Where can I find Symphony of the Night?

  1. In which stage and area in that one can I find SotN

    User Info: Nider

    Nider - 10 years ago


  1. Symphony of the night is found on stage 4. Just go through the level until you get to the swinging platform and mace.Hit the wall at the bottom and ignite the bomb.After that you will find 2 spiked platforms.Hitch a ride on the last on up to the floating platforms.Pass them, and at the end,there will be a candle. break it, and tou wil have SotN.

    User Info: LeonBelmont1094

    LeonBelmont1094 - 10 years ago 2   1
  2. To unlock Symphony of the Night, you need to locate the Game Icon that unlocks the Original Game mode. LeonBelmont1094 provided the location of the Rondo of Blood Game Icon, but the SotN Game Icon is hidden in Stage 3'. You'll need either the Axe or the Bible in order to reach it, however.

    Travel through the stage normally, and take the high road at the beginning. When you get to the area with the spiked balls on chains, pass them and enter the next area. Avoid the bats and animated tombstones, and do not fall into the clutches of the many hands in the water. Go up the stairs, fight a Bone Dragon, then turn your attention to the green podlike object in the upper left corner. (It can be hard to miss, considering the color scheme of the level block.) Strike the pod with an Axe or the Bible to make it separate and drop a platform. Climb up the platform and make your way across the higher ground, but beware of more tombstones. At the far right is a ivory white tombstone; strike it to reveal the Game Icon. Collect it and you'll be able to play Symphony of the Night at any time!

    User Info: BogoVerde

    BogoVerde - 10 years ago 2   1
  3. i think its in lvl 2 when you got chase by the minotaur..Hit the candles that drops the gold key and drop in any hole there.You eventually ran into some enemies that will piss you off =)..Anyway's when you get to the end,you'll fight to a boss

    User Info: tattletale01

    tattletale01 - 10 years ago 0   0

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