PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Logan_Sony (12/29/2008; 278KB) At very beginning of game with a level 63 Fighter (no cheats used)
  2. From deder66 (03/23/2009; 278KB) Hacked save. All class level 250. Max health and money. All quest complete. All craft skills level 100.
  3. From manoy385 (07/29/2007; 278KB) Level 212 Magic Knight. All very hard mode unique items.
  4. From evyugi (07/29/2007; 278KB) Level 228 Swordsman with full Unique Equipment
  5. From angelicgemini (07/26/2007; 556KB) Mage level 66 first save is for clear data and second save is before final boss
  6. From Okukite (07/24/2007; 278KB) Name: Sakra Class: Ninja(1) Thief(40) Fighter(40) Swordsman(46) MagicKnight(1) All other classes (1 Bishop N/A) Full Radiant for Swordsman Thief and Fighter 21557G Fame 4660 PlayTime 37h16m. 1st Play. Saved in Gavada.
  7. From omegademonchaos (07/23/2007; 278KB) Saved right before the final boss. Swordsman is at evel 51 with full radiant fencer equipment

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From Cybertic Dragon (01/08/2007; 206KB) First few missions completed.
  2. From sho_shintaru (09/19/2007; 206KB) Game complete
  3. From kingspam (01/27/2007; 206KB) On the second town, Fencer class level 27, Thief class level 28

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Gunitha (06/14/2012; 278KB) Name: Fynn, Gender: male Level: 50 Full Radiant Armor set (i did not equip it)
  2. From Gunitha (06/22/2012; 278KB) Name: Gunitha Warrior (42) Swordsman (64) Fighter (18) 114 GP 7020 fame points Play time: 52 hours and 49 mins game completed 2 times with full radiant warrior and fencer set
  3. From broncean (01/17/2008; 278KB) Name: Kira Gender: Male :SM(60 with full radiant) Thief(27)Magic Knight(10) Fighter(20) Gald: 140k aprox. Fame:7800aprox Mission: 65% complete Game Compkleted 1 time(second time until last mission gavada)
  4. From Brynhildr (11/07/2007; 287KB) Name: Rose; Gender: Female; Hair: Long and purple. Fighter (); Swordman with full radiant (56); Mage (20); Magic Knight (23). Gald: 341,706. Fame: 7,595. Forge: Most professional. Game done: 1 time. Play time: 76h 47'

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