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Reviewed: 02/09/07

Get your blaster!

Story 8/10: Taking place between Episode III and IV, former Twi’Lek slave turned mercenary Rianna Saren and her security droid Zeeo are hired by the Rebel Alliance, this team must work together to infiltrate Imperial planets and fight bad guys. The main goal is to uncover the Empire's most deadly secret -- the Death Star.

Gameplay 8/10: The gameplay is a lot of fun. If you have played Jedi Knight Outcast then this will feel familiar. The game is played from a 3rd person view and it works very well. Obviously you don’t have a lightsaber but you have a hand weapon that works well for close combat. There should be a larger selection of weapons but they all do the job. Rianna moves around targeting enemies and you partner Zeeo helps her out with shielding, attacking, and slicing. Working together builds up Alliance points which allow you to have more powerful attacks later on. Star Wars Lethal Alliance makes good use of the Star Wars license. Everything feels very Star Wars. It’s not a big set back but sometimes Rianna will auto switch to her hand weapon when targeting a far off enemy. It has not killed me but in a heated battle it is a bit annoying. However it is not a big deal. You will also do your fair share of platforming like jumping through barriers or over ledges. Rianna is also quite acrobatic and her moves are key to defeating enemies. If you stand still you will take damage. Performing dodges and rolls really help. The targeting system needs improvement. Switching targets is easy to do yes but more often you will target far off enemies when you are really trying target and destroy the nearest threat. Still, all in all it is a lot of fun.

There is a multiplayer mode which I have not tried yet and not really compelled to do so since its only 2 player in ad-hoc. My understanding is its lame. I

Graphics 8/10: For the PSP the graphics are very good. Distant enemies could be bit better. Rianna and Zeeo look great. The backgrounds vary but they all look really, really good. Camera also works well. You can rotate the camera all around and it works well.

Sound10/10: The music is the original score. It sounds fantastic. You will want a pair of headphones for this. The voice acting is decent but could have been better, Kyle Katarn from Jedi Knight Outcast makes an appearance and it would have been great if the voice was from the Outcast game. Still it is not bad. The good news is there is actual spoken dialog and not just text. (A neat little note: I was a big fan of Star Wars Galaxies. When you load up Lethal Alliance the selections you make are followed by a ‘ding’ sound that is the exact sound used in SWG when you have mail or make selections. Just a nice touch.)

Overall: Star Wars Lethal Alliance makes good use of the Star Wars license and it’s always a treat to meet an original character. The game could be longer but I like it enough to play back through it again and again. Plus there are 3 difficulty levels. If you like Star Wars and like action games then buy this title. It’s a lot of fun! I give this game an overall score of 9/10 (not and avg)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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