PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File07/10/09Asylum87K
100% Complete with all cars and items unlocked and several customized/tricked-out cars
Save Game File03/10/15darkstar-x9787K
100% complete, Respect-1000/1000, Money 30,00,000, Normally played no cheats, All cars modified and nicely designed.
Save Game File12/07/06murari62987K
100% complete. story mode complete. 1 crate missing. 9/30 cars including gallardo, mercedes, murcielgo. all wingmen fully trained
Save Game File11/27/06Buffermann87K
First game slot, 30k, stock mazda speed 5 and very well tuned pontiac solstice, 26% game completion
Save Game File04/24/07puneetbani87K
Need For Speed Carbon: All Cars Career Complete 100% Wingmen fully trained and all cars tricked out with lots of cash left for you
Save Game File08/04/07oldenaran00290K
Need For Speed Carbon: All Cars Career Complete 100%
Save Game File12/07/06pistolro87K
NFS carbon, 100%, all crates, all cars, and all wingmen completed

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File06/28/08NoNameNoob87K
2 Billion Dollars, 0% Complete
Save Game File12/14/08slloydjenkins87K
All cars bought, all tracks. short of 1 crate 100% complete
Save Game File12/05/06windchester200587K
NFS Carbon : All cars fully tuned, all wingman fully trained. all parts unlocked, short of 7 crates to 100% completion.

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