/gil all modes unlocked
  3. From Semtex_Jack (09/07/2009; 296KB) Dissidia EU Save - All Characters and alternate costumes unlocked, Cloud level 100, a few others level 80+
  4. From NiladTheRogue (03/07/2010; 293KB) PP Catalog 100% store 93% all lvl 100 200h + game time + a gambling on exdeath in cosmos rule

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