1. Simon Strange Additional Design
  2. Terry Farnham Additional Programming
  3. James Poelke Additional Programming
  4. Ron Clayborn Artist
  5. Will Short Artist
  6. Byron Stiles Artist
  7. Mathieu Peyronnet Associate Producer
  8. Chris Mah AV Specialist
  9. Alexis Nolent Cinematic Director
  10. Lee Ann Weber Creative Director
  11. Jean-Marc Geffroy Editorial Artistic Director
  12. Alexandre Mandryka Editorial Game Design Director
  13. Lionel Raynaud Editorial Game Design Director
  14. Cyril Derouineau Editorial Gameplay Director
  15. Phillipe Debay Editorial Gamescript Director
  16. Emmanuel Guardiola Editorial Gamescript Director
  17. Thomas Delbuguet Game Design Consultant
  18. Forest Ingram Lead Designer
  19. Ian Sabine Lead Programmer
  20. Ken Embery Producer
  21. Ben Mattes Producer
  22. Berkley Palmer Programmer
  23. Bruce Schuldt Programmer
  24. Kory Spansel Programmer
  25. Zach Vorhies Programmer
  26. Charles Jacob Programming Consultant
  27. Ryan Molyneaux Project Manager
  28. Li Shen Senior Graphic Designer
  29. Brigham Stitt Senior Video Specialist


Data and credits for this game contributed by bcks, ChickenBot, Cosmic!, Hardkoroff, ironyisntdead, odino, and oliist.

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