PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From sacrifice02 (12/07/2015; 542KB) 3 Monks/1 White Mage Playthrough - Saved right before the most essential parts of the main story's progress
  2. From dided21 (08/07/2007; 542KB) File1:knight, knight, ninja, red wizard at lv 99 right before chaos/File2:Clear Game Data 100% everything unlocked
  3. From sasquatch126 (08/05/2007; 542KB) lv. 61-62 chaos shrine, knight, red, white, black.
  4. From Upyers (02/25/2019; 542KB) Slot 1: Knight, Ninja, White Wizard, Black Wizard. Level 99. Before Chaos with every obtainable item in inventory(just not the unobtainable Angel Ring), Max HP/MP/Gil. Slot 2: 100% Clear Game Data
  5. From Fragnarok (07/18/2007; 542KB) Slot 1: lvl 42 Red Wizard, Knight, White Wizard, and Ninja outside Chaos Shrine with no bonus dungeons completed; Slot 2: lvl 44 near final boss with Masamune and Excalibur; Slot 3: Cleared Game Data
  6. From notcheatmaster (06/30/2007; 542KB) Super save/game almost beat max money Ultima Weapon,The Excalibur good items around level 57-58 beat Omega
  7. From Lanzz (06/16/2015; 554KB) Sv1: Lvl 94 Knight, Ninja, Master, Black Wizard before battle with Chaos (with Soul of Chaos special items)./ Sv2: At the entrance of Labyrinth of Time./ Sv3: Clear Game Data with bestiary 001 - 195.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From Kyleandreala (06/10/2007; 547KB) 100% save file (100% gallery , 100% Monsters , All of 30 Floors in Time Chamber, All of equipment and Level 99)
  2. From Bakke97 (04/24/2007; 543KB) All Extras Unlocked: Gallery, Music Room and Time Chamber / File 1: Final Boss / File 2: Clear Save Data / File 3: Entrance to Chaos Shine with Bonus Dungeon Cleared once. / Characters at Level 80-90
  3. From FishSquared (06/22/2007; 543KB) Game Time 00.00, Max Gil, Warrior, Red Mage, Black Mage, and White Mage. Great for speed runs.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From SNKXT (07/08/2013; 553KB) Cleared game, Excalibur crafted.
  2. From Tehppyd (09/29/2009; 553KB) File 1: Game Cleared Bestiary 88%. File 2: Chaos Shrine to fight Chaos. Knight, Black W., White W., Ninja Lv. 79. All Weapons, but not all Equipments. All dungeons clear except Time Chamber.
  3. From Endofnom (03/03/2020; 553KB) Party: Knight, Ninja, White Wizard, Black Wizard. Lv 50, obtained all items & equipments except Angel's ring, saved right before every boss battle except small boss, Game Clear, and Extras 100%.

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