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Play As Your Favourite Little Britain Characters!

Maggie And Judy, Vicky Pollard, Emily And Florence, Lou And Andy, Daffyd Thomas, Marjorie Dawes And Letty

In Little Britain: The Video Game you don't just watch the fun, you're part of it! Travel from Darkely Noone to Llandewi Breffi as you experience the award-winning comedy of Little Britain like never before!

- The only game in the village!
- I'm the only gay in this game
- No Maggie, not on the vicar!
- V to the P to the Icky to the Ollard
- Ooh, what a kerfuffle!
- 8 hilarious action-packed games
- Play your favourite famous characters in 3D
- The ultimate Little Britain experience
- Features classic clips from the TV show.
- Starring Matt Lucus & David Walliams! Plus Tom Baker as the narrator!

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