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Squall Leonhart by GreetsTheMoon

Version: 1.09 | Updated: 07/11/10

|| Dissidia: Final Fantasy [ENG]         ||
||                                       ||
||An Unofficial Guide to Squall Leonhart ||
||                                       ||
||Version: 1.09                          ||

           _   |H^\\h.yyREa.
.,^.   __ /E__ |H<o\.P\.e)h.
:<W9h/\\\\[n__\|bN\ V_ ;h|*
I ***{.VVV//____. .\.__P | . ...
B.   (;.._/<.==.: : (I. .P): :: .b-,.
 j  /WP.Mb|___.:  : ;\-_-/;:  : .TTTtPPp;-.._
{x} \W==EF|  /MWMWFP|\xx/|WMWMWPd\  .  .   TPp;.__
 *   PPdFd\_/MWMWTLF|\ /;|MWMWPdBb|______ .  .  . TR-:;._
     dWMWMPd WMMF*WW|.\/.|bnnWnWWW\      ****--;;.PP*   **-
      WMWMP/   /WMM|{....|WMWMPWMWMM\.
       \./     \WMMB/._..|WMWM.}P:dddB.
               /  . - - - ]  /dP.BWM/
           ,-/--._--- _  . ](WM(WMM/
          / . .\\_{YY}\_  .)WMbP#\^
          / .{==\\*^^*\_\ .)\WWW./
           /WMWM W-----e/|..;;/:.
      .&WMWM.;W.-:I. \W ; WWB|
    . .;WMW*;WW; -WI  bW ;;WW|
     \;.;;;WWW/|==    \^WW;;WB
     /.;;;.WW/-|--W    bWW ;;W\
    ( ;.WW;./--|--     \wbW;;WH.
     \;.W. /W;WWW;H     \WW..;W|
     \.;.   |;MWW;H      \wW..;W
      \.    |W;;W |       \wW.;H
            J/;WK/.        |W..;\
            ( W;;K>        {Bb..;\
             WWP.d|         \Wb.;Wb
             HW;WH|         d^Wb;;.\
            /P.WMH\         .;WH\lWl.
            . GMWHl           \Wb;WH.
            |;.WP*/           |dWMHG|
            dm;*b/            |WMP**|
           /MWMW(             |MWW*;.\
           HWMMMH             \ WW;.n \
         ./iPWMM|              \ WW;;n \
         \<WPP;,|               /WP;dPP/
         /**=--/                \HpP*..\
   ..*d8WU[ ]8.)                 ( Wb 88\ _
 (nnnnPWP*-----]                 [--;,_***  \
 ----..--**  ***                  ** ._______)
ASCII art by David Weathers


Table of Contents 


Protip!: Ctrl+F makes it fairly easy to locate things in this FAQ!

[I] The Legal Statement
[II] About me!
[III] Who is Squall?
[IV] Character Analysis
[V] Glossary
[VI] Ability List
	[VI.A] Brave Attacks
	[VI.B] HP Attacks
[VII] Combos!
[VIII] How do I play Squall?
[IX] Particular Setups (Abilities, Skills, Equipment, Accessories and Summons)
[X] FAQs and Contact Info
[XI] Future Additions to This Guide
[XII] Version History
[XIII] Credits


[I] The Legal Statement


Before anything else, I would like to get the legal issues out of the way.

I have had NO hand whatsoever in the creation of the game Dissidia: Final
Fantasy, or any of its affiliated titles (i.e. the Final Fantasy series). I
have had no part in either the English OR Japanese versions, as well as any
other versions which I may not currently be aware of. As such, I claim NO
ownership over the titled game or any other products, characters, or
merchandise which may be associated with it. This guide is entirely FREE OF
CHARGE. Please do not contact me for complaints that you paid any amount of
money for this guide only to later find that it was without price. I bear no
responsibilities for any misuse of this document.

Please do not edit this document or redistribute it to any websites which are
not affiliated with GameFAQs without my permission.

This guide has no affiliation to the creators of the game or any of its
associated titles, creators, or merchandise. (Most) Everything in this guide
is entirely based upon the opinions and experiences of its creator (myself) and
the creator's associates.

If I've missed anything particularly important about this section regarding
legal statements, please be sure to tell me.


[II] About Me!


Who IS GreetsTheMoon? First of all, let's get on a first name basis! Feel free
to refer to me simply as Greets!

Ever since my first RPG (Breath of Fire III), I've been addicted to gaming in
the most horrible and wondrous way. While playing video games (particularly
RPGs), I've always had this fascination with maxing out my damage output as high
as it could possibly go.

Shortly after realizing this, I came into the field of COMPETITIVE gaming, in
which case I constantly find ways to completely optimize my damage and general
efficiency. I simply can't turn it off once I get going! This is why I
decided to try my hand at making a FAQ. I want to share my knowledge with anyone
willing to listen, learn, and improve!

This in mind, I will do my best in this FAQ (and potential future FAQs) to share
every shred of knowledge and skill with you, the readers and gamers that keep
GameFAQs alive, and by association, this very guide.

In closing to this section that you probably didn't read, I think I'd just like
to wish you luck! I hope you enjoy my guide and all the treats and goodies it
brings you! So long!

Protip!: I love being corrected and having readers improve my Guides and the
         likes, so PLEASE feel free to get in contact with me and fix up some
         combos, sections, or just add, add, add more content in general!
         You'll find my e-mail address in the FAQs and Contact Info section!
         I'll give you TONS of credit in the section, and I'd love to learn
         something new!


[III] Who is Squall?



Originally from the Square title Final Fantasy 8, Squall is a Gunblade for hire
from Balamb Garden, a kind of school which raises and distributes mercenaries;
similar to a militaristic school. Squall's demeanor is rather cold and, in some
cases, heartless, insisting that personal problems have no place on the
battlefield. To Squall, hope only leads to disappointment, and friends will
always abandon you.


[IV] Character Analysis


Squall as a Dissidia character tends to be very popular due to the nature
of his character as defined by the popular Square Enix (formerly 
Squaresoft) title, Final Fantasy 8. However, aside from the publicity he's
collected over the years, he also happens to be a very powerful competitor.
Generally an easy character to play, Squall has a multitude of combos which,
while not directly chainable (i.e. Brave to HP direct chains, such as Terra's
Holy Combo to Flare to Ultima), have enough speed and short enough lag time
that they can generally all be combo'd together in frightening ways. Aside
from this, Squall also happens to be, in my opinion, one of the most balanced
and level characters in the game, having strong games both on land and in 
the air, as well as a very powerful close to mid-range game.

+Physical attacks have almost no start-up time.
+Versatile and easily adaptable.
+Spells effectively set up combos.
+Lots of Wall Rush attacks for additional damage and combo opportunities.
+Effective on land and in the air.
+Balanced moveset covers nearly all weaknesses when used properly.
+One of the best anti-air attacks in the game (Blasting Zone).
+Brave attack which staggers on block (Heel Crush).
+Final Weapon benefits one of his best attacks (Beat Fang).
+EX Mode DOUBLES damage output from Gunblade attacks

-Most damaging attacks tend to be very short-ranged.
-HP attacks, unless combo'd into, tend to be predictable and easily evaded.
-EX Mode does not benefit his magic arsenal whatsoever.
-Spells have some start-up time and are very easy to evade without a block.
-Can have a rough time closing distance against ranged Casters.
-Full combos can be very much "hit and miss" (i.e. dodged Heel Crush).
-CANNOT chain HP to Brave.
-Final Weapon boosts only EX Core gain as opposed to Force. Less efficient.
-End-game equipment setups could require Lores and excludes Final Weapon.
-Can be easily punished on a spell whiff by most attacks- requires precision.
-Weak long-range game.

More Pros and Cons will come as I think of them! Got some Pros and/or Cons
for me to add or remove from this current list, or some general information
you feel should be included in the paragraph above them? Feel free to let me 
know! Just drop me an e-mail (as shown in my FAQs and Contact Info section).


[V] Glossary


There are a few terms standard to the Dissidia community, competitive
gaming, and coined by yours truely which can and should apply to this
guide. Here, I'm giving you a glossary so that if you happen to not
be familiar with any specific term, you might be able to refer here
and become that much wiser!

|             |a cancel is a method of stopping an animation in order
|             |to cut down on lag time, allowing a player to launch
|   Cancel    |a new attack faster, often greatly improving the
|             |speed of play.
|             |Example: SHFFL'ing in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
|             |DC is an abbreviation for "Dodge Cancel." Dodging is
|             |often a commonly used method of cancelling. In
|             |Dissidia, it's the main form of cancelling
|             |animations to speed up play and improve combo
|             |ability. DC refers to a "neutral-dodge cancel," in
|     DC      |which no direction is specified. FDC refers to a
|             |"forward-dodge cancel." SDC refers to a "side-dodge
|             |cancel." BDC refers to a "back-dodge cancel." In
|             |Dissidia, you dodge by pressing the Block and
|             |Jump buttons at the same time, as well as a direction
|             |on the analog stick.
|             |TC is an abbreviation for "Time Cancel." A TC involves
|             |simply waiting for a varrying amount of time
|     TC      |(dependant on the combo)for the current animation to
|             |end before taking action again, orlaunching the next
|             |attack. TC's tend to be slightly more difficult to
|             |learn, but they become second nature with practice.
|             |An attack with a quick-step is an attack with an
| Quick-Step  |animation that causes the character to move towards
|             |the enemy before actually launching the attack in
|             |question.
|  Start-Up   |The time it takes for an attack to begin- usually,
|             |the starting animation.
|             |The time period after an attack or motion during
|     Lag     |which you may not input commands. Usually in the form
|             |of an animation. Sometimes referred to as "cool-down."

***If there are any terms you would like me to include in the glossary,
   feel free to contact me and let me know.


[VI] Ability List


[Relentless Revolver]
	-- Corners enemies with chained combos.

Squall's attacks are very quick and very powerful. They can rack up mass
amounts of damage in a very short period of time.

	[VI.A] Bravery Attacks

Squall's physical Brave attacks are all very quick and very powerful, while his
magic Brave attacks are a little slow, and better used for setting up combos.

==Land Abilities==

(Upper Blues)
Level: Initial
CP: 30(15)
AP: 120

Close. Leap to the air.
Quick launch, easy wall rush.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush.

Squall does a "quick-step" forward and slashes the enemy up into the air,
promptly smashing them down into the ground after, stunning them for a
moment. The Wall Rush makes this a good combo starter, and the damage is
pretty good. 

(Blizzard Barret)
Level: Initial
CP: 20(10)
AP: 90

Long. Fire 1 ice bullet.
Long range, strong homing.

Squall fires off a single ice bullet after a moment of start-up time. It
gains velocity a little as it goes, and has some decent homing. This move
has very little cool-down compared to most of Squall's moves, especially
considering the opponent will be stunned if they were airborne when the
attack connected. This makes Blizzard Barret a good combo-starter. Best
used off of a block for its slow start-up time.

(Solid Barrel)
Level: 3
CP: 30(15)
AP: 120

Close. Repeated slashes.
Short range; quick and powerful.
Additional Effect: chase.

Squall's most damaging land attack. It is very fast, but also has very
short range, so be wary. Squall slices upward, catching the enemy in
the combo with the initial hit before unleashing a violent seven-hit
combo, blowing the enemy away and prompting the option to Chase. Easy
to combo into, standard on most sets.

(Thunder Barret)
Level: 6
CP: 30(15)
AP: 120

Mid. Lightning that draws foes.
Good start for combos.

After a moment of start-up time, Squall rains down four bolts of lightning
in a direct line in front of him, pulling the enemy in point-blank in front
of Squall and stunning them for a second, giving ample time to launch
another Brave attack. Easy to combo from, standard on most sets.

Level: 22
CP: 30(15)
AP: 120

Mid. Magic barrage.
Can combo without hitting.
Additional Effect: Chase.

Squall shouts "Got'cha!" and fires off four rounds of ice and fire bullets
as you tap the O button, ending the combo with a reversed Thunder Barret 
which flings the enemy away and prompts the option to Chase. Unimpressive
damage, and impossible to combo from.

==Air Abilities==

(Heel Crush)
Level: Initial
CP: 30(15)
AP: 180

Mid. Unleash heel drop.
Slow start, fast movement.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush.

Squall spins towards the enemy, blocking any weak magic attacks he collides
with, and launches a heel drop which sends the enemy rocketing down to the
ground, stunning them as they're wall rushed. Consists of two separate
animations- an approach and an attack. As such, it's possible to DC
between the approach and attack animations, making Heel Crush an effective
magic block and tool for mind games. The wall rush stun makes it easy to
combo out of, and the long approach makes it almost as easy to combo into.
Standard on most sets.

(Beat Fang)
Level: 10
CP: 30(15)
AP: 180

Close. Float, then strike down foe.
Short reach, but fast.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush.

Squall swoops down beside an enemy, covering a short amount of distance,
and launches a speedy series of slashes and explosions which deal
massive damage and end in a wall rush to the ground. Very powerful, easy
to combo into and easy to combo out of due to the wall rush stun.
Standard on most sets.

(Mystic Flurry)
Level: 33
CP: 30(15)
AP: 180

Mid. Magic barrage.
Can combo without hitting.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

Squall shouts, "Got'cha!" and begins firing off ice bullets in a random
array of angles, which turn to thunder mines that deal multiple hits and
explode on contact or after a period of time (whichever comes first). If
the enemy is caught in one or more of the explosions, they will be smashed
into the ground for a wall rush and stunned. Very damaging if all the hits
land, but fairly inaccurate. Best used at point-blank range, after a block
to assure that each bullet hits. Also useful defensively for setting up a
"mine field." Easy to combo from due to wall rush stun, but sometimes
difficult to combo into.

	[VI.B] HP Attacks

Squall's HP attacks are intimidating in that they all tend to close in on the
enemy in some way or another, in most instances, in very flashy or speedy
fashions, which often catches unsuspecting players off-guard.

==Land Abilities==

(Rough Divide[Land])
Level: Initial
CP: 40(20)

Long. Leaping charge.
Slow start, but very fast charge.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush.

Squall leaps up and pauses for a moment before flying towards the enemy at
blinding speeds, dealing straight HP damage. Generally easy to dodge,
doesn't change angle to attack airborne enemies. Cuts through magic. 
Somewhat difficult to combo into and impossible to combo from. 
Not particularly useful, entirely outclassed by its aerial variant.

(Fated Circle)
Level: Initial

Close. Surround self with explosions.
Blocks foe's spells.
Additional Effects: Magic block, wall rush, absorb.

Squall dashes forward suddenly and swings his gunblade around him,
surrounding himself horizontally with multiple explosions that
trigger a moment later, blowing the enemy away and dealing straight
HP damage. Reflects/Blocks magic attacks, very little start-up time.
Relatively easy to combo into, impossible to combo from. Generally
useful, often outclassed by Blasting Zone.

(Blasting Zone)
Level: 28
CP: 40(20)
AP: 300

Mid. Chop with massive blade of
light that flies forward.

Squall instantly envelopes his gunblade with a pillar of searing energy
and drops it down directly in front of him, catching any airborne enemies
for Brave and HP damage. During the chop animation, the trails as it falls
can still catch airborne enemies for HP damage. Very fast, very useful.
Relatively easy to combo into, impossible to combo from. Standard on
most sets and considered one of the best anti-air attacks in the game.

(Revolver Drive)
Level: 38
CP: 40(20)
AP: 180

Mid. Rage-filled charge.
Can aim with the analog stick.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush.

Squall cocks his gunblade and begins charging towards the enemy for as
long as you hold the [] button, until you hit a wall, or until the attack
animation ends (whichever comes first), dealing constant consecutive
Brave hits and ending with HP damage. Very slow start-up, best used off
a block or on an enemy beginning to stand after a ground wall rush.
Cuts through magic. Somewhat difficult to combo into, impossible to
combo from. 

==Air Abilities==

(Aerial Circle)
Level: Initial
CP: 40(20)
AP: 180

Close. Surround self with explosions.
Blocks foe's spells.
Additional Effect: Magic block, wall rush, absorb.

Squall swoops over beside a nearby enemy and surrounds himself with an
array of vertical explosions which trigger a moment later, causing straight
HP damage. Reflects/Blocks magic attacks, very little start-up time.
Relatively easy to combo into, impossible to combo from. Standard on 
most sets.

(Rough Divide)
Level: 16
CP: 40(20)
AP: 300

Long. Leaping charge.
Slow start, but very fast charge.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush.

Squall rises up a bit and pauses before charging at the enemy at blinding
speeds, dealing straight HP damage. Generally easy to dodge, but has better
tracking than its land variant, altering its angle to better home in on the
enemy. Cuts through magic. Difficult to combo into, impossible to combo from.
Standard on most sets.


[VII] Combos!


Squall is unique from most characters in that, while he doesn't have any
direct Brave to HP chains, the nature of his individual attacks allows him
to chain various attacks, Brave and HP alike, into deadly combos, making
him a very versatile character that can adapt to most situations with ease.

Upper Blues Combos

After the Upper Blues wall rush, you have the opportunity to launch
several attacks for a combo. Its blinding speed and quick approach
also makes it usable as a direct assault as opposed to being used
exclusively off a block, as is usually the case with Blizzard and
Thunder Barrets.

    *(Upper Blues)-> (Heel Crush)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent dodges Heel Crush]
After the initial wall rush, the opponent is usually stunned long enough
that you have the chance to land a Heel Crush, closing distance just
enough to launch another attack while the enemy is stunned by the second
wall rush from Heel Crush. Do NOT attempt to DC after Upper Blues. Doing
so will cause you to be out of range for Heel Crush. Aerial Circle is
also a possible option.

    *(Upper Blues)-> (Heel Crush)-> FDC-> (Mystic Flurry)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent dodges Heel Crush]
In the event that Heel Crush lands, and wall rushes the opponent back into
the ground, this is a good option. Mystic Flurry will get squeeze in yet
another wall rush, setting the opponent up for further combo fun. Be
careful with your FDC, however. If you go too far, Mystic Flurry might not
connect to the opponent, and your combo will be broken. Feel free to
follow this up with another Heel Crush and repeat depending on how the
enemy reacts. Aerial Circle is also a possible option.

    *(Upper Blues)-> (Heel Crush)-> (Beat Fang)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent dodges Heel Crush]
In the event that the enemy blocks your Heel Crush, they'll stagger.
This opens them up to a Beat Fang. Feel free to follow up with another
Heel Crush, or TC to another Beat Fang. Launching Mystic Flurry while
they're on the ground is also an option. Aerial Circle is also
a possible option.

    *(Upper Blues)-> (Heel Crush)-> (Aerial Circle)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent dodges Heel Crush]
If you land a Heel Crush, you have a chance to land an HP attack with
Aerial Circle.

Solid Barrel Combos

Solid Barrel has a horribly short range, but it happens to be Squall's
biggest, meanest beat stick of an attack. It technically only has one
combo, but it's certainly a doozy.

    *(Solid Barrel[3Hits]) -> BDC -> (Upper Blues)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that you are too slow]
It's as simple as that folks. Now, this combo is VERY damaging, and is
easy to start off if you throw in Thunder Barret at the beginning, but
there are a couple techincal aspects about it. For one, when you DC,
do NOT hold back. Dissidia is very sneaky about it, but it does have
some manner of DIRECTIONAL INFLUENCE. This in mind, holding back while
you DC will force you further back than you want to go. In that same
respect, you want to set your Upper Blues to FORWARD + O. This will
cause Squall to move just far enough forward as Upper Blues plays out
that you'll be able to hit the opponent after the DC. Sadly, you lose
out on Blizzard Barret, killing some of your versatility, but you gain
a BEASTLY combo in return.

Blizzard Barret Combos

Blizzard Barret, as previously stated in the above section, is best used
against AIRBORNE, staggering foes; particularly those that are low to the 
ground, such Cloud after blocking a Slash Blow or Aerial Fang. The enemy,
in that case, must touch the ground again before they can react in any
way, making Blizzard Barret a powerful combo starter, especially
considering that the enemy will be knocked back far enough for
Thunder Barret to achieve its maximum number of hits (four).

    *(Blizzard Barret)-> (Thunder Barret)-> (Solid Barrel)*
Aside from the Blizzard Barret starter, this is a standard Squall combo
used on most sets. Blizzard Barret stuns airborne enemies long enough
for Squall to cast Thunder Barret, drawing them in for a guaranteed
Solid Barrel, dealing massive damage and knocking the enemy away,
prompting a Chase.

    *(Blizzard Barret)-> (Thunder Barret)-> (Upper Blues)*
Very similar to the above combo with one exception; Upper Blues is best
suited for the more combo-oriented players. While Solid Barrel does very
big damage and can lead to a Chase, Upper Blues wall rushes the enemy into
the ground, setting them up for further combo'ing.

    *(Blizzard Barret)-> (Blasting Zone)*
Thanks to Blizzard Barret's short lag time, and the stun which occurs when
it hits an airborne enemy, Blizzard Barret opens a perfect opportunity to
land a guaranteed Blasting Zone. There is a single known instance in which
this combo would not be guaranteed. If the opponent is above a low platform
when Blizzard Barret hits (i.e. the center construct of Order's Sanctuary
or the plateau in Edge of Madness), the enemy will land early and be able
to dodge out of the way. While not tested, it's also possible that being
near a quickmove landmark and using it after being hit by Blizzard Barret
could also allow the enemy to recover more quickly and escape.

    *(Blizzard Barret)-> (Fated Circle)*
Similar to the above combo with the exception of Fated Circle being the
chosen HP attack. The stun from Blizzard Barret on an airborne enemy
grants a guaranteed Fated Circle, unless the enemy happens to be above
a platform when Blizzard Barret hits, in which case they land early and
can possibly dodge to safety. A quickmove option can also possibly save
the enemy if they were to activate it, eliminating their lag time;
but this has yet to be tested.

Thunder Barret Combos

Thunder Barret is usuable in similar fashion to Blizzard Barret. However,
because Blizzard Barret does not have the same stun effects on grounded
enemies as it does on airborne ones, it's best to jump straight to 
Thunder Barret against enemies on land. The fact that it draws enemies in
point-blank with just a moment of stun time grants Squall the perfect
opportunity to launch a combo.

    *(Thunder Barret)-> (Solid Barrel)**
This is generally the most standard combo at Squall's disposal, seen on
just about every common set. Again, in the case that the enemy is on the
ground at the time you block their attack, causing them to stagger,
Thunder Barret is the superior combo starter. Leads to a Chase, and
impossible to combo from.

   *(Thunder Barret)-> (Solid Barrel[3Hits])-> (Upper Blues)*
This is just about the most damaging combo Squall can manage. It's not
always guaranteed against a max-level CPU, but most human players won't
have enough time to block, so if anything, they'll at least be sent
dodging whichever way to try and avoid Upper Blues.

    *(Thunder Barret)-> (Upper Blues)**
Similar to the above combo, again, with more the option to lead into more
combos as opposed to simply blowing the enemy away as in the case of
Solid Barrel. Again, a Thunder Barret combo starter is more efficient and
guaranteed against a grounded enemy than a Blizzard Barret combo starter
against a grounded enemy. Ideal to combo from.

Heel Crush Combos

Heel Crush is a wonderful attack because of the fact that it can approach,
block weak magic, and can wall rush or stagger the enemy all in one go.
Aside from that, you can DC it so quickly, that there's almost no penalty
if you miss. 

    *(Heel Crush)-> DC-> (Heel Crush)-> DC-> (Heel Crush) . . . *
NOT Guaranteed. 
Heel Crush is not difficult to spam because it's generally so safe.
Even after smashing an enemy into the ground, you can still continue to
use Heel Crush if you choose- however, there are better things to combo
from Heel Crush, as listed below.

    *(Heel Crush)-> (Beat Fang)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent dodges Heel Smash]
Heel Crush opens up the opportunity to Beat Fang for big damage, which
wall rushes to the ground and opens up the opportunity to launch another
Heel Crush, another Beat Fang, Mystic Flurry, or Aerial Circle.

    *(Heel Crush)-> FDC-> (Mystic Flurry)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent dodges Heel Smash]
A very short FDC will near-guarantee a few hits with Mystic Flurry, 
wall rushing and opening up opportunities to combo further. If low to
the ground, and you land quickly, you could combo to Thunder Barret,
Revolver Drive, Fated Circle, or Upper Blues.

    *(Heel Crush)-> (Aerial Circle)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent dodges Heel Smash]
Heel Crush to an easy HP attack. Impossible to combo from.

Beat Fang Combos

Beat Fang is your primary aerial Brave attack. It's quick, has a decent
quick-step range, and can track well vertically. Aside from that, it deals
loads of damage! Include Beat Fang in all your sets.

    *(Beat Fang)-> (Heel Crush)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent dodges Heel Crush]
This only works if you're not TOO high up- otherwise, Heel Crush will whiff
(miss) entirely. Heel Crush is a safe follow-up to most (GROUND)
Wall Rushes.

    *(Beat Fang)-> FDC/TC-> (Beat Fang)*
NOT Guaranteed [in the event that the opponent recovers quickly]
Careful with this one- it's easy to dodge the FDC, and the TC could leave you
open if the target happens to block the second Beat Fang. However, it is
possible to get it off on an unsuspecting foe, so use it sparingly.

Mystic Flurry Combos

Because of its wall rush property, you can treat Mystic Flurry similar to how
you'd treat Heel Crush or Beat Fang. 

    *(Mystic Flurry[1Hit])-> (Beat Fang)*
NOT Guaranteed
I personally don't consider this a particularly reliable combo due to
Mystic Flurry's fickle nature, but if you can manage to block, fire off a
single Mystic Flurry towards the enemy, and follow it up with a Beat Fang
using a bit of good timing, the two combo nicely together. Not something I'd
use often though, personally.

    *(Mystic Flurry)-> (Mystic Flurry)-> (Mystic Flurry)-> . . .*
NOT Guaranteed
Aside from wall rushing and setting up combos, Mystic Flurry can be useful for
setting up a wall to hide behind. Even though the enemy can dash through them,
the may, at some point, dodge right into them or become apprehensive to get
too close. Aside from this, Mystic Flurry can combo into just about any of your
attacks, so long as you aren't too far from the ground.

    *(Mystic Flurry)-> (Fated Circle)*
This only works when you're low to the ground after a Mystic Flurry- at least
make sure you hit the ground before, or very shortly after the opponent does-
otherwise, you'll whiff when they dodge out of the way. Generally, you'll
launch it just as they're getting up, so they attack will go off, and they'll
end up taking it just after the animation begins.

    *(Mystic Flurry)-> (Revolver Drive)*
Only works if you're low to the ground during Mystic Flurry, or at least end up
landing before or very shortly after the enemy does. Depending on your timing,
you may or may not land this. You have to feel out the lag time after
Mystic Flurry before you can launch Revolver Drive, but eventually you'll get
it down to a science. This is one of my favorite ways to end a match for its
shear overwhelming power and duration.

    *(Mystic Flurry)-> TC-> (Aerial Circle)*
NOT Guaranteed
Feel out that time-cancel. If you launch Aerial Circle too early, you pop the
HP attack before they even get up, leaving you vulnerable afterward due
to the lag. Safest following option in that case is usually to dodge
behind them.


[VIII] How do I Play Squall?


As I stated earlier in this FAQ, Squall is NOT my main. However, I have a
strange habit of NEVER losing with him. Being a natural Squall user, as
opposed to a learned one, it's a little difficult for me to verbalize my
tactics and such. However, I'll do my best!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again- Squall can ADAPT. If you don't know
your opponent very well, take the time to play it safe in the beginning- throw
around a few safe combos (anything off of a block and Heel Crush works, as well
as Mystic Flurry), and see how the opponent reacts.

BLOCK AND DODGE EVERYTHING. PERIOD. If they can't hurt you, they can't win, so
learn to block and dodge everything efficiently. Squall plays a nasty
punishment game- "punishment" essentially being a counterattack on a wider
scale. You can punish an enemy for dodging early, or punish them for trying to
land an HP attack they know that won't actually hit you with.

Keep the pressure up, and play some mind games (i.e. cancelling Heel Crush
once or twice before actually landing it to force early dodges). Squall's
speed and near-limitless combo potential allows him to throw all sorts of moves
together to really make the enemy suffer- it keeps them on the defensive, and
it keeps them on their toes. Sometimes, it's smarter NOT to finish a combo,
and to instead cut off an attack early- for instance, maybe you'll land the
first couple hits of Beat Fang, and then dodge cancel out of nowhere- the enemy
might be caught off-guard and not be prepared to dodge the NEXT Beat Fang you
launch, essentially allowing you to get in two attacks without any punishment.
Remain unpredictable, but don't be so random that you lose track of what you
are doing. At that point, you're just mashing buttons.

Squall has a unique trait in that the individual hits of his attacks are
sped up or slowed down based on the speed of your button presses- I've
personally found that faster input tends to reduce the length of your
cool-down animations some, so really mash that Brave attack button once
you've landed a hit!


[IX] Particular Setups


In this section, I'll be discussing particular setups and builds, including any
specific abilities (offensive, extra, etc), equipment, accessories, and
summons, as well as how the builds work, and any especially useful combos.

I'll start off with the build I use for MY Squall.


I consider my Squall setup to be fairly versatile, capable of doing most things
that a proper Squall SHOULD do. My build is geared towards getting EX Mode
fairly early, and then keeping it, so use your EX Burst SPARINGLY (especially
since you're using an Opponent HP=100% booster, in which case you shouldn't
launch an HP attack till you're ready to win)! Squall's number of hits DOUBLES
when he enters EX mode, making his attacks that much more devastating.
Beat Fang is pretty much your STAPLE move in EX Mode, and with all of Squall's
combos, it's fairly easy to get off.

|                                     |
|Ragnarok                             |
|--Atk +68                            |
|  Physical Damage +25%               |
|                                     |
|Blue Moon                            |
|--HP +307, Def +72                   |
|  Snowpetal (1/3)                    |
|                                     |
|Nameless(Overwork Thornlet)          |
|--Brave +500                         |
|  Overwork (1/3)                     |
|                                     |
|Brigandine      		      |
|--HP +2717			      |
|  Wall Rush BRV Defense +40%         |
|                                     |

Ragnarok is just about the best weapon you can hope to get for a primarilly
physical character. With 68 Atk and an innate Champion Belt effect, there
isn't much better available to you. Not even the Lufenian Dirk can compare.
The only downfall of this gear is that it requires "Equip Greatswords" via
the Knight Lore. However, upon mastering Equip Greatswords, you get a great
ability called Greatswords Adept that grants you a bonus Atk +2 JUST for
equipping a Greatsword! Sign me up!

I'm only using Blue Moon at the moment for lack of anything better.
I'll eventually have a Nameless(Overwork Blurry Moon) there instead, for a
fantastic Atk +1, Def +72, and my second Overwork. Sadly, this will require
the "Equip Parrying" ability, learned via the Ninja Lore item.

The Nameless headpiece is based off a Thornlet, arguably the best headgear
in the game due to its ridiculous Brave boost. However, Squall DOES require
"Equip Hairpins" via the White Mage Lore in order to wear it. I have no
complaints, though! Eventually, Hairpins Adept will grant you a bonus +200
Brave! What's not to love?

Just like Blue Moon, Brigandine is a place-holder at the moment. It simply
grants the highest HP bonus while bearing a benefit that doesn't require
a set. Eventually, that will be replaced by a Rainbow Robes, which will
grant a slight Brave bonus, as well as some added Magic Defense (+20%), at
the cost of a little HP, which is nearly negligible. It's really the Brave
bonus I'm going for here. Rainbow Robes is only equippable by Squall
through use of the "Equip Robes" ability, gained via the Black Mage Lore.

|                                     |
|Gravitorb			      |
|Pearl Necklace			      |
|Gold Hourglass			      |
|Champion Belt 			      |
|After (your) Summon                  |
|(your) EX Mode			      |
|(opponent's) HP=100%	              |
|Red Gem			      |
|Sturm und Drang		      |
|Miracle Shoes                        |
|                                     |

This setup provides nearly as much damage output as a standard raw Atk+
set, while still allowing you to build your EX gague and keep it up with
respectable speed. The best way to keep up your multipliers is simply to
use a throw away summon like Cactuar or Odin right off the bat before the
opponent can manage to drop Asura or Ramuh. After that, simply don't land
an HP attack on the opponent till you have enough Brave for a killing
blow, and you're good. You'll naturally gain EX throughout the battle,
and eventually get the EX Mode multiplier, too, which, granted you play
with enough skill, should be more than enough to keep you in EX mode for
the rest of the match. Red Gem grants the biggest Atk boost (+2), and
Sturm und Drang otherwise grant the biggest percentile boost for physical
damage output. Finally, Miracle Shoes grant an Atk +1 bonus while also
providing extra Def and Luk (both +1). Fairly useful.

Offensive Abilities:
|                                     |
|--Land BRAVE--			      |
|O: Solid Barrel		      |
|Up+O: Upper Blues		      |
|Down+O: Thunder Barret 	      |
|				      |
|--Air BRAVE--			      |
|O: Beat Fang 			      |
|Up+O: Heel Crush      		      |
|Down+O: Mystic Flurry		      |
|--Land HP--			      |
|[]: Fated Circle***                  |
|Up+[]: N/A                           |
|Down+[]:Blasting Zone                |
|                                     |
|--Air HP--                           |
|[]: Aerial Circle                    |
|Up+[]: Rough Divide (midair)         |
|Down+[]: N/A                         |
|                                     |
***: If you're short on CP, you don't need to run Fated Circle. If you
     can manage to fit it in, though, go for it!

|   *(Thunder Barret)-> (Solid Barrel[3Hits])-> (Upper Blues)*   |
This is the main combo you're going to be running. This is your big
beastly beatstick. Runs best off a block, just to note.

Basic Abilities:
|                                     |
|--Actions--			      |
|Ground Evasion			      |
|Midair Evasion                       |
|Ground Block			      |
|Midair Block                         |
|Free Air Dash                        |
|Multi-Air Slide +                    |
|Speed Boost ++***                    |
|-----------------------------------  |
|--Support--                          |
|Always Target Indicator              |
|EX Core Lock On                      |
|-----------------------------------  |
|--Extra--                            |
|Sneak Attack                         |
|Riposte                              |
|Equip Greatswords                    |
|Equip Hairpins                       |
|Greatsword Adept                     |
|                                     |
***: If you're short on CP, Speed Boost++ isn't too terribly important, so
     you can probably stand to remove it if you need the extra CP.
     Otherwise, there's no reason not to have it!

Free Air Dash in addition to Multi-Air Slide+ allows you to capture EX Cores
around the stage easily, while still retaining the ability to rush directly
towards your opponent. I consider having both much better than having
Omni Air Dash. Sneak Attack isn't a MUST HAVE, but it is nice to have,
considering that Beat Fang always ends with the opponent's back to you,
essentially granting you free crits without much effort. Riposte is a staple
on all characters, as far as I'm concerned. Eventually, in addition to the 
"Equip X" and "X Adept" abilities I have now, I plan to have Equip Robes,
Equip Parrying, Robe Adept, Parrying Adept, and Hairpins Adept.

|                                     |
|Ramuh                                |
|Cactuar                              |
|Odin                                 |
|Demon Wall                           |
|Shiva                                |
|                                     |

As I mentioned earlier, you want summons that you can stand to use early and
not regret losing later. Ramuh can seal your opponent's summons, which are
often the back-bone of sets. At this point, you've gained a booster for
using your summon, and they might not be able to get theirs. Cactuar is
useful all throughout the game, if you like to be more conservative with
your summons. Cactuar can save you from being killed by reducing 9999 damage
to 8999 damage, or set up an easy, early-game Break. Odin is fairly cut and
dry- either it Breaks the enemy early, or you're still on equal footing.
Demon Wall is nice for keeping your Brave intact while you build up for that
big, final blow. Shiva can set up a lot of players for multiple easy Breaks
if you use it well.



[X] FAQs and Contact Information


No FAQs here so far!

Feel free to contact me at:



[XI] Future Additions to this Guide


While there's no guarantee that I will be able to add all of these into the
FAQ, I do plan on making a few additions to this as time goes by.

--While I already have a YouTube account, I plan on perhaps creating a new
one in order to upload videos demonstrating the capabilities of particular
sets (i.e. videos of a particular set being used in matches against
friends), as well as individual combos. Ideally, each combo listed in
section five will have its own video depicting a few instances of the
combo being used, including a few situations in which the combo failed
along with reasons why the combo MAY fail in the video description,
as well as both video and written methods of escaping punishment when
things don't go as planned.

--This will probably also come mainly in the form of YouTube links. I plan
on fleshing out the Tactics section to depict a few useful Squall tricks,
such as good timing, deciding the best move combinations in order to
maximize Brave damage, and nifty Squall techniques, such as effective
Heel Crush cancelling for mind games.

--I'd like to add a section which, in detail, not only discusses Squall's
Exclusive equipment and how to get them fastest, but other gear and
accessories which are useful for Squall, including where and which "Lore"
items would be needed to equip any particular equipment which Squall
normally could not use.

--I understand that several other Dissidia Character FAQs include matchups
which compare their chosen character's abilities to another in order to
determine the ease or difficulty of battle against any other character.

--I'm going to try my best to be more concise and efficient with the
descriptions of various moves, combos, sets, and their uses. I realize I'm a
little wordy, but eventually, the FAQ will be re-written for efficiency's

--With luck, someone will pay enough attention to this guide to update it
with their own sets by contacting me at my email address (as seen in the
above section). I will, of course, grant credit where credit is due! On
that note:


More to come as more ideas come to me!


[XII] Version History


Last Updated:

July 10, 2010: Ver1.09
-- Added new combos under the "Combos!" section.
-- Added ASCII art, courtesy of David Weathers.
-- "Particular Setups" updated and re-written!

April 26, 2010: Ver1.06
-- Added Pros and Cons sections and rewrote the Character Analysis
   section to be more concise.
-- Added the term "Spam" to the Glossary.
-- Added an About Me section!

April 25, 2010: Ver1.03
-- Rewriting most of the Ability List and Combos to make them shorter
   and clearer.
-- Added a GLOSSARY section.
-- Double-checking combos for practicality.

April 24, 2010: Ver1.0
-- First draft of the guide is complete!


[XIII] Credits


1. Square-Enix for creating this game.
2. Tetsuya Nomura for creating Squall Leonhart, as seen in Final Fantasy 8
   and Dissidia: Final Fantasy.
3. My friends and affiliations for playing it with me and helping me
4. Myself for the creation of this FAQ.
5. Any fans of the game who decide they would like to contribute to my
   Unofficial Squall Guide!
6. I would also like to give credit to GameFAQs for hosting my Guide!
7. I'd like to give special thanks to one of my college instructers, 
   Mr. David Weathers for providing this guide with ASCII art!

Would you like to be listed in the Credits for my FAQ? If so, contribute!
Drop me an email with a useful bit of information, suggestion, or YouTube
link, and I'll add a special thankyou to the credits for you!

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