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Jecht by zooYork_banSho

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 12/11/09


Dissidia: Final Fantasy 
Character Guide for Jecht
By zooYork_banSho of GameFAQS and Neoseeker
Version 2.5

This guide is purely fan made, with no intentions for profit and is 
sorely dedicated in helping viewers. No other sites should have
this guide, if you wish to use it or post it somewhere else contact me 
first, Okay. Copyrighted by J.M Manaor
Any suggestions, questions, comments, passable in-game tips and 
additional info, as well as corrections for expanding this guide are 
welcome. Send something good and I’ll put you on the credits.

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Table of Contents
To jump on different sections faster, press Ctrl+F (find function) and 
type in the key.

I. Introduction						[INT]

II. The Blitz King, “Jecht”.				[WIJ]

III. So why Jecht?					[WSJ]

IV. Moveset						[MVS]
	IV-1. Brave Attacks				[BRA]
	IV-2. HP Attacks				[HPA]

V. EX Mode						[EXM]
  A. EX Mode effects

VI. Trashing Up them Dudes.				[BUD]

1. Warrior of Light	[VWOL]
2. Garland			[VGR]			
3. Firion			[VFIR]
4. The Emperor		[VEMP]
5. Onion Knight		[VONK]
6. Cloud of Darkness	[VCOD]
7. Cecil Harvey		[VCEL]
8. Golbez			[VGOL]
9. Bartz Klauser		[VBRT]
10. Exdeath		[VEXD]
11. Terra Branford	[VTER]
12. Kefka Palazzo	[VKEF]
13. Cloud Strife	[VCLD]
14. Sephiroth		[VSPH]
15. Squall Leonhart	[VSQL]
16. Ultimecia		[VULT]
17. Zidane Tribal	[VZID]
18. Kuja		[VKUJ]					
19. Tidus		[VTID]
20. Jecht		[VJCH]
21. Shantotto		[VSHN]
22. Gabranth		[VGAB]

VII. Recommended Equipments and Accessory Builds for Jecht	[REA]

VIII. Brave to Hit Combos Step by Step Input			[BHC]
	a. Ground combos					[BHCG]
	b. Midair combos					[BHCM]
	c. ‘EX-cancel’ combo set				[BHX]

IX. Miscellaneous Info.					[MI]
	a. Short Encounter Quotes
	b. Victory Quotes
	c. Loss Quotes
	d. Must have set of abilities

X. Frequently Asked Questions 				[FAQ]

XI. Word of Thanks and Credits				[CRT]

XII. Revision History					[RVH] 

I. Introduction								[INT]

Hi there everyone! This is my first FAQ ever on GAMEFAQS so you might 
notice a few flaws. I’m just your regular adept gamer, an F.F fan 
(although I only played a couple of F.F games) and a semi-pro “TEKKENIST” 
(dudes that careers the game TEKKEN). I only own one gaming console and 
that’s my trusty PSP and I always assure to myself that all games I played 
on my PSP will make it to 100%( simply, career mode =P). I enjoy playing 
fighting/beat ‘em up games and RPGs. Since Dissidia has the elements of 
both gaming genres, I simply enjoyed and “careered” this game. I also 
decided to write a FAQ for Jecht because his one of my favourite main 
characters (3rd only to WoL and Golbez) and he is pretty interesting and 
‘effin hard to use (the fun part that challenges myself = P), besides 
there is still no FAQ available for him yet so here’s one. I might say 
that this guide might not be perfect but I will automatically update these 
(if I have ample time) as soon as I’ve received corrections, infos and 
more tips. Also, this guide is written assuming that you already know most 
of Dissidia’s basics (moveset and ability terminologies, battlegens, 
equipment, summons and ingredients etc.). Now enough of the yapping, let’s 
get down to the nitty-gritty!!

II. The Blitz King, “Jecht”. 					 	[WIJ]

“You, with a woman? You can't even catch a ball! Oh, what's the 
matter? Gonna cry again? Cry, cry. That's the only thing you're good 
—Jecht on Tidus
*WARNING!!** This section may contain major spoilers pertaining on 
Final Fantasy X and X2 and will explain Jecht’s character and history 
in detail, so, if you ever plan on playing the game, or you already 
have played the game, don’t read this part. But if you have no plans 
on playing FFX and FFX2 and would like to know some more about Jecht, 
please do continue.*

On the surface, Jecht is a surly and arrogant man. He frequently refers to 
himself as "the great Jecht", and declares himself the best blitzball 
player there is. As a blitzball star he loves fame and glamour, and asks 
Braska several times if there will be any celebratory events on their 
pilgrimage. Eventually his career hit a slump when Jecht began drinking, 
and it was rumored he was going to retire, though he was quick to deny 
this and claim he could quit drinking if he chose. Jecht was also verbally 
abusive to Tidus, giving him the nickname "crybaby" and otherwise brushing 
him off or berating him. 
Despite his numerous flaws, at heart Jecht is a good man. He criticizes 
Tidus frequently, but does so in the hope his criticisms will encourage 
Tidus to try harder and disprove him. Jecht does love Tidus, but has 
trouble expressing it: a sentimental message to Tidus on a sphere is cut 
off with Jecht mumbling "Remember, you're my son. And...well, uh...never 
mind. I'm no good at these things." Another video sphere shows Jecht 
telling Braska and Auron his dream is to train Tidus into a star blitzball 
player like him. When Tidus confronts Jecht at the end of the game, his 
first words to Tidus are to accuse him of being "all bones" and question 
his diet, but immediately after he compliments Tidus on how much he's 
Beyond Tidus, Jecht is generally good-natured. He enjoys the Hymn of the 
Fayth, and it is the people of Spira singing the tune for him that calms 
Sin enough for Tidus and his comrades to enter the best and find Jecht at 
its core. He is also well-loved by his fans, to the point a blitzball 
tournament in Zanarkand is named in his honor after he disappears. Perhaps 
the best example of Jecht's benevolence is his decision to sacrifice 
himself to become the Final Aeon, choosing to give up his life and any 
chance to return home in favor of defeating Sin, and hopefully one day 
finding a way to defeat it for good.
Final Fantasy X. 
Jecht came to Spira from a magically-summoned replica of Zanarkand, 
created from the memories of those who lived in the original and 
maintained by Yu Yevon, the Summoner who was the leader of Zanarkand a 
thousand years before the events of Final Fantasy X. Jecht became a star 
blitzball player, perfecting his own technique, the "Sublimely Magnificent 
Jecht Shot Mark III," otherwise known as the Jecht Shot. 
In the present, Jecht's son, Tidus, claims that he hates his father for 
putting him and his mother through hard times, and because he was left 
under a lot of pressure to live up to Jecht's fame. Whenever Jecht was 
around, according to Tidus, his mother constantly ignored him and spent 
time with her husband. Jecht disappeared one day while training out at 
sea, where he came in contact with Sin resting in the waters. Sin pulled 
Jecht out of the dream and transported him into present-day Spira, where 
he was seen as a crazy drunkard and locked up in Bevelle
Soon after his imprisonment, Braska visited Jecht and requested he become 
one of two Guardians, the other being Auron - a Bevelle warrior monk who 
had fallen from grace. Auron objected to Jecht being a Guardian but Braska 
thought it the perfect irony for three of the most unlikely people to 
defeat Sin; a drunken blitzball player from Zanarkand, a summoner with a 
"heathen" Al Bhed wife and a "half-breed" daughter (namely Yuna), and a 
disgraced warrior monk. Before they departed, Jecht told Yuna numerous 
stories about his Zanarkand; because of this, she is the only one of the 
playable characters (aside from Rikku and Auron himself) who is not 
skeptical of the idea that Tidus comes from Zanarkand ten years earlier. 
During the earlier parts of their journey, Jecht's tendency to drink 
sometimes got him into trouble, most notably when on the Moonflow when he 
once thought that a shoopuf was a giant Fiend and wounded it, forcing 
Braska to pay for the damage with all of his travel money. After this 
incident, however, Jecht gives up drinking anything stronger than shoopuf 
milk for fear that his family would be ashamed of him, and out of 
embarrassment for what he had forced Braska to do. Jecht also records 
their journey on the way to show his wife and Tidus, still hopeful he will 
find a way home some day. 
Over the course of Braska's pilgrimage, Jecht matured as he learned about 
Spira and what became of Zanarkand, his own personal journey mirroring 
what Tidus would go through ten years later. According to Auron, Jecht 
would often suggest that they help people along the way because it was 
"the right thing to do", which always led to trouble for the three. Jecht 
also eventually came to accept he was trapped in Spira with no hope to 
return to Zanarkand, and left behind spheres to help guide Tidus' journey 
in case Tidus befell the same fate he had. 
By the time they reached Zanarkand, Jecht, Auron and Braska had bonded and 
became close friends, and it was Jecht who offered to give up his life to 
become Braska's Final Aeon, knowing that he could never return home. As 
one last favor, Jecht asked Auron to look after Tidus, believing that 
Auron could find a way to the Dream Zanarkand. Though Auron protests 
Jecht's choice, knowing Sin will eventually return, Jecht assures Auron 
he'll think of a way to eventually stop Sin's continual reincarnations. 
As the Final Aeon, Jecht defeated Sin, but the "spiral of death" 
surrounding Sin continued: Yu Yevon's spirit possessed the Final Aeon and 
transformed Jecht into the core of the new Sin, leaving Jecht's soul 
trapped within the creature for ten years. Unable to completely fight back 
against the powerful instincts Yu Yevon had instilled within Sin, the only 
times Jecht could operate of his own free will was for brief moments when 
he heard the Hymn of the Fayth. However, Jecht eventually managed to 
assert some control and make his way to Dream Zanarkand, where he 
communicated with the now-undead Auron and transported him and Tidus to 
Spira, hoping that Tidus would be able to find a way to destroy Sin for 
good where he had failed. 
While in Spira, Tidus would reminisce about Jecht frequently, not 
suspecting the beast Sin was his father. When Auron revealed the truth to 
him, Tidus initially refused to believe him. However, Tidus eventually 
sensed Jecht within Sin and with Auron's urgings realizes Jecht's desire 
is for Tidus to kill him and free him from being forced to destroy Spira. 
Tidus and his comrades are later stunned to find Sin complacently 
listening to the Hymn of the Fayth, the same song Jecht enjoyed as a 
human. Tidus accepts what he must do at this point, and promises Jecht 
he'll find a way to end the cycle and free him. 
Using the Fahrenheit to broadcast the Hymn across Spira, Tidus' group 
manages to bring all of Spira together in song, calming Sin momentarily. 
This allows them to fight their way through the beast's innards and 
confront Jecht at Sin's core. Able to speak to his son one final time, 
Jecht transformed into the Final Aeon, and was defeated by Tidus and his 
allies. Dying, Jecht and Tidus finally made peace, and Yuna used her aeons 
to weaken the spirit of Yu Yevon, making him vulnerable for the first time 
in a thousand years. The group then unleashed an assault on him directly, 
destroying him and ending Spira's spiral of death. 
 Final Fantasy X-2
Jecht first appears in a short flashback from the scholar Maechen during 
Chapter 5 at the Zanarkand Ruins. Jecht also has a small voice cameo in 
the final battles of Final Fantasy X-2 along with Braska and Auron, during 
which time they give Yuna encouraging words and advice on where to strike 
Vegnagun. Not surprisingly, as Shuyin resembles his son, he calls him a 
crybaby as well as one that needed a "good spanking". 


Jecht in Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Chaos has summoned a combined force of Final Fantasy's ultimate 
villains in an attempt to gain control of a number of Crystals, 
resulting in total control of the Final Fantasy worlds. Jecht is one of 
these villains and stands as the villain representing Final Fantasy X. 
opposing Tidus. 
Jecht has no true interest in serving Chaos, fighting only on the word of 
the Emperor with the hope of attaining an unspecified dream involving his 
son. Jecht also confronts Tidus to offer him the chance to settle their 
grudge and prove himself. Later in the game, it is revealed that Jecht and 
his servitude to Chaos is simply another component of the Emperor's grand 
scheme to destroy Cosmos and end the war.

III. So why Jecht? 						 [WSJ]

Well, Jecht is a melee-based (duh...He is equipped with a greatsword) 
close-quarter specialist character that excels on countering and 
pressuring (his not the best though in this feat) but is practically not 
“user-friendly” in a sense that you have to press the button precisely and 
in exact timing to land his combos. Not ‘user-friendly’ because his 
playstyle is not suited for beginners meaning constant mashing of the 
circle and square buttons will get you to perform moves that will usually 
miss and will only lead you into more trouble. To compensate for this, 
using him the proper way will let you perform his devastating, multi-hit 
combos that deal extra wall-rush damage in a whim! Plus Jecht also 
possesses a good defence both on ground and midair, thanks to Jecht Block. 
I am not a frequent visitor of the boards here on GameFAQS so I would not 
know what people have to say on Jecht. He maybe pretty useless for some 
but don’t fret! , this guide is made for the sole purpose on how to input 
those “brave to hit combos” with ease. To avoid asking these redundant 
questions on the answers boards again and again, this guide might come in 
handy and I do hope you can find what you seek here. Duly noted also is 
his signature loud and raspy voice that he utters during encounters, 
cutscenes and battles making me want to use him more, trash talking does 
cut the mustard in every fights eh? hehe. Jecht perhaps is also the 
“manliest” character here in Dissidia so if you think you’re man enough, 
master him!! This guide might not be perfect and surely I’m not the best 
“Jecht-user” in this side of the universe, but this guide will certainly 
help players who might consider Jecht as their main course. 

Now let’s see some of Jecht’s Pros and Cons.

+Can steal Bravery points really fast with his almighty combos
+Safe defensive gameplay thanks to the Jecht Block
+Like Cloud, deals enormous Wall-Rush Bravery and HP damage
+With the right set of equips and abilities, it is very likely to deal 
more “CRITICAL” damage
+Consider yourself a ‘pro’ if you perfected all combos! = )
+Fun to use!! Considered by some as the most powerful melee-character and 
he’s cool!! Hands down.

+Needs precise timing to land those combos
+Combos are hard to pull out if you’ve managed to inflict BREAK on your 
foe while you’re in the middle of combo-ing.
+Needs to be in close-range to punish foes
+You might want to rack that brain if you’re fighting against ‘mages’
+Takes time, skill, subtlety and a lot of practice to master
+Must constantly find sweet spots to position most attacks
+Not that impressive in EX mode

IV. Moveset 								[MVS]

When it comes to moves, Jecht only has few on his disposal. His initial 
bravery attacks both on land and midair are only two and are a bit slow 
and predictable on start-up that can dramatically change when 
precisely-timed, but it can dish-out insane attacks that can eat up a 
lot of bravery points. His HP attacks are pretty straight-forward and 
is most useful when connected to his combos. Let’s go into detail:

Name of Attack
AP to master
CP when mastered
*[Rating]: My personal rating for the attack. 5 is the highest, while 1 is 
obviously the lowest.

*[Description]: What the attack does and other additional clap-trap.

*[Personal Review]: I’ll review the attack. My personal opinion should 

IV-1. Brave Attacks							[BRA]

Jecht only has two bravery-attacking moves that can be charged(if blocked 
on charge, the foe will stagger) but once you get the hang out of comboing 
and precise timing presses, it will be quite powerful and will deal 
additional effects like a chase sequence or wall-rush(especially that HP 
chaining combos!! We’ll save that later = P) depending on how you tweak 
that circle button. Bear in mind that there is no official release of the 
names of his combos so I’ve named it myself depending on how the moves 
will look. I have also listed most brave combos and how and what will it 
exactly do. Here they are:

1. Jecht Rush
AP to master: 90
CP when mastered: 25                 
*[Description]: Jecht’s basic and only ground combo starter that can chain 
about 4 bravery to HP attacks and 5 bravery-attacking combos (hold circle 
to charge) the connecting combos are:
a.)Performs a lariat, head butt and an upper on continuous circle 
(O) mashing

b.)After the initial lariat, press circle (O) to perform 2 sets of 
continuous elbow rush like uppercuts (additional effect is chase)

c.)after the initial lariat, press circle(O), and after the 1st wave 
of elbow rush hit press up+circle(^+O), Jecht will perform an upper, 
throws his sword to the foe then will jump to deal additional damage 
(additional effect is wall-rush, Jecht will utter “Not done yet, go 

d.)after the initial lariat, press down+circle(v+O), and after the 
1st set of elbow rush hit press down+circle(v+O) to perform a series 
of spinning punches(additional effect is wall-rush, Jecht will utter 
“This’ll hurt, don’t cry now!”)
e.)after the initial lariat, press up+circle (^+O) to perform an 
upward- uppercut-like series of kicks (additional effect is chase), 
if you press circle (O) on the middle of the kick, he will perform a 
tornado-spin move (additional effect is chase), and when you press 
down+circle (v+O) again on the middle of the kick, he will perform 3 
downward slashes (additional effect is wall-rush).
*[Personal Review]:
Nice combo starter on the ground. The reason I gave it a 3 because as 
usual you can only use it on close-range. Most reliable when punishing 
after blocked or Jecht Block if you want to go for the additional critical 
damage and BREAK. Good for sneaking behind the back and has good range on 
start-up especially after blocking (Riposte anyone?).

2. Jecht Stream
AP to master: 180
CP when mastered: 25   
*[Description]: Jecht’s basic and only midair combo starter that can chain 
about 2 bravery to HP attacks and 3 bravery-attacking midair combos (hold 
circle to charge) the connecting combos are:
a.)Performs on up to 4-6 kicks and ends with an upper on continuous 
circle mashing.

b.)After 2 hits of the initial kick, press circle (O) to perform a 
tornado spin move (additional effect is chase, Jecht will utter 
“How’s that?”)

c.)After 3 spins of the tornado move, press down+circle (v+O) to 
perform 3 downward slashes (additional effect is wall-rush, Jecht 
will utter “I’ll give it to you, to the ground!”)

d.)After 3 spins of the tornado move, press up+circle (^+O) to 
perform a series of spinning punches (additional effect is wall-
rush, Jecht will utter “This’ll hurt, don’t cry now!”)
*[Personal Review]:
Hmmm, same as the 1st one. Most probably you’ll always be in midair and 
most fights take place there so you’ll use it anytime if you want to win 

3. Jecht Block (ground and midair)
AP to master: 120
CP when mastered: 15    
*[Description]: Jecht performs a powerful swing of his left backhand that     
blocks most attacks and is highly efficient than normal block.
*[Personal Review]:
Perhaps this should be revered as Jecht’s most useful move!! It redefines 
the term ‘raw defence’ because it can block most of all bravery and HP 
attacks (although you’ll stagger after blocking an HP attack but still 
your foe has no chance to close in on you so it’s GOOOD!!)!! easy to use 
and quick in execution and owns more than Firion’s Shield Bash or even 
Exdeath’s Omni-Block( this one is slow). The only thing you should worry 
is how, what and when the opponent will use their attacks. It doesn’t 
deserve a perfect rating in my opinion because it cannot block some magic 
HP spells most noted are Ultimecia’s Apocalypse, Shockwave Pulsar and 
Great Attractor. Kefka’s Forsaken, Kuja’s Ultima, Terra’s Cyclone and the 
latter’s Flood but it can block most Physical based HP attacks! You may 
also notice a bit of a lag after the move animation making it hard to 
continuously initiate (all is fair I guess) it unlike the normal block 
(remember, you can do continuous blocking on the whiff of that right 
shoulder button). This move may not be infallible and omniscient as you 
may think but it’s a must on your arsenal so try mastering this move (if 
you’re good on pulling these one off, hands down to you! You will 
practically own this game). Equipped both on ground and midair! Bottom 
line is if you can’t Jecht Block it, just dodge it!

IV-2. HP Attacks							[JHA]

Well, Jecht’s HP attacks are on their prime when they are chained to his 
combos (all of them are chargeable). But they can be quite effective from 
close to mid-range and can catch your foes off-guard. To top these all 
off, they’re all deadly (I think I’ve heard this one)… that is if you can 
chain them... =]

I will list the brave combos that connect to his HP attacks, just refer to 
the Brave Attacks section (IV-1). Example 1.Jecht Rush: 2nd combo b, so it 
will look like (1-b)

Name of Attack
AP to master
CP when mastered
*[Rating]: The personal rating for the attack.
*[Description]: What the attack does and some blah-blah.
*[Personal Review]: My review and opinion as usual.

1. Ultimate Jecht Shot (ground only)
AP to master: 300
CP when mastered: 20         
*[Description]: Jecht will hurl a meteor out of nowhere jumps out and will 
smack it right on his foe dealing massive damage a couple of 10+ hits and 
a major wall-rush damage if your lucky near the wall, plus it has an 
uncanny resemblance  to Hulk’s Gamma Crush.(Reminisce the days…hehe)
Close range. Hold square to charge.
*[Personal Review]:
As I’ve said, Jecht’s HP attacks are most useful when it is connected to 
combos. Well it can also be used for defence especially if you’re on the 
ground and your foe is right above you but not entirely dependable. Not 
that special but it looks cool if you manage to pull it off from a ground 
combo. Gamma Crush anyone?
Can be chained to (1-c)

2. Jecht Blade (ground and midair)
AP to master: 180
CP when mastered: 20           
*[Description]: A masterful barrage of swordplay that deals massive wall-
rush damage and has around 6 hits. Hold square to charge.
*[Personal Review]:
This is quite good it can catch human players off guard (range is a bit 
similar to Sephiroth’s Octa-Slash and Cloud’s Cross-Slash) but nowhere 
near CPU opponents with high level and A.I(not really). Has decent close 
to mid-range that can easily break your opponent’s defence and can steal a 
good amount of bravery points before the HP attack whiffs. Nice looking 
when chained into a combo and this will probably be your staple because it 
can inflict a major wall-crush on the last hit (Jecht utter’s “C’mon C’mon 
C’mon, one more!!”). By the way...the ground and midair is exactly the 
same ( when equipped on ground, Jecht will jump a bit to perform Jecht 
Blade very much like Squall’s Rough Divide on ground, basically it has 
midair properties) so it will only eat-up an additional CP slot making it 
pretty unnecessary on your ground arsenal.
Can be chained to (1-d), (1-e), (2-c)

3. Triumphant Grasp (midair)
AP to master: 180
CP when mastered: 20        
*[Description]: Jecht will get hold of the foe then charges downward 
ending with a backhand after detonating dealing massive wall-rush damage( 
if your near one). Hold square to charge.
*[Personal Review]:
A bit useful from above and will home to the foe (Jecht will utter “Get 
lost!”).It can pierce on weak spells especially if the caster is ground. 
It has around 5 hits that will also eat a little brave damage after the 
last hit connects but its range is not at par to Jecht Blade’s. Much more 
useful when chained into combo. Not that fancy.
Can be chained to (1-e), (2-d)

V.EX Mode								[EXM]

While in EX mode, Jecht switches to his summon look reminiscent to FFX’s 
Nebraska’s Final Aeon complete with that eerie and gloomy face, a god-like 
bronzed body and those large claws and some sort of wings to boot. Look’s 
scary to me. In my opinion, he is not that special while in EX mode, I 
mainly initiate EX mode just to break out from combo strings or perform 
his special combo while EX-cancelling(you’ll see this later) and I love 
his EX burst!!, it gives a nice and sweet ending in any bouts living me 
fulfilled and satisfied.( last two minutes…) = P

A.EX Mode effects

1. Regen
It will heal you up little by little. Nothing fancy but it’s always nice 
to have extra HP. All characters in EX mode have these anyways so no big 

2. Full Combo
This’ll make your combo... ahemm…full even if it misses your opponent. Not 
that Special if you ask me... But you can practice with these on combos or 
you may perform them on mid-range before closing in to your opponent but 
most likely they’ll just dodge that. Full Combo is on it’s element when 
you charged up your bravery starters and even if you do miss, your rhythm 
will stay (remember that foes stagger when they blocked your charged up 
attacks) and most of your attacks will deal critical damage simply because 
your in EX mode silly (just equip EX critical boost if your serious for an 
EX build).

EX Burst
Blitz King:
Jecht will smack and kick his foe, impales them with his huge sword and 
like the Ultimate Jecht Shot, he will summon a meteor again out of 
nowhere, this time he’ll kick it, the meteor cracks into pieces and will 
perform an axe kick to shoot those flaming rocks onto the 
foe(approximately 6 hits on Great).Impressive shot indeed. Kinda easy to 
perform, just watch your timing when pressing circle (O) and you need to 
do it twice unlike Tidus’s (this’ll be a cinch if your familiar with those 
mobile bowling games = P).
(On the duration of the EX burst Jecht will utter these:
“You’re just out of luck, common, common, common, common. This is my 

Failed EX Burst
 Jecht will automatically axe kicked that huge meteor from nowhere 
straight onto the enemy’s face…

VI. Trashing Up them Dudes.						[BUD]

In this section, I’ll explain what I think and what I usually apply as the 
best strategy to beat all Dissidia characters whether a CPU or human 
players alike (Human players are arguably much harder because they don’t 
jump right into action instantly, they patiently wait…duh! That can be 
really annoying). Bear in mind that Jecht is flexible on most stages(wall-
rush remember?) especially on boxed ones (e.g Pandemonium, Kefka’s Tower 
and Edge of Madness) but no need to worry on bigger stages, the longevity 
and hit points of your combos plus the range of that insane HP attacks 
will instantly cut the distance on those walls. Just watch out for the 
banish traps (bluish sort of dimension-like thingies on some parts of the 
stage, not available on all stages though) its bravery eating properties 
can easily ruin your chances on comboing. This section will also cover on 
the offensives of each opponent not their A.I, behaviour and strength so 
you can prepare for the worst. To cap this I consider all mage fighters 
used by human players(e.g Terra, Kefka, CoD etc.) as formidable foes 
because most of the trajectories of their spells are long-range and Jecht 
is a close-quarter combat specialist so most likely it will be hard 
closing in on these bunch. I’ve also applied this strategy on Lunar Whale 
course (earned a decent 105 consecutive wins = P), tested it on Blackjack 
course mostly on level 130 foes/high antiquities (earned around 25 
consecutive wins) but I’ve managed to beat all characters.

Every section will look like these:

Name of the character
Their ‘destined’ encounter quotes.
My personal strategy and opinion on beating up this dude
The EX mode properties of your foe

Rating system:

All these are classified as easy, normal and hard because I don’t see any 
point if I use the numbering system, but for each difficulty I’ve managed 
to include some footnotes. Here they are:

E. Piece of cake…But can take you into beating if you’re reckless.
M. Manageable…Handle with caution and care.
H! Very HARD!! You might lose an ounce of sweat and piss!!

Now, onto the sauce!!

1. Warrior of Light				[VWOL]
“Warrior of Light: I will sever the chains of dusk.”
“Jecht: Well aren’t you special?”

Warrior of Light is a balanced melee fighter that has decent moveset with 
good range and has great defence. His attacks are pretty linear so Jecht 
may have an advantage. His magic spells are all crappy and need not 
worrying, the ones you might want to watch out are “spinning” 
Crossover/Ascension that can HP chain to Rune Saber and the aerial Rising 
Buckler/Shield Strike that can HP chain to Bitter End. These shield 
attacks has good range and can be unpredictable once he throws these lot. 
The best bet here is block and counter because all his shield attacks can 
be blocked normally and you don’t even have to bother on that Jecht Block, 
with Jecht’s ass-kickin’ combos this will not be a problem. As for his HP 
attacks, Shining Wave has poor homing and can be easily dodged sideways. 
Shield of Light is close range and he will only pull this off if your 
rushing him so careful while closing in. Radiant Sword has good range but 
can easily dodged upwards. All of these can be Jecht Blocked if your good 
at it or just plain showing off so it depends on you.

In EX mode WoL has increased defence and has extra hits on all brave 
attacks. Good thing is all of it can be normally blocked as well just be 
careful and wary. He might be aggressive while on EX mode as well so hold 
your horses and think before you act.
[Rating]: E

2. Garland					[VGR]
“Garland: Another prisoner of fate!”
“Jecht: This is gonna be a good fight.”

This fight can be tricky depending on the player. Garland sure is slow but 
can pack a brutal punch with that huge zweihander-sort of weapon. Bear in 
mind that on ground and once his sword glows red, this is the time to pull 
off that Jecht Block because normal blocking these will cause you to 
stagger that leaves him free for that heavy hits that will prove dangerous 
for you especially if he has Riposte or Counterattack equipped. His aerial 
brave attacks can be easily normal blocked so you may own that air-game. 
Garland’s HP attacks are not that deadly. Blaze can easily dodged upwards, 
Earthquake just needs a back or a side step. Cyclone is close-range and 
has long duration so be careful while closing in whilst Tsunami has good 
range and good for counterattacks that can only catch you if you’re off-
guard. Can be a tough fight since Garland is a decent ground fighter, just 
keep your cool and think before pulling off your combos.

In EX mode Garland is pretty much untouchable (A good Garland player has 
an EX build) because he can retaliate your attacks directly and can 
inflict break on you literally in seconds (ouch! for the extra 
counterattack and EX critical boost that is most likely) so be wary while 
doing those combos. Your main advantage here is that his still slow and 
his air-game still sucks so time to work that midair combos. And try 
practicing Jecht Block too this’ll help you a lot against him.
[Rating]: M

3. Firion							[VFIR]
“Firion: A fist for a fist!”
“Jecht: The great Jecht has dreams too.”

Firion is a superb ground fighter. He has two unblockable brave attacks on 
ground that rakes a decent brave damage that connects to an HP attack 
called Double Trouble that deals additional wall-rush damage(If you’re 
near a wall it will wall splat but if you’re far from one he’ll smash you 
on the ground so it’s quite troublesome). The Rope Knife is mid range so 
either jump upwards or initiate Jecht Block to stagger him, it’s a bit 
homing leaving some sort of like an electric trail so never dodge it 
sideways. Reel Axe is long range but is linear and a bit slow so pull your 
Jecht Block to punish him big time! Lance combo can be normal blocked so 
retaliate with your combos. Firion air game is perhaps the dumbest of all; 
he only uses weak magic spells plus a crappy single sword slash, most of 
the time you will own him on midair. Now Firion’s HP attacks are kinda 
decent. Straightarrow is long and fast although you can block it, Shield 
Bash can be a bit of problem for you if you close in too him too much plus 
it can hit on any distance and steal a flurry of brave points before HP 
damaging you so careful here. Weaponsmaster in midair is another decent 
move with good range and a bit of homing but can easily dodge upwards or 
Jecht Blocked because it’s slow on start up.

In EX mode Firion is still the same but a bit risky when facing him 
because of his Blood Weapon, each time he lands a successful HP attack he 
also recovers the same amount (watch out for his EX burst!). Be careful 
when facing him on this state and every good Firion player is an EX build 
[Rating]: M

4. The Emperor					[VEMP]
“The Emperor: Sinners must be punished.”
“Jecht: Your heart is gotta be in the fight.”
Not too much of a fight, Emperor needs to be on the ground to play 
effectively. Just watch out for the mines and vacuum, mines eat a decent 
brave points and he can place as many as he wants and his Vacuum eats a 
lot of brave points and you’re kinda stuck leaving you vulnerable for a 
Flare. Light Crest can be annoying but you can pierce through it with free 
air-dash. Starfall is out of the equation but watch for his only HP attack 
called Flare( the orange one is close homing while the blue one is a 
strong homing) which strongly homes on you(reminiscent of FF7: Crisis 
Core’s Minerva’s Crimson Flare). Just sneak up behind him and you’ll be 
fine on beating him to a bloody pulp. His projectiles can be tricky to 
dodge if you’re fighting him on Pandemonium or Kefka’s Tower but you own 
this stages so if your good this’ll be a cinch.

In EX mode the Emperor us very much like Firion’s that also allows him to 
recover the same amount of HP damage he have dealt. The Emperor is an EX 
build type of character so be more cautious if he’s on this state. This 
fight isn’t that hard just keep on chasing until you can corner him with 
your combos since he is not that good in countering.
[Rating]: M

5. Onion Knight					[VONK]
“Onion Knight: I won’t go easy on you old man.”
“Jecht: You remind me of another little kid.”

What a pesky little runt!! His melee attacks are too fast making it a real 
threat just keep an eye on those Brave slash flurries both ground and 
midair that can connect to an HP attack mainly Guiding Swipe and 
Swordshower respectively, meanwhile his Brave magics namely Blizzard on 
ground and Thunder on midair can also be connected to an HP attack, Quake 
for the latter and Flare for the former. The downside to all of his “brave 
to HP attacks” is that it’s all predictable and can be normally blocked 
leaving O.K vulnerable for you move in that combos. O.K’s HP attacks are 
also all pathetic, Blade Torrent has lame range, Firaga hits on long range 
but can be easily dodged sideways, Comet fires like a Gatling gun that can 
whiff you even if just one hit connects but not that threatening and his 
Wind Shear is close range although you might want to watch out for this 
one if you’re closing in it also has long duration but your Jecht Block 
can stop this.

In EX mode O.K becomes a Ninja when landing physical strikes, not that 
special but when he lands his magic combos, he turns into a Sage and all 
his spells have additional effects and the range has drastically improved. 
Still you can normal blocked all these so it’s not much of a threat for 
[Rating]: E

6. Cloud of Darkness				[VCOD]
“Cloud of Darkness: Earthly life is no different from phantoms.”
“Jecht: Ha… This’ll be interesting.”

A devious monster that looks uncannily sexy plus a voluptuous figure too 
boot. Looks can really be deceiving mates so stop ogling at her and pay 
attention. All her brave attacks let’s her use those tentacle thingies 
around her that changes drastically on timing and has a weird set of 
patterns; it can either be predictable or annoying. But luckily for you, 
all of these are normal blockable so keep a sharp eye out. The major 
threat of Cloud of Darkness is her HP draining particle beams that has 
different variations depending on the distance of her foe. The real threat 
here are her 0 particle beam that fires on close range making it hard for 
you to dash in, also noteworthy here are her anti-air, fusillade and feint 
particle beams that are a threat to any melee character and don’t bother 
with the Jecht Block, just dodge all of them if you can. Just be careful 
while closing in to retaliate with your combos. Surely this’ll be a very 
hard fight so keep your cool.

In EX mode CoD has a slight cooldown in between on all her HP attacks that 
recovers her bravery faster and can cast HP attacks without lag meaning 
she can abuse it anytime. Much trickier while she’s on this state so my 
best advice is to run and wait until it wears off.
[Rating]: H!

7. Cecil Harvey					[VCEL]
“Cecil: Vows can’t be broken.”
“Jecht: Light, dark just make up your mind!”

Cecil will prove to be a tougher foe given his nice melee moveset and some 
decent magic ones. Dark Knight Cecil is not that tough and has little air 
game so you might rake that ground combos of yours after blocking, his 
moves can be readable just watch out for his Dark Cannon magic that can be 
linked to his HP attacking Soul Eater. The bigger threat here is Paladin 
Cecil, since you are most effective while in close quarters you might find 
a hard time bringing in that midair combos because all Paladin Cecil’s 
moves are pretty fast not too mention his Searchlight that can be linked 
to Paladin Force and his Saint’s Fall has a good controllable range. Just 
be wary while bringing in the pain.

In EX mode Cecil can freely change to either a Dark Knight or Paladin 
without having the trouble of doing an HP attack. Plus all his attacks are 
1.5 times much stronger given the higher chance of critical damage since 
his in EX mode. As always wait before the EX mode wears off or if you 
think you’re that good you can follow up his pace. 
[Rating]: M

8. Golbez						   [VGOL]
“Golbez: Love is a sinful thing.”
“Jecht: Feels like we got something in common.”

Possibly one of your harder match-ups because Golbez is a cross-breed of 
melee and mage that can attack on all ranges but not quite hard for me 
because I also main Golbez, anyways Golbez has insane ground control and 
much more owning than Firion. He can constantly pressure you with his 
ground brave attacks that come up wherever you are making it hard for you 
to close in, meanwhile his midair brave game is not that good, just be 
careful when blocking his Gravity/Float System because even though Golbez 
staggers, the laser from the orb can still sting you. Fairly speaking you 
have decent advantage on him while in midair to work on your combos. His 
HP attacks on the other hand are not that deadly but still can be 
perilous. His Nightglow is slow on start-up but can block most attacks and 
can easily send you into the ceiling for that wall-rush damage. Genesis 
Rock can be a threat too but your Jecht Blade can pierce through that, 
just be careful while closing in if you don’t want to get hit with those 
huge rocks. Can be a tough to easy game if you can properly insert your 
combos well, Golbez sure is strong.

In EX mode Golbez has Black Fang that can instantly break you in a whim! 
It has a long bit of casting time so you might want to close in if he 
initiates this. Unfortunately for Jecht, he has no projectile attacks to 
chase Golbez in this mode so work out with that Free Air Dash.
[Rating]: M

9. Bartz Klauser				[VBRT]
“Bartz: Let’s fight like men.”
“Jecht: Look who’s on his first adventure!”

Bartz has all moves stolen from all the heroes in this game. These mix-
ups can be a bit tricky and hard to predict. Two of his brave attacks 
acts as a counter bait, his Climbarrell which will start
exactly like Cloud’s Climhazzard, sure is slow, and his aerial slide 
imitating Tidus which is even slower than Climhazzard. This two can be 
easily blocked so you know what to do after that. In close range he has 
a shield strike ala WoL’s and a gun strike ala Squall’s but again can 
be easily blocked. In midair most of the time he will spam Holy very 
similar to Terra’s that has strong homing and can HP chain to O.K’s 
Flare, you can either dodge it upwards or block it at the last minute( 
blocking it earlier may prove critical for you because Holy has many 
trajectories). He also has a spinning attack ala Zidane’s that homes on 
you but can be easily blocked. Also bear in mind that most of his 
attacks have additional effects that may likely inflict surprise 
criticals. His HP attacks varies from Terra’s Flood, O.K’s Wind Shear 
and Cecil’s Paladin Force and Soul Eater of if know how to deal with 
these, it will not be a problem.

In EX mode Bartz has his own unique attack called Goblin Punch that is 
one of the fastest HP attacks and can steal a good amount of bravery 
before the move animation ends. Be careful on this one.
[Rating]: E

10. Exdeath					[VEXD]
“Exdeath: Sins are eternal.”
“Jecht: If only erasing things were that easy.”

This fight can be easy and annoying to very hard especially for melee 
characters depending on your foe. CPU’s are a bit easy since he will most 
likely spam that slow spells but it can be hard if you rush him 
aggressively leaving you open for that crit! This can also be annoying 
since most of the time he will just wander on the stage due to his 
teleport move. Meanwhile a human player can release the full potential of 
Exdeath’s that will surely prove lethal for you. My best advice is if you 
can’t land that brave combos, predict his timing and mash that square 
button for his HP attacks and play carefully with distance. Your advantage 
is that his too slow so you might find a way sneaking up behind his back. 
As for the HP attacks, Delta Attack is uncannily similar to WoL’s Shield 
of Light but has greater range. Grand Cross is out of the equation so 
don’t mope on this. And Almagest has quick execution and decent range but 
can be easily interrupted with your combos.

In EX mode Exdeath has Speed Guard that shortens the time and adds a bit 
of invincibility when guarding. Not too shabby I think so don’t be a 
[Rating]: M

11.Terra Branford				[VTER]
“Terra: Isn’t there’s someone you want to protect?”
“Jecht: Stay out of these little lady.”

Wait and whiff strategy is out of the equation on Terra because she can be 
comfortable spamming all those long range spells most noteworthy is the 
Holy spell that can HP chain to Ultima. So what do you do? What do you 
do?!! This is the time for you to start playing rough, be aggressive bro 
when fighting against mages! Terra only has a Blizzard combo on close 
range that has sweet wall rush range but can easily block so it’s not a 
threat. Her Meteor and Graviga is also long range and can be easily 
pierced with free air-dash so no sweat. The strategy is just close in on 
her and workout your almighty combos! As for the HP attacks, Flood can be 
dodged sideways when you see that pillar of water underneath you. Tornado 
can be a bit of a problem so careful. Meltdown is fast and can bounce on 
the stage so watch out for it also. The best thing to do is chase so you 
can cut the distance; of course you know what to do if you’re near her.

In EX mode, Terra has Dualcast which means she can cast that last spell 
twice in succession considering all her spells are devastating, so what 
more it is casted twice? All good Terra players consider an EX build so 
know your pace.
[Rating]: H!

12. Kefka Palazzo				[VKEF]
“Kefka: Meatheads, meatheads everywhere.”
“Jecht: You really think you got a chance?”

This sadistic clown should not be underestimated. The range of his spells 
is very similar to Terra’s. His thunder spells homes on you but not much 
of a threat, his Blizzaga moves has two variations. One is that one that 
bounces all over the floor but not worth it, Scatter-spray Blizzaga is 
perhaps the one you should worry because it scatters literally after that 
big chunk of ice is fired although if your not careful, try blocking it, 
it will eat a decent brave points for you if you missed. Waggle Wobbly 
Firaga is a strong homing spell that has a good duration after hit and a 
nice starter for Kefka to connect his HP spells but can easily be blocked. 
If you’re serious on closing into him, he might cast Ultima that can rack 
up your chances on your combos so dodge it. His HP attacks are plain crap 
but with the right usage of his W.W Firaga, it can prove fatal to you. 
Havoc Wing is also quite good it can catch you off guard. Trine and 
Hyperdrive are crap and so is Forsaken Null that leaves him vulnerable but 
can easily kill you if you’re in a distance. Just try your best to close 
the gap because his much more vulnerable on close range.

In EX mode Kefka is much more god-like literally because all his spells 
are quite chaotic and you may have a hard time closing in. A good Kefka 
player considers an EX build, if you have gotten his rhythm you may have a 
chance on winning so good luck!
[Rating]: H! M when a CPU

13. Cloud Strife				[VCLD]
“Cloud: No one is too special.”
“Jecht: You should sharpen that sword once in a while.”

Cloud’s moves are a bit slow and don’t cover much range. His air game 
sucks but watch out for his Slashing Blow that can HP connect to Omnislash 
V.5 that deals an enormous wall crash damage!, good thing is that it’s 
slow and can be easily blocked giving you time to retaliate with that 
combos. But don’t get to close to him on the ground because a good Cloud 
player waits for that opportunity to block and counter. Climhazzard is 
nice move to eat up Brave damage; Double Slash can attack staggering 
opponents and is connectable to that HP draining Cross Slash, Blade Beam 
is a safe move but not much of a threat. As for the remaining HP attacks, 
Braver has good range but a bit slow it depends on you if you want to 
Jecht block it simply dodge it. Meteor Rain is a nice projectile attack 
that homes on you, he might do this very often as you try to close into 
him so watch out foe this. Timing is essential here remember that you 
excel on most melee fighters it’s just that Cloud can really hit you hard.

In EX mode all Cloud’s moves have drastically changed making it impossible 
to block thanks to his Ultima Weapon Crush. The best advice here is to 
dodge all of it or pull your Jecht Block (both of you will stagger so he 
has no time to rush you) to insult him.
[Rating]: E

14. Sephiroth					[VSPH]
“Sephiroth: You seem quite worked up.”
“Jecht: Let’s show everybody else how it’s done.”

Can be an annoying fight if you’re reckless because Sephy has a nice melee 
range that is much better than Jecht’s. Scintilla is easy to dodge and can 
be Jecht Blocked, not to mention its guard is only for a brief second. 
Black Materia is easily dodged but can be a bit tricky if the meteor 
becomes gargantuan it leaves him vulnerable for you to strike back. 
Heaven's Light is pathetically easy to dodge too. Hells' Gate needs 
precise timing to dodge and can hit you a couple of times in midair (this 
move owns on the Life of the Planet stage), but poses little threat. 
OctaSlash has an odd angle and nice range so it maybe a bit tricky to 
dodge and don’t bother with the Jecht Block. Now all those Shockwave 
bravery sword strikes( Godspeed and Fervent Blow) can be easily blocked a 
multiple times( try mastering block, dash, block, dash) and has that same 
linear properties, it’s also a bit slow on start up so you may find an 
advantage in doing your combos if you stagger him up. Shadow Flare is 
similar to Kuja’s Remote Flare but a bit slow and can be dodged forward.

In EX mode Sephiroth has an added move, the infamous Heartless Angel that 
is uncannily similar (but not at par) to Golbez’s Black Fang. It also has 
a long casting time that will leave you a bravery of one regardless of how 
high it was and you will not recover any, still not good because he still 
has to attack to inflict break. You just have to watch for this move he 
can also glide in midair similar to Terra, Kuja and Kefka’s but nothing 
fancy on this state.
[Rating]: M

15. Squall Leonhart				[VSQL]
“Squall: I have something to protect too.”
“Jecht: If you’re a lion, what the heck am I?”

Squall perhaps has the best brave game in all melee fighters (and the top 
tier Cosmos’ hero IMO), fast and strong and can easily out best Jecht in 
terms of close range he is also quite adept at mid range magic noteworthy 
is his Mystic Flurry that can be your downfall if he manages to hit you, 
you’re advantage here is that it has poor range and can be easily dodge so 
you know when to insert your combos. Beat Fang is most nasty move that is 
fast and can rake a big brave damage. Heel crush is slow but cannot be 
normal blocked because if you stagger, Beat fang is chainable, just Jecht 
Blocked this one to turn the tables on Squall. If Squall has a fast brave 
game, his HP attacks are not that good Fated Circle and Aerial Circle has 
a series of ring-like explosions that is close range and can be easily 
dodged. Revolver Drive is slow with long duration but is useless and he 
will only tend to use this if Mystic Flurry is a success. Blasting Zone is 
only good on the ground. Now you might want to worry a bit on his Rough 
Divide it’s slow on start up but covers a nice and hefty range that easily 
catch you off guard. Your biggest advantage here is that all his HP 
attacks can be Jecht Blocked (yes guys!! So work on this one) so even if 
he managed to earn about 9999 bravery he will really have a hard time 
finishing you off.

In EX mode, Squall can be very deadly because all his close range moves 
has drastically improved and can strike twice thanks to his Lion heart 
weapon. Plus that critical boost while on this mode spells instant break 
for you. This is the time you should be wary when closing into him still 
you can get him if you can manage to land a perfect combo.
[Rating]: M

16. Ultimecia					[VULT]
“Ultimecia: Would you like to escape from infinity?”
“Jecht: Tinkering with time’s gonna do you no good.”

Another mage huh but compared to the others, Ultimecia is not much of a 
threat. All her bravery moves have a decent range and can be tap a 
multiple times so you might not want to dash your way through all those 
axes and arrows. The downside to all these is it’s all linear so you might 
want to sneak behind her and punish that with you’re oh so good combos! As 
for her HP attacks, all has good range and can catch you off guard like 
Shockwave Pulsar and Great Attractor but not worth worrying. You may want 
to worry a bit on her Apocalypse (that circular talisman-like laser) that 
can home on you in any range. Just dodge it right after you see the symbol 
underneath you and she is pretty vulnerable while casting it so attack her 
head on if you’ve managed to escape Apocalypse.

In EX mode she also has a long casting spell called Time Crush that can 
stop you on track, very similar to the Chaos’ Judgment’s Coward’s 
Punishment. Not at par to Golbez’s Black Fang and even Sephiroth’s 
Heartless Angel so attack her head on once you see this.
[Rating]: M

17. Zidane Tribal				[VZID]
“Zidane: I won’t lose to an old man.”
“Jecht: Nice tail buddy.”

Well, as the game info says Zidane literally is tough and one of the 
fastest fighters in midair. He has some sort of attack that scoops upward 
and the one were he throws the dagger that can easily be normal blocked or 
dodged. Just watch out for the ones that can connect to his HP attack 
called Meo Twister and don’t get too excited on attacking him head on in 
midair because he can kill you in a blink of an eye. Your best advantage 
here is that all his midair brave moves can be normal blocked so you have 
time to whiff your combos or stay on the ground and patiently wait for an 
opening. His HP attacks are all decent. Free Energy has the fastest HP 
attack execution in the game so careful on this while closing in. Grand 
Lethal has good range and long duration that can be annoying so dodged it 
upwards. His ground HP attacks are not that good, Stellar Circle 5 sucks 
you in and can catch you off guard. Tidal Flame is slow and not worth 

In EX mode Zidane’s defence is increased due to the invincibility frames 
of his jumping skills making him a far more dangerous opponent in midair 
so just stay on the ground and do your best to win.
[Rating]: E

18. Kuja					[VKUJ]
“Kuja: Not an ounce of grace in you.”
“Jecht: I might lose an argument.”

Kuja is one top notched deadly fighter that can dominate you on all 
ranges. His bravery moves are all decent and he can move freely while 
casting these so a Long Range Kuja specialist can spell your doom. Since 
you’re a CQC specialist, Kuja will not much retaliate you on your kill 
zone so most probably he’ll (or she = P) try to kill you from afar. Your 
biggest advantage here is that all of his brave moves can be normal 
blocked or Jecht Blocked but because he can move freely while attacking so 
you may have a hard time bringing him into your kill zone. As for the HP 
attacks, Flare Star is good on close range so careful, Seraphic Star is 
mid range and leaves him vulnerable for you to retaliate. Now what bugs me 
is his Ultima HP move that comes out of nowhere, sure this’ll be deadly 
for you and will do this in the distance making it hard for you to close 
in. This can be one of your toughest match-ups but if you know you’re 
rhythm you’ll be just fine.

In EX mode Kuja has Auto Magic on his very movement casting bits of holy 
or flare while moving so careful while attacking him head on. You’ll need 
precision and lots of patience here.
[Rating]: H!

19. Tidus					[VTID]
“Tidus: You’re the final chapter in my story.”
“Jecht: Let’s end this, huh?”

Well Jecht’s skinny nimble son sure is no threat. Jecht love’s picking him 
on their previous games and surely you can dominate him here. Tidus sure 
is quick on moving and jumping but most of his brave moves are slow on 
start up and can easily be seen, also his “dodge to counter moves” that HP 
connects to Quick Hit can be blocked so you know what to do from here 
although you have to watch your back while attacking. His HP attacks are 
not worth the trouble because you can Jecht Blocked all of it; Spiral Cut 
has several cartwheels before ending in a slash so a simple sidestep 
should be fine. Energy Rain is short range but can get you if you’re 
reckless. Slice and Dice has good range but is slow. The infamous Jecht 
shot should also be a cinch it is slow but has good range so proper timing 
in dodging these is essential. Just stick to countering him and once 
you’re on your element, you can send him back to the Farplane.

In EX mode Tidus has increased speed and a bit invincible while dodging 
thanks to his Caladbolg weapon. If he’s on this state, watch out for his 
dodge to counter moves that can surely kill you in a flash. 
[Rating]: E

20. Jecht					[VJCH]
“Jecht: I get to fight with the best fighter in the world.”

Whoa! A mirror match! Jecht is no greater challenge by himself. Either way 
this could be easy or annoying to hard. The biggest problem here is that 
he can do what you can do! It all boils down on whose better on raking up 
that combos and who’s better on using Jecht Block! There is nothing I can 
tell you other than the Jecht with the most skill wins. May the best and 
manliest Jecht wins.

In EX mode, you know that one now right?
[Rating]: M

21. Shantotto					[VSHN]
“Shantotto: You’re too boorish for me.”
“Jecht: What a cute little girl.”

This boisterous midget can pack a serious punch because she is quite fast 
as a magician and her game revolves on HP combos that will eat a good 
amount of brave points before ending in a smack. Her bravery attacks is a 
variation of her staff and some are quite annoying but can be easily 
blocked, plus she has some spells ranging from Bio that eats a hefty 
amount of bravery and the other one that stops you on your track. As for 
most of her HP attacks, watch for the precision of the move animation 
because the spell will appear right in front of you. Thank goodness though 
that she is vulnerable if you’ve managed to escape her chain spells so you 
know what to do here and BTW don’t try Jecht Blocking all her spells, it 
seems useless in my opinion.

In EX mode Shantotto is perhaps the best mage with the best EX build 
thanks to her Manafont. It has the ability to keep her brave points after 
inflicting HP damage (most likely she will initiate EX mode if she has at 
least 5000 bravery, it’s like an infinite Alexander summon!) so if she 
can’t kill you with the last move, the next will surely spell Armageddon 
for you.
[Rating]: M

22. Gabranth					[VGAB]
“Gabranth: Your ties of blood are but a hindrance.”
“Jecht: Aren’t you hot on that thing?”

Not much to say about him in his normal mode, all he does is run and then 
EX charge. His bravery moves tends to knockback giving him ample time to 
fill his EX gauge or gather EX cores if present. Do not let him keep busy 
and attack him head on immediately.

In EX mode, now were talking you might notice that his bravery attacks are 
the same but has increased strength and hit points of up about 3 times. 
All can be normal blocked but sure it’s fast so watch out. His HP attacks 
are all deadly but cannot be much of a threat if dodged properly. 
Innocence conjures about 4 air-like slashes that has decent range and can 
cause a knockback for additional wall-rush damage. Hatred is a close 
ranged shockwave that can literally suck you in. And Guilt works only on 
ground, he’ll slash you up ending with a big mushroom-like explosion, easy 
to dodge but watch out for the explosion. Most players will go for an EX 
build obviously it’s either your choice if you want to fight him in this 
state head on or wait for it to wear out and abuse his usual weakness 
since Jecht is “the man” attack him while in EX mode if you’re man enough.   
Not that hard if you can cut your distance.
[Rating]: M

Well, this is all I can say for the match-ups. It’s terribly intricate to 
write so don’t pester me. If you’re a good Jecht player that has much 
better suited strategies, you can share it to me so we can improve this 
section. Plus this may differ on every human foe you’ll face. It’ll still 
be best if you can come up with your own strategies that will match your 
own play style = P. **

VII. Recommended Equipments and Accessory Builds for Jecht		[REA]

The varieties of weapons and equipment that can be equipped by Jecht are 
as follows.
*Weapons: greatswords, axes, grappling weapons.
*Armor: shields, bangles, hats, helms, clothing, light armor.

a. Weapons: 
Best weapons as always are depending on your play style, I recommend this 
Earthbreaker (Axe) = Deals additional Wall rush damage +30%
Ragnarok (Greatsword) = Deals additional Physical damage + 25%
Sin’s Fang (lvl 100 Exclusive) = my most recommended choice ‘coz it grants 
a Wall rush HP defense + 75% plus it has a Sneak Attack effect.

b. Armor:
As for the equips set, my best choice would be:
1. Adamant Set (shield, helm and vest) - grants BRV boost on dodge + 30% 
and midair evasion boost. The effects of this set will deem useful for you 
if your good at dodging that basically happens all the time.

2. Lufenian Set (shield, helm and vest) - grants EX gauge depletion plus 
15% on your foe after a successful HP attack. You might want to use this 
lot against foes that are EX build and it’s a good choice because most of 
the time you’ll love comboing that inflicts good HP damage, just combine 
it with some Anti-EX accessories and booster ones (Dismay and Despair 

As for the Accessories here's some I frequently use, here’s some 
Formidable Builds I’ve aptly named for Jecht:	

“The Punisher Build”	
Champion Belt			
Gaia Ring			
Sniper Soul			
Muscle Belt			
Close to You		
Booster accessory (1.5x)	
Booster accessory (1.5x)	
Booster accessory (1.5x)	
Booster accessory (1.5x)	
Booster accessory (1.5x)	

“The Untouchable Build”
Champion Belt
Sniper Soul
Pearl Necklace
Force Begets Courage
Close to You
Empty EX gauge booster (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)

“The Breaker Build”
Champion Belt
Sniper Soul
Smiting Soul
Pearl Necklace
Close to You
Booster accessory (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)

“The Godly Build” 
Champion Belt
Sniper Soul
Smiting Soul
Pearl Necklace
Close to You
Force Begets Courage
Empty EX Gauge booster (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)
Booster accessory (1.5x)

The booster accessories are left unnamed because it can be anything your 
lil’ heart desires depending on your playstyle. Champion Belt is also a 
must since all of his moves reflect as a physical damage. Sniper Soul is 
perhaps the most useful here because of it’s wall-rush damaging 
properties, with the help of the booster accessories times 5 it will 
surely guarantee almost a dual damage!!(ex. If you inflicted 4000 damage 
it will add an additional 2000 damage on wall-splat!)
As for the summons my best bet would be a manual Alexander (freezes your 
bravery for a set period of time), initiate the summon when you procured 
at least 5000 points of bravery. A Behemoth summon (doubles your bravery 
but quickly falls) should also do the trick and most useful for a quick 
one-hit finish on PVPs, initiate it on combos just right after the HP 
attack ends. Personally I do not use summons on the game (I only equip 
summons for the Summon Unused booster), I mainly use summons only on WLAN 
PVPs so your choice as usual.

‘The Punisher Build’- is practically good for any situation and once 
you’ve managed to fill your EX gauge to the brim you can perform his super 
EX cancel combo (refer to this on section VIII).
‘The Untouchable Build’- since Jecht’s EX mode is a bit shabby I’ve use 
the Force Begets Courage (ex force and ex core to bravery) together with 
other ex force absorbing accessories, it will continuously add an ample 
amount of bravery making it a hard time for your opponents to inflict 
break in you. It will also add more brave points as you perform that 
combos dealing additional more damage! Downside to this build is you can’t 
initiate EX mode so you may have a hard time breaking out from your foes 
attacks and you can’t perform his EX cancel combo. The Empty EX gauge 
booster accessory is also perfect for this build because it’s like a 
permanent accessory due to the Force Begets Courage accessory, your EX bar 
will never replenish so use this one. This build is my personal favourite 
and I strongly recommend this set for expert players (am I one?. well).

‘The Breaker Build’- using the Smiting Soul accessory (grants Iai strike + 
2% that may randomly inflict break) you may want to consider this build 
since the Iai strike’s succession is based from every single hit points 
and since Jecht is a combo-master that relies on his muti-hit moves (very 
much like Sephiroth’s Hit points too), this build might spell into 
fruition for a guaranteed BREAK. Chances surely is slim but with the help 
of the booster accessories it might increase a bit but bear in mind that 
his combos are hard to complete if you managed to inflict break on your 
for while in the middle of combo-ing so again I recommend this one for 
master players who can maintain their rhythm at all times.

‘The Godly Build’- basically this build is a combination of the Breaker 
and Untouchable build recommended for master players and is a guaranteed 
one-hit kill (with the help of a Behemoth summon) if the Iai strike is a 
success. Recommended for master players who can perfect all combos come- 
what- may and who are exceptionally good at dodging and dodge cancelling.

VIII. Brave to Hit Combos Step by Step Input				[BHC]

Now the most anticipated part as we always save the best for last, the 
almighty “Brave to Hit Combos” considered as Jecht’s bread and butter 
moves making him unique to all characters. While doing these, bear in mind 
that it’ll be hard to complete the combos especially if you’ve managed to 
inflict break on your foe in the middle of the riff-raff. Best advice is 
stay on your rhythm and also pay attention on the dialogue that Jecht 
utters, this’ll significantly help you perfect these combos. All combos 
are in 3 separate steps (you’ll recognize it when you hear a sound 
something like ZZING! after every step, pun intended = P) before inputting 
the HP attack. I will also list the words that he utters to keep you on 
track. All combos ending in Jecht Blade is my personal favourite because 
of the duration of combo that may eat up more brave points and it’s long 
and hefty range that may usually follow up a good wall rush damage, as for 
the ground one I usually do the one ending with Ultimate Jecht Shot 
because aside from looking cool, it has a couple of multiple hits. The 
usual input I use is on default setting but to simplify things follow 
these (on ground set Ultimate Jecht Shot to square ([]), on midair set 
Triumphant Grasp to square ([]) and the Jecht Blade to up+square (^+[])) 
This section is categorize by Ground and Midair Combos, onto the goose!

a. Ground combos		[BHCG]
As far as I’m concerned, there are 4 possible Ground Brave to HP combos up 
on Jecht’s sleeve. 1 ending in Ultimate Jecht Shot, 2 ending in Jecht 
Blade and 1 ending in Triumphant Grasp, here they are:

Combo starts from Jecht Rush:
1.)	Ultimate Jecht Shot ending
-	Press circle (O), after the initial lariat, press circle (O), and 
after the 1st wave of elbow rush hit press up+circle (^+O), Jecht 
will perform an upper, throws his sword to the foe (Jecht will 
utter “Not done yet!” this set will have at least 4 hits). Before 
Jecht flies, press square ([]) to initiate the Ultimate Jecht 
Shot. (Approximately 15+ hits)

2.)	Jecht Blade ending (I.)
- Press circle (O), after the initial lariat, press up+circle (^+O) 
to perform an upward uppercut-like series of kicks. After 2 hits of 
these, immediately press up+circle(^+O) to perform a series of 
spinning punches(Jecht will utter “This’ll hurt”)after 3 hits of 
these set immediately press up+square(^+[]) to initiate Jecht 
(Approximately 12 hits)

3.)	Jecht Blade ending (II.)
-Press circle(O), after the initial lariat, press circle(O), and 
after the 1st wave of elbow rush hit press down+circle(v+O) to 
perform a series of spinning punches( Jecht will utter “This’ll 
hurt”) after 3 hits of these set immediately press up+square(^+[]) 
to initiate Jecht Blade.
 (Approximately 12 hits) 1st set is same as UJS ending.

4.)	Triumphant Grasp ending
-	Press circle(O),after the initial lariat, press up+circle(^+O) to 
perform an upward uppercut-like series of kicks. After 2 hits of 
these, immediately press down+circle(v+O) to perform 2 downward 
slashes( Jecht will utter “I’ll give it to you”) and press 
square([]) to initiate Triumphant Grasp. (Approximately 11 hits)

b. Midair combos		[BHCM]
As far as I know, there are 2 possible midair Brave to HP combos on 
Jecht’s sleeve. 1 ending in Jecht Blade and 1 ending in Triumphant Grasp. 
This two will probably be your combo staples/ best friends because most 
fights happens on midair, here they are:

Combo starts from Jecht Stream:
1.)	Jecht Blade ending
- Press circle (O), after 2 hits of the initial kick, immediately 
press circle (O) to perform a tornado spin move. And after 3 spins 
of the tornado move, press up + circle (^+O) to perform a series of 
spinning punches. After 3 hits of these set immediately press up + 
square (^+[]) to initiate Jecht Blade.
(Approximately 14 hits)

2.)	Triumphant Grasp ending
-	Press circle (O), after 2 hits of the initial kick, immediately 
press circle (O) to perform a tornado spin move. And after 3 
spins of the tornado move, press down + circle(V+O) to perform 2 
downward slashes( Jecht will utter “ I’ll give it to you”) after 
that 2 slashes press square([]) to initiate Triumphant grasp. 
(Approximately 13 hits)

c. ‘EX-cancel’ combo set	[BHX]
Remember what I said about Jecht’s EX mode being shabby and not that good? 
Still you may want or use it for an EX burst finish using his EX-
cancelling technique that may yet perform another combo and perhaps one of 
the most devastating combos in the game, check this one out:

This section is pointed out by Mad_Cartoonist via e-mail:

Finally, I want you to consider another combo of Jecht, which IMO, is 
probably the strongest combos in the whole game, given proper setup and 
critical ratings.
This combo is practically a fusion of Jecht's two combos, using the 
help of full EX-Bar. This techinque is called 'EX-Cancelling'.
To do this all correctly, first do any of Jecht Blade ending combos, 
mid-air or ground doesn't matter, it is okay. Right before the combo 
ends w/ Jecht Blade where you press square ([]), hold it a little 
longer and press R after square ([]). This will result you in changing 
into ex-mode, making you free to deal ANOTHER mid-air combo, be it 
another Jecht Blade combo or Triumphant Grasp combo, which may then go 
into EX-Burst. However, you're going to have to be quick to continue, 
other wise your opponent will recover first.
If you need a visual aid, try looking up Jecht Ex canceling combos in 
Youtube. This ex-cancel combo can help Jecht rack up to nearly 3k BRV 
in a set. Granted, it is very easily to screw up at first, but it is 
very note-worthy combos as he is one of the only two characters in the 
whole game who can use this technique (the other being Golbez).

That’s it for all the combos. I do really hope these section helps a lot. 
A couple of tweaks and some serious practice will certainly help you 
perfecting this lot. If your serious on practicing, choose opponents that 
has the same level as yours but with low difficulty and behaviour (low 
level characters will instantly die!). There is also some Jecht combo vids 
available on youtube.com, just type Jecht combos and they will instantly 
appear! That will also suffice.

IX. Miscellaneous Info. 					[MI]

a. Short Encounter Quotes

“Are you serious?”

“Sure you’re up for this?”

“I won’t be able to hold back.”

“You’ve got guts.”

“Now were talking, c’mon!” (This message will flash if you start the bout 
with low HP a.k.a near Death)

“I’m ready for anything.” (This message will flash if your foe has at 
least 5 levels above yours)

“Ha! Just keep me entertained.” (This message will flash if your foe has 
at least 10 levels above yours)

“Gonna cry, are you gonna cry?”

“So you wanna play huh?”

“Think you’re a big shot?!” (This message will also flash if your foe has 
at least 10 levels above yours)

b. Victory Quotes

“Well, that’s that.”

“Told ya I wouldn’t lose.”

“There’s no shame in losing to me.”

“I’m just getting started.”

“I got no such thing as limits.”

“What? I still have to fight?”

“I’m the greatest.”

“How strong can a guy get?”

“That wasn’t even fun!”

“C’mon get with it.”

c. Loss Quotes


“Once in a while is alright.”

“This is good...”

“Aww, think I’ll go to sleep.”

“I’m just out of it.”

“Not bad!”

“You’d make a decent guardian.”

“I gotta sober up.”

“I’m getting to old for these.”

d. Must have set of abilities
I’ll explain the most recommended abilities for Jecht and every melee-
based character.

1.) Sneak Attack
	-must have for every melee-character. Quick sneaking up on backs 
and if for some reason you don’t have a Sin’s Fang, equip one. And if you 
do have a Sin’s Fang, skip these one.

2.) Riposte
	-must have for every melee-character most useful after a successful 
block that will cause your foe to stagger. Go for that CRIT! Only equip 
this though if you think you’re that good at blocking.

3.) Snooze and Lose
	- about 100 CP when not mastered but will shorten to 50 at 
mastered. An essential ability to add up to your arsenal and pairs nicely 
with counterattack, your foe’s bravery will decrease by around 200 if for 
a certain time they’ll not attack. Which means you’ll provoke them once 
they attack and that’s were the extra critical damage should enter.

4.) Disable Counterattack, Riposte, Sneak Attack
	-must have for every character, so your foe will not inflict 
critical damage further which happens all the time.

5.) EXP to HP or Bravery
	-Must have after hitting level 100 to replenish lost HP or to 
quickly fill that bravery. Substitute to an EXP to EX force if you like EX 

6.) Free Air Dash
	-Must have for every melee/ close range fighter if you don’t want 
your combos to miss.  

X. Frequently Asked Questions 					    [FAQ]

Q. Is there any available character guide for Jecht yet?
A. Request granted.

Q. Is there a way to find any tutorial combos?
A. Here it is. And there are a couple of vids in youtube.com

Q. I’m new to this game, should I immediately use Jecht?
A. Absolutely, after reading this FAQ.

Q. Jecht sucks at attacking, I thought his the best melee fighter?!
A. He is if you managed to master him and he is definitely not recommended 
for beginners.

Q. There so many typos on your FAQ! Where can I contact you?
A. Hey it’s my first FAQ and nobody’s perfect. So notify me here at


XI. Word of Thanks and Credits						[CRT]

This FAQ would not be possible without the help of certain people. You 
might be surprised if you find your names below. Just showing off my 
appreciation for everyone.


Square Enix: For making yet another fabulous game!!

Final Fantasy Wikia: For providing me Jecht’s info.

Dissidia Wikia: For supplying me more in-game info.

GameFAQS: for always being there when I want an answer for my question, 
you always provide credible info for all gamers for 14 consecutive years. 
Hands down to the moderators and staff.

Neoseeker.com and Supercheats.com: for also providing good info for gamers 
and for accepting this FAQ.

ps_wrist: for teaching me how to contribute here.

sumostickfigure: for always providing nifty, applicable and serious 
answers on the boards for me since Phantasy Star Portable.

Jonazarry: for helping me step by step on how to properly contribute.

Battousai X: for pointing out a bit of typo regarding the sound that Jecht 
utters. Thanks brah!

Mad_Cartoonist: for teaching and reminding me that “EX-cancelling” can 
also be done by Jecht and clarifying some notable errors on the combos 
section. I’ve tested it a couple of times and managed to perfect it, that 
series of combos owns bro!! Thanks very much!! This will surely help lots 
of players.

All GameFAQS members who provides serious answers. And for some who are 
posers, Still I thank you.

For some guy who contributed a Jecht combo vid in youtube. I dunno your 
name but if you read these one, you know it’s you, thanks a bunch.

My brother for always beating the crap out of me in Tekken... still I can 
beat you here. You ain’t the best brah!

My lovely sister for editing and proof-reading these, my friends and my 

My True Love, you know who you are. Someday you’ll love me and I’m gonna 
eat every inch of you!

And finally to you for reading these and making it this far…thanks for 
appreciating this one.

XII. Revision History							[RVH]

v.1.5- added a couple of stuff and I enlisted neoseeker.com and 
supercheats.com for some sites on where to view this FAQ.

v.2.0-	added more stuff on the combos section thanks to a fellow gamer. 
Managed to fix some typos.

v.2.5- expanded the builds section and added some stuff.

***************************** 	CIAO! *****************************

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