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Kuja by Nexus_Nocturnal

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 09/14/09




Table of Contents

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the key. mmk?

I. Why make an faq?                                  [FAQ1]

II. The Angel of Death, Kuja                         [AODK]

III. Tools of the Trade                              
a.	Brave Attacks                                 [TOTB]
b.	Hit Point Attacks                             [TOTH]

IV. Fighting Styles                                  
a.	Point Blank Kuja                              [FSPB]
b.	Distanced Kuja                                [FSDK]
c.	Other Techniques                              [OTHR]

V. Vs. Other Characters                              
	a. Warrior of Light                              [VWOL]
	b. Garland                                       [VGAR]
	c. Firion                                        [VFIR]
	d. Emperor                                       [VEMP]
	e. Onion Knight                                  [VONK]
	f. Cloud of Darkness                             [VCOD]
	g. Cecil                                         [VCEC]
	h. Golbez                                        [VGOL]
	i. Bartz                                         [VBAR]
	j. Exdeath                                       [VEXD]
	k. Terra                                         [VTER]
	l. Kefka                                         [VKEF]
	m. Cloud                                         [VCLD]
	n. Sephiroth                                     [VSEP]
	o. Squall                                        [VSQL]
	p. Ultimecia                                     [VULT]
	q. Zidane                                        [VZID]
	r. Kuja	                                     [VKJA]
	s. Tidus                                         [VTID]
	t. Jecht                                         [VJCT]
	u. Shantotto                                     [VSAN]
	v. Gabranth                                      [VGAB]

VI. Misc Info.                                       [MISC]

VII. Version History                                 [VRHS]

I. Why make an FAQ?                                  [FAQ1]
Why indeed. Well for starters Kuja is a very popular character of 
choice in Dissidia and is very versatile with many different play 
styles and a very big move set (Compared to other characters in 
Dissidia), and yet, no one has bothered creating an faq for him yet. 
Kuja is by far my favorite character to play as and is also my favorite 
villain in the Final Fantasy series (And he doesnt dress half bad 
either!), so I decided, what the heck, Ill make the Kuja faq! 

Fun fact, this is will also be my first FAQ ever on GameFAQs so I hope 
it comes in handy to any Kuja players out there. So please, do enjoy!

II. The Angel of Death, Kuja                         [AODK]

WARNING: The following section has major spoilers for FFIX and will 
explain Kujas history in detail, so, if you ever plan on playing the 
game, or you already are, dont read this part. But if you have no plans 
on playing FFIX and would like to know some more about Kuja, do 

Kuja in FFIX is a being known as a Genome. A vessel of flesh with out a 
spirit created by Garland on the planet Terra, but unlike the other 
Genomes, Kuja, was granted a soul and free will. Only two other Genomes 
have such gifts, those two would be Zidane and Mikoto. Normally all 
Genomes look the same. They all look like Zidane. Blonde hair, monkey 
tails, and even body structure, except the females of course. Kuja 
though hates Genomes and everything about them. So he wears lavish and 
strange robes and changed his hair dramatically and wears make up to 
distance himself from the other Genomes.

Kujas purpose for existing is to travel to the planet Gaia and cause 
death and destruction to cycle out all of Gaias souls so Gaia can be 
replaced by Terra, for Terra is a dieing planet. Later on Garland 
created Zidane, who would replace Kuja who was an inferior model. Kuja 
didnt like this at all and the idea of being replaced didnt sit well 
with him, so while Zidane was still a child Kuja kidnapped him and hid 
him on Gaia where Garland would never be able to find him.

While on Gaia Kuja created the Black Mages from the mist that was 
produced by the Iifa Tree. He also corrupted the once kind Queen 
Brahne, and through her, destroyed several major cities across the 
world. On the forgotten continent though, he finally turned on her and 
took back control of the Edolon Bahamut and used it against her.

While on Gaia Kuja had a secret agenda of his own though. His plan was 
to kill Garland. Kuja wanted to over through Garland but at his current 
power such a thing would not be possible, so Kuja searched for powerful 
Edolons for him to use against Garland, for Garland feared the power of 
the Summon Creatures. Ultimately this plan failed but Kuja hadnt given 
up. Later on the Planet Terra Kuja uses Zidane and his friends to 
weaken Garland so that he could deal the killing blow. After this he 
fought Zidane head on. After sustaining some damage putting him to his 
limit, and using the thousands of souls sealed in the airship 
Invincible, Kuja was able to produce a Trance, making him infinitely 
more powerful.

With his new power, Kuja destroyed the planet Terra, completely 
glassing its surface using the spell Ultima. How ever, Garland after 
death reveals to Kuja that his time is almost up, and that Kuja will 
die as soon as Zidanes true power awakens. Angered by this sudden turn 
of events Kuja decides that if he cant live, no one else can. Traveling 
millions of years back in time using a portal above the Iifa Tree, Kuja 
plans to destroy the Crystal, The source of all life. Here Zidane would 
fight Kuja for the final time.

The battle ends in a tie. As Zidane and his friends push Kuja to the 
brink of death, Kuja retaliates by using Ultima one last time with his 
remaining strength, killing every one. While in death, Zidane and his 
friends fought the being known as Necron, who, seeing Kujas anger and 
lust for death, decided to grant Kuja his wish, and return all to the 
Zero World. After a harsh battle Zidane and his friends are victorious. 
Realizing the error of his ways, Kuja revives the party, and returns 
them to the outside of the Iifa Tree as a way of saying sorry. Feeling 
a need to help Kuja, Zidane, alone, travels back in the raging Iifa 
Tree in an attempt to save Kuja. There on his death bed, Kuja and 
Zidane share one last scene before a branch comes down supposedly 
crushing them both.

Although Kuja is remembered by many as an evil being who caused nothing 
by chaos, the Genomes remember Kuja as a beacon of hope. Kuja went 
against the role that was handed to him, and defied fate and took his 
destiny into his own hands.

(WARNING!!!!) Because I didnt feel like remaking a WHOLE FAQ and just 
updated the Japanese one, I still might accidentally call names by 
their Japanese names. Such as Energy Burst instead of Burst Energy and 
Holy Star instead of Seraphic Star.

III. Tools of the Trade                              [TOTB]
a.	Brave Attacks

Unlike most characters, Kuja is unique in that he can equip every 
attack he has to both his ground and air attack slots. Same for his HP 
attacks. That means if you see a move you really like, you can use it 
both in the air or the ground when ever you like. Kujas brave attacks 
are unique in the sense that Kuja can still move at full speed while 
attacking, also, all but 2 of Kujas attacks chain into 2 of 4 different 
follow up attacks depending on his distance from the enemy after the 
initial attack lands. When Kuja is close to the enemy during the follow 
up attack he will either create a big flare ball in front of him that 
drills into the enemy before launching them away (Sort of like Squalls 
Revolver Dive) or he creates a hula-hoop of spheres around him that 
juggle the enemy for a second before launching them up into the air 
creating a chase. If Kuja is far away from the enemy on activation 
however, Kuja will either surround them with several spheres that cress 
cross through the enemy dealing damage and sending them in the air for 
a chase, or he blasts the enemy up and down several times with flare 
spells. With the right follow up attack he can effectively deal damage 
to the enemy with out worrying about them EX Guarding.

Now for the actual brave attacks

Name                 CP          AP
Strike Energy        30          180
Personal favorite of mine, Strike Energy is one of Kujas close range 
melee attacks. Kuja quickly shoots out 4 spheres in front of himself 
that quickly strike the enemy to set them up for its follow up attacks. 
Yup, thats it, just a nice quick 4 hit poke attack. The attack itself 
is so fast that its hard for human players in no lag to block it on 
reaction. As long as you dont make it obvious when you are going to use 
it you should always be able to hit with out worrying about being 
guarded. The attack is best paired with Burst Energy.

Name                 CP          AP
Snatch Shots         30          180

Snatch Shots is the attack where Kuja fires 2 flare orbs that home in 
on the enemy and draws them closer to Kuja setting them up for his 
follow up attacks. Snatch Shots can also be comboed into Strike Energy 
or Energy Burst for extra damage. If you are really good and you are 
close to a wall you can combo all 3 attacks. Do Snatch Shots > Dodge 
Cancel, Strike Energy (Far away fallow up into wall) > Dodge Cancel 
above the enemies head > Energy Burst. Snatch Shots homing is a little 
limited to just about directly in front of Kuja. Its range is similar 
to Seraphic Stars but it can bend up or down farther, and faster. The 
farther away from the opponent Kuja is, the lower or higher you can be 
from their current vertical plain to allow Snatch Shots to hit.

Name                 CP          AP
Holy Rings           20          120

Holy Ring is the worst out of Kujas 3 long range attacks. They are 
really slow and have a distinct loud buzzing sound that gives them 
away, not only that but it is easily guarded or dashed. It is possible 
to chain them with Ultima and Seraphic Star if the three rings hit. 
But, because moving Kuja will also influence how the rings move, you 
can make it so all 3 hit at once, which will prevent you from being 
able to combo in Seraphic Star and Ultima.

Name                 CP          AP
Snatch Blow          30          180

Snatch blow is rather slow compared to Kujas other 2 melee attacks, but 
it has a much greater range so it doesnt require you to be so close to 
the enemy, and if it is blocked at its peek, there is a chance you can 
recover before you get attacked. The attack itself has Kuja launching a 
ring of orbs at the enemy. If the attack lands the orbs drag the enemy 
all the way back to Kuja for his follow up attacks. Also the attack can 
go through walls so you can hide behind different objects so you may 
attack the enemy safely. This is really fun to use in Pandemonium :D. 
Snatch Blow also wacks away all projectiles in its path, making it easy 
to grab Kefka, or Ultimecia. It also goes through Emperors Flare.

Name                 CP          AP
Energy Burst         30         180

Energy Burst is a very fun attack indeed. Although you have to be 
stupid close for it to hit, guarding does not cause Kuja to stagger at 
all. In fact, if it is guarded by attacks like Sephiroths Scintella 
(Spelling? Im just gonna call it Flash >.>) or Firions Shield Bash, you 
can easily dodge over their heads and use it again while they are 
defenseless. You can also move freely during the attack so you can back 
away safely from normal guards. Energy Burst also has some very 
delicious vertical tracking. It makes it very easy to mind attack 
people by dropping slowly than popping back up to blast them in the 
face or travel above them into their blind zone to snipe them

Name                 CP          AP
Remote Flare         30         180

Remote Flare, A.K.A, The Mages Bane, is a very nice attack to have when 
fighting other mages like Emperor and Shantotto. By keeping a steady 
stream of Remote Flare pressure you can prevent people from casting 
spells. It can also be used to knock Ultimecia and Kefka out of a lot 
of their HP attacks safely. Coupled with Snatch Blow and Pandemonium, 
you can practically when the fight whilst hiding behind a brick wall 
the entire time. The attack itself is not very good on Melee 
characters, but if the enemy tries to dodge it right away, the Flare 
will dramatically change their spawning point to catch them on the cool 

III. Tools of the Trade                              [TOTH]
b.	Hit Point Attacks

Kuja only has 3 HP attacks and no Brave to HP combos, but the HP 
attacks he does have are very useful, and cover all range areas. Lets 
go check them out.

Name                     CP          AP
Seraphic Star            40         180

At first glance Seraphic Star looks pretty pathetic, but it is actually 
very useful and versatile if you know its range. The attack itself is 
very fast and very quick, able to hit people off wiffs from Brave 
Attacks. It also has a nice suction effect, so even if it does miss, 
youll have plenty of time to escape and recover way before the enemy 
can get to you. Seraphic Stars Range is just a little bit further than 
Firions Master of Arms, to give you a bit of an idea what its range is 
like, and it also has some small vertical homing and will either bend 
up or down a little bit to get the enemy. Some times it will hit the 
ground and stop short its full length. It also stops when it hits walls 
and the such.

Name                 CP          AP
Flare Star           40          180

Flare Star is probably Kujas second best HP attack and is best used 
after guarding the enemy or after crashing the enemy into the ground. 
If the enemies Dodge range is short, you can also hit them as they try 
to get away. Much like FFIXs Flare Star, Kuja summons a ring of 5 orbs 
that twirl up in the air and come crashing down on one another making a 
huge explosion. The 5 orbs can hit the enemy any time they are moving, 
this includes when they are first summoned. The initial BRV damage from 
the attack is enough to break if the enemy has BRV around 200 or so. 
There is also a Glitch where if you are hit during the starting 
animations of Flare Star and you EX Guard the attack, the ending 
Explosion of Flare Star can randomly activate and hit the enemy, even 
if you have already started another attack. 

Name                 CP          AP
Ultima               40          300

Although Ultima doesnt have its planet killing powers that it has in 
Final Fantasy IX, the attack itself is actually pretty damn nasty. Kuja 
charges up the attack which causes a big orb to appear above the enemy. 
If they dont dodge in time the big orb drops dozens of small orbs on 
the enemy before exploding in a catastrophic sphere of death. The 
attack can also hit if the enemy times their dodge too early as well 
too. The spell can be used to catch enemies on wiffs or in the middle 
of attacks, and it teaches the likes of Sephiroth and Kefka to not use 
their charging attacks such as Meteor and Missing Zero. Also a nice 
thing to note is that Kuja can move freely during the whole spell. That 
means even if it wiffs, by the time the enemy dodges around it and dash 
at you, you would have recovered way before they could actually hit 
you. Kujas speed during the spell is also just fast enough for him to 
move out of the way of Squalls Rough Divide too, so no worries there 
either. Also, Exdeath can not guard Ultima at all, so this gives you a 
very safe option to finish the match off.

IV. Fighting Styles                                  [FSPB]
a.	Point Blank Kuja

In this section, and the following, we will go in-depth on the 
different play styles of Kuja. Because Kuja can cover all ranges 
effectively you can create Kujas of varying styles to fit almost all 
situations and any character with a little planning and elbow grease. 
It is a very good idea to go and master every ability on Kuja, Brave, 
HP, Action Abilities, everything. You dont have to do silly things like 
Auto-Chase and such, but its a good idea to have everything mastered so 
you can effectively cram in everything to maximize Kujas potential. 
Now, lets start with the Point Blank Kuja, or CQC Kuja as I like to 
call him (Yes, Kuja was a student of The Boss).

Most people read Kujas think Kuja is meant to be fought as a long range 
magic user. This however is not true. He can cover all ranges, and he 
covers close range very effectively too. The ideal move set would be 
Snatch Shots, Energy Burst, and Strike Energy. Even with a close range 
fighting style, having a long range attack gives you an option against 
people that run away and offers you another option to attack with when 
the enemy has full EX. Not only that but all 3 attacks can be comboed, 
and all great melee characters need combos. Your main attack strategy 
is going to be rushing the enemy down with Energy Burst or Strike 
Energy. Because of Energy Bursts properties it effectively removes the 
threat of Warrior of Lights Shield of Light, Firions Shield Bash, and 
Sephiroths Flash. Just make sure you use the attack before you dash too 
far and run into their shields with your face, and also make sure to 
dodge away after the back to evade the upcoming counter attack. When 
the enemy has full EX you should interchange Strike Energy and Energy 
Burst. Because both Energy Bursts follow up attacks can be EXd, that 
removes a big chuck of brave income, so youll want to sneak in Strike 
Energy for its long range follow ups dont cause Kuja to stagger if the 
enemy EX guards. Strike Energy also allows you to quickly catch enemies 
on wiffs. For example, if Squall uses Ariel Circle Strike Energy allows 
you to quickly poke Squall while staying out of that exploding circle. 
To keep the enemy guessing make sure to get really good at Chase Games. 
It is an easy way for Kuja to get in a HP attack. And remember, the 
chase ends when the enemy gets their third turn, after you dodge the 
final attack, smack them with Strike Energy for a free shot or Energy 
Burst to start the cycle all over again after the chase finishes. If 
the enemy starts catching on, skip the whole chase and dash right up to 
them and get them from under with Energy Burst. It also possible to hit 
the enemy with Flare Star if you knock them to the ground with a Brave 
attack in chase.

Now, we shall discuss what action abilities and such you should have 
equipped on Kuja. I myself, have all ground slots unequipped so I can 
maximize maneuverability and critical power increase. Most fights take 
place in the air any way so its all good. Now, because Air Slide is 
very fast and can get you that much needed EX Core, you will want to 
keep Air Slide up, but keep Jump Times down. So equip 2 or 3 Air Slides 
but only 1 Jump Times +, or even none at all is OK too. Youll want to 
be in the enemies face so there is no reason to be higher in the air 
than them also any way. Speed ++ is a must too, so is Parry Movement 
and Evasion Efficiency. Rather or not you want to equip Evasion 
Movement Up is up to you, but if you do equip it, it makes comboing 
Snatch Shots and Energy Burst/Strike harder. It also makes punishing 
wiffs harder because Kuja is going to be farther away from the enemy 
and his attacks have short range. On the other hand though, if you are 
fighting Garland, you can use it to dodge right through his Tornado and 
attack him before he uses Blaze. Counter Attack and Sneak Attack are 
very useful, because of Kujas quick attacks the chances of you hitting 
the enemy while they are in the middle of an attack are very high, and 
because some of Kujas follow up attacks hit from behind, they have a 
chance to activate Sneak Attack. If you are good at guarding use 
Ripostle, and if you have enough CP for another, equip Cat Nip. Cat Nip 
is very useful against the likes of Squall and Sephiroth and will help 
keep you from getting hit by that last devastating attack. Equip your 
Anti Critical Ability depending on who you are fighting. Like if you 
are Fighting Squall, use Ineffective Sneak attack as Beat Fang ALWAYS 
activates Sneak Attack. Also, you probably dont want to use Ineffective 
Ripostle as the chances of your opponent guarding an attack that are 
stupid fast is stupid low >.>. Pick your favorite EXP to ____ and stick 
with it. If you have extra CP equip something useful, such as 
Concentration or something. I like to use Physical Shield myself, 
Snooze and Lose is also nice. 

IV. Fighting Styles                                  [FSDK]
b.	Distanced Kuja

Long Range is pretty much the opposite of CQC Kuja, instead of 2 melee 
and 1 long range attack; he has 2 long range and 1 melee attack. The 
main focus of Long Range Kuja is to always pressure the enemy with 
Remote Flare and Snatch Shots and than getting them with Snatch Blow as 
they squirm around trying to reach you. If the enemy just dashes right 
at you, you can just dodge over and away and continue to back up as you 
use your projectile attacks. If they get too close while they dash you 
can guard and get them with Snatch Blow. If you are fighting Squall or 
Cloud, you might want to take out Snatch Blow for Strike Energy as 
these two need to get close in order to do damage, if it is Sephiroth 
though you are better off with Snatch Blow as Sephiroth has a very long 
reach. When fighting other mages you will want to do the same and keep 
Snatch Blow, as Snatch Blow drills right past projectile attacks like 
Ultimecias Arrows and Emperors Flare. Long Range Kuja is a nightmare 
for mage users. Fight Ultimecia and watch how she desperately tries to 
cast spells while Remote Flare is exploding all over her every 3 

You always need to be doing something as long range Kuja too, and you 
should try playing on levels like Kefkas Tower and Pandemonium if you 
choose this play style as the small stages make it easy for you to hide 
and snipe them with Remote Flare and Snatch Blow (Snatch Blow goes 
through walls xD). Stages like the Void Castle and Cosmoss Throne are 
perfectly fine too however, for they are very large in size and offer 
plenty of escape routes. 

As far as abilities go, maneuverability is key. Have Jump Boost and 
Jump Times to help get in the air faster, and Speed ++ is always nice 
to have too. Omni Air Dash is very nice on Long Range Kuja. Because it 
has the speed of Air Slide you can take Air Slide off and boost up your 
Jumps and such, unlike with Short Range Kuja who NEEDS Air Dash. Dodge 
Movement Up will come in handy this time around. Also make sure to have 
Glide Up equipped to increase Glide time. Your critical set up should 
be similar to Short Range Kujas but you might want to have Anti 
Ripostle this time because of Snatch Blow.

Again, you shouldnt have any of your ground slots equipped to help pool 
CP to your abilities.     

IV. Fighting Styles                                  [OTHR]
c.	Other Techniques 

These are some interesting combos and such that you can use in battle 
to help give you an edge.

Ultima Shielding.
When you are below the enemy use Ultima and glide yourself under them 
as they move, If they dodge out of Ultima the Ultima spell itself will 
fall down on top of Kuja. If the enemy doesnt have a projectile attack 
or good enough reach, they can not hit you with out getting blasted 
themselves until the spell ends. You can also float around Ultima in a 
circle as they try to get around it to get at you, making an effective 

Snatch Shots > Strike Energy > Burst Energy.
When close to a wall you can combo all 3 attacks. You should practice 
this on a low level AI to get the idea down, and than boost it up or 
fight friends to get the timing. While the enemy is close to the wall, 
use Snatch Shots, as the enemy is dragged to Kuja dodge cancel back 
than forth and use Strike Energy. Next use Strike Energys long range 
Follow Up, the one that blasts the enemy up and down. The final blast 
should send them crashing into the wall. If the enemy hit the wall, 
Dodge Cancel forward above them and activate Burst Energy. Kuja will 
adjust himself vertically to match where the enemy is on the wall. If 
done correctly and fast enough by the time they get off the wall the 
blast from Burst Energy will hit them before the target regains control 
of the character.

Endless Chasing
As long as you are good at Chases and you are fast on the draw, you can 
keep you and the enemy stuck in the Chase mini game infinitely if you 
use Strike Energy or Energy Burst right away as the chase ends. 
Remember, the chase ends after the enemy does their third attack. If 
the other guy is faster however, he can dodge out of the way. If you 
are not good at chases, dont bother with this.

EX Mode Super Glide Shield.
In EX mode Kujas Glide is heavily modified. Now when he glides the orbs 
he twirls around are huge and darker in color. As he twirls them around 
he is protected by a very powerful shield that also deals damage to any 
one that comes close him. The shield cancels out most attacks, it even 
causes Chaos to stagger when he trys to do his FALCON KICK in the air, 
which normally goes right past guards like a hot knife in butter. 

EX Mode Dribble 
In EX mode when Kuja jumps the spheres around him spin around dealing 
damage as he falls. When he hits the ground they explode dealing more 
damage. It is possible to dribble your opponent up and down using this 
method. As you fall next to them and the orbs explode, jump up above 
them and fall. They will get caught by Kujas spinning orbs as he falls 
back down, and when they explode the enemy goes back up. Just keep 
repeating this as much as you like or until EX wears off. The Ex Mode 
Dribble is very hard to pull off and requires exact timing however, so 
you shouldnt try doing it unless you got practice.

EX Mode Flare Stream to Flare Star
Again, while in Ex Mode, as Kuja jumps, a stream of Flare orbs appear 
behind him and explode. If the enemy gets stuck in one, the Flares can 
explode and stun the enemy. While they are stuck in this explosion you 
can Flare Star them for the kill. You can also ram into them with your 
Glide for a little extra damage than use Flare Star if you want to. In 
fact I like gliding into them first to give me extra time to Flare 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VWOL]
	a. Warrior of Light

This next section will give you tips on how to approach and fight other 
characters. Lets start with Warrior of Light

Warrior of Lights attacks are pretty linear which means Kuja is 
probably his worst match. Being able to move while attacking is a huge 
advantage. Close Range Kuja using Energy Burst is impossible for 
Warrior of Light to punish with his slow attacks. Long Range Kuja 
should be able keep WoL busy for a long time too, as it makes using his 
Fangs dangerous as it will make him an easy target for Remote Flare. 
When close to the ground, if WoL uses his Lighting Spell, use Seraphic 
Star and by the time WoL gets out of his cool down the spell should 
already have activated on top of him. Watch out though, if he uses 
Blizzard instead the snow balls will hit you before Seraphic Star deals 
damage. Make sure to watch out for his Shield Attacks in the air, they 
are pretty fast and make it dangerous to use Energy Burst. But if you 
are above him you can Glide around and see if the enemy tries to get 
you, in which case you can Guard it for a free counter attack. His 
Radiant Swords in the air are also pretty nasty. Dont ignore them as 
they can get pretty fast and it is best to dodge forward above them. 
Dont do this close to WoL however, as he can grab you while you are in 
your dodging animation.

Warrior of Light is probably a 4 out of 10 on difficulty. 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VGAR]
	b. Garland

Garland is far less dangerous than his hero counter part. Tornado and 
Blaze combo is hard to approach and using Ultima while he is casting 
Blaze is dangerous. What ever you do, dont drop to far below or above 
him when he uses this spell as it becomes hard to dodge. Best strategy 
is to dash at him while he is casting Tornado and dodge through it. 
From there you can get him with Energy Burst or Strike Energy. Garlands 
air game is pretty solid but sadly yours is better. If he gets close he 
will most likely be trying to get you with the Ban Hammer, but Burst 
Energy is faster and can get him from above. Garlands Hammer attack 
only corrects him vertically if he is above you. If you get above him 
he will most likely try to get you with the drill instead. As long as 
you see it coming you can block it easily and punish him. If you are 
using Long Range Kuja, use Snatch Shots and Snatch Blow to punish wiffs 
and blocks and use Remote Flare when he trys to Tornado + Blaze you. 
Also watch out for his Fish Hook. He normally yells really loud when he 
uses it so you can see it coming a mile away.

Short Range Kuja will have a harder time with Garland and his Tornado + 
Blaze combo being harder to approach unless you take Snatch Shots out 
for Remote Flare or Snatch Blow, but Long Range Kuja already comes with 
all the tools needed to take care of Garland. Just dont get close to 
the ground. All in all, Garland is around 3.5 out of 10  

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VFIR]
	c. Firion

Firion is stupid easy to beat as Kuja, Short Range or Long Range. No 
matter what attack Firion does it forces him to stop moving and he 
stands still for the whole animation, this leaves him a sitting duck 
for Remote Flare or Ultima. For Close Range Kuja all you need is Energy 
Burst and there is pretty much nothing Firion can do. Just make sure to 
dodge away if he Shield Bashes it. He will always do the short range 
version so you dont need to worry about the homing spells. Energy Burst 
renders Firions greatest attack completely useless. There is really no 
reason why you should ever take damage. Your Seraphic Star also has 
longer range than his Master of Arms, so just dodge away out of its 
range and send a star down the whirlwind right back at him.

Over all, Firion is a 0.5 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VEMP]
	d. Emperor Palamecia

Emperor, another match up that Long Range Kuja is better suited for 
than Short Range. Although Kuja lacks an attack that can reflect Flare 
effectively you can still maneuver around it easily as you attack. 
Because youll be spending your time in the air, pressuring with Remote 
Flare and Snatch Shots, you dont have to worry about his pesky 
Lightning Crest, effectively taking away Emperors most dangerous tool. 
If Emperor tries hiding in his Air Flare while casting Star Fall use 
Remote Flare or Ultima to teach him the error of his ways. Short Range 
Kuja will have a harder time avoiding Lightning Crest and Flare but 
Snatch Shots gives you an effective way of picking him off between 
spell casts. 

Although Emperor is just as vulnerable as Firion is against Long Range 
Kuja, because he can put up some what of a fight against Short Range 
Kuja, I give him 2 out of 10. Also make sure to avoid small levels like 
Chaoss Throne because of Flare.

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VONK]
	e. Onion Knight

Maybe its just me, but the old school FFs have a hard time against 
Kuja... Any way, most (See: All) of Onion Knights attacks are very 
linear, thus, easily dodged by Kuja. How ever, if they do land, they 
can hurt a lot, doesnt help that they all link to HP attacks too. But 
sadly that wont matter as Onion Knight wont hit you if you are careful 
enough. 3 out of 4 of Onion Knights attacks go in a straight and are 
thus easily dodged by simply moving backwards and to the side. The 3 
attacks in question are Onion Knights 2 melee attacks, and his Blizzard 
spell. His 4th attack, Thunder (his air magic attack) can be easily 
dodged by moving Kuja backwards, allowing Kuja to freely fall to the 
ground, or, you can dash right through it. In fact, if you dash towards 
OK as he starts the spell, the Thunder Orb will get reflected back in 
OKs face. OKs HP attacks are also very linear. His ground Melee HP 
attack is just like his BRV attack, and can be dodged easily or can be 
avoided by moving back and to the side. His Spell HP attack, Firaga, is 
also easily avoided by moving away from the expected impact zone of the 
blast. His air HP attacks are easier to punish. As he starts up an HP 
attack, just Air Slide away and start up Ultima.

Overall I give the little devil 2 out of 10. Best to avoid small levels 
when fighting OK, also.    

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VCOD]
	f. Cloud of Darkness

Cloud of Darkness is another relatively easy kill for Kuja. Before she 
can use her brave attacks Cloud of Darknesss tentacles move back and 
forth a few times. This is your sign to get ready to dodge or guard 
what ever attack is heading your way. If you can get CoD to use the 
brave attack where she creates a giant orb around her you can easily 
punish it with Seraphic Star. All her HP attacks have a relatively long 
start up time so you can get her easy with any of your attacks. Long 
Range Kuja will probably want to use Remote Flare to punish safely 
while Short Range Kuja will want to use Strike Energy if they are close 
or Snatch Shots if you dont think you can reach her in time. This is 
for her air HP attacks by the way, like her KAMEHAMEHA (0 Form) and 
Fullslide attack. None of her Ground HP attacks will reach you if you 
stay a safe distance away. Expect for maybe Anti Air and Long Range 
Particle Beam. In EX Mode her cool down and start up are greatly 
reduced so its best to move away and wait for EX to go away. Fullslide 
though in EX Mode can still be punished if you can reach her before the 
balls close back in. And chances are a desperate CoD user will spam 
Fullslide in one position.

I give CoD about 3 out of 10. 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VCEC]
	g. Cecil 

Cecil is tough cookie. Dark Knight Cecil himself isnt that big of a 
threat, as he has little to no air game, and his ground attacks 
themselves are just as linear as Warrior of Lights. The real threat is 
Paladin Cecil. Search Light isnt a threat to Long Range Kuja as you can 
get him in the casting animation with Remote Flare, so you dont have to 
worry about his HP link. For Long Range Kuja youll probably want to 
rush forward or dash through them. Paladin Cecils brave attacks are 
very fast so you have little time to react to them. He can attack 
straight up and down like you so if you can get Energy Burst before he 
can use his attacks youll be able to get in damage before he does. You 
can also use Strike Energy to safely cancel out both your attacks and 
prevent being hit. Some Cecils can get cocky and make their attacks too 
obvious by being overly aggressive. If this happens just wait for them 
to get above or below you and guard appropriately. Cecils HP attacks 
leave him open for more than enough time to punish with your quick 
attacks so look for openings in wiffed HP attacks. Watch out for small 
stages as it makes it tricky to avoid his HP attacks.   

I give Cecil about 5 out of 10 because of Paladin Cecils high speed.

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VGOL]
	h. Golbez

Possibly your hardest match up yet, Golbez will give you a hard time 
approaching. Golbez can effectively set up a barrier around himself 
that makes it really hard to get any sort of attack in. His Night Glow 
HP attack on the ground can prevent you from using Energy Burst, and 
his ground brave attacks can make it impossible to approach safely and 
can constantly keep you pressured. Short Range Kuja will have a really 
hard time facing a good Goblez. Your only hope is to be extremely 
aggressive. If you can get him in the air, dont let him get down. 
Goblez is trash in the air and cant do a thing to you. His 3 air brave 
attacks are easy to dodge/block and punish. Even his air HP attack is 
easily punished by Kuja. If Golbez tries to use Genesis Rock, move back 
a few feet and use Ultima to punish him while the rocks are still 
spinning around him. Long Range Kuja will have an easier time, make 
sure to keep Golbez under constant pressure and dont get in range of 
his harsher ground attacks. Play it safe when around Goblez, fly away 
and use Ultima if you have to, just what ever you do, do not allow the 
battle to take place close to the ground.

Over all, I give Golbez 8.5 out of 10

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VBAR]
	I. Bartz

Bartz is relatively easy to beat. Seeing as youll be in the air most 
the battle, his combos which can only be done on the ground are useless 
against you, and his only Brave to HP attack is laughable at best. 
Bartz is just a basic melee character and thus easily punished by 
either Long Range or Short Range Kuja. His Slide Hazzard in the air can 
be side stepped effortlessly by Long Range Kuja and a well timed Energy 
Burst can catch Bartz while he is sliding above you on the upward ark. 
His other brave attack in the air is Zidanes spinning attack, which 
actually has some good tracking, but it is easily guarded. Also 
something to take note of is that Bartz flashes brightly before 
attacking, so look for this as a sign to guard. In EX Mode Bartz has 
Goblin Punch. Normally Bartz players will keeping dashing right through 
your dodge and punch you, so skip the whole dodging thing and just out 
right guard him and punish him. Using rails and such to get away from 
him will be your best and safest bet though. This is one of those times 
where you will be thankful you equipped Omni Air Dash on Kuja.  

Over all I give Bartz a 6 out of 10, but only because of his stupidly 
broken Goblin Punch and Holy Spam can get annoying and dangerous.

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VEXD]
	j. Exdeath

Exdeath is LAWLZ worthy when fighting Kuja. Exdeath cant touch Kuja no 
matter what where as Kuja can fight back with out the worry of 
guarding. Remote Flare, Energy Burst, and your 3 HP attacks will be the 
only attacks you will need. Feel free to remove any other attacks to 
buff up your abilities. Remote Flare spawns all around Exdeath, thus 
removing the threat of High Guard, and requires stupid precise timing 
to guard, thus removing the threat of Omni Guard. Energy Burst has 
beautiful vertical tracking, so you can float above Exdeath into his 
Blind Spot and effectively mind game him or snipe him. Exdeath just can 
not guard Ultima at all, so to finish the match all you have to do is 
some how trick him into falling in to it. You can also try getting his 
back with Seraphic Star as he High Guards. Flare Star may not be very 
effective. Your best bet would be to go into EX Mode and Glide Poke 
him, or fall on top of him.   

Over all I give Exdeath a 1 out of 10. 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VTER]
	k. Terra

Terra is again one of those tricky characters. Youll want to try and 
bait her into coming into air, as Meteor + Holy + Flare + Ultima 
hurts... a LOT. Her most useful move in the air is her Blizzard melee 
attack, but thankfully Short Range Kujas Strike Energy and Energy Burst 
are much quicker and easier to get off. Also be weary of Holy. If 
possible dash through the orbs and get her while she is still twirling 
around in the air. Watch out for her to cast Meltdown, a very dangerous 
HP attack. If you are quite a ways away from her you can attempt to use 
Ultima on her. If you are close dont take any chances and get away from 
her, the attack is very fast. Long Range Kuja will have an easier time 
as Remote Flare will get her in any of her casting animations, 
Meltdown, Holy, Flood, ect, non are safe if you are quick on the draw 
with Remote Flare. 

Overall I give Terra a 5.5 out of 10.

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VKEF]
	l. Kefka

Canonly, Kefka is a beast, gameplay wise, not so much... All of Kefkas 
attacks can be dashed through except a select few. Watch out for his 
Ultima spell, as the small ball at the start of the spell can not be 
dashed or guarded. The other attack you can not dash would be his Back 
and Forth Firaga spell. When the ball is big, it can not be blocked or 
dashed, so try to reflect it back when Kefka is casting it, or when the 
ball is small. Overall though, Short Range Kuja will have a fun time 
with him. Long Range Kuja... will still have fun with this clown as 
Remote Flare pressure can easily prevent him from casting many of his 
spells while at a safe distance. If Kefka sees you dashing at him he 
might use Wings of Destruction, if so, stop and use Holy Star to deal 
HP damage while at a safe distance. Trine is easily dodged by simply 
letting Kuja fall down to the ground or jumping over it. Missing Zero 
is just plain unsafe for Kefka to cast as your Ultima will reach him 
before his reaches you. 

Kefka gets 5 out of 10. 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VCLD]
	m. Cloud

Clouds air game is relatively useless against Kuja. The only move you 
really have to look out for is the Slash Blow attack. You know, the one 
that links to Omnislash V.5, but only because if he gets you with it 
early, and if it breaks you, you are pretty much starting the fight off 
with 1 HP thanks to the crash damage. Dont get too close to Cloud while 
he is on the ground. If you do there is chance he can hit you with 
Cutting Edge and combo it to Cross Slash. Also watch out for his Meteor 
attack, the best way to avoid this move is to Air Slide to the side or 
get high up in the air. If Cloud has a full EX gauge, dont attempt to 
guard any of his attacks, ESPECIALLY Slash Blow. There is a chance the 
Cloud Player will activate EX right as you guard, so its safer to just 
dodge out of the way. If Cloud trys to get you with Braver, the best 
thing to do is Dodge towards, and over him, and than using Flare Star 
to punish. Besides that, no matter what Kuja you use, just do your 
thing. Close Range Kuja does the melee game better than Cloud does at 
close range, and Long Range Kuja will have no trouble keeping the 
pressure while easily punishing wiffs. 

I give Cloud 3 out of 10. This is one silver haired villain he will not 
be beating any time soon.

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VSEP]
	n. Sephiroth 

Cloud is cake, but Sephiroth is a giant chilly cheese corn dog 
smothered in fatty condiments just waiting to clog your arteries and 
give you a stroke, or a heart attack, or something. Sephiroth melee 
range is much larger than Kujas, which means Sephiroth has a big 
advantage over Close Range Kuja. If you do manage to evade one of his 
attacks, play it safe and use Snatch Shots to draw him in and combo 
with Energy Burst. Sephiroths move set is similar for both the air and 
ground, so its ok to fight Sephiroth close to the ground, but I still 
recommend you try to force the fight higher into the air. If you see 
Sephiroth trying to power up the Black Materia pop him a Ultima. Long 
Range Kuja can safely punish Sephiroths wiffed Octaslashs, which is 
best dealt with by dodging above, and behind Sephiroth. Octaslash has 
great horizontal tracking but he cant turn on a dime, so his back is 
his blind spot and open to Snatch Shots, Snatch Blow, Remote Flare, 
Flare Star, ect. Just make sure to get him on the ending slash. If you 
are close to the ground and Sephiroth gets you stuck in one of his huge 
combos, just stay calm and let Sephiroth punish you. Chances are, at 
the end of the deadly barrage, he will try and get you with Octaslash. 
At this point youll want to dodge above and behind. You should have 
more than enough time to get away and recover. In the US version 
Sephiroth has some pretty nasty tricks and a few new attacks that he 
can get you with. Watch out for Heavens Light, the attack is very fast 
but he has to do a swan dive to the ground first, so look for the dive 
and dodge to the side. Hells Gate can not be stopped in mid air, so 
dont get close to Sephiroth when he is using this attack. Be careful 
with your Strike Energy and dashes too, as Sephiroth has an air version 
of Firions Shield Bash attack, which can be devastating if you fall for 
it. When Sephiroth is in Ex Mode there is a chance he will bait you 
with Heartless Angel. Dash at him to scare him out of it but dont 
attack, Sephiroth can cancel out of Heartless Angel immediately and 
fallow up with Heavens Light which can get you while are in the middle 
of attacks.

Sephiroth is a worthy foe, I give him a 7 out of 10.

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VSQL]
	o. Squall

Squall is like Sephiroth, but faster, and much more deadly. To start 
things off, watch out for Squalls Mystic Furry, this attack can be your 
ultimate down fall if it some how manages to hit you. Squall can keep 
use this to safely lower you to the ground, than use Revolver Dive as 
you are stuck in the landing animation. This is probably the only way 
Squall can kill you out side of EXGing and such. Close Range Kuja and 
Squall are pretty much equals in accuracy, distance, and tracking. Your 
biggest advantage is that you have longer range projectile in the air 
than he does. If you hear Squall using Heal Crash, move into range and 
Strike Energy. Strike Energy is nice and fast so if Squall cancels out 
of it, you will have time to evade the incoming Beat Fang. If you dont 
feel safe using Snatch Shots against Squall because of his Heel Crash 
and Circle attacks, its OK to switch it out for Snatch Blow. Because it 
is not a projectile and has better range, you can grab him out of Heel 
Crash and Air Circle. One opening you should abuse is the long cool 
down Fated Circle has. You can easily punish this by popping a Holy 
Star his way. Squall will probably be getting most his brave from 
Surprise Attack, so equip Ineffective Surprise Attack to combat it. It 
really does save you a ton of brave and can prevent you from being 
broken in one hit. Be sure to watch out for his Rough Divide in the air 
too. The best way to dodge this is to wait for him to come flying and 
to dodge above and over him. You can also dodge Rough Divide while 
casting Ultima. Just keep moving to the side and he will fly right past 

I give Squall 8 out of 10 because of his massive brave gain thus making 
him dangerous most the match.  

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VULT]
	p. Ultimecia

Next up, Rin-, I mean Ultimecia. Ultimecia is like Golbez, but is based 
around air control instead of ground control and lacks the Brave to HP 
attacks and combos that make Goblez deadly. At the start of the match 
Ulty will probably try to get away and into the air as fast as 
possible. Its best to get on Ultys ass right from the get go. Ulty will 
probably try to fend you off with one of her axe brave attacks, you can 
either get past this by just dashing right through them (if they are 
the small 3 axes) or dodging forward through it (if its the large 1 
axe) and continue to chase after her. As Short Range Kuja youll want to 
keep her pressured at all times with your melee attacks. Watch out for 
her red arrow attack. Its like a freaking machine gun and can deal a 
good chunk of damage to you, so stay a good distance above her and away 
from her front. As Long Range Kuja you should attempt to get higher in 
the air than her. This way you can see what she is doing below you but 
she cant see what you are doing above her. This also gives you a clear 
view of where all her attacks are going. From the air constantly 
pressure her with Remote Flare. This pretty much prevents her from 
using Apocalypse, her only anti air HP attack. Her other 2 pose no 
threat to you. If you see her charging any of the two other attacks and 
you are for some reason on the same plane as her, pop a Holy Star her 
way. By the time she releases the attack the Holy Star should have 
activated and hit her. In EX Mode Ultimecia can cast a new spell that 
freezes time, opening you up for a free HP attack. The second you see 
her charging this spell, immediately cast Remote Flare or rush her down 
to prevent her from getting this spell off. If she has a full EX, do 
not move away from her. Even if a EX Core pops up, you WILL NOT have 
enough time to reach the core, and back to her in time to prevent the 
Time Crunch. Just ignore it and keep attacking her. 

I give Ultimecia a 6.5 out of 10. By the way R=/=U :P 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VZID]
	q. Zidane

Now finally, Kujas rival and successor, Zidane. Zidane is like the 
polar opposite of Kuja. Where Kujas EX Mode is full of offensive 
properties, Zidanes EX Mode has defensive properties. Where Kujas Brave 
Attacks all have Brave follow ups, Zidanes come with HP follow ups. 
Zidane is fast but nothing you should be worried about, as you are 
equally as fast in the air. In the air Zidanes 3 melee attacks either 
have him tracking you horizontally, vertically upwards, or vertically 
downwards at an angle. They can all be comboed to each other in various 
ways and Zidane will always end this barrage with an HP attack. The 
best thing to do is just not get hit. Most Zidane players play a chip 
away game, where they slowly drain your entire HP instead of building 
up big Brave to take big chunks out of your HP. Besides his 3 Brave 
Attacks Zidane has 5 HP attacks. In the air, his 3 HP attacks are Shift 
Break, Grand Lethal, and Free Energy. Shift Break can be easily 
countered by using Remote Flare to interrupt Zidanes casting if you are 
Long Range Kuja, or move to the side and jump a few times to get away. 
Again, if you are long range Kuja the jump boost will put you well 
beyond reach of the attack. Grand Lethal during its charge up has 
zomghax tracking. If you jump over him he will do a complete 180 and go 
at you. The best thing to do is glide back a few feet and use Flare 
Star as Zidane slides into the attack. Free Energy is pretty damn fast 
too, and if your reflexes havent got use to the game yet it will be 
hard to dodge this attack. Watch out when you use Snatch Shots against 
Zidane, because a smart Zidane will use Free Energy instead of a BRV 
attack. If you know he is going to do Free Energy after dashing your 
Snatch Shots, move closer to him instead of farther away. Energy Burst 
does not deal damage if you are touching Zidane. On the ground Zidanes 
Tidal Flame shouldnt be a threat unless you are on the ground for some 
awkward reason and Stellar Circle 5 can reflect back your Snatch Shots 
and pull you into the attack. So be careful of that. It also has a 
really big sucking effect which can draw you in. Close Range Kuja can 
pretty much eat Zidane alive if you are aggressive enough and know what 
you are doing. Just keep an ear out for audio cues when Zidane does his 
attacks and you should be able to block them easily. If Zidane does his 
horizontal spinning attack, just block. The tracking on the thing will 
most likely chase you for the whole dodge animation and hit you. While 
in EX Mode Zidane has 15 jumps and each one acts as a dodge, so its not 
really worth going after him.

I give Zidane about 6.5 out of 10.

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VKJA]
	r. Kuja

Kuja has no greater challenge than himself. There is nothing I can 
really tell you other than the Kuja with the most skill is going to 
win. Long Range Kuja has equal chance of winning as Short Range Kuja, 
and like wise, 2 Kujas of the same style have just as equal a chance of 
beating each other. In order to win you will need to know your 
opponents Kuja just as well as you know his. Take note of how he moves, 
his thinking, his strategy. Adjust yourself accordingly to how he 
fights you. To fight another Kuja you must be fully flexible with your 
thoughts. And above all else, never give up. 

Over all, I give Kuja a wtfhax out of zomgbbq. 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VTID]
	s. Tidus

Tidus is like Exdeath, accept he dodges instead, and Kuja doesnt have 
attacks that ignore dodging so this is going to be a little tricky :/. 
Most Tiduss will probably, actually, not use many of his dodge attacks 
and actually go with Full Slide and Hop Stop and maybe 1 dodge attack. 
The dodge attacks themselves are relatively useless as Kuja can move 
while attacking, or the attack animations of your attacks are so fast 
dodging out of the way of Tiduss attacks is simple. You can tell when 
Tidus is going to do a dodge attack because his Dodge Attacks have a 
much longer looking, slower dodging animation to it. Like a normal 
dodge but in a very fast slow mo mode. So if you notice something 
strange in his movements while dodging guard or get out of the way. Or, 
if you get out of the attack range fast enough you can retaliate with 
Seraphic Star or Flare Star depending on which dodge attack he used. 
Some Tidus users are overly aggressive with Hop Step to the point its 
not funny how predictable such a fast attack can be. Its pretty much to 
the point you just need to dodge or block if you see Tidus inch himself 
closer to you. Full Slide can be blocked if you see it coming, and its 
relatively useless on Long Range Kuja because you can just move to the 
side while casting your spells. In EX Mode, if your opponent is not 
aware of the shielding properties of your glide, just float around near 
Tidus and see if he tries to Hop Step you thinking its safe. You can 
actually do this to bait Tidus when not in EX Mode but you need to 
guard manually as you dont have the giants orbs to do it for you. 
Besides that, all of Tiduss dodge attacks link to HP attacks, so thats 
something else for you to look out for. Besides that, Tidus has 2 other 
HP attacks in the air, Jecht Shot and Energy Rain. Both are relatively 
easy to dodge out of the way and have huge start up times. Energy Rain 
can also link to Full Slide for some major critical damage. If you 
decide to go Short Range Kuja the fight is mostly going to be about 
rather or not you are fast enough to get in Strike Energy or Energy 
burst over his Hop Step. Through in a few guards as you dash at him to 
see if you can get a few hit in if he tries to Hop Step.

Over all, I give Tidus a 7.5 out of 10. Mostly because Hop Step can 
break you in one hit if you have not yet become use to it, and Tidus 
can safely land HP attacks through his Brave Attacks. 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VJCT]
	t. Jecht

Lets travel down the family tree for a second shall we. Despite his 
manly display Jecht is actually quite timid when facing Kuja. Although 
Jechts 1 Brave Attack can chain into 2 others, AND a HP attack, the 
attack itself requires Jecht to be relatively close. This makes him 
easily picked off by Long Range Kuja. Close Range Kuja though has to 
venture into Jecht kills zone. This is ok though, as Strike Energy is 
faster than Jechts kicks. Besides that, Jecht has 2 HP attacks in the 
air. One is like Sephiroths Octaslash, but with shorter range and 
greater tracking if he charges it, and the other forces Jecht to slide 
downward in front of him, so the safest place would be above him and 
the best action to take would be to attack him with a projectile 
attack, such as Snatch Shots or Remote Flare. In EX mode Jecht can 
continue doing his combos even if he wiffs, so it would be safe to just 
get the hell away from him altogether, or at least stay way above him. 
If he gets you caught in a combo while he has a full EX Gauge, he can, 
and probably will, hit you with Jecht super EX Combo from hell, which 
might kill you in one hit. As Long Range Kuja you will want to focus on 
using Remote Flare more than Snatch Shots because Snatch Shots can be 
reflected back at you with Jecht Shield and it can draw you close to 
Jecht for one of his combos.

Jecht gets a 4.5 out of 10, and thats only if you are fighting a Jecht 
that can actually do his combos and.

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VSAN]
	u. Shantotto

Now for the secret characters! First up, Shantotto. Shantotto is one 
beast of a mage character. Her EX Mode is probably the most deadly of 
them all too, with the ability to keep ALL her Brave Points after doing 
HP Damage. That means if the EX Burst Doesnt kill you by some snow 
balls chance in hell, than the next attack will. Lucky for you though, 
getting in an HP attack on you will be very hard indeed. Long Range 
Kuja will have the easiest time fighting Shantotto, mostly because of 
Remote Flare getting her while she tries to cast Bind. Which reminds 
me, dont let her get you with Bind, EVAR. If she does manage to get you 
with bind, keep spamming Remote Flare or Snatch Blow till you get out. 
You dont want her getting you with an HP attack while you are stuck. 
Because you can move while applying the pressure, getting hit by Bind 
should be hard for her. Bind can also be blocked, dont forget this. 
This means while you are in EX Mode you can prevent yourself from being 
bound by gliding. Close Range Kuja will have a harder time getting an 
elusive Shantotto. She has a punishing Brave Attack that can, and WILL, 
break you if it criticals. It is also a boomerang attack, so you need 
to watch out her staff doesnt hit you from behind after you dodge. Not 
only that but she also has a Stun spell which will immediately put you 
in a stagger animation if it hits you, this prevents you from getting 
close enough for your melee Brave Attacks to work, so you really need 
to be careful when fighting her as Close Range Kuja. If you do get 
stuck in Bind, and you dont have an options to retaliate, than the most 
you can do is dodge/guard. If the correct timing and reflexes, and the 
right abilities, it is possible to dodge out of all 3 of her attacks 
depending on which one she uses. Tornado and Flood being the hardest to 
evade and Fire and Ice being the easiest to evade. One last thing to 
look out for, Shantotto also has a Bio spell, which causes a dark green 
gas to slowly chase after you. If it hits you it will cause you to 
slowly lose Brave over a period of time. The best thing to do is dash 
through it or block it right before it hits you.

Shantotto gets 7 out of 10. 

IV. Vs. Other Characters                             [VGAB]
	v. Gabranth

The final character in this amazing cast of brawlers and spells casters 
is also a real toughie. Gabranth is a ticking time bomb of whoop ass 
ready to explode all over your face in a matter of seconds. In normal 
mode, Gabranth is the worst character ever. In fact, he has no HP 
attacks and all his Brave Attacks are easy to guard and dodge, but you 
see, thats the least of your worries. What Gabranth has is a move that 
allows him to build up EX with out EX force or an EX Bell. So at the 
start of the match, what ever you do, do not let up. You need to stay 
on this mofo and do as much damage as possible. If Gabranth sees you 
coming, the chances are he will dodge away, or towards and above you. 
Keep this in mind, just keep on dashing through his dodge and attack 
him as he is cooling down from the animation. If you are a Close Range 
Kuja, try to keep him stuck in an Infinite Chase. This will help 
prevent him from getting EX, or at least slow him down. Now, you cant 
prevent him from going in EX. Eventually, Gabranth will get his EX bar 
full and he WILL go EX. Most Gabranths will immediately go at you with 
his fast brave attacks. Which by the way, to prevent yourself from 
taking a crap load of damage, take off what ever Ineffective Critical 
you have and put on Ineffective EX Mode. Trust me, this will help a 
lot. Now, back to his fast brave Attacks, most Gabranths will be overly 
aggressive towards you to get the most out of their EX Mode. If you are 
sure they are going to use a Brave Attack, guard. Although its a 
gamble, Gabranth might just start off by using a Brave Attack, so just 
guard when he gets with in Range. Gabranth has 2 HP attacks in the air, 
both are extremely deadly. One causes a force field to surround him, 
and he can keep it up as long as he wants. When he is close enough he 
can release it and it will explode, instantly doing HP damage if you 
are in the way. The best thing you can do is throw projectiles at him. 
His second HP attack involves him putting his two swords together and 
shooting off a barrage of energy beams that arc downward. The best 
thing you can do is get as high into the air as possible. And punish 
him with Ultima. Close Range Kuja is going to have a hell of a time 
getting damage on Gabranth. Gabranth has stupid deadly range, and is 
stupid fast. You are only stupid fast, which puts you at a great 
disadvantage. Long Rage Kuja is just as bad off facing Gabranth because 
the beast will just dash past your projectiles and rip you apart. If 
anything, just run, run really fast, and really far away. Try to 
survive until his EX Mode wears off. You must not get hit by an HP 
attack. Gabranth has the second most damaging EX Burst in the game and 
chances are, it will kill you. 

That said, I give Gabranth a 9 out of 10.

VI. Misc Info.                                       [MISC]

Ummm... Now that the game is in English a translation guide on his 
script isnt really necessary >.> <.<

VII. Version history                                 [VRHS]

1.00 Finally finished writing the first draft. Expect changes to be 
made after the English release. And possibly help videos for character 
match up section.

1.01 Made some changes so the spacing in Tools of the Trade section 
wasnt all messed up. Also changed Squalls Upper Blues to Heel Crash to 
avoid confusion and added a bit about Sephiroths Shadow Flare. If it 
still doesnt display correctly, I am very sorry and Ill try and fix it 
for the US release. 

1.02 Took the Japanese out because it kept making the FAQ look goofy

1.03 Finally updated everything to match the English version. Expect 
some fine tuning in the future, along with help videos once I have 
recorded them all. There is also going to be a Chaos guide, Time Attack 
Guide, and Equipment Guide sections to be added in the future, so keep 
in eye out. 

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