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FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

Updated: 08/20/18

                                  THE WARRIORS
                       Written and maintained by SubSane


    1.1 Game Details
    1.2 Story

    2.1 Game Start
    2.2 Pause Menu
    2.3 On-Screen Display
    2.4 Controls & Techniques
    2.5 Items
    2.6 Warrior Stats
    2.7 The Hangout

    3.1 New Blood
    3.2 Real Live Bunch
    3.3 Payback
    3.4 Blackout
    3.5 Real Heavy Rep
    3.6 Writer's Block
    3.7 Adios Amigo
    3.8 Encore
    3.9 Payin' The Cost
    3.10 Destroyed
    3.11 Boys In Blue
    3.12 Set Up
    3.13 All-City
    3.14 Desperate Dudes
    3.15 No Permits, No Parley
    3.16 Home Run
    3.17 Friendly Faces
    3.18 Come Out To Play
    3.A Flashback: Roots
    3.B Flashback: The Best
    3.C Flashback: Heavy Muscle
    3.D Flashback: Scout's Honor
    3.E Flashback: Sharp Dressed Man

4.0 Coney Turf
    4.1 Turf Invasion
    4.2 Robbin' Hood
    4.3 Busted
    4.4 Flash Head
    4.5 Vigilante Justice
    4.6 Carny Compassion
    4.7 Deal With It
    4.8 Feed the Homeless
    4.9 Freedom
    4.10 Flash Point
    4.11 Workin' Out



    7.1 Contact Information
    7.2 Legal Stuff


===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================

                              1.1  Game Details

The Warriors, man! In anticipation of playing the game and writing this guide
I Netflix'ed the original film and I gotta say, it's a sweet piece of camp!
Guys in tiny red vests, face painters who walk around in old Yankee uniforms,
and gangs with well-designed logos are just some of the features from the film
and subsequently the game.

The original flick was released in 1979, and the game in 2005.

                                  1.2  Story

Cleon and his gang, known as The Warriors, are a small time group down in Coney
Island. They were formed when Cleon and his fellow Warrior Vermin left the
The Destroyers, the gang that once held control over all of Coney. Now they are
relegated to East Coney while The Warriors control south Coney. The two are
bitter rivals and do not hesitate to kill each other's soldiers if they should
cross into the wrong part of town.

These are just two of the hundreds of gangs that occupy New York City. Pride
and money keeps all gangs at each other's throats, and for some the pressures
and gang wars can be too much to handle. The Warriors are still starting out,
but as they fight their way from one end of New York City to the other they
begin to gain notoriety among the top tier gangs. With each rumble The Warriors
unknowingly proceed to the fateful night of July 13, 1979.


===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================

                                2.1  Game Start

This option is to begin the game's story mode.

All you have in here is the trailer for the Director's Cut of The Warriors.

Quick Rumble
Here you can bypass loading a profile and going to the hangout when you just
want to get into some head bashing. 1 on 1 and War Party modes are available
for single or multiplayer play.

1 Player : 2 Player
Select a story mode for 1 or 2 players. This can be changed in the pause menu.

Profile Manager
Select an existing profile, create a new one, delete a profile, or reload
profiles from the memory card.

                                2.2  Pause Menu

Each chapter has objectives. The Current objectives are those that are required
in order to proceed through the game. Bonus objectives can be completed to
unlock extras such as soldiers and arenas for Rumble mode.

View the stats for the currently selected Warrior.

Here you can adjust the lighting, camera preferences, audio, video, subtitles,
vibration, or restore all settings to default.

View the controller configuration or skim the many tutorial lessons that you
learn in the beginning of the game.

Restart from the last checkpoint or the beginning of the chapter.

Exit the pause menu and return to the game.

Quit and return to the hangout or the main menu.

                            2.3  On-Screen Display

Health appears 

Your character's name appears at the very top.

Rage Meter
The rage meter fills as you beat up on enemies. Once the rage meter reaches a
certain point you can press L1 + R1 to go into rage mode and unleash more
powerful attacks.

Points are added up throughout a chapter by beating up on enemies and
generally trashing anything that can be touched. The points are used to unlock
extra stuff.

Money is collected in each chapter. It can be used to buy flash, spray cans,
or you can give it to hobos if you're in a kind mood.

Spray Paint
Spray paint is sometimes used for specific objectives in a chapter, but for the
most part you'll use it to tag over enemy gangs' burners.

Handcuff Key
These keys are used to instantly uncuff a fellow Warrior instead of going
through the usual L1/R1 tapping.

The radar in the bottom corner contains a map of the current area and markers
to indicate objectives (big W), other Warriors (white dots), rival gangs
(orange dots), cops (blue dots), and other points of interest.

Red markers indicate section checkpoints, so if you're in section 1A and you
reach a red marker, you will jump to section 1B.

                           2.4  Controls & Techniques


Command      |  Action                          |  Other           
Start        |  Pause                           |  - Quit out of menus
Select       |  Bring up on-screen display      |  -
D-pad Up     |  View current objectives         |  - Move in menus
D-pad Down   |  View bonus objectives           |  - Move in menus
D-pad Left   |  Heal fallen Warriors            |  - Move in menus
D-pad Up     |  Heal your character             |  - Move in menus
Left stick   |  Move your character             |  - Move in menus
Right stick  |  Move camera                     |  - Warchief commands
L3 button    |  Center camera                   |  -
R3 button    |  Zoom in and out                 |  -
L1 button    |  Lock on, aim projectiles        |  -
L2 button    |  Sprint, unlock from enemy       |  -
R1 button    |  Block, look back when running   |  - Pick up or drop enemy
R2 button    |  Warchief commands               |  -
Triangle     |  Action button                   |  Back out of menus
Square       |  Light attack                    |  -
Circle       |  Grab opponent                   |  -
X            |  Heavy attack                    |  Select in menus

Action button
The action button does several things. The Triangle button usually appears
when the actions can be executed.

- Climb fences and ledges
- Talk to characters
- Spray tags on walls
- Jump
- Pick up or drop weapons
- Steal items
- Mug characters
- Uncuff fellow Warriors

Strong attacks
- Press X + Square to perform a strong attack
- Press X + Circle to perform a spray attack (uses one spray can)
- Press X + Circle when near an enemy to perform a strong grab

Grabs (all while grabbing an opponent)
- Hold Circle to tackle and grab an enemy
- Hold the left stick in a direction and press Circle again to throw a
  grabbed enemy in that direction
- Press Circle right next to a wall to smash the enemy's head into it
- Press X for a knee to the stomach
- Press Square to punch them in the face or stomach
- Press Square + X to perform a strong grab attack

Running attacks (all while running)
- Press X or Square to attack while running
- Hold L2 to sprint and then Square or X to perform a flying lunge or headbutt,

Team attacks (while a friendly character holds an enemy)
- Press Circle or X to attack an opponent that is being held by a member of
  your gang

- Press R1 to reverse a grab and take control
- Press Square or X quickly to counterattack a grab

- Square, Square, Square
- Square, Square, X
- Square, Square
- Square, X
- X, X
- X, Square
- While grabbing an opponent press X + Square, then follow it with two or
  three X attacks. These are the strongest combos.

Stealth kills
- Lock on to an enemy and approach from behind if they haven't noticed you.
  When you get within range you can press Square or X to grab and kill them
  without alerting others.

Uncuffing and cuffing
- Uncuff a fellow Warrior by quickly alternating L1 and R1, or simply use a
  key if available
- If you have a pair of cuffs from a cop you can also tackle grab opponents
  and press R1 to cuff them.

- Press Triangle after breaking display cases to steal items
- Press Triangle after breaking a car window to steal a radio. Rotate the
  left stick counter-clockwise to unscrew

- Grab an enemy and press Triangle to mug. Move the left stick to find the
  vibration spot and searching for vibration spots until the top meter is
  full. If the bottom meter fills the character will break away.

Resisting arrest
- Rotate the left stick after being tackled by a cop and look for the spots
  that do not vibrate. Keep the left stick pointed at the non-vibration
  spots until the top meter fills. If the bottom meter fills you will be

- Many, many objects are strewn about the chapters as weapons. Press Triangle
  to pick them up.
- Square is a light attack and X is a heavy attack
- Hold L1 to aim projectiles and X to launch them
- Press Square + X to throw melee weapons
- With a projectile in hand, lock on and approach an enemy. Press X when close
  to an enemy to smash the projectile over his or her head.

Warchief commands (hold R2 and choose with right stick)
- Wreck 'Em All: This will send your Warriors to attack the nearest enemies
- Let's Go: All Warriors will follow you
- Watch My Back: They will defend you and remain near you at all times
- Mayhem: Warriors will smash and steal anything in sight
- Hold Up: This will keep the Warriors standing where they are
- Scatter: This sends your Warriors off in different directions to look for a
  dark hiding spot

                                   2.5  Items

    Item            |  Purpose of item
    Money           |  Used to buy flash, spray cans, and given to hobos
    Flash           |  Used to heal yourself and friendly characters. This is
                       purchased from dealers on the street.
    Spray cans      |  Used to tag over other gangs' burners. This is purchased
                       from dudes on the street.
    Cuff keys       |  Taken from cops, these are for uncuffing other Warriors
    Hats            |  Hats that are dropped on the ground can be picked up
                       and worn. Pretty snazzy.
    Boombox         |  If you find a working boombox you can pick it up and
                       pres R1 to change the stations.

                              2.6  Warrior Stats

Estimates based on the bars that are used to show these stats. And for you
uncool cats out there:

Heavy = Real Good
Solid = Average
Lame = Lame

Strength = 45%
Stamina = 60%
Health = 90%
Rage = 87%

Heavy mugging and resisting arrest
Solid tagging and lock picking
Lame stealing and cuffing

Strength = 40%
Stamina = 67%
Health = 70%
Rage = 62%

Heavy resisting arrest and mugging
Solid stealing
Lame uncuffing, tagging, and lock picking

Strength = 15%
Stamina = 53%
Health = 35%
Rage = 50%

Heavy tagging, uncuffing, and lock picking
Solid stealing
Lame resisting arrest and mugging

Strength = 30%
Stamina = 50%
Health = 55%
Rage = 55%

Heavy stealing
Solid resisting arrest and mugging
Lame uncuffing, tagging, and lock picking

Strength = 30%
Stamina = 47%
Health = 60%
Rage = 80%

Heavy mugging, resisting arrest, and stealing
Solid uncuffing and lock picking
Lame tagging

Strength = 55%
Stamina = 80%
Health = 89%
Rage = 100%

Heavy mugging and resisting arrest
Lame uncuffing, tagging, lock picking, and stealing

Strength = 40%
Stamina = 50%
Health = 50%
Rage = 80%

Heavy mugging
Solid resisting arrest, lock picking, uncuffing, and stealing
Lame tagging

Strength = 15%
Stamina = 53%
Health = 38%
Rage = 85%

Heavy uncuffing and lock picking
Solid tagging and stealing
Lame resisting arrest and mugging

Strength = 18%
Stamina = 53%
Health = 42%
Rage = 100%

Heavy uncuffing and lock picking
Solid tagging and stealing
Lame resisting arrest and mugging

                               2.7  The Hangout

Game Stats
The TV in the corner shows your stats for every chapter of the game.

Flashback Chapters
The Flashback chapters are unlocked as you play through the story mode. These
chapters show how the core Warrior members joined the gang.

Replay Levels
View a map of NYC and replay the chapters you've completed.

Rumble Mode
Here you can set up various quick brawls and games in single player or with
another player. The Rumble Mode features are unlocked by completing bonus
objectives and surpassing the high scores in the chapters.

Armies of the Night arcade
This game is unlocked when all story and flashback chapters have been
completed on the Hardcore Soldier difficulty.

Exercise Bonus Objectives
The exercises on the ground floor can be played as bonus objectives to increase
player stats. Every exercise must be completed up to level 10 to get the

Coney Turf
The Coney turf can be accessed by leaving the hangout. Outside you can complete
various bonus objectives for bonus rewards.


===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================

NOTES: I do not point out the bonus objectives in the walkthrough. All that
stuff can be found in the Bonus Objectives or Secrets sections. Also, this
walkthrough is based on the Hardcore Soldier difficulty to make sure I get the
best strategies, but everything still applies to the easier difficulties.

                                3.1  New Blood

3 months before the meeting

Section 1A
Here we have the obligatory tutorial session. Prompts will appear on the
screen instructing you to execute certain commands. It begins with simple
movement and moves on to more advanced fighting techniques. Watch the text
box and do everything pointed out in the text to move on.

They'll let you loose on the bums after you have gone through all of the basic
lessons. The bums are fairly easy to beat so smash them with strong attacks
(Square + X) or bash them over the head with bats. Of course beating on drunk
hobos is no way to learn how to rumble, so now you'll be taking on a couple of
the Warriors. Grab the bats and use strong bat swings to really cause damage,
and avoid standing in the middle. You'll get a better view of them all from
against the fence. Use strong attacks and bats combined with rage attacks to
show them you can hang.

Section 1B
Now that you've scored the awesome red vest (tight as a drum too!) you'll have
to take Rembrandt out to the Coney turf to learn the ways of the Warrior.
Head out and break the window of the Gift Shop to begin your training in theft.
I like to hold L2 to sprint and press Square to launch at the window, but any
attack will get you in. Once you're inside you may as well break all of the
display cases and steal every item.

Next up is a classic theft item: the car radio. Approach the car and attack
the window to break it, then press Triangle. Rotate the left stick counter-
clockwise to unscrew the four screws and get the cash.

And finally, ya can't be in a New York gang without learning how to mug
someone. Approach the guy at the phone booth and grab him, then press Triangle.
People will obviously resist you, so rotate the left stick and find the spots
that vibrate to apply pressure to the guy. Keep rotating as the vibration
moves until the top meter fills and you take his money.

Get back to Vermin.

Section 1C
Run toward the fence and press Triangle to do a quick climb instead of the
usual slow climb. Hop both fences and then press Triangle again at the dumpster
and ledge to climb up.

Now it's time to bust some daredevil maneuvers. Run towards the window and
jump to crash through it. Hold L2 to sprint towards the next one and perform
a high jump. Follow Vermin through the remainder of the alley and bust down
the wooden fence to reach the dealer.

Now then, flash is your cheaper alternative to conventional medicine. One hit
of flash is $20, but man is it worth it! Buy a hit off the dealer and press
D-pad right to use it. On that light-headed note you finish the first chapter.

                              3.2  Real Live Bunch

90 days before the meeting

Section 2A
Those damn Destroyers... watch the cutscene and then issue the warchief command
by holding R2 and selecting Let's Go. Rembrandt and Vermin will now follow you.
Follow the alley to the first red marker on the radar.

Section 2B
Hey, my man Ajax. You'll get to know this guy and his guns really well, but for
now he'll just follow you along with the other two guys. Continue down the
alley and pick up any melee weapons you find, such as a wooden board. Get to
the next red marker and watch the cutscene.

Pigs will be pigs, ey? Head around the building and climb the fence, then turn
right on the street to find Cowboy and Snow. Press Triangle next to each of
them to initiate the uncuffing sequence where you alternate L1 and R1 to break
the cuffs. Free them both to activate the next red marker.

Section 2C
Head into the next alley and follow it to the right. The path only goes one way
so follow it and mess with the hobos if you need a chuckle before getting to
the next red marker.

It seems this Fox guy can't handle a couple of cops, so it's up to Cleon to
handle it. Tell the guys to Hold Up then run up the stairs to the yellow marker.
Tossing projectiles is easy stuff. Just hold L1 to aim and then press X when
the aiming line turns red. Toss the bottle to distract the cops and give Fox
a way out. That's one more off the list... now we're up to Swan and Cochise.

Set your guys to Mayhem and watch them trash everything in sight. While they
do that you head over to the store and pick the lock. In order to successfully
get it open you have to press X when each of the three locks is in the red
zone. Once the store is open you have free reign to trash and steal everything.
Make sure to grab the flash bottles in the cabinet as well. Once you're done
just pick the next lock and move on.

Section 2D
Run through the alley to the next marker to find Swan and Cochise. After all
that running it's about time we get a straight rumble with a rival gang. Hold
L2 to run at them and press Square to fly at them, then let the rumbling
begin! If you get overwhelmed use the warchief commands to get them to Watch
your Back. These guys aren't that tough and the fight will be over quicker
than a Destroyer runnin' home to mommy.

But as you'll find out, it ain't over yet...

                                 3.3  Payback

Later that night

Section 3A
Now it's Rembrandt's time to shine. Run forward and climb up onto the roof to
reach the piece on the wall. Press Triangle and then use the left stick to
trace the yellow W that appears on the left. It's not tough and you'll even
have extra cans if you mess up. Once you finish proceed to the red marker.

Section 3B
Command your soldiers to Wreck 'Em All and run across the street to the guy
standing in front of a shop. Talk to him to buy three more cans of spray paint
for the burners ahead. The Warriors should've finished off the two guys by
now, so return to the burner on the fence. Tag the big W on this one to cross
another one off the list.

Run to the end of the street to find a burner on a wall in the parking lot and
another one on a fence at the end. Tag over any one of those two burners to
move on to the next objective, or if you want some extra cash you can break
into the Drug Store at the end of the street, steal some radios, or mug
people. Head for the red marker when ready.

Section 3C
This time it's three Destroyer burners, but first I suggest you and your boys
take care of the Destroyers hanging around in the alleys. Command them to
Wreck 'Em All and bust some heads yourself to get rid of the nuisances. Now
you need to tag over three burners, and all of them are conveniently shown
on the radar. Two are in the main alley where you enter and one more can be
found when you get to the end of the alley, turn left, and look up. Get to
the red marker when ready.

Section 3D
Beat up the few Destroyers hanging around and proceed straight to the Wine
and Liquor store. Run around to the back and climb up the stairs to find the
first one. Right below that there's a little party going on and you get to
crash. Jump down from the roof and beat down all of the Destroyers, then
tag the burner on the wall of the shack. The third closest one is in the dark
alley on the right side of that little courtyard. Run through that alley and
look for some stairs on the left. Climb up and run into the dark behind the
small wooden shack to find a third burner. Remember that if you run out of
paint you can buy some from the dude next to the Wine and Liquor store.

Gather up the war party (buy flash to heal them if you need to) and head for
the red marker.

Section 3E
Now we enter stealth mode. Walk into the dark area and the Warriors will
crouch down slightly. This signifies that they are hiding, and if they aren't
being chased they will remain practically invisible to all enemies. Lock on
to the guy and press Square or X to stealth kill him. Continue down the alley
to find one of the patrol guys blowing chunks. Lock on and perform a stealth
kill just like last time.

At the next yellow marker you'll have to distract a scout. Grab a bottle and
hold L1 to aim at the yellow marker. The noise from the bottle will distract
the scout and give you space to run through to the next dark spot where you
can kill him when he returns.

Only one scout to go. Grab a bottle and toss it far to the left side, then run
into the shadows straight ahead. Wait for the guy to return and take him out.
Now just run straight up the stairs and get to the yellow marker. Grab spray
paint from the box on the ground and then start your piece. This one's going
to be more elaborate than the past ones, but still just a matter of tracing
the shape that is displayed. Get through all three layers to finish the burner
then proceed to the red marker to finish the chapter.

                                 3.4  Blackout

72 days before the meeting

Section 4A
Run down the tunnel and make a right into the subway exit. Get to the yellow
marker and continue on to get to the street. It's a good ol' fashioned blackout
and that means you're free to trash everything and make some money on the side.
Set your Warriors to Mayhem and head into the jewelry store to begin the crime
spree. Destroy everything and collect as many valuables as possible.

Run to the end of the street and destroy the car to get some destruction, then
steal everything in the Music store. The next goal is to get through the alley
at the end of the block, but first stay on the first street to cause more
destruction and mug some people. Once you're good and full you can move along.

Get through the alley and make a right turn to continue through to the next

Section 4B
Here you have plenty of nice, fresh radios to jack, so get to work! Remember
to also go through the stores and steal everything and destroy every car for
major damage. You should finish the destruction and money objectives on this

Get through everything here until you're at the end of the block and at the
next alley. Run in and take a right at the intersection to find a garage and
a nice shiny radio. Run back in the other direction and get to the red marker
to continue.

Section 4C
Get to the end of the alley and prepare for some heavy beat-downs. The cops
here can be annoying so if you want to avoid having to save Snow and the other
Warrior it's best to use the warchief command called Scatter. They will go and
hide while you do your thing, however they might not be able to help you. It's
your choice.

Run out and break open the cop car window and steal that radio to complete
the objective.

Section 4D
With that done it's time to turn tail and head back to Coney before the cops
get serious. Run back to the alley and head for the yellow marker, then run
down the stairs to the red marker.

Section 4E
The Baseball Furies are no joke, so avoid them and run straight to the next
red marker to end the chapter.

                              3.5  Real Heavy Rep

63 days before the meeting

Section 5A
Those punk ass orphans have been talkin' big, so what they need is a Warrior
ass kicking. Head down the stairs onto the street below. The first group will
actually run away when they spot you so run after them and set your Warriors to
Wreck 'Em All. After they've all been eliminated you can steal a few radios
and raid a store to get some loot.

Head to the yellow marker to continue into the alley. Head up the stairs and
to the red marker to find the next group of Orphan chumps. They're no tougher
than the last bunch so handle them and move on to the red marker at the

Section 5B
Chase down the afro puff and he'll lead you to the next big street. Beat up
the guys in that little courtyard where he stops and then waste any remaining
Orphans on the street before chasing after Jesse again. Once you catch him
press Triangle to interrogate, which is much like mugging. He'll sing soon
enough and give you the next red marker on the radar. Head over there.

Section 5C
Kick some more Orphan ass and then proceed through the alley into a large
courtyard where the Orphans are having a little party. Get to the red marker
to join in on the fun.

Yes, more Orphan demolition. Beat them all up and make sure your Warriors are
on Wreck 'Em All to avoid taking the brunt of the action. You can also break
down some fences to find other weapons, a spray can, and a bottle of flash.

Section 5D
All that's left is Sully, the Orphans' leader. Return to the alley and run to
the top of the hill to find a car lot near a Champion sign. Get to the red
marker to enter.

Here you'll be ambushed by more Orphans, but the objective is to trash Sully's
car. Beat up the main group of guys then set your Warriors to Mayhem to trash
the car and complete the chapter.

                              3.6  Writer's Block

53 days before the meeting

Section 6A
Exit the subway and head to the red marker to meet up with the other writers.

Section 6B
So you need to put up a huge burner and the spray cans appear one at a time.
You better get to running! It's best to remain out near the van until you see
a can appear on the radar. If you're close enough to get the can first then
by all means rush for it, but if you see others go for it before you then
don't bother. You'll also want to set the Warriors to Watch My Back to keep
the other gangs away while you tag on the wall. Needless to say you also want
to avoid wasting paint by going off the lines.

Section 6C
B-B-B-B-break them in half? Eh, you know artists...

It's time for a clown beat-down, but first you need to activate the freight
elevator at the yellow marker. Press Triangle to do that and then guard
against attacks until the elevator arrives. Get inside to move up to the roof.

Now you get to waste that fat load. Approach the edge of the roof and grab
one of the projectiles on the ground. Aim out towards Chatterbox, but instead
of hitting him you need to aim for the hook that attaches the rope to the
platform over Chatterbox's head. Hit that rope a few times to knock it down
and take out the Hi-Hats' leader.

Section 6D
The clowns are out for blood! Hold L2 to sprint and start following the given
path. Keep your finger near Triangle because you'll come across some fences and
gaps to jump over as you run away from the gang.

Section 6E
Trash 'n bash, baby! Grab the paint cans on the floor and toss them at the
various works of "art" around the studio to fill the meter. You can also tag
them up or simply smash them to complete the objective before the timer runs
out. Once that's over you'll be done with the chapter.

                               3.7  Adios Amigo

48 days before the meeting

Section 7A
Run to the other end of the street to meet the gang from this part of town:
the Hurricanes. Kick their asses to complete this first part and then head into
the alley on the right.

Follow the path around the empty area and through the alley to get to the next
street. Make your way down the street and trash any Hurricanes that get in the
way. They only come in small groups which should be easy to handle by now. Keep
bashing them and, if you need it, there's a flash dealer at the end of the
street in an alley on the left side. Proceed to the next alley to find the
red marker in front of a door.

Section 7B	
Another pack of Hurricanes, but these are packin' weapons and the area's
smaller than the street outside. Set the Warriors to Watch My Back and proceed
to introduce their faces to your fists. Stay close to a wall to grab and smash
their head into it for extra damage.

Section 7C
Little bastard thinks he can run, ey? Hold L2 and sprint after him so he
doesn't get away. Keep following until he gets to a courtyard and some backup.
There's a flash bottle behind the container if you need it, but they're the
usual bunch of chumps. Grab any weapon you can to beat these guys up to move

Keep following Sanchez (there's another flash bottle on the roof before you
reach him in the next courtyard) until he enters a building on the third street.
Get in there and keep following through the next few buildings until you get to
yet another bunch of Hurricane dudes. Beat 'em up and climb to the top to keep
following Sanchez. Chase him through the alley until you get to the next

Section 7D

The big shirtless dude is up first. It's actually easier than expected to
beat this guy. Simply set your guys to Wreck 'Em All and the Warriors will
toss bottles at him until the first phase ends. Make sure to run away the
entire time.

When Vargas appears you'll be avoiding objects from above while still running
away from Diego. Just keep running and get a couple of hits when he gets
stunned and you should get through no problem. You can also press X to headbutt
while you're running.

The third phase of the battle will be both Diego and Vargas on the ground while
Hurricanes toss stuff from above. Keep running around and use your X headbutt
to attack both of them while avoiding them. Once you kill both big dudes the
chapter will end.

                                  3.8  Encore

38 days before the meeting

Section 8A
He's b-b-b-back! Chatterbox and his colorful little buddies want you to suffer
for their art, but these artsy fartsy jackasses don't know who their messin'
with. Start by backing into a safe corner and set the Warriors to Watch My
Back. Fend off the main group in the middle and then move on to one of the
small groups tossing bottles from the side. You'll need to break through the
boxes to get to them, but once you have them cornered just use strong attacks
to beat them down. Take care of the other small group and gather any flash
bottles before moving on to the next section.

Section 8B
Hop over the rails to enter a small village area. Run through the huts to avoid
the Hi-Hats in here, then take them out one by one. Make sure to keep the
Warriors on Watch My Back while you handle them. Move on to the front of the
line and push the red button to open the door for the roller coaster. Enter
the door to get to the yellow marker.

Section 8C
Dude, you better start runnin'! Nothing says adventure like running from a
mining cart in a dark cave. Just tap X quickly to outrun the cart and get to
the next section.

Section 8D
More Hi-Hats and their sweet hats. Run into a corner and use strong attacks
to fight off more than one at a time. Your Warriors should naturally be on
Watch My Back mode, though if you keep up the strong attacks and smash their
heads into the wall you should be okay. Stay away from those gusts of gas to
avoid being momentarily blinded, and do not stay on the track because one
hit from those mining carts and you're dead.

Head into the red marker to continue.

Section 8E
Chatterbox is the target but he won't come down until you've whacked him with
projectiles for a while. First take care of his Hi-Hats to clear the floor,
and lure them onto the track to hit them with the mining carts. Once they're
gone you're free to start hitting Chatterbox with whatever weapons you can
find. Set your Warriors to Wreck 'Em All to get their assistance.

Once he jumps down Chatterbox is at the mercy of both you and the mining carts,
but he's pretty good at dodging the carts. Run around and use the headbutt with
X to continue hitting him and running away, all the while staying near the
track. Continue attacking and you'll either wear him down to nothing or get
him knocked out by the carts. Either way it's not a tough fight.

                             3.9  Payin' The Cost

21 days before the meeting

Section 9A
Grab the sledge hammer by the door and head out to the street. You'll now have
to go around to the other three stores and demand protection money from the
owners to handle the invading Destroyers. Go to the three yellow markers to
take care of this then return to Swan at the red marker.

Section 9B
Run to the end of the street to find Voodoo Motors under attack. There will
only be a couple of guys to deal with here, and once they're gone the next
yellow marker will appear on the radar.

The Little Buddha is next on the Destroyers' hit list. Head over and make sure
to kill every Destroyer there before moving on to the Meat Market. Head over
there and do the same thing as before, all while avoiding damage to the store.

Section 9C
The next stop will be the Little Buddha again, this time with twice as many
Destroyers. Trash them all to get a yellow marker at the Plumbing Store, but
do not leave the Little Buddha until you see the meter disappear from the list
on the right. Get to the Plumbing Store and much like before wreck them all
before running to back to the Meat Market. I know both the Voodoo Motors and
Market are under attack but it's best to take care of the Market first.

After handling the Meat Market head over to the large group at the Voodoo
Motors and use any weapons you can to take them out. Get to the red marker
on the street to regroup with the other Warriors.

Section 9D
That sumbitch Virgil managed to pull together nifty little trap. Grab the
sledge hammer on the ground and set Swan to Wreck 'Em All to keep him attacking
guys up on the roof.

Now get to the lock and start whacking! Use the X attack to come down on the
lock and try to keep the hits comin' by timing your strikes. When the lock
meter gets about halfway down the angle will change and they'll start tossing
down more molotovs than before. If you need health for yourself or Swan there
is a flash bottle on a car to the right and one in the small area on the far
right. Keep hitting the lock while Swan is on Wreck 'Em All to break it and
end the chapter.

                                3.10  Destroyed

Later that night

Section 10A
Run down the alley and make a right into an empty lot with a Destroyer tagging
on the wall. Beat him down and tag over the burner to get some bonus points
if you want them, then run out to the main street. Head left to find the first
store wide open. Head inside and steal all that you can before the Destroyers
show up, then head outside to give yourself some space for a good beating.
Take down any nearby nuisances and then move on to the next store.

Trash this store and beat down the next set of Destroyers to finish up here
and move on to the red marker.

Section 10B
Run forward and start beating up the pimp and his two hos. The hos are no big
deal but Filmore can take a beating before going down. Wreck all three of them
and then trash the car to find a flash bottle in the trunk.

Run along to the next yellow marker at the end of the alleys and run over the
dudes hanging around a table. Once they're all dead you'll need to trash their
merchandise in the open door nearby.

Next up is a gambling hall. Grab a weapon and climb onto the storage container
across from the gambling hall to find a flash bottle. Now you're ready to
match in and bash some skulls! Stay near a wall and grab them to smash them
against walls for maximum damage, and if your Warriors get taken down try to
heal them. The objective can be difficult without backup.

Once you finish up head to the red marker.

Section 10C
Now that the Destroyers' business is dead it's time to go after the top dudes.
Start by running to the yellow marker on the left and surprise attack the guys
next to the wrecked car. Next heads to the stairs nearby that lead onto the
roof of the buildings. Get up there and run across the next roof where
a lieutenant and his guys are beating up a Warrior. Get over there and kill
that guy to continue.

The next lieutenant is on the ground below, where the Destroyers were selling
stolen merchandise earlier. Get down there and kill him to have only one
target let on the radar. Head to the empty lot and kill him to complete the
set and finish the objective. Run to the red marker to move on to the hideout.

Section 10D
Run through the alley and start smashing your way through the masses. Stay
on the bottom and take care of any guys down there then start smashing your
way along the walkways. use wall smashes often and makes sure to smash the
barrier boxes to keep your Warriors moving along. Keep beating them down until
you get to the locked gate at the end. Pick the lock and break down the door
at the end.

Virgil's punk ass left the hangout but that doesn't mean you can't trash the
place before moving on. Find a nice safe corner and Wreck all of the Destroyers
to continue.

Section 10E
Here you have to tail the junkie to find out where Virgil's hiding. Jump over
the gate at the end of the walkway and follow him until you see a dark area.
Every time you see a dark area it means he's going to stop and look back,
so remember to stop and hide each time. Don't stay in view when he's running
and keep stopping at the dark areas to get to the red marker at the end.

Section 10F
Now it's just you two guys against Virgil. You think it'd be easy... but it
ain't. The first part involves Virgil standing off on a platform and throwing
bottles at you (both normal and the molotov variety). Set Vermin to Wreck 'Em
All and start grabbing bottles to toss at Virgil. It's best to aim quickly
and toss because remaining in one spot for too long almost guarantees you'll
get hit. Keep running left and right and making quick throws to whittle away
his health until Virgil moves on to the next part.

Here Virgil will hide in one of the dark spots off to the sides and remain
there until he gets coaxed out, though that might not be what you want. See, 
Virgil takes the cheese way out. Anytime he gets near you, and not even in
front of you just next to you, he'll lock you in place and give you a swift
kick to the nuggets or an uppercut. This gets EXTREMELY annoying and what
you'll realize is that it is best to stay away. To attack Virgil pick up
bottles from the ground and lock on to him. Carefully step around and make sure
you're in front of him then press Square or X to launch the bottles. This will
bash the bottle over his head. Keep it up to move on to the final phase of the

This will be somewhat like the last part minus the kicks to the balls and he
has nowhere to hide. Lock on to Virgil and start picking up bottles from the
ground. Here you can get close and press Square or X to perform a strong slow
motion bottle smash over Virgil's head. You can then use the broken bottle to
stab him while he's on the ground. Keep walking around and smashing him with
bottles while carefully avoiding the falling fire, but if you can get Virgil
to cross through some fire it'll help you out. If you run out of bottles try
running and pressing X to headbutt him.

That'll do it! With the Destroyers and their leader all dead the Warriors will
control all of Coney.

                              3.11  Boys In Blue

12 days before the meeting

Section 11A
The cops have the station locked down, but perhaps they'll open up if some dude
gets sliced down on the train track. Approach the Turnbulls and start tossing
them onto the track below to get them in the way of the train. You may have to
go down there and fight them in order to actually keep them on the track, but
make sure to run out of the way when you see the train coming.

Section 11B
Quickly run up the stairs and past the cops to get to the street. Run away from
any cops that have seen you and head to the alley on the left that runs behind
some brick buildings. Hide in the first garage of the brick building to avoid
any nearby cops, then run to the red marker. If you lost any of the Warriors or
one of them got injured you'll need to mug a few people and steal some radios
to get cash and then buy some flash from the guy near the red marker. Once
you're ready walk to the door.

Section 11C
If you don't have $75 you'll need to mug some people and steal radios to get
enough cash. The alley on the opposite side of the street has a lot of people
packin' cash, so head over there. Once you have the money give it to the guy
at the door to get the information you need.

The boltcutters are at the back lot of a store in the other alley, so head
across the street and avoid the cops. Grab the boltcutters from the box then
sprint back to the first alley. Run down the stairs or take the shortcut
through the fence in the alley to get back to the subway station. Get to the
red marker to continue.

Section 11D
Run straight and make a right to get through this drainage ditch. One of the
bums will offer his and his friends' services in exchange for a few bucks,
so if you have some extra I say go for it. Give each of them some money to
get the little crew on it's way.

Get to the yellow marker to find some ACs in a lumber yard. Get all the bums
onto the lumber and then set them to Wreck 'Em All to start the fight. There's
only a few guys so it shouldn't be too difficult. It's okay if some of the
bums die as they're not all that important.

Break down the next door and get to the next ditch. Ignore the hobos and grab
the flash bottle under the sheet metal shack, then climb onto the dumpster to
get to the other side of the ditch. Continue towards the marker to find the
next bunch of Turnbulls.

Enter the building ahead and go up the stairs. Before you break through the
windows you should turn right into a long hallway with flash bottle at the
end. Bust open a window to get to the red marker.

Section 11E
Bust 'em wide open! Grab a nice piece of wall and stay close to it so you can
bash their heads into it. If you get overwhelmed switch your guys from
Wreck 'Em All to Cover My Back. In the end it's the same ol' kind of brawl
you've seen before, so wreck 'em all and move along.

Once you return outside head towards the red marker and bust down the fence
to get through. Run through the alley and up a flight of stairs to reach the
red marker in a construction area.

Section 11F
So what you have here is one wheelchair-bound guy with a gun, you on one
platform, and the remaining Warriors on another platform. Set them to Wreck
'Em All immediately and grab a bottle until Birdie turns around to open himself
up to your attacks. Toss bottles at him and continue doing so until he goes
back to his hiding spot, though he'll probably come back out into the open
after the other Warriors hit him enough times. Keep hitting him with bricks
and using the wood panels and boxes below as cover to avoid his bullets. Once
he gets pushed to the edge of the ground toss one more projectile to finish
him off and complete the chapter.

                                 3.12  Set Up

9 days before the meeting

Section 12A
Okay, so now they crank up the difficulty. In this chapter you'll be juggling
several objectives at once as you make your way from one end of the turf to
the other. Start by running out into the street in front of you and into the
alley at the end. This alley is the edge of the map, just so you keep that in

In one corner of this alley you'll have a JSB (Jones Street Boys) scout
standing by a car with a sweet radio. You need to collect five radios in the
chapter, so slowly approach the scout but do not get close enough for him to
spot you. On one side of the alley you should see some stairs leading up to a
roof. Climb up there and wait for the scout to be near the car, then jump down
into the dark spot below. Wait in the dark spot until the JSB scout walks by.
Lock on and walk up behind him to attack in stealth mode, which allows you
to sneak up on someone and press Square or X to kill them quietly. Once he's
dead you're free to steal the radio and kill or flee from the guy that comes
out of the house. There is also an open garage on the side of the alley with
the yards that has a flash bottle inside, if you need it.

Okay, one alley down. Next up are all of the things to do on the first street.
Get onto the street to find two stores that can be broken into and one car with
a radio that's ripe for the pluckin'. Let me tell you that with these stores
you do not want to waste any time. The cops will come out in full force the
second you break down a window, and if any citizens see you they'll run to a
phone to call the cops (though you can silence them). Set Cochise to Mayhem
and rush in quickly to take as much as you can. If the cops get inside and you
missed a few items it's cool to take off and hide. Wait for the heat to die
down then return to the street and loot the other store to take care of both
of the stores on the street. Steal the one radio to complete everything on
this street and then move ahead into the next alley.

On the far right side you'll find a couple of scouts, which can actually be
killed pretty easily. Just wait for them to walk away and find a dark spot
next to their route. When they return lock on and use the stealth attack to
discreetly take them out. Now, on the left side of this alley you'll see a
small lot. Steal the car radio from car in the lot and proceed to the stairs
on the left to find a street. 

On this street there's a scout and a JSB stealing a car. Grab a bottle or brick
and toss it to the right side of the street to distract the scout. Run to the
stairs where he was standing and hide in the dark spot next to that. Wait for
the scout to return and then stealth kill him to clear the area. Run out into
the street and beat up the guy trying to steal the car, then take that radio.

Head up the nearest stairs and make a right to see some stairs that lead to a
roof. Climb up there and make another right to get a good view of the second
alley. There's a guy fixing his car on the left and a scout below. To avoid
trouble I'd suggest you first wait for the scout to turn around and jump down
to beat him up, but don't let up or he'll get a chance to call for help. Once
he's dead return to the roof and hop over a small gap to the next roof with
a burner on it. Break through the windows and follow the hall to find a spray

Go back to the spot where the guy was fixing his car and beat him up, then take
the radio to complete that objective. Head up the stairs and proceed to the
end of the path ahead to get to the third street.

Section 12B
This street has three stores that you can break into. The two jewelry stores
are the usual front door affair, but the other store has a rear entrance. Start
with the Jewelry gigs to get the more difficult stores out of the way then go
to the back alley. Pick the lock at the back of the store to get in and easily
swipe all of the stuff before the cops can get to you.

So you've now gathered all of the stuff you need to set up the cops. Head to
the yellow marker to return to the first street and plant the evidence.

Section 12C
All that's left now is the Jones Street Boys' hangout. Get through the alley
again and go to the spot where the spray can dealer is located. Run up the
stairs to reach the red marker.

Sprint and jump across the gap to land on the empty terrace. The time is short,
so quickly run in and plant evidence at each of the yellow markers inside the
room before the guy on the floor spots you. Once the loot is planted jump out
of the terrace and run for the red marker on the radar to end the chapter.

                                3.13  All-City

2 days before the meeting

Section 13A
Walk towards the boarded up and exit and get your fill of spray cans from the
boxes on the ground, then smash through to the tunnel ahead. Run to the red
marker at the end to find the first train that'll be adorned with a Warriors
burner. Hop down and tag the three necessary layers to complete the first one.
Turn around and jump back up to the ramp, then hop on the higher ledge next to
the track. Follow this ledge to get to an enclosed area with a spray can and
flash bottle between some shelves.

Run back and start following the path that is laid out between the trains.
When you get to the fence you'll be attacked by some Moonrunners, and with only
two people on your side it won't be such an easy fight. Get next to a train and
smash their heads to take as much damage as possible, and the good ol' rage
mode will never let you down. Also set Snow to Watch My Back to help fight off
the guys if they start to crowd you. Once the four dudes get wrecked collect
their stuff and proceed through the path. Run past the crane to get to an open
train and run through it to the other side.

So now you'll have both the Moonrunners AND the traffic cops on your ass. Step
out of the train and wait for the cops near the tunnel on your left to run off
radar, then get to the large radio building ahead. Pick the lock to bust in
and enter a small room with three cuff keys on the right and a yellow marker
ahead. Grab the keys and get to the next room where a sleeping cop waits
silently for a royal beatdown. Pick up a weapon and wreck the guy before he
even gets a chance to react. With him out of the way you're free to destroy
the radio.

Section 13B
Head out of the building and turn right to find the stairs. Now you may be
tempted to fight the guys that appear from everywhere, but don't! They'll
just keep on comin' so the best thing to do is enter the next door and run
past the walkway in the radio building. Run down the next set of stairs and
follow the left wall to find a rickety wooden fence and a dark area behind it.
Hide there and wait for any nearby Moonrunners and cops to disperse.

One good way to get rid of enemies is to let a few of them catch on to you,
then run out and find some cops/Moonrunners. The two groups will stay and
fight each other until one or the other is dead, leaving you with less
enemies and all of the spray cans and flash bottles you'll ever need. Also,
if you get overwhelmed don't hesitate to run away and hide, preferably from
high ground. If other Warriors get arrested just leave them be until the
area clears and you can return to uncuff them.

Okay, so you have four trains to tag in this area. Starting from the radio
building, the first one is inside a shack next to the building. Make a right
from the stairs to easily find it. Now if you see that there are scouts near
the train you may have to distract them. Find a bottle or brick (there are
a bunch on the walkway above the trains) and toss it far from the shack to get
their attention elsewhere. Once the area is clear run into the shack and
tag the train. There are some spray cans inside if you need them.

Now get to the left side of the trains (next to the wall/edge of the map) and
climb onto the walkway that goes over the trains. Follow it until you see the
next yellow marker on your right. Grab bricks from the walkway and use them
to distract any nearby scouts out of the area, then hop down and start
spraying until you finish the second piece. Spray the burner on the side that
isn't facing the scouts just to be safe.

Two more to go! Get to edge of the map nearest to that second train and follow
it to get to the next yellow markers. There will undoubtedly be some
Moonrunners on patrol, so keep a bottle or brick handy to clear them out.
Once they leave run to the platform area and tag up the train next to that
platform and brick building.

The fourth burner is on a train near the middle of the yard. Run to the end
of that train platform and run up the stairs on the left. Get onto the first
train on the left and follow that path to get to the roof of a large building.
You'll see the yellow marker right next to that, but first use some bottles to
get rid of scouts. Jump down and tag it up to complete the set. Jump onto the
boxes then run along the trains to get back to that roof and meet up with Fox.

Section 13C
Well, it's all hit the fan now. The cops are out in full force and they'll be
on you from the moment you start, so run down towards the large building and
find a dark area to hide in. Wait for all cops to clear out or at least give
you a chance to run then get into the building to snuff out the one burner on
the train inside.

The second burner is in the caged area that was opened by Fox. Exit the
building you're in and go through the open gate that leads to the caged corner
of the yard. Much like before you'd best distract the cops and Moonrunners
away from the burner before you start it up. Once you get that second tag
you'll be done with the trains.

Now it's time to head back to the tunnel where you started, but you can't go
back until you make sure that both Fox and Snow are alive and not arrested.
If you run around I'm sure you'll find flash bottles from fights between the
cops and Moonrunners, and simply wait for the scouts to clear out before you
go in to uncuff. Take yourself and the fellas back to the roof where you met
Fox, then jump down onto the white train next to that roof. Follow this line
of trains and jump over all the gaps to get to the roof at the end. Jump onto
that roof to take a shortcut back to the tunnel and end the chapter.

                             3.14  Desperate Dudes

Section 14A
Remain in the dark area until the ACs' bus passes by, then head out into the
alley. Mug the bums huddled around the fire to get their cash before heading
further into the alley. There will be another hobo to mug just before you get
to a high fence and some stairs.

Run up the stairs and run along the walkway until the opening at the end. Hop
down and run to the red marker to end this section.

Section 14B
Sprint ahead and fly into the group to break them up, then set your Warriors
to Watch My Back. Like any other fight where you're surrounded it's easiest to
smash their heads into the wall and use the rage attacks for quick kills.
Focus on the big guy with the machete first then finish off the rest of them.
Before leaving this area, smash all the crates to find a flash bottle and a
spray can.

Section 14C
Lock on to that guy next to you and stealth kill him to get out of there
safely. Follow the wall on the right and get behind that large building that
has the foundation exposed to find a flash bottle in a dark area. Head towards
the orange spot on the radar but remain behind the bungalow. When you see the
nearest orange dot walking away quickly jump onto the roof of the bungalow and
jump down into the dark area next to the crane. Wait there for the guy to
return and stealth kill him. It might be easier command your guys to Hold Up
while you move ahead to clear out the remaining scouts.

Now there are two scouts on the right and one further to the left. Hide next
to the dumpsters and use a bottle to lure the nearest scout to you, then sneak
up on him and kill him quietly. Do the same for the other scout on the right.

Run to the left side of the bungalow down a small hill. Hide in the dark area
in the ditch and lure the scout to you and do what you do so well. You can now
call the Warriors back to you and lead them to the next large crane ahead.
Tell them to Hold Up in the small dark area next to the crane then return to
the wrecked building near the last scout you killed.

Now there's one lone scout on the left and three standing in the middle of the
path talking. The lone one on the left will stand in a doorway and turn his
back, making it easy to take him down.

Now there's the three dudes in the middle. Pick a dark area near them and use
a bottle or brick to lure them far off in the opposite direction. Once they
clear the path you're free to run through the hop over the fence.

Jump into the final spot near the red marker and hide to the left. Lure the
last guy and stealth kill him to clear the path and move on to the lock on the

Enter the next area and walk through to the end of the train cars to find a
flash dealer. Pay for some flash then kill him and get your money back. Take
his knife if you like. If you feel you really need extra cash you can also
mug the workers hanging around near the trains.

Proceed to the building and hide in the shadows. There will be three ACs up
ahead and I recommend luring them and killing one before moving on to brawl
with the other two. Once they're all dead get to the yellow marker and push
the button. Run to the red marker to get out of this area.

Section 14D
Hop down from the hole in the fence buy some flash from the guy in the corner
if you need it. Hide in the nearby shadows and use a bottle to lure and kill
the first AC. Run out to the next shadows and lure the next guy for another
quick stealth kill.

Hop the fence and turn right to find a cargo box. Jump over it and get into the
gap to wait for the scout pacing around in the path, then do him in. Jump back
onto the cargo crate and turn toward the crates across the gap. Jump over and
follow that path to get to another shadowy corridor where another scout will
meet his untimely demise.

Now head to the single orange dot on the radar. There will be a group of guys
talking in the fenced area but they won't do anything if you run by quietly.
Get to the shadows on the right and use a bottle or brick to lure that single
dude and do the usual. Now you're free to run along the main drag and get to
the stairs at the end. Climb up there to find the yellow marker and the ACs'
hangout. If you really need the flash bottle that's in there or simply feel
like fighting, break in and have at it. Otherwise get to the yellow marker.

Head out across the roof and down the stairs to find Vermin surrounded by ACs.
Start with the machete guy then wreck the rest of them to finish off the
section. Don't bother to revive any Warriors that get wasted as they'll be
back to normal in the next section.

Section 14E
Wait for the bus to pass by then run out through the alley. When you get to
the turn in the path hide in the nearest shadows and wait for the next bus
to drive along. Follow the path and hop the fence then stealth kill the next

Run along past the large crane and hide in the shadows in the corner. Lure yet
another scout and stealth kill him, then continue through the scrap yard. Lure
the next guy and do the usual, then continue on past the trashed bus. Climb
onto the red scrap car then onto the roof of the nearest building to get a good
view of the remainder of the scrap yard, then hop down into the shadows on the
other side. Wait there and stealth kill the last scout to move freely again.
Get to the yellow marker to get out of here.

Run to the end of the street and easily waste the Turnbulls to rescue the
rest of the crew. Now head up the stairs and through the construction area to
follow the red marker on the radar. The marker will be in an empty yard at the

Section 14F
Hold Down and L2 to sprint down the alley, then keep your eyes on the bottom
of the screen. When you see a fence make sure to press Triangle from a distance
so you hop over quickly and stay ahead of the bus. The boxes will all go down
with one shoulder hit with X, but make sure to hit them while running. Keep on
down the alley until reach the guys below the ledge at the end.

Section 14G
Just tap X quickly to get to the train platform and end the chapter.

                          3.15  No Permits, No Parley

Section 15A
Run up the street and search to the right of the stairs to pick up a flash
bottle, then move on the red marker in the alley above. Once you enter the lot
you'll have to wreck through a group of Orphans, including Sully the gang
chief, but it's no big deal. You've faced big fights before and the usual head
smashes and power attacks will get the job done.

Move into the red marker to continue.

Section 15B
And now it gets subjective. This part of the chapter involves running around
and freeing six of your wasted or arrested Warriors and guiding them to the
park at the end of the street. The cops will be on permanent alert status
which means one glance from them and you're busted. You'll have to run away
and hide somewhere until they give up the chase. Also try your best to stay
away from the mobs of cops because a group of three or more can trap you and
get you arrested.

Set Snow to Hold Up so he doesn't get into any trouble, then go to the
following locations:

- Cochise is located straight ahead in the street. You'll have to distract the
  cops and move them into an alley before you can successfully uncuff him.
- From the starting point, head left along the roofs and past a spray dealer.
  When you get to the low roof at the end jump down into the alley and Fox
  will appear as wasted.
- From Fox's position, follow the alley to the left and look for a dark
  corner next to the large concrete wall on the left. Rembrandt will be hiding
  in the shadows.
- From Rembrandt's position, stay along the left side through some restrooms.
  If you stay to the left you'll see some stairs that lead up to a small
  courtyard where some other gang dudes are beating on Ajax. Take them out to
  save him.
- Cowboy can be found on the right side of the starting point. Head into the
  alleys on the right and follow the general path to get to a high fence and a
  wasted Cowboy on the other side. You'll have to run around the building and
  probably ditch a few cops before you can get to him.
- Vermin can be found arrested as you head into the alley to save cowboy.

If you need flash there's a dealer on the right side of the starting point.
It's the same dealer that could be seen during the fight with the Orphans.

Once you get the first Warrior to the park you'll be in Section 15C.

Section 15C
Continue getting Warriors to the park until they're all safely delivered, then
get yourself there.

Section 15D
Nothing to do here but watch the cutscenes. Watch 'em all to end the chapter.

                                3.16  Home Run

Section 16A
You start off right in the middle of the Baseball Furies' territory. Hold L2
to sprint to the left during the first part of the chase and stay on the street
to avoid obstacles. The second part involves running toward the camera. When
you see the camera swing up it means a fence is coming up, so get ready with
the Triangle button. Make sure to press the Triangle button while sprinting to
make a quick jump over the fences.

The third part of the chase will switch view to a top-left angle. Run along the
walkways and press Triangle when you see a gap in the path. Keep sprinting and
jumping over gaps, but if you fall you can still keep running to the end to
continue. If you do manage to stay on the walkway you'll be rewarded with a
flash bottle at the end. Keep running up the path to get to the next part.

Section 16B
Now you're stuck in a cage with the Furies. Quickly get to the gate and use
your mad lock picking skills to unlock it. Don't take too long or the Furies
will bust through and give you a proper ass whoopin'. Run up the alley and
haul ass because they'll get pretty close in this stretch. The red marker at
the end will move you along to the next section.

Section 16C
Hold Down and sprint your way along the sidewalk. This isn't much tougher than
the previous chase sessions. Once you get to the park the group will split
into Swan/Cochise and Ajax/Cowboy. You'll continue as Ajax.

You start off against one Fury, but soon enough you'll get another two bad boys
on your ass. The first thing to do is run away then charge at them to relieve
them of their bats. Grab the bat and use the Square swipe to hit as many per
swing as you can. Keep using the bats to do real damage and if you have a
chance grab them and press Square + X to start a power combo, then follow it up
by pressing X repeatedly. That can kill instantly. Defeat all three to move on.

Section 16D
Now you're back to Swan. Run after the first guy and beat him down, then enter
the fray in the park. The group will be much larger this time, though they'll
slowly trickle in as you kill the starting guys. Once again the bats are your
most important weapon in this brawl and will make it easy to knock down two
Furies at a time. Set your Warriors to Watch My Back as you beat them down
with their own bats, and make sure to collect the flash bottles as they appear.
If you have 2 or 3 flash bottles it would be wise to revive a fallen Warrior
to continue helping you.

Use the bats, grab combos, and even smash their heads into the wall to wreck
them quickly and before they cause too much damage. The influx of Furies will
eventually cease and you'll move along to the next section.

Section 16E
Run up to the red marker to enter the gated area. Here you'll have to fight yet
another group of Furies, but this time they're packin' Cobb. Cobb's the giant
bastard with the double bats and resistance to being knocked down. When the
fight begins you'll have Furies tossing baseballs from above, Furies on the
ground, and Cobb carefully avoiding you while the other guys wear you down.
While it may be tempting to take out the small guys first it would be easier
to go after Cobb right now. If you wait until he's alone he'll be too ballsy
and unrelenting.

Run after Cobb and use heavy combos (Square-Square-X or X-X) or a baseball bat
to beat him down. Keep running around him to avoid the swings of the bat and
other Furies, and also lock on to Cobb and command your Warriors to Wreck 'Em
All to have them concentrate on Cobb as well. If you do that before killing
all the Furies it'll be a fairly easy fight. 

Beat up a few more Furies or simply run around in circles to wait for the
chapter to end.

                             3.17  Friendly Faces

Section 17A
Walk around the apartment when the chapter begins to explore the digs a little
bit. Talk to the chick wearing flannel and holding a bottle to get down and
dance for a while, then go into the room that opened up to get a flash bottle.
Grab a bottle and smash it somewhere to move on to the next part.

Section 17B
Those tricky little foxes... quickly run and hide behind a wall or piece of
furniture to avoid her shots. The easiest way go about it is to set the
Warriors to Wreck 'Em All and beat up on the rest of the girls while avoiding
the bullets. She'll also stop shooting if you hide in front any of the girls
and stay there. Try to avoid hiding behind Warriors because you want them
alive in this part.

If you stayed behinds the walls or furniture you'll survive the gang of Lizzies
and the only one left will be the leader. Keep the Warriors on Wreck 'Em All
and they'll bombard her with bottles, giving you a chance to attack the door
and break out of there.

Section 17C
These Punks don't got nothin'! Press Triangle when Ambush appears to burst out
of the stalls and get them by surprise, then quickly start beating down the
guy with the knife. Any time you see or hear a knife I suggest you focus on
that guy and take the knife to save your health and cause some extra damage.
These guys will create a big cluster of brawls in the room, but always make
sure to avoid hitting Mercy. If you see her get near just grab the guys and
toss them against a wall.

So, it's the usual fare. Set your Warriors to Watch My Back and stay close to
a wall to perform head smashes and other wall grabs. Remain in a corner and
keep beating down the guys to slowly wear them down, and remember to use the
rage mode and any available weapons when you can reach them.

Once they're all dead you can walk into the red marker to continue.

                            3.18  Come Out To Play

Section 18A
All you do here is watch the action unfold. The Warriors are home, but it ain't
over yet...

Section 18B
Aw hell, more running? Here you'll run through the Coney shops by quickly
tapping the button that is displayed on the screen. The button will change
from shot to shot, but as long as you switch the moment you see it you'll get
through okay.

Section 18C
Man, are you kidding? You just fought hundreds of people from one end of New
York to the other and this Luther is supposed to be a challenge? Luther is slow
and won't even have a chance to hit you if you go with the tried and true
Square-Square-X combo. Keep repeating the combo and don't let up to wreck this
foo' properly.

But Luther being a little punk and all, he brings out a gun. The second part
will involve Luther coming out from behind the fence to shoot six times, then
hiding to reload. The only way to hurt him is to get behind a fence and throw
a projectile at him when he pops out to shoot at you. Stay about a foot away
from the fence to avoid hitting it, then use the aiming arc. Make sure the
arc is red (as always) in order to get a sure hit.

So you're whacking him with bottles, but I would suggest not staying behind
one fence for long. He will eventually shoot through and destroy the fence,
making it harder to get to him. Hit Luther and move from fence to fence when
he's not shooting. Once you get him down to about half his health he'll send
out some Rogues to go mano a mano with you. Retreat behind the boat to properly
waste them.

Continue throwing bottles when he stops to reload until you see a quick scene
with Mercy. This means it's time for the finisher. Wait for him to shoot off
his six rounds then quickly head out in plain view of him. You'll need to time
it so you run out and have enough time to press Square + X while facing him
to throw the knife and end the fight. If you miss the shot you'll need to wait
for another knife to appear.

Once Luther goes down it'll finally be over, and he'll get his come up'ns.
Rejoice, man, because you've survived. You're one badass motha'!

                            3.19  Flashback: Roots

Section AA
Run down to the ground and get to the red marker.

Section AB
So they need a riot do they? Run to each of the yellow markers on the radar
and follow the on-screen instructions. None of the tasks is difficult to
do but make sure that once it's done you run out of there and find some shadows
to hide in. Trashing cop cars and beating up lone cops is probably the fastest
way to do it, and if you need some flash there's a dealer over by the docks,
next to the donut place and tractor trailers.

Get to the red marker when you complete the tasks.

Section AC
Betrayal! Betrayal most foul... This mission will be all about that stealth
you kids love so much. Much like chapters 12 or 14 you'll have to sneak through
the shadows to avoid scouts and use objects to call their attention and stealth
kill them. Proceed forward and use a bottle to get the scout close to you and
wait for him to turn around before you crack his neck. Proceed through the
warehouse and take out each scout as you get to them until you reach the yellow
marker. Pick the lock to get to the next warehouse.

Head to the left and take care of any SMs that are in the path. The yellow
marker isn't that far off, and once you get there all you have to do is pick a
lock. Run up and into the next warehouse.

Run along the walkway and to the red marker to end this section.

Section AD
Is it me or do Spider and Tiny sound like punk ass names?

Start off by working both of them to force them to drop their weapons. Once
that's set you'll want to focus your combos on both of them and push them
against corners to trap them. Head smashes don't work against these guys so
unrelenting combos are the only way to go.

Spider seems slightly weaker so you can probably kill him first by having
Vermin focus his attacks on Spider. Once Spider gets wrecked Tiny will switch
to headbutt attacks. He shouldn't have much health remaining at that point so
just keep using combos to waste him.

                           3.B  Flashback: The Best

Section BA
The first part of the chapter is a simple king of the hill contest. Sprint
forward and climb up the junk heap until you get to the top. Now you must
maintain your position up there by grabbing the dudes as they climb up and
throwing them off the top. It's best to grab them just as they get up from the
edge so there's no time to retaliate. Throw them into other guys for some bonus
hits as well. If they resist getting grabbed just knock 'em out with a combo
or two to make them weaker.

The first crew to reach 100 seconds on the hill wins the contest.

Section BB
Cleon and Vermin need some proof that you can soldier with the best of 'em,
and nothing says soldier like beating down defenseless shopkeepers. Head out to
the main street to find Charlie's Plumbing Store. Break through the windows and
use any available weapons to trash everything until the meter fills up. If
Destroyers show up you should be able to easily waste them.

The next place is Voodoo Motors up the street. Run in and use a weapon to beat
on the cars until that meters fills up. Like before the Destroyers may show
up but do not put up much of a fight.

Now head through the alleys to the Little Buddha in the corner of the map.
Break in and prepare to fight off some potheads before you can trash everything
inside. Stealing items will raise the meter the quickest.

The final stop is the Meat Market across the alley. Run over there and beat up
the Destroyers and meat market guys, though you'll want to be careful around
their butcher knives. Waste 'em all to complete the objective.

Pick up some flash from the dealer near the starting point then 
return to the
butcher shop to meet up with Cleon, Vermin, and Charlie the plumber.

Section BC
Meh, as long as there's a wall this fight will be no problem. Get yourself to
one and smash the Destroyers' heads against it like a ripe melon. The other
Warriors will take care of a lot of the work but wall smashes and some rage
will keep you fightin' until it ends. Run to the red marker to end the chapter.

                         3.C  Flashback: Heavy Muscle

Section CA
All you have to do here is survive as long as possible. Stay near a wall and
try to smash their heads as long as possible, but when the numbers start to
grow you may have to get on with the combos. Once your health gets low enough
you'll complete the section.

Section CB
Lost their vests on the first day. Ain't that a shame...

Go mug the people at the benches and use the money to buy ice cream from the
chick at the stand. You don't need it, I just think it's cool to toss ice
cream as a weapon. Proceed to the group of Destroyers ahead and beat their
faces into a bloody pulp. The red marker will lead to the next section.

Section CC
This cat Beansie will know where the vests are located. Go into the coffee
shop and beat up the generic Destroyers until only Beansie remains. Grab him
and press Triangle to interrogate him and reveal the next marker on the radar.

Before going to the marker you should mug people and line your pockets with
the green stuff, then head to the other restaurant on the street and beat up
the flash dealer for some flash (don't pay him because he'll run off anyway).
Once you've packed for the trip go ahead and move along.

Section CD
Run through the alley and handle the Destroyers as they appear. These guys
appear to be slightly tougher than the last ones so I'd suggest a lot of wall
smashes and keep away. When you get to an open courtyard look on the left side
for another flash dealer to buy from or steal.

Get to the next open area and trash those Destroyers much like before. Make
sure to waste 'em all because you do not want any stragglers bothering you
further down the line. Now simply follow the path and destroy the Destroyers
who cross it. They'll appear in small, manageable groups.

At the end you'll find Lenny and his backup. Focus your attacks on the backup
guys and when it's all clear grab Lenny to interrogate him. He'll give away
the information (like they always do) then you're free to beat him to the

Get out of Shantytown and follow the street until you see the red marker. If
you need cash or flash you'll find both on this street, and I'd suggest taking
care of it before entering the red marker.

Section CE
Trash the store and the store owner to clear the road, then head out the back
way. LC won't put up a fight if you keep punching him with combos, and he'll
eventually drop the knife for you to pick up. Finish him off to continue on
to the next section.

Section CF
Run! To complete the chapter all you have to do is run for it to the other end
of the boardwalk. Keep commanding Snow to Let's Go, but if he gets caught just
keep running to the red marker at the end.

                        3.D  Flashback: Scout's Honor

Section DA
Run out of the subway and turn right to find the first spot to trash. Beat the
vendor's stall until it is destroyed, and waste the flash dealer to grab a free
bottle of the good stuff. Run down the street to meet this turf's resident
gang: the Savage Huns. Avoid these guys and head into the alley on the left
to find some shadows to hide in. Wait until the coast is clear then continue
through the alley to find the next yellow marker in a restaurant. 

Trash all the chefs by smashing their heads against a wall or simply throw
them around the room to make sure they stay disarmed. When you're done lay a
tag over the burner on the wall and collect the flash in the front counter to
go on.

Head up the street and trash the last two stalls to finish this area.

Section DB
Now you have two choices. You can:

a) Run for it and hide in the shadows until they go away.
b) Stop and waste them all.

I vote for waste them all. Find a nice corner to stand near then start smashing
their heads against walls and throwing them in all directions. If you can take
a few while Vermin handles the other it'll alleviate the pressure on either of
you, so try that. If you run out of flash you can always run to the Herbal
store at the end of the street and loot some flash, or talk to the dealer at
the end of the street.

Whatever you decide your goal is at the end of the street. Get over there to

Section DC
The mission here is to follow the accountant without being seen, and to do
that you'll have to use the various dark areas. Make sure the accountant stays
on the radar at all times and follow him from dark area to dark area. Never
remain out in the open and never let him get out of your sight. Once you get to
the end you can trash him and all his Hun buddies to get the ledger.

Section DD
Run down into the alley and waste all of the Huns, much like you've done a
few times already. Wall smashes and throwing them into each other will work
quite well.

Section DE
So now this one guy is supposed to take you down? Please...

Use the bottles and bricks on the ground to knock him over the head, then
switch over to combos and wall smashes to wear down his life. When you rage
meter fills up you can also use power grabs to really beat him up and wear
away his life even quicker.

Once he's dead you'll have to chase down the courier again. He'll pause at a
gate to unlock it, giving you the perfect chance to trap him. Once you have
him just bust some combos and wall smashes to end it.

Section DF
The final stretch! Pick the lock and then haul ass to the red marker at the
end of the street to find the exit and get back to Coney.

                      3.E  Flashback: Sharp Dressed Man

Section EA
Turn right to find the first group of Boppers. Waste them all then try on their
hats to get four out of the five hats you're required to try. Continue through
the alley and up some scaffolding to enter a wrecked old building. Smash
through the wooden panels on the left to find a flash bottle then keep running
through to the alley at the end. Keep going until you reach the basketball

Grab a weapon and waste these guys to complete the hat objective. You're not
going to find a size nine on one of these average losers, but maybe the dudes
in the clubs will know. Grab a Bopper hat and head out to the red marker at
the street. Grab some flash from the dealer along the way if you need it. Get
to the red marker to continue.

Section EB
Grab a dancer and toss him or her into the crowd to draw attention from the
guys at the top. Once the fight begins the easiest place to deal with them
is the hallway off to the side. Enter and wait at the end and you should see
them stop at the doorway. Whether it's a glitch I don't know, but it'll make
it real easy to defeat them. Gather them up at the doorway then waste them
all with head smashes and some mad combos.

The final part involves more of the same, expect you can't knock out the guy in
the red hat. Defeat all of the other Boppers and then grab the red hat dude to
interrogate him. Once that's done you'll return to the street.

Section EC
Run into the alley behind the Roman Disco and turn left at the gate. Follow
that path to get to the next street. Make sure you're wearing a Bopper hat
then enter the yellow marker to get inside the pool hall. If you're not wearing
a Bopper hat you'll have to pay to get in, and there's no need to waste money.

Section ED
These suckas think they can take you?! Grab a pool cue and start boppin' some
heads. As always the wall smashes and throws will be the most effective way to
deal with the group, but avoid the target. Once you have room to breathe grab
and interrogate the main guy to get Big Moe's location. Don't worry about
reviving Snow because once you reach the yellow marker at the other side of
the hall he'll automatically be revived.

Run through the alley and waste any Boppers who try to start some mess until
you get to the next street. Keep going up the stairs to the amphitheatre where
a few Boppers will be waiting. Waste 'em and keep on down the stairs into a
drainage ditch. Bop the Boppers and make a right through the tunnel to get to
the building at the other end.

Section EE
You have to go to Debbie at the main stage on the right. Keep feeding her
dollars until she softens up and tells you where to find Big Moe. Head back
outside and return to the street past the amphitheatre to find the entrance
of Club 45. Make sure your health is full and you have three hits of flash
before entering.

Section EF
Oy, they pulled the big gun at the end. And I mean BIG.

Big Moe plays out a lot like the other big boss dudes in the game. He resists
grabs, he won't get knocked out, he'll attack with cheap power moves, and he
has a LOT of health.

There are three phases to this thing, but your attacks will remain the same
for all of them. Like the other big bosses, just hold L2 to sprint and press
X to ram into Big Moe. Combos will be useless. Keep up the sprint and ram
to easily (albeit cheaply) wear him down. During the battle Big Moe will be
knocked out, and if you manage to pick up his hat you'll get to play a dance
mini game where you must press the buttons that appear on the screen. If you
follow it successfully you'll be rewarded with a flash bottle. The final
point of annoyance are the two chicks that appear in the third phase. Their
spray cans can get really annoying and they'll often block you as you sprint
around, so if you can get Snow to distract Big Moe feel free to spend some
time beating down the lovely ladies.

Once Big Moe goes down for good you can pick up his hat and end the chapter.


===== 4.0 CONEY TURF ==========================================================

These bonus objectives appear in the Coney turf between missions. They are
different than story bonuses because the reward is clearly stated after
completing each objective.

                               4.1  Turn Invasion

Talk to the Warrior behind the hangout to get word of gangs invading your
turf. You'll fight the VC Rangers, Panzers, Eliminators, Hurricanes, Satan's
Mothers, and Jones Street Boys. All six times it's best to use head smashes or
focus one guy at a time with combos. Also make sure to roam around the hangout
and collect Warriors to go with you.

Reward: Brass knuckles!
Reward: Steel toed boots!

                               4.2  Robbin' Hood

Go to the side of the Coney Turf that's under the El train track and look for a
bum on the ramp. He'll ask you to find $100 for him. You can easily grab half
of that by running to the end of the street and looting the store. When the
cops show up it's best to hide and wait until they're gone, then go out and
steal the nearby car stereo and mug civilians for the remainder. Avoid mugging
civilians if a cop is around. Overall it's a fairly simple objective.

Reward: Bums now reveal dealer locations!

                                  4.3  Busted

Look for Twiggy on a corner near the hangout and he'll ask you to free his
hook-ups so he can score some wacky tobacky. Run down the street to find two
of the guys under the tracks, then head into the alleys around the hangout. If
you follow all of the markers on the radar you should find them all without a

Reward: Instantly uncuff fellow Warriors with cuff keys!

                                4.4  Flash Head

Go to the corner where you found Twiggy and walk across the street to find this
guy. He'll challenge you to take a bunch of flash and retrieve a foam finger
before the time runs out. It sounds easy, but that flash can really screw up
a dude's head.

Run down the street towards the marker on the radar and keep going until you
get an opening to the alley on the right. Head inside and turn left to find the
path to the Little Buddha. Bust inside and grab a foam finger from the shelves
on the right to complete that part. Now turn around and make a right to get
back to the street. Run straight to the end to find the dealer.

Reward: Flash capacity increased to four hits!

                            4.5  Vigilante Justice

Head to the other side of the fence, near the shops and Coney boardwalk. You
should see the marker lead you to an alley on the left. Get in there and talk
to Randy the rent-a-cop to learn about the Coney stalker. This guy's muckin'
up your turf so you need to find him.

Once Randy takes off chase after him until you get to the Little Buddha. There
you'll find a guy in a skeleton outfit troubling a young lady. The creepy
outfit kinda gives it away, doesn't it? Grab the stalker and tackle him to the
ground (keep pressing Circle) then press R1 to begin the cuffing struggle.
Rotate the stick until you feel vibration and hold it there to fill the meter.

Reward: Unlocked cuffing powerup!
Reward: Unlocked Coney stalker!

                             4.6  Carny Compassion

Jasper lost his tiki costume to no good punks. Guess who's going to help him
get even? That's right, the Warriors. Head back to your hangout and search the
alleys to find the Apephibian and his buddies walking around. Waste them all to
complete the objective.

Reward: Unlocked Apephibian in Rumble mode!

                               4.7  Deal With It

Head to the shops at the other end of the Coney turf and get to the Meat
Market. Across from there you'll see a guy leaning against the wall. Talk to
him to learn of his plight against the phony dealers (something you'll
experience after playing through the story chapters). To be sure you get them
you should give them a punch immediately after the purchase so you don't lose

Start by heading into the small alley next to the Meat Market to find a dealer,
then go to the Little Buddha and turn left to find a flash dealer. Follow that
alley to find two spray dealers past the car dealership. Continue to the street
and turn left at the intersection to find a weapon dealer and complete the

Reward: Unlocked weapon dealers!

                            4.8  Feed the Homeless

Get to the area near the shops and look for a bum sitting down in front of the
Zero Zero Arcade. He'll ask you to go to each of the homeless guys on your
radar and feed them what they ask. Each bum will require a different food item
(in the order I believe is the easiest):

- Bum in front of the Meat Market
Food: Chicken

Run inside the Meat Market and grab a chicken from the counter behind the

- Bum in the alley behind the car dealership
Food: Salami

Get the salami from the counter at the Meat Market and run it to the bum in
the alley behind the dealership. Remember to cut through the street.

- Bum inside the warehouse near the Meat Market
Food: Hot dog

Run out to the street and look for a hot dog vendor. Ask for a hot dog to get
one then give it to the bum.

- Bum in the alley behind the Warriors' hangout
Food: Ice cream

Run to the street next to the hangout and look for the Ice Cream shop across
the street. Get a cone from the lady on the left and enter the alley behind
the hangout to find the bum.

- Bum in the alley to the right of the Little Buddha
Food: Donut

Run back to the street next to your hangout and look for the Ice Cream shop
across the street. Talk to the chick on the right to get a donut and then
run all the way to the Little Buddha in the corner of the map.

Reward: Bums can now be recruited when given enough money!

                                 4.9  Freedom

Get to the street intersection and talk to the dude near the corner. He'll
inform you of the police presence and now you need to go save your fellow
Warriors from time in the big house.

Proceed to the shop area at the other end of the turf and you'll find a bunch
of markers, each one pointing out an arrested Warrior. Start with the Warrior
on the left side on a concrete platform, then proceed into the alleys near the
shops. If cops see you it's best to lead them away from the group and hide,
then run around and uncuff them when the cops are distracted elsewhere. Focus
your efforts on luring them away and it shouldn't be difficult to get all five

Reward: Unarrest yourself with cuff keys!

                               4.10  Flash Point

Approach the Meat Market and look to the right to find a flash dealer. Accept
his challenge to take ten hits of flash in one go. Start by getting to the
street next to the hangout and looting the Jewelry Store next to it (don't
forget the cash register). Feel free to loot the car radio as well.

Once you have the cash get to the flash dealer under the train tracks across
the street. Buy your fill of flash and use them all, then buy some more until
you run out of money. Use up any remaining flash then waste the dealer to get
your money back. Proceed to another flash dealer and buy the remaining hits of
flash to complete the objective.

Reward: Pop a flash at full health for instant rage mode!

                              4.11  Workin' Out

Inside the hangout you'll find a punching bag, two mats, and a chin-up bar.
Each one is a different exercise, and each has 10 levels to go through. You
will unlock a new level after each chapter you complete.

The two mats are for push-ups and crunches, respectively. By quickly tapping
the button you will perform reps and if you're fast enough you'll beat the
time limit.

The chin-up bar is another exercise in quick tapping as you pull up over the

The punching bag will display different combos and each one must be pressed
to continue. The slower combos have very specific timing so you'll have to
practice for a bit to get them all down.

You'll be rewarded when you complete all of the level fives then all of the
level tens.

Reward: Increased stamina!
Reward: Increased sprint ability!


===== 5.0 BONUS OBJECTIVES ====================================================

Note: The Section is there to show when the objective first appears.

Chapter 3, Section B
Tag the last burner

When you first reach the street you'll have to tag over two of the three
burners that can be found there. There is one on the fence near the entrance
to the street, one next to a laundry mat in a parking lot, and one on the
fence at the end of the street. After you tag two of them the third one will
be the bonus objective.

Chapter 3, Section C
Tag the two remaining burners

There are a total of five Destroyer burners when you enter the alley. They are
all on the radar but once you tag three of them to complete the objective the
other two will vanish from the radar and they will be bonus objectives. To make
this easy, skip the two burners that are easily visible when you enter the
alley (one on the left, one on the far right). Get the three farthest burners
and then return to the two easy ones to complete the bonus objective.

Chapter 3, Section D
Tag the three remaining burners

Proceed straight to the Wine and Liquor store. From here there are six burners
to find:

- Run behind the Wine store and climb up the stairs to the roof.
- Run behind the Wine store and around the white shack to find some Destroyers
  and girls. The burner is on the wall of the shack.
- Run behind the Wine Store and turn left. You should see a Destroyer on a
  wooden platform in the corner. Get over there to find the burner he was
  working on.
- Run behind the Wine store and turn right past the Destroyer party. Enter the
  dark alley and run up the stairs on the left to find a burner in the dark
- Run behind the Wine store and turn right past the Destroyer party. Enter the
  dark alley and run up the stairs on the left. If you look to the right there
  is another roof. Sprint and jump over there and run onto the roof where there
  will be some Destroyers. If you walk towards the street and look to the left
  you'll see a burner on a ledge over the movie theater.
- Run behind the Wine store and turn right past the Destroyer party. Enter the
  dark alley and run up the stairs on the left. If you look to the right there
  is another roof. Sprint and jump over there and run onto the roof where there
  will be some Destroyers. Run to the right onto the next roof to find a burner
  on the wooden billboard.

Chapter 4, Section A
Snuff out the seven gang burners

- Run out into the first street and get to the end of the block next to the
  Music store. Enter the alley and follow it to the end until you see some
  stairs leading up to a roof. Climb up and look on the left side for the first
- From the first burner, head down the stairs and continue through the only
  path in the alley. Get to the next turn in the alley to easily find a burner
  on the far wall.
- Run through to the second street (section 4B) to find a burner on the side
  of the trashed cargo trailer.
- In the second street (with the cargo trailer) run to the end of the block
  and look for a burner across from the Drug Store.
- Get through the second street and into the second alley. Make a left turn
  at the first intersection and then a right turn to find some stairs that
  lead up to a roof and the burner on the left side.
- Run to the third street (with the cops) and find the Music store at the end
  of the block. Run around to the back alley to find a burner on the wall.
- After completing section 4D, proceed to the yellow marker that leads to the
  subway. The final burner will be on a wall just before the marker.

Chapter 4, Section A
Mug ten people to get their cash

This one's incredibly easy. Simply pick ten people from the among the many
rioters and mug them. Bada bing, bada boom.

Chapter 5, Section A
Snuff out the five Orphans' burners

- The first burner is on the street right after you get off the el train
  station. Look on a wall on the left side of the street.
- Get to the red marker at the clinic and chase down the afro puff. He'll lead
  you over two fences and through an alley, but you'll need to stop after
  jumping the second fence. Run straight ahead and jump onto the dumpster to
  reach the roof of the building. Run to the left to find a burner behind a
  wooden billboard.
- Follow the second street when you get to it and run into the small court-
  yard where Jesse goes to hide. The burner is on the far wall.
- After entering the alleys halfway up the hill you'll find some Orphans
  having a party in a courtyard. The burner is on the wall of the house.
- In the same alleys, run towards the street at the top of the hill. Look to
  your left on the wall just before exiting the alley to find a dark burner
  on the wall.

Chapter 5, Section A
Wreck 40 Orphans

Only 40? Easy as a fine lady after a bottle of wine. Run along through the
objectives and waste all Orphans you see to easily complete this one.

Chapter 7, Section A
Trash the Hurricanes' car

Run to the end of the first street to find some Hurricanes and their car. Set
your Warriors to Mayhem to easily trash it and complete the objective.

Chapter 7, Section A
Snuff out the seven Hurricanes' burners

- The first burner is on the street where you start. Run to the other end and
  turn left to enter an empty lot with a guy selling flash. Look on the left
  side for a dumpster and a burner just above it.
- Look up and to the right upon starting the chapter and you'll see a burner
  up on a wall over a ledge. Run into the alley and climb onto the roof of
  the first building on the left. From there jump onto the lower roof across
  the alley and then jump onto the ledge to reach that burner.
- Run to the end of the first street and turn right to find a small empty lot.
  Enter this area (there's a few bums standing around) and break the fence on
  on the left to find another empty spot. Climb on top of the dumpster to find
  a burner on the wall.
- Run through the first alley until you see the next street. If you look up
  and to your right you'll see a dumpster, a fire escape, and the third burner
  on the wall. Jump onto the dumpster and make a running leap onto the fire
  escape to reach the burner.
- Get to the second street and follow it around the corner until you reach the
  next pair of alleys at the end. Enter the small alley on the left to find
  a burner next to the flash dealer.
- As you chase Sanchez through the neighborhood you'll get to a ruined building
  where he stops and you're forced to fight some Hurricanes. Hop up a dumpster
  to reach the spot where Sanchez stands and find a burner on the wall.
- In the hall where you fight Diego and Vargas there's a burner on the far
  wall. Set your Warriors to Wreck 'Em All and wait until Diego gets
  momentarily knocked out to tag over the burner.

Chapter 10, Section B
Wreck Maurie the pitboss

Once you've killed every Destroyer in the gambling hall you'll be given the
bonus objective to wreck the guy behind the cage. Grab a molotov cocktail from
the box on the right and aim it so it goes over the cage and inside with the
pitboss. It should only take one well-aimed shot to take him out.

Chapter 11, Section A
Snuff out the Turnbull ACs' burners

Start by finding a dark area and telling your guys to Hold Up. It's best for
them to be out of the way while you run around tagging stuff. You can find
spray paint in a small courtyard on the right after you climb up the stairs
from the station.

- Run along the wall at the station platform when you start the chapter and
  look for the big Turnbull AC burner on the right wall.
- Run up the stairs from the station and make a left into the small alley.
  Run through the alley and get to the end to find a burner on the wall on
  the right side.
- Run onto the street and look for the Fine Jewelry store. Run around it into
  the alley to find a burner clear as day on a far wall behind that store.

Chapter 12, Section A
Cross out the JSBs' nine tags

The burners in this chapter will be spread throughout a pretty large map, so
I'll be working from one end of the map to the other. When you start the
chapter you'll be standing in an alley facing a street. Run out into the street
and to the right until you see the entrance to an alley on the left. This alley
will be the starting point.

You'll also need to locate a spray can dealer before you can begin tagging.
Run away from the starting street and into the alley. This should lead to a
round-about with a JSB stealing a car and a scout near the stairs on the other
side. Grab a bottle or brick and toss it to the right to distract the JSB and
slip through. Climb the stairs ahead onto the roof of a building and then make
a right turn on the roof to find a large, open area. The spray dealer will be
standing near a guy who's fixing his car.

- Across the street from where you start there will be an alley. At the end of
  this alley is a JSB, a car, and a burner on the roof of a nearby garage. Use
  the stairs in this alley to get to the roof.
- At the other end of the alley there will be some stairs leading up to a roof.
  Climb up there and then jump onto an adjacent ledge to find the burner on a
  wall in the alley.
- Turn around after starting the chapter to enter the first alley. Make a right
  and look on the wall of the nearby building to see a burner on the wall.
- Head through the small street where the JSB is trying to steal a car and
  take the left stairs. Make a right turn to hop a fence and find some stairs
  that lead up to a roof. Go to the end of the roof and make another right
  turn to spot the burner on a wall over a small gap.
- Head through the small street where the JSB is trying to steal a car and
  take the left stairs. Make a right turn to hop a fence and stay to the left
  path to see a burner on the wall near a fence.
- Head through the small street where the JSB is trying to steal a car and
  take the left stairs. Get to the spot where the guy was fixing his car and a
  spray dealer is next to the car, then go up the stairs. Follow the path and
  make a right to find a burner on the fence at the end.
- Get to the final street at the other end of the map. Head towards the large
  Festival Italiano banner and make a left to enter the alley with some party
  people. There's a burner right in the middle of the party.
- Get to the final street at the other end of the map. Enter the small alley
  and look for an elevated area with guard rail running along the edge. There
  should be a spray can and flash bottle in there, along with a burner.
- Get to the final street at the other end of the map. Look for some crate
  pallets in the small alley and use them to get to the roof. Jump towards the
  roof of the Clear Cleaners then enter the car lot. Head to the building and
  climb onto the rear stairs to find the final burner on a wall near the

Chapter 12, Section A
Steal all three remaining car radios

Get to the third street at the other end of the map.

- The first car is on the street and all ready for ya.
- The second car is in the small alley. Enter and look for a group of people
  dancing to music to find the car and radio.
- Look for some crate pallets in the small alley and use them to get to the
  roof. Jump towards the roof of the Clear Cleaners then enter the car lot
  to find the third radio.

Chapter 12, Section C
Snuff out the burner in the JSBs' hangout

After you jump and land in the JSBs' hangout, you'll see a burner on one of
the walls inside. Tag over it to complete the objective.

Chapter 13, Section A
Snuff out the four Moonrunners' tags

- The first tag is at the end of the tunnel where you start. Look to the left
  of the first red marker to find it.
- Get to the central building where you destroyed the radio. From there run
  out and up the stairs that lead to the roof then enter the small door and
  run along the walkway in the building to get to the other side. Climb down
  the next set of stairs and turn left to find a burner on the wall near the
- Starting at the central radio building, turn right and head straight for the
  wall that is the edge of the map. Follow this wall to get to a train platform
  and old brick building. Head into the small alcove to find the burner on the
  brick wall.
- Starting on the roof where you meet Fox after the four train burners, jump
  onto the white train. Run along this straight line and get to the train at
  the end to find a roof. Jump onto this roof to see the burner on a fence.

Chapter 14, Section A
Cross out the ten Turnbull ACs' burners

Spray cans here will be hard to find, so here are the ones I spotted:

- You start with one spray can.
- Head straight past the forklift and break the crates to find a can.
- After getting out of the lot where you start, there will be a can behind a
  crate on the left.
- As you run past the bums huddled around a fire there will be a sheet metal
  shack with a dead bum inside. There's a spray can in there.
- In the area where you find Ajax, smash the boxes near the first smokey
  machine to find a can.
- In the first area with several scouts, one scout patrols near a wrecked
  building with stairs leading up to the main floor where there's a couch.
  There's a spray can up in the corner.
- In the first scout area there will be three scouts standing in the path
  talking. To the left of them is a lone scout who stands in a doorway with
  his back to you. Take him out with a stealth kill then run into that area
  to find a can.
- Get to the train tracks and run past the two red train cars to find a
  flash dealer. Run to the right to find a spray can behind the train car.
- Upon starting Section 14D you'll see a flash dealer in a corner next to
  the hole in the fence. Break the boxes near him to find the spray can.
- After getting past the scouts in the freight area in Section 14D you'll
  climb some stairs. Break through the windows on the right to find a room
  full of ACs and a spray can next to the couch at the back.
- After starting Section 14E you'll be in a lot with buses full of angry
  ACs passing by. The second time you see a bus you'll be near some shadows
  at a point where the path turns to the right. The broken brick wall next
  to those shadows hides a spray can.
- In Section 14E when running through the scrapyard, turn left after passing
  the trashed bus. There's a can in the shadows.
- After passing through the scrapyard in 14E, run past the bridge and to the
  fence at the end of the street. There's a can next to the dumpster on the
  right side.
- After saving the rest of the crew under the bridge, run up the stairs.
  You'll get to a wrecked building and crane. Look across from the crane to
  find some stairs that lead up to a building. Run up there and jump onto
  the sheet metal roof. Run and jump across the gap to get onto the roof of
  a building near the red marker. There's a spray can on this roof.

And now the burners:

- Use the spray you start with to tag over the burner on the wall.
- Get through the first part of the alley until you run up some stairs next
  to a high fence. You'll see a burner on the brick wall to the left.
- In Section 14C, where you start in a dark area next to a Turnbull, you'll
  see a burner on the brick wall just ahead of him.
- At the end of first scout area you'll have the red marker, a Turnbull
  holding a machete, and a dark burner right next to him. Kill him first
  then tag over the burner.
- Upon starting Section 14D you'll have to jump down through a hole in the
  fence into a small alcove. Look for a burner on the brick wall nearby.
- After getting past the scouts in the freight area in Section 14D you'll
  climb some stairs. Break through the windows on the right to find a room
  full of ACs. Kick their asses then move into the small room to find a
- Get past all of the scouts in the crate area of Section 14D then run to the
  yellow marker. There's a burner right next to that yellow marker outside
  on the brick wall.
- In Section 14E, run past the crane near the beginning and look towards the
  wooden shack on the left. There is a burner on the wall near the dark area.
- Get through the scrapyard in 14E then look on the right side when you're
  under the bridge to find a burner.
- After saving the rest of the crew under the bridge, run up the stairs.
  You'll get to a wrecked building and crane. Look across from the crane to
  find some stairs that lead up to a building. Run up there to find the last

Chapter 14, Section D
Trash the Turnbull ACs' hangout

After getting past the scouts in the freight area in Section 14D you'll climb
some stairs. Break through the windows on the right to find a room full of ACs.
Kick their asses then trash anything you can find to complete the objective.

Chapter 15, Section A
Cross out the six Orphans' tags

Here are some important notes:

- Search next to a fence near the police barricades to find a spray can.
- In the lot where you have the big fight with Orphans you should see a burning
  barrel in the corner. There's a spray can behind the barrel.
- For the final four burners you can find a spray dealer on the roofs to the
  left of the starting point. You could go to the end of the street near the
  park and loot the store for cash... or you could waste the dealer and take
  a spray can. Once you use it you can come back and another dealer will
  appear. Rinse and repeat, my friend.
- Look around near the burners for extra spray cans.

And the burners:

- The first burner is at the top of the stairs at the first street. There's
  a sleeping hobo nearby.
- The second burner is in the lot where you fight Sully and the Orphans. It's
  on a wall near the fence.
- Jump onto the ledge on the left from the starting point and proceed up the
  stairs. Follow the roofs until you jump down to the low roof with a wooden
  billboard on it. You'll find a burner on the back.
- From the billboard tag, look towards the high-rise brick apartment buildings.
  You should see a burner above a dumpster. Run through the alley and climb up
  the dumpster to reach the burner on the wall.
- From the spot where Cowboy is found wrecked, climb up the stairs. Look for
  another roof at the same level and jump over the gap to get to the burner.
- Get to the park and look for a missing section of wall near the brick
  building. You'll see the final burner on the wall of that building.

Chapter B, Section B
Snuff out the 5 Destroyer tags

- Look straight ahead from the starting point and you'll see a burner on the
  wall to the right.
- Turn left from the starting point and run through the alley until you spot
  a burner on the wall to the left.
- Turn left from the starting point and run through the alley. Keep following
  the path as it makes a right turn and get to the wall at the end to find
  a burner.
- Get to the main street and look for Charlie's Plumbing Store. Run into the
  alley across the street to find the burner on the left.
- Run to the Meat Market at the other end of the map and look towards the
  roller coaster in the background. To the right of that you'll see the spray
  dealer and a burner.

Chapter C, Section F
Make sure you get to Section CF with green health and 3 hits of flash. At the
end of this chapter you'll be required to run down the boardwalk and back to
your turf, but along the way two bonus objectives will appear.

Both bonus objectives will be about wasting Destroyers (10 and 15,
respectively). If you stay out in the open you're likely to get your balls
handed to you, but a narrow area will work to your advantage. When the chase
begins there will be a narrow spot between a fence and the ramp up to the
boardwalk. Get yourself in there and use the strong attack (Square + X) to
start wasting them. They'll be so tightly packed the guys on the fringes
won't be able to get to you and most of them will be trapped in the pack.
Keep up the strong and rage attacks, and use flash when necessary to complete
both objectives. To get out of the group you'll need to grab one and throw
him to clear the way.

Chapter D, Section B
Snuff out all seven of the Huns' tags

When you start Section DB you'll be chased by a bunch of Huns. Run ahead of
Vermin and try to take a few Huns with you. Beat up all the Huns to have free
access to the nearby tags.

- The first tag is on a brick wall when you start the alley chase of Section
  DB. It's right across from a light pole.
- The next tag is in small corner of the alley to the left. You'll see a
  flash dealer and a low roof next to it.
- The third tag is about forty feet away over the roof. It's to the right of
  some shadows in the corner.
- The next tag is right around the corner from the last two. Head through the
  alley and jump a fence to get to a small street. Along this small street is
  a decorative red wall and a ramp leading up to a gate. Run up the ramp to
  find a tag on the wall opposite the gate.
- Jump down from the ramp and follow the wall until it stops. Turn right to see
  a food stall, a dark area, and a tag on the wall.
- Run up this same small street until you see a van and some Huns looting a
  store. Waste the Huns and go inside to find the tag behind the counter.
- At the end of the street you'll find the red marker and a flash dealer.
  There's a burner to the right of the dealer.

Chapter E, Section A
Snuff out all ten of the Boppers' burners

Start by beating up that first group of Boppers then collecting any cash you
can from them, then mug the hobo nearby for more cash. Proceed into the small
alley across from the starting point. Buy as much spray as you can from the
dealer then waste him for another. There's also a spray can behind some wooden
panels in the wrecked concrete building. If you run out of spray early on you
can just return to that dealer for more.

- The first tag is in the alley next to the first spray dealer.
- After running through the wrecked building you'll see a gap and another roof.
  Jump the gap and turn right to see a burner.
- Get to the basketball court and look for a burner on the right side.
- Run into the alley behind the Roman Disco and get to the roof behind it.
  Waste the Boppers up there then look at the wall for the burner.
- After interrogating the guy at the Roman Disco, go through the alley behind
  the building and go towards the next street. You should see a big sign that
  says SPANISH CAFE on a wall heading to the street. There's a burner across
  from that sign above a dumpster.
- After the fight in the pool hall you'll be in an alley. Run through and look
  to the right to find a couple of Boppers. There's a burner on the wall behind
- Head to the end of the third street (the one with a club and several people
  hanging around the entrance) to find a car, a few Boppers, and a burner on
  the wall.
- Run past the amphitheatre and down the stairs into a drainage ditch. Inside
  you'll find a few Boppers, a burning barrel, and a burner on the right.
- Turn right from the drainage ditch to enter a large tunnel. As soon as you
  exit the tunnel look to the right to find the burner on a wooden fence.
- Starting at the drainage ditch, make a left up a long flight of stairs and
  follow this path to a few Boppers. Waste them and look to the right to find
  the burner.


===== 6.0 CODES & SECRETS =====================================================

Button codes
Input the following during gameplay:

100 percent completion.... L1, Select, Square, Down, L2, Right
Unlimited Health.......... Up, Triangle, L3, Select, X, L2
Unlimited Rage............ Square,Circle,Triangle,Select,X,Left
Unlimited sprint.......... Down, Square, Left, X, L1, Select
Obtain a pipe............. R2, Circle, Select, Up, L1, Right
Obtain a machete.......... L1, X, R1, R1, Select, R2
Obtain a knife............ Down, Down, Select, Up, Up, L3
Obtain a bat.............. Square, R2, Down, Down, L1, L1
Escape from cops.......... Up, Select, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square
Complete current chapter.. Down, Square, X, Select, R1, Left
All items and $200........ R1, R2, L1, X, Down, L1
Unlimited bat............. L3, L3, Circle, Up, Circle, select

Unlock hobo help in-game.. Circle, Circle, Down, R2, L2, Circle
Unlock brass knuckles..... Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, Select, Triangle
Unlock improved stamina... X, L1, Down, Square, Up, X
Unlock weapon dealers..... Right, R1, Circle, X, Select, Square
Unlock handcuffs.......... Up, X, Up, Select, L3, L1
Unlock self-uncuff........ Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Select, Triangle, R1
Unlock cuff keys.......... Left, X, X, R2, L1, Down
Unlock steel toed boots... R3, R2, R1, L3, L2, L1
Unlock more flash......... Down, Left, Up, Up, Square, Right
Unlock improved sprint.... L2, Select, Select, Select, Select, Triangle
Unlock hobo recruitment... R1, R1, L1, R1, L1, Up

New difficulty: Unleash the Fury
Beat every story chapter and all five of the flashback chapters on Hardcore
Soldier to unlock this difficulty where all of the Warriors are dressed as
Baseball Furies.

Armies of the Night
Complete all 18 of the story chapters to unlock this arcade at the hangout.
Then, complete the five flashback chapters to make it playable.

99 Credits in Armies of the Night
Too tough for ya, ey wimp? Well press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right to get
99 credits and cheat your way through.


===== 7.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================

                            7.1  Contact Information

subsane at gmail dot com

                               7.2  Legal Stuff

1. The Warriors game copyright © 2005 Rockstar Games, Inc., The Warriors
film ® & © 2005 Paramount Pictures. All right reserved.

2. This guide copyright © 2005-2018 SubSane.

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    "Can you count, suckas?!"

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