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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Drache the Dork / Berserker_Blade

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Drache the Dork / Berserker_Blade

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/03/2017

Table of Contents

  1. Legal
  2. Gameplay
    1. Controls
  3. Battle System
    1. Turn Order (Bonus Icons)
    2. Craft and S-Break
    3. Orbal Quartz
    4. Bracers Guild
    5. Misc
  4. Tips and Tricks
    1. Orbal Arts
    2. Playable Characters
  5. Prologue: A Maiden's Resolve
    1. Le Locle Canyon
    2. Balstar Channel
    3. Saint Croix Forest
    4. Guild Lodge
    5. Grimsel Fortress
  6. Chapter I: Sneaking Shadows
    1. Grancel: Landing Port
    2. City of Ruan
    3. Gull Seaside Way
    4. Mercia Orphanage and Manoria Village
    5. Manoria Byroad (Optional)
    6. Krone Trail (Optional)
    7. Aurian Causeway
    8. Air-Letten Checkpoint and Ruan
    9. Sapphirl Tower: Sidequest
    10. Jenis Royal Academy
    11. Underground Ruins
    12. Post-Chapter I Sidequests
  7. Chapter II: The Raging Land
    1. City of Zeiss
    2. Tratt Plains Road
    3. Carnelia Tower (Optional)
    4. Wolf Fort and Sanktheim Gate
    5. Zeiss: Earthquake Investigation
    6. Kaldia Tunnel
    7. Soldat Army Road
    8. Hot Springs Fountainhead
    9. Post-Chapter II Sidequest
  8. Chapter III: The Mad Tea Party
    1. City of Grancel
    2. Grancel Sewers: West Block (Optional)
    3. Royal Avenue and Erbe Scenic Route
    4. Erbe Royal Villa
    5. Grancel: The Embassy Mission
    6. Grancel: Another Game of Hide and Seek
    7. Grancel Sewers: East Block (Optional)
    8. Grancel Sewers: North Block (Optional)
    9. Gurune Gate
    10. Post-Chapter III Sidequest
  9. Chapter IV: The Mist Demon's Target
    1. Sky Bandit Stronghold
    2. City of Rolent
    3. Malga Trail
    4. Elize Highway
    5. Milch Main Road
    6. Rolent: Nightfall
    7. Perzel Farm
    8. Esmelas Tower (Optional)
    9. Mistwald
    10. Post-Chapter IV Sidequests
  10. Chapter V: That Which One Must Protect
    1. City of Bose
    2. West Bose Highway
    3. Krone Pass: Bose Region
    4. Nebel Valley
    5. New Ansel Path
    6. Amberl Tower
    7. Bose: After the Monster Sidequests
    8. Ravennue Trail
    9. Abandoned Mine
    10. Ancient Dragon's Dwelling
    11. Post-Chapter V Sidequests
  11. Chapter VI: The Whereabouts of Bonds
    1. Valleria Lake: Kingfisher Inn
    2. Lakeside Laboratory
    3. The Crimson Ark: Glorious
  12. Chapter VII: Tetracyclic Towers
    1. Esmelas Tower: Altered Space
    2. Carnelia Tower: Altered Space
    3. Sapphirl Tower: Altered Space
    4. Amberl Tower: Altered Space
  13. Chapter VIII: Land of Chaos
    1. Liberl: Bose Region
    2. Liberl: Ruan Region
    3. Liberl: Zeiss Region
    4. Liberl: Grancel Region
    5. Liberl: Rolent Region
    6. Liberl Kingdom: Last Minute Preparation
    7. Grancel Castle
  14. Finale: Trails in the Sky
    1. Liber Ark Tunnels - 1
    2. Residental Block Cradle
    3. Liber Ark Tunnels - 2
    4. Industrial Block: Factoria
    5. Industrial Block: Glorious
    6. Liber Ark Tunnels - 3
    7. Axis Pillar
    8. Core Sector - Themelios
  15. Chapter Sidequests
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 2
    3. Chapter 3
    4. Chapter 4
    5. Chapter 5
    6. Chapter 8
  16. Item List
    1. Weapons
    2. Armor
    3. Healing
    4. Recipes
    5. Quartz
    6. Items
    7. Ingredients
    8. Books
    9. Fish
  17. Shops
    1. Le Locle
    2. Ruan Area
    3. Zeiss Region
    4. Grancel Region
    5. Rolent Region
    6. Bose Region
  18. Monsters
    1. Le Locle
    2. Ruan 1
    3. Ruan 2
    4. Zeiss 1
    5. Zeiss 2
    6. Grancel
    7. Rolent
    8. Bose 1
    9. Bose 2
    10. Altered Space
    11. Liber Ark
    12. Ouroboros 1
    13. Ouroboros 2
  19. Character Skills
    1. Estelle
    2. Anelace
    3. Agate
    4. Scherazard
    5. Kevin
    6. Olivier
    7. Kloe
    8. Tita
    9. Zane
    10. Julia
    11. Joshua
    12. Kurt
    13. Ultimate Weapon Creation Guide
  20. Steam Achievements
    1. Odyssey of Anton
    2. Breakfast Safari
    3. Fishing
    4. Version History
  21. Credits

Ritter Roadway Monster

  • Liberl: Zeiss Region
    • Mira: 5000
    • BP: 5
    • Timeframe: Long
    • Expires: After initiating the main sidequest "Danger in the Capital"

If you are on your way to Zeiss, you cannot miss this boss because it's standing on the main path before the entrance to the town! Be sure to equip anti-deathblow accessories before taking on this boss!

Boss: Blade Cougar x5

Chances are, you probably encountered these guys back at Jenis Academy. These guys use Seal Blade to inflict seal against your allies. Also, it uses Wind Blade to deal moderate damage while traversing to the other end of the field. Finally, it uses Death Blade to deal Deathblow to one of your allies. This should be a easy battle considering you have experience fighting the Cougars. By defeating the boss, it'll drop Blind 2.

Hot Spring Restoration

  • Liberl: Zeiss Region
    • Mira: 10000
    • BP: 8
    • Timeframe: Long
    • Expires: After initiating the main sidequest "Danger in the Capital"



After you gave the ZFG to Kilika, she'll tell you about the incident at Elmo Village. Bring Tita along and head over to Elmo Village. Go to the Maple Leaf Inn and talk to Mao. You need to talk to her twice and choose offer her help anyway. Mao will give you the Pump Shed Key. The Pump Shed is located at the outskirts of town near the entrance to the Hot Springs Cave. Tita will inform you that you will have to make a combustion engine. In other words, you need to do a lot of walking around. So, you will have to do the following. BTW, I suggest you equip Cloak and Night Goggles because you will do a lot of walking.

  • Head back to Zeiss and go to the Landing Port. Talk to Gustav, who is wearing the orange jumpsuit with blue hair.
  • Go to Leiston Fortress and talk to Private Samuel about the combustion engine.
    • UPDATE: You don't have to walk to Leiston Fortress. Instead, go to Zeiss Bracer guild and talk to Kilika. She'll call the people at Leiston Fortress.

(Thanks Sandfish95 and shingekinoeigo for the info. If you are playing the "Evo" version, it should be the same thing)

  • Next, head to Tratt Plains Road, and head over to the wide open field towards Carnelia Tower
    • There should be a large ship parked at the middle of the field. Talk to Captain Hoffman.
  • Once you have the Combustion Engine, go to Zeiss Central Factory at the basement floor and talk to Rudi
    • Chief Murdock will come in and give you his letter
  • Next, go all the way to Ruan and talk to Portos outside the Aqua Rossa Bar at the south block.
    • Talk to Harg at the end of the pier. He should be standing right next to the crates right by the fishing spot. He'll give you 3 Gasoline Tanks
  • Lastly, go back to Elmo Village and go inside the shed

Once you have the pump fixed, Mao will give you Nirvana Tea as your reward. After a series of running back and forth, report back to the guild! :/ Don't forget to get Gambler Jack - Vol. 13 at Wolf Fort!

Erbe Scenic Route Monster: Redux

  • Liberl: Zeiss Region
    • Mira: 8500
    • BP: 5
    • Timeframe: Long
    • Expires: After initiating the main sidequest "Danger in the Capital"

The location of the boss is at the entrance in front of Royal Erbe Villa.

Boss: Big Cactus and Lark Cactus x8

Lark Cactus will use Beast Spiritual to buff its Strength and Defense. Also, the lark Cactus will use Devil Stinger to inflict seal against your ally. Big Cactus will just use Stinger to deal damage. Pretty much the Lark Cactuses are the biggest threat in battle. Be sure to use arts with wide range such as Abyss Fall or Death Scream. Also, use S-Craft such as Final Break 2, True Aural Blast, or True Black Fang to deal damage. You should have this battle in the bag! You should have Seal 2 as your reward for defeating Big Cactus.

Grancel Sewer Monster: Redux

  • Liberl: Grancel Region
    • Mira: 9500
    • BP: 5
    • Timeframe: Long
    • Expires: After initiating the main sidequest "Danger in the Capital"

The location of this boss is at Grancel Sewer: East Block. Because it's a huge maze, I'll pull out an excerpt from one of the segments from this walkthrough. So, you don't get lost in the process.

The location to the sewers is northeast of Grancel: East Block. The guy guarding the door will now let you in. So, go straight down until you see a split path. If you go left, it'll lead to a bunch of Scissor Hands along the roadside. The one on the right is much safer. There's a door that leads east. We'll come back there for now. Continue to go forward until the split path merges, There, you'll see two doors. head to the door you see on the right end of the map and continue to move east.

On area 2, go straight until you see another intersection where you'll see a bunch of Boiled Egger O. At the intersection where there are two wooden bridges, go to the one on your left. It should lead to the next area the moment you enter.

On area 3, go straight until you see an intersection. Continue to move forward from the first intersection. We'll come back at the same spot later. Anyway, you should arrive at a corridor with two rooms. The first door nearest from the entrance will lead to a dead end. You should find the boss at the end of the road.

Boss: Evil Stream x4

It's similar to the Mouki Fight earlier in chapter I. The only difference is that it uses Grand Stream, an all range wind art. Also, watch out for HP Absorb as well. So, counter their all-range arts with your own using Death Scream. From there, just destroy them with your Chain Craft. Once you defeat Evil Stream, it'll drop Death.

Elize Highway Monster: Redux

  • Liberl: Rolent Region
    • Mira: 5500
    • BP: 5
    • Timeframe: Long
    • Expires: After initiating the main sidequest "Danger in the Capital"

If you are coming out from Gurune Gate via Grancel Region, it should be located right in front of you. If you are coming from Rolent, it's at the end of the path towards Gurune Gate.

Boss: Vanguard x3 and Volgel EX 911 x3

Yes, you have fought them at one point. The only thing you have to watch out for is the Gorgon Laser from Volgel EX and Vanguard's devastating self-destruct. Be sure to use Joshua's True Black Fang to deal with Volgel EX. Other than that, you should manage just fine with the usual tactics. You should get Petrify 2 as an item drop.

Milch Main Road Monster: Redux

  • Liberl: Rolent Region
    • Mira: 5000
    • BP: 5
    • Timeframe: Long
    • Expires: After initiating the main sidequest "Danger in the Capital"

The location of this boss is at the northeastern corner of area 2 in Milch Main Road.

Boss: Devil Spear x3

Devil Spear's regular attack inflicts poison. Also, it has Grand Submariner which deals damage to all of your allies regardless of range. Finally, it uses Death Press to inflict instant death against you. If that was not enough, it'll be accompanied with a bunch of Mars Sparrows. First, take out the weak enemies by using Joshua's True Black Fang. Next, use Chain Crafts and S-Craft to deal damage against the Devil Spears. Personally, I would not worry about instant death in this battle because it's a special move, not a regular attack. If you defeat the Devil Spears, you'll get Confuse 2.

Save the Miners

  • Liberl: Rolent Region
    • Mira: 10000
    • BP: 8
    • Timeframe: Long
    • Expires: After initiating the main sidequest "Danger in the Capital"


As soon you relinquish one of your ZFGs to Aina, head over to Malga Mine to start the sidequest. Talk to Landan at the elevator at the end of the path. You'll fight a bunch of Killer Crabs on the bottom Floor. Like the first game, you will need to rescue five people inside the mine.

On the second floor, head south past the mine cart rail. You should end up at the intersection that splits into three paths. Head east, and you'll find two miners: Heinrich and Pierre. Back at the intersection, head west and you'll find Miner Bones. Finally, go south at the intersection and you'll find Miner Chief Gaton. Once you defeated the Killer Crabs, it's time to go back to the starting point and move northwest. You'll find the monster nest as well as the next boss.

Boss: Armored Hydra

The Armored Hydra will do several attacks. One, it'll use Stone Toss to deal heavy earth damage to allies within range. Next, Armored Hydra will use Grand Flash to blind your allies. Finally, it'll use Earth Shaker to deal earth damage to allies. Be careful when the Armored Hydra's health is below 66%, it'll begin to turn blue. During that phase, the Armored Hydra will knock away HP as well as EP and CP for each successive attack. Watch out for Killer Crabs because they can summon reinforcements at any moment.

This battle could be tough considering you only have one ZFG in your possession. Whoever holds the ZFG have to be the healer of the group. Anyway, you may have to be very aggressive in this battle. Use Joshua's True Black Fang to destroy the killer crabs. Next, use S-Crafts such as Beat Down 2, True Barrage, or True Aural Blast to deal damage against the Armored Hydra. Also, use Chain-Crafts to deal big damage. The whole point of this battle is to deal significant damage at a timely matter because the longer you stall the battle, you might exhaust your resources. Once you defeat the Armored Hydra, it'll drop Topaz Gem at the end of the battle.

After you report your investigation findings to Aina, attend the wedding at Rolent Chapel. After that, don't forget to talk to Serra at Abend bar on the first floor. She'll give you Gambler Jack - Vol. 11

Break Rod

  • Effect: STR +120 / RNG +1
  • Acquisition: Auto

Fiber Rod

  • Effect: STR +130 / RNG +1
  • Acquisition: Joan Arms & Guards

Ebony Staff

  • Effect: STR + 136 / RNG +1
  • Acquisition: Saphirl Tower: Sidequest

Impact Rod

Laundry Pole+

Five Rings Cane

Pole Weapon

Ceramic Rod

Diamond Staff

Edel Staff

Seven Rings Cane

Spiral Rod

Arhat's Staff

Valkyrie Rod

Brave Staff

Qilin Horn

  • Effect: STR +480 / RNG +1
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.


  • Acquisition: Actually got this off the Wikia; apparently it's a default. You must lose it, because I don't have it.


  • Effect: STR +270
  • Acquisition: Default.



All-Purpose Knife


Aura Fencer

Phoenix Blades

  • Effect: STR +480
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.


Air Glaive

Chain Gear

Chain Belt


Wolf's Fang Whip

  • Effect: STR +240 / RNG +2
  • Acquisition: Mistwald


Galient Sword

Dragon's Fang Whip



Sirius Whip

  • Effect: STR +480 / RNG +2
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.


Stinger II

0-Type Orbal Gun alpha

Gray Wolf




0-Type Orbal Gun

Phantom II




  • Effect: STR +480 / RNG +4
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.


  • Effect: STR +130
  • Acquisition:


Long Saber


Rune Blade


Battle Saber


Hey Welsh, how am I supposed to say all those consonants? Can't you just go with "Excalibur"?


Seven Star Sword

Moon Singer

  • Effect: STR +480
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.



Dynast Edge

Blade Gear

Roaring Thunder

Ogre Buster



Nohval Blade

Zeno Breaker

Lion King's Sword

Demon Eater

  • Effect: STR +500
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.


Machine Planker

S Launcher


T Launcher

Buster Gear


Tempest Cannon

Meteo Buster

Omega Craft


  • Effect: STR +500 / RNG +3 / Area (M)
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.

Heavy Cestus

Knuckle Gear

Blast Arm

Byakko's Claws

Gigant Arm

Genbu Shell




  • Effect: STR +510
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.
  • what is this name seriously

Cross Gear

  • Effect: STR +110 / RNG +3
  • Acquisition:

Air Shooter


  • Effect: STR +210 / RNG +4
  • Acquisition:


Composite Gear

Suzaku Bow



Glittering Stars

  • Effect: STR +480 / RNG +5
  • Acquisition: Professor Russell will make this out of Zemurian Ore in the finale.


  • Effect: STR +120
  • Acquisition: Auto

Seiryuu Sword

  • Effect: STR +360
  • Acquisition: Auto


  • Effect: STR +340 / RNG +1
  • Acquisition: Auto

Cat Suit

Enhanced Leather

  • Effect: DEF +100
  • Acquisition: Auto

Fiber Vest

Jenis Blouse

Jenis Blazer

Enhanced Jacket

Red Jacket

Blue Cashmere

Holy Cloth

Fiber Suit

Ceram Coat

Edel Armor

Survival Vest

  • Effect: DEF +210/ADF +10/SPD +5/AGL +20/Men
  • Acquisition: Mistwald

Gypsy Queen

  • Effect: DEF +210/ADF +30/SPD +5/AGL +10/Women
  • Acquisition: Esmelas Tower: Optional

Protect Gear

Ebony Suit

Misty Veil

Ceram Armor

Taiji Garb

8 Divinations Garb

Dragon Skin Jumpsuit

Armored Barbarossa

Reflector II

  • Effect: DEF +350/ADF +50
  • Acquisition: Arseille Weapons Directory

Aurelia Dress

Armored Sieglinde

Dark Messiah

Gaia Suit

Jagd Panzer

Aura Guard

  • Effect: Oops
  • Acquisition: Bracer Rank A


  • Effect: DEF +600/ADF +200/SPD -10/DEX +50/AGL -50/MOV -2
  • Acquisition: Axis Pillar

Cat Foot Slippers

Reinforced Boots

Metal Spikes

Clog Boots

Hard Loafers

Fiber Boots

Accel Gear

Gemini Boots


Crystal Heels

Edel Guarders

Spike Gear

Duende Slippers

Haken Boots

  • Effect: DEF +95/MOV +3/AGL +10/Men
  • Acquisition: Mistwald

Star Rabbits

Ceramic Spikes

Ebony Shoes


Strega MAX

Dragon Skin Shoes

Jagd Guarders

Parthenon Gear

Composites II

Strega B1

  • Effect: DEF +200/MOV +10
  • Acquisition: Bracer Rank B+

Hermes Gear


Spiegel Shoes


Glove Gear

  • Acquisition: FC Full BP Bonus. Drache doesn't have this so it's going here in the appendix; it has a proper place somewhere else.

Zero Field Generator

  • Acquisition: Auto

Night Goggles

Eisenritter's Medal

Emergency Puppet

Gladiator Headband

Gladiator Belt

  • Effect: STR+10/DEF+10/Auto-CP Up
  • Acquisition: Auto, Bracer Rank B

Anti-Cold Helmet

Cotton-Stuffed Vest

Topaz Talisman

Sapphire Talisman

Ruby Talisman

Emerald Talisman

Power Orb

Shield Orb

Mind Orb

Soul Orb

Cat Ears Band

Soft Knit Cap


Skull Pendant


  • Effect: Prevents freeze/petrify
  • Acquisition: Shining Pom. Any of them. Good luck.

Crest Charm

  • Effect: Prevents sleep/faint
  • Acquisition: Shining Pom. Any of them. Good luck.

Grail Locket

Silver Chain

  • Effect: Prevents poison/DEF +15
  • Acquisition: Bracer Rank G+

Shine Sphere



Master Beads

Tornado Fan



Tiger Heart

  • Effect: STR +50/DEF +50/ATS -50/ADF -50/Prevents seal
  • Acquisition: Axis Pillar

Crimson Eye

  • Effect: ATS +50/ADF +50/MOV -1/SPD -5/Prevents mute
  • Acquisition: Abandoned Mine

Divine Cross

  • Effect: All Abilities Up Except RNG
  • Acquisition: Divine Penguin 2

Long Barrel

  • Effect: RNG +2 for guns/cannons/crossbows
  • Acquisition: Limestone Cave

Long Barrel II

Long Barrel III

Silver Ring

Tear Balm

  • Effect: Heals 800 HP

Teara Balm

  • Effect: Heals 2000 HP

Tearal Balm

  • Effect: Heals 5000 HP

Tear All Balm

  • Effect: Heals all HP

Reviving Balm

  • Effect: Cures KO / Heals 1000 HP

Celestial Balm

  • Effect: Cures KO / Healls all HP

Zeram Powder

Zeram Capsule

Purging Balm

  • Effect: Heals 100 HP / Cures poison/seal/blind

Softening Balm

  • Effect: Heals 100 HP / Cures freeze/petrify

Smelling Salts

  • Effect: Cures confuse/sleep/faint

Curia Balm

  • Effect: Heals 100 HP / Cures abnormal status


  • Effect: Cures lowered statuses / Heals 500 HP

Insulating Tape

  • Effect: Heals 100 HP / Cures mute

EP Charge

  • Effect: Restores 100 EP

EP Charge II

  • Effect: Restores 300 EP

EP Charge III

  • Effect: Restores 500 EP


NOTE: The recipes in this section will be in this particular order: Sit-in. To go. Attack.

Nature's Bounty

Herb Sandwich

Surprise Cookie

Azelia Kiss

Sea Breeze Soup

Prime Salmon Grill

Salt-Roasted Fish

Perilous Meatballs

Garden of Seaden

Sea 'Bubbles'
  • Ingredients: Gummy Eyeball x1, Fish Egg x1, and Vintage Wine x1
  • Description: A rare egg fish dish with an irresistable poppable egg texture
  • Type: To go. Restores 2100 HP and cures faint.
  • Acquisition: Can be purchased at White Manoria Inn

Miso-Stewed Fish
  • Ingredients: Aged Miso x1, Maple Sugar x1, Kibbled Salt x1, and Tender Whitefish x2
  • Description: Eastern style fish cooked in miso. Subtlu sweet and sour.
  • Type: To go. Restores 1400 HP and cures seal.
  • Acquisition: Can be purchased at White Manoria Inn

Crimson Platter

Young Lady Plate

Royal Gelato

Hot-Hot Potato Fry

Mountain Man Stew

Macho Meat Stew

Flower Milkshake

Ambrosial Egg

Premium Herb Tea
  • Ingredients: Azelia Fruit x8, Fresh Herb x8, and Royal Leaf x8
  • Description:
  • Type: To go. Restores 4500 HP and cures seal, mute, and confuse.
  • Acquisition: Can be purchased at Priam's Drink Stand
    • You can also find it by talking to Hannah in Perzel's Farm after the end of chapter IV

(Thanks Silverleaf for the second location)

Fruit Kingdom

Tomatrio Sandwich

Fowl Magma Roast

Passion Omelet

Seafood Jelly

Rainbow Surprise

Sweeeeet Crepe

Mystery Crepe

Mobility Popcorn

Ultima Ice Cream

Sunshine Ice

Moonlight Ice

Seafood Hotpot

Mocking Pie

Curry of Dreams

Nap Killer

Mystery Paste

Got Some Spine

Shellful Dish

Turnin' Tempura

Anarchy Soup
Ten-Stack Crepe

Spiral Noodles

Three-Eyed Soup

Bone Boullion

Mighty Juice

Pepper Pottage

Golden Risotto

Corner Castella

Refresh Jelly

Flame Tongue Stew

Rampage Fish
  • Ingredients: Fish Fillet x2, Ironbone Fish x2, Kibbled Salt x2, and Black Pepper x2
  • Description: Campfire grilled fish on a stick. Simple and satisfying.
  • Type: To go. Restores 3400 HP and increases SPD by 20%
  • Acquisition: Can be purchased at Kingfisher Inn

Roast Fish
  • Ingredients: Kibbled Salt x1, Black Pepper x3, and Tender Whitefish x2
  • Description: Eastern style grilled fish. Lavishly salted.
  • Type: To go. Restores 4000 HP and cures faint, sleep, and petrify.
  • Acquisition: Can be purchased at Kingfisher Inn

Fevered Gaze

Paradise Cooler

100 Victories Steak

Dark Stew
  • Ingredients: Aged Miso x1, Vintage Wine x1, Red Pepper x5, Black Pepper x5, Curative Horn x2, Juicy Bone x2, Lucky Fang x2, and Prickly Seed x2
  • Description: The work of a madman... Dangerously good
  • Type: Sit-in. Restores 100CP to three party members at a cost of one lucky party member getting 1HP and depleted CP.
  • Acquisition: After Ludgen gives you the Overnight Ticket at the start of Chapter VI, go to Nebel Valley and talk to Whelmer at his cabin.

Naptime Cookie

Knockout Meatball