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Reviewed: 05/07/08

Kratos + PSP = Win!

Being a fan of the God of War games on the Playstation 2 I bought this as soon as I scraped up the money for it. At first I was a bit weary of it as I didn’t want to be let down by the limitations of it being on a portable system. But, I was not let down. CoO proved to be as much fun as it’s console relatives.

The graphics are amazing, almost as good as the PS2 games (but not quite). The environments are large and detailed and fit the mood of the game. The character models, while not as impressive as they could be in my opinion, are still a lot better than most out there for other games. There’s not really much I can say except “phenomenal”.

Sound & Voice Acting
As with most PSP games you won’t be able to fully appreciate the sound without wearing headphones so I suggest you do so. The sounds, while a bit repetitive, are great. Kratos grunts and yells as he fights and his enemies scream as they’re insides are ripped out. The voice actors return to do their characters along with a few new people. And during cut-scenes the VAs accurately match emotion and timing. Like I said, the only problem I had is the repetition of sounds, but hey, it’s all good.

Along with the graphics, this is one of the categories Chains of Olympus really shines in. Somehow, Sony managed to mash all of the gameplay from the PS2 onto the PSP. How? Don’t ask me but they did. In fact, playing on the PSP is easier because of the lack of five buttons. Yes, because the PSP is lacking this game is easier. Weird, huh? The only problem here is that the story mode is incredibly short. I beat it myself in about 4 1/2 hours. But you still have the Challenge of Hades and other extra things to check out.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really understand the story and had to ask someone to explain it. It moved along really quick and I just couldn’t get it. But fear not. After some quick research I fully understood it. Basically, Helios, the sun god, is missing and Hades wife is trying to take over the world. Like I said, it was hard to follow but maybe you’ll have better luck than I.

Lasting Impression
God of War: Chains of Olympus is probably the best game out for the PSP and sets the bars high for other games. And, despite it’s short length, I find myself playing at least once a day if I get the chance. It’s just so much fun and will last me until I get to play GoW3.

Pros & Cons
+ Amazing Graphics
+ Simplified Controls
+ High Replayability
+ Returning Voice Actors
- Short Story Mode
- A Bit Too Easy

Rating: 8

Product Release: God of War: Chains of Olympus (US, 03/04/08)

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