How do you unlock the Dark Knight?

  1. I think it's the dark knight job class. I read in the FAQs it's twenty and take about four other level eight job classes. In the forum I was told mastering Knight and Black Mage and killing fifty monsters. Now in the CHeats section it says only twenty monsters plus only Knight and Black Mage mastered. Which is it!?!?!? I'm actually trying to get this job class... LOL Mathlexis - 12 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. You must complete the following requirements on all characters you want to have the job available...

    Master Knight (Level 8 and all abilities learned.)
    Master Black Mage (Level 8 and all abilities learned.)
    Level 8 Samurai, Dragoon, Geomancer, and Ninja. (These do not need to have all abilities learned.)
    Each character must land the killing blow on twenty enemies and allow those enemies to turn into crystals or treasure chests. Poach does not count.

    That's it... enjoy your Dark Knight.
    CGoblins - 12 years ago - report 25   5
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