PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From MoogleUK (06/29/2020; 431KB) All classes in master mode. Starts at the beginning of the game.
  2. From Kwing (10/01/2010; 429KB) Balthier has 27 Speed + Haste, deals 3996 with Barrage. Rapha has ultimate defense setup. Multiple rare items, including Sage's Rings and Brave Suits. Most characters know Zodiark. Not hacked.
  3. From emman1287 (10/20/2007; 428KB) Chapter 4 right before last dungeon, Lvl 98 dark knight ramza, all secret characters, all weapons including chaos blade and 2 excaliburs, over 2mil gil.
  4. From Calypso The Dwarf (02/18/2009; 432KB) Hacked (S)SCC save. 10 male and 12 female Lvl. 1 generics with 70/70 or 70/40 brave/faith, zodiacs for compatibility with eachother and bosses, and all classes unlocked at Lvl. 8 with 0 JP.
  5. From MasteredFiles (12/04/2014; 428KB) New Game+ File, 1 of each class, Start of game, ZERO leveled in Multiplayer
  6. From Brumbek (12/15/2012; 846KB) Package of 35 save games from start to finish, non-cheating, all rare items found throughout, all characters, 5 generics main party, ending with level 80. Great package for revisiting certain events.
  7. From dided21 (06/12/2008; 399KB) Saved outside final dungeon, all characters at LV99
  8. From Torein (12/30/2007; 430KB) Solo Ramza Challenge, by SBishop, Completed. Ramza lvl.99.
  9. From Storm_WHM (03/01/2018; 435KB) Start Game : Level 1 : Ramza + Orran + Gaffarion + All Items ( 10 Each ) : You start after the first battle. Ramza has Serpentarius. Both Orran and Gaffarion aren't guests.
  10. From Nataku956 (10/21/2007; 431KB) US CWCheat save right after first battle. Ramaza, Delita, and 5 generic males master all classes, and has almost every item in the game. Note that you may have to still level up a few classes to lv8 but all skills are there.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From honorablesouls (10/11/2007; 439KB) All jobs, 999999 gil, Lvl is still the same. Games starts in the first chapter right after your 2nd battle
  2. From Samuraiboyx954 (05/12/2007; 428KB) CwCheat'd All Items (Not 99 and glitched items sold), Beginning After Algus leaves, All Jobs/9999 JP for everyone in party, new items are top of the list
  3. From makhao (10/12/2007; 422KB) Save at Chapter 3 Right before the battle at monestary. With Ramza as Dark Knight lvl 5x+ and main characters at lvl 45 and above.
  4. From Kyleandreala (06/04/2007; 431KB) Save in chapter 4 before fight the final boss.All of 24 characters have LV 99 and master all job with JP 9999.And also have all equipment too.About 104 hours in game

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Ben_j38 (11/23/2011; 438KB) All secret characters + everyone LVL99, most of them with Zodiark, mainly used characters mastered every jobs. EVERY weapons,shields,armors,helms,accessories,items; 5 stars in all RDV missions.
  2. From Ross0_JE (10/30/2007; 423KB) Beginning of chapter 1, level 30 with squire job mastered on Ramza and another unit, no cheats.
  3. From Eburos (11/07/2007; 427KB) Chapter 1, after the 2nd battle (Manadalia Plain). Ramza and 4 characters (2 male, 2 female), all Lv. 99, all jobs mastered (including Dark Knight)
  4. From AntiMrPlaya1 (10/10/2007; 431KB) Two Saves one at the end of Ch.1 and one at the end of Ch.2 High Leveled Characters Ramza has access to the Dark Knight Job Class

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