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by Drache the Dork / Berserker_Blade

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Guide and Walkthrough by Drache the Dork / Berserker_Blade

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/03/2017

Table of Contents

  1. Legal
  2. Gameplay
    1. Controls
  3. Battle System
    1. Turn Order (Bonus Icons)
    2. Craft and S-Break
    3. Orbal Quartz
    4. Bracers Guild
    5. Misc
  4. Tips and Tricks
    1. Orbal Arts
    2. Playable Characters
  5. Prologue: A Maiden's Resolve
    1. Le Locle Canyon
    2. Balstar Channel
    3. Saint Croix Forest
    4. Guild Lodge
    5. Grimsel Fortress
  6. Chapter I: Sneaking Shadows
    1. Grancel: Landing Port
    2. City of Ruan
    3. Gull Seaside Way
    4. Mercia Orphanage and Manoria Village
    5. Manoria Byroad (Optional)
    6. Krone Trail (Optional)
    7. Aurian Causeway
    8. Air-Letten Checkpoint and Ruan
    9. Sapphirl Tower: Sidequest
    10. Jenis Royal Academy
    11. Underground Ruins
    12. Post-Chapter I Sidequests
  7. Chapter II: The Raging Land
    1. City of Zeiss
    2. Tratt Plains Road
    3. Carnelia Tower (Optional)
    4. Wolf Fort and Sanktheim Gate
    5. Zeiss: Earthquake Investigation
    6. Kaldia Tunnel
    7. Soldat Army Road
    8. Hot Springs Fountainhead
    9. Post-Chapter II Sidequest
  8. Chapter III: The Mad Tea Party
    1. City of Grancel
    2. Grancel Sewers: West Block (Optional)
    3. Royal Avenue and Erbe Scenic Route
    4. Erbe Royal Villa
    5. Grancel: The Embassy Mission
    6. Grancel: Another Game of Hide and Seek
    7. Grancel Sewers: East Block (Optional)
    8. Grancel Sewers: North Block (Optional)
    9. Gurune Gate
    10. Post-Chapter III Sidequest
  9. Chapter IV: The Mist Demon's Target
    1. Sky Bandit Stronghold
    2. City of Rolent
    3. Malga Trail
    4. Elize Highway
    5. Milch Main Road
    6. Rolent: Nightfall
    7. Perzel Farm
    8. Esmelas Tower (Optional)
    9. Mistwald
    10. Post-Chapter IV Sidequests
  10. Chapter V: That Which One Must Protect
    1. City of Bose
    2. West Bose Highway
    3. Krone Pass: Bose Region
    4. Nebel Valley
    5. New Ansel Path
    6. Amberl Tower
    7. Bose: After the Monster Sidequests
    8. Ravennue Trail
    9. Abandoned Mine
    10. Ancient Dragon's Dwelling
    11. Post-Chapter V Sidequests
  11. Chapter VI: The Whereabouts of Bonds
    1. Valleria Lake: Kingfisher Inn
    2. Lakeside Laboratory
    3. The Crimson Ark: Glorious
  12. Chapter VII: Tetracyclic Towers
    1. Esmelas Tower: Altered Space
    2. Carnelia Tower: Altered Space
    3. Sapphirl Tower: Altered Space
    4. Amberl Tower: Altered Space
  13. Chapter VIII: Land of Chaos
    1. Liberl: Bose Region
    2. Liberl: Ruan Region
    3. Liberl: Zeiss Region
    4. Liberl: Grancel Region
    5. Liberl: Rolent Region
    6. Liberl Kingdom: Last Minute Preparation
    7. Grancel Castle
  14. Finale: Trails in the Sky
    1. Liber Ark Tunnels - 1
    2. Residental Block Cradle
    3. Liber Ark Tunnels - 2
    4. Industrial Block: Factoria
    5. Industrial Block: Glorious
    6. Liber Ark Tunnels - 3
    7. Axis Pillar
    8. Core Sector - Themelios
  15. Chapter Sidequests
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 2
    3. Chapter 3
    4. Chapter 4
    5. Chapter 5
    6. Chapter 8
  16. Item List
    1. Weapons
    2. Armor
    3. Healing
    4. Recipes
    5. Quartz
    6. Items
    7. Ingredients
    8. Books
    9. Fish
  17. Shops
    1. Le Locle
    2. Ruan Area
    3. Zeiss Region
    4. Grancel Region
    5. Rolent Region
    6. Bose Region
  18. Monsters
    1. Le Locle
    2. Ruan 1
    3. Ruan 2
    4. Zeiss 1
    5. Zeiss 2
    6. Grancel
    7. Rolent
    8. Bose 1
    9. Bose 2
    10. Altered Space
    11. Liber Ark
    12. Ouroboros 1
    13. Ouroboros 2
  19. Character Skills
    1. Estelle
    2. Anelace
    3. Agate
    4. Scherazard
    5. Kevin
    6. Olivier
    7. Kloe
    8. Tita
    9. Zane
    10. Julia
    11. Joshua
    12. Kurt
    13. Ultimate Weapon Creation Guide
  20. Steam Achievements
    1. Odyssey of Anton
    2. Breakfast Safari
    3. Fishing
    4. Version History
  21. Credits
  • It's done, at long last.

  • Copyright 2017
  • Berserker Blade
  • Chloe B. / Drache the Dork

  • Contact
    • Email: drachenmeister13@gmail.com / Suikofreak@gmail.com
    • GameFAQs PM: Drache_the_Dork (must have underscores) / Berserker_Blade

This faq is based on the Steam version of Trails in the Sky: SC. If you are playing the PSP, Vita, or Japanese PS3 HD version, or whatever, you are more than welcome to read this FAQ. Just ignore all the steam achievements that's mentioned throughout the FAQ.


All trademarks are property of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used or rehosted without our permission. If you do, we'll send Schera's drunken whip after you.

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Field Controls

PSP Controls
Hold OSpeed up dialogue
TriangleShortcut Menu
SquareEnemy Info
LRotate camera
RRotate Camera
SelectLocal Map
WeaponSells Weapons and Armors
ItemSell Items and Accessories
GuildGives you sidequests
BarSells Food Items
Orbal FactorySells Quartz and Modify slots

Battle Commands

PSP Controls
Hold OSpeed up dialogue
TriangleShortcut Menu
SquareEnemy Info
LRotate camera
RRotate Camera
SelectLocal Map
Status EffectDescription
PoisonGradually depletes health
Knock-OutAlly is incapacitated
SleepCannot act until the ally is attacked
SealCannot use attack command, use crafts and S-Crafts
StoneCannot act in battle; KO if attacked
FreezeCannot act in battle; health is gradually taken away
FaintCannot act in one turn
MuteAlly cannot use arts
ConfuseAlly will attack other allies or foes
BlindDEX and AGL down

Battle System

In Trails in the Sky, the battle system is similar to SRPGs. You are in a gridline battlefield fighting enemies. However, the pacing is still Turn-based at heart. So, there's no need to place your movement towards your enemy and fight. In SC, not much has changed aside from one additional game mechanic.

Turn Order (Bonus Icons)

If you look at your left, it indicates the order of the turns in battle. Occasionally, you'll see a bonus icon right next to the ally or the enemy. These bonus icons will give you or your opponent an edge during that turn. Also, you can bypass the turn order by using S-Break. The following below are 6 possible bonus icons.

Heal HPRecovers 10% or 50% of HP
Charge EPRecovers 10% or 50% of EP
CP UPRecovers 10% or 50% of CP
STR UPIncreases Physical or Magic attack by 10% or 50%
CrticalAll Attack, Magic or Recovery effects increases 1.5X
Sepith UPSteals Sepith from Target

CP (Craft Points)

All characters possess CP. From the beginning of the battle, you start out with zero CP. The only way to gain CP is to successfully attack or recieve damage from your opponent. Once you have gotten a sufficent amount of CP, you can use those to use your Craft or even S-Craft at your disposal. You can accumulate your CP and save it for later.

Chain Craft

This is the only new addition for SC. Basically, you can have 2-4 people attack your opponent in one turn. In order to use chain craft, select Chain and choose your allies to assist you. You and your selected ally must be in close proximity as well as your opponent. If you did it correctly, you can unleash 2-4 hits in one turn. The only drawback is that your chosen ally will take the turn as well. So, use chain craft wisely.


It's the character's special moves. They can be learned as they gain levels. All craft ablities take up CP.


Think of it as this game's equivalent of Limit Break. Anytime you reach 100 CP, you can unleash their powerful attack. But, there's a much more effective use for it....


As stated earlier, you can use S-Break for cutting the next person's turn. But, you have to accumulate a minimum of 100 CP to use it. When you do accumulate 100 CP, the orb on the HUD will glow red. Anyway, during someone's turn, you can toggle left or right and press "X". However, it's perferable if you use the shortcut command by pressing triangle and press the directional buttons on the d-pad. Once you activate S-Break, you will unleash your S-Craft anywhere on the battlefield. This can be useful for killing off those pesky enemies with "Self-Destruct" ability. Finally, if you have 200 CP, you can dish out even more damage.


Each enemies drop sepith after you defeat them. You can save those up for Quartz or even sell it for money.


Since sepith comes in various forms, you can use those to make Quartz. For the most part, each of the quartz can increase your parameters. Also, each time you equip a quartz, you gain arts. However, there's a specific way on how to gain more arts.

Slots and lines

At the start of the game, there will be some slot closures and it's up to you to open those slots. To unlock those slots, you must have the adequate amount of Sepiths. Please note that the slots have a specific trait. For example, if you look at Joshua's slots, there are some slot that's Time Elemental only. Obviously, you can only equip Time-Elemental quartz on that slot.

For all playable characters, they each have a central slot. Whatever quartz is in the central slot, they will govern the elemental values. There are some characters who have only possess a single line while some have various lines that branches out. The lines will add the overall elemental values equipped on each end. For those who only has a single line can add more elemental values. With that, you'll have access to higher level arts.

Bracers Guild

This is practically the bulk of the game. All quests start out in the guild. By doing those quests, you are rewarded with money, items and etc. Also, BP (Bracer Points) will be added on your overall tally. The more BP you have, the higher your rank will be. Finally, if you have made the right decisions during the dialogue or you have been proactive towards certain missions, you can gain extra BP. This will be extra useful especially if you are going for the perfect score...


Even though Estelle is not the best cook out there, she can still pull of those dishes in a pinch. To obtain those dishes, you must first eat the food to gain the recipe. Once you have the recipe, be sure to have the right ingredients and cook it. For the most part, it recovers HP, EP or CP with some temporary increase in parameters. So, don't neglect it!


If you remember that one-time minigame from FC, then you'll be happy to hear that it is a full-fledged minigame in SC. Cast your rod into water and wait for the right time to reel your catch.

Tips and Tricks

Like all the other games out there, here are some tricks of the trade for you to survive this game.

1)Multiple saves is a must

For the completionist people out there, this is mandatory. There's a bunch of hidden quests waiting to be uncovered. Even the most minor implication during your major quest could screw you over for the rest of the game. So, every time you are about attempt something significant, make sure you make another save file before moving on.

(P.S. If you make an oopsie the game does keep a small amount of autosaves.)

2)Relax and decide your next move

I know what you did there. You have done something that cost you extra BP and chances are your last save is over 5 hours long. Regardless your outcome, there's always an option: either go back to your last save file and work from there or you decide to move on. If you decided to do the latter, there's always New Game+. You can always make up the lost BP from the last playthough.

3)Take the time to explore around

If you decide to get BP honestly, I suggest you look around and talk to NPC before the next major mission. Many of the hidden items and quest all happen within the small time frame. Also, Rushing through the game can work against you for the same reason.

4)The Bracer Notebook is your bible

Seriously, the contents inside his really comprehensive. It has all the notes you need such as your quest progress, Arts and quartz elemental values. It even has most of the basic stuff covered in the manual. If there's something you want to know, it's likely inside the Bracer's Notebook. Don't be afraid to look up something once in a while.


Stone Hammer1000000Single10Attack
Earth Guard2000000Single10Support / Immunity
Crest2100011Single15Support / DEF +25%
Petrify Breath3000000Single30Attack / Petrify 20%
Stone Impact3000020Area (M)40Attack
Earth Lance5000000Single20Attack
Petrify Cloud5003000Area (M)60Attack / Petrify 20%
La Crest5300033Area (M)40Support / DEF +25%
Petrosphere6000440Area (S)40Support / MOV -4
Titanic Roar8000040All70Attack
Earth Wall8000040Area (S)75Support / Immunity
Atlas Hammer10060000Area (S)80Attack
Geo Catastrophe140000120All160Attack
Gaia Shield160000150All220Support / Immunity



Playable Characters

NOTE: Work in progress! Characters who appeared in FC will continue to be analyzed to see any gameplay changes.

Estelle Bright

She is the daughter of the legendary Bracer Cassius Bright. Because of her jovial personality, she'll perservere even if the odds are against her.

Estelle is one of the characters that's available for entire game for obvious reasons. She is a versatile character, and her orbment slots can use every elements available. As far as orbal arts combination goes, she's can insert several mid-level magics in one line. However, putting some of the demanding arts such as Titanic Roar, Volcanic Rave and etc. in one line could be difficult. Her crafts are pretty diverse overall.

Her versatility does not end in magic spells. Her crafts have a diverse moveset and are useful in various situations. For example, she has morale to raise her allies stats in battle. Also, she learns a crowd control attack early on in the game as well as a skill that interupts the foe's spell casting. Her S-Craft such as Barrage and Pummel are useful against a single opponent. It is recommended to use it against bosses. Her only drawback is that specialized characters such as Olivier, Kloe or Agate overshadow her versatile abilities. Other than that, she's a well-rounded character due to being the protagonist. She has a lot of tools in her disposal and has flexible orbal moveset.

Anelace Elfead

A young woman who is a senior bracer. Although she is a few years older than Estelle, she has a bubbly personality and a weakness for cute objects.

Like Estelle, Anelace is a well-rounded character. She has a wide variety of crafts she can use in the battlefield. For example, she can use fallen leaves to knockback her opponent for a few turns. She can also use Petal Dance to give her a great strength buff with the cost of her defense. Her art usage is servicable at best because she has three lines on her orbment slots. She can do basic arts, but that's as far as she can go. You may have to rely more on her crafts than her arts. She could be a great person to have as a group, but she only appears on the prologue! So, don't get too attached with her.

Agate Crosner

A young, burly Bracer who wields a broad sword. He tends to look down on Junior Bracers.

In contrast to FC, you have the option to choose him or Scherazard at the start of chapter I. He's definitely a great asset to the group because of his exceptional strength and his unique moveset. For instance, he is the only character who can raise his CP with the cost of his max HP. If he does not have enough CP, he can use Wild Rage 2 for the first turn and use S-break after he uses Wild Rage. He has some attacks such as Draguna Edge and Flame Edge to deal damage against a group of foes. It also helps that Draguna Edge has a much wider line compared to the other character's line attack. He also has Sprial Edge which inflicts AT delay to a single foe. But his S-Craft is exceptionally useful. Regardless if it's a single attack (Beat Down) or a group attack (Final Break) the damage will be devastating. However his raw power does come with a price. He has one the worst magic defense in the game. His arts are very limited due to having multiple branches on his orbal quartz. So, you are pretty much going to use his Orbal Slots for raising his parameters. Overall, you going to use Agate as your frontline attacker. With Wild Rage 2, you are going to use his S-Craft frequently.

Scherazard Harvey

Nicknamed "The Silver Streak", she is former disiple of the legendary Bracer. Though she is an intelligent person and uses Tarot Cards for divinity purposes, she is a heavy drinker

Like Agate, Scherazard can be used as early as Chapter I. She specializes on wind arts and deals mid-range She can certainly deal damage. Her whip is medium range; meaning that her range is far enough to prevent her from getting hit from self destruct. Her moveset are okay to use. Her first craft can deal damage to a small group of foes. Her bind whip is useful because she has the ability to mute spell casters. Finally, her Heaven's Kiss can increase her allies speed. For the most part, she is average. She's really useful early game. But once late game comes in, she is pretty much outclassed by her other peers.

Kevin Graham

He is a priest from a far away land. Under his gentle smile, his reasons of coming to Liberl is currently unknown

Similar to Olivier, Kevin uses a long-range weapon. His main element is time, which allows him to use time arts at its highest potential. Interestingly, he has two lines but one of them only has one orbal slot. Use slot 2 for any stat enhancement. You want to focus on line one because this is where you'll want to increase magic capabilities. This will allow him to use any high level arts. Although his crafts are limited, they serve a different purpose. For example, his Sacrifical Arrow can redistribute his CP to other party members within range. Also, his S-Craft is not like the other characters. For example, his Grail Sphere grants immunity to incoming attacks for one turn. This is extremely useful for battles because you can withstand a catastrophic attack. If you have 200 CP, you are immune to damage until the enemy attacks you twice. His only drawback is lousy move stat and strength. Other than that, Kevin is a great character to use.

Olivier Lenheim

Coming from an Eberonian background, he travels south to play music for the citizens of Liberl. With his charismatic personality, he tends to hit on anyone he sees.

His defining personality is his charisma; although it won't help much in battle. Anyway, he's one of the few characters that uses long range weapon. Also, his main element is mirage, which is a neutral element. Having mirage will enable him to configure several magic combination. Because he only has a single line in his orbal slot setup, he has access to the high level arts. Having a neutral element along with a flexible orbal configuration benefits Olivier's playstyle.

His crafts on the other hand also useful as well. His Quick Draw has the ability to hit the target where you wanted it. Because of his range, his Snipe Shoot can easily take out the spell casters. Finally, his Happy Trigger can cure people within range. Although it's minimal, his CP consumption is really low. He only has one S-Craft in the game and the damage is mediocre. His weaknesses is are low HP, low Defense and limited movement. Ironically, Olivier has the lowest magical defense in the game considering him possessing one of the highest Magic Attack power in the game. Overall, Oliver is another effective character to use. You really can't go wrong with diverse arts as well as utilitarian moveset. Plus with his range, he can be a threat in the battlefield.

Kloe Rinz

A second year student in Jenis Academy. She is a very sweet young woman who have a mutual understanding with her pet Gryfalcon, Sieg.

She specializes on healing magic as evidenced by her water affinity. Also, she does possess a single line orbal slot. However, her customization is somewhat limited because three of her orbal slots are Water only. Therefore, she needs to rely on water arts to be useful. Her craft is minimal at best becayse she only has two regular crafts and one S-craft at her disposal. She has Kaempfer (Impose) which debuffs the foe's STR and DEF andSturm (Encroach) which interupts the person's spell casting time. But compared to the other characters, her Encroach needs to hit up close in order to be effective. Finally, her Radiant Plash has the largest healing range out of everyone. It's already great on its own considering the amount of HP it restores plus it also revives allies as well. If you use it at 200 EP, not only it does more recovery, it gives out free Defense buff. Overall, despite of Kloe's restrictive orbal customization, her usefulness certainly lies with her healing powers. Also, having the highest EP as well as high magic attack power, she can be the magical powerhouse of the group.

Prologue: A Maiden's Resolve

As soon as you take control of Estelle, head west towards the garden terrace. You'll find her father at the balcony. Once you get off the airship, it's time for you to head home. Head out the city of Rolent and go west in Elize Highway. There, you'll find Estelle's house.

Le Locle Canyon

TreasuresStuff to Buy
Break RodNature's Bounty RecipeLiberl News - Issue 1
Enhanced LeatherGlove Gear (File Transfer)Herb Sandwich
Reinforced BootsCelestial Balm (File Transfer)
1000 MiraEmergency Puppet (File Transfer)
Recipe BookLuck (File Transfer)

After a brief conversation with Anelace, head upstairs and go to the room at the end of the hall. Estelle's room is right by the pink flowers. As she enters her room she'll pick up Break Rod, Enhanced Leather, Reinforced Boots, and 1000 Mira. As soon as you have your stuff, head downstairs and take your seat at the table right next to Anelace. If you carried over your perfect file from the previous game, you'll be rewarded with these items. They are: Glove Gear, Celestial Balm, Emergency Puppet, and Luck Quartz.

Talk to Phyllis to get the Recipe Book along with the Nature's Bounty recipe. She'll give you an assortment of ingredients for you to whip up a meal. Be sure to buy Liberl News - Issue 1, as it's missable. Herb Sandwich isn't a bad idea either, but you can get it later if you forget. Then talk to Robert and buy HP 1 quartz. Once you have a restorative art, talk to Kurt near the exit. From there, head to Balstar channel.

Balstar Channel

Chests / ItemsMonstersAchievements
1Proxy Puppet8Attack 1Ripple FrogDoom Baker
2EP Charge9Silver EarringRipple Frog 2
3Reviving Balm10All Sepith x10Sticky Slug
4Tear Balm11Surprise CookieSticky Slug 2
5EP Charge12Reviving BalmKurt
6Tear Balm13Cast 1
7Mind 114EP Charge
--Monster Guide

Balstar Channel: Other Half

Balstar Channel: Starting Half

NOTE: If you are looking at the map, the starting point is actually the exit. You are going deep within the dungeon

Once you get the Surpise Cookie, this will be the first of food items that actually are attack items. Use these to kill 10 enemies for an achievement. You have plenty of time.

After Kurt brief you on your mission, he'll give you a Monster Guide. As you go forward, you'll engage your first enemy. You have the option to learn the basics of combat or learn chain crafts. If you want all the monsters, you have to go over the basics. After the tutorial battle, head to the next room. In the second area, the path will split into three paths. If you take the path in the center, you'll find a lever. Pull the lever to the right to activate the bridge on your right side. If you head over to that bridge, it'll lead to the next area.

Area 3

East, keep going right until you find a lever. This will drain the water in the sewers. From the sewage drain, head left towards the first bridge from the lever. This leads to another bridge lever. Then go to the bridge from the entrance. You'll see that the water is drained and you have access to the watery path. Keep going foward until you hit a dead end. There, you'll find another treasure that contains an enemy. If you defeat it, you'll find Proxy Puppet. Then head up the stairs and go forward. You should be past the bridge and you'll find three more treasures at the end of the path. They contain Tear Balm, Reviving Balm, and EP Charge. That should be everything on this side. Time to head back to Area 2 and go to the other path.

Anyway, back to the lever in area two. This time pull the lever to the left side to activate the bridge on your left. Back to the T-intersection, take the left path and you'll find another lever. It doesn't matter which side you pull in, it will activate the bridge. Anyway, once you activate both bridges, head to the bridge on the left side and go foward. Proceed until you hit another T-intersection. When you arrive at the T-intersection, go right. You'll find three treasure boxes containing Mind 1, Tear Balm, and EP Charge. Now, go back to the T-Intersection and go up. This will lead to the next area.

Area 4

There should be a lever nearby. Activate it, and the bridge on your right side will activate. Keep going forward until you find Attack 1 at the end of the path. Next, head back and cross the bridge north of the entrance. There should be a small T-intersection nearby. Go left and you'll find a lever that drains the water. Go right and you'll activate another bridge. You need to do both of those in order to traverse through the dungeon. Go straight, and you'll find Silver Earring right in the middle of the torches. Head down the stairs, and you'll traverse to a watery path. Before you head up to the stairs on the other side, there are few treasures to lookout for. Continue to move west until you hit a T-intersection at the end of the path. Go north, and you'll find a monster treasure. Defeat the monster mob and you'll find Cast 1. Then head to the opposite direction and you should end up in a platform with three treasures. They contain Reviving Balm, Surprise Cookie, and x10 sepith of each element.

Once you found all the treasures on the waterway, head up the stairs on the opposite end. The path should split into two. The left path leads to a treasure box containing EP Charge. Head right and it should lead to the bridge where you activated near the entrance. There should be one more lever nearby. Pull the lever and another bridge activates. Go forward to Area 5. Watch out, you'll engage to a boss battle.

Boss: Kurt

When he attempts to attack one of your allies, not only it deals damage, it also pushes your ally towards the edge of the battlefield. He uses Fengshu:Steel to raise his defense. This battle is very easy because he is vulnerable against magic attacks. So use Arts to deal damage from afar. Also, use Chain and S-Craft to deal heavy damage.

After the battle is over and your conversation with Anelace, talk to Robert before you head off to bed. And do be sure to note the amount of shoes in Estelle's room. :)

La Locle Canyon: Nightfall

The first extra BP is coming up. When Estelle hears gunshot choose: WAKE UP! After your conversation with Anelace, head downstairs. You'll engage in battle with one of the Jaeger Mercenaries. If you managed to win against the Jaeger Mercenary, you get another extra BP.

Saint Croix Forest

Chests / ItemsMonsters
1Enhanced Leather6Nature's BountyBush Lancer
2Reinforced Boots7EP ChargeRolling Thorn
3Fencer8Enhanced LeatherRude Cosmos
4Break Rod--Teara Balm x5Shining Pom
5Reinforced Boots--EP Charge x2Jaeger Woman

St. Croix Forest

NOTE: On the map, the word "tent" is the starting point of the dungeon.

During the conversation with Anelace, choose the second option The Attacking Invaders. By choosing the second option, you get another extra BP. After you take control, examine the tent. You'll find five Teara Balm and two EP Charge. Before you do anything else, be sure that your camera is facing north. If you have the PC version, the map icon on the right corner has a compass point that's facing north.

Anyway, keep going straight until the first intersection. If you move north, there should be a monster named Rolling Thorn nearby. This will lead to area 2 if you decide to traverse deeper to the dungeon. However, we are finding treasure boxes. So, on the first intersection, head east. You should see a treasure chest near the Bush Lancer. It contains Enhanced Leather. Once you have it, proceed to Area 2.

Area 2

Keep going straight until you find the log bridge. Instead of crossing the log bridge, head right and be sure to shift your camera slightly your left to see a small path. Move forward to the small path and you'll find another chest containing Reinforced Boots. Continue to move forward until area 3.

Area 3

Be sure to hug the wall on the right side and move forward. There should be a small path deviating from the main path. Once you find the small path, there should be a chest containing Fencer]. Continue to move towards the end of the small path, you'll find Break Rod. Once you are in the main path, head to your right and you'll find another Reinforced Boots. Then go back to the intersection and move north.

Area 4

There is a small path that leads to the riverbed. Before you walk on the stream, shift your camera north so that your character is facing against the current. From there, walk against the river current. You should see a chest containing Nature's Bounty. Once you have the treasure, cross the river to the other side of the land, and proceed forward. When crossed the river on the other side, there should be a pine tree in the middle of the open grassy field. Right below it contains a treasure chest containing EP Charge Now, it's a good time to shift your camera again so the map icon on the corner is facing north. If you are playing this on the PSP, make sure your camera is facing north so that the Saint-Croix sign is on the upper left corner. Once you done that, head south and you'll enter a small area in area 2. You'll find another Enhanced Leather. Once you opened the last chest, it's time to leave the forest by going forward past the sign. Be sure to heal up before taking a step forward. There, you'll find another boss

Boss: Female Jaeger

She attacks from a distance using her machine gun. She uses grenade to deal moderate damage to one of your ally. Next, she'll use shock gun to cancel spell casting. If you get too close to her, she'll use scatter shot to deal damage to your allies. This is slightly tougher than the fight against Kurt because the Female Jaeger is intentionally keeping her distance and deal long range damage. However, you have arts to counterattack her long range attacks. Also, it's a good idea use Estelle's comet to deal damage from afar. If you are within the Female Jaeger's proximity attack using her crafts, chain crafts, and S Crafts.

Once the battle is over, it's time to go to the lodge.

Guild Lodge

Misc. Treasures
Gambler Jack - Vol. 1

Once you are inside the lodge, examine the following.

  • The blood stain near the front door
  • The broken spear next to the blood stain
  • The Orbal telephone near Orbal Shop
  • Food barrel near Phyllis' shop
  • Shattered window
  • Torn map of the region

Once you examine all six objects, Anelace and Estelle will discuss about their situation. You'll be face yet another bonus BP opportunity. Choose Move to another base. After your conversation with Robert, it's time to go to Grimsel Fortress. Before you go, there's a special item you need to take before you leave. Those who are doing the achievement Ramblin' Gambler, the first volume is nearby. Head upstairs and enter the door on the lower right. There, you'll find Gambler Jack - Vol. 1. Once you have it, head to Grimsel Fortress

A: Gambler Jack: Volume 1 location

Grimsel Fortress

1EP 14Night GogglesCrybaby
2EP Charge5EP ChargePain Beetle
3Tear Balm6ID UnitJaeger 2

Grimsel Fortress

As soon you step inside the fortress, make a left turn at the first T-intersection. You'll find EP Charge at the very end of the hall on the very left and EP 1 on the right side of the hall. Once you have those two treasures, now go to the opposite direction at the T-intersection. Keep going straight until you find a steel gate. Enter the room on your left and pull the lever. After your conversation with Anelace, keep going forward.

In the next area, go to the first room you see on your right. From there, Pull the lever so that the power is on. Once you are out of the power room, head to the room right accross your location. There's a treasure containing Tear Balm. Next, head to the end of the hall and enter the room on your left. By then, you already turn on the power switch. Therefore, the gate should open. Keep going straight until you engage a forced battle against a group of enemy mobs. Dispach them, and proceed forward.

When you arrive at the second floor and you are in a pitched-black room, I suggest you proceed to next room where the lights are barely dim. You'll find a unique treasure chest containing Night Goggles. Once you find the Night Goggles, traverse through the labyrinth. However, there's a treasure chest on the western end of the labyrinth. If you are able to find your way through the dark maze on the left side of the room, you should end up in a small room with a chest containing EP Charge. Once you have the treasure, work your way into the maze once more. The exit should be at the south end of the room.

After going through the dark maze, continue to go forward. You should ascend the next set of staircases and a series of halls. Once you are about to ascend to the 4th floor, there's a chest containing ID Unit . Go forward again until you hit a dead end. This is where you use your ID unit. Stand next to the apparatus, go to the menu and select ID unit. Next, go to the resting unit and save your game. Watch out for another extra BP question. Choose Don't NEED to Contact! Here's another boss battle coming your way.

Boss: Jaeger

He will begin the battle by casting Sqwartz Faizel, which temporary increases his strength and speed. Like Kurt, he uses his spear to push your allies to the edge of the battlefield. He also uses charge to cancel any incoming art attacks. If your ally is using arts from a distance, Jaeger might counter your long range attack with Sqwartz Zaubel, which deals devastating damage. Lastly, he uses Summer Shower to deal heavy damage to your ally. You have to be very careful on how you approach this battle because he can counter your attack with Sqwartz Zaubel if you deal heavy damage at a short period of time. So, take it slow and use any of your arts like Dark Matter, Fire Bolt or etc. When his health is below 33%, he'll start using Sqwartz Wild which restores 1000HP. This where you start using your heavy attacks. If possible, you can use surprise cookie to deal heavy damage against Jaeger.

After the battle is over, you'll see a series of cutscenes. This marks the end of the prologue. You should get an achievement by finishing this chapter.

Grancel: Landing Port

After your conversation with Anelace, you'll speak with Elnan. He will give your results from the prologue. You should have 16/380 BP at this point. Also, you'll be promoted to G+ and get Silver Chain as one of the bonus perks. Next, you get to choose either Scherazard or Agate as your companion. Also, this is where Anelace will part ways with you for good! T_T

2000 Mira
BP: 2 (+14)

Anyway, after your conversation with Anelace and her companion, head to the landing port shop to buy the airship tickets. Before that, be sure to talk to the lady on the left counter so you can buy Liberl News - Issue 2. Buy your airship ticket and then talk to Finella outside the landing port shop. Next, you are off to Ruan. At the airliner, talk to everyone at least twice. Be sure to talk to Lloyd inside the passenger cabin. He'll give you Fishing Book and Progress Rod.

City of Ruan

SidequestsStuff to BuyMisc. Treasures
Come, Ingredient HuntersLiberl News - Issue 2Polychaete x5
Sapphirl Tower PhotoNature's Bounty
Vista Forest Road MonsterAzelia Kiss
Gull Seaside Way MonsterGambler Jack - Vol. 2
Marine Star
Prime Salmon Grill
Sea Breeze Soup

After your conversation with Jean, head to the harbor by going to the south block. On your way to the warehouse, Lloyd will stop you at the moment. He will tell you about the fishing spots by looking at the ripples on the surface of the water. He'll give you five Polychaete. After that, head east towards the eastern warehouse. Be sure to save before entering the warehouse.

Boss: Deen, Rocco, and Rais

Deen, Rocco and Deis use the same moveset. They use invigorate to strengthen their attack power. They use shout to reduce your ally's defense. They sometimes use Embolden to revive their ally and use Soul Infusion to heal each other. Their most threatening attack is No Mercy where they charge their attack and inflict heavy damage against your ally. This boss battle is fairly easy. If you have any wide area of effect arts, you should deal considerable damage. However, if you have Agate, it's even easier. Use mid-level arts do deal damage, and when the time is right use chain crafts and S-crafts.

Once the battle is over, it's time for you to go to Belden's house. His house is next door to the mayor's home entrance and close to the Aurion Highway. Go to the second floor, and talk to Belden. Once you hear what he has to say, you can finally leave town and go to the orphanage.

  • Come, Ingredient Hunters
    • Talk to Orvid on the second floor of the Magnolia Inn.
    • You have until the end of the chapter to do this, so we'll remind you as you go along. There are six items to fetch from monster drops.

  • Sapphirl Tower Photo
    • Talk to Santos at Hotel Blanche in the first room from the left as you enter.
    • Do not bother completing this yet. Wait till Dorothy is in your party.

  • Vista Forest Road Monster
    • The location of the boss is in the second area. The boss is rght at the southern perimeter of the O-shaped path.

And you'll be taking care of the Gull Seaside Way monster shortly. It'll be M1 on the following map.

Gull Seaside Way

1Tear BalmCrocodark
2Surprise CookieFlying Shrimp
3Smelling SaltsHammerhead
4Insulating TapeIntrollmuumuu
5Hard LoafersMars Shell
6PolychaeteNight Nautilus
7Reviving BalmRed Hammerhead
8Purging BalmStove Plant
Cobalt Saber

(Thanks Adamvitale for correcting the errors)

Gull Seaside Way

You may find many of these monsters at Manoria Byroad as well.

Area 1 near Ruan: North Block entrance

You'll find three treasure chests: one on the west side of the map on the second intersection. It contains Tear Balm. While the other one is on the shore, but you have to walk around the northern perimeter of the cliffside. You should find a chest containing Surprise Cookie and Night Nautilus at the end of the path. Also, walk south along the beach perimeter and you should find Smelling Salts.

Area 2 between Ruan and Mercia Orphanage

Also, if you look at your mini-map, there's a small landmass along the shoreline. There's a huge monster blocking your way. Before you fight it, be sure to get the treasure chest that contains Insulating Tape. Also, be sure to walk along side on the perimeter where you see number 6 at the map. You'll find Polychaete. As soon as you defeat the three Cobalt Sabers, go through the narrow pathway, and you'll find a chest containing Hard Loafers

Area 3 near Mercia Orphanage

As soon as you walk on the sandy dunes, head south and walk along the cliffside. You'll find a Reviving Balm. There should also be a chest containing Purging Balm near the wooden rowboats. Anyway, head north towards the Mercia Orphanage.


Be sure to acquire Fish Egg from Crocodark

Mercia Orphanage and Manoria Village

SidequestsStuff to Buy
Lighthouse Test Run HIDDENSea 'Bubbles'
Miso-Stewed Fish
Garden of Seaden

After your conversation with Mother Theresa, head over to Manoria Village. You can talk to the guy behind the Ingredient Hunters request at the hotel, if you want. Keep in mind that you'll want ALL the ingredients for the extra BP. After that, head over to the large house with a windmill. You'll trigger a flashback from the first game. After a brief nostaligia trip, enter the windmill house. Once the conversation is over, Kevin will join your party. However, he'll be a playable character until you arrive in Ruan. In the meantime, now it's a good time to tackle the sidequests. Kevin's support abilities will do you good for the battle-orientated sidequests. More importantly, there's a hidden sidequest coming up! Don't miss this opportunity!|Lighthouse Test Run. Once you arrive at Ruan, Kevin will leave your party. Your next objective is to go to Air-Letten and talk to one of the witnesses.

  • Go to Varenne Lighthouse and talk to Vogt at the top.
  • Choose is there something you need done?
  • Next, you have a series of steps.
    • Set stabilizer to low
    • Set orbal amplitude to low
    • Turn on activation switch.
    • Switch orbal amplitude to mid
    • Set stabilizer to mid.
    • Set orbal amplitude to High
    • Set stabilizer to High
    • Finally, turn on connection quartz.
  • Choose Anything else we can do for you?

Manoria Byroad (Optional)

Lighthouse Test RunJabba

Manoria Byroad

At the second area, near the Krone Trail entrance, should be a path that slightly branches out from the main path. You'll find a chest containing Jenis Blazer.

Krone Trail (Optional)

Krone Trail
1Reviving BalmMini Egger
2Crimson PlatterBoiled Egger R

Be sure to walk along the perimeter when you are trekking through the trail. There are treasures that are hiding below the tree branches like the Reviving Balm. There should be a path that slightly deviates from the main path. Also, there's a hidden treasure chest that cannot be seen because the leaves obstructs our view. So, hug the perimeter and you should see an exclamation sign. You should find Crimson Platter.

Aurian Causeway

Teara BalmBaby Gourd Boars
Corn Mover
Flying Moth
Gourd Boar
Sasa Panda

Aurian Causeway

There's nothing much to see other than a Teara Balm near the center of the path on area 1.


Air-Letten Checkpoint and Ruan

SidequestsStuff to Buy
Sunday School LecturerSalt Roasted Fish
Krone Trail Monster
Aurian Causeway Monster

Talk to CWO Hahn at the barracks at the end of the hall near the first floor. Then talk to Private Nix at the Kaldia Tunnel entrance on the second floor. Go back to Ruan and head over to the Bracer Guild. Then head over to the bridge to see the commotion. After a minor incidence and a reintroduction of another returning character, it's time for another bonus BP question. Choose the second option, Where the white shadow went.


Both monsters in question are depicted on the maps in the previous two sections. They are M3 and M4 on the maps.

Now for the pain in the-- I mean, the sidequest you should do immediately.

Head over to Ruan Chapel, which is next to Ruan Bracer Guild. Talk to sister Frieda, and you'll go through a series of questions. So, do the following, and get them all right for your BPs.

1) What is a bracer's main duty?Protection of peace and citizenry of local regions
2) How many ranks are there for senior bracers?Seven ranks from G to A
3) When was the bracer guild established?50 years ago
4) What's the most important agreement the guild has to keep with nation it works in?Non-interference with state powers
5) Bracer, in all situations, should....Prioritize the safety of civilians
6) What is the age restriction on the Bracer Qualification Examination?You must be 16 or older
7) How do you decide how to respond to monsters?Prioritize client's intent
8) Who arrested the Capua gang?The Royal Army forces
9) Which principle is the protective duty to civilians?Guild Code, Principle 2
10) What's the overall length of the Arseille?42 arge

Since Olivier and Dorothy are now in your party, now is a good time to take on Sapphirl Tower Photo. So, it's time for you to go to Sapphirl Tower. In case you need a refresher, a guest NPC participates in battle. They typically do not fight, so you need to protect them in each battle. If you let the guest NPC die, it's game over for you. Anyway, we have three new sidequests for you to take on.

Sapphirl Tower: Sidequest

11EP Cut 16Perilous MeatballsHelmet Crab
1Jenis Blouse7Tear BalmMint Pom
2Sapphire Talisman8Pearl EarringSeahorse Demon
3Shrimplet9Ebony StaffShining Pom 2
4EP Charge10Clog BootsRobber Trapper
5Purging Balm

Sapphirl Tower

Be sure to acquire a Curative Horn from a Helmet Crab and a Juicy Bone from a Seahorse. This should complete the Come, Ingredient Hunters sidequest. Click the link if you're still missing items.

Just outside the tower is a chest containing EP Cut 1. It's 11 because Drache made an oopsie.

If you are doing the Sapphirl Tower Photo sidequest, be sure to have Dorothy with you! This is for max bonus BP! When you are on the second floor, be sure to set the camera so that the map icon pointer faces north. There should be two paths: one going southwest and the other southeast. We'll divide it into two routes.

Southeastern route

Go straight forward on the 3rd floor. On the fourth floor, there's 4 different stairs leading to various paths. So, the first set of stairs leads to the fifth floor, we'll call it, Stair A. On Stair A, you'll find Jenis Blouse

Head back down the and proceed to the next adjacent stairs. Stair B is going down to the third floor. On the 3rd floor, there's a path that splits into two: One that's going south while the other goes east. If you head south, you'll see a couple of Seahorse Demons lurking around. Between it lies a another treasure. Look out, this one contain monsters in it. Defeat it, and you'll get a Sapphire Talisman Then go east and proceed to go down the stairs to the 2nd floor. At the end of the path, there's a treasure that contains a Shrimplet. When you get back up from the 3rd floor, there's a small road that leads to a half-circle platform. There's two treasures on both ends. On one end, the treasure contains EP Charge while the other contains Purging Balm.

The next adjacent stair is Stair C. This one leads to a Perilous Meatballs. Finally, head to the last set of stairs, Stair D. The stairs lead all the way down to the 2nd floor. At the end of the path, it leads yet another Tear Balm. Now, you explored every part of the area in this path, it's time to tackle the southwestern route.

Southwestern route

On the 3rd floor, continue to go straight. On the 4th floor, head north to where the circular platform is and make a right turn. It should lead to a red treasure on the fifth floor. It contains Pearl Earring. Then backtrack to the 4th floor and take the stairs on the western end.

On the fifth floor, there is yet another Red treasure on the left side. You'll get Ebony Staff. Then move up towards the fountain. There's yet another red treasure northwest of the fountain. You'll find Clog Boots.

Finally, continue to go up the stairs, and it leads to the top floor. If you have Dorothy with you, let her take the photo in the spot pictured below.

A: Photo spot!

After that's over, it's time for you to go to Jenis Royal Academy.

Jenis Royal Academy

Stuff to buy
Hot-Hot Potato Fry
Royal Gelato
Young Lady Plate

After you reunite with Kloe, it's time to talk to several students. First, head over to the girls dormatory. Go upstairs and go to the first door on your right and talk to Felicity and Reina. Next, head over to academy: schoolhouse and enter the Humanities classroom. Talk to Mickey to gain insight about the investigation. Then talk to Patrick on the second floor near the bulletin board. Lastly, you can go to the academy room for nostalgia purposes. Once the sun sets, it's time for you to go back to the student counsel room. Hans will give to the Back Gate Key. Now, head over to the old schoolhouse.