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Reviewed: 12/01/08

Some sort of sick enjoyment out of a stale series

Crash used to be a great IP under the PlayStation brand. The first three Crash titles as well as Crash Team Racing were quality titles that offered plenty of enjoyment in their respective genres, but then Naughty Dog stopped making the games. In place of quality titles, we started getting dull Crash games with plenty of defects--Crash was no longer Crash, and he's being milked for all his bandicoot worth.

Crash of the Titans, while it reeks of a series stretched beyond its worth, takes on a new gimmick that works out a sense of enjoyment.

Just like previous titles in the post PS-one series, the game takes a broader area than in the constricted lanes of old Crash, but it's still constricted--think of it as a spacier lane of old. The cast we grew to love and hate is all here, albeit with the recent comical mischief of new. Cortex will throw some funny lines with plenty of encounter, and you would be forgiven for giggling. Crash is here, his sister Coco, and so is the huge Tiny. The story kicks off when Coretx kidnaps Coco and Aku Aku--the magical mask of two in the series--and kidnaps Tiny.

Shortly after Crash regains Aku Aku, he gains the ability to shield with the mask and ride it down sloping platforms in certain sections. The ability to shield shows the title's entry into further action, since Crash now has the ability to combo attack enemies as well as execute a heavy charge attack of sorts. What's the new gimmick that Crash has going on? Let's discuss the story a bit further.

There is a substance called Mojo, and Neo is out to collect it and use it to create loyal creatures known as Titans--there are 15 of these in the game. Crash has to subdue these Titans then ride them to use their abilities in the surroundings. You will often find yourself in need of a certain creature's ability, say projectiles to blow up far targets, and it so happens the creature in need is loitering around.

You will also find yourself jacking the creatures up a certain chain in the game's many battles, in which you have to defeat area enemies before you can progress further. The Titans have varied powers, and so you have to jack a weaker one, defeat the stronger one, then jack it, and so on. The nature of riding the Titans is a nice hook, and I found myself indulging in the sick enjoyment I talked about in the opener.

The platforming sections in the game are bland and basic, the terrains are pretty but old, the fighting is weak and repetitive, since you keep mashing the same button to kill enemies in the same way, and the series has been hacked to death. So, the Titans and the jacking gimmick come both as a surprise and saving grace for this title.

There are a total of twenty levels in this game, and each can be replayed from a level selection screen. Each level has special dolls for you to collect, one hidden, one involving a mini-game, and another if you fulfill the 3 tasks of killing a set number of minions, performing a set number of combos, and finding three golden toilets. Other dolls are mostly available as soon as you finish the level, and they involve extras like concept art and enemy/Titan info.

The mini-game I talked about is accessed through a portal during the level, and you have to accomplish a certain mission within a set amount of time to win the doll. The mission usually involves killing all enemies, collecting golden masks, and blowing up certain targets.

Even though there are plenty of extras and dolls to uncover, the game can be finished in one sit-through, and that's all it really takes, since by the time you finish the game, you'll have had your Titan fill. If you're a Crash fan sad about the series' demise, this won't make you happier, but it will put a smile on you for the bit of enjoyment you can get out of it.


+Dolls are fun to collect
+Good graphics/auido--nothing to complain about


-Dull platforming/level design
-Fighting is repetitive with the one button being mashed most of the time

Story - 3
Visuals - 7
Audio - 7

Gameplay -
-FUN Factor - 6 and that's the Titans speaking
-Controls - A
-Difficulty - Easy

Lifespan - 5

Overall - 6

This game won't have you as an old Crash fan rejoicing, and it's nothing special, but you will find yourself getting a bit of enjoyment out of it if you end up with a copy. Hopefully the next iteration won't milk this new gimmick, since the enjoyment will have drastically decreased.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Crash of the Titans (US, 10/16/07)

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