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Reviewed: 03/31/08

IMO the Best PSP game out there.

IMO one of the best PSP games out there ever.

So Let me tell you why this game is so awesome.


This game is set 10 before the events of the first god of war. At the start you are sent to the city of Attica to help defend the city from the invading Persian army by the gods. And then all hell breaks lose when a basilisk comes to kill everyone. After killing the basilisk and the army, the real fun begins. In a nut shell Darkness has taken over, Helios(God of the sun) is out of the sky, And Hades wife is out to rule the world....another day in the life for the Ghost of Sparta. Oh and he's trying to figure out what that sound is....

Story gets a 10/10

Graphics: Holy crap! For a PSP game this has Awesome graphics. The In game movies look incredible. Every detail is in with perfection. Nothing looks bad at all.


Sound: The God of war music we all love is all here for you to enjoy. All the voices to. Nothing sounds off.


Game play: Yes....oh yes. There are different weapons in the game, but you still have your blades you used in the other games, Along with others, All you can upgrade. There is the trademark mini games that are used to kill and even a challenge mode. In game it runs smooth when you kill, jump, A few puzzles, etc. Oh and the killing...did I mention the killing? I swear I did. Well yeah there is lots of killing. Sometimes the game likes to make sure the hits don't well hit which sucks. And there is a few times where when grappling it doesn't grapple. Another thing that hurts is the fact that when grappling you can still take damage...which sucks but still it's awesome.


Overall: Like I said It's an awesome that I never got tired of even after beating it 5 times. Any God of War fan should pick this up...hell any video game fan should pick it up. However there is only one flaw. This game usually, even on hard mode, takes about 5 hours to play. Which is a huge letdown....but still game is epic so it overrules that.


Rent or Buy: BUY!! I usually say rent on all games but this one beats all those. However because it is so short I say wait until it lowers in price. Then you can buy it. =P

Rating: 10

Product Release: God of War: Chains of Olympus (US, 03/04/08)

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