PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From darkstar-x97 (10/10/2014; 229KB) 100% complete and unlocked everything. Everything is max and successfully completed using God Mode.
  2. From splakappa (05/01/2010; 24KB) 100% gameplay
  3. From Maddnish (03/14/2008; 205KB) All upgrades, max health, max magic, all items. Saved just before the fight against Persephone, the last boss. Spartan difficulty. Will overwrite any first slot save data for the game.
  4. From JKiii (03/06/2008; 24KB) Everything unlocked, Bonus play has all items maxed
  5. From dided21 (01/24/2009; 24KB) God mode, right before final boss
  6. From Tasartyr (03/08/2008; 24KB) Level Normal, all items at max, final battle

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From TheGoonerKid (05/21/2008; 24KB) All treasures unlocked and bonus play unlocked with all items unlocked
  2. From vanilla_sex (04/24/2008; 204KB) God Mode Complete, Challanges Complete
  3. From Darakillo (03/23/2008; 23KB) God Mode Unlocked, Hades Challenge Unlocked, Game at Normal Mode before first Boss Fight.

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