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by Berserker_Blade

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Guide and Walkthrough by Berserker_Blade

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 05/27/2011
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          ######## ##     ## ########     ######  ##    ## ##    ##
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             ##    ##     ## ##          ##       ##  ##     ####
             ##    ######### ######       ######  #####       ##
             ##    ##     ## ##                ## ##  ##      ##
             ##    ##     ## ##          ##    ## ##   ##     ##
             ##    ##     ## ########     ######  ##    ##    ##

                      Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
                              FAQ & Walkthrough
                                Version 1.10
By: Black Murasame63 (c)2011

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com

I. What's New

May 26, 2011

1.10 Added maps for the final dungeon and fixed several errors.

Version History

April 30, 2011

1.00 FAQ Completed.

April 21, 2011

0.80: I'm still standing! I finished chapter 3 Walkthrough and sidequests. I made an update on the recipe list.

April 12, 2011

0.60: As I continue to pace myself slowly, I finally got chapter 2 done. I updated the shop list, the sidequests and started working on the recipe list.

April 8, 2011

0.40: I finished the Chapter 1 on the walkthrough and partically started working on chapter 2.

April 4, 2011

0.25: I finished the Prolouge on the walkthrough and partically started working on chapter 1. Added Character skills and store inventory

April 1, 2011

0.10: Initial Release

II. Copyright

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making reference to any material contained within. If you do, I'll send a pack of bloodhounds after you.

(c)2011 Black Murasame63

- Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

III. Contact Info

Anything to suggest to improve the faq infrastructure will suffice. Also, if you found errors or want to add anything in the FAQ, please send me an email to the link below you. If I approve your suggestions, you'll be definitely be credited for the next revision. With the advent of Private Messages here at GameFAQs, feel free to drop in a message at any time.

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com

The following sites below are allowed to post my FAQ to their website. The two sites I mentioned are the only ones that can post my FAQ.

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Be sure when the adminstrator of the respective site upload my FAQ. You must let me know once you uploaded the faq. For everyone else, sorry guys. These are the only two sites that I'll allow them to post my FAQ. Also, any E-Mail that does not contain any constructive criticism whatsoever or just simply trolling, I will not bother reading it, and it will be deleted.

IV. Introduction

Hey, everyone. First off, I wanted to thank everyone who supported me during my time writing Tales of Innocence for the DS. I'm very pleased that the FAQ I wrote have recieved positive reception. You guys are the reason why I continue writing FAQs. Also, thanks to some of your replies with the formatted FAQ, I'll also continue to write up in this format. For the most part, this FAQ is heavily based on the PSP version. You can also use this as a footnote for PC version since the content is mainly the same.

V. General Overview

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the first of the trilogy. It's originated in the PC back in 2004. Infamous with its enormous text, Western Publishers had strayed away this game for a long time. It wasn't until 2010 when XSeed announced that this series will come over in the Western shores. Anyway, the story begins ten years after the events of the Hundred Days War. With Queen's constant effort of maintaining peace throughout the land, she organized a group called the "Bracers Guild." Within the Guild, the story focuses on two young individuals who strive to become trainee Bracers. However, little do they know that one significant conspiracy is already unfolding causing the country to spiral into chaos once more.

Trails in the Sky is definitely a turned-based RPG. However, the way it is presented is quite different from your usual formula. When you get in battle, you'll be in a grid-line battlefield. Because of this, there is some strategy involved in each battle....

Estelle Bright

She is the daughter of the legendary Bracer Cassius Bright. Because of her optimistic mindset, she'll perservere even if the odds are against her.

Estelle is one of the characters that's available for entire game for obvious reasons. For the most part, she's pretty much the jack-of-all-trades character. For starters, her orbment slots can use all the elements available. Because of this, she is very flexible in terms of customization. But as far as orbal arts combination goes, she's can put in a couple of medium level magics in one line. But, putting some of the demanding arts such as Titanic Roar, Volcanic Rave and etc. in one line could be difficult. Her crafts are pretty diverse overall.

For the most part, her crafts is servicable. She has a move that leans more on support such as Morale. She even learns a crowd killing move early on in the game. Also, she can learn a move that interupts the foe's spell casting. Her S-Craft Barrage and Pummel are really good against a single foe. It's strongly recommended to use it against bosses. Probably her only drawback is that the specialized characters such as Olivier, Kloe or Agate will overshadow her. Other than that, she's a very good all-around character. She has a lot of tools in her disposal and has flexible orbal moveset.

Joshua Bright

He is Cassius Bright's adopted son. Contrast to Estelle's personality, Joshua is calm and tends to address the situation in a collective matter. However, his past remains a mystery and intends to keep it that way.

Joshua is the other protagonist whom you will be using for in the entire game. He leans more on speed over everything else. Even without Action and Cast, he can get by fairly quickly. He specializes on time elemental magic. His first line on the Orbal Quartz usually consists of two time only slot. So, you are going have to make use on the high level spells such as White Gehenna and Clock Up EX if you plan to keep him as as a magic user. Because he has more time-only slot, it can be difficult to utilize some of the other orbal quartz available. So think about what support quartz is best for him for the entire duration of the game.

Interestingly, his moveset is surprisingly diverse and useful. His first move can hit the opponent twice. Also, one of the early moves availabie is flicker. Not only it ignores the opponent's physical defense, it has the ability to delay the opponent's turn as well. Also, he also has evil eye which delays turns to a group of foes. Having delays as his specialty can certainly make or break on the higher difficulties. His S-Craft is exceptionally useful throughout the game. He is the only character in the game where his S-Craft can hit everyone on the battlefield. However, be aware that his defenses is fairly low; it's not to a point that it's a glass cannon. He has slightly above average HP to make up for that. Also, his crafts take up a lot of CP. So, trying to invest his S-Craft is difficult when some of his regular crafts eats up CP. Overall, Joshua is definitely one of the best characters to use in any given situation.

Scherazard Harvey

Nicknamed "The Silver Streak", she is former disiple of the legendary Bracer. Though she is an intelligent person, she can drink like there's no tommorrow

Scherazard is the first character to join up with you. Her availability time pretty much occupies 25% of the game. She occupies the wind elemental quartz. It's okay early on, but she gets overshadowed by the other effective arts like Titanic Roar, Spiral Flare and etc. Her magical attack is pretty good. She can certainly deal damage. Her whip is medium range; meaning that her range is far enough to prevent her from getting hit from self destruct. Her moveset are okay to use. Her first craft can deal damage to a small group of foes. Her bind whip is useful because she has the ability to mute spell casters. Finally, her Heaven's Kiss can increase her allies speed. For the most part, she is average. She's really useful early game. But once late game comes in, she is pretty much outclassed by her other peers.

Olivier Lenheim

Coming from an Eberonian background, he travels south to play music for the citizens of Liberl. With his narcissitic personality, he tends to hit on anyone he sees.

Olivier is quite a charismatic person. His availablity time is actually decent. Every time you have an option using him, he is pretty much there for the entire chapter. Anyway, he uses a orbal gun. He doesn't have to move around much to deal damage. His strongest aspect is definitely his art. First of all, it's a single line. He can cram in some of the really useful arts in one line. It also helps that his central slot is Mirage. Because Mirage is a neutral base orbal, it won't hinder him at all. This means that his orbal customization is flexable. No matter how you arrange the quartz, the arts available is very diverse. It also helps that he can dish out strong magical damage.

His crafts on the other hand also handy as well. His Quick Draw has the ability to hit the target where you wanted it. Because of his range, his Snipe Shoot can easily take out the spell casters. Finally, his Happy Trigger can cure people within range. Although it's minimal, his CP consumption is really low. He only has one S-Craft in the game and the damage is mediocre. The biggest drawback is that he has low HP, low Defense and limited movement. Ironically, Olivier has the lowest magical defense in the game considering him possessing one of the highest Magic Attack power in the game. Overall, Oliver is another effective character to use. You really can't go wrong with diverse arts as well as Utilitarian moveset. Plus with his range, he's literally unstoppable.

Agate Crosner

A young, burly Bracer who wields a broad sword. He tends to view young bracers very negatively.

Besides Estelle and Joshua, Agate is the most recurring character in the game. However, it's quite sporatic. You are only going to use him in certain segments per chapter. Anyway, this man is a total brute. His attack power certainly shows his character. His dominant trait is definitely his craft. He is the only character who can raise his CP with the cost of his HP. This is useful for many situations. For example, if he is a few points short for max CP, he can obtain it in his turn and use it as his S-Break. He has some attacks such as Draguna Edge and Flame Edge to deal damage against a group of foes. It also helps that Draguna Edge has a much wider line compared to the other character's line attack. He also has Sprial Edge which inflicts delay to a single foe. But his S-Craft is exceptionally useful. Regardless if it's a single attack (Beat Down) or a group attack (Final Break) the damage will be devastating. However his raw power does come with a price. He has one the worst magical defense in the game not to mention that his arts are very limited due to having multiple branches on his orbal quartz. So, you are pretty much going to use his Orbal Slots for raising his parameters. Overall, you going to use Agate as your frontline attacker. With Wild Rage, you are going to use his S-Craft frequently.

Kloe Rinz

A second year student in Jenis Academy. She is a very sweet young woman who have a mutual understanding with her pet Gryfalcon, Sieg.

Kloe's availbility time is limited. She's only available for a couple of chapters. Not to worry though, she is very useful regardless. She specializes on healing magic. As you notice that Water element dominates her moveset. Also, she does possess a single line orbal slot. But, her customization is somewhat limited because three of her orbal slots are Water only. So adding some offensive arts can be proved quite difficult. Her craft is minimal at best. She only has two regular crafts and one S-craft at her disposal. She has Impose which debuffs the foe's STR and DEF and Encroach which interupts the person's spell casting time. But compared to the other characters, her Encroach needs to hit up close to be effective. Finally, her Radiant Plash has the largest healing range out of everyone. It's already great on its own considering the amount of HP it restores; it also revives allies as well. If you use it at 200 EP, not only it does more recovery, it gives out free Defense buff. Overall, despite of Kloe's restrictive movesets, her usefulness certainly lies with her healing powers. Also, being the highest EP as well as high magic attack power, she can be the magical powerhouse of the group.

Tita Russell

The grandaughter of a prominent Orbal Scientist, she is a young individual who loved machinery.

Tita's availability time is actually sporatic during the entire duration of the game. You are going have to work extra hard if you want to make Tita decent. First of all, her Orbal Slots splits into three lines. Only the first slot is enough to make 1 high level magic. It's acutally decent because her central slot is Space elemental, she can barely chuck in one high level magic such as Titanic Roar or White Gehenna. Everything else, use her slot for increasing her parameters. Her biggest strength is that all of her moves emphasize on group enemies. She can attack a small swarm of enemies with her cannon alone. Her crafts also utilize some group attacks such as Smoke Cannon. She can deal damage while blinding her enemy at the same time. Her Vital Cannon can heal up a group of people within range. Finally, her Cannon Impulse can deal damage against enemies. It's useful if she uses it as a Sepith Bonus turn. Other than that, she has a hard time keeping up with everyone else. She has low physical defense and HP. This can be tricky if she is frequently open against attacks. Overall, she is an interesting character to use. But her disadvantages from the get go could be a liability to the team. So, if you plan to use her as her main, give lots of defense buff to strengthen her defenses.

Zane Vathek

Reigning from Calvard Republic in the east, he plans to participate the tournament in Grancel.

Zane is definitely late game material. You'll only see him a few times in one chapter and stays with you on the next one. For being a late game person, he has several crafts already learned for you. So you don't have to worry about that. Anyway, he is a tank. He can soak up any devastating attacks and still live. It's all thanks to his High physical and HP. Also, his magical defense is average; so he can take any magical attacks as well. Because of this, he can use Taunt more effectively than Estelle and Joshua. Surprisingly, his attack power actually rivals Agate. His S-Crafts, Disable and Aural Blast all do severe damage against his foes. He is the only character to buff both STR and DEF using Distend. With STR and DEF raised by 30% he can dish out significant damage. His other support such as composure can heal 800 HP while removing status effects while Smite is his only physical craft attack. Fortunately, it can inflict confuse. His biggest drawback is his orbal slot and his speed. Seriously, don't even bother making him a magic person because his orbal slots split into FOUR lines. He's stuck using basic magic attacks. You are going to use his slots for increasing his parameters and nothing more. Also, because of his slow speed, he's not going to get his turn often. This can be an issue when he tries to build up his CP. Use any Gladiator accessories to allievate that. Overall, despite his late availability time, Zane is definitely not one to be mess with. With really useful crafts at his disposal, you can make him a powerhouse to the group. With defenses and high HP as his primary trait, he can certainly be a damage sponge.


|Field Controls|

X: Confirm
O: Cancel
Hold O: Speed up dialogue
Triangle: Shortcut Menu
Square: Not Used

L: Rotate camera
R: Rotate Camera

Start: Menu
Select: Local Map

Weapon:             Sells Weapons and Armors
Item:               Sell Items and Accessories
Guild:              Gives you sidequests
Bar:                Sells Food Items
Orbal Factory       Sells Quartz and Modify slots

Battle Commands

|Primary Commands|

X: Confirm
O: Cancel
Hold O: Speed up dialogue
Triangle: Shortcut Menu
Square: Enemy Info

L: Rotate camera
R: Rotate Camera

Start: Menu
Select: Local Map

|Status Effects|

Poison: Gradually takes away health
Knock-Out: Ally is incapacitated
Sleep: Cannot act until the ally is attacked
Seal: Cannot attack, use crafts and S-Crafts
Stone: Cannot act in battle; KO if attacked
Freeze: Cannot act in battle; health is gradually taken away
Faint: Cannot act in one turn
Mute: Ally cannot use arts
Confuse: Ally will attack other allies or foes
Blind: DEX and AGL down

VIII. Battle System

In Trails in the Sky, the battle system is similar to SRPGs. You are in a gridline battlefield fighting enemies. However, the pacing is still Turn-based at heart. So, there's no need to place your movement towards your enemy and fight.

Turn Order (Bonus Icons)

If you look at your left, it indicates the order of the turns in battle. Occassionally, you'll see a bonus icon right next to the ally or the enemy. These bonus icons will give you or your opponent an edge during that turn. Also, you can bypass the turn order by using S-Break. The following below are 6 possible bonus icons.

Heal HPRecovers 10% or 50% of HP
Charge EPRecovers 10% or 50% of EP
CP UPRecovers 10% or 50% of CP
STR UPIncreases Physical or Magic attack by 10% or 50%
CrticalAll Attack, Magic or Recovery effects increases 1.5X
Sepith UPSteals Sepith from Target

CP (Craft Points)

All characters possess CP. From the beginning of the battle, you start out with zero CP. The only way to gain CP is to successfully attack or recieve damage from your opponent. Once you have gotten a sufficent amount of CP, you can use those to use your Craft or even S-Craft at your disposal. For all of the CP you have accumulated in that particular battle, you can save those for later.


It's the character's special moves. They can be learned as they gain levels. All craft ablities take up CP.


Think of it as this game's equivalent of Limit Break. Anytime you reach 100 CP, you can unleash their powerful attack. But, there's a much more effective use for it....


As stated earlier, you can use S-Break for cutting the next person's turn. But, you have to accumulate a minimum of 100 CP to use it. When you do accumulate 100 CP, the orb on the HUD will glow red. Anyway, during someone's turn, you can toggle left or right and press "X". However, it's perferable if you use the shortcut command by pressing triangle and press the directional buttons on the d-pad. Once you activate S-Break, you will unleash your S-Craft anywhere on the battlefield. This can be useful for killing off those pesky enemies with "Self-Destruct" ability. Finally, if you have 200 CP, you can dish out even more damage.


Each enemies drop sepith after you defeat them. You can save those up for Quartz or even sell it for money.


Since sepith comes in various forms, you can use those to make Quartz. For the most part, each of the quartz can increase your parameters. Also, each time you equip a quartz, you gain arts. However, there's a specific way on how to gain more arts.

Slots and lines

At the start of the game, there will be some slot closures and it's up to you to open those slots. To unlock those slots, you must have the adequate amount of Sepiths. Please note that the slots have a specific trait. For example, if you look at Joshua's slots, there are some slot that's Time Elemental only. Obviously, you can only equip Time-Elemental quartz on that slot.

For all playable characters, they each have a central slot. Whatever quartz is in the central slot, they will govern the elemental values. There are some characters who have only possess a single line while some have various lines that branches out. The lines will add the overall elemental values equipped on each end. For those who only has a single line can add more elemental values. With that, you'll have access to higher level arts.

A: Central Slot

Let's refer the diagram above as an example. As you can see, Estelle's central slot contains EP Cut 1. Its elemental Value is Time x1, Space x2 and Mirage x1. They will add the overall value on both ends. For line 1, it's all the slots from left central line while the right central line is all of line 2. So, carefully placing all of the quartz' elemental values, you gain more arts. So keep on looking at the Bracer's Guide for more info on arts.

Bracers Guild

This is practically the bulk of the game. All quests start out in the guild. By doing those quests, you are rewarded with money, items and etc. Also, BP (Bracer Points) will be added on your overall tally. The more BP you have, the higher your rank will be. Finally, if you have made the right decisions during the dialogue or you have been proactive towards certain missions, you can gain extra BP. This will be extra useful especially if you are going for the perfect score...


Even though Estelle is not the best cook out there, she can still pull of those dishes in a pinch. To obtain those dishes, you must first eat the food to gain the recipe. Once you have the recipe, be sure to have the right ingredients and cook it. For the most part, it recovers HP, EP or CP with some temporary increase in parameters. So, don't neglect it!

IX. Tips and Tricks

Like all the other games out there, here are some tricks of the trade for you to survive this game.

1)Multiple saves is a must

For the completionist people out there, this is mandatory. There's a bunch of hidden quests waiting to be uncovered. Even the most minor implication during your major quest could screw you over for the rest of the game. So, every time you are about attempt something significant, make sure you make another save file before moving on.

2)Relax and decide your next move

I know what you did there. You have done something that cost you extra BP and chances are your last save is over 5 hours long. Regardless your outcome, there's always an option: either go back to your last save file and work from there or you decide to move on. If you decided to do the latter, there's always New Game+. You can always make up the lost BP from the last playthough.

3)Take the time to explore around

If you decide to get BP honestly, I suggest you look around and talk to NPC before the next major mission. Many of the hidden items and quest all happen within the small time frame. Also, Rushing through the game can work against you for the same reason.

4) The Bracer Notebook is your bible

Seriously, the contents inside his really comprehensive. It has all the notes you need such as your quest progress, Arts and quartz elemental values. It even has most of the basic stuff covered in the manual. If there's something you want to know, it's likely inside the Bracer's Notebook. Don't be afraid to look up something once in a while.

X. Walkthrough

NOTE: All directions given during this walkthrough is always facing NORTH.

City of Rolent

  • Treasures:
    • 500 Mira
    • Bracer's Notebook

After what Cassius has to say, head out and go to Elize Highway. At the crossroads, head east and you'll soon enter the City of Rolent. Once you are inside the city, head over to Rinon's General Store on your left. After what the store owner has to say, it's time for you to go to the Bracer's Guild. It's across from the general store. Talk to Scherazard and you'll come across some background info for you to learn about their universe. After that conversation is over, talk to Aina and she will give you the Bracer's Notebook. Then head over to the bulletin board and select your first mission. After that, you go to Melders Orbal Factory to sythesize your quartz and slots. Once you have every thing set up, it's time to embark your first mission.

Rolent Sewers

  • Treasures:
    • Tear Balm x3
    • Monster Guide
    • Reviving Balm
    • Small Box x2
    • Liberl News I (After Training: Retrival Event)
    • Recipe Book (After Training: Retrival Event)
    • Maple Cookie (After Training: Retrival Event)
    • Carnelia: Chapter 1 (After Training: Retrival Event)

To your right, there's a recovery point. There will be several mandatory battles ahead; this is all for the sake of the battle tutorial. After you defeat the monster during the Craft tutorial, head east and grab Reviving Balm at the end of the path. Towards the bridge, you will have to fight a group of enemies in overwhelming numbers. It's a pretty easy fight. So, once you beat those monsters, grab the treasures which contains Small Boxes. Get out of the sewers and report your quest to Aina. Your results should look like this...

 /       Results           |
|Quest: Training: Retrival |
|Mira: 500                 |
|BP: 1                     |

So, for those who are a perfectionist, this is where the point gathering starts. So far, the current score is 1/53. Now you have become a Bracer, head back to the general store and get Liberl News I. Also, you'll recieve a Recipe Book and a Maple Cookie along the way. Be sure to eat the Maple Cookie in order to retrieve the recipe. After you have finished your business at the general store, head back to your house. Before you leave, be sure to head to the house next door to the Abend Bar. This is crucial because this is the one of the few times that you'll get the Carnelia: Chapter 1. So, head upstairs and talk to Rhett. He'll give you Carnelia: Chapter 1! Do not put this off on a later time. However, if you happen to miss it, don't fret there are other opportunities to get the novel again. Anyway, something urgent came up. Once Aina informs you about the situation and you need to head to your next destination...

Child Rescue: Malga Trail

  • Treasures
    • Reviving Balm
    • White Bracelet
    • Tear Balm
    • Letter to Cassius

Go straight forward until you hit a forked path. On the forked path, go left; this will lead to Esmeldas Tower. On the other hand, you can go right. Be careful though, the enemies are fairly strong. If you do decide to go right, at least get the White Bracelet. If you go east on the split path on the second area, it'll lead to White Bracelet. Anyway, head back to the forked path and head left. If you take a quick detour on the right, you'll find Tear Balm. Once there proceed inside the tower. This will be a very short expedition. Go up one floor and a cutscene will occur. On your first selectable dialogue, choose Run simultaneously with Joshua! This is the correct choice for gaining extra BP. There, you'll fight a group of Flying Felines. On this battle, you need to protect those two kids. If you let one of the NPCs die, it's game over for you. Anyway, the battle is very easy. Now you have defeated those felines a cutscene will occur. Once you have seen it, report to Aina.

 /       Results           |
|Quest: Child Rescue       |
|Mira: 1000                |
|BP: 3 (+1)                |

For having the correct response, you should now have 5/53 on your overall score. Continue on to the story and your next job will occur....

At this point, you can now do the optional sidequests. If you are planning to get all the BP possible, do the available sidequests immediately because some of the missions have a very small timeframe. As a result, you can miss the mission and fail to get a perfect score. Please go to the clickable link below the new quests to find info.

Milch Road

  • Treasures
    • Tear Balm x3
    • Topaz Talisman

After you recieve your quest from Aina, exit west towards Milch Road. For the most part, go straight forward and go south at the crossroads. If you stray off the path a bit, you'll find treasures at the edge of the map. One notable treasure lies far north of the first area where a hidden treasure lies beneath the trees. This treasure contains an enemy encounter. This encounter contains 7 Flying Felines and 1 Lily Flower. This is quite overwhelming if you are not prepared. If you can find arts that can take on those Felines such as Aerial you should lower down the numbers quite a bit. But, if you feel really overwhelmed, you can wait until a later time to take on those enemies. As your reward for killing them, you'll be rewarded with Topaz Talisman.

Perzel Farm

  • Treasures
    • None

At the farm, talk to Tio inside the Cow Stable. After your conversation with Tio, head inside the house and talk to her parents. Once it's nightfall, it's time to survey the farmland. Be sure to examine the cabbage patch, the cow stable and the greenhouse. You should have a small conversation each time you examine the given areas. After the Greenhouse, a monster should appear. You need to sneak behind it and not get caught; otherwise you will lose precious BP if you fail to catch it the first time. There, a boss battle shall commence.

Boss: Giant Crop Muncher and Crop Muncher x2

There are three targets. The two Crop Munchers will mainly attack your allies if they are within the vincinity; otherwise, they'll do play dead. The Giant Crop Muncher on the other hand will start casting Air-Strike from afar. She'll also eat the crops to recover HP and do some Eye Poking to blind your ally. This battle should be fairly simple. Use your S-Break to bypass their turns and use long range arts against the Giant Crop Muncher. Once you defeat it, go after the smaller targets and you should survive the battle with ease.

Once the battle is over, head back to the guild and report to Aina.

 /       Results            |
|Quest: Perzel Farm Monsters|
|Mira: 1000                 |
|BP: 1 (+2)                 |

If you have done the two sidequests along with this mission, you should have 13/53. So, on to the next quest.

City of Rolent

After your assignment is given, head to the mayor's house. Once you hear what the mayor has to say, he'll give you a referral so you can enter the mine. Getting to Malga mine is quite easy. Keep going forward until you hit the crossroad. Head right and go straight up.

Malga Mine

  • Treasures
    • Tear Balm x2
    • Elevator Key
    • Septium Crystal

Facing north, head left and pull the lever and ride the cart. It'll lead you to the next floor. However, you need a key for the elevator. So, you need to backtrack and pull the level, so you can talk to Miner Miles. He'll then give you the Elevator Key. Then, go back to the elevator and proceed to the next floor. On the second floor, head south. You should see a recovery panel. Keep going south until you see Mine chief Gaton at the end of the path. He'll give you the Septium Crystal. Once he gives you the crystal, you'll have to fight against the killer crabs. For the next several fights, you'll have Gaton in your party. On the bright side, he'll give you two Tear Balms. You'll need to rescue the workers on this floor. So, from your current position, move east and fight 3 killer crabs. Do the same on the western and northwestern path on the floor and exterminate those crabs. By then, you should rescue 5 Miners total and head back to the first floor. After the events of the mines occur, head back to the mayor's house and talk to Mayor Klaus. After that's over report it to Aina.

 /       Results            |
|Quest: Mayor Klaus' Request|
|Mira: 1500                 |
|BP: 4                      |

If you have done the four sidequests along with this mission, you should now have 32/53. So, on to the next quest.

The Liberl News: City of Rolent

After you are assigned with a new mission nead over to the Rolent Hotel and speak to Verne, the Hotel Receptionist. Once you hear what he has to say, head over to Ambend Bar and speak to the reporter. After what Nial has to say, he'll join your party. You need to pick up his assistant Dorothy in Melders Orbal Factory. Unlike all the other NPCs, Dorothy has the ability to blind enemies with her camera. So, you might find her useful in battle. From there, it's time for you to go to the Esmeldas Tower.

Esmeldas Tower

  • Treasures
    • Tear Balm x2
    • Knitted Shoes
    • Tin Staff
    • Potluck in a Shell

Facing north, go straight forward. This will continue until the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, move right then go forward. Before you take the stairs, head left and grab a Tear Balm. On the fourth floor, go straight. You should see a red treasure chests nearby. That box contains, Knitted Shoes. Once you are in the center circular platform, there are two split paths: Once going east while the other goes south. Two paths both lead to the 5th floor; but one of them leads to a treasure while the other leads to the plot.

If you decide to go south, it leads to the treasure. Open that treasure and you'll fight monster inside. You will fight 3 Monster Trappers. These guys are quite dangerous due to the fact they have "Self Destruct" as their last resort. Also, they will will use Air Strike to counter against your long range attack. If you manage to defeat them, you'll get a Tin Staff as your reward. Now go back to the circular platform and proceed to your main quest. On the 5th floor, you'll find Potluck in a Shell along the path. Now you are on the top floor, a cutscene will occur. Once you have seen the event, talk to everyone on the top floor and then talk to Joshua when you are done. From there, Nial and Dorothy will leave your party. As for you, you need report your quest to Aina.

 /       Results            |
|Quest: The Liberl News     |
|Mira: 2000                 |
|BP: 4                      |

If you have done the two sidequests along with this mission, you should now have 42/53. So, on to the next quest.

City of Rolent

  • Treasures
    • Servais Leaf
  • New Quests
    • None

After you have learned that something is up at the Mayor's house, it's time for you to investigate on what's happening. You can examine all the other miscellaneous objects. But the following list below is the important places to examine.

  • Examine the safe inside the mayor's office
  • Examine the railings on the mayor's balcony
  • Talk to the maid and the mayor's wife in their respective rooms
  • Head to the attic and pick up the Servais Leaf
  • Head downstairs and examine the front door

If you have done the following above, it's time to answer some questions from Scherazard herself. For all the questions choose the following....

  • The Septium in the Safe
  • There were group of 3 or 4
  • From the terrace on the 2nd floor
  • A traveler who visited recently

If you have chose the correct answer, Scherazard will be pleased about your investigation. Once your investigation is complete, Scherazard will join your group. She'll tell you to go to the Rolent Hotel and speak to the receptionist. After that, head to the Rolent Landing Port and talk to the receptionist as well. Once you hear what the perverted receptionist has to say, present the Servais Leaf. There, you'll go to your next destination, Mistwald.


  • Treasures
    • Tear Balm
    • Bear Claw x3
    • Recommendation (After Mistwald)

Mistwald is south of Rolent. At the crossroad at the Elize Highway, head east. At this point, you can still do Elize Highway Monster and Medical Necessities. Anyway, at Mistwald, there's no map for you to use. Facing north, and go straight forward. At the second area, there are three log bridges. On the leftmost side, it leads to a Bear Claw while the center and the rightmost bridge leads to an intersection. At the intersection, there are two paths: One going north and the other east. The one that goes north leads to a dead end. The path you want to go is east. Be sure to choose the second option, F-fine! But I'm not happy about this! There, it'll lead to the boss.

Boss: Josette and Sky bandit x3

These guys might give you a hard time if you are not prepared. First off Josette's peons come in a moderately sized group. Each of them inflicts poison when they attack your allies. Josette on the other hand has several moves up her sleeves. One she attacks from afar using her gun. She even uses Petrify Break as her arte do deal damage to nearby allies with a chance of Petrification. Finally, she does tear to heal herself when she is at critical health. It's important to have some crowd control. By now, you should have Estelle's Hurricane. Also, use crowd control arts such as Aerial or Hell Gate to kill off her peons very quickly. As for Josette, use long range arts against her. When you have enough CP overwhelm her with S-Break.

Now you have defeated her, you have recovered the Septium Crystal. After giving it back to the Mayor, present your report to Aina and she'll give you a Recommendation as your reward. From there, just kickback and engage yourself with the lengthy dialogue.

 /       Results            |
|Quest: Mayoral Theft       |
|Mira: 2000                 |
|BP: 6 (+5)                 |

This concludes the Prologue. If you have been keeping track on your quests and BP, you should now have 53/53! If you have a perfect score, don't be complacent because we are just getting started! From now on, this is where hidden snags will start appearing throughout the game causing you to lose out your perfect score. Anyway, let's start chapter I.

City of Rolent

Now, you are up and ready, it's time to go to the Bose Region. Before you do anything else, you must go to the Rolent Guild and check the bulletin board. You have one more mission to carry out for this guild. Anyway, take care any last minute preparation in this region because once you cross the border, you'll never return.

Verte Bridge

  • Treasures
    • Gate Pass
    • Carnelia: Chapter 2

When you are at the checkpoint, talk to Sergent Aston to give you a Gate Pass. Once you have the gate pass, present it to Private Scott at the gate. Be sure to talk to Private Harold before you enter the gate because he will give you Carnelia: Chapter 2. Now you have everything you need, it's time to cross bridge. Be warned that once you leave the area, you'll never return to Rolent ever again. Anyway, keep going straight at East Bose Highway until you hit the City of Bose....

From here on out, there will be quests that will NOT be posted on the bulletin board at the Bracer Guild. Many of which are triggered by items, NPCs, exploration of the area and most importantly the timing of the event! Because of its very miniscule timeframe, these can be easily overlooked. So, when you look at the new quests below, be sure to look out the ones with "!" Obviously, take priority of those hidden missions over everything else.

City of Bose

  • Treasures
    • Mayor Maybelle's Letter

If you have yet to finish doing the Letter Carrier quest, finish it right away. Also, if you have yet to get the Carnelia chapters, now it's a good time to buy those books at Minuet's Magazine Stand. They are worth 1000 each. Anyway, head to Bose Bracer Guild and register your name in this guild. Once you have done that, head to the Mayor's house. Once you learn that she isn't home, head to the chapel and talk to her maid, Lila. Lila will accompany you and she'll inform you that she is in the Bose Market. Once you have found the mayor, pay attention to what she has to say. There, she will give you, Mayor Maybelle's Letter. This will be the ticket to enter Haken Gate. So, head out to the eastern part of city and head north toward Eisen Road. From there, present the letter to the guards and they'll let you pass.

Haken Gate

  • Treasures
    • Carnelia: Chapter 3

Talk to the sentry, the person who is guarding the barracks. He'll ask you to wait for the general. For now, you need to wait at the bar. Talk to Olivier for a bit. Once the conversation is over, the sentry will tell you that the general has returned. But before you do that, be sure to talk to Marco who is sitting at the table at the bar. He'll give you Carnelia: Chapter 3. Now, you got the book, you can now talk to the General. His office is at the end of the hallway to the left. After a lengthy conversation, you'll be asked to accompany Olivier to Bose. After that's done, he'll leave your party and the crew will inform you that you need to go the guild and report it to Ludgren and go to the mayor's house to talk to Maybelle. There, you will need to find Nial and Dorothy somewhere in Bose. You can find Nial in Kirsche Bar sitting in the left-hand corner of the bar. Nial sort of looks like a generic NPC. For those who are having trouble looking for him, look at the pic below. Now, you got your info, it's time for you to go to Ravennue Village.

A: Why do you blend in the environment so well, Nial?!

Although your current mission is still going, I'll tell you your progress so far. Since we are at at a brand new chapter, the new target for total BP is 111. If you have done three sidequests in bose along with the letter carrier, your total count should be, 66/111. Right now, before you talk to Nial, let's head to Amberl tower and finish this hidden sidequest.

Sidequest: Amberl Tower!

  • Treasures
    • Tear Balm x2
    • Fried Eyes and Eggs
    • Emerald Talisman
    • Chain Mail

For those who want to get some info on this sidequest, be sure to look up Amberl Tower Mystery. To get to Amberl Tower, you need to take the south exit towards New Angel Path. Go straight until you see a signpost which prompts you to turn west to the tower. Now, this mission will start IF your party members have a conversation about the tower itself. If you are relatively far into the chapter and the conversation did not trigger, you pretty much missed the mark. Anyway, if the conversation did occur proceed to the next floor.

Facing north, go straight forward. On the the 2nd floor, go straight until you hit a circular platform on the senter. Head southeast to get Tear Balm. Then go east and head over to the 3rd floor. On the start of the 3rd floor, there's two paths. Continue to go west and it'll lead to a treasure, Fried Eyes and Eggs on the fourth floor. But to proceed forward, you would need to go north. There's a path that leads straight to the 4th floor. On the fourth floor, go straight until someone screams for help. Defeat the two Amber turtles and Professor Alba will thank you for his rescue. Once you rescue him, there are two treasures nearby from where you are currently standing. There's one that contains a Robber Trapper. Defeat it and you'll get Emerald Talisman. The other treasure box contains three Robber Trappers. If you managed to survive the battle, you will recieve a Chain Mail. Now, get out of the tower and Professor Alba will reward you when you get back at the guild.

Ravennue Trail and Village

  • Treasures
    • None

Even though you have already saw the bulletin after you went to Haken Gate, a couple more new quests will be posted after talking to Nial. As you go straight through the trail, there's someone coming down the trail. Once the conversation is over, continue to go straight until you find the village. At Ravennue Village, talk to Elder Reisen at the house near the Ravennue Mine trail. Once you have spoken to the Elder, talk to Lewey at the pier near the orchards. Now you have done that, head out to the Ravennue Trail.

Ravennue Trail (To the Abandoned Mine)

  • Treasures
    • Tear Balm x2
    • Deathblow 1
    • Beast Steak
    • Abandoned Mine Key

At the signpost, head east to get the following treasures; otherwise continue to move west to the second area. When you get there, the path will split into three. Head southeast to get Tear Balm. Then, head northeast to get Deathblow 2. Finally, head northwest and continue to move north to get Beast Steak. At the second area, head west at the first intersection and then head north on the second intersection. Finally on the 3rd crossroad, head left to get another Tear Balm. From there, continue to straight into the Abandoned Mine. However, the door is locked. So you need to backtrack to the village and head to the graveyeard to speak with the elder. With the Abandoned Mine Key in your posession, you can now enter the mine.

Abandoned Mine

  • Treasures
    • None

Unfortunately, there's really isn't anything noteworthy in this area. So, all you have to do is go left at the intersection near the entrance and continue to go forward. At the end of the trail, you will fight a boss.

Boss: Kyle and Sky bandit x4

This boss battle is similar to Josette in the Prolouge. The sky bandits can sometimes inflict poison to your allies. Kyle on the other hand can make bombs and inflict damage within the blast radius. But, the time to prepare the bombs is time-consuming. With that in mind, it's best to spread out your allies on the field and do cast arts. Also, it helps to ease the crowd by doing crafts or arts such as Hurricane, Hell's Gate, Aerial and etc. You shouldn't have any problems against Kyle.

Now you have defeated Kyle, it's time to explore the Airship. Really, that's all you do. You can examine the objects if you like. The important thing is that you have to explore every room around the ship. If you have done so, you should trigger a conversation with your party members at the deck. During the conversation, choose the fifth option, Keep the location of their hideout a secret. Finally, after a long string of events, Olivier joins your party once more. Be sure to report everything to Lugren to get your BP.

 /       Results            |
|Quest: Missing Airliner    |
|Mira: 6000                 |
|BP: 5 (+3)                 |

With your recent findings about the Airship Linde along with all the sidequests you have done, you should now have 101/111.

City of Bose

  • Treasures
    • Carnelia: Chapter 4

At Bose: south block, at least talk to one of the soldiers who are interrogating the citizens. Then head upstairs at the Orbal Factory and talk to Nial and Dorothy. After the soldiers leave the city, you can now talk to the citizens. One notable citizen to talk to is Cecille. She lives right across from Sien Weapon & Guards. With the info you aquired from her, you can now go to Valleria Shore. But before you go there, be sure to talk to Libro. He is standing at the magazine rack at Minuet's Magazine Stand. He will give you Carnelia: Chapter 4. Alright, it's time for you to head down to New Ansel Path and go to Valleria Shore.

Valleria Shore

  • Treasures
    • Hundred Days War Book
    • Fishing Rod

At Valleria Shore, talk to Lenard inside the lodge. Then talk to Lloyd who is at the pier west of the lodge. Once you got your info, talk to receptionist. Before you check in, be sure to stock up on items because you won't have access to them for a while. With all that free time, it's time to do some fishing. Talk to the receptionist to borrow a Fishing Rod. Go back to the pier and do some fishing. After you are done fishing, head west of the lodge and talk to Joshua. Once you have reunited with Joshua, talk to receptionist.

It's now nightfall. Head to the pier where Lloyd and Joshua once stood. Then, Scherazard will explain that you need to find a better view in order to spot the criminals. Head up the balcony on the second floor outside. The balcony should be facing the road like the signpost below. Afterwards, leave Valleria Shore. From there, Olivier will join up with you.