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Alguien me puede decir como arreglar mi emulador de PSP para que corra bien el god of war ? Tech Support
GameFAQs Saves Don't Transfer On Vita? Tech Support
God mode weapons problem? General
Helios finding? Main Quest
I find Persephone hot/sexy. Am I the only one? Enemy/Boss
Is there any solution on going after the opposite wall in Oceanum in Hades ? Main Quest
Please tell me how to fix the stuck at temple of helios after opening the door ? Main Quest
three Urns??? Side Quest
What is the solution to the bugged chests in tartarus help? Tech Support
Why does kratos keep going through the roof of the cave in hades .Please is there a solution ? Tech Support

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
How do I get pass challenge of haydes Lv.2? Main Quest 1 2 years ago
How do I get past Zephyros, the west wind? Main Quest 5 4 years ago
How can i past in Jails of Tartarus? Build 6 7 years ago
how do I past the jails of tartarus? Side Quest 2 7 years ago
How do I jump to the second platform in Jails of Tarturus? Main Quest 2 7 years ago
How do I jump to the second platform in Hades? Main Quest 1 7 years ago
How do I get past the west wind statue i dont know what to do next ? Main Quest 2 8 years ago
I cant get past the statue of Euros the east wind, Even after pulling and climbng the wall.where should we go? Main Quest 4 8 years ago
Persephona? Enemy/Boss 4 8 years ago
How to jump from those circular platforms in Jails of Tartarus? Side Quest 2 8 years ago

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