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Exdeath by Shad_Hv

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/24/10

|                                                                             |
| Dissidia Final Fantasy                                                      |
|                                                                             |
|                               Exdeath Guide (FAQ)                           |
|                                                                             |
| V.1.0                                                                       |
|                                                                             |
| By Shad_Hv                                                                  |
|                                                                             |

|Table of Content                 |

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I. Introduction............................[INT0]

II. About Exdeath (SPOILERS)...............[FF52]

III. The Entropic Adversary................[EXA3]

IV. Arsenal
         A. Bravery........................[BRV4]
         B. HP Attacks.....................[HPA4]
         C. Support Skills *in build*......[SSX4]

V. EX-Mode.................................[EXM5]

VI. Using Exdeath
         A. Basics.........................[BAS6]
         B. General Tips...................[GLT6]
         C. Set-ups........................[STS6]

VII. Equipments and Builds.................[EQP7]

VIII. No Mercy! *In Build*
         A. Warrior of Light...............[WOL8]
         B. Garland........................[GAR8]
         C. Firion.........................[FRN8]
         D. The Emperor....................[TEM8]
         E. Onion Knight...................[OKN8]
         F. Cloud of Darkness..............[COD8]
         G. Cecil..........................[CEH8]
         H. Golbez.........................[GOL8]
         I. Bartz..........................[BAR8]
         J. Exdeath........................[EXD8]
         K. Terra..........................[TER8]
         L. Kefka..........................[KEK8]
         M. Cloud..........................[CLD8]
         N. Sephiroth......................[SEP8]
         O. Squall.........................[SQL8]
         P. Ultimecia......................[ULT8]
         Q. Zidane.........................[ZID8]
         R. Kuja...........................[KUJ8]
         S. Tidus..........................[TID8]
         T. Jecht..........................[JET8]
         U. Shantotto......................[SHN8]
         V. Gabranth.......................[GBR8]
         W. Chaos..........................[CHS8]

IX. Quotes.................................[QUIX]

X. Versions................................[VER0]

XI. Contact................................[COTI]

XII. Thanks................................[THXI]

XIII. Copyright............................[CPR3]

|I. Introduction                   [INT0]    |

Hello. This is a guide to help new players to learn how to play with the Final
Fantasy V villain: Exdeath. If you want to know, my name is Matthew, but it
doesn’t matter. This is my first FAQ, so, I hope you enjoy it. Many say that
Exdeath is among the hardest characters to play, this is partially true, but
mastering him you’ll be practically invincible. So, let’s get start.

|II. About Exdeath (SPOILERS)      [FF52]    |

In Final Fantasy V:

In both Final Fantasy V and Dissidia, Exdeath is a powerful warlock who
seeks engulfs the world in the "Void". Originally, Exdeath  was a tree used to
contain countless demons and evil spirits. However, this evil make the tree
transform in the sorcerer called Exdeath. The Four Warriors of Dawn, Galuf,
Xezat, Kelger and Dorgann found Exdeath in an alternative world, they defeat
Exdeath, but they cannot destroy him, the four warriors found the solution in
sealing Exdeath using the four crystals, thus, Exdeath as sealed for 30

30 years later, a man called Cid Previa creates a machine to produce more
energy from the Crystals, but it will make them shatter, knowing this,
Exdeath use his influence to make them shatter quickly. Dorgann’s son,
Bartz, together with the princesses of Tycoon, Leena and Faris, and the
former Warrior of Dawn, Galuf, try to stop the crystals from be destroyed by
Exdeath, but they fails, and the evil warlock is free once again and travels
to Galuf’s homeworld to destroy the world’s crystal, the team follows him.

After learning Exdeath’s interest in something in the Great Forest of Moore,
they come to Exdeath’s birthplace, to found what their enemy indeed
seeks is the Crystals, Exdeath uses this to tortures the warriors. Galuf’s
granddaughter, Krilie, try to stop him, but was in vain, fully determined to
save his granddaughter, Galuf destroy one crystal and fight against the
warlock, even after many powerful attacks, Galuf still resisting until die,
knock Exdeath away.

He’s confronted again in his castle, and now defeated, and the crystals
shatters, thus, the two worlds merges, and the "void" is free once again. Using
this power, Exdeath almost destroy the world, but Bartz’s group, using the
legendary weapon used by the ancients to defeat another warlock who desires to
engulfs the world in the void, stop him, however, Exdeath loses the control of
the void, and fuses with it, becoming a being formed by everything absorbed by
the void called "Neo Exdeath", who wants to destroy all the existence. After a
long and difficult battle, Exdeath is destroyed, and the world is restored once

|II. The Entropic Adversary        [FF52]    |

Now, back to Dissidia.

Exdeath fight style is fairly strange at first sight. His attacks consist in
using defensive attacks and counter with powerful blows, his others bravery
attacks are very slow and weak, many of them have a more powerful version as
counters. His HP attack "Delta Attack" can block blows too, but is a normal
block, and can be Guard Crushed, Almagest and Grand Cross can be used as
counters, The main difficulty is Exdeath is the timing to block the attacks,
some of them are pretty easy to block, while others are very hard to block.
Until you gain Omni-block you can't block attack guard crush, and without
Riposte and guaranteed critical, the counters can be pretty weak. Ignoring
these little facts (I suggest you turn this to details), with patience,
practice, and good timing you can block nearly ALL attacks in the game, and
the own game producers said who mastering him would make you virtually

- With good training can be the strongest character of the game
- One of his attacks makes him teleports.
- Highly intimidating character.
- Capable of punishing anything the opponent can dish out.
- Hits like a truck.

- Has several useless and weak attacks
- Is incredibly slow, him even falls slow
- Need to be very patient to use him
- His chase attacks can be easily dodged

|III. Arsenal                                |

As I already say, his attacks resume to block and punish the adversary with a
powerful counter, learn to block EVERY attack possible takes a while, but this
will be a well-wasted time. Here goes \o.

<Attack name>
Game description: the description the game offers
Description: the full description
CP (master): the amount of CP wasted to equip the attack (in parenthesis the
amount when master)
Level: the level who you learn the skill
Notes: additional effects
Review: my opinion about the attack
Note: my note about the attack consists in:
1/5 = Poor, don’t equip
2/5 = Fairly bad, not recommended
3/5 = A good attack, can be equipped
4/5 = A great attack, must "BE"equip/EQUIPPED"
5/5 = Amazing! Equip it right after "YOU"learn.
In parenthesis, the note of the counter version (if the attack have the version)

A. Bravery                        [BRV4]

Black Hole
Game description:
[Long] Create black hole that
attracts all around it for a time.
Description: Exdeath creates a black hole between him and the enemy, this have
a great absorption speed, and can be connected with Delta attack and Almagest.
CP (master): 30(15)
Level: Initial (Ground), 16 (Aerial)
Notes: Absorb enemy
Review: this is the only non-block bravery attack that Exdeath has. This has a
great laggy start up, so don't use this at close-combat or you can be severely
punished. This attack can be chained into two of his HP attack: Delta attack
and Almagest. It doesn't have a counter version
Note: 3/5. This is a good attack, but is not great at all, and skilled players
will have no trouble in dodging.

Vacuum Wave

Game description:
[Long] Fire vacuum shockwave.
Weak homing, high power.
Description: Exdeath fires a great ball of light that moves forward, if hits,
causes a chase.
CP (master): 30(15)
Level: Initial (Ground), 24 (Aerial)
Notes: Starts a chase
Review: This is a crappy attack, this moves forward, so, this can easily dodged
or guarded, but has a small utility, if the enemy blocks and the ball returns,
use a block attack and use a long-range counter, this can be a bit useful
against The Emperor’s Flares. The counter version of the attack can be a great
tool against mages or long range fighters, there he shoots two balls, if the
enemy tries to block it, they'll stagger, and become a easy target for the
second, in EX-mode, he fires four balls.
Note: 2/5 (3/5). This is very bad, don’t receive the lowest because of the
block trick.

Reverse Polarity

Game description:
Special warp movement attack.
Hold button, release to warp.
Description: Exdeath creates a circle of energy who allows him to move in a
fairly speed, holding the button makes him travel a long distance, the circle
moves initially where the enemy is when it activates, and the course changes if
something is in the way. It causes small damage if Exdeath teleports where the
enemy is, if they are performing attack, it makes them stagger.
CP (master): 30(15)
Level: Initial (Ground and Aerial)
Notes: Causes wall rush
Review: This will be your must have attacks. This attack doesn’t cause great
damage, but he’s not created to cause damage, this compensates his slow speed,
and can cancel the opponent attacks! However, the aerial version is better.
Note: 3/5, 4/5 aerial version. This is a great attack; but I don’t found very
usefulness in the ground.

Sword Dance

Game description:
[Close] Swing blade in broad arc.
Mighty blow sends foe flying.
Description: In fast speed, Exdeath swoop toward the enemy and slash with his
sword, in the counter version, Exdeath practically teleports at the enemy and
slash him two times, in the EX-mode him attacks four times.
CP (master): 30(15)
Level: 3 (Ground), 20 (Aerial)
Notes: Causes wall rush
Review: His worst attack, no away equip it, even making Exdeath move fast, he
already have Reverse Polarity, who have even a better tracker. The counter
version have great advantages.
Note: 1/5 (5/5). Horrible! Simply ignore it at level 3, I don’t know if it has
some utility in a Attacker Exdeath, if you found some use to it, contact me.


Game description:
[Mid] Summon tornadoes to self.
Can aim with the analog stick.
Description: Exdeath summons a Hurricane who absorbs the enemies to him, can be
use as defensive and deal decent damage, but have bad tracker. Counter version
does the same thing, in EX-Mode, him counter two times.
CP (master): 30(15)
Level: 12 (Ground), 34 (Aerial)
Notes: Absorb enemies
Review: This has some utility as an defensive, but you already have the blocks
to defend. The counter version deals tremendous damage if the enemy is
staggering, probably his powerful attack in these cases, in EX-Mode him uses
the Counter version 2 times, allowing tracking the enemy if the first fails.
Note: 2/5 (5/5). This is a fair attack, but not very useful.

Low Block

Game description:
[Block] Call a protective wind.
Short cast allows repeat attacks.
Description: Exdeath summons a green barrier, allowing to block weak magic
projectiles, has slow duration and slow end lag time.
CP (master): 20 (10)
Level: 20 (Ground), Initial (Aerial)
Notes: Magic Block
Review: Together with Mid Block, this will be your initial block attacks, but
this sucks, only defends magical attacks, and the guard dissipates very
quickly, throw it away at first chance
Note: 2/5. Good to block magic, but Mid Block already do this.

Mid Block

Game description:
[Block] Create cerulean wall that
defends against BRV attacks.
Description: Exdeath summons a cerulean pentagon who blocks anything that a
normal block does, have a good duration, allowing to counter fast.
CP (master): 20 (10)
Level: 24 (Ground), Initial (Aerial)
Notes: Block
Review: Together with Low Block, this will be your initial block attacks, this
is very better than the Low Block. This is practically a normal guard, attacks
who guard crushes and stagger pierce easily it, use carefully.
Note: 3/5. A great guard for the beginning, but chance it when receive High

High Block

Game description:
[Block] Call a crimson crest.
Maintain block with button hold.
Description: Exdeath summons a crimson shield who protects against almost every
bravery attack and some HP Attacks, attacks like Terra’s Meteor can be blocked,
Shantotto HP Attacks under 7000 of bravery can be blocked as well, only attacks
who guard crushes can pierce through the guard. Hold button for long duration.
CP (master): 20 (10)
Level: 30 (Ground), 3 (Aerial)
Notes: Block
Review: A really must-have attack, the only defect is being unable to protect
Guard Crushers attacks, but it is nothing, you can hold the O button to makes
the guard hold more time, making the timing smaller, however, the lag time is
great, so, try to guard the attacks ALWAYS.
Note: 5/5. AMAZING! Don’t lose time in equip right after receive.

Omni Block

Game description:
[Block] Blocks any blow.
Deploys on button release.
Description: Exdeath summons a force field that blocks EVERY bravery attack
(including Ultimecia’s fully charged Knight’s Axe) and many HP Attacks, the
only HP Attacks who aren’t blocked are the magical HP Attacks who does
multiples hits (Flood, Innocence, Shift Break, etc.). Can be charged, but don’t
chance nothing.
CP (master): 35 (15)
Level: 38 (Ground), 12 (Aerial)
Notes: Block
Review: His best guard, mastering it means be damaged by almost nothing, but
this doesn’t means to dispense High Block, as Omni Block can’t defend Garland’s
Blaze, and the timing of the Omni Block is very precise, need a hard training
to have good benefits.
Note: 5/5. Must-have, can to a lot of thing who high block don’t, but, don’t
dispense High Block.

B. HP Attacks                        [HPA4]

Each one of Exdeath's HP attacks are designed to punish the opponent in some
shape or form, from different distances, and against different types of

Delta Attack
Game description:
[Mid] Fire beam from array.
Sends foe flying while defending.
Description: Exdeath summons a shield who defends against projectiles and weak
physical attacks (a HP Attack version of Mid-Block), and deals a great beamos
energy that causes the HP attack. Causes a lag afterwards.
CP (master): 40 (20)
Level: Initial (Ground and Aerial)
Notes: Block and causes wall rush
Review: His best HP Attack, this is an upgraded version of Warrior of Light’s
Shield of Light, this causes a lag afterward, so, don’t spam this.
Note: 5/5. Must-have, never unequip this.


Game description:
[Close] Fill an area with the Void.
Slow to cast, slight homing.
Description: Exdeath involves in a black sphere of nothingness, after few
seconds, this explodes, leaves Exdeath vulnerable to any damage, use it
carefully. The counter version this instantly explodes, making it very hard to
CP (master): 40 (20)
Level: 8 (Ground), 30 (Aerial)
Notes: Causes wall rush
Review: An average HP Attack, the wall rush bonus damage can be used well, but
while attacks it leaves you completely vulnerable. The counter is our main
weapon against staggering opponents, but useless against long-range.
Note: 3/5 (5/5). A decent attack, but is dispensable.

Grand Cross

Game description:
[Long] Focus then detonate
Void power at foe's position.
Description: Summons many orbs that do multiple BRV damage before an explosion
that deals HP damage. This is a very slow HP Attack with abnormal track. Have
counter variation
CP (master): 40 (20)
Level: 16 (Ground), 38 (Aerial)
Notes: Causes wall rush
Review: This isn’t an attack that can be spammed, if you do this, can be
severely punished. Counter variation is an instantly skip to the bravery
damage, a perfect weapon against mages, don’t hesitate do use this against one
mage, if the enemy is too close, the attack will miss, and you’ll probably be
Note: 2/5 (5/5). Very dispensable, but is "equipable"

C. Support Skills                    [HPA4]

=In Build=

|V. Ex-Mode                        [EXM5]    |

Exdeath’s EX-Mode is called "Power of the Void", there he morph in his tree
form of Final Fantasy V. Like all EX-Modes, he gains the ability in recover
health over the time. The lag after the guard attacks decreases, and he can use
his bravery counters twice.

His Ex-burst "The laws of the universe means nothing" is fairly simple to use
and very powerful. To perform perfect you must hold O until the bar reach 0%
then release before be too late, releasing too early or don’t release after
reach 0% will to imperfect, as it he cast a strong version of Grand Cross.
Doing Perfect, he’ll cast Neo Almagest, where he throws the opponent in the
void, and crush the opening with his hands.

|VI. Using Exdeath                           |

|A. Basic                             [BAS6] |

If you read the "Entropic Adversary" and "Arsenal" section, you should know how
Exdeath works. The first thing to learn, obvious, is the timing of the attacks,
go to the Quick Battle and fight against ALL characters many times you have to
see his main attacks and know the exact timing to block them. HP attacks can be
more troublesome because only High Block and Omni Block can defend them (the
former only block attacks that don’t guard crushes), so if you have trouble in
protect against them, you can try to guard them (recommended) or simply dodge
(not recommended).

Another thing who you must remember is in Exdeath is the Reverse Polarity, with
it, you can travel the stage very fast, cancel the enemy attacks, or if you
land in him, you send him do up (in Ultimecia’s Castle this is a great hint to
send the enemies to the vanish traps).

Exdeath have a fixed setup for his counters, when the word "block" appears
while you block, just use the commands:

Circle = Hurricane
Towards + circle = Sword Dance
Away + circle = Vacuum Wave
Square = Almagest
Away + Square = Grand Cross

| B. General Tips                     [GLT6] |

* As I already says, don’t be afraid, use Exdeath against EVERY single
character and force them to use all his attacks, if the opponent is a character
with many attacks (Kuja, Kefka, Cloud, etc.) fight many times until you know to
block ALL.

* The Omni Block timing is hard, the guard is released when you release the
button, not pressing, pressing will make him "charge" the block

* There no difference between the non-charged Omni Block and the fully-charged
Omni Block.

* Don’t lose time equipping Speed Boosters, Exdeath will stay in the air until
level 30, and when be able to use High Block or Omni Block in the ground, is
best stay stopped.

* Equip Snooze and Lose and Concentration (preferably ++) to turn the enemy
aggressive. Because this you must stay stopped when in the ground.

* Don’t lose time countering Sword Dance, Hurricane and Almagest against mages,
they will dodge with easily; don’t have fear in spamming Grand Cross.

* Like the tip above, don’t use Vacuum Wave or Grand Cross if the enemy is too
close and/or is staggering, this is a great time to harvest they bravery with
Hurricane or Sword Dance, if you want to win quickly, just use Almagest.

* The field doesn’t cause any trouble for Exdeath, except if you have trouble
with the camera in Pandemonium of Kefka Tower.

* Grand Cross is a extreme long-rang attack if the enemy is too close, him you
activates away from the enemy, and leave you vulnerable.

* You may prefer master Counterattack to learn Disable Counterattack, this will
prevent from you get many critical if a block fails.

* Close-ranged attacks requires a greater timing to block, characters like
Squall and Jecht (if him don’t charge his attacks) can be a pain in the ass to

* Despite the four sword dances, Exdeath’s EX Mode isn’t amazing at all, but
still good.

Well, with this you may have some idea how to play with this amazing guy, train
well =D

| C. Set-ups                          [STS6] |

Exdeath’s setups isn’t hard to choose, at level 38 your setup can be mirrored
in both the ground an air, both for BRV and HP, but this depends from your
style of play, you may not agree with me, but I prefer a full guard Exdeath,
only with Reverse Polarity in the air.

Well, I’ll show my set-up, if you have any other, send to my e-mail in the end
of the FAQ, and I’ll add it.

Ground Bravery:

O = High Block
<O = Omni Block

Aerial Bravery:

O = High Block
/\ O = Omni Block
\/ O = Reverse Polarity

HP Attack:

[] = Delta Attack

(I don’t found other way to write the square button)

A simple set-up only to counter. Some like to equip Black Hole, so combo with
Delta Attack or Almagest, after many tries, I see my enemies have no trouble in
dodging him, and they usually punish me, so, this is a waste of CP. Against the
Emperor and his Flares, is good equip vacuum wave to do the trick I show in
[BRV4], this can easily put a end in the Palamecian empire.

|VII. Equipments and Builds        [EQP7]    |

Exdeath is able to equip Rods, Staves, Shields, Gloves, Helms, Light Armor, and
Heavy Armor.

His Exclusive Weapons are:

Ghido's Whisker
BRV +26
ATK +35
EX Mode duration +20%
Counter magic +10%
BRV Boost on Block +10%

Moore Branch
BRV +38
ATK +62
EX Mode duration +30%
Counter Magic +15%
BRV Boost on block +15%

Enuo’s Scourge
BRV +40
ATK +67
EX Mode duration +40%
Counter Magic +20%
BRV Boost on Block +20%
Riposte effect

Don’t choose any other weapon, equip Enuo’s Scourge right after you make it,
the amazing Riposte ability will guarantee critical in staggering enemies, so,
Sword Dance and Hurricane are merciless killers there. For armor, hand and
helm, buy the hat and cloth abilities, this allow you to wearer the Snowpetal
set, with +300% of Magic Counter Strenght and +30% of magic boost on block,
your counters will make Exdeath an unstoppable Killer-machine. Yeah, this only
this, and don’t find any good variation to Exdeath instead this, unless this be
a build for a Attacker Exdeath, for talking about this creature, if you have
any recommendation for a Attacker build for Exdeath contact me ;)



Pearl Necklace
Close to You
Reflect Strand
Gold Hourglass
(You)HP = 100%
(Enemy) HP = 100%
(You) EX Mode
(You) EX Mode
(Enemy) Pre-HP Damage
(You) Summon used

Summon: Omega > Ultima Weapon > Magus Sister > Lich

Well, this is a ordinary EX Build, just to enter in the EX Mode and destroy the
enemy with the four time Sword Dance, the summons are to decrease the enemy
bravery, and break him in the EX Burst.

Iai and Guard build:

(Thanks to Beans4Brains for this build)

Spirit Stanchion
Smiting Soul
HP = 100% (User)
HP = 100% (Opp)
After Summon (User)
Full EX Gauge (User)
Pre-HP Attack (User)
Pre-HP Damage (Opp)
Large Gap in BRV
Large Gap in Level

Omega > Lich > Tiamat > Odin > Demon Wall

This is to an OHKO at the blackjack course, if you don’t fight too much there,
just chance the boosters for those who combines with your playstyle.

Another builds coming soon

|IX. Equipments and Builds                   |

Sorry, but I don’t have the full strategies to Exdeath, I’ll now add some, I
think who in few time I’ll add more (possibly all), until there I hope you
enjoy =]

The difficulty varies between:

S - VERY HARD, requires a great ability in Exdeath to win
A - Hard, but not almost impossible
B - Regular, can cause some trouble
C - Easy, just few attacks can be fearsome
D - He’ll plea for mercy.

| A. Warrior of Light                 [WOL8] |

(Coming Soon)

| B. Garland                          [GAR8] |

First of all, don’t even mind in use Mid Block here, many of his attacks cause
you to stagger. With high block is possible to block all his bravery attacks
easily, but Higbringer is very quick in either hold or pressed version, so be
careful if the enemy have this, because is one of his most powerful attacks.

His HP attacks are a bit different. Earthquake is simple to guard, Blaze (only
with High Block) and Cyclone too, but Tsunami is INCREDIBLY quick, and have a
very odd homing, is very hard to predict when this will hit. His Ex-mode makes
him don’t flinch while as attacked, but him can still be blocked, and him
continues to stagger after this, so, only the EX-Burst is dangerous.

Rank: C

| C. Firion                           [FRN8] |

(Coming Soon)

| D. The Emperor                      [TEM8] |

(Coming Soon)

| E. Onion Knight                     [OKN8] |

The small hero from Final Fantasy III isn’t dangerous at all.

Him have few attacks 4, in total, but don’t underestimate, while his magical
are predicable to block, his Turbo-hit isn’t that predicable, however, Multi-
hit is very easy. A strong OK (In the Coliseum and in the Inward Chaos) can
chain all of his attacks in other bravery or in HP Attacks, I don’t know if is
possible to block Swordshower, as you can escape from the bravery damage.

The HP is almost the same thing. Blade Torrent has a laggy start, so, when you
see the attack’s name, and the kid jumps, use Omni Block. Comet is requires to
dodge the minor comets and use Omni Block to defend against the big one, Wind
shear absorbs you to the attack, when close, use Omni Block to show the child
who is the master! Firaga is ridiculous, simple dodge it.

In the EX Mode the situation chances a bit. His physical only does more damage,
but this doesn’t matter, as you will block all of them, however, his magical
attacks have more range, and fire more projectiles, you just need more
attention, and became away from him.

Rank: C

| F. Cloud of Darkness                [COD8] |

The evil cloud can be easily engulfed by the void.

She’s famous because having only 2 BRV attacks and a lot of HP Attacks, but in
total, she has six variations of his bravery attacks, 3 in ground, 3 in the
air, the variation who will most see is the aerial where she makes his
tentacles became a sphere of whips, if hits, say good-bye to most of your
bravery, so, try to block before she being close. The other variation work the
same way.

His HP Attacks will be the trouble here. [Wrath] may look useless, but if you
counter one of her long-range bravery attacks, and counter with Vacuum Wave,
she may use this, so use Grand Cross as your long-range counter. [Anti-air]
looks fearsome, but when you see the lasers, use Omni Block quickly, and this
can kill you. [Long-Range] is a upgrade version of Warrior’s Light’s Shinning
Wave, so you must have a correct timing to block it, if you block to early, you
block one strike and receives the others. [Wide-angle] is simple, basically the
same thing as the long-range, but you can just block it. [Feint] is a pain in
the ass, this is very quick, so, you need to be careful as she teleports
(usually behind you), and block. About Aura Ball, I never try to block it, and
I’ll try later. For [Fusillade] this can be blocked even by High Block, since
this doesn’t hit your back. [0-form] may be a shit with other character, but
not Exdeath, when she finish her quote ("perish") use the block.

In the EX-Mode, she gains the ability for use his HP Attacks while her recovery
time, just dodge all, human players use this to connect his bravery attacks to
HP, CPUs will use this the entire time.

Rank: B

| G. Cecil                            [CEH8] |

(Coming Soon)

| H. Golbez                           [GOL8] |

(Coming Soon)

| I. Bartz                            [BAR8] |

"The world will always be reborn!"

It’s time to prove who this isn’t true.

Bartz attacks consist in a combination from many attacks from the warriors of
Cosmos, and his HP Attacks are worsened version from the originals.

In order to block his attacks you need to know to block:

Warrior of Light’s Ascension for Ascendent Lance
Firion’s Reel Axe for Reel Impulse (need omni block)
Cloud’s Chimhazzard for Chimbarrel
Squall’s Solid Barrel for Solid Ascension (this’ll be tough)
Zidane’s Storm Impulse for Storm Shot
Tidus’s Full Slide for Slidehazzard
And Holy from Terra

As you can see, Bartz can be good in both close, mid and long range, but all
his attacks (except Solid Ascension) have a slow start, just be careful with
Reel Impulse, if it hits, Bartz may dodge cancel and combines with Soul Eater,
this one just use Omni Block before him stabs you. Cecil’s Paladin Force have
his range shortened, so, no problem, you may dodge this, you must have see Wind
Shear in the OK section, and Flood will a problem, you CAN’T block it, so,

But your friend became dangerous in the EX-Mode. Now he have Goblin Punch, the
best HP Attack in the game (at least for me), I don’t found any way to block
this and is very powerful, can cause a break easily, because this, try to stay
away from him while he’s in the EX-Mode.

Rank: B

| J. Exdeath                          [EXD8] |

(Coming Soon)

Comment: okay, this strategy will take a long time to be completed. You need an
Exdeath who don’t block, only attacks, yeah, the battle will be a shit, and
this may take a GREAT time, so, Inward Chaos with Exdeath you’ll be a long time
only because of the story mode’s Exdeath.

Rank: S (you can fall asleep during the battle)

| K. Terra                            [TER8] |

(Coming Soon)

| L. Kefka                            [KEK8] |

(Coming Soon)

| M. Cloud                            [CLD8] |

FF7 boy will know true despair.

His attacks are slow, Cross-Slash may be a pain, but are only in ground,
Meteorain is a joke, and Braver is ridiculous easy to block with Omni Block.

Yeah, nothing specific, you can simply block his bravery attacks with High
Block, dodge Cross Slash and Mateorain, and use Omni Block to defend Braver.

If you want an easy fight, try to don’t put him in the EX-Mode, use the
Lufenian set to the great EX Gauge Depletion. "Why?" some may be questioning,

In the EX-Mode cloud gains the Ultima Weapon, a weapon who crushes guards and
the atk is greater as many HP Cloud have. Understands the situation? Only Omni
Block can stop cloud now. So, try always to make cloud stay away from the EX

Rank: D (A if he enters in the EX Mode)

| N. Sephiroth                        [SEP8] |

This guy is practically the same thing as Cloud.

The Reaper is quick, but with practice this will NEVER hits, the same thing to
Sudden Cruelty. Fervent Blow and Godspeed need to hold High Guard until all
attacks be blocked, Oblivion is only need the same patience to practice who you
put in Reaper/Sudden Cruelty.

His HP Attacks too is pathetic; Octoslash is quick, but not a problem to Omni
Guard, Hell’s Gate too, Black Materia can be a threat, the fully charged I
don’t found a way to block, so you need the uncharged, if you are away from
him, dash, and immediately use Omni Block, yeah, is tough, but is good try, a
way to escape without blocking is using Reverse Polarity to go faraway once him
completes the attack. Scintilla is very simple the first strike can be blocked
by High Guard. Heaven’s Light can be the only real thread there.

In the EX Mode he can glide, this don’t makes any difference, and he gains the
Heartless Angel attack, just go close to him and use Delta Attack.

Rank: D

| O. Squall                           [SQL8] |

(Coming Soon)

| P. Ultimecia                        [ULT8] |

(Coming Soon)

| Q. Zidane                           [ZID8] |

(Coming Soon)

| R. Kuja                             [KUJ8] |

(Coming Soon)

| S. Tidus                            [TID8] |

The Blitz Ace is here.

Tidus attacks consist in dodges followed from strong attacks, generally mid-
range. He has a LOT of attacks, some unpredictable, but this will not be a
tough fight. Many of his attacks can make the opponent think who is a dodge
(Cut & Run), which can be a great mistake. Despite your great variation of
attacks, Tidus isn’t too dangerous, always who he dodges, use High Guard to
prevent him from attacks you. Him have a total of 5 of his attacks can chain in
Quick Hit, they are:

Stick & Move (Ground and Aerial): Dodge then throws the sword
Dart & Weave (Ground and Aerial): Dodge upwards then do down spinning his sword
Cut & Run: Dodge back, then charges forward.

Remember, he dodges, guard!

Now, his HP Attacks. Not much to talk, they are very simple to block. Energy
Rain, use Omni Block when he starts to go down. Spiral Cut, use Omni Block when
he comes near. Slice & Dice, when he comes, use. Jetch Shot, when he finishes
his quote, guard.

In Ex mode the thing becomes agitated. He’s now the fastest character in the
game, in other means, his attacks too became fast, so, more timing to you, be
cautious, or you are dead!

Rank: B

| T. Jecht                            [JET8] |

The Blitz King requires a bit of practice to dethrone.

Jetch don’t have a great variety of attacks like his son.

His Jecht Blocks don’t matter nothing, since the only offensive attack who you
may have is Reverse Polarity, who pierce the block. His combo attacks can be a
bit of trouble. If he thinks in charging, you simply actives the High Block and
awaits him comes to the ultimate fate. If a uncharged attack can be a bit hard,
he is very quick, and exist the chance he catch you after you just flip your
eyes, so, be cautious as you are in Tidus’s EX Mode, unless you becomes happy
in take a lot of damage followed by a Ultimate Jecht Shot or Jecht Blade.

His HP Attack aren’t too hard. Ultimate Jecht Shot, the moment to block is when
he throws the meteor, use the Omni Block there. Triumphant Grasp, if you see he
moving, use the block. And finally Jecht Blade, is basically Sephiroth’s
Octoslash, so, defend the same way.

In the EX-Mode, he now can make his combos without hitting you, don’t chance
many things, if he uses an attack that comes too near, block it.

Rank: C - B (depends from the player)

| U. Shantotto                        [SHN8] |

The great Black Mage can be a piece of cake, if you don’t allow her to have
much bravery.

Her Bravery attacks are rather supportive than offensive, but can put you in
trouble. First of all, is good come with an summon who harvest her bravery
(Magus Sisters isn’t a bad idea). "A couple of attacks" is her main attack
outside HP attack, she hits the staff three times and sends you away. This is a
close range attack, so, you need a hard timing for this. Be careful with Bio!
This attack is dangerous if not blocked, this will sap your bravery for fez
seconds, if hit hits, DON’T use any HP Attack, this will cause a instant Break,
who are the main purpose of the attack. Stun isn’t something great, this only
usefulness is annoy you, ignore it. Bind is only dangerous if she have much
bravery, this traps you, however, you can this attack, holding the high block,
will make the block always aim in Shantotto, so, use her own attack against
herself! Retribution, there, she throws the staff who can home in front the
enemy, or behind, if comes in front of you, simple use high guard, if comes
behind, Omni Block.

Now Her HP Attacks. Shantotto is a unique character capable of strengthen his
HP Attack depending of the current bravery. The first tier is from 0-2999, the
second from 3000-6999 and the third from 6999-9999. The first tier can be
blocked even by high block, some attacks from the second too (Blizzaga), none
of the third can be blocked by High Block, and can be very hard to block with
Omni Block, because this your must harvest her bravery, put Iai Strike, summons
who reduces bravery, use Marilith if her bravery is too low, etc.

In the EX Mode the thing becomes more troublesome, her bravery don’t decrease
after her HP attacks, even after the EX-burst.

Rank: A (C if the bravery is low).

| V. Gabranth                         [GBR8] |

If he’s fool enough to attack you outside the Ex-mode, is time to he says good-

Outside the EX Mode Gabranth have only one HP Attacks, very weak bravery
attacks and low speed, his only HP Attack is EX Charge, with it he slowly
fulfill the EX Gauge. Inside the EX Mode, Gabranth is a killer machine, his
attacks are extremely powerful, because of the EX-Mode effect him have 50% of
critical chances, his attacks deals to much critical who are "Auto-Breakers",
one of his HP Attack inside the EX-Mode (Innocence) can’t blocked by Omni
Block, so, this will be a hard match if you allow him to enter in the EX-Mode.
Like cloud, use EX gauge depletion to make the thing easy, however, you need
who he attacks you, which will not be easy, if the player is smart. If he
attacks, forget bravery, only use HP Attack, finish him quickly and forbid him
from entering the EX Mode.

If he enters...

His attacks are very fast, just flip your eyes and you’ll see Gabranth
finishing Exdeath, Dual Rend is a very powerful attack, and one of the faster
in the game, Enrage makes Gabranth slash multiples attacks in the ground.
However, Relentless Lunge continues slow, Aero is strong, but slow too, Rupture
only needs practice, and Vortex of Judgment isn’t too dangerous.

His HP attacks are another trouble. Innocence pierce the Omni Block, Guilt is
very quick, need a lot of training blocking it to do perfectly, Hatred is a
unpredictable attack.

In other means, if Gabranth enters in the EX Mode, you’ll be the one to say
good bye if don’t pay attention.

Rank: A-S (Ex Mode), D-C (Normal)

| W. Chaos                            [CHS8] |

(Coming Soon)

| IX. Quotes                       [QUIX]    |

Enconter :

To the great beyond!
Powerless worms!
Anger and hatred could not defeat me!
All shall return to the Void.
I will be reborn here.
Show bravado while you still can.
The Void is with me.
All is equal before the Void.
Fear my power!
Prepare for the afterlife!

Exdeath vs Character:

Warrior of Light: Follow me to the light's end!
Garland: Your cycle only leads to the void.
Firion: Dreams are meant to be shattered.
Emperor: Only the void can rule eternally.
Onion Knight: A tiny excuse for a human!
Cloud of Darkness: The Void you desire is false.
Cecil: Suffer in the rift within you.
Golbez: Seal your heart within the Void.
Bartz: You shall come and join me...
Exdeath: Even nothingness is powerless before the Void.
Terra: Release your true form!
Kefka: I have no patience for fools!
Cloud: Brooding gains you nothing!
Sephiroth: A heart's darkness harbors the Void.
Squall: Death possesses its own beauty.
Ultimecia: Be lost in the rifts of time!
Zidane: I will end your dwindling time
Kuja: Clinging so tightly to mortality.
Tidus: Your very existence is nothing.
Jecht: Sins are eternal!
Shantotto: I will add your magic to my own!
Gabranth: I shall hand down your final judgment!
Chaos: Discord is but one piece of the Void.

Characters vs Exdeath:

Warrior of Light: The Void shall be your alone.
Garland: Drown in the Void!
Firion: Has your long existence taught you nothing?
The Emperor: Destroyers are worthless.
Onion Knight: You can't destroy everything!
Cloud of Darkness: Ah... You long for the Void.
Cecil: If all you have is power, you are powerless!
Golbez: Your "Void" intimidates even you.
Bartz: The world will always be reborn!
Terra: There are things that will always remain!
Kefka: Destruction without death? Bo-ring.
Cloud: You don't know true despair...
Sephiroth: Only I can ruin everything.
Squall: Hmph. Just another loner.
Ultimecia: The Void is part of time and space...
Zidane: Do you think you can catch me?
Kuja: Are you going to get in my way?
Tidus: What will you do when everything's gone?
Jecht: If only erasing things were that easy.
Shantotto: Inside your head is the Void. (I love this quote XD)
Gabranth: Show me your prowess, over the Void!
Chaos: I control the Void you so desire


Feel the Void! (Sword Dance)
Grovel! (Black Hole)
Imbecile! (Vacuum Wave)
You are powerless! (Hurricane)
Think again! (Mid Block)
Prepare yourself! (High Block)
Feel the Void! (Counter - Vacuum Wave)
You're all talk! (Counter - Almagest)
Death approaches! (Delta Attack)
Naive weakling! (Almagest)
This is it! (Grand Cross)
Supreme power! (EX Mode)
To the silent beyond! (EX Burst)
Turtle! (Alternate EX Burst)
This is it! (Imperfect EX Burst)
Embrace the stillness of eternity... (Perfect EX Burst)


Defenseless fool!
You deserve no mercy.
Victory itself is nothingness...
Be engulfed by the Void!
Just as I expected...
My potential is unlimited.
Only the Void itself could surpass me!
Barely a diversion...
None can stand against me!


The Void...how could it-
I shall be born again, in the rift...
Am I to be sealed again?
Will I end like a mirage?
No...this is not happening!
How can this be...
The Void will swallow me.
The Voids true power!
I won't disappear.

| X. Versions                     [VER0]    |

v. 1.0 – Send to GameFaqs.
Information about the Character and his abilities
Some builds
Started “no mercy” section”
Added Quotes
General Tips
Some Setups

v. 1.01 – First update

Correct some spelling errors.

| XI. Contact                       [COTI]   |

If you have something to help the guide, more info about Exdeath, some builds,
missing quotes, strategies, setups, tips to use Exdeath or some grammatical and
spelling error, contact me any hour and I’ll add to the FAQ and give the
credits of the help.

Don’t think who because this you can spam my mailbox with messages like 'You
guide sucks", "Exdeath sucks" and related, the only thing you’ll receive is a
mail in the thrash-box, if don’t like the guide, says something to help, and
don’t just critics.

And please send it in English so I can understand, right? ;-)

And other point, don’t mail me only to say "Thank you, guy", "you’re the best",
"I love you", and other related things, I’ll be very thankful for it, but don’t
help the FAQ, ok? ;-D


Thanks for the help.

| XII. Thanks                       [THXI]   |

I want to thank principally to Square-Enix, for not only making Dissidia but
too the great Final Fantasy series and other fantastic games like Kingdom

Other is for Sony, for building not only the PSP but too the entire PlayStation
family. To Nintendo too, as FF born here.

To Mad_Cartoonist, that says some utility to Sword Dance and Vacuum Wave

To Thomas, for point some spelling errors.

And both Thomas and Mad_Cartoonist for point the mistake in Exdeath bio.

And finally to GameFaqs for host this guide and allow anyone to see and discuss
about games

| XIII. Copyright                   [CPR3]   |

Dissidia: Final Fantasy, characters, and logos are all official trademarks of
Square Enix (C).

This guide is Copyright 2010 Shad_Hv, and can only be used by personal, private
use. The use of this guide in any web site without the author’s credits is
prohibited. Only GamesFaq has the right to post this guide.


Well, au revoir everyone

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