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Reviewed: 04/03/08

Does this live up to the first two?

* I am assuming all who read this have played the previous two because I compare this game to the first two, if you havent played the originals and are considering buying this game, I think you need to buy the first two before, theyre cheaper anyway.

Intro: God of War Chains of Olympus takes place before the first GoW (10 years) and Kratos is in servtitude of the gods. Kratos is bound to chains by the gods and he believes that by serving the gods valiently, that his past will no longer haunt him (the killing of his wife and daughter).

Gameplay: The gameplay of Chains is similar to the previous 2 and that in no way is disappointing. Killing hundreds of enemies has never been as satisfying as it is in any GoW. Though the gameplay is simply, I personally learn new techniques to fighting hordes of enemies even though I have played through all the god of war games. Kratos also receives an additional weapon: the gauntlet of zeus. I know others who thought this side weapon is the best in the series, but I also end of going back to the faithful chains. The magic power is also somewhat unique in this GoW. The buttons and combos are identical except the evade button has been changed because there is only one analog on PSP. I feel learning to master the evade button takes some time, and it is vital that you learn to use it early, because you will need it early and often in the game. One thing that this game doesnt have is really any platforming. The other two GoW's are definately not know for being good platformers, but they did throw in a few of those elements here and there. I dont think there is one point in the game where you can die by being pushed of an edge or falling off an edge. The great hackin-slash almost makes me forget about any platforming, but not quite.


Story: As mentioned in the Intro the story takes place before the first two and displays Kratos as the servant of the gods. The whole game you are doing the biding of the gods, even though Kratos already at this point feels betrayed by them. The story does not really develop throughout the game and I started asking myself "What I am I trying to do" as played along through the game. The game also lacked the mythical figures that first two had. You fight no real greek legends, which may turn out to be good, because I know I want the third GoW to have the likes of Hercules, along with others. The final boss was also not ideal to me before I bought the game.


Graphics/Sound: Once again there is not much to say here, because its very similar to the first two. The graphics are detailed and the levels are designed nicely. Nothing very mind blowing, but this the PSP not the PS3. Sound is also very good. The music matches up very well with the situation you are in, whether you are fighting a gauntlet of enemies.


Playtime/Replayability: I think this game is a little shorter than the other two, about 7.5 hrs for me. I have yet to replay it but, like the other games, you unlock a harder mode after beating it. Also, after beating the game they have challenges which requires alot of skill to complete.

Final thoughts: This game is definately in the same class as its predecessors. I think the other two are a little better, mainly because the story in this one not so good, but the gameplay makes up for it. Overall, I would say this game gets an 8.3 to be more precise.

Rating: 8

Product Release: God of War: Chains of Olympus (US, 03/04/08)

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