PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File03/11/07ZhouJieHao81K
78%complete, 34/36 cars unlocked, all tracks unlocked
Save Game File03/11/07AlucardZero78K
All cars, 84/88 gold medals 2 Signature Shortcuts, cheats used
Save Game File03/14/07jamesbdx78K
Burnout Dominator 100% complete, no cheating, everything done
Save Game File03/26/14platiniumgael78K
burnout dominator 92% completed
Save Game File05/06/17Bl3u9665K
Burnout Dominator DLC: Contains Carnival Point and Red Gate Track For NTSC-U and PAL Version
Save Game File03/09/07Lucian0478K
Burnout Dominator Partial Save. 14 Cars and 4 World Tour Classes Unlocked

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File12/01/08adamlogsdon78K
100% complete all races won no cheats used
Save Game File05/27/073giL83K
100% Complete. All cars, track and shortcuts.
Save Game File05/13/09patrick55978K
all races gold except last race... that`s bronze

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