PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File02/08/08vnwater676K
100% Quest, Guildcard, Training. Max Zenny, Pokke, Unlocks. Male and Female
Save Game File12/11/08mongju890685K
All quest complete, descent armors, weapons, 99999999z, pokefarm unlock and complete, manyitems in the item box, male and female characters
Save Game File09/12/07DinoBuster676K
HR 6, All Elder Quests clear, Pokke Farm fully developed, max money, and full box of items and materials to make an incredible selection of armor/weapons. Female character.
Save Game File10/20/07Taviskaron695K
HR4 , All Elder Quests clear (exept Dual Rajang) , All Guild Quests 1*-5* clear , 500k money , many materials in Item Box , Pokke Farm fully developed (exept Mining Lv.3 & Insect Lv.3) , Fess - Male Character .
Save Game File11/09/07LewaDude676K
HR5, Some quests clear, decent armor and lots of weapons. Many items in box, Male Character
Save Game File11/18/14kimber40676K
Max money, Black dragon sword. (Play as Kirin)

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File08/05/07ACNEXUS676K
220 hours gameplay - lots of weapons - all elder, training, and guild hall except dual kirin cleared
Save Game File07/17/07Hero_of_Heaven682K
4 star quest completed/ no online quests yet HR 1. lots of money
Save Game File08/06/07G4M1NGG0D692K
HR6,Completed all elder and guild quest.own most of the rare 8 armor and weapons(all 3 fatalis gunner and blademaster armor)

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File10/02/08iGadwin671K
Every piece of armour you can find, 999999z 999999 Pokke Points. No quests completed, leaving it open for you to complete, Both Male and Female Characters.
Save Game File10/08/07Kingyurius685K
HR 6 Almost all quest done many rare weapons and armor
Save Game File10/20/07ProphetofPokke226K
HR5, originally taken from a mhf1 save called LIAM and was transferred to MHF2. Not many wepaons but good items and 600k zenny. Some quests still need clearing.
Save Game File11/10/07mhf619678K
HR6 all elder quest complete exept dual rajang good armour and weapons and pokke farm fully developed
Save Game File11/10/07mhf619678K
HR6 all eleder quest complete apart from dual rajang good weapons and some good armour but not much tho all farm items have been purchased

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